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The Search for Models

Author: Anonymous

Part 1- Trip

It was still twenty minutes until 11 AM when the first modeling candidate walked through my door accompanied by his mom. They were early, but I was ready for them anyway. Truthfully, I was ready for such an interview my whole life it seemed. At first glance I could tell that this boy stood a pretty good chance at landing the modeling job based on his physical appearance. He looked to be about eleven or twelve years old. The age range we are looking for is nine to fifteen years old and this puts him somewhere near the middle if my guess is correct. As a major bonus, the boy is a blondie. Blonde boys for some reason just tend to look cuter in diapers than boys with other hair colors. Of course having said that, no hair color looks bad on a boy of his age, even if they do something crazy and dyes it emerald green. His build slightly leaned toward the skinny side of average but not by much. His muscles were not developed and were mostly comprised of baby fat. The boy's height looked to be 4 foot 6 inches. Both the parent and child were nicely dressed. The boy was more casual with his beige colored cargo pants and solid navy blue dress shirt.

The interview was to be extensive. The first part was to explain about this new branch of product line that was being introduced by Pampers to the modeling candidate and their guardian. Then, it was my job to explain the type of advertising he would be used in and the financial rewards if he would be selected. The second part would persist of a question-and-answer interview to make sure the boy could handle any negativity that might result from being a new generation Pampers kid. The final part would be a diaper shoot where the kid would be photographed in exposed Dipes. The new brand name of this special diaper that was being produced by Pampers was given the name "Dipes."

The first part was fairly redundant. I couldn't offer any new information that was not already in the packet that was sent to these interested candidates. Just a few clarifications and that was it. The boy was to get a one thousand dollar savings bond and a lifetime supply of Dipes even if he didn't get selected to be a model. Since no surprises had occurred and they had not bolted out the door it was now time to get to know them on a more personal level. His name was Trip and he revealed that he had come across our search for models on a post in the DPF Teen Forum. He had been a lifetime bedwetter and had just turned eleven two months earlier. I asked his mom if he was embarrassed about having to wear diapers at night she revealed that he actually looked forward to bedtime so he could be diapered.

"Does he wear them in the day any?" I asked. Trip joyfully chimed in that he does from time to time on special occasions. I smiled. It was so kewl that Trip obviously enjoyed being a diaper boy.

"Does your mom change you, Trip?" The blondie's face blushed and he broke a slight snicker as he nodded his head. Then came the biggie. I had to ask his mom how she felt about kids Trip's age wearing diapers.

"It's OK, I suppose." He needs to wear them for bedwetting and I'm glad he understands and enjoys it rather than we have to fight about it," she disclosed.

"So you let him wear diapers some in the day too, I take it," I quizzed further.

"Well, mostly special occasions like birthdays, outings, and when he's sick," she explained. "Sometimes a boy needs that little extra babying, and as long as you don't overdo it, don't hurt a thing."

"What kind of diapers do you use on Trip?" I asked. Both of them tried to answer at the same time. One said Goodnights, while the other said cloth and vice versa. It was enough for me to get the idea. Almost simultaneously, Trip and his mom revealed that they really were hoping to find a disposable diaper like Pampers to fit him.

"How does Pampers Size 6 fit you, Trip?"

"OK, I guess!" was the eleven year old's reply. His mom disagreed with his answer.

"Trip, you know they are too tight on you!" she explained, that with work you could get the tapes together, but they were obviously tight which caused them to leak. On occasion when Trip really had a wet and active night one tape would come loose on his Pampers.

"Have you tried Attends, Depends or any other adult diapers on Trip?" I asked. I looked at Trip to see his expression to the question. The cutie rolled his baby blue eyes up towards the ceiling and let out a blow that caused his long blonde bangs to lift up from the gust of air that left his pinkish-red lips. The facial language including smirk expressed he was not fond of adult diapers at all. His mom then went on to tell the story of when she bought the first pack of Attends for him last year when she deemed that he had outgrown Pampers Size 6.

"He hated that diaper before I slid the first one under his rear end," she revealed. "He complained and complained that he wanted Pampers instead." When that didn't work, he started crying. After finally coaching him into the fact that he needed a bigger diaper and that they were exactly the same he gave in and let me diaper him." He said he didn't look right, it didn't feel right and it didn't smell right, after I fastened the two tapes on each side together."

Trip then said, "Yeah I can't believe she tried to con me into wearing those things." His mom then revealed that Trip woke up with his PJ's wet at 3 AM from where the adult diaper leaked and that was it.

"We had to clean him up and change the sheets and go buy Pampers at the all-night supermarket, before he would even consider going back to bed." She laughed and said, "I think we still have all but one diaper left in that pack of Attends somewhere at home."

Trip then commented, "Yeah maybe you can save them for grandma if she ever needs them, cause I ain't gonna and you can't make me."

"So, do you wear Goodnights at bedtime now, Trip?" I asked.

"No, I hate those, too," he answered. His mom revealed that Trip didn't like the pull-up style and they leaked just as bad since he slept on his side. "Trip will wear Goodnights to a ball game or outing only because he refuses to use public bathrooms and don't won't others to notice he's wearing diapers."

"Oh, I see," was my comment.

"Right now we are diapering Trip at night with cloth diapers and plastic pants."

I asked him how he felt about cloth diapers and Trip wasn't vocal about saying anything negative, but it was clear that the kid wasn't exactly jumping for joy, either. Then came the biggest question of all to parent and child. I stated, "You know that if Trip is used in our commercials he will be seen nationwide. Maybe we'll only use him on packaging or perhaps in TV commercials or magazine ads. The point is we don't want this recognition to cause you or your family any embarrassment. Family and friends might make negative comments about an eleven year old boy still wearing diapers, so we want to make sue you have thought about this and feel comfortable before we proceed to the next step."

Trip was shy about his friends finding this out about him, but at the same time liked the idea that he could become an instant celebrity for simply wearing something he loved. The boy had already thought about this possible dilemma. Trip told us that if someone pointed it out that he looked a lot like the kid in the diaper ads, he could always deny it and say," Everyone has a twin, they say."

Everything had gone as good as I could hope. It was obvious that we had a red-blooded diaper boy as a candidate and a mom that was accepting of his wish to be a diaper model. It was just a matter of getting him changed into a DIPE and taking him to the production studio.

I made a phone call to let them know everything was a go and the three of us went to get some refreshments while they readied the set. Trip revealed that he was really nervous and hoped that he wouldn't disappoint anyone. I tried to joke with him and put him more at ease while we waited. His mom stroked his long blonde locks away from his eyes and reaffirmed that he would be fine. I couldn't help but look to see if Trip was wearing a diaper under his clothes. Nothing had been said to this point to indicate whether or not he was wearing a diaper. Although I couldn't say for sure, my guess was that he was diapered. His navy blue dress shirt was not tucked into his pants. I suggested that it might be a good idea for Trip to use the bathroom before we started into the picture taking session. Trip grinned and admitted that he had already used the bathroom. I could hardly wait to see if that meant what I thought it meant.

His mom said, "Trip, you didn't, honey." Trip then edged closer to his mom and hugged her. His mom then said, "Here honey," as she handed him a fresh Pamper and baby wipes out of her purse and urged him to go change himself quickly. Trip walked away and I continued talking to his mom. My pager went off and the person on the other end let me know that they were ready for Trip. We walked over and awaited for Trip to come out of the bathroom. The boy exited soon after and the faint hint of baby wipes caught my nose. Trip sure was a cute kid and it was really neat that he enjoyed wearing diapers, and soon our company would be producing real baby diapers to fit older incontinent kids and teen babies.

Trip was taken to the studio. He was met at the door by Christine who would get him dressed for the photo shoot. Christine was very pretty. She was 22 and just out of college. She had long blonde hair that reached most of the way down her back and blue eyes, just like the boy she would be working with. Trip's hair was not quite shoulder length and was curly along the edges, although it was otherwise straight. Christine was wearing a baby blue shirt with white letters that read "DIPES- who says their only for babies?" and red short shorts with a white belt around her trim 22-inch waistline. Christine was so beautiful she would make any boy want to wear a diaper.

She accompanied him to a private room to get him ready. Within minutes this eleven year old boy would be diapered by someone other than his mom. In there Christine opened a brand new package of DIPES and asked Trip to reach in and select one. The little blonde boy's heart raced with excitement as his tender little fingers were now grasping a real baby diaper that was designed specifically for boys his age in mind. He could hardly wait to get a DIPE on his precious little fanny. WOW, this diaper was bigger than he expected. Not quite as big as those horrible Attends, but it was a good 50 percent larger than his Size 6 pampers that he was wearing under his cargo pants.

"So, what you think, sugar?", asked Christine.

"These diapers are way too kewl!!!!" announced the boy whose young body was being flooded by adrenaline. Trip pointed out that the "Harry Potter" tape strip rocked. This feature made the diaper not only babyish but boyish as well. Seeing that Trip was going crazy over the diaper, Christine said, "Well, let's get you in that DIPE, Tiger."

Trip could hardly wait and said, "I'll go get mom so I can show her first OK." Christine stroked back her long blonde hair and said, "Hey, squirt, that's my job. How about if we surprise her" I have to diaper you up so we make sure it's perfectly symmetrical since we have to look our best for the photo shoot."

Christine was every boy's fantasy babysitter, and here she was about to shower the ultimate babying experience upon Trip. Christine grabbed at the navy blue shirt that was still untucked and began to pull it upwards over his blonde hair. His thin, unmuscular arms were pulled through next. Trip's bare skin was more white than tan. The Oklahoma sunshine from home didn't hit his exposed body often. His armpits would not have hair for years to come and his young body was as smooth as that of a real baby. The blonde hair on his arms was thick around his wrists, but so fine that it wasn't visible unless you were close to him. Trip's belly button was an inny and his tummy was flat except for a hint of baby fat that wouldn't disappear until puberty arrived in a couple of years. Removing his shirt caused Trip's hair to become wild. This was easily straightened out my a few strokes from Christine's red painted fingernails as they served her as a makeshift comb.

"Your hair is sooooo thick and pretty," she told him as she admired the way it flowed through her long fingers. Trip smiled and ate up her compliments. He enjoyed being fussed over like that and soon his face cheeks became puffy and his brilliantly white teeth emerged from behind those pinkish-red lips.

"OK, ready for your DIPE?" she asked. Trip had been waiting for a DIPE for too long and the act of just removing his shirt seemed like an eternity to him. As the eleven year old stood up Christine knelt down on her knees and unzipped his beige cargo pants and pulled them down to his ankles before asking Trey to step out of them. The woman that could easily pass for a model herself was now at eye level with this boy's plastic pants that concealed a Pampers size 6 beneath.

"You ain't wet, are you?", she stated as she looked up towards Trip's baby blue eyes for an answer.

"No, I actually just changed into this dry one minutes ago."

Christine teased, "Oh, so you were wet ,then," and Trip replied, "I guess you could say that." The 22 year old woman was kind of disappointed that she wouldn't get to take care of a wet baby before the photo session. As Trip remained standing she grabbed the elastic of his baby pants and pulled them off, having him lift his bare feet one at a time. The Pampers diaper was stretched to the max and she pulled at the tapes and freed the diaper completely from the youngster's body. Trip was still very much all boy at the age of eleven. Like his arms, Trip's legs were unmuscular if not long and lean and very smooth. Christine unfolded the DIPE and spread it out on a changing pad as the completely naked eleven year old watched. He could almost feel his buttocks sitting down square in the middle of that diaper.

Before that thought process was done, Christine said, "I guess you know what to do now?"

