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The History And Experiences Of Steven F

Author: Anonymous

Part 1

I trace my current interests in diapers and plastic pants back to when I was an actual "BEDWETTER" during all of my childhood and a good part of adolescence. My chronic bedwetting problem from ages 8 to 13 was a most difficult time period and the impact it has had on my life has been very profound.

On a purely fantasy level, I started to really become interested in diapers and plastic pants after puberty and around the age of 14. I imagine a lot of AB's had their first wet orgasms in wet beds or while wearing diapers and plastic pants! This is exactly how it happened to me. I was in the eighth grade and 13 years old at the time.

During this age, I was wetting my bed on average about one to two times per week. I had only recently outgrown the diaper pants and plastic pants I was required to wear as a youngster. The only other nighttime protection to guard against my naughty bedwetting accidents was a very noisy plastic sheet. On one particular morning, and after having awaken to yet another wet bed, I did notice that something was different this time. There inside my piss soaked underpants was a bulging boyish erection that badly needed attention.

That morning, I accidentally stumbled upon masturbation as I found it most pleasurable rubbing my hard young boyhood through the warm wet underpants and firmly against the wet sheets. The plastic sheet underneath the bedsheet crinkled and cracked as my body began rhythmically gyrating back and forth against the wet sheets and hard plastic covered mattress. This rapid back and forth, back and forth motion finally gave way to one of the most incredible sensations I had ever before experienced. What was this strange sensation? For the first time in my life, my young boyhood began rapidly firing spurts of a white milky substance. Boy did it feel good! But what had I stumbled into so innocently?

Before this orgasmic experience, bedwetting had always been something which was very shameful, naughty, and secretive in my life. At this age, bedwetting was not fun and it was most inconvenient. The shame and secrecy accompanying this naughty babyish habit was almost too much to bear. I did everything possible to keep my frequent wet nights from family and friends while growing up, but there were numerous occasions where my secret got out.

From that orgasm onward, "BEDWETTING" did begin to take on a new meaning in my life and I began to experience enormous pleasure from jerking my young boyhood off while in wet pants and bed. Around age 14 I tried making homemade diapers out of terry towels and used plastic trash bags to simulate plastic baby pants.

With many future jerk-off sessions occurring in a wet bed or while fantasizing about this subject, what had once been something very painful in my life was slowly but surely becoming transformed into an association with extreme pleasure. Each and every orgasm to follow that first one, would only help to positively reinforce my new found fetish for bedwetting, diapers, and plastic pants!

As I look back on it now, it was most unfortunate that I began bedwetting less and less late in my 13th year. Outgrowing bedwetting did seem to occur simultaneously with the onset of puberty.

I find the origins of a persons interest in diapers to be a most fascinating topic of discussion. How did you develop your interests in this area? It is because of my actual experiences as a bedwetter as a youngster, that today at 30 years old going on 13 again, my ultimate fantasy is to a thickly diapered bed and pants wetter who is humiliated, disciplined, spanked, and punished for his naughty babyish behavior! When I have the free time I like to wear diapers and plastic pants to bed, sleep on a noisy plastic sheet, and wet my diapers and bedsheets during the night. Although it gets a little uncomfortable, I don't even mind sleeping on wet sheets the whole night through either. Because I sleep on a water bed, the heater keeps the wet bed sheets at a more comfortable temperature than the wet, cold, clammy sheets I slept on as a youngster. If I want to make it more comfortable, I will wear thick cloth diapers which are waterproofed by a heavy pair of rubber pants over them, too!

History and Experiences of Steven F. - Part 2

BEDWETTING!!! What an absolutely shameful, humiliating, and babyish thing for a 13 year old to do! Between the ages of 8 through 13, I can vividly remember having to sleep on top of a very noisy PLASTIC SHEET that crinkled and cracked with but the slightest movement.

A plastic sheet on any young boy's bed is a very strong symbol of his continued babyhood, and it also continually makes the rude announcement to everyone who comes near it, that a pee pants occupies the bed! The same noisy plastic sheet was on my twin youth bed for many years and over time it became very brittle and made much louder cracking noises from all the repeated bedwettings that had occurred on it.

Sleeping on top of that ridiculously noisy plastic sheet night after night was also a constant reminder to me that I had a chronic "BEDWETTING PROBLEM!" The plastic sheet slowly began developing several holes in it. I didn't want to bring the humiliating subject of needing a new plastic sheet, so I decided to try and hide it from my mom. I did try my best to repair the plastic with duct tape. Without my knowledge, the tape repair job failed and my nightly bedwetting accidents were slowly seeping through the openings and saturating my mattress below.

My mom discovered this situation one day and said, "Steven, you should have asked me to get you another plastic sheet. Now take your mattress outside to air out in the sun this instant." Having this happen at 12 years old did nothing to boost my self esteem and you can imagine how degraded I felt as I had to drag my piss soaked and yellow stained evidence outside for the world to see. Of course my mattress was already ruined, but I wasn't about to get a new one and would have to live with the incriminating stained evidence for several more years to come. It was made plain to me that my mattress would not be replace until I had completely outgrown the bedwetting habit. Years after, I can still remember seeing my old piss stained mattress up in the attic from time to time and it always bought back the memories of my bedwetting days.

There were several neighborhood kids who were close to my age during this time, and I felt certain that they would see my urine soaked mattress drying outside and would quickly spread the word that, "Steven is a Bedwetter". Would they tell my other classmates at school? Would I be ridiculed and humiliated? Would they discover my special bedwetter pants and plastic sheets? These questions haunted my mind and I felt the shame of my problem.

History and Experiences of Steven F. - Part 3

Back in my prepubescent years, when I was around 12 years old, I can remember playing outside one day. I have a sister Patty who is 2 1/2 years older than me, and on this particular day I was doing my usual horsing around and was aggravating her. Patty made it quite obvious that she wanted to be left alone as she and her friend Kelly sat in the hammock and talked. I simply pushed her to hard and Patty got so furious with me that she went on a wild rampage. She knew what would hurt me the most and decided to unleash it on that afternoon. She turned to Kelly and said mockingly, "Did you know that my brother Stevie still Wets the Bed?" I couldn't believe my ears and at that moment felt about 2 feet tall. My face turned bright red and I wanted to crawl in a hole and die. Cruelly, she and her friend laughed and laughed as I quickly removed myself from the area. I went off by myself and cried and cried and could only wonder what questions Kelly might be asking my sister after ! that . Does Steven wet the bed every night? Does he wear diapers? What's it like when you go on trips? Would Patty tell her that I wore special night pants and slept on a plastic sheet as well?

