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The Diapered Dwarf

Author: G.C.

Note: this story contains sexual content which may not be suitable for younger readers.

A Love story, A story for the Pampered


This is a story that becomes more climatic as you read every paragraph. I tried to create a story that will have your imaginations run wild about the main character; Billy Mea as well as the other cast of characters. The main character as well as all of the other interesting cast of characters are totally and completely fictional, some of the characters may have similar names to real people (TV Stars, Music Stars, Models) this is in order to provide you, the reader, a more vivid imagination. Likewise as the main characters condition who is born with a dwarfism disorder named Diastrophic Dwarfism is not intended to misrepresent, defile or offend anyone with this condition. This is a story that will throw you into the main characters shoes and diapers as you walk a mile or more with Billy Mae as you see his life through his eyes as well as his thick diapers. ENJOY!

Our story begins.

Born to Indian parents who were living off of their reservation due to his father's job. Billy Mea at his birth was somewhat small and had a low birth weight. Only weighing in at three pounds two ounces and just small enough to fit into a cigar box, it was already apparent that there were going to be some health problems, as in the case immediately after his birth, he had to be placed inside of an incubator to protect his underdeveloped lungs. This worried both of his parents not just because of the financial ordeal of this but due to the fact that this was their first child, there were other attempts of having children before Billy; in fact Billy's mother had previously suffered two miscarriages a year before Billy was born.

At one point while Billy was still in the hospital he started having respiratory problems, at one point the doctors didn't know if he could pull through the respiratory infection. The doctors were also concerned that Billy may have brain damage due to the lack of oxygen when the nurses had to revive him from one of the episodes the night before. The pediatrician, Dr Moore, became very concerned due to the fact that Billy wasn't gaining any weight, in fact Billy had lost three ounces and Dr Moore was extremely hesitant that he would lose more weight. After only a few weeks Billy eventually started to pull through, but the ordeal had caused Billy to still be at a very low birth weight and he only had gained four ounces back leaving him weighing only one ounce heavier since his birth.

After being in the hospital for another two weeks it was finally time for Billy to be released. The Mea's pediatrician had both of Billy's parents in his office and said, "Mr. and Mrs. Mea, I'm very concerned about Billy's growth, it may not be a life long ordeal but just in case I would like to ensure to chart Billy's growth for maybe the first year or so just to ensure that Billy is growing properly." Billy's mother asked; "Are there possibilities that he may grow to be normal?" Dr Moore returned, "Yes there are a lot of possibilities, and I don't want the both of you to be to concerned about this right now, when I would be most concerned is when he turns around four months to five months old. This is when there should be some notification of a normal growth cycle." Mr. Mea said; "You mean that there is the possibility that Billy could be" Mr. Mea paused," a midget?" The doctor stood up and yielded out, "The proper terminology is little person or dwarf, and even dwarf is no longer becoming a terminology anymore. There may be a possibility that he may even be placed under the term Diastrophic Displasia Dwarf. In other words he'll be lucky to grow to three feet and the smallest recorded ever was eighteen inches tall." Billy's mother Michelle started crying, "But eighteen inches is even smaller that most newborns, I don't want to see my child growing up or not growing, consistently being picked on by his peers for the rest of his life."

Dr Moore looked into Ms. Mea's eyes and said, "You don't have to worry about this, there are a number of groups and clubs that Billy can attend where he'll be accepted for who he is, not for what he looks like, where there is support in knowing how to handle life's situations by other little people just like him." Mr. and Mrs. Mea started to come out of their shock when they had both discussed this a little further in detail and agreed that they will do what ever it takes to support Billy, but right now for the moment they have a year to see if there are any growth changes in Billy.

After the year past, Mr. and Mrs. Mea returned to the pediatrician to hear the results of his findings. Sitting in the pediatricians office waiting for Dr. Moore, they discussed what they would have to do in order to support Billy in case if the findings were true about Billy being a dwarf. The doctor opened his door holding Billy's case file in hand, he walked around and sat down behind his desk. Mr. and Mrs. Mea excitedly regained their composure and held each others hand tightly in haste. Dr Moore, with somewhat a concerned look on his face, but holding his physicians demeanor and sighed, "Well, there still some time to see about Billy's outcome since he still has a lot of growing to do, but we weighed him and checked his growth and matched our findings with the growth charts and Billy is still too small for his age. Normally, a child his age would weigh about within the range of twenty pounds, Billy's weight is only eleven pounds. And an average child's length at this age is within the range of twenty four inches, Billy's length is fourteen inches, eight centimeters long. This almost clearly marks that Billy may still have some growth problems, but I would like to see how he does within the next year then we can see more clearly if there are going to be anymore growth problems." Mr. and Mrs. Mea still in some shock nervously asked if there was a possibility if there could be a strong growth spurt possible. Dr Moore stated, "Yes, there can be

