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The Summer At Aunt Carols

When I was 14, my mother and father were finally going to take a summer off and tour Europe. Since this was to be their second honeymoon, it was decided to send me to Aunt Carol's for the three months they'd be away. I had no objections since Aunt Carol lived on a lake and had two boys of her own, Jeff who was my age, and Jon who was 12. We'd had a lot of fun together over the years and I knew this summer would be no exception.

Jeff and Jon had been adopted as babies and looked nothing like each other. Jeff was an average 14 year old who had yet to do his growing. Jon, on the other hand, was bigger than Jeff. He had the height and build of a boy much older, but looked younger because of his very fair complexion, blond unruly curly hair and blue eyes.

When I arrived, Aunt Carol told me I'd be sleeping in the spare bed in Jeff's room. While I was unpacking, she came in to see if everything was OK and asked, "Dave, just wanted to make sure since this is a new mattress, you don't wet the bed do you?" As much as I liked plastic sheets and wanted to say yes, I knew that if I did my parents would find out since I had not wet the bed since I was about 3.

Later on after dinner, Jeff, Jon and I went over to the nearby schoolyard to kick a soccer ball around. Around 7:30, Aunt Carol yelled over to Jon to come in and get ready for bed. He left and I asked Jeff why he was called in so early. Jeff laughed and said, "I guess you don't know do you? Jon wears a diaper to bed since he has wet the bed almost every night since he was a baby! Mom feels he needs extra sleep and likes to get him ready for bed around this time".

I could scarcely believe my ears as I'd never encountered a situation where diapering was the solution to bedwetting control. I had many questions, but contained myself to a simple "oh". The thought of Jon being diapered got me excited as for the last couple of years I'd found that thoughts of diapers and plastic pants really aroused me sexually. I had started masturbating, but rather than 'jerking' off as my friends talked about, I was more satisfied laying on my stomach and moving my hips back and forth while making up fantasies about myself and other boys being forced to wear diapers and plastic pants. I thought I would eventually grow out of this and my sexual attraction to other boys. I had no idea why I felt this way but knew that both desires were not 'normal' and kept them to myself.

I had never worn real diapers and plastic pants...I just fantasized about being able to. I had used flannel sheets and with a garbage bag tucked in at the waist. But, this was not very satisfying as I couldn't wet without worrying about leakage and it didn't feel I was really being diapered. But I did know that plastic pants really excited me and that I would give anything to have a real baby-like pair.

Although I couldn't wait another minute I managed to play another half hour of soccer with Jeff before we went in. As we were coming through the kitchen Aunt Carol pulled me aside and said, "Dave, there's something you should know about Jon. He is a heavy bedwetter and to make things a lot simpler, he wears a diaper and plastic pants every night. I know you may think this is odd, but I'd rather wash a diaper than sheets and blankets every day. Please be nice to him as he's a little sensitive about this. No teasing, OK?". I blankmindedly agreed, but was thinking WOW...what if I had said I did wet the bed...would I have been diapered too?

We went down to the rec room to watch TV. There was Jon, obviously diapered and wearing a pair of white cotton pajamas with a pattern of pink and blue building blocks and teddy bears on it. They had snaps around the waist to join the top and bottom, I guess to make sure that they didn't creep down. My excitement was building and I sat beside him on the couch. The smell of baby powder was overwhelming. I wanted to reach over and feel just how diapered he was and find out what kind of plastic pants he was wearing. Just then Jeff said to Jon, "Mommy told Dave all about you wearing diapers Jonny. Why don't you show him just how much of a baby you are. Come on get up!" Jeff pulled Jon up and unsnapped the bottoms and pulled them down as tears started to flow down Jon's rosy cheeks. He was very amply diapered in a very thick nighttime diaper and had very baby-like blue plastic pants with snaps up the sides. "See just how much of a baby wittle Jonny is? Why don't you crawl around for us Jonny?", Jeff demanded. Jon started to really cry and screamed to his mother, "Mommy! Jeffrey's being mean to me". Aunt Carol rushed downstairs as Jeff was hurriedly refastening Jon's snaps and yelled to Jeff, "Jeff, I've told you too many times not to tease Jon about his diapers. What do you want me to do, diaper you too? If I ever, ever find you teasing Jon again, you most certainly will be young man. And Dave, the same goes for you!" I just about came right then and there! Aunt Carol then pulled a Kleenex to dry Jon's tears, gave him a hug and said "Well Jon, it's time you got to bed anyway! In fact all of you might as well go to bed."

It was only 8:30, but we complied. I luckily got to follow Jon up both flights of stairs. He was so thickly diapered that he had to waddle bow-leggedly just like a baby, and the rustle of his plastic pants was unmistakable with his every step.