Trip then asked, "What?" as he was in dreamland big time and really had no clue.

Christine laughed and said, "Silly, have a seat," and pointed to the diaper she had prepared for his cute little bubble butt.

"Oh that!", Trip confirmed.

The kid then sat down in the middle and was instructed to layback. As Trip's blue eyes gazed up and focused on a spot on the ceiling, Christine grabbed one side of his diaper and pulled it together. Then the youngster felt Christine pull the other side together. Trip started to get up off the changing pad when she told him to hold on until she made sure she got the diaper placed perfectly upon the little blondie's body. She finished the diapering job my measuring the distance of the tapes horizontally and vertically against the Harry Potter strip. After a few adjustments Trip was now in his DIPE. The eleven year old sat there admiring his brand new diaper. He was smiling bigger than he ever did in his young life.

Christine said, "Now let's get some make-up on you." Trip was not expecting that part. He figured once he was diapered it was time to show it off. Christine teased him by saying, "I bet you didn't know boy's have to get made up, did you?" Trip didn't know if this was such a good idea after all. She assured him that it was necessary for the photos and she wouldn't have him looking too girly as she giggled. Lipstick that was barely a shade deeper than his natural lips was applied first. Trip's eyelashes were given a touch to make them appear more full and long. A slight touch of rouge gave the boy's face a not as pale look. Trip didn't know what to think about this, but was curious as to how it would change his appearance. Then some instant tan in a bottle was rubbed all over his exposed skin. The kid could hardly imagine what torture awaited him next and was afraid to ask. Luckily, Christine announced, "Let's go show you off so we can get to work."

As the two exited the private room, Trip's mom was as anxious to see her diaper boy as he was to see her. Christine led him by the hand to where she was waiting as if he was a two year old being returned by his babysitter.

Trip's mom cupped her hands over her mouth as she exclaimed, "Oh my God, your diaper is soooooo cute!!!!" Trip smiled at the remark as he moved closer. Once in reach of his mom she lightly touched the front of his diaper to feel the smooth white plastic backing of it.

"I thought Pampers had a cloth-like feel to them," she commented. I told her that they did now, but since these diapers were made specifically for boys Trip's age they would like the familiar plastic backing disposable diapers had when they were little toddlers. Then she laughed at the cute Harry Potter tape strip.

"You know, Trip has read everyone of those books, seen the movie, etc. How you like your new dipee?" she asked her son.

"It rocks, mom!", was his excited reply.

"OK turn around so I can look at the other side," she instructed. The eleven year old turned his back towards his mom as she inspected his brand new diaper further. Trip's diaper rose high onto his lower back and fit snugly there. The gentle waist gathers seemed to adhere to his skinny back. The seat area fanned out and had lots of room for an active youngster before coming to a trim fit against his upper torso just below his butt cheeks. The diaper was big and proportioned to same exactness of baby diapers. His mom patted his butt and the plop sound of the plastic diaper gave off a "thud" sound. Trip turned his head toward her and said, "Mommmm", in a half embarrassed tone.

David the photographer appeared and said, "Well, time to get to work." Hardly a job that could be considered as work, though. David was tall and in his mid 20's with brown hair. His job over the next few weeks would be taking pictures of beautiful preteen and teen boys wearing exposed diapers as if they were little boys.

"You skateboard any?" he asked Trip. The blondie replied that he loved it.

"Good, you should be familiar with all the equipment and gear then," as he pointed to a pile that was laid out for Trip. Trip's diaper crinkled as he sat his rear end on a bench and began to get dressed. The kid pulled on red knee and elbow pads. This was followed by white socks with blue edges at the top that extended just below his knees. White high-top tennis shoes were then laced up by the youngster has he bent forward. The kid was then handed a blue cutoff t-shirt that rose just above the boy's cute outee belly button. A white helmet was then given to him as soon as his t-shirt was on. The strap was too loose and David helped him make the necessary adjustments. "Boy, you sure do have a small head," he commented to the pug-nosed blondie. Trip just smiled because the smaller the better. Once the adjustments was made on the fitting, Christine came over and fluffed his blonde locks all around the edges of his white helmet. Trip's hair was already trying to curl along the edges and it didn't take Christine hardly any effort at all to produce the look she had imagined for him. Trip had been so busy putting on everything that was handed to him he had reached his hand out for the next item. Instead David slapped it with a high five because he thought Trip was doing the same.

"No shorts?" Trip enquired as he looked in David and then Christine's direction. Trip was expecting some long black baggy shorts like he saw on the X games but none was forthcoming.

Christine said, "You are a silly boy, aren't you?" and reminded him that they were going to take pictures of him in exposed diapers, as opposed to old people in Depends commercials. Trip couldn't believe it. Wow, this was going to be more rad than he thought.

Then the threesome walked about twenty feet to where a small skateboarding ramp was set up in front of fluorescent lighting and grayish background. Christine handed him a skateboard. On the skateboard was inscribed "DIPES- Who says babies should have it better?" The kid laughed at the wording on it. Trip was then instructed to lift one foot up on the ramp while keeping the other in place. They had him turn the skateboard to where it could be read. Trip was loving every moment as they had him pose from all angles and expressions upon his face. After about fifteen minutes they took a break and led him back to his mom.

She had been watching the shoot and was proud of the way he handled himself. She hugged him and told him he did great.

"Is that it?", she asked. The answer was they wanted to do another fifteen-minute session, only this time with a wet diaper.

"Do you think you can wet your diaper, Trip?", asked Christine. Trip was nervous and expressed that he wasn't sure. Christine said it was OK if he couldn't because they could re-diaper him in a slightly dampened one with yellow food coloring. Trip felt weird because so many people were now needing him to pee in his diaper if possible. The eleven year old was handed a mega Coke to sip on as he relaxed.

"Now, don't wet it much if you can urinate," Christine added. Trip tried to concentrate on peeing while his mom was shown what the ad campaign was proposed to look like. It was going boys in various physical activities that required protection. The only difference was the protection would also be in the form of wetting your pants. The eleven year old went to the bathroom to concentrate further in a more conducive setting for peeing. He leaned against the sink and looked at the boy in the mirror. He was cuter than he imagined he could possibly look and he knew that he was a looker anyway. He giggled as his eyes focused on the Harry Potter magic strip holding his diaper tapes. The Coke began to take its effect and Trip knew it would only be a matter of time now. The boy looked down as a small squirt from his still hairless pee pee squirted into his white plastic babyish diaper before stopping momentarily. A small dime-sized wet spot became visible before growing slightly larger. Another squirt that was a little longer than the first one was quickly cut off as well as he tried to remember that he wasn't suppose to wet it very much. He watched as it spread half way down the front but failed to invade the crotch area of his diaper. He examined it and decided that it still wasn't enough and relaxed his bladder once again. This time the pee pee streamed more hard. He tried to turn off the yellow liquid that was now invading his thick and thirsty diaper, but was unable to control it. They eleven year old blondie peed harder than he ever peed in his life. His diaper was really getting the leak test. He knew that he had soaked it far more than they wanted but he couldn't help it and knew that trying to stop now was futile. That warm slick wetness had really coated his tiny nutsack and he could feel it inching it's way up his butt and into the close confines of his butt cheeks. The front of his diaper was completely soaked and the plastic was drawing tightly to the yellowish gel-like pulp within. Trip turned in the mirror to inspect the damage from behind. It was very obvious that he had a pee pee diaper on his fanny from behind. If the boy even attempted to sit he knew that the whole backside would be soaked. His DIPE felt heavy as he walked. No leaks were evident. Trip hated the thought of going back to the others. He had successfully wet his diaper was it was far more than Christine had instructed. The boy went back as his heavy diaper sagged.

"Looks like we have a wet boy," Christine commented. Trip expressed that he think he over did it and everyone laughed.

"That's OK, Trip", Christine re-assured him. "Like we said, we have a back up plan." Ironically that plan was taking a boy out of a soaked diaper and putting him into a dampened one. Christine took him back and changed him out of his pee pee diaper like the time before. Then she spread out a brand new DIPE. Before allowing Trip to take his place on it she took a squirt bottle and artificially wet it for him. Trip was then told to lay back while she pulled the wet diaper in place and took the proper measurements to ensure symmetry. The wet diaper was cold against his skin. The faint smell of pee pee still remained in his diaper area. No sense in wiping Trip clean until this wet diaper would be removed after the photo session. Trey looked down and admired the we diaper clinging to his crotch area. Since he was already dressed in his other attire him and David went right to work on the same photos only with a wet diaper.

Trip was given the skateboard as an added bonus. He could hardly wait to ride it when he got home. He was sure going to require a lot of protection and even if he didn't land the modeling job, he would have a lifetime of diapers. The youngster smiled as his mom told him to get dressed to go home. The two left hugging each other. I looked at my schedule to see when the next candidate would come in for the interview.

Part 2- Nick


The time had come for another potential model for DIPES to come in for the interview. I had been going over his paperwork since last night to become as familiar as possible. Nicky was one month shy of 13 and was in the seventh grade at his middle school in Foxboro, Massachusetts. Nicky was 4'11" tall and weighed 100 pounds even. With brown hair and brown eyes he figured to be average in every category. Chronic bedwetting was listed as the reason for wearing diapers.

I looked up at the clock and it was time for him and his guardian to be interviewed but so far it was a no-show. I wondered if they had backed out. I went to my files and started researching the next candidate. As soon a I got settled back at my desk a thunderous knock at my door startled me causing me to almost spill my coffee.

As I opened the door I was greeted by the dad of Nicky. He was a rather large man to have such a tiny son. Don was his name and I could barely see the outline of Nicky since he seemed to almost be hiding behind is much larger father. I welcomed them both to come in. Don was much more of the talker. Nicky appeared to be shy, but maybe that was because it was hard for him to get a word in edgewise. We took our seats around a small table and got on with the interview.

Just to break the ice, I asked Nicky if he had any brothers or sisters. The kid broke a gentle smile and his answer to the question seemed to be a little difficult for him to answer. "I dunno, maybe, I think so," was his reply. Naturally, I had to look to Don for clarification. Surely he would know if he had any other children. Don explained that he and his wife had adopted Nicky when he was nine. Nicky had two younger brothers and the state had taken custody of them when he was seven. They had come from a very abusive home. Nicky was the most abused child of the three. Unfortunately that was due to him still wetting his bed very frequently. After hearing more details of his prior situation, I wished I had chose something else as an ice breaker. So Nicky did have natural brothers, but he was now an only child of Don and his wife.

Nicky was actually far more cuter than I expected. His skin was extremely white. He had a very large scar, just under his left eye. It looked like it had been there for a long time, so I dared not ask about it. The last boy, Trip, was dressed as if he was going to Sunday School, but Nicky had a unique look of his own. He definitely had the tough-guy look going on. His style of pants was unfamiliar to me. They looked like jeans, but had a windpants cut and was made of what looked to be a black spandex-like material. He also donned a black leather jacket with lots of silver doodads that was zipped up a third of the way. The kids shirt was also unique. It looked to be a white turtle neck, only the material was thin and flashy according to the way the light struck it. His shoes looked to be a dress shoe but had the look of a hightop tennis shoe. One thing was for sure, Nicky didn't get his clothes from the local JC Penney. In a way it looked like he was a young pre-teen version of GQ. Nicky had interesting hair, too. It was very full on top and cut like a bowl haircut of old. It was dyed a very light brown that was just short of blonde. Where the bowl cut stopped was a layer of buzzed hair that indicated his true hair color was that of a very dark brown that almost bordered on black. I had to wonder whether the kid really insisted on this type of fashion or whether the parents did. Either way it was an extremely cute look for a boy of his age. I had to wonder if those black whatever you call them jeans, contained a diaper underneath. If they didn't I had the feeling Christine wouldn't be looking at white fruit of the looms when she put him in a DIPE.

