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The Story Of Baby Dillon

Author: Anonymous


Dillon woke up in a wet bed. "Damn," he thought, "I wish I knew what happened." He looked around and remembered that he is in a hospital. "What did I do?"

In a few minutes, Nurse Didlington came in and said, "Good morning, Master Colwick. Looks like you are wet again."

Dillon said, "Yes, I am! What happened to me?"

Dr. Thaydon, Dillon's pediatrician, came in and said, "Dillon, how are you this morning? Don't you remember that you fell from a tree. Your bladder is damaged and the nerves around it is damaged, too."

Dillon said, "You mean I'll wet at night? What can I do about it?"

Dr. Thaydon said, "You will wet during the day, Dillon. The best thing do to would be wearing DIAPERS. You could wet for a year or forever we just don't know. Dillon, you are lucky, you were an inch from being PARALYSISED."

Dillon said, "LUCKY? My 2 year old brother don't even use diapers during the day. I don't even know any 10 year old who wears diapers."

Dr. Thaydon said, "Dillon, they are a few of my patients who wear diapers. If you have a computer, there is a web site for incontinent kids and I would recommend it."

Dillon said, "Why me, GOD? Can I still play sports?"

Mr. Colwick came in and said, "Hello Buddy. The doctor said to take a year off from sports. You can swim and ride your bike. You can't play hockey or football."

Dillon said, "DAMN!!"


Dillon looked at his mom and dad, then looked at Dr. Thayton. Dillon said, "You are kidding! I am not going to wet in the day, no 10 year olds wet in the daytime and very few wet at night."

Dr. Thayton said, "Dillon, I do have 5 10 years old who wet regularly, and some more who are sleepwetters. Dillon, lets show you what you think you know." He opened his laptop and plugged the phone line in the back. He dialed up his ISP and hit the WETKIDS bookmark. He showed the list to Dillon.

Dillon looked at the list and said, "Dr. Thayton, there's a 17 year old on this list? 5 14 year olds? 27 10 year olds? Are they real kids? I still think I'll be the only 10 year old bedwetter in town."

Dr. Thayton said, "I can't tell you how many 10 year old in your town are wetters, but I will tell you that there's a support group in town that I told your parents about. You might be surprised. You can go home, Dillon."

Dillon looked at his SOAKED diaper and said, "I need to change this. Ms. Didlington, do you have a diaper?"

Dillon's mom said, "I do have a diaper, Dillon. Let me put it on, you don't want it to leak."

Dillon blushed when his mom removed his diaper. He watched his mom clean off his penis and testicle and put on his diaper. His mom said, "Dillon, I think for the first few days, me or dad should diaper you. We don't want your diaper to fall off. Will that be fine, Dillon?"

Dillon sighed and said, "Sure, I'm just a baby!" He started to cry.


After Dillon cried for 10 minutes, his mom put him into diapers and a plastic pants. He sighed and said, "Mom, I'm sorry that I fell out of that tree."

His mom handed him a pair of sweat pants and said, "Dillon, your dad and I are disappointed in you. You know we told you NOT to climb that tree that it was old."

Dillon looked at the sweat pants and said, "Mom, can't I wear my jeans? I think the diapers will be showing!"

Dr. Thayton came into the room and said, "Karen, I would like to see Dillon in a month. If you need some clothes for him, try 'KidsGear' in downtown. Dillon, try that web site I showed you before. You might find a kid in town here."

Dillon's mom said, "Dillon, your jeans will be tight on you. Try the sweats for now. Ken, Dillon will be back in a month. See you then."

One of the nurses bought in a wheelchair for Dillon to sit in. His mom wheeled him out of the room.

In a few minutes, Dillon was in the family's van. His dad said, "Dillon, we told you not to climb that tree and you disobeyed us. For the next week, you'll be GROUNDED."

Dillon said, "Dad, I'm sorry. I was getting my airplane out of the tree. Dixon threw it into the tree. Anyway, I wasn't going to go and show my outfit to anyone."

Dillon's dad said, "Dillon, your friends will understand. If they are good friends they won't give you a hard time about wearing diapers. They might kid, like you do with Eugene's braces - calling him METAL MOUTH."

Dillon said, "Dad, diapers are for babies. 10 year olds are supposed to wear them!" He sighed and said, "Even Scotty don't wear them anymore. Mom said that I can't change them."

Dillon's mom said, "We want to change you for the time being to get them TIGHT on you, so you won't leak, especially at school. We also have to make sure you don't get a diaper rash!"

Dillon said, "I have to wear them to school? Oh no! I'll be the only 5th grader who wears diapers."

Dillon's dad said, "Nope, you won't be. Dr. Thayton said that your school has about 17 kids who wets. He told us that wearing diapers is nothing to be ashamed of."

Dillon said, "Did you tell Kristin, Zack, Mike, Brandon or Scott, yet? What did Zack do laugh?"

Dillon's mom said, "Zack is worried about you. Why don't you get along with Zack?"

Dillon said, " Because he is a Nerd, mom. Zack is not one of us, he stinks at sports."

Dillon's dad said, "Dillon Jacob, that is enough! Zack tries at sports, but he knows you're a natural at hockey, soccer and baseball. He tries to make you proud of him. Just because he gets A's in school, doesn't mean he's a NERD, Dillon."

Dillon said, "sorry dad."

The van turned into a driveway and his brothers and sister was there with a 'Welcome home' banner. Dillon looked down and said, "Mom, Dad, I'm wet!"

Dillon's sister slid opened the door and said, "Hi Dillon. Are you okay?"

Dillon's mom said, "Dillon, I'll change you in your bedroom."


Dillon's was wet, so his mom told him to go to his room. Kristin followed Dillon into the house with 2 bags that her mom gave her. Kristen went into Dillon's bedroom and dropped off the bags.

In a few minutes, his mom came into his bedroom and pulled down the sweatpants. She then pulled down the plastic pants and took off the wet diaper.

Dillon said, "Mom, I was thinking. Do you think I could wear cloth diapers instead of disposables? If I GOT to wear them, I might as well wear cloth. I don't want them left on the planet for 5 million years!"

His mom said, "If that is what you want Dillon. Of course, you will have to have the nurse at school change you - since you don't want them to be loose. Want to go to KidsGear tomorrow? We have to get you some pants that'll fit!"

Zack, who shears the room with Dillon, said, "Mom, Jeremy would like to come over. Can he?"

Dillon said, "Mom, does he have to come over? I am in DIAPERS!"

Dillon's mom said, "Dillon, you got to face it soon, and if you hide because of it, you will be UNHAPPY. Kristin, Zack, Mike or Brandon, shouldn't stop having friends over just because of your accident, and neither should you."

Dillon said, "My friends would laugh at me. Can I go on the INTERNET? I want to see that web site that Dr. Thayton was talking about."

His mom said, "Its a beautiful day out. Why not relax on the patio."

Dillon said, "Mom, I guess I ruin us going to Swan Pond resort this year and how can I swim in our pool, if I can't held my pee in? I know I'll pee in the pool."

Dillon's mom said, "I guess you'll have to swim in your diapers when friends are over. When it is just the family, you'll be nude. Swan Pond told us that you'll have to have plastic pants on in the pool. We might try ElmAcres this year with you."

In a few minutes, Dillon with just diapers and plastic pants on went downstairs to the family room. He turned on the computer and dialed the family's ISP. He did a search and found the 'WetKids' page and scrolled though the listing of kids. He saw one that looked familiar - a RyanQ at the same ISP as his. His ISP is just a local unlike AOL, Delphi or CompuServe which is global, so he decided to e mail him a letter. He also found a kid in Georgia, who parents punish him for wetting the bed, a 16 year old gay baby with a 17 year old DADDY/LOVER from New York and a 10year old from Vermont. He wrote each of them a letter.

In a hour, Dillon's dad came in and said, "Dillon, time to get off the computer. lets do some swimming!"

Dillon turned around in his chair and said, "Dad I think I know 3 kids on the 'WetKids' page! There's a RyanQ at the same address we got, a DuncanX and a OzturkM at the townsite.net, the town's ISP address. I know an Ozturk at school. I e mailed them a note." He turned around and said, "Dad, I was reading a story here about a kid who had an accident and had to wear diapers and started loving it." He hit the send button and turned off the computer. "lets swim, dad."

His dad picked him up and carried him out to the pool and threw him in.


Dillon swam around the pool. Brandon and Scott, Dillon's youngest brothers, were in the shallow end, while Kristen, Zack and Mike were diving off the board. His mom and dad were laying on chase lounges on the pool deck.

Dillon got out of the pool and asked his mom, if he could take off his diapers. His mom took off his diapers, and he jumped into the pool. In a few minutes, Jeremy, Zack's friend and Josh, Dillon's friend came over. Dillon and Zack invited them into the pool.

In an half hour, Dillon's mom and dad told them to get out of the pool. Dillon and his dad went to his room and put on a diaper. In a few minutes, Josh looked at Dillon and asked, "What happened? Danny said that you fell out a tree!"

Dillon said, "Yes, I did fell out of a tree. I damaged my bladder and I got to wear diapers until it heals. Hope you don't care."

Josh said, "Dillon, I don't care! Ever see the WETKIDS web page? My cousin is a bedwetter and he wears diapers. I wouldn't mind changing you someday, Dillon."

Dillon said, "I was just on the 'WETKIDS' web page, Josh. I was just reading two gay teens - one is a baby and the other is the 'DADDY'. I think those two - Justin and Kevin - are somewhere in a better place than here. You visit 'WETKIDS', Josh?"

Josh said, "Dillon, they live in Manchester and they visit the local gay youth group here. I've met them at the mall and they are nice. I visit 'WETKIDS' for information. Dillon, you are cute in your diapers!" He smiled. "matter of fact," Josh said, "You are making me horny, Dillon."

Dillon said, " I hope the others won't mind me wearing diapers!" He looked at Josh who was 12."I wrote to a few of the kids listed in the 'WETKIDS' roster. I hope I'll get some replies. I think Ryan Quintrill is listed on there."

Josh said, "Ryan is a sleepwetter, Dillon. ever see him walk towards the Nurses room before lunch? He has to change before lunch."

Dillon said, "He's an eighth grader, Josh! He doesn't wear diapers!" He looked at Josh who was shaking his head.

Josh said, "He is also 14 years old, Dillon. He sleeps in a crib at times. Ryan is really nice."

Dillon said, "He sleeps in a CRIB? How come?"

Josh said, " Ryan's boyfriend is Derick Atbrook. Derick made him a crib so he can sleep in it when he sleeps over. Also, Derick's cottage has a nursery for him. Ryan is 14, but he told me when he's 16 he'll drop out of school."

Dillon said, "Derick Atbrook? The kid on the high school's basketball team? He is GAY? Derick and Ryan?"

Josh said, "Derick Atbrook, yes the kid who is the forth leading all time scorer on the basketball team. He and Ryan been out for almost 7 months."

Dillon's dad came to them and said, "Josh, would you and Jeremy like to have dinner with us? We are having Hamburgers and hot dogs."

Josh said, "Yes thanks, let me call my mom to see if its okay with her." Josh went into the house and call his mom.

After dinner, Dillon and Josh went to the family room and dialed the ISP. Dillon had 4 messages, including from a 10 year old in Bolton. He also got a message from a kid in Vermont, Ryan Quintril and a 16 year old in New Zealand.

Dillon said, "He really told me his history of being Derick's baby. I can't believe he wets."

Josh said, "Dillon, find a web site called "Deeker's Diaper Page" you should see his stories. The best one of his is called The Blue Package. Also, from his web page, there are more stories you can read. Dillon, come over to my house tomorrow and I'll show you something! Jeremy & I got to get home. I know what I'm going to do tonight!" He smiled. Josh than put on his Jeans and said thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Colwick.

Kristin came to where Dillon was and said, "Dillon, mom wants me to change you. Are you wet?"

Dillon said, "Yes, I am. I didn't realize that I was wetting." He laid down on the floor and let Kristin change him." Kristin than handed him a glass of cranberry juice and said, "Mom said that Dr. Thayton wants you to drink cranberry juice after supper. It will help your kidneys. "Dillon drank it.

At 9:30 he went to bed.


During the night, Dillon was dreaming that Josh was babying him. He dreamed that Josh put him into a crib and gave him some formula. When he woke up in the morning, Dillon was wet and his bed was WET, too. He looked at his NUDE brother and thought, "I wish I was nude, too. Why did I climb that FUCKING tree."

Dillon's mom came in and woke up Zack. "Dillon, after breakfast, Zack will change you. We are going to 'KidsGear' to buy some clothes-" she looked at Dillon's sheets, then said, "and bedding."

Dillon sighed but said nothing. He stripped his bed and saw his mattress was wet, so Dillon said, " I guess I need a rubber sheet to protect the mattress, mom. Zack will change me?"

Zack stirred in his bed, yawned and said, "Morning, mom. I'm going to change Dillon?"

Their mom said, "After breakfast, you will be changing Dillon. After you take off his diaper, he can take a shower, before he get into a clean diaper."

Dillon whined, "Why is Zack going to change me?? Why can't you or dad change me?"

Their mom said, "Dillon, sometimes we can't change you, so your brothers or sister will have to. Zack, dad is making eggs. Oh, Dillon, while you were in the hospital, we got permission to build our new addition."

Dillon went downstairs to take his sheets to the laundry room. He then went to the kitchen and said, "Hi Dad. When is the addition going to be built?"

Dillon's dad said, "Morning, Dillon. The construction will start on Monday. Would you wash your hands and bring over the toast to the table?" He washed his hands at the kitchen sink and took the toast to the table. He sat at his place at the table.

After breakfast, Zack took Dillon back to their room. Zack pulled down Dillon's plastic pants and felt the front of Dillon's diapers. "Jeremy said that you looked cute in diapers!" He untaped the diapers and played with Dillon's penis. In a few minutes, Zack sent Dillon to the shower. In 10 minutes, Zack taped Dillon's diaper and pulled up his plastic pants.

Dillon went to the family room and turned on the computer. He saw he had 5 e-mail messages, so he read the first letter. It was from someone named 'BabyX'. He read the letter:

Dear BabyDillon:

I read your note you left on 'WetKids', so I decided

to write to you. I'm a 14 year old baby in Boston.

When I get into trouble, my stepdad BABYS me. I like

it at times and I hope you'll visit my homepage.


He replied to BabyX's letter and visited his homepage. There was a picture of him in diapers at a beach and another of him in a crib.

Dillon thought about sleeping in a crib. In a few minutes, his mom was ready to go to 'KidsGear', so he shut off the computer.

They got into the van and drove to 'KidsGear'. 'KidsGear' is a store specializing in clothes for incontinent kids, but they had furniture and toys, too. Dillon looked at some of the clothes, and said, "most of the clothes are BABYISH!", but his mom was getting him clothes that will make it easier to change him. She also was getting information on furniture & the toys, saying she'll be back.

After the trip to 'KidsCare', she bought him two hot dogs an a can of soda from a street hot dog cart. They went to the riverfront and watched the boats cruising the river.

When Dillon got home, Dillon was change into cloth diapers and a onesies His mom then put on his new shortall. He asked if he could go to Josh's house, so he went to Josh.