That night I could hardly sleep a wink with all the excitement. For once I could fantasize without even having to fantasize. And when I wasn't fantasizing, I was trying to dream up a plan to get myself diapered. But I'd already said I didn't wet the bed...wouldn't it be too obvious that I wanted to be diapered if I was to wet the bed? When I got up that morning, everyone was downstairs having breakfast. I wanted to have a look at Jon's room, but the floors were creaky and I knew I couldn't get away with it. When I got downstairs, I couldn't believe it! Jon was still in his PJs and diapers, and was wearing a large plastic bib with Big Bird and Kermit on it. He was obviously wet since the smell of urine several hours old permeated the room. I wondered how they could stand the smell, although to me it smelled like an exotic perfume. Aunt Carol said, "I hope you don't mind the odor, but we always have Jon eat his breakfast in his diapers to try and reinforce the discomfort of a wet diaper". I said that it was fine, but thought to myself that after 12 years he was probably enjoying it.

After breakfast, she took Jon upstairs to get changed. When Jon came downstairs, he was dressed and obviously back in underwear since there was no diaper bulge or rustle whatsoever. Then Aunt Carol announced that we were all going to the mall because Jeff and Jon needed some summer clothes. I asked if I could stay home and read my book, and she said fine as long as I stayed near the house. She had no need to worry. As soon as the car was out of the driveway, I locked the doors and ran upstairs. When I opened the door to Jon's bedroom, I could not believe my eyes! There was more to this story then I had yet been exposed to. Jon's bedroom was really Jonny's nursery. The odor of baby powder filled the room gloriously. There was nothing in the room that said 12 year old...it all said toddler. The room was wallpapered with pink, blue and yellow duckies, hobby horses and teddy bears. I didn't know what to look at first. There was no bed, only a crib more than big enough for Jon. It was white with stenciled bunnies all over it. There were bumper pads to make sure he didn't get close to the rails. A shelf within reach of the crib had all kinds of stuffed animals and a Fisher Price music box to help baby get to sleep. Over the crib was a mobile with all the Sesame Street characters. The change table was about three feet high and had a white rubber changing pad patterned with Bugs Bunny, Sylvester and Yosemite Sam. There were six very large drawers below changing level. Nearby on a shelf for handy use were large containers of baby powder, baby lotion, baby wipes and baby oil. In the first and second drawers I found thick and thinner (nighttime and daytime, I guessed) diapers in Jon's size. I picked one up to feel and smell...it was so soft and smelled of baby powder too. There were enough diapers to diaper Jon full time. In the next drawer were several sets of pajamas like I'd seen Jon wear last night in all kinds of kiddie patterns. The fourth drawer contained more pajamas, only these were one piece terry cloth sleepers in blue and yellow. All of them had snaps on the inner leg for easy changes and some even had feet. In the fifth drawer, I found what excited me particularly, Jon's plastic pants. I couldn't believe it...there were at least 20 pairs in the drawer. I ruffled through them to have a better look. There were plastic pants in white, blue, yellow and white with nursery prints. About half had snaps up both sides while the others were snapless. They were all in Jon's size since they were all labeled for a 28"-36" waist and they were all labeled with Gerber. Some were rubber as they were translucent and didn't really crinkle, while most were of vinyl and plastic and were the kind that rustled nicely to make diaper wearing obvious. All the plastic and rubber pants were very baby-like; when I laid them out on the change table the leg openings were entirely on the front half since baby legs are typically bent.

I came in my pants before I could even think about trying anything on.

I tried to return everything to its proper place and quickly went to get cleaned up. I had come down from the crescendo but realized that I had to do something to get myself diapered, without making it too obvious that a diaper and plastic pants was just what I wanted. I was almost to the point where it didn't matter whether my desire was obvious or not!

I just was laying on my bed and reaching for my book when I heard them come in. Aunt Carol came up to the room and asked, "Are you feeling all right Dave?". I told her no that I thought I was coming down with a fever. She felt my head and went to get a thermometer. I had wiped my head with a hot facecloth and had a glass of hot water to fully convince her. She fell for it and told me to get into some pajamas and under the covers to rest. I pretended to rest and about an hour later with much effort I managed to wet the bed. About an hour later she came to check on me and could smell the odor. She pulled the covers back, and yelled "You little urchin. You've wet the bed and it had to be the new mattress! Get up, clean yourself up and get some new pajamas."

When I got back to the bedroom I was disappointed. She'd changed the bedding and said, "Well get back into bed. I've put a plastic sheet on the bed to protect it. I'm sure it was just your fever dear since you told me you don't wet the bed. But if this continues, you know how I handle bedwetters!" I apologized and thought 'handle me'. The plastic sheet was some consolation though. I loved the way it rustled just like plastic pants every time I moved. I knew that I'd be ready for another wetting soon since I'd filled up on water when I was in the bathroom. I wet again in the late afternoon and once I was cleaned up again and tucked away, Aunt Carol sat by me and said, "I really can't understand a fever having such an effect. Anyhow, you know this can't continue forever, don't you Davey?" I drowsily replied yes and she left the room. Jeff came in later to check on me and asked, "What's going on Dave? I didn't think you were a little baby too! You know it won't take Mom long to bring out the diapers. Do you need to pee now?" I replied no and that I couldn't help it with the fever and all. I went back to sleep and around 7 I awoke with a very full bladder, and thought 'this should do it'. With little effort I let loose. The flow was strong and very warm and I knew this was a heavy wetting. At around Jon's regular diapering time, Aunt Carol came in.