From the ages of 8 to 12, I did wear special night pants designed to handle a young boy's bedwetting problem. My night pants were very similar to cotton pull-on training pants made for toddlers with one difference. My bedwetter pants were so thick you would have to put at least five pairs of toddler training pants together to equal the thickness of one pair of mine. These bedwetter pants or diaper pants as I sometimes like to call them were something that over time I became attached to. They did provide a great deal of security and were actually kind of comfortable to wear as well.

I often wondered years after I had outgrown bedwetting where my mom had purchased these special diaper pants. Another AB friend sent me a picture of a pair of bedwetter pants from a SEARS catalog and they looked very much like the same pants I had worn as a youngster.

Although I was never taken to a medical supply store to be fitted for diapers or rubber pants as a youngster, I do now fantasize about this very scenario. How embarrassing to have your own mother take you into a store and in front of all the sales people and customers announce, "My 12 year old is a Bedwetter! Do you have any diapers and rubber pants large enough to fit him?" And, "He is a very heavy nighttime wetter so please give him the very thickest cloth diapers you have available!" Also, "Can my boy try these diapers and rubber pants on right now so we make sure he gets the right size?"

Back to reality (I can dream can't I?). Mom made sure I was well equipped with several pairs of "Diaper Pants" and remember wearing them nightly and without complaint. From all the laundering they received over the years, the thick 100% cotton pull-on pants became very soft and were extremely comfortable to wear. I developed a special fondness for them.

Today I wear DPF's training pants as they are the closest thing I have ever been able to find that resemble the special night pants I wore as a youngster. I try to wear thick training pants to bed whenever I can, and use a soaker diaper stuffed inside with a pair of plastic pants over top. I've found that this combination will most often contain my heavy wettings, but occasionally some of the accident will leak at the leg and waist openings of the plastic pants and soak my bedsheets as well. Often times this situation will become uncomfortable during the night. But then, Bedwetters shouldn't be made comfortable now should they?

History and Experiences of Steven F. - Part 4

You will notice that I often make references to rubber pants and rubber sheets in my writings. I grew up during the years when plastic pants and plastic sheets were popular. I do like using the words rubber and plastic interchangeable, however, because both are such great words!

As a fourth grader and 10 years old, an incident happened that I will never forget. One afternoon, my mom came to the principals office and had me excused from the rest of classes that day. I didn't know what was up but can remember going to the doctors office which I had never liked. Little did I know but I was going to the doctors to have my chronic bedwetting problem diagnosed. After a complete examination of my private area the doctor met with my mom while I was made to wait in another room. We were then sent to a hospital around the corner supposedly to have more examinations. I was told by the nurse to strip off all clothing including underpants and was handed a paper bathrobe to put on. I was put underneath the x-ray machines and several pictures were taken. I felt so exposed laying on the table in such a skimpy outfit as I was most modest at that age and didn't like having to take my clothes off in front of others. After the x-rays I was told to put my clothes back on and get ready to go home with my mom.

A few days later my mom met the doctor again privately and she later told me that the doctor had found there was nothing medically wrong with me that could explain the bedwetting and that it was something I would simply outgrow later. I wondered how much later! Even at that age I was concerned that I would never be able to marry because of my bedwetting.

After all the examinations, I did notice my mom was trying a few new things to try and get me to stop wetting the bed. This was probably advice she received from the doctor although I don't know who else she may have been asking advice for my condition. Anyway, one night while I was fast asleep my mom came into my room and tried waking me up to take me to the bathroom to use the toilet. Half asleep I was marched into the bathroom. Thank goodness no lights were turned on as I'm sure that would really been most disturbing. My mom helped me remove my bedwetter pants to my ankles and then had me lean over the toilet as she poured a glass of cold water over my young boy cock to make me pee. Some nights the cold water would make me piss, but on many occasions nothing at all would come out. My bedwetter pants were pulled back up to my waist and I was tucked back into bed. Regardless of whether I had been able to pee in the toilet or not, the next morning would arrive and the ! results would usually be the same. Another WET BED!!!

History and Experiences of Steven F. - Part 5

Mom was clearly getting quite frustrated with my babyish bedwetting habit and it only got worse the older I got. One evening while I was brushing my teeth before bed, I remember my mom bringing a super large pair of plastic pants into the bathroom. These particular pants were much larger than super large toddler baby pants, and I wondered where she had found a pair so big. At the time, I was only wearing a Tshirt and of course a pair of my favorite thick diaper pants. To my horror mom said, "Steven, I am sick and tired of all the extra laundry your bedwetting problem has been causing and you really don't seem to be trying very hard to give it up. It is useless for you to continue to wear those cotton night pants without wearing a pair of these waterproof pants overtop."

My mother held the baby pants in front of my face and stretched the waistband wide open while saying, "From now on young man, you will be wearing these RUBBER PANTS to bed at night." I was shocked and felt so ashamed at the announcement and the graphic display of my new rubberized prison! I remember the complete shame of this scene as I was made to step into the rubber pants one leg opening at a time. The baby pants were pulled up overtop my cotton night pants and I felt and looked like a two year old toddler and not the 9 year old I actually was at the time. As my mom started to leave the room she uttered one more hard to swallow sentence, "And I better not catch you out of your rubber pants during the night young man. Until you can prove to me that you are a big boy and can awake and use the toilet you will just have to get used to it!"

More than anything else having to do with bedwetting, having to wear those shameful rubber pants was always the ultimate badge of infancy! I absolutely abhorred wearing rubber pants mainly for this reason, but there were other reasons as well. On that hot summer night and after having been humiliated in such a manner, I reluctantly got into bed clad only in a diaper and rubber pants. I found the baby attire to be most uncomfortable as the elastic at the waist and leg openings of the rubber pants gripped my skin very tightly. I definitely did not like it!