Josh was playing on the computer when Dillon came over. Dillon went into the living room and said, "Hi, what you doing?"

Josh said, "I'm on the IRC, Dillon. I'm talking to Derick, Ryan, Justin&Kevin, a kid named BabyMatt16, a boy named BabyGirl and BabyBram14."

Dillon said, "What chat room are you in, Josh?" He pulled a chair over and sat down.

Josh looked at Dillon and said, "Nice outfit, Dillon. I'm on #gayteenbaby. Ryan, Derick and Justin&Kevin are thinking of inviting us to a clubhouse."

Dillon said, "I got this outfit at 'KidsGear', but I think the clothes are too babyish. They had a huge highchair there." He looked at the screen, and said, "DaddyJosh? Who do you want to DADDY?"

Josh said, "You, Dillon! I wouldn't mind BABYING you. Want to meet Ryan, Derick, Josh and Kevin?" He turned towards Dillon and said, "Could I tell you something, Dillon? I'm GAY."

Dillon said, "You are, Josh? Tell them that we could meet. Where are we meeting them? Do they know who your BABY is?"

Josh typed something and said, "We are meeting at Derick's house. I didn't tell them, yet, because I didn't know how you would react. Oh, by the way, Ryan said that there's 15 kids at school who wears diapers." He took his browser and checked out ASFD.

"Hmm," Josh said, "BabyQuico wrote another part of his story. You should read it." He then shut off his computer and went to Derick's house.


Josh and Dillon started walking towards Derick's house. Dillon said, "Josh, you really gay? I mean I've known you since we were young."

Josh looked at Dillon and said, "Yes, I wouldn't mind having you as a BABY. You will enjoy Derick's place. His parents gave him the carriage house and he is living in it most of the time. It was renovated by his dad and him about 3 years ago."

Dillon said, "I had a dream about you BABYING me, Josh. I dreamed that you placed me in a crib after you washed me. You put me in diapers and footed PJs and gave me 2 bottles of warm milk."

Josh smiled and said, "Maybe I'll do that! Dillon, I wouldn't mind having you as a BABY and I would keep you as a BABY." Josh kissed him. "Who knows, you might love wearing DIAPERS!!"

Dillon said, "I am going to miss sleeping nude! Zack was playing with his cock when I woke up this morning. I don't know if the nudist resorts we go to will let me be in diapers. Mom said that they'll talk to the committee about it. Josh, I hope mom and dad will let me sleep over still."

Josh started up Derick's driveway. He decided to hold Dillon's hand and said, "Want me to be your DADDY, Dillon?"

Before Dillon could answer, Josh heard, "Josh, wait up." Dillon turned around and saw 4 boys running towards them.

Josh said, "Hi ya, Erskine, Sean, Benny & Andy. What are you doing?"

Erskine, a boy of 16, said ,"Benny and I are going to sleep over tonight. I got his new baby clothes here. Sean and Andy are sleeping over, too. You should see Andy's new outfit." He looked at Dillon and said, "Hi, I'm Erskine Smith. This is Ben Seliger."

Josh said, " This is Dillon Colwick. We got invited to visit Ryan & Derick. Sean, where did you get Andy's new clothes?"


Dillon and Josh, holding hands walked up the driveway to Derick's carriage house. Derick's carriage house was the servant's quarters for an owner of a textile mill. Derrick and his dad fixed it up three years ago. When Josh, Dillon, Ben, Erskine, Andy and Sean were walking, Sean said, "I got Andy's outfits at 'RainbowKids', the new big baby store in Manchester. It looks like a nursery and baby store for BIG BABIES. You should see it! You got to be a member of either the gay youth group or over 18 and request a visit. It is on the third floor of the old D. Wolfbuilding."

Josh said, "I heard about it. One of the co-owner of 'KidsGear' is running it, heard it has more furniture and toys than 'KidsGear'. I love Dillon and I hope mom'll let me fix up the old barn."

Sean said, "Josh, you will love buying clothes for Dillon there! Andy hasn't seen his new outfits yet, but he'll enjoy it." He kissed Andy.

They got to Derick's carriage house, so Erskine rang the doorbell. Derick opened the door and said, "Hi all. Hi Dillon, going to be a baby like Ben and Andy and Ryan?"

Dillon saw Ryan, dressed only in a disposable incontinent pant with a pacifier in his mouth, in a huge playpen. He said, "What do I do?"

Derick said, "Let Josh be your DADDY! Josh, show him around the house and take off his coveralls. Who wants to go swimming?"

Josh said, "We will! Dillon, you will enjoy being my BABY. You should see the house. This is the living room." He then walk to the kitchen and Dillon saw 2 highchairs at a table. "This is the kitchen and you might have a meal in a highchair, if you want to."

Josh showed him the 2 downstairs bedrooms, one with two cribs and a futon and the other with a crib and a queen sized bed. He then went upstairs to show Dillon the three bedrooms. He walked into one and it had a CRIB, changing table, dresser and a toy box. In the room was a HUGE BIGWHEEL toy. Josh said, "This is Ryan's Nursery. I would love to create a room in the barn to fix you a room like this."

Josh showed him Derick's room and another bedroom which is empty. He went back to Ryan's nursery and took off Dillon's coveralls. He then unpinned Dillon's wet diapers and he put on a disposable incontinent pants on Dillon. Josh then took Dillon downstairs. "We are ready to go swimming, Derick!"

Dillon looked around and saw Benny, Andy and Ryan just in diapers. Derick said, "Time to swim." They went to the pond in back of the carriage house.

After they went swimming, Josh changed Dillon into his WET DIAPERS and coveralls and went back to Dillon's house. On the way home, Josh asked, "How did you like it, Dillon?"

Dillon said, "It was GREAT!! I hope we could sleep over at Derick's house some night. Ryan was sucking on a bottle! I wish I had one!"


Josh and Dillon were walking home from Derick's house and Josh said, "You loved seeing him suck on a bottle, didn't you?"

Dillon said, "Yes, he looked like a baby when Derick diapered him after the swim. I wondered where Derick got those clothes. The cradle was neat too."

Josh said, "If I can get permission to fix the barn up, I hope to have my little apartment there. I got to move my train set from my train room, so I want the barn to set up my train set. I don't want Skyler or Shelby to touch them. I asked Nick if I could have the barn. He didn't give me an answer yet, but I would have my train room in the loft along with a bathroom, 2 bedrooms and a bedroom for me. On the ground, I want a kitchen, bathroom and my computer room. Nick will kill me if Shelby ever saw my e mail. Nick wants me to share my room with Shelby, but I want to be alone. Mom understand that I don't want Shelby in my room. I hope I will have the barn - even 1/3 of it."

Dillon said, "You and Nick seems to get along. Ever told him about you being GAY? Would one of those bedrooms be a NURSERY for moi?"

Josh said, "Sure, and you'll have a crib and all other nursery furniture. In the kitchen, there will be a highchair. In the train room, a playpen, so you can watch the trains. The other room downstairs would be a living room with 3 FUTONS, so we can host parties there."

Dillon said, as he came into the kitchen of his house, "I hope I can still sleep over your house, Josh. I mean, with my wetting, I don't know if mom or dad would let me."

Dillon's mom came into the kitchen with Scott and said, "Hello Josh. Will you tell your mom thanks for inviting us to the wedding and also, we will take you, Jeremy, Shelby and Skyler for the week? Dillon, yes, you can still sleepover at Josh's, but either Josh, his mom or his stepdad would have to diaper you. We don't want to punish you, Dillon."

Dillon said, "Josh could diaper me, mom. I don't want to bother Mrs. Blackwood or Mr. Hendricksen to change me. Josh, lets see if I got any e mails!" They ran into the family room and turned on the computer.

Dillon dialed his ISP and saw 7 messages for him. One was from 'BabyX' and another was from 'BabyJerry' - a kid from the next town. He read the message from 'BabyJerry' then wrote him back. Josh showed him the 'TeenBaby' page. Josh also showed him some other baby stories.

Dillon was enjoying his diapers on the weekend, but how about at school? He will found out tomorrow, when he gets back to school. He was thinking that when he said, "Josh, I wonder who wears diapers at our school. I mean Ryan and me, but I guess that's all. I guess I can't go to hockey school this year."

Josh said, "You might be surprised, Dillon. I guess you have to accidentally visit the nurses office at different times of the day." Josh smiled and said, " I know another one - Westin."

Dillon said, "Westin? The kid on the soccer team? He is cute?? I saw him in the pool one day. How do you know?"

"He told me one day," Josh said. "I wanted him to come to my house and he told me he couldn't because of his diapers."

"I wouldn't mind sharing a crib with him. He is nice."


When Josh told Dillon that Westin - a boy on the school's soccer team - wears diapers, Dillon looked from the screen and said, "How do you know? He told you?"

Josh said, "I went to Nurse Othen and Westin was on the table getting diapered by Nurse Othen. I think Westin was a bit embarrassed, but I pretended I didn't see anything. Afterwards, I invited him to my house and he told me he could because of his diapers. I would love to have Westin as a baby, too. He doesn't have any hair and he has scars around his cock."

Dillon said, "Westin, according to Corey was adopted by his parents. He is 13, so he should have a little hair. Corey has a lot and he's 13, and you have a bush. I even got a little growth."

Josh said, "I hope you and Wes will meet at Nurse Othen's office this week. Dillon, did you finish the Biology homework that was due on Thursday that you missed? Mr. Tuesley wants it tomorrow. I got to go home and get ready for school. Only 5 more weeks of school."

Dillon said, "Yes, I should finish my report on extinct trees of America for science which is due on Friday. I have to go to the university and get more info on them. I'm bringing in that coal piece that I have downstairs to show what happened to some of the old trees."

"See you tomorrow, Dill," Josh said. He then left to go home, with Dillon still on the computer replying to someone named 'BabyStuart'. He then turned off the computer and went to the pool. Scott, Brandon and his mom were in the pool, so Dillon decided to take off his diaper.

"Dillon," his mom said, "if you want to swim, go swimming in your diapers and I'll change you after. Did Josh go home?"

Dillon jumping into the pool and swam up to his mom. He said, "Josh had to finish his homework and wanted to talk to Nick about using the barn for his train layout and party area. Josh wants to keep the barn up instead of having it get ruin like the rest of the barns in town. we went over to Derick's house and he showed us his area."

Dillon's mom said, "Derick?"

Dillon said, "Derick Atbrook. He is the fourth leading scorer at the high school basketball team. Our buddy Ryan is friends with him."

Dillon's mom said, "Oh, Derick. What were you doing there?"

Dillon said, "Just looking at his apartment and shoot baskets. He was showing Josh how to shoot better. He can really jump!" He looked at his SOAKED diapers and said, "I might drown in these diapers, mom. I guess I'll have to use a suit."

After swimming for ten more minutes, Dillon's dad came out with 2 pizzas and said, "Dinner time." Zack came out with the sodas, Kristin came out with the paper plates and glasses and then Mr. Colwick went in to get the napkins.

After dinner, Mr. Colwick took off Dillon's diaper and let him swim in the pool for 30 minutes. After, we went and to a quick bath and his mom diapered him in his diaper and a sleeper.

Dillon said, "What's this mom?"

Dillon's mom said, "It will help you keep the urine in your diapers instead of leaking out. Dr. Thayton recommended it." She snapped the snaps up the legs. Dillon went to his room and saw Zack reading in his bed. "Am I a baby?" Dillon thought.


When Dillon got to sleep, he dreamt that Josh had both he and Westin as FULLTIME BABIES. He rubbed the front of his DIAPERS and wished he could talk to Westin.

When morning came, Dillon's mom came in and woke up both Zack and Dillon. She told both of them to take a shower, and in ten minutes Dillon was laying on Zack's bed being diapered by his mom. He then put on a new pair of pants and went down for breakfast.

In an half hour, Josh came by and said, "Dillon, are you ready for school?" Josh looked at Dillon's new pants and said, "Nice pants, Dillon!"

Dillon's mom said, "Dillon, here's your lunch and don't forget to see Mrs. Othen before school and give her your diapers and plastic pants."

Dillon said, "Okay, mom. Josh, lets go to school." He went out of the door and then said, " I had a dream about you, me & Wes. I dreamed that you were Westin's and my DADDY. I am wondering if Wes has a daddy."

Josh and Dillon were walking to school and Josh said, "I don't know, but I would love to be his. I ..." He saw Westin crossing the street in front of them, so Josh said, "Westin, wait up."

Westin, kicking a pebble, looked at Josh and Dillon and said, "Hiya. Dillon, I guess the rumor was wrong."

"What rumor was that, Westin?" Dillon asked.

"The rumor that you broke your neck," Wes said.

"No, I didn't break my neck, Wes. I did break my bladder and now I have to wear diapers. Just think, Wes, a fifth grader wearing diapers. I think I'm the only kid wearing diapers at school."

Wes said, "Dillon, you aren't. I do wear diapers, too. I think there are a few others, too. Mrs. Othen won't be shocked about another diapered kid."

Dillon said, "Wes, come over to my house after school, okay? I want to be friends with you."

Wes said, "I have to go to my house first, but why not come over to my house? I want to be Josh's friend and your friend, too, Dillon."

Josh said, "Wes, we'll be your friend. Think you could sleepover some night?"

Wes said, "If my mom would let me. I hope so, I want to be a normal kid!"

Dillon said, "Wes, I want to be a GREAT friend to you. I think we could talk about diapers after school."

Wes said, "Sure, Dillon. Do you like diapers, Dillon? I wish I didn't have to wear them, but I like it...especially if my mom ..." Wes stopped.

Dillon said, "What, Wes?"

Wes said, "You might think it is crazy, but my mom loves to talk baby talk to me sometimes...and I like it." He sighed then said, "See you after school Josh and Dillon! You are nice."

Dillon went to Mrs. Othen's office and told her about his accident. Mrs. Othen said, "Dillon, I was thinking of getting the wetters together for a meeting. I was talking to a friend who's a school nurse in Kentucky and she had a school meeting for the diaper wearers at her school. There are 15 at her school. Want to meet the others?"

Dillon said, "I've met Ryan and Westin. I want to know who is a wetter in the fifth grade."

Mrs. Othen said, "You would be surprised, Dillon. Tomorrow, we might have a meeting. Get to your class, before you're late."

Dillon said, "Thanks, Nurse Othen!" He then went to his fifth grade class.

At lunch, Dillon went to Mrs. Othen's office and saw Wes on the table getting changed. Also, he saw Nathan, Fred and Larry waiting to get changed. Wes looked at Dillon and said, "Hi."

Mrs. Othen pulled up Wes' pants and said, "Wes, tell your mom that you need some diapers. Nathan, you are next."

Wes waited and started talking to Dillon. He said, "Dillon, my old parents - I got adopted by my mom - abused me...my dad...damaged my balls." He watched Nathan getting changed than Larry and Fred. Dillon got on the table and Wes watched him getting changed. After getting changed, Wes and Dillon went to lunch.


After Dillon was changed, he and Wes went to the lunchroom. They both stopped at their locker to get their lunch. Wes and Dillon were talking about schoolwork, when Wes asked Dillon, "Who diapers you? Do you diaper yourself?"