I asked Nicky if he had always worn diapers for his bedwetting problem. "They made me wear Goodnights at the other place", he admitted. "At first I hated it, because I thought the other kids would tease me there."

"Did anyone tease you there?", I asked.

"No, not really, not nothing like my dad did anyway," he replied. "Besides, it wasn't like I was the only one wearing them there," as he broke a little mischievous grin. In fact, Nicky was a very isolated and lonely boy after his brothers got adopted until he had to share a room with another boy that was a year older and wore Goodnights as well.

"Do you still see your friend?" I asked.

"No, his aunt adopted him and took him to California just before I got adopted," he admitted. "That's always been the way it is for me," Nicky stated. "As soon as I love someone they leave."

Don hugged him and assured him that was no longer the case. You could tell that Don and Nicky had a close bond which was nice to see, considering the kid's past.

When Don and his wife looked at the option of adopting from the state, it didn't take them long to find their dream child. They were quickly made aware that Nicky was one of the most well-behaved boys there. They were looking for a much younger boy, but once they met him they knew he was it. The only knock against Nicky was his bedwetting, but otherwise they were assured they could not go wrong with him. While they were warning Don and his wife about this small detail, that actually served as all the more reason that they were meant to be together. Don knew what it was to be a bedwetter. He knew what it was like to be teased about it, too. His older sisters were always teasing him that he was a baby, because he had to wear diapers at night when he grew up. While Don had a physical need for wearing diapers he never did admit that he really loved the feeling of them and the attention that went with diapering. Don hoped that he and his wife could produce the most positive environment possible for a bedwetting child. Now that Nicky had been showered with love in a stable home for almost four years he was flourishing. At age twelve it seemed to be the most normal thing to get diapered, hugged and kissed for bedtime.

I asked Nicky if he would have a problem being seen dressed in just diapers for the whole country to see if he was selected to be a DIPE model. His answer wasn't as enthusiastic as the kid before him, but he didn't give the impression that he was against it. Don started chiming in and I got the impression that Don was the most excited of the two. Then I had them sign some photo release forms and went over the benefits that Nicky was guaranteed even if he wasn't chosen and what could be expected should he become a model. The lifetime supply of DIPES got a wide grin from Nicky. I then phoned ahead to prepare Christine and the photographer that Nicky would soon be heading their way.

On the way over his dad suggested to Nicky that he might want to use the bathroom before they got started. The brown haired youngster went into the bathroom with his dad while I awaited them at the entrance. They exited within a minute so I figured that the kid was wearing regular underpants. Then we walked to where Christine was awaiting our arrival. The 22 year old beauty, Christine met us with her big wide smile and warm welcome.

"Boy you are a cutie!!!", she exclaimed causing Nicky to break a big grin just shy of exposing his teeth. "Where do you find these hotties?" she asked in my direction.

"Well, Mr. Nicky here hails from up in Massachusetts," I responded. Don was enjoying Christine making over his son almost as much as Nicky. The kid was already putty in her hands as every boy's babysitter fantasy was being realized before his eyes.

"Are you ready for a DIPE?" she asked the brown-haired 12 year old. Nicky was more shy than the Trip and merely nodded his head. His smile indicated that he was more enthused about it all than his actions. Christine walked off with him and took his hand as she led him to the changing room. She was very impressed with his clothes' stylish looks. She started by untying his shoelaces as Nicky sat on a bench in the tiny room. Soon he had kicked them off his feet leaving only his white ankle socks on. Christine asked him to stand up and she pulled up his jacket to find the zipper of his black spandex-like pants. She commented that, "Those pants are way too good-looking on you, it's almost a shame we have to get you out of them." Nicky helped her along by pointing out a secret snap in the front while he pulled off his leather jacket. She was now pulling the boys pants down to his ankles as he stood there with only a solid white slick feeling shirt covering his chest and exposed underpants. Nicky had white Tommy Hilfigger underpants oand were cut in the basic boys briefs style except a shade skimpier with them being low-rise style. Christine then had him kick his pants free and hold his arms upward as she pulled off the only other remaining article of clothing outside his underpants and socks. Then he was asked to lay down on the changing pad as she now had him prepared for the diapering process. Nicky felt a twinge of excitement and could feel his heart rate increase as Christine pulled out a DIPE and began to unfold it. The perfume of the big boy diaper soon penetrated Nicky's olfactory system as he took in a whiff. He felt just like a little baby boy about to get all the nurturing he could stand. "Whatcha think of your dipee, little boy?", Christine playfully asked teasingly. Nicky broke open a big wide grin not knowing what to say, but he hoped that he was suppose to say KALIBUNGA like his favorite cartoon character might suggest at such a proposal.

"It's OK, don't be shy. So what cha think?" she quizzed again.

"I dunno, but I can't wait much longer," the brown-haired boy replied.

"OK, OK, well lets get your cute wittle underpants off so that can happen," the blonde 22 year old suggested as she slipped her red painted fingernails under the elastic of the white Tommy Hilfiger underpants of the outstretched youngster. Nicky was barely into puberty. His diaper area had only a very light trace of silky hair that was just a shade darker than what was on his head. Now that Nicky's undies were laying in a pile among his other clothing she had the twelve year old lift up his fanny as she slid the DIPE in place. Nicky lay back and stared at the ceiling as he felt Christine pull both sides together and fasten the tapes. The boy was in a state of ecstasy as the disposable diaper was pressing firmly against his boyhood, causing it to fatten up just a bit inside. The diaper's perfume smell was all around and as he looked down the Harry Potter tape strip made him chuckle out a funny laugh. Christine knew she had every bit the diaper boy on her hands as the first candidate, though Nicky wasn't as talkative about it. Nicky was a natural diaper boy if there ever was one. For one thing he was a squiggler. Once he was tickled by smelling and seeing the cute diaper on him he attempted thrashing from side to side. Christine had to make sure she had his diaper on perfectly so it was very hard for her to take her measurements on a moving target as she implored him to be still. The young blonde woman was finally able to accomplish this and got him to stand up. She then put her hand on the seat area of Nicky's diaper to straighten out a crinkle from his activeness on the changing pad. "Well, let's show you off!" she stated as it was now for the soon to be thirteen year old to make his diapered debut in front of the rest of us and his dad.

Nicky felt kind of funny as he approached his dad looking a good ten years younger than his real age in his new attire. "ALRIGHT, NICE LOOK!" his dad said as his son approached him. Nicky was speechless as he continued into his dad's embrace for a warm hug. "WOW THOSE ARE MUCH BETTER THAN GOODNIGHTS, HUH!" Don acknowledged. The brown-haired boy just looked up and nodded.

"You didn't tell me he was such a wiggler," Christine teased the boy's dad.

"That's one thing about Nicky, he says more with actions than words," he admitted.

Christine led him away to the photo shoot. The slender long- legged preteen's diaper crinkled as they walked. The man that was awaiting him asked Nicky if he liked rock climbing.

"Never tried it," he admitted.

"Oh yeah, where ya from?" he quizzed as he tried to break the ice to make the boy feel at place in his diaper.

"Massachusetts", he answered.

"Geez, you would think they would have sent me a boy from the Rocky Mountain states for this, but I guess you'll have to do," he stated with a laugh.

"Does this mean I can't do the photo shoot?", Nicky quizzed in a disappointed tone.

"How about we pretend your climbing something else," as he slipped a safety harness over the boy's shoulders.

"Like what?" the youngster added. The older man put his hand under his chin as he appeared to be thinking.

"Who is your favorite baseball team?" he asked.

"The Boston Red Sox, of course, duhhh. Is there any other team?" Nicky replied with a cocky tone that fit his haircut better.

"Well if you are gonna scale the Green Monster someday you need all the practice you can get." He led the boy over to the fake rock wall that was similar to those you see at amusement parks. He instructed Nicky to climb halfway up and then look down with a wide smile. As the boy climbed up and stretched his arms and legs in every direction his diapered fanny really protruded. Since the harness was underneath his arms his diaper and long legs were further emphasized.

"OK NICKY, THAT'S FAR ENOUGH!" the man hollered, causing the boy to stop with his left leg almost as high as his left arm while his right arm was outstretched upward and his knee on his right leg was slightly bent.

"OK, LOOK BACK AT ME AND SAY 'CLAM CHOWDER EQUALS UPSET TUMMY'," was the next instruction. This caused Nicky to really break out a laugh as he looked back just as the camera snapped a series of rapid fire shots.

"GREAT NICKY! YOU CAN COME DOWN NOW!" was the next instruction. The boy backed his fanny off the rock slowly. Nicky then asked what next. The answer was, "we are going to do the same thing, only with a wet Dipe this time."

The twelve-year-old looked puzzled as he tried to verify that his ears weren't playing tricks on him. The brown haired kid then mumbled, "HUH???"

The older man affirmed it by saying, "That's right. You didn't realize you were going to be a real baby, did you?" He then unhooked the safety harness and called for Christine to come get her boy back for the next shoot. The sexy 22 year old female appeared in no time. Nicky and her walked back to the diapering room passing his dad along the way. His dad asked, "Everything OK Nicky?" The pale faced youngster gave him a big thumbs up sign. Once again he was communicating his feelings without uttering a word.

Nicky soon found himself sitting down on the Harry Potter changing pad. He imagined that Christine was the young girl from those books as she got another Dipe from the package.

"What are you doing?" he asked as she spread it out and got up to do another chore.

"I have to wet your diaper for you, Sugar," she replied in a big sister-ish tone. A beaker of yellow dyed saline solution was being warmed to 100 degrees to prevent a cold shock to the boy's bare bottom.

"Fake pee pee?" Nicky asked. Christine admitted that was exactly what it was supposed to be.

"I can do the real thing if you want me to", he volunteered, not wanting Christine to go to any unnecessary lengths for him.

"Oh, that is so sweet of you, Tiger," she laughed. Christine continued by saying, "No that's OK, after all, that's why they pay me the big bucks around here."

Nicky was feeling a little pressure as it was and hated to have a dry diaper taken off as Christine kept preparing the fake pee pee. Nicky decided to go for it and try to wet his diaper and surprise his newfound mommy. After a couple of attempts at relaxing he was able to let out a few squirts. The soon to be 13 year old looked down at his DIPE as a wet spot grew just below his Harry Potter tape strip that held one wide tape strip on each side. The kid laughed at the delayed effect of the expanding wetness. He could feel a squirt from his tiny rainmaker, but it took a couple of seconds before the darkening color hit the plastic backing of the kewlest disposable diaper in the whole world. In the moments in between the paperlike filling of his diaper was turning into gel and it felt sooooo good as his inner body heat warmed his diaper area. The kid sighed a big "Ahhhh" as he let go a stream into the thirsty thick white diaper. The slick feeling felt so good as it started wicking up into his fanny cheeks. Christine took her beaker of homemade pee pee and turned around only to discover she was too late.

"Looks like we won't be needing this, will we?" she stated. Nicky shook his head from side to side emphatically. Nicky was just too adorable. He sat there smiling with that naughty two year old look that can only come from an innocent boy's face.

"You like that, I see," Christine stated. She then had Nicky stand up so she could inspect the wetness from behind. If the boy had wet too much it wouldn't look right in the advertisement. Too little and that wouldn't be good, either. She got out a picture of Trip's wet diaper to make comparisons. Nicky had done the perfect pee pee. The amount was just right. The smell of Nicky's urine was mixing quite well with the diaper perfume as she eyeballed his pee pee diaper from every angle. Nicky thought he was ready to go back to the rock, but Christine had other plans instead as she had him lay back down on Harry Potter.