Although I never minded having to wear the special pull-on cotton night pants, I always felt humiliated when I was made to wear the rubber pants overtop them. Nor did I completely understand that the night pants were pretty much useless without the necessary waterproof protection. Not only were the rubber pants noisy, but they became even more unbearable as the night went on. Since there was no air movement inside this tightly sealed rubber envelope, steam would built up and the cotton diaper pants would become moist and soggy all by themselves even without my usual wettings. Anyone whose worn a pair of rubber pants on a hot summer night can relate to exactly what I'm talking about.

The rubber pants had supposedly been introduced to cut down on the laundry, but I wonder if another motive was to try and shame me out of the chronic bedwetting habit with them as well. Much to my displeasure, from age 9 to 11, I can remember my mom stocking my dresser drawers with several pairs of the hated rubber pants! Reluctantly, I would put them on just so my mom could see me in them before bedtime. But most of the time, after I was under the covers for the night, I would slip my rubber pants off and sleep in only the cotton diaper pants. Of course the next morning would inevitably arrive, and the results would always be the same; a pair of soaking wet cotton pull-on bedwetter pants, a soaking wet T-shirt, and a soaking wet bed!

My practice of leaving the diaper pants on at night would help in soaking up some of the nights wetting, but they were pretty ineffective without the necessary waterproof protection overtop. Today, when I look back on it I really wish I had been more obedient and worn my baby pants each and every night as I had been told. Alot of additional laundry could have been avoided and I would have gotten to experience the feeling of more SHAME and HUMILIATION as a result. I really feel I should be punished now for my disobedience as a youngster. What do you think?

History and Experiences of Steven F. - Part 6

Unfortunately I cannot remember being SPANKED FOR BEDWETTING as a child, but I can remember a couple of occasions where I was spanked by my mom because I had disobeyed her and had not worn rubber pants over top my diaper pants during the night. At this tender age, I received absolutely no pleasure from her spankings and the humiliation and pain that accompanied the bottom warming! A typical punishment with my getting spanked would go something like this; "Take your trousers down to your ankles young man." Then she would grab the waist band of my underpants and slip these down around my ankles as well. Bare-assed and naked she would say, "You are being punished for disobeying me and you must wear your rubber pants to bed as long as you continue to wet it!" I found the leather belt she used to be most unpleasant and the pain seemed to sharpen with each slap against my bare buttocks. Although this punishment was usually done in private I know my brothers and sisters must have known what was going on as I'm sure they could hear my cries.

The bedroom I was sleeping in during this time was very large and was shared with two older sisters. They occupied one half of the room, and since we lived in the same quarters, they of course knew I was still wetting the bed and was wearing special night pants. On many nights when I was underneath the covers I would sneak my rubber pants off and sleep only in the thick cotton padded night pants. Of course I was being disobedient by doing this, but it was much too uncomfortable to wear rubber pants!

It never failed, however, as sometime during the night I would WET THE BED! The next morning would arrive and I would try my best to hide the piss soaked diaper pants and sheets in one of my bottom dresser drawers behind lots of other clothing. I always hoped I could later retrieve the incriminating evidence and use the washing machine in private while no one else was in the house. No matter how hard I tried, mom always seemed to find my secret hiding places, and when she did she would hit the roof!

She really did have an extraordinary sense of smell and probably used it to sniff down my wet sheets and diapers. You probably don't find most ten year old boys doing their own laundry, but I mastered this task during my bedwetting years. I wanted to wash my own clothes and bedding just so my mom couldn't figure out just how often I was wetting the bed and of course so she wouldn't be able to humiliate me!

Due to the impact of the BEDWETTING PROBLEM, I became more introverted as a child and young teen, and would take ever precaution possible to assure that this most embarrassing babyish problem was kept a secret. To my knowledge only my parents, brothers, sisters, and a few other relatives knew about my secret nighttime bedwettings! As the years pasted a few other individuals certainly discovered the secret, much to my chagrin. I declined almost every offer to spend the night at friends houses and the few invitations I did accept I would always later regret because they usually resulted in one of my infamous unplanned nighttime accidents! Gosh, if only I had worn the necessary bedwetter protection (diapers with heavy duty rubber pants) during these embarrassing accidents.

History and Experiences of Steven F. - Part 7

As I was last relating, I pretty much tried to keep the bedwetting thing a secret growing up. One exception to my not spending nights over at friend's houses was an occasional sleep over at my aunt's house while visiting my cousin, John. On one particular sleepover when I was 12, I made sure not to drink too much before bed time as I was still wetting the bed at least three to four nights a week at this time. I slept in the guest bedroom and was a little concerned when I didn't see the mattress protected with a rubber sheet. Like an idiot, I forgot to bring my bedwetting pants. Still, since I hadn't drank much that night, I felt the odds of having a dry night would be pretty good.

The next morning arrived and Uh Oh!!! I will give you three guesses as to who "Wet the Bed!" I awoke at 5 A.M. to this horror and was very uncomfortable sleeping in wet underpants, T-shirt, and in a cold and completely piss soaked bed! My naughty boyish accident had gone right through the sheeting and had completely saturated my aunt's guest mattress. How was I ever going to explain to my aunt and cousin why I was still wetting my bed like a baby and at 12 years old!

Instead of telling them about my bed-wetting episode, I decided to try and keep it a secret. After bundling up the wet sheets and clothing into a pile I took my blow dryer out and proceeded to dry out the mattress. Believe me, this was not the first time I had used a hair dryer for this purpose. After 30 minutes of hot blown heat, you can imagine the ammonia smell that was permeating the room. I opened a window to help air the room out.

Somehow later that morning I did manage to wash the sheets and clothing in my aunt's washing machine and dryer and was able to get them back on the bed without anyone finding out about it. Can you imagine how secretive I was having to be to pull a feat like this off?