Dillon said, "I get changed by my mom, dad, sister and brother and once by Josh. My mom doesn't want to have me change myself yet, because I might let them sag. How about you?"

Wes said, "My mom changes me at home. Josh changed you??? Wow! What did he do to you?"

Dillon said, "Yes, Josh changed me. My mom was baking, so Josh volunteered to change me. He kissed my cock and me."

Wes said, "Don't tell him this, I wish he would change me. I would love to have him give me a bath - and let him play with my cock. It won't do anything."

Dillon said, "How come? Josh might change you, if you ask him." He looked at Wes and smiled.

Wes said, "My dad abused me so much that my balls got damaged. My doctor said I won't mature unless I take pills. I don't know if I want to mature, if I could find a daddy."

Dillon said, "Ever visit the Internet? You might enjoy the 'TEENAGE BABIES' web site. Why not ask Josh to be your daddy? You might be surprised." They went to the lunchroom and bought a carton of milk, then sat down at a table with Josh and 3 other boys - Shane, Chris and Aren. They sat down and started eating their lunch.

After lunch, they all went back to class and after school, Wes, Dillon and Josh went to Wes' house. Wes and Dillon were talking with Josh and Dillon said, "I didn't know that Nathan, Fred or Larry wore diapers. I was surprised."

Wes said, "You didn't see all of the diaper wearers yet, Dillon. Two other soccer players are, a basketball player and a swimmer are diaper wearers. Josh, may I ask you a personal question? Would you diaper me?" He walked up the sidewalk to his front door. He opened the door and said, "Mom, I'm home. Come in, you guy."

Wes' mom said, "Westin, I'm on the phone with a client. I'll be with you in a few minutes." She went back to talk about a house to her client and in a few minutes, she came to the family room.

Wes, Josh and Dillon were sitting on the sofa playing with Wes' Sega. "Mom," Wes said, "This is Dillon and Josh my friends from school. Can I go to Josh's house. I got homework in Algebra and earth science today and I need to go to the library to check out a book on Sinclair Lewis for American Lit."

Wes' mom said, "Hello, Josh and Dillon. I need to see a client about a house now. Are you wet?"

Wes said, "Yes, mom. I need to tell you that Mrs. Othen said I'm low on diapers. Dillon wears diapers, too. He and Josh are good friends."

Josh and Dillon said, "Hello."

Wes' mom said, "Wes, tomorrow I'll bring some to school. Would you like cloth or disposable for now?" Wes and his mom left to go to his room.

In a few minutes, Wes, dressed in a green coverall, came back and said, "Are you guys ready. Like my outfit?"

Josh said, "It is cute, Wes. Dillon has one, too. He looks cute in it, too." Josh got up and led Dillon and Wes out of the room.

Wes said, "Josh, mom said that I can sleepover someday. I hope you can invite me this weekend." He put his arm around Josh and Dillon.

Josh took them to his house and played with his train set. Josh said, "Nick, gave me permission to fix up the barn. I hope Nick'll get the zoning approval for my apartment. Nick thought it was great to put the train set in the barn. The Zoning board is meeting next week."

Wes said, "Who's Nick, Josh? What you going to have at your apartment, Josh?"

Josh said, "Nick is my dad to be. I hope to have a NURSERY to have a baby or two sleeping in it. I would enjoy having you and Dillon, as a baby."

Wes looked at Josh and kissed him. "Me and Dillon as your BABY, Josh? That would be GREAT! I would love to be your baby - FULLTIME."

After playing with Josh's train, they went to Dillon's house and then to the library. Wes, after the visiting the library, said, "I got to get home. Dillon and Josh, see you tomorrow."

Dillon went to his house and his mom changed him. She asked Dillon, "Did you have a good day? Wes seems to be a nice boy."

Dillon said, "Wes is a good kid. We met at the nurse's office. He was getting changed by Mrs. Othen. He told me that his dad & mom abused him. Hartford found out about me being in diapers and he was okay with it. I didn't hear from any of my other friends."

Dillon's mom said, "Time to eat. We are having spaghetti."

Dillon said, "Yum! I'm HUNGRY!"

After dinner and his homework, he went to bed. The next morning, he met Wes & Josh and walked to school. At lunch, he met Wes and went to the nurse's office. At the office, he saw Xylon, Toby, Welby and Clay standing in line waiting to be change.

Dillon whispered to Wes, "Toby and Clay are the soccer team member you were talking about? Xylon is the swimmer? Wow."

Wes said, "Remember, after school, we have a meeting. You'll meet more."


The afternoon passed with a blur. After school, Nurse Othen had a meeting with the WETTERS, to talk about diaper wearing. Dillon looked around and saw that every grade was there - Ryan and 3 others from the 8th grade, 7 and Wes from the 7th grade, 7 from the 6th grade and Dillon and 10 others from the 5th grade. Dillon saw 2 of his classmates and thought to himself, "Wow, I didn't know we had many wet kids here. Lennox and Troy are wetters?"

Xylon, the swimmer on the swim club's swim team, who is in the 7th grade, said, "30 kids are wetters? I believe Mrs. Othen has a good idea so we can talk about wetting and diapers to each other."

After fifteen minutes, Wes, Lennox, Troy and Dillon were walking out of the nurse's room. Lennox said, "Can you change your own diapers you guys? I can't! My mom and Dad or my sister change me."

Wes said, "My mom change me, Lennox, do you ever get punished by being a baby for a weekend?"

Troy said, "My dad keeps me as a baby for up to a week if I get in trouble."

Lennox said, "I get punished and have to be a baby for a weekend. I like it at times."

Dillon said, "Troy, how do you be a baby? Being fed and stuff like that?"

Troy said, "Yes, my dad likes to baby me." He smiled then said, "I got to get home." Dillon and Wes walked to Wes' house and Wes said, "I wish Josh was here and he could change me. I had a dream about us last night." He opened the door of his house and said, "Mom, I'm home." He closed the door and gave Dillon a quick kiss.

Wes' mom came out of her office and said, "Hello Dillon. Wes, how was your day? I have to show a house, so if you and Dillon want to play here, I'll change you. Want a snack?"

Wes said, "I would like to be changed. I got my English test back and I got a 95. Can I invite Josh over and we want to play here?" He went to his room with his mom. In five minutes, Wes dressed only in diapers and plastic pants, came downstairs and said, "Josh'll be here soon. want a bottle of milk, Dillon?"

Dillon said, "Yes please. Hey, you look cute in just your diapers, Wes!" He followed Wes into the kitchen. He mom was filling 2 baby bottles with milk.

Wes' mom said, "enjoy it! I have to go. Dillon, if you need to be changed, Wes'll show you where his diapers are at. Have a good time." She went out of the door.

Wes said, "Dillon, want to stay in just DIAPERS?"

Dillon said, "Sure!" and he started taking off his clothes. In a few minutes, the doorbell rung, so Josh decided to change Dillon. Wes showed them where his diapers were and Wes said, "Like my bedroom?"

Josh looked at Wes' bedroom and said, "Wow, it is a NURSERY!! I like your crib, Wes! I think you two need a nap." Josh put Wes and Dillon into the crib, pulled down the shade and closed the door.

In an half hour, Josh went back to the nursery and woke up Wes and Dillon. Dillon kissed Wes and said, "Wes, I love you!" Josh checked both of them and decided to change them both. They went downstairs, and Wes showed them his LEGOS.

After, an hour, Wes' mom came back, so Dillon and Josh went home.

After a month, Dillon had an appointment with Dr. Thayton. Dillon was dressed in a diaper and a onesie and a coverall. His mom drove him to Dr. Thayton's office and went to the waiting room. The nurse told Dillon's mom to take him into a room and undress him and go to another waiting room. She took Dillon into a room, strip Dillon down to his diapers and took him to another waiting room. Dillon saw 4 kids in diapers waiting for Dr. Thayton. Kids who were his age or older.


Dillon looked around the waiting room and saw boys in just diapers, some were playing with LEGOS and other were just reading magazines while waiting for either Dr. Thayton, Dr. Porru or Dr. Flixton. He saw a boy from his school and said, "Hi there, Tacoma."

Tacoma, a sixth grader and a member of the Wetters Club, looked up from his SI and smiled. He said, "Hi Dillon. Are you waiting to have a check up, too?" He looked at his mom and said, "Mom this is Dillon, one of the kids from the Wetters Club. Dillon, this is my mom and my brother, Seattle. Think we can get a sleepover before the end of the school?" Tacoma was talking about one of the boys in the club, asking his parents, who owns a small (14 rooms) motel, which is closed, about using the motel for a club sleepover.

Dillon said, "I hope so, Tacoma. Derick, Josh and Scott want to BABYSIT us, but we need a parent or two, too. It would be nice."

Dr. Thayton came to get Dillon, so he took him to a room. Dr. Thayton was asking about his month, if he is wetting normally and checking Dillon's health. In an hour, Dillon was finished and got dressed.

Dillon was in the van and went home. His mom said, "Dr. Thayton said that you are doing okay. He wants to give you some Physical Therapy starting after school. It will be Tuesday and Thursday at 9 o'clock, so you can sleepover any other time. Also, Dr. Thayton said for you to drink more cranberry juice to keep your kidney healthy."

Dillon said, "Josh wants to have me sleepover tonight and Saturday night, mom. Josh and I are going to Derick's house, since he invited us and Wes. Can I go?"

"Zack is inviting Jeremy to sleepover," his mom said. "You and Josh can sleep over. Next week, Dillon, is the wedding, so we have Skyler & Sean sleeping over along with Jeremy & Josh."

When they got home, Dillon went to Josh's house. When he got to Josh's house, he was on the computer talking to BabyBram14 and BabyTorbert. BabyTorbert was talking about his new CRIB. Dillon sat down next to Josh.

Josh reached over to kiss Dillon and typed 'BabyDillon is here, so I think I'll leave now. BabyTorbert, I might have to buy Dilly one.'

Dillon said, "Buy me what, Josh?"


Dillon asked Josh, "What you getting me?" Dillon kissed Josh.

Josh said, "You'll like what I saw at 'RainbowKids', Dillon. I showed it to Wes and he loved it. I think it will be nice for you and Wes' nursery." Josh took Dillon by the hand and took him to the bedroom. He put Dillon on the bed and took off Dillon's clothes leaving just his diapers on. "Lets go to the barn, Baby Dillon," Josh said.

Josh and Dillon went to the barn, which is being renovated into Josh's apartment. Nick, Josh's dad to be, agreed to let him have the barn so they are fixing it up. Josh said, "want to see the plans, Baby?" Dillon shook his head, so they went to where a table was sitting.

In a half hour, Ryan and Derick came by to see Josh and Dillon. Ryan was dressed in just a diaper and he was in a STROLLER. Ryan had a pacifier in his mouth.

Derick said, "Hi Josh and Dillon. I'm having a party/sleepover tonight. Do you think you two can come? What you guys doing?"

Josh said, "Showing Dillon his and Wes' NURSERY area. I hope I can get a job at 'RAINBOWKIDS' so I can get those stuff we saw there. Didn't you get that cradle there?"

Dillon said, "Derick, Ryan looks like a real baby with a pacifier in his mouth and him sitting in a stroller."

Derick said, "He is a baby, Dillon. Josh, want to go to Hawthorn Mountain? We are going hiking and swimming."

Josh smiled and said, "Sure. Do you mean going swimming at Hawthorn Mountain Pond? Dillon, lets call your folks and see if you can spend the night."

Dillon called his folks to see if he could sleepover and go to Hawthorn Mountain, which was a state park near them. He could, but they had to get some diapers for Dillon.

Josh told Dillon's mom that he got some diapers at 'CityKids', so they went to Derick's van. Derick slide the side door open and put Ryan into a big car seat. Derick got another on and put it next to Ryan's, so Josh put Dillon into it. Josh then went into his house and came out with a DIAPER BAG. Derick, who had a refrigerator in his van, opened the refrigerator's door and pulled out two bottles of milk for Ryan and Dillon. They started to go to HAWTHORN MOUNTAIN.

In an hour, they got to Hawthorn Mountain. They parked at the furthest parking lot (the hunter's parking area, which is never used out of season.) and Derick and Josh set up two STROLLERS - made for hiking. They put their babies into the strollers and put the diaper bags in the basket in back of the stroller. They started up the trail, to LittleHawthorn Peak.

Dillon was a little shocked, but Ryan looked like he's a pro at it, so Dillon relaxed. In a few minutes, Dillon fell asleep. In fifteen minutes, they reached the pond. Josh and Derick woke them up. Derick and Josh stripped nude and Ryan and Dillon had their diapers on while they swam.

In a few minutes, six other people came by. Dillon wanted to hide, but one was Erskine and Ben who was just in his diaper, too. The other were about 20 to 25 years old. Derick said, "Hi, Zeke, Phil, John and Sean. This is my lover, Dillon. Dillon, here is 2 other babies, too. BabyJohn and Baby Sean."

BabySean, who was only 18, looked like a like a baby. His 'daddy' Phil, took off his clothes and let him swim in his DIAPER. Phil, who is the oldest at 24 - and is the leader of the local gay youth group - took off his clothes and jumped in. John, who is 20, had his clothes taken off by his 'daddy' Zeke who is 20.

In two hours, Derick and Josh changed Ryan and Dillon and put them in their strollers. They watched Zeke changed John and went to the van, Ryan and Dillon sucking on bottles.

Ryan and Dillon fell asleep.


When Dillon woke up from his nap, he was in a CRIB. Next to him, in his crib, was Ryan who was playing with the Mobile. Ryan smiled, but didn't say anything.

Dillon was going to say something, until Ryan put his finger in front of his mouth. In five minutes, Josh and Derick came in. "Are you hungry, BabyRyan?" Derick asked Ryan. Derick got him from his crib while Josh did the same for Dillon. They took them to the kitchen and placed them in highchairs, so Derick and Josh could feed them. In another highchair was Wes who was drinking from a bottle. Josh and Derick opened up three jars of Heinz Spaghetti, Tomatoes & Beef Dinner, Gerber Peas and Beech-nut squash and fed Ryan, Dillon & Wes. They all had 3 bottles of pear juice during dinner. After dinner, Ryan, Wes and Dillon were put into a big PLAYPEN with some Fisher-Price, Sesame Street and Playskool toys. Josh and Derick were having some PIZZA for their dinner then went on the INTERNET with the babies watching from the playpen.

Derick said, "Lets see if Deeker wrote any more parts of his story and lets see if anyone's at #dpf tonight." Derick checked his mail, and 2 were ADS (i.e. JUNK E MAIL), but he got 4 letters from teen babies plus one letter from a DADDY who is 35, but has a 19 year old BABYBOY.

Josh looked at the letter from the DADDY and said, "Isn't that a little strange, Derick. He CASTRATED his lover? I know Wes'll never mature because of his abuse, but Dillon - I want to suck his sperm, when he isn't my baby."

Derick said, "Some DADDIES do, I don't think I'd do Ryan. Roger was castrated when he was 26." he was talking about the head of the GAY RIGHTS GROUP where the GAY YOUTH group meets. He had testicular cancer and he had to have both removed.