This was the moment of truth. "Well it smells like we've wet for the third time today" she exclaimed. "I suppose it is time to get Davey ready for beddie-bye" She led me into the bathroom and said, "Now I'll take care of you wittle guy. Pull up your arms". She patted me on the bum and pulled my pajama tops and bottoms off. Then she washed my soon to be diaper area with delicate care. She took my hand and led me naked into Jon's nursery and said, "This will be the nursery for both Jonny and Davey now. Jon is already in his crib, but we've brought out another crib just like his for you to sleep in. You won't be needing the bed in Jeff's room anymore. Now sit up on your changing table and lie down like a good little baby". She proceeded to oil and powder me with an expert touch. I was starting to get a telltale erection. "Well, it seems that baby Davey likes the thought of being diapered again. That's good because I like the thought of diapering baby Davey, and I think I'll be diapering him for quite a while. Now just to make sure baby doesn't cry let's keep him happy". She opened the sixth drawer and brought out a perfectly sized pacifier which she placed in my mouth. I started sucking immediately. "I see Davey likes his dummie...he's going to be a good baby!" She had be arch my back to place the thick diaper under me and had it around and through in no time. She double pinned me up with yellow duckie pins. Then she opened the fifth drawer and said, "Now which plastic pants does Davey want tonight?" I really gave myself away when I nodded to the white plastic pants with blue and pink ducks and snaps on the side. "Well it appears Davey had time to choose his plastic pants earlier in the day. We best get them on him before he wets again!" The duckie plastic pants crinkled as she positioned them under me and wrapped them through my legs. The side grommets snapped sharply as each was fastened. The plastic pants fit perfectly at both the waist and legs and I knew that I would be secure in wetting as much as I wanted to. "Now let's get you into a tee shirt so you can play before bed time." She grabbed a white shirt with diapered bears on it and snaps at the shoulders. It was quite short on me and did not cover the diaper at all. "Now we'll go downstairs and let Jonny rest a while before we put you to bed." As I got up, I realized that I too would have to waddle like a baby since there was so much diaper in the crotch area. Each step I took, the duckie plastic pants were saying, "Here comes baby Davey". Once I made it down to the rec room door, I realized that Jeff had some friends over. I just about died...it was pleasurable to diapered, but for kids of my own chronological age to see me diapered, it was too much. In my embarrassment I stood there and promptly wet my diaper. I don't know where it came from, but the flow was strong and I was quickly soaked. My soother fell out of my mouth but luckily Auntie Carol had pinned it to my shirt with a string. I started to cry uncontrollably. Jeff came up to me and said, "Now Davey, there, there. No need to cry". He gave me a little hug, patted my well diapered bottom, put the soother back in my mouth and told me to go upstairs and get Mommie to change my diaper and get me to bed.

I sniffled as I rustled up the stairs to the nursery where Auntie Carol was waiting for me. "No need to cry little one...we'll get something to soothe your little self." She placed her hand down my diaper to check. "Wet already. I figured you'd be a heavy wetter. Well let's get you changed for bed." As Jon looked on from his crib, she helped me up onto the changing table, unsnapped my plastic pants and undid my dirty diaper. I was still sniffling as she cleaned me up and re-powdered me. The smell of the baby powder finally calmed me down. She then rediapered me with an even thicker diaper and pulled out a pair of blue plastic pants. "I think we best use baby pants with no snaps for nighttime since you're such a heavy wetter Davey". After placing my feet through the legholes, the plastic pants rustled the whole way up my legs. She stretched the waist out in order to get them over my ample diaper and made sure the waist and legs would have no possibility of leakage. Then she pulled out a pair of yellow terrycloth sleepers with a teddy bear on the chest and had me sit up to take the tee shirt off and put the top part of the sleepers on and then pulled the legs underneath me and snapped the innerleg grommets up. "There now your all set for the night little guy. But I'll be in to check on the both of you through the night to make sure you aren't too wet. Luckily your sleepers have a slit in the back so I can check your diaper easily without waking you up. Now let's get up and we'll get you all tucked in to your crib. The diaper was massive but the plastic pants were still large enough to crinkle as I waddled across the room. She lowered the front rail and had me get in under the blanket. The sheets were baby blue with building blocks and the blanket was pink. She caressed my forehead and hair and gave me a gentle kiss. Then she pulled up the front rail and said, "Now I expect you to be in the crib in the morning when I came in. If you feel you have to use the washroom, use your diaper, that's what it's for. She left the room for a minute and Jon and I just looked at each other with a knowing smile. She came back in with two baby bottles for each of us. "One is warm milk to help to put you to sleep tonight, the other is apple juice for the morning until I come in to get you out of your cribs."

She placed our bottle in each of our mouths and held it until we started sucking. The nipples were large enough that we could easily suck. "Now the two of you get to sleep. If you're both good you might get out of your diapers in the morning. Sweet dreams."

As she turned out the lights the night light shone so that we wouldn't be afraid and the music box tinkled a reassuring lullaby. I patted my diaper to hear the rustle of my plastic pants. I had never felt so safe, secure and comfortable. Be good she had said. I intended to be bad!

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