"Are you gonna have to change me?", he asked.

"No, silly," she replied. Then she got out some other things that had the boy's attention. Christine then got out her make-up kit.

"NO WAY, UH UH, YOU AIN'T TURNING ME INTO A GIRL!" he stated as he got up. Up to this point Nicky had been fully cooperative. It took some coaxing but finally Christine was able to sell him on the fact it was boys' make up.

"Who is your favorite boy actor?" she asked him.

"Don't have one", he stated. Christine then assured him that the boy in Star Wars was made up and he didn't look like a girl. Nicky laid back down and Christine powdered his face to give it a more suntanned look. The part that Nicky hated the most was when she broke out a tube of lipstick and gently smeared the red color. She then instructed the boy to rub his lips together to even it out. Christine was very amused at the grimace on his face as he did this. Nicky's face had that expression that you might expect if he had a mouth full of spinach or something just as equally gross. Christine then took her fingers and touched up his lips to make them perfect. She then stated that she had tortured him enough. Nicky now knew how a mouse felt like after being toyed with by a cat. They jaunted back to the rock passing his dad along the way. Nicky looked at his dad and this time it was his dad that was giving him the thumbs up. Nicky lifted up his arms and the safety harness was put into place.

"Wow Christine, you are getting too good with this fake pee pee," as he got a whiff of the pleasant aroma that was being emitted by Nicky's DIPE.

"What do you mean?" she asked. The man said she had even created the pee pee smell. Christine told him that she was quite the chemist when she was in college as she winked at Nicky. The brown haired youngster couldn't contain his laughter.

"OK NICKY, SAME AS BEFORE. CLIMB HALFWAY UP AND LOOK BACK." Nicky went and grabbed hold of the rock and started to pull himself up. Unfortunately he was too tickled to pull his 100 pound lean frame upward. It was just too much to ask of his unmuscular arms as he was still had not fully contained his boyish giggling.

"OK, ANYTIME, NICKY," the man encouraged as he came out from under the camera's hood. The boy started up again and he felt the wet gel press firmly against his buttocks as he attempted to dig in and climb. Once again he had to give up. The man started having fun with him as well.

"What's the matter Nicky you about to pee in your diaper or something?" Christine added that it was too late because he already did that.

"Oh I see," he stated. All the laughing made the boy need to pee again. Even if he had been wearing his regular Tommy Hilfiger underpants he would have accidentally wet them like boys sometimes do. The twelve year old felt the gush of pee pee invading his diaper and was worried that now his diaper was ruined as far as the photo shoot went. Christine took note of this as it was happening. Both of the adults inspected his diaper. the boy's diaper was now soaked good in behind. They decided to have him go up the rock as it was, however. They could take some pictures and then change him into a less wettened diaper and try again. Nicky was able to contain himself and climb up the rock this time. As he looked back the man yelled, "HEY, DIAPER BOY!" and the camera clicked several times as the brown haired kid hung on the wall with a huge smile.

"OK let's get you changed," Christine said as she hurried him back. As he passed his dad he gave him the thumbs down sign indicating that he blew that shoot. In no time flat the preteen was once again gracing Harry Potter with his fanny. Christine ripped the tapes off and slid the used diaper from beneath his globes. This was the heaviest diaper she had ever felt as she tossed it to the side. Christine then laid out the diaper she had previously prepared beside the boy and took the warm liquid and poured it in. After letting it soak into place for a moment she had took out some baby wipes and cleaned the youngster's diaper area as if he was a three year old. She then had Nicky position himself in the middle of the artificially dampened disposable diaper and pulled the tapes together for a snug fit. The diaper felt like the one that had just been removed from his fanny only not as slick. Still, it felt great. Christine then took measurements quickly to verify it was perfect. The wetting was not quite to her liking do she poured the fake urine into a bottle that had a squirt nozzle. She told Nicky to remain still while she prepared this. Christine then pulled the back of Nicky's diaper open and squirted the additional pee pee between the crevice of his butt cheeks. The warm saline solution felt good to the boy as it gelled into the seat of his diaper. Nicky was then instructed to sit down. Nicky was then made to stand as she re-verified the wet look from behind. The yellow fluid was evident in a half moon shape from the pressing of his buttocks against the Harry Potter changing pad.

"OK, perfectp" she stated and then hurried him back to the rock. The safety harness was re-attached and it was all business this time as he dug in and scaled the wall. The kid looked back and the man yelled, "NICKY WEARS DIAPERS!" causing the boy to smile and show off his pearly whites that matched the dry part of his diaper. With that the photo session was complete and he was taken back to his dad to tell about how everything went. Christine then reminded him that he could get dressed and leave anytime they were ready. Nicky scurried back into the changing room. As Christine filled out the paperwork she noticed that Nicky was getting dressed but was leaving his diaper on. After he got finished dressing she reminded him to not forget to take his underpants with him. He said, "What for?" "I don't think I'll be wearing undies for awhile now that I'm back in diapers." Nicky then offered his cute little undies to Christine as a souvenir.

"Oh really?", she asked. "I'll even autograph them for you since I'm now going to be a star." Christine just loved Nicky's flare and took him up on the offer as she handed him a blue marker. Just below the waistband on the backside he wrote, "To Christine-Love Nicky Crosby." She hugged him tightly and said she would keep his undies forever. I then talked with Nicky and his dad about what they could expect next before they left. Christine then showed me her present that Nicky left her.

"What's this?", I quizzed. Christine said that he said he wouldn't be needing them anymore and I laughed.

"So he really loved his DIPES I take it", I stated. I wasn't so sure at first I admitted. Honestly I thought his dad was more of a diaper boy than him. I laughed when I noticed that his white and obviously very new underpants even had a hint of a racing stripe from where he hadn't wiped very good.

Part 3- 3 Boys

Part 3A


The next interview was going to be a little more unusual than the other two previous ones. While it took two interviews to produce two diaper model candidates, this one interview was going to produce three candidates at once. After researching some possible scenarios we decided that it was possible.

Five minutes before the scheduled interview a knock on the door came and it was a man, a woman and three of the most precious little boys I had ever seen. I wondered if it was someone who got lost because I expected the boys to be a little bigger. My sheet on my desk said that the boys were 12, 11 and 10 but they appeared to be closer to 10, 9 and 8 as far as average heights and weights are concerned. I asked them if they were there for the interview to which they replied that was the case. We sat down and I broke the ice with them. It was nice to see both parents taking part in the interview. I started off by saying, "Wow, three bedwetters! No wonder you have to use diapers!" to the mom. To my surprise she admitted that she only laid claim to the 11 year old boy named Ian. I said, "Oh, I see you all just got married then," to which the man answered that was not the case, either. My puzzled look caused him to further elaborate on who was who and how they came together to take part in my interview.

Jamie and Timmy are 12 and 10, respectively. They were the product of their father's loins. Two years ago his wife passed from cancer. They eventually moved to another city where they met Ian who quickly became their best friend. All throughout their childhood both Jamie and Timmy were bedwetters. More than likely it was due to a small bladder since both boys were extremely smallish for their respective ages. At age 12 Jamie was 4'8" tall and weighed a mere 65 pounds. Although he was small he made up for it in pure cuteness. The kid before me had an infectious mischievous smile, chestnut brown hair and eyes of brown that matched. Timmy was even smaller than average for his age, at 4'0" and 49 pounds. At this point in the process Timmy was yet to utter a word indicating that he was quite shy and let his big brother do most of the talking. If my guess was right, though, he would probably be a real talker once you got him started. The 10 year old also seemed the more affectionate of the two as he sat there with his little arms tightly embraced against his daddy. Like his brother, he had brown hair, though it was very close to blonde and his eyes were brown as well.

All through the years both boys' mommy cared for them and didn't try to make a fuss over dealing with wet beds each morning. She knew it was something the two little youngsters couldn't help. Unfortunately, Jamie and Timmy woke up in cold, clammy beds with underpants to match. Neither boy got to sleep solid throughout the night as a result. Their mom never wanted to suggest diapers for fear of hurting them emotionally. After she got sick their dad had to follow the same routine night after night with the boys. He was hoping that as they got older it would eventually stop, but if anything, the growing boys only made bigger pee pees and no letup was foreseeable. Finally, he had enough due to exhaustion. He was working a lot to support them and the burden of being a single parent meant something had to give. He lovingly suggested that they try diapers as an option. Both boys were not too keen on the idea at first because all their lives kids teased them that they were babies due to their smallish sizes. Wearing diapers would mean that the other kids were really right. After all, only babies wear diapers on their fannies. After a lot of persuading that they were not being punished did they decide to give it a try. Like other bedwetting kids, they would now be wearing Goodnights. Although they were really diapers they were marketed as underpants that just happen to protect from wetness. The next morning it soon became evident that while they allow everyone to sleep through the night, it didn't do anything to stop the wet beds because they leaked. Both boys were active sleepers and all it took was rolling onto their sides and gravity pushed the urine into the unprotected underwear-like side panels. Their dad Jed decided that a better form of protection was needed. He bought the younger Timmy a pack of Huggies Size 6. Perhaps he could still fit into them. Then he bought a more than ample supply of the cheap Gerber baby pants. Maybe this combination would work a lot better he thought. The boys wore these the next night and when they awoke the next morning their diapers were wet but their beds were dry for the first time since they were taken out of diapers at age 3. Not only that but both boys actually enjoyed the warm sensation of diapers. They were actually having fun with it which was a huge relief to their father.

So that was the story on Jamie and Timmy. Now I was wondering how in the world did the 11 year old boy named Ian fit into the picture. Ian tuned out to be a friend that they met at a summer camp. Like Jamie and Timmy, he too, was a bedwetter and probably for the same reasons. Although he was a year older than Timmy, he was even tinier for his age. The dark haired child was 3'11" and only 51 pounds. No doubt he had a tiny tank like his friends that couldn't hold enough pee pee to last the overnight hours. As he sat across from me he was quite squirmy. This was one child that had a lot of trouble remaining still. His attention span was very short though he appeared quite intelligent once you got his momentary focus. I asked him, "Ian, so I hear you are a big Scooby Doo fan." After not acknowledging my question his mom said, "Ian, the man asked you a question." This refocused his attention in my direction and he said he was sorry and asked if I could repeat it. His mom chimed in first and said that her boy was a wild boy with a lot of spirit. "If he could sit still long enough maybe he might grow some." I repeated the question and he started asking me if I liked Scooby Doo, too. It was obvious that he loved that cartoon. I acknowledged that when I was 12, I wore Scooby Doo pajamas which caused all the boys to laugh real hard. I guess they were imagining me as an adult in cartoon character pjs and couldn't fathom that I was once a boy much like them. Maybe they didn't think the cartoon went back to ancient times, either. "Oh, so that's funny, huh?", I replied to their ongoing giddiness. "Well I bet Ian wears Scooby Doo underpants," I further stated. Now Timmy and Jamie had their tickle box on high volume. Since the two brothers seemed to think that was funny, I asked them "So, what's your guys favorite cartoon? Jamie said that he liked Sponge Bob Square Pants and that his little brother still liked Barney The Dinosaur. I was not familiar with the first cartoon, but I was quite familiar with Barney because of some relatives kids of mine. "So, are you telling me that Timmy wears little purple Barney undies?" I teased. Timmy's face went from pale while to boiling red instantly. Boy was he mad at his big brother's joke as he punched him in the upper arm. Jamie continued snickering because the swat from the 49-pounder barely made a dent. Ian was now laughing hard as well as he pictured his friend clad in the purple beast around his most private areas. The whole world seemed to know that Timmy was a huge Barney fan and the eleven year old took drastic measures to prove them all wrong. Timmy quickly unbuttoned his black jeans and dropped them to the floor. In front of me appeared a Scooby snack and not the anticipated Barney. They were cute little cartoon boys briefs and I could tell right away that he was not the least bit prohibited as he turned and modeled or should I say, mooned his little fanny to all the occupants in the room, pausing only long enough to pass gas in Jamie's direction. Jamie rolled his chair quickly to escape as he yelled, "No fair, chemical warfare." I could tell that Christine would be earning her pay today because he was about to receive three holy terrors to get diapered. "That ain't Scooby! Those are poopi stains!" announced Ian. His mom said "IAN!, that was not nice", but I had to laugh at this myself and I said we better get you in a fresh DIPE cause Ian's right. No wonder you picked out a brown cartoon character instead of a purple one. Timmy was now in flat denial of this accusation. "Dad don't allow any number 2's in our diapers--Just pee pees." After some prodding from both parents to get their kids contained once again, I asked them if any of them liked Harry Potter. They were all in agreement of that. I told Timmy not to worry because only Luvs had the rights to Barney and since we made diapers for kids their age and older we had Harry Potter tape strips. "Do we get to wear them now?" inquired an impatient Ian. I guess that can be arranged I told them. "I'll finish the paperwork with your parents so we make sure you get all the free diapers your little fannies need and I'll call Christine to come get you." "I can't wait to see the look on her face when she is about to discover she has triplets on her hands. I dialed up the 22 year old bombshell and told her that she had some clients and told her that I needed he to come and meet them. Boy was she in for a surprise.