Josh said, " That's different! He had cancer, so he had to do it - or die. I don't know - it is strange. Maybe the guy's WEIRD, too."

Derick, writing a reply to one of his 'keyboard pal' (a gay teen baby with a gay teen daddy), said, "I don't know, Josh. There are some strange people in CYBERSPACE, but some would think we are STRANGE. I mean are we hurting anyone? Are we into drugs or sex? I don't know about you and sex, but me and Ryan aren't, except when I jerk him off. Or when we aren't playing Daddy/Baby games."

Josh said, "It will just be me, Wes and Dillon." He looked at Derick's letter to 'DaddyJo/BabyJarvis' and said, "Who got kicked out of their house?"

Derick said, "Jarvis did a few weeks ago. He is 15 and Joseph is 17. Joe's mom and dad are both gay and he is, too. Jarvis told his mom he is gay and he was asked to leave. According to Jarvis, his mom could make Pat Robinson look like an ULTRA ULTRA LIBERAL. Jo's mom let him live with Jo, her & her lover. JO's dad lives around here."

Josh said, "That is nice to have your lovers parents let you move in with your lover. Nick is okay with me being out, but I'm still not joining the school GLB group. I still think I should be able to go as a couple."

Derick said, "I know what I'm going to do, take Trace and Ryan is taking Amber. Amber and Trace are lovers and they want to dance with each other. It is tough starting an 7th and 8th grade GLB group, but in the high school it is established." Derick looked at the playpen, and said, "Lets change them and put them to their cribs."

Derick and Josh changed their babies and put them to bed.


When Dillon woke up next, he rubbed his eyes. He looked around the room, but it was dark. He was some light filtering from the shade in the window. He looked over and saw Ryan sleeping in his crib. Dillon was wet but he didn't know if Josh was up yet or not. Dillon decided to lay down and rested.

In a hour, Derick and Josh, both nude, came into the nursery and slid down the side of their cribs. "Hey, sleepyheads," Derick said. "Time for a bottle." Derick and Josh put the bottles in their mouth.

Dillon looked at Ryan, who is in a lilac colored sleeper and then to Josh while sucking on the bottle. Dillon was dressed in a navy blue sleeper with snaps on the legs.

After they finished their bottle, they went to the kitchen to have BABY CEREAL for breakfast. They climbed into their highchair and they were being fed by Josh & Derick. After 2 bowls of cereal and 4 bottles of apple juice, they were put into the play pen. Josh asked Derick if he could check his e mail, so Derick let him.

Josh got Dillon from the playpen and put him on his lap. Josh dialed his ISP and it went though (editor's note; He didn't have AOL ;^) ). Josh saw he had 8 new mail, but 3 were JUNK E MAIL, so he deleted them, but started to read the others: 1 of the letter was from a gay male who's 41who reads his story on ASFD, another was from a gay baby and daddy who are 17 and 15, another was a bedwetter who wears diapers and 2 others from two other teens who loves diapers.

He started to read the letter from Leonard, the gay male of 41. He gives Josh some pointers on his story at first, but now Josh was interested in growing up Gay in the late '50s and early '60s. Leonard has a gay teen son who lives with his gay mom and her lover and HIS lover lives with them, too. He was thrown out by his mom when he told her he was gay. Anyway, Leonard, who lives near them told Josh that his son and lover are moving in with him (and his lover), since Jake's mom and lover are moving to Arizona, and Jake and Jim didn't want to move there. Leonard, who was a councilor for gay youth but is now a stockbroker, also told Josh about Brad, his neighbor, who is unsure of his sexuality.

Josh wrote Leonard a reply telling him to let him know when Jake and Jim moves in. He also wrote a note to Brad, so Leonard can hand it to him when he comes over next. He wrote, "Leonard, tell Darren (Leonard's 28 year old lover) I said HI."

Josh also wrote replies to the others, then shut off the computer. He checked Dillon's diaper, so he decided to take off his diaper and led him into the bathroom for a shower.

When Josh and Dillon got into the shower, Josh said, "How did you like being a baby? Did you sleep nicely?" Josh soaped up a washcloth and started washing Dillon.

Dillon said, "Yes, I really love being your baby, Josh." He kissed Josh then knelt down to kiss Josh's penis.

Josh said, "I hope you loved your crib, Dillon. That's one of the NURSERY pieces I got from Rainbow Kids and KidsGear. Wes will be here soon and so will Ben and Erskine, Andy and Sean, and Sandy and Evan. Lets rinse you off and get dressed." Josh rinsed off Dillon and washed himself then dried themselves off. Josh took Dillon into the nursery and diapered him and put him into a onesies, polo shirt and shortall. Josh put on a pair of shorts. "You look so cute, baby," Josh said. When Dillon went back to the playpen, Wes and Ben were in it. Wes had on a pair of shortall with 'BigBird' on it. Ben just had a diaper and plastic pants on. Erskine was on the couch looking at a catalog. In a few minutes, Ryan was in the playpen nude.

Derick said, "Ryan got a DIAPER RASH, so he'll have to be nude. What do you want to do today?"

Josh said, "Lets go to Birch Falls today. We can spend the whole day there. Derick, how many car seats do you have? Six?"

Erskine said, "Birch Falls is nice and the babies would have a good time."


Josh, at Derick's computer, said, "Hmm, Derick and Erskine, you ever e mailed someone named Roger?"

Derick said, "Roger? Roger56@local.net? Yes, he lives around here, and he told me about his son who lives with his mom and her lover. Roger's son is 15 and he started a GLBi group at his school. His boyfriend, lives with them."

Erskine, the only 'daddy' who didn't tell his family about his being gay, said, "What are you two talking about? I wish I could tell my folks that I was gay with Benny my LOVE." He looked at Ben playing with a toy truck in the playpen. "Come on, I thought we will be going to HemlockFalls. Unfortunately, Benny and I got to study for a test in Trigonometry tomorrow. I hate Trig! Mr. Halberg is a Homophobe."

Josh said, "There's this guy from around here who has a lover and a son with a lesbian and the son, Jake has a lover, Jim, who lives with them. Anyway, Erskine and Derick, Jake's mom and her lover are going to move to Arizona and Jake doesn't want to go, so Roger and Keith might let them live with them. Maybe they'll help Brad."

Erskine said, "Who is Keith and who is Brad?" He looked at Josh who smiled.

Derick said, "Keith is Roger's lover and Brad is a 14 year old who has a crush on a kid at his school. He told me this boy is in his PE class and he gets hard when they get changed in the locker room."

Josh said, "Bradis around here somewhere. I mean Brad and I talk about Hemlock Falls and Hawthorne Mountain. I wonder where he lives. He doesn't say much about his school."

Derick said, "It would be funny if he was at out school Erskine. There's 7 Brad's at school. Brad Stonecutter is cute!"

Erskine said, "Brad Stonecutter is cute, but I think Bradley Westkamper is cuter. I know Denise has a crush on him, though. I don't know who it would be."

Josh said, "I invited Brad to visit the Gay youth meeting next Friday and he's thinking of coming. Anyway, lets go to Hemlock Falls! Dillon is getting restless."

In fifteen minutes, they -with Wes, Dillon, Ryan and Ben in their car seats and Erskine, Josh and Derick buckled in - drove to Hemlock Falls. When they got to Hemlock Falls, they parked in the parking lot. Josh took out a huge Twin stroller. He placed Dillon on the right side and Wes on the left side. He watched Erskine and Derick put Ryan and Ben in their stroller and they started up the trail.

When they got to the falls, they decided to give their BABIES a chance to go swimming. After they swam for fifteen minutes, the 'daddies' fed their babies then took them swimming again.

After two and half hours, they returned to Derick's house. Josh, Wes and Dillon were walking home, when Josh asked, "How did you enjoy being BABIED you guys? Did I do a good job of DADDYING?"

They both kissed Josh when they got to Josh's house and they said that it was GREAT! Dillon and Wes went to their house.

Monday morning, Dillon woke up and his bed was wet. He rubbed his penis though the diaper and thought about Wes and Josh. After he climaxed, he looked at Zack, who was jerking off. Dillon took off his diaper and cuddled with Zack.

In an half hour, Dillon went to school with Josh and Wes. During lunch, Dillon went to the nurse's office and saw Wes, Welby and a brownish blond haired boy, who Dillon never saw before.

Wes said, "Dillon, this is Dagan. Dagan just moved here from North Dakota."

Dillon said, "Hello, Dagan."

Dagan said, "Hi Dillon. Are you and Wes friends?"

Dillon said, "Wes and I are great friends! I hope we can be too."

Wes said, "Dagan, me and Dillon will be your friend and I think our friend Josh would, too."

Dagan said, "Who's Josh?"

Wes said, "Josh is a friend of ours would might enjoy you. He is nice and so are you.. Dagan, want to join the WetKids Club? we got a meeting tomorrow!! We are planning a sleepover!"

Dagan said, "A sleepover? Where?"


While waiting to be changed, they were talking to Dugan. They told Dugan about the school and the 'Wetkids Club', then they talked to Dugan about the sleepover. Welby said," Dillon, Wes, are you and Josh going to the sleepover? Dugan, the sleepover is going to held at the Sunfish Lake Resort. It has a beach on Sunfish Lake, three pools, tennis courts, volleyball court, a jacuzzi and sauna and a playground. Dugan, the Wetkids going are Ryan, Neal, Troy, me, Paul, Tacoma, Steve, Scott, Matt, Vince, Brindley and AK. Seattle and Don are going, too. A few others are going, also."

Wes said, "Should we tell them, Dil?" Dillon shook is head, so Wes said, "We'll be at the sleepover with our daddy. Dugan, you'll enjoy this club!"

Dugan said, "I think we'll - me and my brother - will join the club. Wes, you and Dillon's dad will be at the sleepover?" He saw the door open and saw five boys going in. He said, "Hi Edan, how is your day so far?"

Edan looked around the room, then said, "Dugan, are they waiting like we are? School is nice. I made friends with a kid named Boyce. He is nice."

Dillon said, "Dugan, you know this kid? Anyway, if it is about changing diapers, we are waiting. Paul, how is the sleepover going?"

Edan looked around the room and said, "You all wears diapers? Are you guys kidding us? Dugan, did you tell anyone?"

Dugan said, "I just came to the waiting area and there were two kids here. Then a few more kids - along with Wes, Welby and Dillon came in and we started talking. They told us about a club called the 'WetKids'. They are going to have a sleepover. When is the next meeting?"

Paul said, "Dillon, are you, Wes and Josh going to the sleepover? Last night, I got six more kids for the sleepover. The six are Swin and his daddy - Slade, Tory and John and their daddy - Mike and Yannis."

Dugan said," Your dad will be at the sleepover?"

Dillon, holding back his laughter, said, "Dugan, no not our dads, but some of the 'babies' are gay so their daddy are their lovers. Wes and I have a friend who loves to change us. The next meeting is after school tonight."

Dugan said, "I'll be at the meeting today. I just hope I'll get home before my mom does. Edan, you coming to the meeting? Who'll be there?"

Paul said," Most of the WetKids will be at the meeting. I think Jon, Wade and Phil won't be at the meeting. Hey, you guys, did you see the new story on Deeker's website?"

Dillon said, "That is a GREAT website. I like the stories on Deeker's. I like Baby Tony's website, too. Lots of stories on his."

Paul said, "BabyTony's website has stories that aren't finished. 'The Boys Next Door' was a great story, but it was never finished. Another was "Daddy's Boys". I wish 'Home School Baby' was still around. I liked it!"

Edan said, "are you saying that there are webpages about diapers? Me and Dugan don't have a computer yet. I hope our mom would buy one for us." The door to the nurse's office opened and two boys came out. Edan said, "Boyce?"

Boyce looked at Edan and the 'WetKids' members and said, "Hi Edan. You wear diapers, too?" He smiled.

Dillon said, "See you at the meeting, Boyce." He went into the nurse's office with Wes.


When the bell sounded to end the school day, Wes and Dillon met at their locker and started towards the 'WetKids' meeting. As they were walking down the hall, they heard, "Hey Dillon and Wes, wait up."

They turned around, and saw Dugan, Edan and Boyce walking towards them. Wes and Dillon waited for them to catch up to them.

Edan said, "Boy, I still can't believe it, a club for diaper wearers. I mean, it is nor normal for kids our age to be in diapers."

Dillon said, "The nurse said it is more common than it is believed. She said that eleven percent of kids are bedwetters, so here we should have about 95 kids who should be in the club. I like wearing diapers. Boyce, are you going to the sleepover?"

Boyce said, "I'm going, so is Kathlyn, too. Edan and Dugan, Kathlyn is my sister and she changes me and my brother, Kent. Kent is going, too."

They walked into a classroom across the hall from the nurse's room. Paul was at the teacher's desk talking to the nurses. They sat down at a desk and stared talking about their hobbies.

In a few minutes, the nurse banged a gavel on the desk. She said, "Good afternoon. We have four new people in our club. Dugan and Edan, could you please stand up? You just moved from Souix Falls. Could you tell us about yourself?"

Dugan said, "Hello, I'm Dugan Parker. My brother and I came from Sioux Falls, and our interests are model railroading, camping, swimming, reading and bicycling. We live with our mom."

Dillon said, "No dad, Dugan and Edan?"

Edan said, "Our dad, younger brother and sister was killed in a auto accident. We got injured. Our mom got a job offer here."

Dillon said, "I'm sorry, Edan. Want to go camping next weekend?" They decided to go camping, then listened to Paul talking about the sleepover.

After the meeting, Josh was waiting for Wes and Dillon. He was introduced to Dugan and Edan and they walked home together. Dugan said, "This is a nice town. Where are we going camping?"

Dillon said, "This is a nice town, Dugan and Edan. There are five villages in town, Redtree Falls, which is on Redtree River, Center Rochester, where we are, Riverdale on the Redtree River in the west central part, Ouackenkill on the Quackenkill, or Quack as it is known, and Black's Mills the downtown business center in the southwest. Rochester has two lakes and many ponds."

Wes said, "Dugan, you are talking to the town's junior historian. Anyway, we are going to take you to Bluebeech Island in Larch Cove. Lach Cove is a cove on the Cedar River. It is a nature preserve, so it is quiet. We are going to Bluebeech with Dillon's Inflatable Boat. Maybe Josh will daddy you."

Josh said, "Are you guys wet? Can I change you guys at your house, Wes?"

Wes, turning into his driveway, said, "Josh, if they want you to change them, you can in my bedroom. Lets change me and Dillon, Josh."

Dugan looked at Edan and said, "Josh, you can. Wes, can we borrow your phone, so we can call our mom?"

Wes, opening the side door, said, "Sure, I'll show you the phone." Josh saw the note on the kitchen table and said, "Josh, I guess you can CHANGE ME!" He showed Dugan where the phone was while reading the note.

Dugan, dialed his mom at work and said, "Hi mom! I'm at my friend's house. Yes, me and Edan met some friends. MOM! Ok...Edan and I met friends and we are at their house. Mom, we had a good day at school. The nurse is nice and we aren't the only one at school. Yes, Dillon, Wes and Boyce wears them, too. Tell you about school tonight. Bye mom." He hung up the phone.

