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Used in diapers

Author: Sissy baby Timmy

Last weekend I visited a gay friend in Riverside CA. while at his apartment we were in his hot tube and I was wearing two tranquility ATN disposable diapers and after a couple minutes they were completely saturated with water and bulging big time. As Johnny started to fondle my wet diapers he started getting hard and asked if I wanted to nurse in daddies pacifier. I just smiled and after sucking daddy's cock I soon felt him swell and start to squirt his babies milk down my throat.

After we were done relaxing Jonny decided that we would go to his favorite gay bar so he proceeded insert a inflatable and vibrating dildo up me sissy hole then he put 3 Tranquility diapers on me after tearing holes in the disposable diapers he pinned a heavy cloth diaper on me so I looked extremely padded then put two pair if pink plastic pants on me and then a pair of bloomer style plastic pants that went down to my knees then he used duct tape to seal the legs so there would be no leaks.

Then Johnny dressed me in my baggiest shorts only now they were tight fitting and he then put the battery pack in the rear pocket and let the inflator for the dildo hang in plain view. After finding my pink tank top he helped me put my sandals on me then he made me drink two beers down real fast while he got dressed. While we were getting into his pickup I felt the first squirts of pee release into my thick diapers when we arrived at the bar I found the place was packed and everyone was staring at my well-padded ass. As Johnny was introducing me to everyone as his bi-sexual sissy baby everyone was feeling my diapers and someone noticed my bulb inflator and battery pack. As everyone asked what they were to Johnny explained what he had done and told them he decided that tonight I was going to be his urinal.

When they found this out the asked if they could help me fill my diapers also and Johnny told servile friends yes so they decided to remove my diapers so everyone could watch. Since I was used as Johnny's friends piss receptacle I was soon in very soaked diapers and Johnny took me to the back room and proceeded to have me suck him and two of his friends cocks. After everyone was happy we went back into the main bar for a few more drinks. Soon my diapers were so saturated with my and others piss they started to leak past my plastic panties and started to fill my plastic bloomers till there was about 2 inches of piss pooled around my legs in my previously taped bloomer legs. Johnny apron seeing this decided we should leave and told me that I would leave and I was going to have to ride in the back of his truck so his upholstery wouldn't get wet. Two of Johnny's friends told him he should bring me over after I had my diapers changed and was dressed.

Johnny told me when we got back to his home that I was to bath then he diapered me in a disposable diaper and dressed me in my shortest baby dress to visit his friends. And they hade a surprised for me when we arrived they looked at my dress (it was so short my diaper showed and you could see my pink print plastic pants) when I was inspected I was informed they had decided they would find if I liked cock or pussy better. I was led into a back room and was strapped to a low bench face down and a hole was tore in my plastic pants and diaper. After I was strapped down they moved a machine behind me and I noticed a big wheel with a rod that had a small dildo attached. Then Johnny showed me how it was turned on till the wheel slowly turned and the rod and dildo began to move in a fucking motion. After they showed me they started to adjust it till it was positioned so it was lined up with my asshole.

Johnny then used Vaseline to grease up my asshole and the dildo then slowly pushed it till it was barley penetrating my ass then he turned on and I felt the pain of getting slowly fucked (I would perform oral sex but didn't really liked to be used anally) after a few minutes I started to enjoy getting fucked and had cum in my diaper but the machine was stopped and withdrawn. The guys changed the small 5" dildo to one that was 6" long and about 1" across as the machined was being repositioned and lubed up Johnny said don't worry about the plastic pants he would replace them then he pulled his cock out and started to rub his hard cock on my lips till I opened up and started to suck him off as the fucking machine was turned on.

As I felt the bigger dildo fucking me and Johnny started to hold my head and forced his cock deeper into my mouth and force it deeper till he came then he pulled out and just said "next" so one of the others took his place and after he came they turned off the machine and removed it I was asked if I was having fun yet. When I replied that I wasn't at first but was starting to enjoy it now the showed me the next dildo it was 8" long and 1-1/4" across. As they attached it to the machine Johnny used more Vaseline to lube my asshole and said the baby is starting to open up then they re-possiened the fucking machine and turned it on.