a possibility of a growth spurt, but I don't want to get your hopes up yet. Let's give it another year, then we'll clearly see if Billy suffers from dwarfism." Tears began rolling down Mrs. Mea's cheeks, "What do you mean suffers!? You mean that your almost certain of that Billy will still be a dwarf and that the suffering comes through with people teasing and making fun of him!?" Dr Moore still holding his composure, "I apologize Mr. and Mrs. Mea, I shouldn't have said that. If you would also like to do is maybe get a second opinion at the end of the following year. Would both of you consent on doing this?" Billy's parents looked at each other and agreed with Dr Moore to get a second opinion at that scheduled time.

The second year had past, Billy's parents came in with a lot of concern due to the fact that some of the other children at Billy's daycare that were Billy's age and some that were even younger were so much bigger and taller than he was. They were also concerned about toilet training due to the fact that most children Billy's age are potty training or have already been potty trained. They were also very concerned to notice that Billy was already starting to carry some of the characteristics of a dwarf, as in his arms and legs looked stunted and were getting more dimples and deeper dimples at that. It had almost appeared that his head was growing, like his forehead is somewhat protruded and he has a square nose also his head looked like it only sat directly onto his shoulders and that there wasn't much of a neck to look at.

Dr. Moore along with Dr. Frye discussed to Mr. and Mrs. Mea that they would look further into Billy's case and that they needed to do the examination. "We'll report to you both immediately after we have our findings." Dr Moore said, "Now would both of you like to come into the exam room?" They agreed that they would go into the exam room to see how the examination would go. As both doctors examined Billy, even though they used medical terminology as to what was wrong with Billy, Mr. and Mrs. Mea already knew that the outlook was grim. The physicians even took Billy to get an x-ray done to check for bone growth and density.

A nurse returned with Billy to the exam room and gave Billy to his mother Michelle, the nurse stated, "Dr Moore and Dr Frye will return as soon as possible." The nurse looked gingerly into Mrs. Mea's eyes and comforted her that everything going to be alright, and also mention how cute Billy looked. Michelle said, "Thank you, I'm just so nervous as to what the doctors have to say."

The nurse stated, "I know, but everything is going to be OK."

Both doctors returned, their findings were more grim than anticipated, Dr Moore pulled over a stool and sat down. "Mr. and Mrs. Mea my colleague and I are afraid to report that yes your son has dwarfism." Mrs. Mea gasp, Mr. Mea had a look of disbelief in his eyes, Dr. Moore continued. "We also need to report that he's going to have difficulty with controlling his bowels and bladder. Let me show what we have found on Billy's x-rays. As you can see he'll have no problems with his bone density, but due to the stunted limbs and the trunk of the body is the fact that his insides are compressing in on one another, mainly within the bowel region and the area of his bladder. But the good news is that this should not effect his lungs, heart or stomach, but there could be the possibility that he may eventually not have this problem when he gets older. We all just need to see what time has to offer."

Michelle sat in her chair crying holding Billy ever so gently but firm, she looked at her son and said, "Billy, when I was carrying you I've always thought how you would turn out when you got older, how big and strong you would be. How I would have to look up to you at my tall young man. But that isn't how it's going to be, but I promise you that I will always love you and hold you so near and dear to my heart. I promise you Billy, I will never let you down. I love you so much, and you will always be my baby."

As the years went on, Billy then had to face the fear that almost every child goes through, that first day of school. Billy's uttermost fear was the fact of how some of the other kids would treat him because of his size and the fact that he still had to wear diapers due to his medical problems. Billy's mother, Michelle comforted him that he'll be OK and that all of his teachers know what to do if the other children start teasing him. As the bus pulled up, Michelle picked Billy up and said, "Well Billy, it looks like this is it. Have a good day, I mean a great day at school. I love you baby." Michelle placed Billy on the bus and put him into a special car seat that she supplied to the school district. She looked at him one last time and gave him a loving motherly grin, " Remember, I love you."