Josh said, "Let get you guys changed." They all went upstairs to Wes' bedroom, where they were put into dry diapers and plastic pants. Josh took them to Wes' rec room and they were playing with Wes' toys.

Dugan said, "I like your Crib, Wes! Do you get treated as a baby? Our mom loves to baby us. Do you ever get fed baby foods and formula."

Josh said, "They love it, Dugan! When you are camping, you will eat baby foods and formula. Want a crib, Dugan?"

Dugan said, "We got a crib. We love them!"

Josh said, "Want to go to my house and do some swimming?" They all agreed to go, so they started to leave for Josh's house.


When they left Wes' house, they were talking about the sleepover and the campground. Boyce said, "I just can't wait `til we go camping. I don't do much camping but I love it."

When they got to Josh's house, Josh took them to the pool area and took off their pants and shirts, leaving only their diapers on. Then they got thrown into the pool. Then Josh stripped nude and jumped in.

After an half hour, Derrick and Sean came up pushing strollers that had Ryan and Andy in them. Dagan looked at the strollers and said to Dillon, "Neat, where did he get that from? Who is Ryan's baby friend?"

Dillon said, "That is Andy and his daddy Sean. You'll meet Andy & Sean at the sleepover."

Edun said, "Where did Ryan get his outfit? That is cute." Ryan was dressed in a sailor's Suit with Andy in just diapers and a toddler shirt.

Dillon said, "Derrick got Ryan's outfit at Rainbow Kids. It is a BABY STORE for ADULTS & KIDS. You should visit it."

When Derrick and Sean left with Ryan and Andy, Josh put down a blanket and told his 'babies', "Time to get out of the pool and time for a change." They got out of pool and went to the blanket. He took off all of the wet diapers - played with their cock then powered and diapered them.

After they got diapered, they went to "Josh's Apartment" which is starting to take shape. He was showing Dugan, Edun and Boyce the apartment. After Josh's tour, he went to his old computer that was sitting in his 'living room' and turned on the computer. He then dialed up his ISP and got on.

Josh said, "Dugan, Edun and Boyce, this is a great WEBPAGE." The screen said 'TeenDaddyJosh - a gay teen daddy for teen babies.' Dugan looked at the screen and said, "Is this yours? This is nice!"

Josh said, "Yes, it is my web page. I got links to a few web sites - DPF Teen Page, Deeker's, TeenBaby, WetKids and a few others. I got two stories I'm writing on it and three others wrote stories on me. BabyThad sent me chapter 6 of his story. I like Deeker's stories."

Josh hit a link to 'TeenBabyTony', which was Tony's web site. He had an update on the sleepover and said, "Looks like a success!"

In a few minutes, Jeremy & Zack knocked on the Barn's door.


Jeremy & Zack were at the barn door. Jeremy said, "Josh, can Zack and I stay here until Shelby and Skyler leave? They are driving us crazy. Oh, Josh, you got three messages from Zorya, Quimby and Faxon."

Josh said, "If you want to spend time here with us, I want you two to be in a diaper. I think Shel and Sky needs to be DIAPERED too."

Zack looked at Jere and smiled. He then looked at Dillon and said, "Lets try it, Jere. I think Dillon is cute in his diapers. You know you want to try it, too."

Josh invited them inside. Josh took off their clothes and diapered them. In a few minutes, they were joined by Dugan, Edan, Boyce along with Dillon and Wes.

Edan said, "Zack and Jeremy, are you Jere's brother? Do you think you can get me up to speed on history?"

Zack said, "I'm Dillon's brother. We can help you with history. You a diaper wearer, Edan?"

Edan said, "Yes, I'm a diaper wearer. Me and my brother like it. Josh is fun to be around! He might be our 'daddy'!"

Jere said, "Zack, this feels nice, doesn't it? Think mom would mind if I wore them?"

Zack said, "They feel nice. I want to try swimming in them."

Josh said, "Want to go camping with us, Zack and Jere?"

Jere said, "At Bluebeech? I'm game! Zack want to?"

Zack said, "Sure, this is fun! I might sleep in a diaper tonight."

In a few minutes, Zack and Dillon had to go home, so Josh dressed Zack in his jeans with the diaper under it. He kissed both of them and said, "See you in school."

That night, Zack slept in that diaper.

The next few days passed without any memories. By Wednesday, the week of the campout, it was another afterschool meeting of the 'WetKids Club'. At the meeting, Paul was talking about the sleepover, which will be 4 days/5 nights. Thursday night, Friday (a teacher's day), the weekend and Monday (another teacher's day) - to be held in two weeks.

After the meeting, Zack & Jeremy were waiting for Josh, Wes, Dillon, Edan, Dugan and Boyce. They walked to Josh's apartment.


When they got to Josh's apartment, Josh changed them and put diapers on Jeremy and Zack. Josh took them to Lach Cove. Lach Cove was formed when the Cedar River flooded in 1880, the river changed its course. With the flooding, some islands were formed Bluebeech, Big Cedar, Little Cedar and Glass Factory (named for the ruins of a glass factory including bottles). Josh had them swim in the cove.

"This is where we are going to camp out on Thursday night. You all are going to be in DIAPERS all weekend. Zack and Jere, going to sleep in them tonight?" Josh asked.

Zack said, "I've been sleeping in them for the last three nights. I wonder if mom and dad would kill me if I got caught."

Jere said, "I will, Josh." Jeremy kissed his brother.

After the swim, Josh took them back to his apartment. He played with 'his babies' cocks and then it was time for them to go home. Zack, in a diaper, and Josh were discussing the campout.

Dillon said, "You like being changed by Josh?"

Zack said, "Yes, I love him playing with my penis! Jere is always looking at it. Jere loves seeing me nude."

Dillon said, "He is cute in his diapers. Shelby & Sky will be in diapers soon. Josh and Zack think they need to be diapered."

Zack said, "Do you think me and Jere are gay?"

Dillon said, "You and Jere should talk about it." They went into their house and yelled, "Mom, we are home!"

Mrs. Colwick said, "We are going out for a pizza. Do you have any homework?"

Zack said, "I got some, mom. Got math and reading."

Dillon said, "I got some. Can I check my e mail?"

Mrs. Colwick said, "Sure, Dillon. Just make sure you do your homework."

Dillon went to the computer and check his e mail. Dillon got e mail from Quimby, Faxon, BabyBilly, BabyX, BabyLuis and BabySage. He wrote replied and checked out Deeker's page. He then went and checked out a new baby stories page. He printed out the story by BabyKit - called 'Diaper'dSummer' about a teen, his brother, his widowed dad and a 34' sailboat. BabyKit wrote 3 chapters so far, so Dillon was think of writing a story. He shut off the computer and went upstairs to his room.

He started writing a story - a sci-fi diaper wearing story about a young teen marooned on a spaceship. Dillon calls it 'Spaceport Change Station'.

In fifteen minutes, his mom and dad called, "Time for Pizza!" Dillon closed his notebook and said, "You coming, Zack?"

Zack, reading 'Diaper'dSummer', said, "This is a cool story." They went to the pizza restaurant.


After they came back from the pizza restaurant, Zack & Dillon went to their room. That night, they slept together in Dillon's bed.

In the morning, Zack woke up in a wet diaper, so he decided to unpin the diapers and started playing with his penis. Dillon saw him, so he kissed Zack's penis.

"We got to get ready for school. I want to sleep with you more often," Dillon said. "Want to shower together?"

After showering together, Dillon & Zack went downstairs for breakfast. Brandon was crying at the table.

"Mom," Brandon said, "I don't know how I did it! I know this is the third time this week. What is wrong?"

"Brandon," Mrs. Colwick said, "We aren't mad at you. Would you like to try Dillon's diapers tonight? You got a doctor's appointment tomorrow."

Brandon said, "I'll try Dillon's diapers tonight."

Zack looked at Dillon and smiled. Zack said, "Morning mom." He poured a bowl of Apple Jacks.

The day went quickly, so after school, Josh, Dillon, Dugan, Edun, Boyce, Jeremy & Zack went to 'Dairy Barn' for ice cream. They sat down at a table outside and Jeremy said, "Zack, Brandon is starting to wet his bed? Cool! I would love to try wetting my bed."

"I woke up with a wet diaper this morning," Zack said.

"You woke up horny, too," Dillon said.

"I just can't wait until we go to Bluebeech to camp," Josh said. In a few minutes, two others of Dillon's friends came up to their table. "Hi you guys," a blondish brown haired boy of 10 said.

"Hi, Hartford and Kansas," Dillon said, "Think you did good on the test in Science?"

"I think I got a B in it," Hartford said. "Kansas got an A on the test! Did you try the new flavor ApricotApple?"

Kansas said, "I'll have NewOrleansPecan, Hartford. Can we sit with you guys?"

"Sure," they all said.

After the trip to 'Dairy Barn', they went to the mall. They - including Kansas and Hartford - looked in the sporting goods store, the train store, the hobby shop and the book store. After the mall, Dillon and Zack headed home.

At home, Mrs. Colwick asked Dillon, "Do you mind if you wear just your diapers. I might diaper Brandon to get him used to it."

Dillon said, "That'll be fine, mom. I need to be changed."

Kristin came up to Dillon and their mom and said, "Dillon, could I change you? I just got a baby-sitting job over at the Pewters."

Dillon said, "Sure, sis." Kristin and Dillon went to Dillon's bedroom.

In ten minutes, Dillon and Brandon were sitting on the sofa in just their diapers. Dillon had his arm around Brandon and said, "You will get used to them."

When Mr. Colwick got home, they had Barbecue ribs with corn and garlic bread. After dinner, Dillon and his dad went downstairs to run the racetrack. After racing for an hour, his dad said, "Would you like a crib to sleep in? I might get you a crib. I was talking to a co worker and his son - who is 15 sleeps in a crib. He wears diapers because he was born without a bladder."

"Dad," I said, "Do you mind if I am GAY? I love Josh. Yes, I don't mind a crib. Josh is getting one for me."

Mr. Colwick Said, "You are still young, Dillon, but we would not mind. Just make sure that if it Josh, be his lover for life - not for a fling. You know that partners should be like a marriage forever. I think you'll love to meet Lyle."

"Lyle?" I asked.

Dad told me Lyle was his co worker's son. He had the same interests as me, so I said sure I'll meet Lyle. I started going upstairs as dad was measuring the basement wall.


I went upstairs while dad was measuring a wall. I went up to my room and Zack was playing with himself. "Zack, need help?" I asked jokingly.

Zack said, "I'm thinking about Jeremy. I can't wait until we go camping on BLUEBEECH."

I said, "Do you mind if I'm GAY, Zack?"

Zack said, "You love Josh? I think I love Jeremy."

Brandon came into Zack and Dillon's room. I asked Brandon, "How are your diapers?"

Brandon said, "Dillon, does your friend mind you in diapers?"

I said, "Nope. I doubt Severin, Alex, Allen, Charles, Zeki or Earl would mind you wear them. You are cute in them, Brand."

I watched Brandon go out of the room, so I decided to go to my mom. I asked her if she don't mind Brandon having a sleepover this Friday, which is in 2 days.

Mom and I were discussing Brandon having a sleepover. I might invite a few boys over, and maybe Zack will invite them to. Mom said, "I think Zack and Mike are jealous of your diapers."

"Would you mind if they are diapered?" I asked.

Mom said, "Nope, your dad and I won't be upset. It would be fun having all of you in diapers. You seem happier now."

I said, "Going to diaper Scott, too?" I left to go call Josh.


Dillon dialed Josh. The phone was answered by his mom who said that he was on the computer, so he'll be there shortly.

"Hi Dillon," Josh said, "Tony got 4 more for the sleepout next week. Did you check your e mail?"

"Not yet," Dillon said. "Why? Something wrong?"

Josh said, "Nope, just that 'BabyCraig' said you haven't written to him lately. 'BabyCraig' sent me a nice story so far. He might be from the area. He knows about Hemlock Falls. His story -'What happened to Mikey?' - seems to be based in the area. He even talked about the old Salmon River Mica Company."

Dillon said, "Hmm, interesting. I hope we can meet if he is from here. Write him and tell him that I'll e-ing him soon. Oh guess what? Mom is going to diaper us all, and dad is going to build me a crib. Josh, hold on, we got a call coming in." Dillon put Josh on hold and said, "Hello? Oh, hi Glen. What? Oh, hold on, I'll ask Josh." Dillon put Glen on hold and said, "Josh, what do we have to do in American Lit? Glen wants to know?"

Josh said, "Tell Glen, to read the next chapter of 'Huck Finn' and write a page on it. I wonder why Glen never slept over here. He never slept over at Jory or Sam's either."

Dillon said to Josh, "You think he is a bedwetter? Why not ask him. Hold on, I'll conference call you two." Dillon hit the 'Conf' button and then said, "Glen?"

Glen said, "Yes?" He then heard Josh saying, "Glen?", so Glen said, "Hi Josh, are you at Dillon's house?"

Josh said, "Nope, I was talking to Dillon when you called. I decided to tell you to read 'Huck Finn' and write a page on it. Do you ever sleep over your friend's house, Glen?"

Glen said, "Nope. Why?"

Josh said, "Want to go camping with us this weekend?"

Glen said, "I don't know if I could go. Thank you for telling me what to do for American Lit." Glen then hung up the phone.

Dillon said, "I got his phone number. Glen seems to be depressed."

Josh said, "Ever since he moved here, Jory, Sam, me or you are his friends, but he doesn't have any true friends. He moved here after his mom & dad divorced. He lived in Maine."

Dillon said, "Since I'm abnormal, as my mom and dad are still together, you should talk to Glen about divorce."

Josh said, "Wait, I was only 3 when mom and dad divorced."

Dillon had another call coming in, so Dillon put Josh on hold and said, "Hello?"

The voice on the other end of the line said, "Hello, is Mr. Colwick home?"

Dillon said, "Just a minute." He put the caller on hold and said, "Josh, I got to go. Dad got a call." He hung up the phone and told his dad he had a call.

He went to the kitchen and do his homework. He read 'HuckFinn' and then wrote a page on the chapter. He started to write: "Huck was dressed up as a girl and said her name was Sarah Williams."

In about thirty minutes, Dillon finished by saying: "Huck and Jim were sneaking past the island." He looked at the page he wrote and thought, "Mark Twain I'm not."

Dillon opened his science book and starting to read. In a few minutes, Zack, dressed in just a diaper, came down and opened the refrigerator. He poured a glass of chocolate milk. Zack opened his math book.

In a few minutes, Brandon and Mike, dressed in diapers came into the kitchen with Mrs. Colwick. Dillon shut his science book and poured a glass of cranberry juice. He sat down at the table and drink it.

Dillon said, "Night mom." He went to his bedroom.


Dillon was walking up the stairs, when his dad called him into his office. Dillon went into his office and his dad said, "That was Lyle's dad. Would you like to meet him tomorrow? You would meet him after school. Lyle's coming to work tomorrow."

Dillon said, "Okay, we got a half day tomorrow. We are going camping for the weekend, but I'll meet him. Maybe he'd like to go camping at Bluebeech."