Although my aunt never mentioned it to me, it must have been obvious to her what I had done in her guest bed as the next time I was invited over to spend the night, a rubber sheet had been placed on my bed. Even though my aunt never expressed her displeasure at my naughty bedwetting episode, the rubber sheet said it everything. They say a picture tells a 1000 words! So does a rubber sheet on a young boy's bed!

The next in my aunt's guest bed, I awoke to a dry bed, but just having the noisy rubber sheet beneath me all night and hearing it crinkle and crack each time I rolled over, continually reminding me of the fact that I really was nothing more than a pants pissing bedwetting 12 year old boy!

History and Experiences of Steven F. - Part 8

On the rare occasions when I did have friends over to my house, I always tried to keep them out of my bedroom for fear that might discover my naughty bedwetting habit! Once at age 13, I remember my best friend David coming over to my house and both of us being in my room one afternoon. David sat down on my bed before I could stop him, and the plastic sheet covering the mattress crinkled and cracked horribly! It was obvious that a "BEDWETTER" occupied the bed. David looked at me rather awkwardly and I could see him silently chuckling to himself. He had just stumbled upon one of my deepest and most private secrets.

It may have only been a coincidence, but about one week before, David and I had been in our eighth grade class with about 45 other boys when the subject of bedwetting was discussed. We attended a private Catholic school together and were in a sex education class when this incident occurred. I don't really remember how the conversation got started, but someone asked a question and the teacher responded by telling the group that statistics proved that about 3% to 4% of boys in the 12 to 13 year old age group still wet their beds! He furthermore explained that there were probably a couple of boys in our very class who were still wetting their beds at night also!

Talk about a topic that was too close for comfort! This subject was right up my alley and I was definitely in the 3% to 4% statistic the teacher had just made reference to. As you are aware, boys in this particular age group can be very cruel to other boys, especially if they discover that one of their peers is a sissy bedwetter!

Looking back on this particular day I now fantasize about the possibilities that could have potentially developed. After the teacher finished with his dissertation on bedwetting, he signals me out and calls me to stand in front of the class. My face is beet red and my heart racing a hundred miles a minute for fear of what might happen. When I reached the teachers desk he pulls a pair of my bedwetting pants out of a drawer and holds them up opening them wide so the rest of the class can see. At the sight of these very large training pants, many giggles and much laughter can be heard throughout the room.

The teacher says, "Steven, your mom and I have been having a little talk and I know all about your chronic bedwetting problem. How does it feel to be 13 year old and still wearing these baby pants to bed each night?" At this comment the room breaks out in unbelievably loud laughter and the teacher has to yell and pound his fist on the desk just to get the class to come back to order.

The teacher then presents me with a T-shirt that he and my mom had designed especially for me. On the front of the Tshirt were two words branded in big black letters; "DIAPER BOY." The teacher tells me to take my shirt off and after I do he slips the new one over my head and adjusts it at the waist. He orders me to remove my trousers and underpants. Still being prepubescent and very shy, I am most humiliated at being exposed to my peers in this manner. The teacher holds my very familiar thick white cotton pull-on night pants in front of me and has me step into them one leg opening at a time. He then produces a super large pair of pink plastic baby pants and pulls them up overtop the thickly padded night pants. A pacifiers is strapped into my mouth and I am made to sit on top of his desk in the front of the class.

The teacher says, "Boys, this is how we punish a 13 year sissy bedwetter! Now Steven will remain in this baby attire for the rest of classes this afternoon. We expect that when we leave here today he will have wet his pants just like the good diaper boy we know him to be!"

Everyone then gets a chance to add to this most humiliating punishment when the teacher takes off his leather belt and tells the class, "We all know that 13 year old sissy pants pissing bedwetting babies needs to be disciplined! Now who wants to be the first to administer the appropriate bedwetter spankings?"

At that point almost every hand in the room is raised high. The teacher gleaming with delight, has all the boys stand in a line in front of me as he pulls my diaper pants to my ankles and has me touch my toes. He says, "Take your time and make the belt sting, everyone will get a chance to spank our naughty pants pisser!

History and Experiences of Steven F. - Part 9

On one occasion, our seventh grade class went on a retreat for the weekend. Our class was coed and they split the boys and girls into two groups and each group was sent to a different retreat site on Friday afternoon. The boys site was in the mountains of West Virginia, about a 2 1/2 hour drive from metropolitan Washington D.C.

I was very fearful of going on a trip like this because of my frequent bedwetting during this age. However, I don't really recall being given a choice on attending or not. When we arrived at the retreat site, our leader separated the 30 or more 12 year old boys into two groups. Group one got cabin A, and group two got cabin B. I was assigned to group B, and we were told to go to our cabins, choose a bunk, make our beds, and leave our belongings in our rooms. After that we would all go back to the main hall for orientation.

The idea of sleeping in a cabin with other boys my own age was not high on my priority list. I knew there was a distinct possibility I might WET THE BED! If I did wet and was discovered, I would become the laughing stock of the class. I still wore bedwetter pants at this age, but chose not to bring them on this particular trip because I definitely did not want to be caught with them on or in my possession!

Fortunately, when we got to our cabin I was able to secure one of the lower bunk beds. After removing the bedspread I could see that the mattress had no waterproof protector on it and I would have to use my own. Before I left home, I packed an approximately 3' x 4' rubber sheet so I could protect the mattress just in case of an accident. I figured that when no one was looking I would be able to slip the rubber sheet between the regular sheets and mattress!

I made up the bed that evening but kept the rubber sheet hidden in my pillow case. I figured after everyone was asleep that night, I would be able to slip the rubber sheet over top the mattress. We went to the main hall for orientation, and did not arrive back to the cabin until 10:00 P.M. We were told lights were to be out in a 1/2 hour as we had a busy day ahead of us. When soft drinks were offered around 8:00 that evening, I declined as I wanted to do everything in my power to prevent another unplanned bedwetting accident!

After the lights went out I can remember laying on my back on top of the mattress and noticing how squeaky the metal framed bunk beds were when my other classmates moved around. Slipping the rubber sheet under my sheets and on top of the mattress might be more difficult then originally planned. I had to stay awake more that a 1/2 hour after the lights went out just so I could feel confident enough that all the other boys were asleep and I could make my move without being discovered.