The other children on the bus looked on with astonishment of how small Billy was, and as Michelle got off the bus and the bus started off to Billy's new school the whispering began. Then after a few minutes of whispering and giggling, a few of the kids came up to see Billy. Billy looked up with his big brown eyes at some of these kids, some were even the same age as he was and some were a little older. One of the girls spoke out and said, "HI, my names Kathy, what's yours?" "B-Billy" Billy stuttered out. "Well B-Billy" Kathy blurted out jokingly, "It's really nice to meet you" she said in a friendly tone. Kathy then also introduced some the other kids that were with her, "Billy, this is Michael, Sherry, Tom, Rose and Regina." Billy replied back; "It's really nice to meet all of you. Can we be friends?" All the children examining Billy's condition said, "Sure" within their friendly discussion. Regina then tugged on Kathy's shirt sleeve and whispered into Kathy's ear. Kathy then ask Billy, "So Billy, Regina pointed out to me" Regina palm pushes Kathy's shoulder, "um that your wearing um, baby pants with snaps". The children further investigate and give him another look over and notice the noticeable bulge of the diaper that he was in, they all start moving towards the back of the bus and the whispering and giggling begins again. Then the gossiping starts to get louder and Billy's worst fear comes true, he then hears Michael blurt out the word "DIAPER" and the little gang begins chuckling.

Kathy, who seems a bit wiser for a girl her age states; "I don't care, everybody needs a friend, and there's always a reason as to why he does, I really don't care." Kathy starts back up to the front of the bus towards Billy's seat, as she turns toward Billy to look down at him she notices that Billy's head is turned looking as if he was looking out the window. Kathy then very gently kneels towards him and can hear that he's crying, she gently places her right hand on Billy's left cheek and can feel the warm wet tears streaming down his face. "Billy, we're sorry, I don't know about some my other friends, but" tears then well up in Kathy's eyes and her voice begins to

quiver, "but I would really like to at least start to be your friend." Hearing the honesty in her voice, Billy turns toward the skinny blue eyed blonde haired girl and begins to grin, he then outstreches his stubbly dimpled little arms in a gesture for a hug. Kathy gives Billy a big grin and returns the gesture in kind, she whispers in his ear "I'm so sorry Billy, I'm so sorry."

The bus goes into it's final turn as it turns into the school parking lot and stops in front of the schools long narrow pathway with two large doors at the end, the bus driver gets up and places her hand onto Kathy's shoulder. "Kathy," the bus driver says, "Thank you for your understanding, I heard almost every word you said and as your mother, I really appreciate a lot of the things you do for other people." Kathy's mom, Heather Lokler, who also just happened to be the bus driver assigned to Billy's bus route, begins to unbuckle Billy from his car seat. As she unbuckles him, he notices how incredibly beautiful Kathy's mom is and can pretty much see the resemblance in both Kathy and her mom. She picks Billy out of seat and places him on her hip like she would carry a basket of laundry and carries Billy off of the bus. Heather then bends down to place Billy on the ground and Billy can't help but to smell Heather's bouquet like perfume, the type of scent that you just can't forget. "Augh! You are just a chunk aren't you?" as Heather says in a friendly caring voice. Billy, in a childlike fashion, then very quickly gives Heather a kiss on the cheek, Heather in a bit of shock and surprise bursts out laughing, "Aw your so sweet, you sure are a cutie. I know that all the girls would want to go out with you.

You sure have grabbed my attention." she states in a girlishly fashion. Heather then lines up all of the new first graders with the shortest in the front and the tallest in the back, we of course know who ends up at the front of the pack.

Only standing at seventeen inches tall, Billy felt like he landed into a world of giants with all of the giants looking down upon him in either wonderment or in a smirk. Heather in a caring but commanding voice, "Ok we're all going to march up the pathway and we'll stop at the double doors. Billy, with you being our fearless leader, when I give the command to march I want you to start walking ok sweetie." Billy looks up at Heather and nods his head in a simple response. Heather clearly commands the group of passengers "OK, March!" Billy then starts to walk, the group begins to hear smirking statements like: "Hey, look at the little midget. Look at the midget! Man is he short, Look at him waddle. How embarrassing. How did he get squished like a cartoon character, maybe he fell into the trash compactor at home." The group of former bus passengers reached the double doors, at this time Billy's stomach is filled with so many butterflies that he can feel his guts warm up and then quickly cool. When this happened, Billy then wet in his diaper and not only did he wet his diaper, he almost instantaneously soaked it. Billy's pants ballooned out as the diaper sponged up the fresh pee. The group of new found friends finally reached the office, Heather opened up the door and the group swarmed in. Heather then bent down and picked Billy up, "Gosh Billy, did you gain weight on the way here?" and as to give Billy a ray of hope says "You've got to be growing, I'm going to have to inform your mother about this." Heather, with her motherly knowledge had already knew that Billy wet his diaper and quickly asked the secretary to get the school nurse and secretary quickly obliges. Within a few minutes the school nurse enters the office, Heather bends forward while quickly glances around as to check that no one else is eavesdropping, then quietly whispers to the nurse to inform that her newfound little friend needs a diaper change. Heather then gazes back into Billy's mesmerized eyes and wishes him to have a good day in school and returns a kiss onto his cheek, "You are just so adorable, I just can't help to tell you that I'm in love already, you are such a little charmer!" Heather says gleefully.