As I felt the bigger dildo going in and out I herd the doorbell and a woman was led into the room and she was laughing at me in my baby dress and said whats this a gang rape? She was told this sissy wasn't sure if he liked men or women so they decided to find out. They then told her she should find out if my mouth was any good at licking pussy as she removed her pants and underwear she walked over and shoved her pussy over my mouth so now I was licking pussy while getting ass fucked at the same time. As Dora started to enjoy herself she pulled my hair and forced my tongue deeper in her pussy a felt the machine speed up as the guys changed the speed I started to cum in my diaper.

Dora started to cum then as she did the guys stopped the machine and removed the dildo. As Dora let go of my head the guys showed me a 10"dildo that was 2" across and they attached it them started the fucking all over. At first it hurt but after a few seconds it felt good so they again turned the speed up and as I really started to feel like I was getting fucked to death the other guy placed his cock in my mouth to get sucked off I did as he wanted and felt here I am getting fucked and sucking some guy off but I had to pee at the same time so as I flooded my diaper but it started to leak and the guys were laughing at me then the cock in my mouth swelled up and began to squirt cum in my mouth. After he had used my mouth as o cum depository he pulled out them turned off the machine and showed me the biggest dildo I had ever saw it was about 14" long and 2-1/2" across (this thing looked huge) I told the guys it would never fit but attached it then rotated the wheel so it stuck out the farthest then greased me and it up them slowly pushed it in as it was forced past my anal ring it hurt bad but they kept slowly pushing it in. as my asshole slowly opened up to let the monster cock fit they forced it in to about half way then let me relax then turned on the machine real slow and Johnny and one other guy booth made me suck me off at the same time. As I got used to the dildo in my ass I licked and sucked the two cocks till they both pulled back and squirted their cum in my hair and all over my face. At this point the fucking was stopped and they first greased me up more then adjusted the machine so it would get the full stroke and the dildo would go in and out over its whole length. As the dildo was stuck back back into my ass and the fucking machine was turned back on going real slow. As I was slowly fucked deep by the huge dildo the guys were making it clear that even if I was still bi-sexual I would have a well fucked sissy pussy and I would really need my diapers for a few days. When I was used to the deep fucking the guys sped up the machine and were laughing at me struggling at my bounds and all of them started to jack off then one by one they sprayed their cum all over me and my baby dress.

After they all finished Cumming they had Dora turn off and remove the machine and the straps holding me down. After Dora un strapped me she had me roll on my back then removed my plastic pants and now wet and sticky diapers she did Johnny walked in with a dry diaper and another pair of plastic pants. As he watched he called the others it to watch then Dora slid the dry diaper under me she started to rub my soft cock trying to make it hard. As the guys watched my cock stayed soft so they decided I must be gay because I couldn't get a hard on with a woman.

After I was re-diapered I was led into the front room and I then discovered that the guys had filmed the whole episode with a video camera they gave me a beer in a baby bottle while they made me a copy then Johnny and me had to leave because I had an early flight home. When we returned to his house Johnny and me had a few more beers then Johnny gave me a hot bubble bath then he re-diapered me for bed. The next mourning I woke up to Johnny sucking my cock after Cumming he let me get dressed but made sure I was well diapered and wearing my nursery print onesie and drove me to the airport.

When I got to the airport and tried to go through the metal detectors the alarm sounded and the security guards approached me with the hand held metal dectors and when they got near my crotch they went off so I told them I was inconstant from a back injury and was wearing a snap crotch body suit to help conceal my diaper. As the guards let me go I felt my crotch and discovered that Johnny had put a few coins in the crotch of my onesie just to set the alarms as a joke. When I returned home I called Johnny and called him a jerk for the joke but I had completely enjoyed myself and told him I would visit him and his friends again in the future.

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