I pulled the rubber sheet out from underneath my pillow case and stretched it out and inserted it between the bottom sheet and the mattress. Finally, I could go to sleep for the night and only hope that this would be one of my dry nights! I was elated the next morning to awake to dry underpants, T-shirt, and bed! Only one more night to go and I would be home free.

Saturday's activities were very rigorous. The retreat directors kept the program moving along at a fast pace. We had enough free time for exploring the woods and even built a large bonfire that evening. I still made sure not to drink too much before bedtime. My last soda was around 7:00 P.M. When it was bedtime, I used the bathroom and was able to piss in the toilet which made me feel pretty good.

The rubber sheet was already in place on top of the mattress because I decided I would leave it there from the previous night. I was exhausted and fell asleep almost immediately. To my horror I was awaken at before sunrise and to a freshly wet bed. If my classmates ever found out I would never hear the end of it. As I lay in my wet underpants and partially wet T-shirt I wondered how I would be able to keep it all a secret. I knew all my movements would have to be kept to a minimum or I might risk waking someone up. I reached into my duffel bag and pulled out a dry pair of underpants and Tshirt along with a large towel. I put the towel on top of the wet spot on the sheets and removed my wet clothing and changed into the dry stuff. My wet things were balled up tightly and stowed in my duffel bag.

I couldn't go back to sleep after having just wet the bed, so I lied on top of the bed for the hour and my mind was tormented with the naughty thing I had done in my bed that night. Why at age 12 was I still doing what babies do? I had to be very secretive the next morning to make sure no one would discover my shameful bedwetting episode. Fortunately when everyone arose that morning there was a lot of commotion in the room and I was able to bundle all my sheets up, remove them from the bed, and stuff them into the duffel bag without much notice. Needless to say, I was much relieved that my secret wasn't discovered and I had escaped being humiliated further with ridicule from my classmates!

History and Experiences of Steven F. - Part 10

Since my first jerk-off session to a climax happened at age 13 while in wet diapers and a wet bed, I would often later try to repeat that first experience. When I was 14 years old, and after having pretty much outgrown accidental bedwetting, I can remember some pretty slippery situations that developed during my masturbation sessions. First, I would put on I at least 6 to 10 pairs of regular underpants over top each other to try and simulate the thickness of the special night pants I had worn only a couple of years before. Then I would use a plastic trash bag and step into it to create leg openings. The trash bag would be pulled up over top the thick padded underpants to create a waterproof homemade rubber pant!

Then came the fun part. I would fill several water balloons up with warm water and slip them between my skin and the thick padding of the homemade night pants. I would lay down on the bed and slip my hand inside my underpants to prick small holes in the water balloons. I was always so very excited during these jerk-off sessions and while the warm water from the balloons leaked into my padded underpants, I acted like I was asleep and was actually bedwetting again. My young manhood was always so firm and erect during these times, and the sensations I got as I rocked back and forth against the plastic sheeted mattress were incredible!

As a chronic bedwetter from 8 to 13 year old, it was always a common occurrence for me to wake up to wet sheets, wet underpants, and with a wet T-shirt on. Even when I would do as my mom instructed and wore my padded night pants with a pair of rubber pants, the waterproof pants would often times leak at the leg and waist openings leaving me in an extremely wet bed. I was a heavy nighttime wetter so I'm sure this was to be expected.

Anyway, when I later discovered the water balloon trick at age 14, I actually liked it when my homemade rubber pants would leak and my bedsheets would become soaked as well. Sometimes after the bed was soaked, I would fill more balloons and prick them with holes just to make the bed even more wet. Sometimes it was very close to becoming a swimming pool.

Masturbating on wet sheets and with thick padded cloth underpants on was not at all unusual to me and it actually made me feel like I was once again a "naughty bed-wetting" boy! The warm wet sheets and soft cloth underpants provided a very firm teenage erection with the necessary lubrication for some real slippery fun! I would rock back and forth against the mattress with my hard young boyhood through the homemade bedwetter and rubber pants and against the mattress until I would final cum to a momentous climax! Its no wonder I developed these strong fetishes for diapers, plastic pants, and bedwetting today as even as early as age 13 I was being so positively reinforced with pleasure each and every orgasm that was to follow.

Somewhere early on in this experimentation, I introduced a leather belt into this play time. After the water balloons leaked, I would pull my pants down to my knees, and while laying stomach down on the bed, would reach behind with the belt to give myself much deserved "Bedwetter Spankings!" Can you imagine a 14 year old actually having to spank himself since there was no one else would do it for him? I really wished I could have been spanked by someone else at the time. Even at the age of 14, I still very much felt the shame from my bedwetting years and desired to be humiliated, spanked, and punished for it!

History and Experiences of Steven F. - Part 11

My next experience into this new scene was very embarrassing and happened at age 14. I was really beginning to have strong desires to find "DIAPER PANTS" made for big boys. I wanted to find a pair of thickly padded 100% cotton pull-on pants with a pair of large plastic pants just like I was made to wear as an 8 to 12 year old. So on one particular Saturday morning I ventured off to a discount store a couple of miles from our house. Without delay I headed right for the baby section trying to take note of all the various items there while at the same time trying to make it seem like I wasn't really interested in case someone was looking at me. I finally picked out two pair of the largest toddler "Rubber Pants" (they were sized Extra Super Large) available and went to the check out line and put them on the counter behind a couple of other regular items I was purchasing so as to try and hide them.

A line was quick to form behind me and it was at that point that the cashier in training faced me so I could see her. Unfortunately for me, it turned out to be Sharon, a previous classmate of mine from the eighth grade. At first Sharon looked straight at me and asked how I was doing without even noticing what I had just put down on the counter. Once she saw the baby pants, however, she picked them up and looked at me and said, "Are these extra super large rubber baby pants for you Steven?!" I felt about the size of a small toddler after she made that comment and was sure that my secret diaper and rubber pant fetish would certainly leak out. At this time I thought I was the only one in the world with such oddities. My face turned beet red and I stumbled for a few words to try an say in retaliation. All I could think of at the time was that I was purchasing them for my sisters child. What a poor excuse but it was all I could think of. Why else would I be purchasing rubber pants?