The nurse agrees with Mrs. Lokler about the diaper change as she gently picks Billy up off of the counter and stands him back up onto the floor. She then asks Billy to follow her to the nurses station, by this time Billy's diaper had become so firm that his waddling became even more prominent. Mrs. Lokler stood there smiling as she watched Billy waddle through the nurses station door, then looks at the secretary and says; "Isn't he just so adorable! And boy what a little charmer!" then discusses to the office assistant about Billy's venture on the way to school as the teachers come in to collect their new students.

The nurse picks Billy up and places him onto the examination table and informs him in a caring reassuring voice, "Now don't roll around now, I don't want to see you slip off and fall from this high table , ok." Billy can't help but to agree with the nurses suggestion.

She then grabs a Luvs diaper from a bag that his mother supplied for Billy at school and places it opened up next to Billy. As she then begins to undo the snaps on the inseam of Billy's pants; "Well I think that the only formal way to do this is, since I'll be getting a bit personal with you is for me to introduce myself. I just think that it's important because we're going to be seeing a lot of each other over this next year, since I already know your name Billy I just think it wouldn't be right if you didn't know my name. My name is Carmen Elexa, and I can't help but ask you. Billy how are you?" As she then begins to undo the tapes on his soaking wet diaper, Billy answers back, "I feel so embarrassed." Billy answers back in his infant like voice. Carmen quickly asks, "Why?" Billy stays quiet for a minute and answers back, "Because I'm so much more smaller than all of the other kids, my mom fears that I'm going to be teased and also because I still have to wear diapers." Carmen, who is an attractive young lady who just graduated from nursing school comes back with, "Now Billy, you don't have to be embarrassed to be you, I want you to be proud for who you are, not for how people perceive you as who they see. And just because your small and have to wear diapers I think that this makes you a very special person. You're one of a kind and there can never be another you." Carmen then grabs Billy's ankles and picks his buttocks off of the wet diaper and quickly places the clean fresh diaper under him, she then returns back to their conversation as she takes a wipe and cleans him up.

"Billy, just because your small doesn't mean that it doesn't make you any less of a person. And I don't want you to start believing all of the negative things the other kids around here say, in fact they don't understand about how you are or the way you are. Do you understand what I'm saying?" Billy abruptly makes a comeback, "Yea". Carmen then finishes up cleaning by insuring that she cleaned inside of every dimple where the wet diaper came in contact with. After finishing up the cleaning, she quickly wraps the diaper on her little patient and fastens both of the tapes like a pro, as she pulls his breachable pants down and prepares to button them, she informs Billy, "Billy, at any time that you need a friend to talk to, I would like you to come and see me because if you have any concerns I'd like to help you out as much as I can. Not just only because I'm the school nurse but because I can offer you an ear and a warm heart, ok." Billy then looks up at another new found friend and informs the fare brunet that he will.

Carmen then ushers her little patient to his first period class, she opens up the door and Billy waddles in. As soon as Billy past the threshold of the face of the door and into the line of sight of his new classmates, an explosion of laughter fills the room with a hollow roar and the room becomes a query of gossip, "Look at the baby." "He's sooo tiny!" "How can he be in the first grade he's a baby?" "I heard that he still's in diapers". Both the teacher and the nurse immediately come to Billy's defense and start to explain to the class about Billy's special condition, they also explained the effect on how that type of gossip can hurt an individuals feelings and asked a few of the students how would they have liked to be laughed at and gossiped about. The class, with still a fix of vision of their new classmate and with a look of disbelief and wonderment expressed on their faces started to talk to Billy. A lot of curious questions started to swarm towards Billy, the teacher; Mrs. Everson asked the class, "Please, only one at a time, if you have a question for Billy please quietly raise your hands." Immediately seven hands rose into the sky. Mrs. Everson started pointing to her first choice of the seven students, "Mary Ellen, and please be careful of what's being asked ok." Mary Ellen a tall lanky girl for her age asked Billy. "Is it ok if I got down on the ground next to you to see the class the way you see it?" Billy looked nervously up at his latest friend Carmen, Carmen stooped down next to Billy, she reassured him that it was alright and that Mary Ellen was just curious. Billy agreed to Mary Ellen's request, as Mary Ellen got up in front of the class the entire class watched in amazement as to how much taller Mary Ellen was against Billy short stubby stature. Billy was less than half as tall as Mary Ellen, she then sat down on the floor and still had some height against him. So she slightly shifted to where Billy's eye level was and replied, "Whoa! You can see the underneaths of alls the desks. Cool!" The questions rolled on for almost the whole period of the class, the children's curiosity had been finally satisfied. Carmen and Mrs. Everson went into an adjoining storage room, and they pulled out a special booster seat and a small set of stairs for Billy's desk. "These two items", the adults explained to the class, "are not to be used to make Billy feel any less of a person, but to help aid him in his independence." With only the fact that he may need constant care for the rest of his life such as diaper changes, because Billy's arms and hands are so stubby and short that he would have difficulty changing his diapers and keeping himself clean.