"I don't know, Dillon," his dad said. "Hope you'll have fun. I hope you and Lyle will be friends."

Dillon said, "Night dad." He was going upstairs when he spied Mike walking into his bedroom. "Mike, how's the diapers?"

Mike said, "Do you know Hawk wears 'Goodnights'? Maybe I'll invite him for a sleepover."

Dillon said, "How about Tavis, Derry, Barry and Alex?"

Mike said, "I don't know. I know Adam is a bedwetter. He once wet his pants at school. I felt sorry for him. He did it three times."

"Adam must be," Dillon said.

Mike smiled and went into his bedroom. Dillon went into his and wrote a little more on his story. He decided to email Deeker the first 2 chapters of his story. He went to the computer and e mailed Deeker. After he emailed Deeker, he checked his e mail. He replied to his online teen baby friends and went to bed.

In the morning, Kristen woke up Dillon and Zack and changed their diapers. She shooed Dillon and Zack into the shower and after she put Dillon and Zack into diapers.

After school, Mrs. Colwick drove Dillon to CyberSoft,Inc., which is owned by Mr. Colwick and 3 partners. Dillon walked into his dad's office after knocking on the door.

Mr. Colwick said, "George, This is Dillon. Dillon this is Mr. delCastillo, Lyle's dad. Lyle's in Mr. delCastillo's office. Want to meet him?"

In a few minutes, Lyle and Dillon were sitting on the sofa in Dillon's dad's office. We were talking about sports, computers, school and diapers. We had the same interests, and he was telling me about his model train layout. He also had his portable train set with him. The layout was in a briefcase, so we were playing with it.

In an half hour, it was time for Dillon to go, so Dillon invited him camping. He asked his dad, so his dad said that he could go. When Dillon's mom picked them up, it was time for the campout.

Dillon's mom had his inflatable boat - a 14' Achilles Hard Bottom with a Suzuki 40 - trailed behind the car. Josh, Zack and Jeremy were in the car with her.

Dillon introduced Lyle to Josh, Zack, Jeremy and his mom. Soon they were at the boat launch.


When they got to the boat launch, Mrs. Colwick backed up the trailer and Dillon hopped into the boat and primed the gas hose. Josh, Zack, Jere and Lyle put the camping equipment into plastic bags, so it won't get wet. Dillon started the boat and backed it off the trailer. Dillon took off around Learch Cove and then came back to the launch. The boys loaded the boat and after saying bye to Mrs. Colwick they took off to Bluebeech. When they started towards Bluebeech, Josh said, "Glen is joining us, Dillon. He called me last night."

Dillon said, "Nice, I thought he'd like to camp. Is he going to join the club?" Dillon took them around Larch Cove and showed them the islands, then they beached the boat on Bluebeech and started to unload the boat. Josh, Zack and Jeremy started putting up the Cabin tent and Lyle and Dillon were unloading the boat.

Lyle said, "I think I'll like your friends Dillion. Unfortunatly, my best friend just moved to the New Bexley area. He wears diapers, too."

Dillon said, "We will all be your friend, Lyle. I think you'll love all of us." He turned to Josh and said, "I'm going over to the launch to pick up the others. Lyle, please give me a shove." He got in the boat and started the Suzuki, when Lyle pushed the boat. Dillon floored the boat and the boat was out of the water - with just the lower part of the outboard in the water. Lyle looked at Josh and said, "That boat is cool!"

Josh said, "That is he pride and joy. His dad bought it for him two years ago, so Dill got his boater's license and now he drives it on the Cedar. They take it up to Round Lake where Dillon's uncle lives."

Dillon drove his boat over to the boat launch and waited for Wes, Dugan, Edan, Boyce and Glen. At the launch, a Ford Explorer pulling a 20 foot Gambler GT-206 Pro with a Mercury 225, was backing up. When Dillon approached the launch, he saw a boy climb into the Ford. Dillon thought the boy was in a diaper.

When Dillon got to the launch, he heard the boy saying,"Dad, I thought no one would be here! I don't want anyone to see me like this."

"Rutley, you aren't the only person who need them. I was taking you fishing to talk to you about diapers. You aren't the only one in the house even," his dad said.

Rutley said, "Yes, dad, but Lyn is a baby." He sniffed and said, "I'm the only 10 year old in diapers."

His dad said, "If you are, Rut, I'm the only 39 year old in diapers, then."

Dillon said, "Sorry to bother you. You aren't the only boy your age in diapers. I am in diapers. I heard, so I just wanted to say hi."

Rutley came out of the Ford and said, "You do? That is a cool boat."

Dillon said, "Thanks, I love this boat. Your dad has a nice boat, too. I love Gambler boats. I'm Dillon Colwick." He pulled off his pants, showing Rutley his diapers.

Rutley said, "I'm Rutley Deighton. This is my dad. Do you live around here?" He looked at his dad, then at Dillon. He said, "Dad, you are diapered?"

Dillon said, "Yes, I do. I lived in Rochester all my life. My friends and I are camping out at Bluebeech Island. Where do you go to school?"

Rutley said, "Quillipiac School. Your friends know you are in diapers? Don't they make fun of you?"

Mr. Deighton said, "Rutley, yes I am. I wanted you to know before, but mom said you weren't ready. Being a bedwetter or a daywetter is not uncommon." He put his arm around Rutley.

Dillon saw that Mrs. Wicker, Wes' mom, drove up in her Dodge Voyager. "Rutley, my friends knows I'm in diapers. So are these kids." He waved to his friends and said, "Hello. Are you guys ready for fun?" He looked at Rutley and said, "We will be your friend."

Wes came down to Dillon's boat and saw Dillon was just in his diapers. He looked at the Deightons and said, "Hello? Dillon is that yours? How fast does it go?"

Dillon said, "Hi brother! It goes about 55 mph. Wes, this is Rutley Deighton and his dad. Rutley and Mr. Deighton, this is Wesley Wicker." He looked at Dugan, Edan, Boyce and Glen and said, "Ready for the campout?"

While Dillon and his friends were at Bluebeech, Mr. Colwick and Mr. delCastillo were talking about their sons. Mr. delCastillo said, "I'm glad that Dillon got him to go camping. Lyle was a little depressed when his buddy moved. Lyle knew just one other family who had diapered boys. Now, I'm wondering if boys should be diapered longer than girls."

Mr. Colwick said, "I know. Dillon seems happier as a baby. I guess it helps him since he is gay and his best friend 'daddys' him."

"Lyle isn't sure yet. We love Lyle and we support him with his diapers. We baby Lyle, along with his brothers and they have a nursery."

"We want to create a nursery. Where did you find the stuff? I guess Dillon and his brothers would enjoy being babied," Mr. Colwick said.

Mr. delCastillo said, "Most of his clothes came from an internet business - 'KidMax.com'. Some others came from 'RainbowKids' and 'KidsGear.' His nursery furniture came from 'TBKingdom.' He has a business in Quidnic Marketplace in East Rochester. 'TBKingdom' is a division of 'Woodcraft Furniture', and they are custom furniture builders. They also sell other brands, too. I'd recommend them." Mr. delCastillo lift up the phone and dialed their number.

At Bluebeech Island, Dillon landed the boat. Lyle was at the shore, so Dillon threw the rope to him so he could tie up the boat. Dillon then introduced Lyle to Wes, Dugan, Edan, Boyce and Glen. Lyle helped them unload the boat and they went up to the tentsite, which had a sign 'RUGRAT XING' hanging from a tree.

Josh took off Dillon's clothes exposing his diapers. Josh then took off Wes', Dugan's, Edan's Boyce's and Glen's, then said, "All my babies are here. It is time for my babies to take a nap. The sleeping bags are in the tent. Have a good nap all."

Josh watched his babies go into the tent and went into the sleeping bag. In a few minutes they were asleep.

On the Cedar River, near the mouth of Larch Cove, Rut and his dad were fishing and talking about the baseball season. His dad looked at Rut and said, "Are you getting comfortable with your diapers, Rut?"

Rut cast his line into the river and looked at his dad. "Dad, you need diapers, too? I still can't believe that you do. I hope those boys at the launch would be my friends."

His dad cast his line, then said, "I do need them. You granddad needed them, so do I. When I was your age, I didn't have the internet. I wanted to be honest with you, but your mom said that you didn't need to know my problem."

Rut looked at his dad and said, "Why did you and mom get divorced? Didn't you like her anymore?"

"Your mom didn't like me, Rut. She thought that I needed help on my bedwetting. She couldn't realize that I am incontinent. I loved her."

Rut reeled in his line and cast the line. "Dad," he said, "I love talking to you. I wish mom would love you."

His dad said, "Rut, I wish that mom would let me see you more often." He reeled in his line and said, "Rut, want to go to buoy 28 rock and see how the fish are biting?"

After an hour nap, a now nude Josh, came into the tent. He first woke up Dillon and took off his diaper. Josh played with Dillon's penis, then kissed him. "I love you, Baby Dil." Josh then changed the other babies, after waking them up.

Lyle decided to talk to Wes, Edan and Dugan while they were playing 'Go Fish', Dillon took Jeremy and Zach out to the Cedar River and the others were playing with the toys Josh brought. Glen and Boyce were playing with two Tonka trucks, so both were making truck sounds. Josh, reading a gay story from the internet, looked over and smiled.

After two hours of playing, Josh told them that it was time for them to swim, so they all headed to the water to swim - in their diapers, while Josh skinny-dipped.

At the Colwick's house, Brandon was moping the house in just his diapers. Brandon looked at Mike, who was happily playing with his Legos. Mike looked at Brandon and said, "Bran, don't be upset. I might invite Terry over to play, why not invite Severin over?"

Brandon said, "Why? Are you trying to embarrass me? I don't want ANYONE to see me in diapers."

Mrs. Colwick, who just got off the phone with Mr. Colwick, who called her to tell her that he was going with Mr. delCastillo, overheard Brandon and said, "Brandon, we are not trying to embarrass you. Your friends might need diapers, too. Remember, in Dil's school there are a few diapered kids. Your school might have more. Mike will be one."

Mike said, "I think I know two in the school, mom. I think Morgan Upjohn and Byston Shipley wears diapers. I see them them everyday going to the nurse's office. I might know two more, too."

Mr. Colwick and Mr. delCastillo were in Mr. delCastillo's car heading to 'TBKingdom' to buy some nursery furniture. When they got to 'TBKingdom', there were signs saying 'NAME CHANGE SALE'.

They went into the store, and Mr. delCastillo said, "Hello John! What's going on?"

The owner of 'TBKingdom' said, "Hello George. We are changing our name. Six stores are changing over to 'KidMax' and we are one of the stores. All of the people here will still be here, but we will be selling more things, too. Three lines will be discontinued - the 'TeddyBear' line of nursery furniture is on sale at 80% off. 'Ted & Co' is discontinuing the furniture line and focusing on their stuffed animal line. All 'Sailfish' and 'Cirrus Clouds' clothes are on sale at 85% off. We are introducing a few new lines - including a private label line.' Anyway, what may we help you with?"

Mr. delCastillo said, "I am showing my co-worker your place. He is thinking about babying his boys. John Hain, this is Dave Colwick. Dave, this is John, the owner of 'TBKingdom.'"

Mr. Colwick said, "Hello." They started to talk about baby stuff, so John showed Dave the 'TeddyBear' line of nursery furniture. John sold him the last 7 'TeddyBear' cribs. John said, "If you want us to we'll deliver them later today."

Mr. Colwick said, "Please do. Will you put them in the barn? I'd like them in the loft of the barn in the backyard."

Mr. Hain said, "Sure. We aim to please our customers. 'KidMax' might be a new name, but we'll the same company. We value service." After Mr. Colwick bought a few other items, they went back to the office.

At the office, Mr. Colwick went to his office and got information on infantilism with help from Mr.delCastillo.

At Bluebeech Island, the campers were swimming when Josh told them it was time for them to get out of the water since it was time to eat. The 'babies' got out of the water and then Josh fed them. After they were all fed, Josh changed their diapers - Dillon and Wes were the last, since he wanted to play with their penises - and sent them to bed. Soon they were all asleep in their sleeping bags. Josh watched them sleep, until he fell asleep.


At the Colwicks, Mr. and Mrs. Colwick were in their bed cuddling. "Hmm," Mrs. Colwick said, "I think Brandon are getting used to his diapers. He and Mike were talking about a sleepover. I think they should have one tomorrow. Mike said that he'll be asking four boys that's in his class."

Mr. Colwick kissed his wife and said, "I think Brandon will get used to it. We need to show him that it isn't uncommon. Ken said that he might start a diapered kids club based on a group his friend started in New Bexley. Ken said the group will be called 'RADS' and Ken said that he is buying the old Kuttutuck Swim and Sports club for the 'RADS' kids."

Mrs. Colwick said, "When did you talk to Ken, love?"

"I didn't! John Hain, the owner of 'TBKingdom', told me about it forming. John adopted 3 boys who are incontinent. John's oldest is 9 and he was injured in an auto accident that killed his parents. John adopted him 3 years ago. His other boys are 7 and 6 and he adopted them since he was the foster dad to them. John said that 'KidMax' will be a great PTB TB AB store. They do have great clothes for 'teen babies.'" He snuggled with his wife then said, "Night love."

In the morning, Josh woke up and kissed Wes and Dil. He checked their diapered and it was both wet and messy. 'My babies are good sexy babies,' Josh thought to himself. He looked at his watch and it was 8:30 am.

Josh changed Dillon and Wes' diapers, then woke up - and changed - the others. Josh, Dillon and Glen cooked breakfast. After breakfast, Dillon took Lyle, Wes, Dugan and Edan on a tour of Larch Cove and the Cedar River. The others, Boyce, Glen, Jer and Zack, were swimming or playing on the sandy beach.

Dillon were showing his friends Glass Factory Island when they saw an aluminum boat tied to a tree. Dillon saw a family of deer drinking at the edge of the cove, so they were commenting on the deer.

At the Colwicks, Mr. and Mrs. Colwick awoke. He kissed his wife and said, "Morning, love." He got out of bed and walked out of the room to wake up Brandon and Mike. He knocked on Mike and Brandon's door and said, "Morning boys." He then went to Kristin's room to wake her up. He knocked on her door and said, "Morning, darling. Time to get up."

Kristin yawned and said, "Morning, daddy." She then said, "Want me to change Mike and Brandon?"

"Yes please. I'm going to make French toast, so please change them." He then went back to the master bedroom and slipped on his boxers to start breakfast. He then walked to the stairs, passing Kristen who was going to the bathroom. "How many French toast would you like, Kris?" he asked his daughter.

Kristen said, "Four toasts, dad. I'm going to Denise this morning."

"Ask your mom," Mr. Colwick said. "Going to the mall?" Kristen nodded, so he said, "Teenagers hang out. Going to boywatch??" When Kristen smiled at her dad, he said, "Just as long as you don't bring home a boy, dear." He continued to the kitchen, while Kristen went to the bathroom and then to Mike and Brandon's room.