Sharon and I did attend different high schools so I could only hope this incident would blow over with time and she wouldn't tell anyone I knew and would maybe just forget about it. I'm sure you can understand that all I wanted to do after this humiliation was to leave as quickly as I had come in. Maybe what I experienced was only a bad dream. Not! It was of course no dream and Sharon had actually guessed right the first time. The extra super large baby pants were for me. I bet she never could have imagined that later that afternoon I would go to the privacy of my own room, undress, and jerk-off in them! Although the pants were very large, they were much too small for a 120 pound 14 year old boy, and the waterproof pants were most tight as I struggled to pull them up my legs and over top my bulging boyish erection. With them snugly in place I jacked myself off to a climax that was most exhilarating, but I knew I would soon have to find a larger pair which would be the right fit.

Although I did find this to have been a most humiliating experience at the time, I now look back on this true story with fond memories and only wish the story could have continued into a fantasy where Sharon uses this incident to blackmail me into her very own BEDWETTING DIAPER SLAVE! I need to give this some consideration and work on a story along these lines some day!

History and Experiences of Steven F. - Part 12

It wasn't until the beginning of my sophomore year of high school that I first began noticing magazine advertisements for hygienic pants that would help stop, "WET BEDS." The terms incontinence and enuresis were both new to me. I can remember how excited I was when I saw my first incontinent pant advertisement in a Parade magazine one Sunday afternoon. The diaper pant described in the advertisement claimed that it was used quite successfully by many children and adults. The ad specifically mentioned that this product was ideal in treating childhood bedwetting problems. Pictured on the advertisement were a sketch of a man, woman, and boy, and all were wearing a pair of the incontinent pants.

I will never forget going to our local post office and purchasing a money order for a pair of these diaper pants. I couldn't have the package shipped to my house for fear of discovery, so I managed to arrange for the package to be sent to the post office. I had to fabricate a story the postal lady would buy, so I told her that I was getting a gift for my mothers birthday and I didn't want my mom to see the package in our mail box because it was to be a surprise. The kind lady thought it was so nice of me to do this for my mother, and she gladly agreed to accept delivery of the package at the post office on my behalf. It took about 2 weeks before it arrived, and I must have worn the postal lady out with all my phone calls during the second week to see if it was there yet. Luckily for me, when the package did arrive, it was in a very discrete brown covered envelope, so the contents were not easily detectable.

You can only imagine what an absolutely thrilling time this was for me, and the anticipation I felt upon opening up my first pair of incontinent pants was immense. The new garment consisted of two items and it came with directions on how to set it up. I put the thick cloth diaper soaker pad into the separate plastic diaper cover as was instructed. The reusable diaper cover was very similar in design to a disposable diaper and even had Velcro tabs at each side for easy fastening. Once assembled, I lied the diaper on the bed and my young boyhood immediately came to full attention! I then lied down on top of the diaper and pulled it up on each side and securely strapped myself into it. I remember standing up with the bulky diaper on and seeing myself in the mirror for the first time and thinking how similar I looked to an overgrown toddler!

I loved the feel of the thick diaper against my skin, and especially how the plastic outer covering felt as I rubbed my hands back and forth over it. It felt good rubbing my crotch area in this manner and in knowing that my young teenage erection was safely protected underneath! Being one for a little adventure, I wanted to see what it would be like to go a little public with my diapers on. So I grabbed a pair of loose fitting sweat pants, pulled them up over top the diapers, and then put a T-shirt on. My mom was in the kitchen preparing dinner while my younger brothers were in the recreation room watching television when this was occurring. I felt totally naughty as I walked from my bedroom down the hallway to the recreation room. If one really studied it, they would know something was up from all the added bulk concentrated in my crotch area and underneath the sweat pants. Also, a slight rustling noise could be heard from the diaper pants with each step taken.

Needless to say, I was very self conscious about being in such a diapered state and also with the fear that I might be discovered. Still, I did manage to make it to the recreation room and was able to sit in one of the couches behind my brothers without them apparently noticing. With my brothers absorbed in their television show, I sat quietly on the couch admiring the thick bulk beneath the sweat pants. When I heard my mom scream from the next room that dinner would be ready in 15 minutes, I knew my little adventure was about to come to an end. I would need to retrace my steps back to the bedroom quickly, then remove my clothing and secret diapers, and change back into regular clothes for dinner. I would also need to find a quick and secure hiding place for the new diaper pants! I must admit that going out into the open with diapers on underneath my clothes was a thrilling new experience, but at the same time it did make me extremely nervous.

Later, while in the private confines of my bedroom, I had time to completely test the diaper pants, and found that when I was laying in bed and would wet on purpose, some of my piss would leak out. This particular incontinent pant did not have elastic leg and waist openings and it was a major engineering flaw with the product. If I had been actually bedwetting at this age, and in true need of these pants, I'm sure I would have given up on them early on just because of the annoying leakage problem. Still, I did enjoy the diaper pants very much and was both excited by them and also further positively reinforced with each and every climax that was enjoyed while fantasizing and jerking-off!

History and Experiences of Steven F. - Part 13

When I was 16 years old, I started having much stronger desires for DIAPERS and RUBBER PANTS! During this time, I was beginning to discover that drug stores carried incontinent supplies. What started at this point was what would become an over 10 year hobby and fascination with looking through the incontinent section of any drug or medical store I stumbled upon. Most incontinent sections are usually somewhere in the back section of the store and I always try to play nonchalantly that I was searching for something else while what I was really after were some authentic diapers and rubber pants!

Being a rather shy boy and one who embarrasses very easily, I always felt so self-conscious when in these situations. In a fantasy realm, I desperately desire to be publicly exposed, humiliated, and made to suffer the consequences of my naughty BEDWETTING. Diaper domination and discipline if very much a part of these fantasies. Of course real life is a somewhat different story, however.