Eight years have passed from that first fateful day in the first grade and Billy was starting high school. This time his mom accompanied him to visit the new principle as a response to a letter she received in the mail from him. The letter contained some disturbing facts that Billy may not be able to attend their high school due to the fact that he still had to wear diapers. This in mind infuriated Michelle and she was going to have some war of words to settle the matter.

Over the past eight years, Billy still hadn't grown very much. He had only grown around ten inches and had actually stopped growing when he reached the end of the sixth grade. This made him only two foot four inches tall. The frequencies of his urination and stools increased due to the growth of the organs in his upper torso which pressed even more on his bladder and bowels, this meant more diaper changes within the course of the day. With this new problem, he had to also wear diaper doublers because with his medical problem of increased urination caused just an ordinary diaper to eventually leak. He had to start wearing really baggy pants in order to help hide the thickness of not only just a wet spongy diaper but to also hide a dry diaper.

At one time in the eighth grade during a week off from school, Billy and his family had just returned from shopping. After Michelle took Billy out of his car seat, she noticed that he soaked his diaper all the way past the protective gathers. The only thing that Billy knew was that he was in a really poofy Pampers diaper and the diaper leaked through to the pad of the car seat. His mother had no choice but to place Billy in a diaper with a diaper doubler twenty-four-seven. When he had soaked his diaper with the diaper doubler, well lets just say that Billy looked like a pudgy little fat man when he wore his old pants over his diaper, the diaper was very noticeable.

Michelle angrily spoke to the principal of the high school and the principle Mr. Harvey. Mr. Harvey explained to Michelle that it was not up to him but the school nurse. This was no longer dealing with the nurse at Billy's old school (Carmen) but a new school nurse who abided to every stringent rule that the school district placed before her. The rule of the school board simply stated that no student will attend school still having to wear diapers and needing constant assistance and care from the school nurse for these diaper changes. Simply put the school nurse stated to the principle, "This is supposed to be high school, not a day care. If Mrs. Mea wants to have her son remain in diapers, then I suggest that she enroll him in a day care not at this school." Mrs. Mae almost screaming at the top of her lungs, "Then send that NURSE to YOUR OFFICE! I would like to speak to her NOW!" Mr. Harvey calmly got onto the phone and requested that the office assistant to see if she could fetch the school nurse.

After fifteen minutes of waiting, the school nurse finally entered the principal's office with a file folder in her hand. "Yes Mr. Harvey, I heard that you requested to see me?" Michelle, who at this time had an angry but concerned scowl about her face, glared at the nurse. "Yes Nurse Griffen, might I finally introduce to you Mrs. Mae and her son Billy? Nurse Regina Griffen a nurse in her late thirties or early forties looked over at Mrs. Mae and then at her attention then went down to Billy. "Oh Mrs. Mae, I'm sorry, nobody informed me about your sons condition. You see I had not looked at your son's file and we still are having to go through a lot of the medical files because of we are working with only a skeleton crew at the nurses station. I've also just recently moved to the area also, so I'm having to get use to handling new faces and new names. My deepest apologies please." Mrs. Mae with a look of discernment on her face said, "Nurse Griffen it's ok, I understand." she then quickly directs her attention to Mr. Harvey, "Maybe it was someone else's responsibility to ensure that this mishap should have never had happened?" Mr. Harvey could not do much of anything but to stand with a dumbfounded look on his face. "Nurse Griffen" Michelle's voice rang out, "Will you please show me to the nurses station so I can inform you as to what Billie needs? I'm sorry, but I'm pressed for time and I'm already late for work."