Part 3B


Christine knew that she would be getting a threesome of diaper boys to get ready for the set, but she could tell right away she was going to have a real handful as she gave the little boys a tour of the facility. Ian kept wanting to go to the place where they made the DIPE'S, but was disappointed to learn that they were being made at their main plant in Cincinnati, Ohio. Jamie and Timmy were quite excited when they were shown the new 30 second commercials that were made only weeks ago by the first candidates, Trip and Nicky. They all three laughed quite loudly at seeing a kid their age posed on a skateboard and another slightly older on a climbing wall. Eleven year old Ian noted that the kids' diapers looked wet and Christine laughed. They had never noticed a diaper commercial on TV for babies in which their diapers were actually wet. Christine explained that it took awhile to do the commercials and sometimes little boys just have to go pee pee. Timmy giggled like the little pre-teener with a high pitched tone. Jamie was absolutely overtaken by the large screen TVs, because the boys in their view appeared to be giants. Jamie commented that their diapers were as big as them. He wished that he had such a video rig up in his and Timmy's room at home.

The 22 year old bombshell then told the boys, "Guess what?" and they all looked puzzled. "The next diaper boy I get my hands on will be watching you guys up there.

"Will we have pee pee dipees too, like them?" quizzed twelve year old Jamie as he tried to sound more like the baby than the eldest of the youngsters. The young woman stated that she was very confident that they would be able to remain dry like good little boys. Timmy whispered in his friend's tiny ears, "She don't know us very well, does she?" Ian started snickering like Snidely Whiplash and Christine turned to see what the little devils were up to.

"What was that, Timothy?" as she looked back and pointed at him in a teasing manner.

"Nothing," he shyly answered as he tried to put on his innocent act. It didn't fool Christine one bit because she could see the tiny spikes of his devil horns protruding from his light brown hair.

After a few more stops the boys began to grow impatient, especially when she led them to the bathroom for one final potty stop. Their little butts were just itching to get diapered and all this touring was beginning to wear on them.

"You mean you all have bathrooms here?" asked a disappointed Ian.

"Of course, silly-- you don't think I wear diapers, do ya?"

Christine waited outside while the boys went inside the place to pee. Jamie stood at the stall and unzipped his fly to release the precious liquid that was meant for better things. Timmy was a little more reluctant to go, but his older brother warned him that they might not take them if they didn't follow directions very well. Timmy slid over to the smaller urinal beside his big brother and unzipped his black Levi's. As soon as Jamie's trickling stopped he urged Ian to take his place. Ian was having no part of it. Timmy was struggling really bad to make his water come out. It had been a long time since he tried peeing into a urinal. Even in a diaper the little boy usually got down on his knees or squatted down on his haunches. Christine knocked at the door asking them if they were alright and Jamie yelled, "Yeah just a minute!" Then begged his little brother to hurry up. This of course didn't make things easier and he decided to give up.

It was about this time that the boys parents and I caught up with them. Jamie and Timmy's dad gave them a hug and a kiss and asked them if they were nervous and Timmy admitted that he was a little bit. Jamie was scared to death but knew that he better act all confident or they might lose the commercial so he lied and said he was ready to get on with it. Ian's mom hugged him in similar fashion and she just told him to do his best and listen carefully and not to let his mind wander. So with the temporary farewells being given Christine now led the three boys back to the private room.

"OK who wants to go first?", she asked. Oddly enough, the three boys became shy and no one volunteered. Then she suggested that Jamie and Ian wait outside while she diapered Timmy.

"Do I have to wait outside?" asked a disappointed Jamie. She said that she didn't want to embarrass him because he would be fully undressed in front of them.

"Oh that's OK," the twelve year old assured her. "Dad always changes us in front of each other and even Ian, too."

Christine told them that if they stood out of the way it would be OK to just watch. They all then entered the room and Timmy was directed down onto the changing pad.

"Way kewl changing pad," Ian commented. He loved the Harry Potter cartoon characters on it. Jamie watched attentively as his little brother's black jeans and yellow shirt was removed after his shoes. Timmy laid there like the sweetest little boy imaginable in only his tiny white socks and Scooby Doo underpants with a bold red waistband. Jamie always thought it was funny seeing his little brother in that underwear because the dog on them was brown and position low on the backside of his briefs. It almost made Timmy look as if he had done the forbidden number in his undies. Christine then removed a baby perfumy disposable diaper from the package that simply read DIPES and unfolded it. Ian commented that the package looked rather ordinary and plain. Christine then got a hold of the red waistband of Timmy's underpants and pulled them off and tossed them onto his previously removed clothing.

The moment of truth was now at hand as the woman lifted up on Timmy's thin ankles causing his fanny to lift off the mat to where she could slide the diaper in place. At home their dad had them position their own fannies on the diapers but Christine was doing it just like she would do any baby. Even if that baby before her was a whopping 49 pounds. She then stretched the tapes as she tucked the front of the plastic diaper underneath. The tapes pulled quite far in front. This was the smallest DIPE they made and it fit Timmy with lots of room to spare. After measuring to make sure the diaper was installed evenly, Christine commented that a Pampers size 6 was probably a better fit on him. Jamie told her that he wore Huggies size 6 most of the time at home, but this looked better.

"Well, tell your dad that HUGGIES are a big NO NO around here." Jamie didn't understand that was a competitor and that DIPES were a spin off of Pampers. Ian didn't get it, either, and asked if Luvs were OK.

"Afraid not," answered Christine.

"You want to hear a funny story?" questioned Jamie as his little brother kept rubbing his tender little fingers back and forth across the slick plastic backing of his new DIPE enjoying the sensation. "Dad bought Luvs one time because they were on sale and Timmy wouldn't have anything to do with them," stated Jamie.

"GOOD BOY!", stated Christine as she fluffed up Timmy's light brown hair.

"You know why?", he came with another question. Christine said, "OK, tell me why."

"'Cause they Barney on them!!!" as he cracked up.

"Don't you like Barney?", as she turned in the ten year old's direction. An emphatic "NO" was the answer as he grimaced his lips together and curled them under making it appear like they had disappeared.

"You know what else?", continued Jamie.

"What?" replied Christine.

"I had to end up wearing all of them instead," answered the twelve year old.

"Well, I think Barney is sweet and I bet you were very precious in your little Luvs diapers," as she rubbed the dark brown haired boy's head. "Do you think Timmy will like the Harry Potter tape strip?", quizzed Christine.

"Oh yeah, definitely. Dad reads those stories with us all the time," answered Jamie.

"Sounds like you guys have a wonderful dad," she stated and Jamie and Timmy agreed that he was the best around. Christine then warned Jamie if he didn't quit being such a motormouth they would never get finished before someone had to pee and then they'd have to start over. Christine then told Timmy to remain standing so he would get any creases in his diaper and motioned for Jamie to assume the position. Jamie laid there helpless as his heart throbbed in anticipation of being diapered by Christine. He decided not to look and close his eyes. This way he could take in the sense of feeling to its utmost.

The dark-haired youngster felt his black tennis shoes being untied first and then slipped off his sock feet. Then they were removed as well. Then Christine had him raise up as she pulled his yellow casual shirt much like his brother's over his head after she freed it from his skinny unmuscular arms. Then she gently laid his head back on the pad.

"Why do you have your eyes closed, Jamie?"

He responded by saying he was afraid to look. Christine laughed and said, "Whatever, silly boy."

Then his heart picked up a few more paces as she unbuttoned his blue jeans and unzipped them. Then came the tug at the bottom both his pants legs at the same time. While it seemed it was taking forever it would only be a matter of seconds before he knew that she would see viewing him clad only in his underpants. Jamie just lay there smiling as he felt the course material slide down his hairless legs with ease. Now he was just before the prettiest woman he ever saw in just sparkling white underpants that were bought brand new for this special occasion. They were just plain fruit of the looms with a thin blue stripe across the top. Just like the kind the average boy wears once they exit diapers as a little boy.

"These panties aren't as cute as your little brothers panties." Christine sure knew how to tease a boy to the max. Jamie got his ire up and his eyes opened wide as he demanded that they are regular boys underpants.

"Well I still say they are panties," she continued. Jamie was disgusted at the remark. He couldn't figure out how she could come to such a ridiculous conclusion. After all they were full cut and rose up to his back and just short of his outee belly button and they didn't even have any type of print on them.

"I was just playing with you, Jamie. OK how about we slide off your BIG BOY BRIEFS and replace them with a nice thick baby diaper," stated Christine. That was much better as Jamie lay back and let his eyelids come together again. He had no problem with being associated with a baby, but a girly boy was quite another issue. The twelve year old felt the cotton leave his legs and now it was time for the ultimate as Christine lifted up on his ankles. At only 65 pounds he was still quite easy for her to manage and soon he felt the thick diaper under his well rounded butt for such a small boy. This diaper was much bigger and rose up nicely. The quilted padding felt so nice and snug against his rear end as she taped it shut in front. This was the most awesome diaper ever. After some quick measurements he was told to stand up and remain that way like Timmy. Like Timmy, he couldn't help but rub the backing of the plastic diaper. This was ten times better than the new outer cloth-like covering of the brand new baby diapers on the market. Jamie could feel his member trying to get larger and escape the tight confines within as he rubbed more and more. It was now Ian's turn to hit the mat. He lay down quickly as he couldn't wait to get the same treatment.

"Getting back to your question, young man. Do you know why the package of DIPES is rather ordinary?", she asked. Ian shook his head no.

"It's simply because it hasn't been designed yet."

"Why ain't it designed?" asked Jamie.

"Well, the biggest reason is we don't know who will be pictured on it," she admitted.

"Really? Like could it be one of us or maybe all three?" he asked.

"It is a possibility that I hear they are considering," she informed them.

Timmy quizzed, "Well if that is one possibility, then what are the others?"

"I understand they have been talking to some boy celebrities as well."