Once during my 16th year I can remember watching Johnny Carson one evening and he had a guest on that night that talked about a new book he had read by Sheri Hite entitled, "Men in Love." Johnny's guest thought one of the parts in it was so ridiculously funny and told the audience, "Can you actually believe that there are guys in this book who actually get-off by dressing up in diapers?" Wow! I had never heard of this before and prior to this television show I thought I was the only one in the world with this peculiarity. That there was a possibility of others with diaper interests like me was quite a revelation. I could hardly wait for the next day to arrive so I could go to the store to find the book Johnny's guest had mentioned.

"Men in Love" was a best seller at the time and it had many different subjects dealing primarily with what turns males on sexually. In the chapter entitled, "Watersports," there were two men in different letters that shared their secret fetishes for diapers and rubber pants. They told about how diapers and rubber pants aroused them sexually. At the end of one of the guys stories, he made the comment, "...I'm sure that catalogue mail order companies like Sears must sell quite a few incontinent pants to other adults with diaper fetishes as well."

Guess what catalog I began to check out that afternoon?

History and Experiences of Steven F. - Part 14

After reading Sheri Hites "Men in Love", my eyes were opened to the possibilities of Sear's being a source for incontinent supplies. So I went right down to Sears that same afternoon and browsed through their mail order catalog. In the index in bold print was just what I was looking for, "ADULT DIAPERS," page 155. Sears offered a wide assortment of pull-on and snap-on incontinent pants that were made out of vinyl and you could order cloth liners separately that would snap into their briefs. They also offered adult diapers both disposable and reusable.

I placed my first order over the phone and was told I would be able to pick it up within only 5 days. Anxiously I awaited for the phone call from Sears to tell me my order had arrived. At the time, Sear's had a system whereby you were given a bin number according to your last name and phone number. With the number of the bin written on the invoice the customer was sent down the aisles to pick up their order from the bin. As I walked down the aisles I did pay special attention to the fact that most of the other customer orders were already wrapped up and put into bags, but when I got to my bin, my rubber pants and reusable adult diapers were not wrapped up at all. The person responsible for getting the orders together must have thought it would be kind of cute to keep the items unwrapped so as to embarrass the purchaser went they had to take the items to the cashier for check-out.

Here I was a 16 year old boy who was totally embarrassed having to purchase rubber pants and diapers from a perfect stranger. The cashier gave me a funny look and asked me to make sure I had received all of the following as they appeared on my invoice;




I agreed that all the items were there and signed the invoice, paid for the purchase and quickly disappeared out the back door and drove my parents car home.

As the years past, I order my share of vinyl incontinent pants and other supplies from Sear's as they were one of the only sources for these type adult products I knew of at the time. I did, however, still yearn for a pair of pull-on style cloth diaper pants and a pair of waterproof plastic pants like those that I wore as an 8 to 12 year old.

The adult diapers from Sear's were made from birdseye material and they had a blue barrier on the outside that was supposed to make them waterproof. In order to fasten the diapers I had to use safety pins made for babies and would wear vinyl pants over top for extra protection. You can imagine how sneaky I had to be from the ages of 16 to 18 as I was still living at home and could not afford to be caught with any of this damaging evidence.

History and Experiences of Steven F. - Part 15

Another fond memory from my teenage years also occurred during my 16th year and as a sophomore in high school. I was visiting my friend Susan at her aunt and uncles home one evening. Susan was from California and was temporarily living with her relatives in the Washington Metropolitan area. As part of her agreement for room and board, Susan would regularly babysit her aunt and uncles children. They had two boys, 6 year old Mike and 8 year old Kenny, and a daughter Sarah age 11.

Susan had invited me over to watch some television and help pass the time while she babysat the kids. When I arrived, Mike and Kenny were busy playing with two of their other friends who were there for a sleepover. Sarah was in her own room doing her own thing. As I walked into the recreation room the boys were all busy romping around and carrying on like normal boys these ages. I immediately noticed that Kenny was wearing an extra large T-shirt with some obviously thick cloth diapers on underneath. His diapers were held up tautly by a frosty pair of extra large rubber pants! Kenny's oversized T-shirt was doing a lousy job of concealing his puffed out bottom. As Kenny tumbled to the floor, his baby pants were exposed for all to see. Kenny was absolutely the cutest diaper boy I had ever seen, and I really enjoyed seeing an 8 year old dressed this way.

I tried to be cool about the situation and act as if I wasn't interested in what Kenny was wearing. At one point, he came over and sat on a bar stool next to Susan and I. The way he sat on the bar stool and faced us fully exposed his plastic baby pants and they were quite puffed out due to the thick diapers he was wearing underneath.

What then took place is something I will never forget as long as I live as it was a most adorable scene. Susan took her hand and placed it right on top of Kenny's exposed and bulging RUBBER BABY PANTS! She then squeezed his thick baby pants with her fingers and even jerked his diaper pants from the left and then to the right while she looked down at him and smiled saying, "Kenny wears D I A P E R S ! ! !"

Before this exposure, Kenny had seemed like he was unaware he was wearing diapers but after Susan's remarks the youngster became fully aware of his diapered shame and he blushed profusely. He was completely furious at Susan for humiliating him in front of me in this manner and he immediately pulled the T-shirt down over top his baby pants to try and hide his diaper clad bottom from us. He then rushed out of the room in tears.

I asked Susan, "Why is Kenny wearing diapers at his age?" She responded, "Kenny is a chronic bedwetter and his mom put him back in night diapers to cut down on laundry." About a half hour later Susan led Kenny upstairs to get him ready for bed and I really wished I could have gone with her and seen the young bedwetters room. I would have like to have checked out his bed and seen the plastic or rubber sheeting he slept on.

Seeing an older boy in thick diapers and rubber pants like this surely made a prominent impression on me and I was very turned on by it and would often fantasize about it later. In this situation, I actually felt very envious that Kenny got to wear diapers and rubber pants for his bedwetting. I wished that I could get Susan to humiliate me in diapers like she had just done to young Kenny. A sixteen year old in diapers is pretty rare so just think about the blackmail potential Susan could have had if she knew I secretly dressed up in diapers during jerking-off sessions. It would have been great if Susan had found out about my secret and made me her very own diaper slave as a result. I'm sure there would have been all kinds of humiliating experiences.