The Nurse and Michelle with Billie tagging along walked in the direction of the nurses station, on the way, a lot of the high schoolers were still wandering the hallways like lost drones. As a portion of the main hallway began to swarm with students coming from all different directions, Billy lost sight of his mother and the nurse through the flocks of legs, book bags and dangling arms. Just then, the hallway had felt like some unknown force had crammed the students into a mythical sardine can. Luckily Billy was in the middle of three girls, from Billy's standpoint, all three girls had nice soft sexy legs that were compressing onto Billy. One girl that was on his right was wearing tight painted on blue jeans that showed every perfect curve, then girl that was rubbing the front of her sexy thighs against the left backside of Billy's Head was wearing the same type of jeans but the girl in front of Billy was wearing a cheerleaders outfit. As the crowd was shifting, the top of Billy's head had accidentally made it's way underneath the scantly felt cloth. Billy wondering where he was, looked up and saw the tight powder blue panties that were wedging their way up the perfectly formed soft butt of the cheerleader. Billy started to feel that he was getting a serious erection, he tried to fix the unencumbered feeling, all he could feel was the erection and the rubbing of the insides of his legs on the plastic of his extra thick diaper, soon after that his penis had then exploded out with ejaculation. Billy wanted more of the ecstasy, so he looked up again but was so enthralled in the moment, he reached up with his stubby little hand trying to aim for her fine ass only to touch the back of her smooth sexy thigh. "EEEEEEEEEEE!!!" the cheerleader cried with a high pitch shriek that drowned out the open chattering, "SOME SICKO'S TOUCHING ME! GET AWAY! YOU SICK FUCK!!!" Just then the crowd dispersed away from the cheerleader only exposing her and Billy. She turned around to only look at little freshman as he was backing up from embarrassment.

"You SICK little fuck!!! You should be ashamed of yourself but I bet you that you already are you little shit!!! Just then Billy tripped on the back of his pants and he fell flat onto his back, the students in the hallway laughed at Billy. Billy then felt a slight tug on the bottom cuffs of his pants and his feet slightly lift up off the floor. The cheerleader said angrily, "How would you like to have it happen to YOU!" just at that moment Billy could feel a hard tug as his back slid across the cold slick tile floor, in an instant he could feel the cool morning air on his bare dimple filled legs exposing his diaper. Instantaneously, it was like the whole school was laughing at Billy. Billy, still lying on the floor looked up at the cheerleader holding his little fat pants in her right hand as she gave him an evil but slightly sexually aroused look. The laughter roared even louder when Billy got up and waddled towards the cheerleader. Laughter spiked the laugh-o-meter even more when she made Billy jump up and down several times for his pants. "Give me back my pants! Give them back!!!" Billy shouted out with his tiny little voice. Billy, frustrated and ashamed, waddled away leaving the pants with the cheerleader as she waved them like a trophy after playing capture the flag.

Billy with tears flowing down his cheeks then waddles toward one area of the crowd, they all see him waddling towards them and a large hole in the crowd opens up, just as if Moses himself had parted the Red Sea or fearing that they'll catch some fatal dwarf like disease. Some of the roedy juvenile delinquents see Billy crying and start saying, "Oooooh little baby boy crying, needs his diaper changed?" "Wha little baby wet his nappy wappy?" "I ain't changing those diapers! Uh Uh!"

As Billy past the crowd, as they continued watching him waddle down the hallway, the cruel crew quieted just enough to where you could almost hear a pin drop, at that moment everybody heard a loud raspberry fart coming from the direction of where Billy was standing.

Billy had messed his diaper and not just a load, but a wet diarrhea load. Shortly then after, Billy turned back towards the crowd, only to reveal the brown runny substance damming up behind the sides of the plastic barrier of his diaper just between the back of his chubby little legs. Billy heard some chuckling and murmuring from the crowd, his little legs couldn't move, he tried to get moving but only fell into a sitting position from the shock as to what had transpired, squishing the mess further around his diaper. The only thing that Billy could do was to lay down and cry, he just curled up in a little ball and wept.

After realizing what she had done, the cheerleader stepped away from the crowd and walked towards Billy, she got down on her hands, elbows and knees almost lying down with him in order to give emotional support. The crowd hushed in anticipation.