Kristen changed Mike and Brandon, then went to wash her hands and went to the kitchen to help her dad. Mike came to the kitchen and said, "Dad, could I call up Kale and Caleb and invite them for a sleepover?"

"Mike, after breakfast, ok? How many French toasts do you want?"

"Six, daddy," Mike said. "I hope my hunch is correct. I hope Kale or Caleb are bedwetters. I wonder how many others in my class are? A few weeks ago, Japet Colyer, wet his pants. I wonder if he is?"

His dad, mixing the ingredients for the French toast, said, "According to a friend of mine, your school has some diapered boys. He said that it was not uncommon. Could you help Kris with the table?"

Mike went to help his sister while his dad looked at his diapered butt. Soon, Brandon was helping with the table. Mike and Brandon came into the kitchen to get the syrups and Brandon said, "Mike, how many do you think are bedwetters?"

Mike said, "I think about 100 kids are. Dillon said that 29 are wetters at his school, so I think that we have a few at school. I hope we can meet and start a 'WETKIDS' club. Brandon, enjoying them now?"

Brandon smiled and said, "They're okay. Who do you think are at school?"

Mike said, "Hmm, I'd say that most of your kindergarden class are bedwetters. I think 4 boys in my class are bedwetters." Mike was interrupted,

"Who?" Brandon asked.

Mike said, "Kale and Caleb and Roar Garnaas refused my offer to sleepover. Japet Colyer wet his pants one day last week." Mike thought about 2 other in his class and said, "I might know two other, too. They go to the nurse's room everyday."

Mrs. Colwick, coming down the stairs, said, "Who are the two, Mike? How are my babies boys today?"

Mike said, "I think Morgan Upjohn and Byston Shipley wears diapers. They usually go to the nurse's room once or twice a day."

On Glass Factory, a boy of 8 woke up in his sleeping bag. His soon to be stepdad looked at him and said, "How was your first night camping, Mark? Did you enjoy it?"

"John, I love it. I hope mom will let me go camping more. I hate wetting my bed, but I can't help it." Mark looked at his 'Goodnights' and said, "I think these would help."

John went out of the tent and said, "Come out. It is a nice day."

Mark started getting out of the tent, but said, I hear voices. Somebody might see me, John."

John said, "They are looking at a deer at the edge of the cove. They won't see you. Mark, you aren't the only boy who wets at your age. Jonathan does and so did I when I was your age. You can get information online so you can easily see that you aren't the only bedwetter. 5 million boys and girls are."

Mark said, "You were, John? Jon is? Jon can't be?"

John said, "Why not?"

Mark said, "He is so happy, John. He is a great soccer player. I suck at soccer. He is so confident at whatever he does."

John said, "He is, but he is also incontinent. He loves soccer and bedwetters can be a great sports player. Mark, I've seen you play and you're great in soccer. Give it time and you'll be as good as Jon."

Mark said, "You think so? Is that why Jon and I never slept over? I like Jon so much."

John said, "That is why. He likes you, too. Jon knows you are a bedwetter and he wanted to go camping with us. Your mom is watching him. Jon wants you to know that he'd help you in soccer."

"He will?" Mark asked. "It looks like a nice day, John." Mark listened to the voices from Dillon's boat.

John said, "Who knows, maybe one of those boys are bedwetters. Remember, Mark, bedwetting is common so you should feel that you are normal. I mean no one is going to say 'I'm a BEDWETTER!' What do you know about Jon, Mark?"

"What do you mean?" Mark asked.

John said, "What do you think about Jon, Mark? I mean do you think he is nice?"

Mark said, "Oh, I think he is friendly, mature, outgoing. I think we can be great brothers."

John said, "Okay, now what would I say if I told you that his bedroom is a baby's nursery?"

Mark said, "What? You mean he sleeps in a crib?" John nodded, so Mark said, "Hmm, is that why I never seen it? Do you think mom would mind if I had a crib?"

John said, "Nope, she wouldn't mind. That is why you never been in his room. Jon wanted you to see it yesterday, but I want you to know that we accepts it. Yes, your mom is accepting it, too. We love you, Mark. Jon wants you to be his brother."

Mark and John were talking about Mark's mom and her acceptance of his bedwetting and wearing diapers while they were talking about Mark and Jon being their baby.

Mark said, "Mom'll let me wear diapers? I wouldn't mind being a baby if no one will find out."

John said, "You'd be surprised at boys who are sleepwetters, Marky. Jon's doctor will be starting a support group called RADS." John told Mark about the 'RADS' group.

In Dillon's boat, they watched the deer, then when the deer left, Dillon showed them the rest of Larch Cove. Along the shore of Larch Cove, there are sandy beaches, so Dillon beached the boat so they can swim.

Lyle said, "This is a nice body of water. I should show it to my family. You can camp on these islands?"

Dillon said, "Yes, you can. Bluebeech and Glass Factory are the most popular, but some do camp at Larch Cove Point, too." He dived into the water, then said, "I love camping! This place is nice."

Lyle said, "Who owns it? Are we trespassing?" He dived into the water and came to where Dillon was. "This is nice, I like your friends, Dil."

Dillon said, "The city of Rochester owns it. It is an undeveloped town park. The only thing the park has are trails, especially along the Cedar River. In the spring, this area does flood. That's why it isn't developed."

After fifteen minutes of swimming, they headed back to Bluebeech.


After the Colwicks had breakfast, Mike asked if he could invite his buddy, Terry Zuber, over. Mrs. Colwick said that he could, so he dialed Terry's number. When Mrs. Zuber answered the phone, Mike said, "Hello, Mrs. Zuber, this is Mike Colwick. Is Terry there?"

Mrs. Zuber said, "Yes, Mike, he is here. Do you want to talk to him? I'll get him for you." She put down the phone, and went to get Terry.

Terry picked up the phone and said, "Hi buddy!" Mike asked if he wanted to come over, but Terry said that he was sick, so he couldn't, but Terry asked, "Want to come over, Mike? I want to show you something. I want you to know..." Terry stopped and sniffed. He then said, "I want you as a friend!"

"Terry," Mike said, "You are my friend. I'll be over later. I got to see if my mom or dad need me." Mike wanted to see if he could wear underwear over to Terry's house.

Terry said, "I'll be waiting. I need to show you something. I hope you won't mind." Terry looked at his mom, then said, "Call me before you come over. See you later." Terry hung up the phone, then looked at his mom and said, "I hope Mike won't mind. He is my best friend. I know that Morgan Upjohn and Byston Shipley wears them, but Mike is my special friend." He looked down at the MAD magazine, then said, "Mom, Morgan said that diaper wearing at school is not uncommon. Morgan is nice."

Mrs. Zuber said, "You know you aren't the only one, love. I hope you'll join 'RADS' and meet other boys. You know that your class has some. Mike wouldn't mind. Bedwetting is nothing to be sad about, and I love changing you." Mrs. Zuber was a widow when Terry's dad was killed in a plane crash.

Terry said, "Yes, but Mike is my TRUE friend, mom. I don't want him to know, but I want him to know that I would love to sleep over but I can't." Terry and his mom were discussing it more.

Mike hung up the phone and asked if he could go to Terry's house. He got permission to go, so he called back and told Terry he'll be over in a few minutes. Mike hung up the phone and went and to put on a pair of pants and a shirt. He went to the garage and got his bike to ride over to the Zubers.

In a few minutes, Mike was at Terry's house, so he rode up the driveway and got off the bike. He went to the back door and rang the doorbell. Mrs. Zuber answered the door and said, "Hello, Mike. How are you? Terry's in the living room. He wants you to know something." Mrs. Zuber opened the door to let Mike in.

Mike walked into the the living room and saw Terry on the sofa wrapped up. Mike went to Terry and said, "Hello, buddy. What's wrong?"

Terry looked at Mike and smiled. He then said, "I have an upset stomach. Mike, do you mind if your best friend is a bedwetter?" Terry took off the top sheet to expose his diapers.

Mike said, "Nope, I don't mind, Terry." Mike unbuttoned his pants, then unzipped the fly and pulled down his pants, exposing his diapers. "I'm a bedwetter, too. Mom is asking me to get used to them."

Terry smiled and said, "Wow, I was worried, Mike."

Mike said, "Why, my folks said it is not uncommon. Dillon said that his school has a lot of diapered boys. I wonder how many we have?"

Terry said, "In our class we have a few. I know in our class, Adam Wyss, Bobby Bix, Faste Aasness, Scott LeMay and Zell Smith wears diapers 24/7. Morgan and Byston from Mrs. Caber class wears them 24/7, too."

Mike said, "Faste does? And Zell? Wow. Why were you worried?"

Terry said, "Mike, I was afraid that you'd make fun of me. I always wanted to invite you to sleep over, but I never thought that I could."

Mike said, "Why, you thought I'd make fun of you? I wouldn't." Mike sat down on the sofa and took off his pants, then got on the sofa with Terry. Soon, both were asleep.

At Bluebeech, Josh changed his 'babies' and had them take a nap. After an hour, Josh woke them up and they were fed baby food, then Josh took off their diapers and let them be nude. Soon, Zac and Jeremy wanted to go boating, so they were diapered and they took off to tour the cove and Cedar River.

Unfortunately, the day was starting to get cloudy and the wind was kicking up the Cedar River, so they decided to stay in the cove. They tour the cove, but soon, they ended back at Bluebeech.

At the Colwicks, Brandon was helping his mom make some cookies. Mrs. Colwick looked at his diapers and said, "Are you getting used to them now?"

Brandon said, "I like them. I don't know who I could tell. I guess I have some bedwetters in my class. I hope I will know some like Dillon and I guess Mike took a chance with Terry. I wonder if Mike is correct about 100 kids at school are."

Mrs. Colwick said, "He could be even a little low. Brandon, I think you aren't going to be kidded if your friends found out." She was thinking about telling him that his best friend wears them, but decided to let him found out. "Could you open the oven door, dear?" Mrs. Colwick put the cookies into the oven and looked out at the sky, which was starting to cloud up.

"Hmm, it looks like it is going to rain," Mrs. Colwick said.

At the Zubers, Mrs. Zuber came into the living room and saw Mike and Terry asleep on the sofa. She checked both boys' diapers, then woke them up. "Did you have a nice nap, boys?" Mrs. Zuber asked.

Mike rubbed his eyes and looked at her. "I guess we both are babies, Mrs. Zuber," he said. "I guess I should get home since my diaper is wet."

Terry said, "Mom, I hope Mike can sleep over. I want to join 'RADS', and I hope Mike'll, too." Terry looked at Mike and said, "Why not stay, Mike? Mom would change you. I'll tell you a few other boys who wears diapers to school."

Mike looked at Terry's mom and said, "Mrs. Zuber, would you mind?" Mike then looked at Terry and said, "You know 6 kids who are? Is two Morgan and Byston?"

Mrs. Zuber said, "Mike, if you're comfortable with me changing you, I wouldn't mind. I change my BABY."

Terry said, "Morgan and Byston are, Mike. Also Kale, Caleb and Roar are also. Morgan said he knows 6 other boys, too. Morgan loves being diapered. Ever been to Deeker's? 5 million kids are sleepwetters."

Mike said, "Dillon showed it to me once. What's on it?"

Terry said, "Mom, could we play on the computer?" Terry started towards the computer, which was sitting on a desk in the corner of the living room. While Terry and Mike walked over to the computer, the phone rang.

At Bluebeech, the day was starting to get cloudy and the wind was starting to pick up. Josh decided to turn on the radio to get the weather forcast. The radio said that the weather was going to be cloudy, but rain won't be in the area until later. Josh decided to keep the radio on, to keep an eye on the weather. Josh watched his 'babies' swim, then Josh decided to tell them it was time for a nap.

When the babies were napping, Josh went for a swim. Josh swam out about 75', then watched the ducks swimming around. He then heard a boy saying, "Dad, that boy is NUDE!" Josh looked around and saw 2 boys with their dad in a canoe.

Josh looked at the family in the canoe and said, "Hello. Just doing some swimming. I hope you don't mind." Josh dived under the water, after the dad said, "No, we don't mind. We are at home nudists. Geoff didn't know this can be used nude."

Josh broke the surface and said, "Unofficially it is a nude beach. When my friends and I camp out, we love to swim nude." Josh looked at the Mohawk 17' Blazer canoe, and saw the boys had swimsuits on. He looked at the boys and he saw what he thought was a diaper on Geoff. He saw the registration on the canoe, then said, "You from Michigan?"

The dad said, "We just moved to Rochester. I got transferred, so we just moved 2 weeks ago. I hope Geoff and Ken will have friends. They are shy."

Josh said, "Bet my friends would be friends with you. I got to check the weather, it seems that we are getting a storm. My friends and I are camping at the island." Josh looked at Ken and saw that he could see a diaper sticking above the waistband of his swimsuit. 'Hmm,' Josh thought, 'I wonder if they are shy because of diapers.' Josh looked at them, then said, "Hope to see you around. Where do you live?"

Ken said, "Hope we'll see you again. We live on Cornfield Road."

Josh smiled and said, "Nice, that is my neighborhood. I hope we can be friends. See you later." Josh started to swim back to Bluebeech, while Geoff and Ken's dad started to paddle towards Glass Factory Island.

Terry was talking to Morgan, when Terry said, "Come on over, Morgan. Mike is here and I am going to show him Deeker." Terry listened and then Terry said, "We are both in diapers. I decided to tell him about my diapers and he showed me that he is a diapered boy, too." Terry heard a click, so he said, "Morgan, want to meet at DPF teen chat? I have to check the other line? Mom is waiting for a call."

Morgan, at his house, said, "Byston, Caleb and Kale said to meet me at DPF, so I'll be there soon. Mike, I'd like to be your friend."

Terry told Mike about what Morgan said, then Terry said, "He said you are his buddy. See you in a few minutes." Terry got the other line and then gave his mom the phone. Terry turned on his ISP and showed Mike both Deeker and DPF Teen chat areas. When Terry got to the DPF teen chat, he typed in his name and password, then went to the chatroom. He looked around, and typed: 'Hi all. Hi Morgan, Byston, Caleb, Kale and hi DaddyDon.'

Mike said, "Who is DaddyDon?"

Terry said, "DaddyDon is BabyHunter's dad. DaddyDon is 43 and BabyHunter is 14. Don is Hunter's 'BigBrother', but they fell in love. I'll show you their picture."

Mike said, "Just like Josh and Dillon. I guess boys love diapers."

Terry said, "Girls love diapers, too. You'll see everyone on here. DaddyDon is nice. BabyHunter is funny. Hunter lives with his grandmom." Terry typed, 'Don, my buddy is here. Mike is cute in just his diapers. Tell Hunter that I said HI.'

Terry and Mike were talking about the people on the chat. Terry said, "I wouldn't mind having a daddy like Don."

Mike said, "I know Dil loves Josh. I would love to be babied, too." Terry looked at Mike and Terry said, "You look cute in your diapers. I wish we could find a daddy." Terry then looked at the screen and typed, 'Morgan, Byston, Caleb and Kale, come on over! Mike wants to know who wears them at school.' Terry saw DaddyDon type something, so Terry typed,':) DaddyDon, I just told Mike and Mike told me. we both were surprised that we do.' Terry shut off the computer after Morgan and the others typed 'OK'.