I really wished I could have been there to witness Kenny getting strapped into his diapers and rubber pants at the beginning of the evening. I could only imagine how much fun Susan must have had making a production out of diapering the young 8 year old. Kenny would be in his early 20's today, and I wonder if he likes wearing diapers today. I'm sure he got to experience lots bedwetting and diapering situations as a child and it is sure to of had an impact on his adulthood.

History and Experiences of Steven F. - Part 16

During my teenage years I still did a lot of normal high school stuff like sports and dating girls. The diaper attraction came and went and never really got out of hand during this period. I journeyed off to college at age 18 and on the first night sleeping in my new bunk I had a BEDWETTING ACCIDENT that was very humiliating. I will send you this story if you request it.

It was during my last two years in college and while living in an apartment by myself that I began collecting more and more baby articles. At this time, I was buying adult sized disposable diapers for heavy loss of bladder control. I would put the diapers on under regular clothes and go out in public places and wet them. I found an outstanding brand called, "Dry Comfort." The disposable diapers were thick and bulky, made a tremendous amount of noise underneath clothing, and they also didn't leak. What a thrill to be able to piss in my diapers anytime and any place!

I also really enjoyed reading Forum magazine during my college years and liked the kinky letter section the best. Occasionally, I would stumble upon a letter with a fantasy about diapers and I would read the particular fantasy over and over again while jacking off in diapers and rubber pants.

One of the Forum publications around 1987 mentioned the Diaper Pail Fraternity after a fantasy letter and they gave DPF's address. A few years later I found the article and wrote to DPF. When I received the DPF catalog it was such a thrilling experience. I was very excited and stimulated by their products, stories, and services. I joined DPF around 1991 and have been a member ever since.

My diaper and bedwetting desires still come and go every once in a while, and after I've been deeply involved with the fetish I sometimes need to take a break and pursue other interests. Early on I thought I could give the fetish up by throwing all the diapers and rubber pants out. Somehow I always end up returning to bedwetting, diapers, and rubber pants. I now realize I will never be able to completely this deeply ingrained fetish! For it is true that once a Diaper Boy always a Diaper Boy!

History and Experiences of Steven F. - Part 17

After completing college I moved to Florida and took my growing supply of diapers and rubber pants with me. I met a woman there several years older than me who had one of the rooms in her house set up as a nursery. It contained a changing table, playpen, crib, and lots of stuffed animals and toys. I fantasized about the possibilities of this woman eventually turning me into a baby and diapering me in the nursery.

Our relationship did become quite intimate over time and I eventually confided in her about my diaper fetish. This was the first person I had ever told about my secret. She was very understanding but like most women was not turned on by diapers and rubber pants. Unfortunately I never actually got diapered by her or was humiliated in diapers as I had fantasized. I was allowed to store my supply of diapers and rubber pants in her house and would still occasionally put them on while masturbating to an exciting diaper related letter in Forum magazine.

While in Florida, I also got to pursue one of my favorite hobbies, that of visiting drug stores and checking out their incontinent supply section. At this time in my life, drug stores were the only source I knew of other than Sears that carried incontinent supplies. I must have visited practically every drugstore in the state of Florida during my stay there. I never have really cared for the larger national drug store chains, however, because they pretty much only sold the same brands of disposable adult diapers and usually offered no cloth or plastic reusable products.

The mom and pop style drug stores were always the type I sought out and usually the older the store the better. The older stores usually have a section containing reusable incontinent pants or diapers and sometimes in my searching I would be lucky enough to stumble upon a box that looked like it may have been sitting on the shelf for 20 years or more. Manufacturers produced some pretty interesting incontinent garments in the late 50's and 60's although of course these items would be very archaic by today's standards.

One day I hit the jack pot and stumbled upon a very old drug store just outside Ft. Lauderdale. I am always very shy and highly embarrassed when on these type searches, and will pretend I'm in the store for something else other than diapers and rubber pants. When I got to the incontinent section, I could not believe my eyes as there were literally dozens upon dozens of boxes of incontinent pants lining the shelves. Fortunately, the pharmacist was busy filling out an order and the cashier was helping another customer on my arrival.

With my heart racing 90 miles an hour I used the brief moment of privacy to start opening some of the boxes on the shelf. The first box I came upon were adult Snap-On style plastic pants sized medium. The incontinent pants were made by the Salk Company, and the outside of the box contained a sketch drawing of a man, a woman, and an approximately 12 year old boy all standing next to each other and all wearing a pair of rubber pants. When I opened the box I almost went to diaper heaven. Ever since I was 14 years old, I had been searching for the perfect pair of plastic pants just like the kind I was made to wear as a youngster. And now many years later, and after hundreds of drug store searches, I had finally found them.

The waterproof incontinent pants were Salk's Pro Pants Style #450. The Snap-On plastic pants had a very comfortable built in cotton lining. They were absolutely adorable and very baby like. I picked out three pairs and went to pay for them. Having to confront the cashier on this particular afternoon was one of the most embarrassing things I have ever done and I desperately wanted to get out of that store as soon as possible.

The older woman behind the counter seemed to have an attitude that day and I gathered that she had quite possibly been down this road before with other boys looking for the same things. She seemed to take great delight in going very slowly while my things were on the counter and if she was trying to embarrass a boy purchasing baby pants she had achieved her goal. She took each pair of rubber pants out of the box and held them up and stretched the waistband to check and make sure they were the same size as the size on the box. She then looked at me as if to acknowledge that she knew rubber pants were for me and said, "Are you sure these will fit?" Meekly I nodded yes and fumbled with my wallet for the correct change.

Once out of the store I was greatly relieved and I immediately jumped in the back of my van, closed the blinds and put on a pair of the exciting new baby pants! My little boy thing immediately stood at attention as the plastic pants were pulled up to my waist and it felt so good to lay on the small bed and jack-off in them. What a most embarrassing but also thrilling experience this latest purchase had been and I was most pleased to have made this discovery. With three pairs of authentic baby pants my size now in my possession, I still only had to find a source for a thick pair of cloth pull-on diaper pants just like the kind I was made to wear as a 8 to 12 year old!

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