"Yeah, right. Like who?" quizzed Jamie thinking she was pulling his chain again.

"They have quite a few I think. Let's see, hmmmm, Aaron Carter, Joel Haley Oslet, Zac Hanson, Justin Berfield, and Billy Gilman for starters."

Ian thought that would be really kewl, but Timmy thought that honor should be reserved for a real diaper boy instead of a wannabe just trying to cash in on their looks like the ones she mentioned. Christine further intrigued them by saying that she knows for a fact that one of the boys she mentioned really does wear diapers according to his agent.

"OK enough talk about that," she stated and got back to the business of stripping the eleven year old out of his clothes. First came off the Scooby Doo T-shirt.

Christine commented, "I bet you got matching panties just like Timmy", as she giggled. After all a Scooby Doo T-shirt could only mean underpants to match. Then she removed his blue tennis shoes and blue baggy windpants. She didn't look up to verify his underpants as she worked them off but she was totally surprised when her eyes finally focussed in that direction. The black haired wild child was wearing panties alright, but they were plastic panties.

"Oh you are too precious," she stated, as she cupped her hands over her mouth.

"ALL RIGHT, IAN!" yelled Timmy with delight.

"Well lets get your baby pants off and see what we have underneath," she stated. "It's a disposable diaper!!!" she exclaimed.

She then noticed it was a Pamper. "See now here is a boy that wears the best underwear out there", stated Christine as she looked in the other boys' direction. Then Christine further applauded the fact that Ian's pamper was wet. In fact it was very wet. A 51 pound boys' versus a Pampers Size 6. The diaper will lose that battle everytime in a double wetting which was the case here. It was a good thing Ian had on plastic pants for extra protection.

Christine then told Jamie to fetch her the baby wipes from the shelf as she prepared to do a complete diapering job on their young friend. She asked Timmy to hold onto Ian's baby pants. While no one was looking the ten year old raised them to his face and took in a whiff of his friends sweet smelling pee pee. She then removed the heavy pamper and handed it to Jamie. Now completely naked, she took the moist baby wipe and cleaned Ian's frontal region and rainmaker. Ian thought this was even better than his own mom's diaperings at home. To make sure she did a thorough job she had Ian roll over on his tummy and expose his rear end upwards. Jamie was busy inspecting the damage that Ian had put on the Pamper. The wetness was well over half way up the backside before the yellowing stopped. Timmy got his attention by tapping him on the arm so that he wouldn't miss a thing. Although they had seen Ian get changed more than once, his butt was not in plain view as this occurrence. The eleven year old's fanny jiggled as she rubbed it thoroughly with the baby wipe. Ian looked great in diapers and now they saw the reason because his lower back jutted in giving him the ultimate tight bubble but look.

Then Christine discarded the wipe for a new one and separated his tight little cheeks to get at those hard-to-get-at places, and just like that it was done. Ian was then rolled onto his back and the bigger diaper was inserted into place. With a few tugs here and there the diaper was then taped shut on the very cute diaper boy named Ian. Christine was now ready to turn her little whitetails over to the camera man. They were very excited little boys as they went to greet their parents first.

Part 3C

Ian, Jamie, and Timmy were greeted by their parents with outright delight. They had not seen their boys quite this cute since their toddler days. Ian's mom got down on her knees and spread her arms wide open as the dark haired youngster ran over to fill the void. After a tight hug and kiss by his mom her other maternal instincts kicked in as she turned him in every direction so she could look him over from every angle. The eleven year old was almost dizzy by the time she had satisfied her curiosity. She just couldn't make up her mind whether he looked cuter in front with the pronounced Harry Potter tape strip that held two large white tapes or from the side where the diaper formed a bikini cut look that had leg gathers where the diaper met those preciously cute boy thighs. Maybe it was from behind where the diaper covered the most area. His already bubble butt was now even thicker than before. Unlike the ultra thins in his usual baby diapers these were easily three times thicker. A thin baby blue paper like strip at the top of the back of Ian's diaper separated the thick white color of his diaper from the skin on his lower back. Unbelievably her boy was still dry as she had to prod her fingers along the smooth plastic backing for a quick check. Christine got tickled at the sight and told his mom that when those diapers get wet they look wet and she wouldn't have to rely so much on the sense of feel. While inspecting her son further from the rear, he quickly turned his head and said, "Mommmm!!!", quit you're embarrassing me. His big brown eyes were just glistening at her and she stopped her touching. Jamie and Timmy weren't getting the once over that their little friend was getting. Instead Jamie was clutched tightly by his dad's left arm while the younger Timmy was in his right. They kept asking him what he thought and he replied that they never looked cuter. Then he let go of his grip and playfully started tickling the ten year old. I was quick to warn him that tickling young boys can cause them to wet themselves. The twelve year old Jamie reminded me that they were in diapers, but I had to remind him that there was a time to be wet and a time to stay dry and that this was one of those times.

"You mean, we ain't going to get to pee pee our dipes like we saw in the ads?" quizzed a disappointed Timmy. Christine came to my aid and explained it to them in diaper-boy language.

"Well, you three guys want to be stars--RIGHT?" They all shook their heads yes. "Have you ever seen the Pull-Ups commercials where the kids keep their stars."

Ian chimed in and said, "we hate those kind of stars cause they ain't no fun."

"I know, dear, but if you stay dry you may be our TV ad stars. We plan on letting you wet and then take your pics but we need dry boys first, OK?" she added.

They understood what she was saying and agreed that it was a small price to pay. Christine then broke up the group by saying, "let's get them to the photographer before we lose any stars in the process."

The photographer met them and asked them if they did any acting in school. All three boys liked doing plays at elementary school. Jamie and Timmy were naturals like their dad, but Ian was a little more shy. While they were all together though, Ian was able to relax and be his natural hyper self. The boys liked the idea that this one chance at acting might be seen by more people than their daddy. Boy would he be jealous if they were chosen to be in diaper ads.

"Christine said we are going to be stars," Timmy blurted out.

"Maybe," replied the photographer. "Who knows, maybe all three of you will have your stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame." They were excited.

The man then opened a box and handed them some plastic fake swords and big hats that almost swallowed their tiny heads with fluffy plumes of feathers extending from them. Timmy and Ian immediately started a sword fight, while the man pulled out three pairs of black boots with silver buckles that would reach near their knees. They were accurately sized since they already know the size of the boys from their previous application. Then they were fitted with jackets that made them look like little Cavaliers. The brothers were fitted with red ones and Timmy got to wear a blue one. These jackets were tailor-made and intentionally left short so that their diapers would remain fully exposed for the cameras. Just the slightest movement of their arms as they drew their swords caused three belly buttons to shine. Jamie was the last boy to get outfitted. All that was left now was refocusing the other two's attention on the task at hand.

The boys were then put on a stage that looked like it came from any school play. Pictures were then taken in random fire as the boys were left to just act like little boys and play fight with each other. Video was also captured. The last shoot was that of all three boys arm in arm with Ian in the middle to make the color scheme work best. All three swords were raised high in the air as if they were defying their enemies. While they held those poses the cameras stopped. Then Christine came in and placed underpants on the tips of each of the boys swords. Regular white boys underpants were now hanging limply from the brothers' swords, while a pair of cartoon boxer shorts graced Ian's. Christine then came over to the side just out of camera's view and told the boys to announce proudly, "We defy underwear!!!!!!!!" Soon three prepubescent boys were protesting, "WE DEFY UNDERWEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!" and immediately all of them broke down with a hard laughter that ended the dry session with the producer yelling, "CUT!!!"

Christine then came over to her Musketeers and informed them that they had worked very hard and were now due a break. Jamie was ready to do another shoot. For someone that had supposedly worked very hard he didn't feel tired. It didn't seem any more like work than loading the dishwasher at home dressed only in his cute diapers. Christine then clarified that it was more like an intermission between them being dry and wet.

"You mean we FINALLY get to wet our DIPES", asked a intrigued Ian. The older woman confirmed that it was time for their diaper change. Jimmy was really puzzled. The only time a dry diaper was removed from his plump little fanny was when his dad gave him and his older brother a bath together. Like his brother, he wasn't thinking he had worked hard enough to get all dirty and sweaty. Before the words hit Jimmy's tongue, Ian asked "Are we going to get a bath now?"

"No, silly, I have to change you guys into some wet diapers."

"HUH????" asked Jamie. This just seemed so opposite to the boys. It sure didn't make any sense to get changed out of a perfectly dry diaper into a wet one without having all the warm and exciting feelings that naturally occur when you actually make wee wee in your diaper. Walking back to the changing room seemed to be a waste of valuable time since they all had the ability to make their diapers wet on their own. Christine told them to knock it off with all the questions and just keep walking. Before the last boy in line was given those instructions he decided to take matters into his own rainmaker. The dark-haired Ian had stopped cold in his tracks in the middle of the aisle. The eleven year old was already about to pee and now he was looking down at the front of his DIPE like a fascinated four year old as the first squirts of fresh warm pee invaded his thirsty diaper. The wet spot appeared after about a two second delay and began to spread. It was not a big spot at first as it continued to expand slowly. Then another gush that was a little longer and powerful was released and the spot grew bigger as he felt some trickle down towards his marbles. That sensation caused his muscles to freely give in and now he was peeing like any other boy his age. Only difference was he wasn't making a splashing sound with his pee pee hitting water a few feet away. Instead a steady hissing sound was muffled through a thick diaper that was easily containing the flood within it's plastic outer shell of the disposable. Jamie looked back and told Christine that they needed to wait up for Ian.

"Why is he dragging behind?", she asked.

"Give you one guess!!", announced Timmy.

"BOYS! BOYS!! BOYS! What is it about boys that makes them think that going wee wee in their pants is the greatest thing on Earth?" the blonde bombshell asked as she turned around and motioned for Ian to catch up. The dark haired youngster broke into a run as he hurried to catch up to the group.

"Ian, honey, you weren't supposed to do that just yet," she told him as she looked down and saw that he was indeed a very wet boy. The kids and Christine arrived back to the changing room moments later. Christine knew that changing three boys was going to take a little time so she decided to do them like an assembly line. While the boys were told to sit on a bench, she opened a fresh package of DIPES and spread three out on the changing pad as she turned it 90 degrees to accommodate her plans. Then she filled a beaker up with saline solution and proceeded to warm it up on a heater that wouldn't cause the boys to go into shock. Christine's plan was about to be met with a dilemma. As Jamie's and Timmy's bladders were under some pressure, the blonde young woman couldn't seem to find what she was looking for. She couldn't find the coloring tablets that would give the water she was warming a yellowish tint. Little did she know that earlier while she was diapering Ian that Jamie had picked them up and had flicked them at his younger brother. Now there was no telling where they had rolled off. When Jamie confessed to his crime Christine told them that she guessed they would have to go with the back up plan.

"What's that?" quizzed Timmy.

"Looks like you guys will have to do it manually."

"HUH?" asked Jamie.

"Just make pee pee in your diapers like Ian," she instructed. The brothers thought she would never ask as they could almost feel the relief coming. Like Ian, the boys stood up and began to take aim. While Christine gathered up the diapers that were going to not have any use at this time, the brothers let loose at almost the same time. Many of times the boys would see who could wet first. Kind of like the game you play as a kid when you pretend to be a cowboy and see who is the quickest at drawing their guns. Of course you need a referee and Ian just got into position to make the call out of pure instinct. This was one diaper game where the watching was equally as fun as the participants. According to Ian, the younger Timmy was the first to pee into his diaper.