After a few moments of quiet pleading with Billy, his right arm rose up, gently placing it on the wavy blonde hair that draped over the girl's neck and they slowly got up. With the cheerleader sitting on her feet and Billy standing up on weakened legs, she gently held Billy comforting him as he kept crying. She sat there holding Billy hugging him and talking to reassure him while she clutched him with one arm and rubbed the back of his diaper with her other hand. Just like she would be picking up an infant, the cheerleader gently placed Billy in her arms and she walked down the hallway carrying the little victim of cruel intentions and took Billy to the nurses station.

As the cheerleader was carrying Billy, she asked him, "What's your name?" he answered in a whisper, "Billy". "Well Billy, my name is Britney Searz and I'm really truly sorry at what had happened. I guess that I just got really caught in the moment, because when I felt that someone was touching me down there I thought that someone, either one of my friends or some jerk taking advantage of the moment and I thought that I would really embarrass the person if it was some jerk. I was still thinking that when I seen that it was you, I got too caught up in the moment. After I seen the way that I hurt you, I just asked myself."" You Bitch, you really went and hurt someone's feelings really, really bad. He's smaller than you. What's wrong with you? You should set an example and protect him." "And I couldn't just leave you in the lying in the hallway crying, it was making me cry too. I just think that maybe the best way for you to get back at me is that I should be the one who changes your diaper. OK?" Billy looked up at the gorgeous blonde and in his little voice said, "OK, but I have to warn you, I did it bad." Britney looked back down into Billy's big brown eyes and laughed jokingly saying, "Ok, you little shit. But I've seen some pretty bad dirty diapers though."

They reach the nurses station and Britney carries Billy through the door. Billy, anticipating to see both the nurse and his mother, he only sees Nurse Griffen still getting some things prepared for Billy in the examination room. Nurse Griffen looks up, "Oh Billy, your mother's so worried about you and she went back to the principles office, but I just received a call from your mother that she was already late for work and that even a little man at your age shouldn't be constantly looked after. She's worried, so I have to call your mom's office so don't worry she gave me the number." As Britney places Billy down onto the exam table she asks, "Nurse Griffen, is it ok that I change his diaper? That way it kind of frees you up to call his mom." Nurse Griffen answers back, "So does this mean that you're willing to sign up to be a nurses assistant?" Britney answers back in a responsible manner. "Well, would it take up much time? Because with all of the practices and the games that I have to attend does take up a lot of my time." Nurse Griffen responds to Britney's request, "Well it shouldn't take up a lot of your time at all, maybe only a hour a day, and there are some benefits like school credits and also knowing that you'll be learning a profession. What do you think about that?" Britney holding onto Billy's ankles so he didn't accidentally fall looks over to Nurse Griffen, "Well I would like the idea of more credits but I really like the idea of learning a profession. OK, yeah sign me up! Now can I change Billy's diaper?" Nurse Griffen comes back, "Start-a-changing, I'll get the paper work ready to sign when you're done. You do know what to do, don't you?" Britney brags, "I've done this many times before."

Britney undoes the tapes on Billy's diaper and wipes the contents off of his baby smooth skin. Britney states to Billy, "Whoa, you really made this thing nasty didn't you?" Billy answers, "I did try to warn you." Britney says, "Well the next time this happens, please warn me. OK?" Billy looks at Britney with a schoolboy-crush look in his eyes, "Ok, I will." Britney wraps the dirty diaper and tosses it into the garbage, she removes a baby wipe from the box, "Whoa! I've noticed that you have dimples but not like this." As she wipes Billy's bottom and digs out the remains of the poo from his dimply little butt. Britney places the fresh diaper and diaper doubler between his legs, she then notices that Billy starts to become sexually excited, being curious, she takes the front of his diaper and rubs the diaper around the area where his penis is and notices that Billy's becoming very excited, her nipples become hard from the thick feel of the diaper and his breathing in ecstasy. Billy begins to move his legs, rubbing the inside of his legs against the plastic of his fresh diaper. Billy in a whisper orgasms, "Wha ha ha ha, Ooohhh." Britney peels the front of the diaper down and with a surprised and sexually excited look on her face, "Feel better now?" Billy nods his head as he looks at her sexually. "Your little thing is so cute. Maybe I could do more if we were alone? I don't know what it is, but I am attracted to you."

Nurse Griffen peeks into the door, "How's it going?" Britney nervously states, "We kind of had a little accident," giggling as she voices her opinion, "don't worry, I'll take care of it." Nurse Griffen reminds Britney that her paperwork that needs to be signed is located on the corner of her desk and that she (Nurse Griffen) was called down to the main office and may be a while.