At Bluebeech, Josh saw the wind was starting to gust, so he had the radio tuned to the weather band. The weather report said that Greatwood County and Weequeekeepee County are under a severe weather watch. Josh thought, 'I guess we can stay here. I didn't here anything yet for Rochester and Cedar Counties'

Soon Josh woke up his babies and changed them. Dillon took the boat out to the Cedar River, so Glen and Zack asked if they could go. Dillon invited them, so they started towards the mouth of Larch Cove.

When Dillon got to the mouth, Dillon saw that the river was rough. Dillon turned the boat around and said to Josh, when he got back, "Call my folks. The weather is turning bad."

Josh said, "Cedar County is now under a weather watch. I just heard it on the radio, so we better cut short our campout." He asked his babies, "Did you have fun?" After he heard his babies yell yes, he decided to call Dillon's parents.

At Terry's house, Morgan, Byston, Caleb and Kale were there. They were downstairs playing with Terry's HO scale layout, discussing diapers at school. Morgan said, "Do you know Nat wears them? So does Vince."

"Nathan Carter and Vince Sexton?" Mike asked. "Wow, they are popular." Mike started a train after Terry said, "Mike, go ahead. Drop the first 4 boxcars at Byston Furniture." Mike watched his train leave the freightyard and go down the track. Mike said, "Morgan, Byston, Caleb and Kale, want to sleepover tonight?"

Morgan said, "I might be able to. I should get home soon. I told my mom that I'll be at Terry's for a few minutes."

Byston, Caleb and Kale told Mike that they might be able to come. Mike said, "I hope you can. I should get home to and ask my folks. I know I can, but I should tell them." Mike heard a boom and then said, "I hope it isn't thunder!"

The lights flickered off and then on, so Mrs. Zuber came to the cellar stairs and said, "Boys, I better drive you home. It is starting to sprinkle. Terry, better take a nap."

Terry said, "Hope you'll be over tomorrow. I wish I was sleeping over, Mike." He shut off the train set and started to led them upstairs.

On Bluebeech, Josh felt a drop, so he knew his campout was over. They took put their clothes on, took down the tent, loaded the boat and started to the boat launch. They heard the boom of thunder in the distance, and Josh's radio said that severe weather is now possible for Rochester County. When they were all at the boat launch, Mr. and Mrs. Colwick were waiting for them.

After packing the van and loaded the boat on its trailer, they piled in the van and started talking about the trip. They all wanted to have another camping trip.

After a few minutes, Mr. Colwick asked, "Lyle, how was your camping trip? Were you having fun?"

Lyle said, "Yes, Mr. Colwick. Dillon and his friends are nice. It is hard for me, my brothers and my cousins to make friends because we are in diapers. My urologist told me about a support group for teens."

Dillon said, "Mom, how's Brandon? Is he still upset?"

Lyle said, "Who's Brandon?"

Zack said, "He is Dillon and my brother. He is 5 years old and started to re-wet his bed."

Lyle said, "5 years old? Maybe my 6 year old twin brothers, Tyler and Dylan would like to meet him. They wear diapers full-time."

When they got to the Colwick's house, Mr. and Mrs. Colwick had a surprise for them, a DIAPERED SLUMBER PARTY. Lyle called his mom and dad to invite Tyler and Dylan over to the sleepover, after meeting Brandon, Scott, Mike and Kristen. Lyle looked at Kristen and said to Dillon, "Does your sister like boys in diapers?"

Dillon said, "Yes she does. Matter of fact, she is starting to learn to sew to create baby clothes. She wants to be the HEIDI in Deeker's story." Dillon looked at Mike who told his mom something, then said, "Lyle, if you get diapered by her - enjoy it." Lyle looked at Dillon, but didn't say anything.

Mrs. Colwick came up to Josh and said, "Josh, would you like to be diapered? It is, AFTERALL, a DIAPERED SLUMBER PARTY."

Dillon said, "Who else is coming, mom?"

Mrs. Colwick said, "Mike got Morgan, Byston, Kale and Caleb, Caleb's brothers Ira and Saul and two other boys named Donat and Kaz. You want any more? The party will be in the rec room. Mike couldn't reach a few that Terry told him about to see if they would like to come over."

Josh said, "Would you diaper me, Mrs. Colwick?" He looked at Dillon, who said, "Lets have pizza for our party. Thanks mom!"

Mrs. Colwick smiled and started to diaper Josh.


In the rec room, a now diapered Josh was playing with some of Dillon's baby toys along with Boyce, Edan, Dugan, Lyle, Wes, Glen, Zack, Jer and, OF COURSE, Dillon. Brandon and Mike, in their diapers came down to the rec room while waiting for their friends. Brandon, looked at his brothers' diapered friends and said shyly, "Hello."

Mike said, "Cool, you are all diapered?" He decided to play with a fisher-price toy. Glen looked at Mike and Brandon and said, "Want to meet my brothers? I got twin 7 year olds and a 6 year old brother. Maybe I could get them over? Their names are Lyn and Martin, who are the 7 year old and Avery, who is 6."

Brandon said, "I got an Avery my Mr. Eckman's kindergarten class. He seems kind of shy."

Glen said, "He might be my brother. Lets see if they can come over. Dillon, where is the phone?"

Dillon showed Glen the phone after asking his mom if Glen can invite his brothers. Mrs. and Mr. Colwick said it would be okay, so Glen called his mom.

In a few minutes, Glen called his mom who asked if she could bring Lyn, Martin and Avery over. Glen's mom, asked Glen if she could talk to Mrs. Colwick, because her boyfriend's sons, nine year old Parnell and six year old Raliegh were over.

Glen told Mrs. Colwick that his mom would like to talk to her. Mrs. Colwick talked to Glen's mom about asking if Parnell and Raliegh can sleep over. Glen's mom also wanted to get info about some baby clothes.

In a few minutes, Morgan and Byston came into the rec room. They walked down the stairs and said, "WOW!! You all are bedwetters? Mike, you are?"

Mike said, "That's why I invited you over." Mike decided to tell Morgan and Byston about why he is DIAPERED. After he told them, Morgan said, "You know who else are wetters in our class? Three others, Paul Fenton, Dennis Castleberry and Yuri Kirilenko."

Byston said, "In the other classes, there are a few others, too. One is Denise Rorabaugh."

Glen said, "Denise Rorabaugh? I know her brother, Pete is a bedwetter so I guess they are diapered now."

In a few minutes, Lyn, Martin, Avery, Parnell and Raliegh came into the rec room. Glen introduced his brothers to all of the DIAPERED KIDS.

By the time the last kids - Kaz and Donat came to the sleepover. It was time for dinner. Mr. Colwick was in the shed - a 50' by 25' barn, preparing for the sleepover. The shed, which the former owner remodeled from a tobacco barn, has 3 rooms plus a sleeping loft. Mr. Colwick set up some cribs in the loft.

The boys were going to the kitchen, but Mrs. Colwick said that the meal is in the barn's kitchen, so they followed Mrs. Colwick to the barn. In the kitchen, they were 5 highchairs set up. Dillon looked at his mom and said, "For us??" He looked at the reaction of his friends and of Brandon who smiled.

Josh said, "Cool Mrs. Colwick!" He climbed into one of the highchairs followed by Glen, Avery, Kale and Caleb.


After they all got fed by Mr. & Mrs. Colwick, they told them that bedtime will be in an hour. The rain was still coming down in buckets with flashes of lightning, so they stayed in the barn. Dillon, Lyle, Wes, Glen, Dugan and Josh were discussing another camping trip to Bluebeech Island. Avery and Brandon, who are in kindergarten class together, were playing with their Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars with Raliegh, Lyn, Martin, Ira, Saul, Tyler and Dylan. Boyce, Zack, Edan, Jere and Parnell were playing a video game while Mike, Morgan, Byston, Kale, Caleb, Donat and Kaz were watching a 'RUGRATS' video.

Josh said, "I am sorry our camping trip got rained out, but we'll have it again."

Lyle said, "I never been to Lach Cove before. I bet my buddy would've loved to see it."

Dillon said, "Oh, what happened to him?"

Lyle said, "He and his family moved to New Bexley, about 180 miles southwest from here. His name was Giancarlo Manzini. He and his 3 brothers need diapers 24/7. I do miss him."

Dillon said, "I bet you two were great friends. Do you still talk to each other?"

Lyle said, "Yes, we e-mail each other and once a week we call each other. Giancarlo said that he is joining a diaper boys social group. He moved 2 weeks ago to NewBexley."

Dillon said, "Want to see if he e mail you lately? You can use my computer. Dr. Thaydon said that he is going to start a diapered boys group too."

Lyle said,"Do you mind? I would like to see if Deeker replied yet to me. I sent him a story for his website."

Dillon said, "If I did mind, Lyle, I wouldn't have asked. I think Wes would want to check his e mail, too. Come on, lets go on and see some sites."

Wes said, "Yes, I would." So did Josh and Glen.

Dillon led them to his computer, an old CTX that was his dad's. "This machine is only a 486, so it isn't that fast," Dillon said. "I have an 200 megahertz and my dad has a 500 megahertz. I want to put a CD Rewritable on my 200. Those things are expensive." Dillon sat down and dialed his Mindspring number and then went to Yahoo. "Here, Lyle."

Lyle said, "Thanks, Dillon.!" He typed in his Yahoo ID and password and saw that Deeker sent him a note and so did Giancarlo along with an keyboard friend he met on a chat. Lyle looked at Deeker's letter and Dan wrote:

'Lyle: Thanks for the story. It will be put on my story page when I update it on Wednesday. I will look forward to see more of the story. Dan.'

Lyle replied to Dan by writing, 'Thanks.' so then he sent it. He then read Giancarlo's e mail, which Giancarlos wrote:

'Lyle, I do miss you. What's new? Tony just got hired at Office Max as a floor associate. He likes it, but he would like to meet one of the electronic associate. Tony sees a diaper in the trash in the bathroom once in a while, so he thinks he know who it is. He wants him to be his friends. I met a friend who lives across town, but I haven't met him in person yet. His name is Mark Melanson, we met on the 'BIDS' website, which is a Diaper Boys social group. My new doctor told me about it. How can I tell him I sleep in a crib? He might think I'm crazy. I miss you, Lyle.


Ps: Steve said to tell Tyler and Dylan hello for him. He misses them!'

Lyle decided to reply to Gian. Lyle decided to tell Gian about Dillon, and the camp out on Bluebeech Island. He was tell Gian about the diaper slumber party they are doing since it is raining. He was telling Giancarlo about his new friends. After he sent it, he signed off from Yahoo. Then it was Glen's turn. He checked his Hotmail account, but his keyboard friend didn't email him. He then gave it to Josh, after Josh looked up his e mail account, it was Dillon's turn. Dillon looked at his e mail, then shut it off. His mom and dad came in and his dad said, "We got a surprise for 7 wonderful babies upstairs in the sleeping loft. Who wants to be the 7 lucky babies?"

Boyce, Dillon, Jere, Zack, Parnell, Brandon and Mike raised their hands, so Mr. Colwick carried Dillon upstairs and placed him into a homemade crib. Dillon was surprised and said, "Thanks Daddy." Mr. Colwick kissed Dillon and said, "Night, BabyDil."

Mr. Colwick did the same for the other six boys, and Brandon and Mike were surprised at their new bedding. Zack, Boyce, Jere and Parnell loved the cribs, too. The other boys were sleeping in youth beds with railings on the sides. Mrs. Colwick gave each of them a bottle of mixed fruit juice. Mr. and Mrs. Colwick said, "Night boys. We'll change you in the morning."

They all said, "Night Mr. and Mrs. C!" Soon they were asleep.


When the boys woke up, it was still raining, even harder then it was before. Mr. and Mrs. Colwick changed them into dry diapers, then let Dillon, Lyle and Josh to use the computer. It wasn't thundering, so Lyle said, "Dillon and Josh, can I show you a few sites? I want to write my two stories - one is for a gay site and one is for 'Deeker'.

Dillon and Josh said, "We both know about 'Deeker's', but a story for gays. What is it about?"

Lyle said, "Teen/teen sex. Want to see it? Great site! My uncle showed the site to me. When I came out, my mom's brother talked to me. He showed the 'Gay Story' page to me. It was amazing."

Josh said, "Your uncle talked to you? Weren't you embarrassed?"

Lyle said, "He is 19. He came out 4 years ago and he told me about what helped him. He showed me those pages. Wonderful stories, well written, too." He typed in the URL for the 'Gay Stories' and then showed it to Dillon and Josh.

Dillon said, "Adult-youth? That is sick! No adults should do that to boys."

Lyle said, "True, but 'Adam's Big Brother' is on the site. I have to agree you shouldn't do it with just anybody, but Uncle Nick said that in Europe we could consent to sex with a guy. Uncle Nick flies to Denmark on business three times a year." Suddenly, an IM popped up and Lyle said, "My buddy Gian is online." Lyle then typed, 'Hi Gian! How are you? How are Steve & Tony? Tell them we miss them here. How's NewBexley?'

Gian replied, 'NewBexley is cloudy today. Boy, Tony said that 3 people quit OfficeMax yesterday. His dream buddy was one of the people quitting. Tony is sad to see him go. Lyle, I miss our sleepovers. What is this about you camping?'

Lyle typed, 'Was it that Hal kid? Tony said he is his dream boy. Why did he quit? Yes, we were camping with some new diapered friends.'

Gian replied, 'It is Hjal, not Hal. Tony said that he and the supervisor quit because the manager is a jerk. Alex, the supervisor of the electronics department, offered Tony a job.'

Lyle typed, 'Did you send in another part of 'BabyMe, Dad' to Deeker?'

Gian replied, 'Not yet. Going to have a friend help me. I met him at the doctor's office yesterday. He was there with his friends talking about the summer and 'BIDS' events. 'BIDS' members went to BASSWOOD yesterday. Did you tell your folks about the cruise? I've heard it is almost sold out.'

Lyle typed, 'Yes, I think we'll be on the cruise. It is leaving Portland? BASSWOOD is supposed to be an old amusement park! Did you go to the event?' Lyle told Josh and Dillon about 'BIDS' and the cruise they are having. "BIDS' is supposed to be a great group for diapered boys," Lyle explained. Lyle then typed, 'My new friends are diapered. We had cribs to sleep in! It is raining here, so we are in a barn that is now an apartment.'

Gian replied, 'Are your brothers there? Steve said for me to say hello to them. We didn't get to Basswood until 2:45, we had school. Yesterday was the last day.'

Lyle typed, 'I'll tell them, there are here. I'll have them write to Steve later, ok?' Lyle heard Mrs. Colwick call out breakfast, so Lyle typed, 'Gian, Time to eat.'

Gian replied, 'Catch you later. I'm hungry, too. Hope Dan likes Steve's new story, 'A weekend of Babying.', Dan didn't reply yet to Steve.'

Lyle typed, 'He will. I might do another part of 'Carl's Delight.' later. Talk to you later.' Lyle said, "Gian is a great kid. He lives just outside of New Bexley, later this summer, I might take the bus to his house. Maybe you two can come, too."

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