Later, Jamie protested and Ian admitted it was close but the younger kid was declared the fair winner. As the pee pee filled the brothers diapers a sigh of relief emitted form each youngster's ruby red lips. Although Timmy was the first to break water, the older Jamie peed just a little longer. The wetness in the seat of Timmy's diaper was barely wicking up the back. Ian's was quite noticeable and Jamie's was more soggy than both of the younger kids. Christine finished her cleanup and asked if the boys were ready to take care of their wetting. Ian informed her that waiting for either of his friend's to make wee wee was like asking a fat kid if they could manage to eat another piece of cake. Now it was up to Christine to inspect the damage that boy had done to his DIPE.

She liked the way Timmy's diaper looked. It had that distinct wet/dry line one quarter up the back and was slightly separated in the crotch area. She couldn't have done better with the scientific fake pee that she had failed to prepare. Ian's had a very nice wet look to it. Since he was wetter longer the diaper had that more sunken in look in front. The back had a nice moon shape to it where he sat down on the bench and pressed his butt cheeks down onto the wet diaper. She pulled back on it so it wouldn't look as flat. Ian loved the feeling of the young woman tugging and prodding the back of his diaper. It made him giggle. Jamie's diaper was just not too her liking. It was wicked with pee pee half way up the back.

While it was nice to be able to see that the boys diaper was wet, the company didn't want them to appear that they might leak. She likewise prodded her next victim all around but still couldn't get it to look satisfactory. Christine instructed the boys to remain standing while she went to see if they had any spare tablets of yellow coloring. Once Jamie saw that a new diaper was inevitable he pointed to a tablet that had rolled into the corner. Christine then put the tablet into the beaker of warm saline solution and it was now just a matter of it dissolving.

A fresh DIPE was prepared. Jamie soon found his twelve year old rear end gracing Harry Potter's face and the woman quickly ripped open his diaper. Unlike their dad that gave long nurturing diaper changes full of kisses, Christine was ripping open tapes, removing the diaper, and replacing the new one and refastening the tapes as if she was a pit crew member for the Indy 500. It sure felt weird having a pre-soaked diaper pulled up between Jamie's tender legs. A few quick measurements and thorough diaper inspection and it was now time to get back to work.

Jamie felt as if he had been ripped off. He knew that while his diaper was wet that his two buddies had the real thing in their diapers. The hint of the perfume mixing with their boy pee made him jealous. Back at the shoot they were asked to do exactly the same set ups as before. They had their playful sword fights as the cameras rolled and photos were taken in rapid fire succession. The final pose was that of all three of them mooning the camera man with their diapered butts. This signified "The End" to the movie clip. It also served a good magazine release where on one side they were proudly announcing that they defied underpants. On the other side it was to read "To the End." Since diapers are supposed to feel uncomfortable, this would look very good if the boys looked very happy about their wet condition. The public was going to be led to believe that they couldn't even tell they were wet, though the truth was which of the boys were wet and they were all enjoying that feeling much better than a dry DIPE.

Their tryout was now over. They greeted their parents and each one had two sample packs of DIPES to carry out with them. While the shoot had been a lot of fun the boys could hardly wait to get back home and get diapered like big baby boys. Ian's mom asked her son if he wanted to go to McDonald's to eat. Ian didn't want to go. He was wanting to go straight home so he could show off his diapers to his loving momma. The brothers dad suggested that they could all go to McDonalds.

"How would you guys like to play in the indoor playground today?" The kids eyes widened as they could imagine following each other through the tunnels with DIPES sticking out the tops of their shorts just like the little toddlers that usually played there. Timmy commented, "I wonder how many diapers go through those tubes each day?"

Jamie laughed and said, "maybe a hundred."

Ian stated, "But I bet we'll be the first with DIPES on our butts."

Part 4- Danny

It was very late in the day as I looked through 36 applications. It was a hard decision. I knew that I was only limited to a few more interviews and I didn't want to pass up on the perfect boy without getting a firsthand look. To this point the first three interviews had yielded some very unique results.

Trip was an absolute knockout from a looks standpoint. He was the perfect age of eleven and had beautiful blonde hair that most any girl would envy. The only knock against him was he looked a little shy and our product was one that had to be delivered with full confidence.

Nicky had the perfect demeanor in that area. He had the confidence that gave you the impression that he could walk out in the street with just a DIPE on and dare someone to say anything. While Nicky was a big-time cutie, he just looked a little too tough. His Massachusetts accent limited him to just being a photo boy if selected.

The last three boys were something else. They were cute enough and confident, but the knock on them was that they didn't follow directions and almost drove Christine crazy. Like Nicky before them, their Texas drawl would limit them strictly to photos. I really had not taken into account the significance of the audio qualities.

I had been more preoccupied with finding the most adorable boy out there visually that had the confidence that wearing diapers was the most normal thing for any kid no matter what the reason. Now that I was more aware of the audio part, I had no choice but to be very careful about considering any boy that hailed from the deep South or had a New England, or New York/Jersey tone in his voice. I had six possible California candidates, five from other western states and eight from the Midwest. On paper the boy that looked the best was from Alabama but I just knew I would be faced with the same dilemma as the previous two candidates so I passed.

The boy that really caught my attention the most was a kid named Danny. He was nine years old. Nothing spectacular jumped out about his looks on paper. Brown hair, brown eyes and average build that leaned slightly to the pudgy side. Being that he lived in Idaho, I felt that his speech would be safe. He made good grades, so following directions might be fine. The thing that really stood out to me was he wore diapers fulltime and the reason listed was he simply loved them. My eyebrows raised as I added up the situation. He goes to public school and he wears diapers fulltime. YEAH RIGHT. I guess it was to be expected that someone would submit a false application.

I moved on to the California boys as I tossed Danny's application out of the way. The only one of them that was a fulltime diaper wearer was homeschooled. I just wasn't impressed with any of them and I found myself staring at Danny's application. The thought hit my mind. "If this boy wears diapers to school simply because he loves them, he has to bleed confidence." No picture was submitted either, raised my curiosity. He sounded like as average as they get in looks, but then again, maybe this wasn't such a bad thing. After all, we were trying to capture the average boy that needs bigger diapers. Just because he had average looks on paper didn't mean he wouldn't be cute. I decided that I better call this family before I look any harder.

The phone rang and a young girl of about twelve answered. I asked if her mom was there and she asked me who was calling instead. I informed her that I was the advertising director for DIPES and I was calling to ask her mom a few questions about Danny. She said that her mom wasn't home but started saying "Danny will be so excited" over and over. To me it sounded like she was the one who was excited. I even heard her yell, "Hey Danny, Guess What!!" I laughed to myself as she carried on. You would have thought Ed McMahon had called in behalf of Publisher's Clearinghouse. I then asked her to take a message and write down my number and have her mom call me back. She then volunteered to tell me everything I needed to know about Danny but I opted to wait for her mom to call me. The next day his mom called. I told her I was the advertising director for DIPES and we were considering Danny, but I needed some clarification on some items on his resume. I asked her if Danny liked school. "Oh yes", she replied.

"So he goes to public school there?"

"Oh yes," she said.

"Now, it says here that he wears diapers fulltime. Is that correct?"

"I'm afraid so," she revealed.

"So, are you telling me that Danny even wears them to school?" I quizzed.

"I'm afraid so," was her answer to that one, too. I couldn't believe what I had just heard. Danny's mom had just verified what I thought was simply too good to be true.

Now that I was intrigued, I just had to hear the story behind Danny. His mom started by telling me that he was the youngest child and had two older sisters. Their potty training was very typical and fairly easy. Danny, on the other hand, was a mom's worst nightmare when it came to giving up his diapers. She had tried when he was three but he was as stubborn as they come. "We would take them away and he cry and cry and cry. This was usually shortly followed by an accident in his undies."

She decided to give it a few more months but it was still the same. "We tried everything. Big boy undies, Cheerios in the potty, you name it. As kindergarten neared I was about to panic. My mom suggested putting several pairs of undies on him and throw away all the diapers 'til he got the hang of it. Danny did settle down some as far as the crying and pleading for diapers, but he refused to sit on the potty and he just did whatever whenever in his thick layers of undies. We even let him go around for long periods with stinky pants hoping that he wouldn't like the feeling, but he would go on without a care in the world."

I then said, "Wow that must have been a lot of work on you."

"Well luckily, his sisters help me out with that and change him now," she admitted.

"Are they OK with diapering him?" I asked.

"They actually like having a real baby brother so I just shake my head," she admitted.

"So, what does the school think about Danny wearing diapers?" I just had to ask.

"Well at first we just explained that he had a damaged nerve and was incontinent, plus he never goes stinky in them at school.

"Does he get teased about wearing diapers?" I asked.

"Sometimes, but the teachers try to keep an eye on him when those situations arise. Most of his friends just accept that he has to wear diapers, so to them they would think it strange if he showed up wearing undies under his clothes," she commented.

"Lately he has started drawing cute pictures of boys in diapers," she added.

"You're kidding!" I commented. I had already heard all I needed to know about Danny. It was very evident that this was possibly the most hardcore diaper-boy in the country. All I could do now was hope that he was cute.

One week passed and Danny's family came knocking at the door. I was only expecting our little diaper boy and his mom but his sisters came along to provide moral support. The interview part was basically skipped since I had already heard his life story. I just asked Danny a few unimportant questions just to get him used to talking. To my surprise, Danny came off as rather shy and a bit timid. Every time I would ask him a question his sister Cindy wanted to answer.

"I hear you are quite the little artist," was one of the questions. I was surprised that he revealed that he was also keeping a diary. It was apparent that Danny was a very sweet and sensitive child. He was very lucky to live in a family that cultivated his softer side rather than prohibiting it.

"Do you play Little League?" I asked.

"No, I really don't like sports much," he said.

"So what do you want to be when you grow up?" I asked.

"I dunno, maybe a doctor or something that involves diapers," he said. I suggested that maybe he could become a pediatrician and have the best of both worlds. Danny was incredibly smart for his age. He knew the definition of pediatrician and cracked a funny quip that gave me a good look into his wonderful personality.

"YEAH that would be so cool if a mom came to see me about her 3 year old son still being in diapers and wondering if something was wrong."

"Oh yeah? What would Dr. Danny prescribe?" I quizzed.

"Buy two jumbo packs of Huggies and call me when he goes through them."

"OK, when he uses up the Huggies, then what?", I asked. Danny said he would advise three jumbo packs of Luvs and call me when they are full. I had to dare ask, "what then?"

"Buy four mega size count Pampers size 6 and call me when they are used."

I could detect a trend here so I had to amuse myself as all the women in this sweet boy's life were laughing as well.

"OK it's like this---I'd tell her that her boy needs to wear diapers until he says stop."

"OK serious question now Danny--When are you going to say STOP?"


His mom then said, "Do you understand now what we hear in Danny?"

I admitted that I had a very good idea. Not only did we have a big-time diaper-boy before us, but he was a real cutie as well. In fact, a close resemblance of Alex D. Linz, just with glasses. Of course Danny's glasses could be removed easily enough. Then again maybe we wouldn't want to remove them. The glasses gave him that Harry Potter look. Very ironic that of all the boys we had viewed to this point, Danny held an eerie resemblance to the boy that has become unbelievably popular to boys his age and older. In fact DIPES was hoping to cash in on the Harry Potter theme by having him and his magical world on the tape strip of their babyishly designed diapers that would soon be available in big kid sizes.

Danny's hair was more of a lighter brown than dark brown. When you got right down to thinking about it the boy that played Harry Potter wasn't exactly your typical boy model and he was as loved as any child superstar of our time. Another neat thing about Danny's looks was his clothes. Not exactly typical of today's young boys. He was wearing baby blue shorts that almost fully exposed his thighs. The legs were loose. They looked like they were even designed to fit over an older boy's diapers while giving him that four-year-old look. The neatest thing about these cute shorts was it exposed his diapers. I could tell that he was wearing plastic pants since they were clearly visible through the legholes.

Danny sat there slumping down in his chair with his legs spread wide apart. His shorts also gave a big diaper bulge look. Anyone could tell that this boy was obviously diapered. My guess was he was wearing several pinned together. He also was wearing a dark blue casual shirt that wasn't tucked in. It only came down just below the top of his shorts. No doubt when Danny bent over you could get a good look at his diapers in back that couldn't possibly be confined within his shorts. Brown sandals exposed the cutest little boy feet you could imagine. His skin had a medium color.

It was now time to take our young star to see Christine. His sisters wanted to accompany him to the changing room and were permitted. They wanted to diaper their baby brother but Christine made them sit and observe. She had him lay on the blue changing pad. Danny's shirt and sandals were the first articles to be removed. The girls watched in giddy excitement as the young lady inserted her fingers inside Danny's waistband to remove his shorts.

"Oh you are adorable!" she commented upon discovering that Danny was wearing good old-fashioned cloth diapers covered by plastic pants. On her other diaperings, Christine had discovered underwear and diapers of every style but this was clearly her favorite outside the baby DIPES about to grace the little star's fanny.

"Uh oh, looks like Danny gone pee pee in him dipee," in baby-talk fitting to what the average two year old might expect. Young Danny's plastic pants had that yellowish color that was adhered to the wet diapers beneath. His sister's giggled because they loved talking baby to Danny as well. This kid really ate it up, too. His grin was so wide he was about to bust a cheek. His plastic pants were removed and his diaper was quite wet. It was a good thing that five Birdseye diapers had been installed under Cindy's brother's butt by her. He had double wetted in his pants and the large coke at McDonald's didn't help any. Danny's pudgy little tummy made him look just like a wiggly toddler boy. His blue teddy bear diaper pins were removed and the wad of soaked sweet smelling cloth was slid out from beneath his rear. Then Christine lovingly took the Huggies baby wipes and cleaned the incredibly cute boy as if she was her own natural son. Danny's older sisters giggled with delight. Any other boy his age might have been mortified at the happenings but Danny was loving and savoring every aspect.

Then Christine reached into the pack of open diapers and pulled out a DIPE. This was the biggest yet babyish looking diaper Danny and his sisters had ever seen. She tantalized the youngster by waiving it slowly in front of him as she continued the baby talk.

"Does widdle boy want a fresh diaper?" Danny could smell the perfume and shook his head with short quick snaps of approval.

"Now you can be a Harry Potty pants boy!", Danny's oldest sister exclaimed, causing all the girls to giggle, including the gorgeous Christine. The diaper was unfolded and spread out. All it needed now was a cute boy's fanny to invade the comfy confines. Danny obliged and Christine pulled the sides and taped them to the main body of the diaper along the Harry Potter tape strip.

It had been a couple of years since Danny had experienced a genuine baby disposable diaper and he was now in heaven. The last time had occurred when he was almost seven on a long car trip and it wasn't as big as it should have been. Christine took the fitting measurements and declared him ready to shoot. She instructed him to stay dry until it was over. Cindy chimed in and said, "Yeah Danny don't be a pissy boy!" her older sister told her to not say that word or she would tell mom on her.

Danny was taken out to visit us briefly before moving on. His mom hugged him and told him that he was absolutely precious. She rubbed her hand over the plastic baby diaper backing. While caressing the form of her only son's diaper covered butt, she said that she thought they would have the cloth-like feel of the baby diapers on the market today. I explained that the reason was that kids her son's age never wore that kind and that they want their diapers to be an exact duplication of the baby diapers that they wore as a rule. Danny just loved the crinkle sound of his kid-sized Pampers. His mom said, "I guess we'll end up going broke buying DIPES if he loves them better than his cloth diapers." I told her that the good news was he was guaranteed a lifetime supply for being a candidate. She informed me that we would be the one's going broke cause Danny could sure use them up fast.

Danny was very excited when they broke out a BMX bike.

"Is this for me?", he shouted. That was confirmed but Danny was told that they needed to take some pics of him and the bike first. Danny was given a blue long-sleeved lycra top with red and white wording. The kid asked, "Is this it?" Then he was handed a helmet but was instructed to not put it on and to just hold it to his side. Then he was told to suck in his tummy and smile and the flash went off and the sound of, "GREAT! Let's take another" invaded his ears before he knew what was happening.

It then occurred to Danny that they were taking pictures of him in an exposed DIPE and he then got tickled. This was better than the dream he imagined of being selected to be a diaper model. Then he was instructed to mount the bike and ride it around a natural background as the movie cameras rolled. After that part was over Danny was instructed to read off a cue as he stood there assuming his first pose. "SOMETIMES WHEN YOU ARE IN COMPETITIVE BIKE RIDING YOU CAN'T MAKE A NEEDED PIT STOP."

Everyone was highly impressed with Diaper Danny and now it was time to go back and get him in a wet diaper. Christine demanded that he make a real potty stop and Danny was complying to everyone's wishes. It seemed so unfair to not be allowed to pee in his very first disposable baby diaper in years but he figured there would be another chance.

After coming out of the hated bathroom Christine laid him down on a diaper that contained warm yellowish food coloring. He was taped up and his sisters teased him for peeing in his diaper though that was hardly the case this time. Back at the photo shoot the kid was put through the exact same scenarios. the only difference was he was wearing what looked like a wet diaper. The kid's hair was wetted with plain water so that it appeared that he had been sweating from all the bike riding. At the end he got to read the final part to his cue. As the brown haired cute youngster smiled exposing brilliantly white teeth, he read, "BUT WHEN YOU ARE IN THE WINNER'S CIRCLE, NO ONE LOOKS DOWN TO NOTICE HOW YOU DID IT, AND I'M NOT TELLING, EITHER."

With that everything was complete. Danny had been a huge success. It was now back to Idaho to await the call to fame. As the family boarded the plane Danny experienced his first pee pee in his brand new DIPE. He could hardly wait to sit down and enjoy the feeling. He noticed a diapered 3 year old in front of them. He wondered if that kid really wore undies but was protected only for the plane. This 9 year old smiled because he knew that the plane trip was not the end of his diapers. Only a BRAND new beginning.

Part 5

It was a hard choice, but the winner of the diaper modeling candidates turned out to be Danny. He just came off as the most natural boy to wear exposed babyish diapers on our national advertising campaign. The staff could really tell that he loved wearing diapers from the way his eyes lit up. The camera had verified our own instincts about this special little boy from Idaho.

To make sure that Dipes got out on the right foot or should I say cheek, the parent company Pampers had allowed us to ink a celebrity boy to go along with our All-American Diaper Boy. Pampers decided to invest in the Dipes campaign full tilt. No longer the only choice of baby diapers, Pampers was now hoping to corner the bigger kid market and blow Goodnights off the map for good. The data that was gathered suggested that the average kid that needed diapers thought that baby diapers were far cuter than adult diapers, Molicares and Goodnights.

The first part of the business was to call up Danny's parents and let them know that he was the choice and that his family would be receiving all the perks that went with his winning. Danny's mom was overwhelmed that her son was going to be on TV and in magazines. She knew that Danny would be so excited he'd probably wet his pants. It was a good thing that he would be fully protected when he would receive the wonderful news. His sisters would probably go nuts as well when told about their little brother about to become a star. When I told her that the family would be furnished with a brand new one million dollar home in Beverly Hills she couldn't believe it. Dipes was going to require the family to move away from Idaho so that they would be on location for Danny's commercials. She and her husband would be given other financial support until they settled into new jobs in the Southern California area. All these years of changing a nine year old boy's diaper was about to pay off big time for the family of five.

While Danny's family prepared for the future, I had to move on and get into contact with the agent of the celebrity boy that we had selected to act with Danny. Haley-Joel Osment was our choice. He was the perfect age and his light brownish blonde hair and plump cheeks made him look like you wouldn't expect anything but a diaper to grace his tiny bottom. In fact Haley had not even done a live model for us, but we knew that he had a nice body to accentuate a Harry Potter cartooned diaper for kids his age. All we knew was that we had sent out several letters to the most pronounced child stars and his came back expressing a strong interest. We didn't know it, but Haley-Joel had even admitted to his agent that still wore diapers on occasion and wasn't the least bit ashamed to admit it. The child star even wore diapers during the filming of Star Wars and The Sixth Sense.

After dinner that night, Danny's mom explained the wonderful news with her husband and the kids. Danny started bouncing around like a rubber ball when he learned that he was the All-American Diaper Boy. His sisters wouldn't have been more excited if they were named Ms USA. Danny started running around the house screaming "YES" before his mom could get to the even more surprising news of the family moving to Beverly Hills. It was a no-brainer and within a couple of weeks the family was packed up and ready for a new chapter in their lives.

Upon arriving at their new residence the whole family was awestruck. It was bigger than they had imagined. Danny was the last to get out of the family car. The whole trip he had been sandwiched in between his two older sisters in the back seat. This was so that both of them could make equal fuss over their special little baby brother. Unlike his sisters who were attired in very short shorts for the southern California climate, the boy was dressed only in a blue striped casual shirt and an exposed diaper. He was diapered up thickly for the long car ride from Idaho. The nine year old's plastic pants really poofed out from the five cloth diapers pinned to his fanny. Fortunately for the family in their close confines he was only a wet boy. While the rest of the family had made potty breaks along the way, Danny had the option of doing it anywhere and at anytime. Twice he had peed in his diaper while his sisters had engaged him in a tickle war. Danny loved to instigate tickle wars, because he knew that his stronger, more savvy siblings would get the best of him and before it was all over his diaper would be getting warmed up in a fun way. Danny emerged from the car last just like the star he was about to become. His plastic pants had that look of adhering to a wet diaper underneath. They were slightly discolored as well. Then they were met by the real estate agent. Danny was somewhat shy about being seen in an exposed diaper in front of a total stranger that for all he knew was not connected to the DIPES people. When the lady exclaimed "Oh my God, that is the cutest little boy I have ever seen", the boy started hamming it up as if it was the most natural thing for a boy his age to be seen in a diaper. "Wow plastic pants, I hadn't seen them on a kid in years." Southern California seemed like the perfect place to be for a preteen baby like Danny. He could hardly wait to see his room. Unfortunately for Danny he had to wait until the whole house was demonstrated. He kept anxiously asking, "Where's my room?" Cindy came back with "Don't pee in your pants, Danny we'll see it." The quick minded boy said, "Too late on that one", which caused everyone to laugh. Then the lady opened the door to the best boy's room in the USA. The wall paper was done in Disney. His bed had protective rails, just like a crib. A changing table built to fit a teenager was right in front of the window. The carpet was also done in Harry Potter. He had surround sound and an entertainment center to die for. Then the lady told Danny's sisters to go downstairs for a moment. Then she instructed Danny to hop up on the changing table. His blood pulsed as he saw the underneath was stocked with more DIPES than he had ever seen in one place. OK dear now say "Uh oh, I'm wet" Danny did as she instructed. He could hear his sisters giggling downstairs and there running up the steps to their baby brother's room. "Did you hear?" the lady asked. "Yeah Danny apparently has gone pee pee in him dipee" in a babyish voice his older sister acknowledged. Now the lady had shown the family everything and it was now time for her to go. All that was left now was for the family to unpack their belongings. Danny wanted to be lazy and just enjoy his new room.

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