Britney sees the value of her opportunity and proceeds to close the door to the exam room. She tapes the diaper that Billy ejaculated in and stands Billy down on the floor, she proceeds to grab the watering kettle and fills it with warm water. The hot cheerleader proceeds to pull the front of Billy's diaper and slowly pours the water into his diaper knowing what the result of her action will bring. Britney tells Billy, "Get ready to be really excited." She stands with her back towards Billy with her legs spread apart, then she places her hands, one on each butt cheek. Slowly she starts to hike up her uniform skirt showing off her smooth silky sexy bottom with her tight powder blue panties that were wedged even further up her fine smooth ass.

Billy begins to waddle towards her as his diaper swells up soaking every dry cell, he caresses her soft sexy legs rubbing his diaper on the back of her calf just above her ankle. Britney descends her hot fine ass in front of Billy's face as he looks up at it in total awe. He licks the back of her thighs and she reaches between her legs and rubs the front of his soaking wet diaper. Britney in a sexual haste, grabs Billy and draws him between her thighs, she then lies on the floor and pulls her skirt inside-out above her waist line exposing her powder blue panties in full view. Billy then discovers the reason why her panties were wedged up her hot ass, he notices they're pulled up in a thong type fashion with the sides of her panties pulled up above her sexy hips, he gets even more sexually aroused. He waddles up between her legs and leans over her abdomen, her sexual arousal becomes more apparent as he presses the front of his thick wet diaper against her crotch kissing her belly and caressing her hips. Britney becomes so sexually aroused from the thick wet diaper against her, she goes into sexual ecstasy. Immediately Britney gets up and asks Billy to stop, that we need to get to class. Billy reluctantly agrees and Britney quickly changes his diaper a second time that morning. She discreetly pulls down her underwear and taking them off with Billy looking on. She quickly cleans up her underwear the best way she can and also cleans up the exam room.

Britney stoops down, looks down into Billy's big brown eyes and says, "Now Billy, please what ever you do, please don't tell anyone about this because both of us can get into a lot of trouble, ok." Billy asks, "When can we do this again?" Britney answers, "I don't know? But I hope that it's soon." Britney then notices that Billy's pants are still missing, she remembers that the pants were being passed around by other students in the hallway. "Oh no! What are you going to do without your pants? I can't see you going around here the rest of the day with you only wearing a shirt, tennis shoes and a diaper!" Billy answers back, "Why? The whole school knows about me now." Britney acknowledges, "You brave little man, but no, I'll wait here with you until Nurse Griffen returns, in the meantime I'll have to call our teachers and explain as to why. Billy what's the class room number for your first period class?" Billy hands her his schedule and she quickly gets on the phone and explains the circumstances to both of their teachers.

Britney gets off the phone and asks Billy to come over, he comes over and Britney picks up Billy and coddles him on her lap as they discuss plans in order to meet while both young lovers look each other over and kiss each other on the lips. Billy places his head on her chest and can feel her raised nipple through her outfit as he continues laying on her left breast.

After around twenty minutes of the young sexually aroused couple discuss their plans to meet each other either within school or after school, Britney even came up with the idea of going to Billy's house. Nurse Griffen finally returned and was somewhat surprised to see Britney holding Billy on her lap as if he were an infant. "Britney!" Nurse Griffen stated in shock, "You shouldn't place him on your lap, he's almost as old as you are! Please what ever you do, I hope that this doesn't become commonplace for all of the school's male patients. Do you understand me?" Britney abruptly answers as she slides Billy's diapered bottom off her left thigh, "Oh I completely understand Nurse Griffen, but you see Billy doesn't have his pants because a lot of the students started teasing him and somebody pulled his pants off and tossed them around in the hallway. And I couldn't see him going around school without any pants, ok." Nurse Griffen educates Britney, "Ok, I should have maybe showed you where we keep his extra pants, come with me please and I'll show you." Nurse Griffen, Britney take off into the exam room with Billy waddling behind attempting to keep up directly behind Britney as his diaper made a wrinkling sound as he quickly scoots across the floor. "They're right here inside of this cabinet in the corner on the bottom shelf, this is so that Billy can pick which ones he would like to wear. You have to understand one thing Britney, Billy is not a baby nor should he be treated like one. This is why we've decided to place some things in reach for him to give him more independence and if you ever see anyone trying to take that independence away from him, you are to immediately report it. Understand?" Britney agrees and she assist Billy with putting him into a fresh pair of jeans and finishes with adjusting the expandable waistband. The two new lovers then leave the nurses station, Britney takes Billy to his next class and kisses him on the cheek as to wish him good luck on the remaining school day. The remaining school day flies by as Billy can't stop thinking of his new love as well as some of the other things that transpired in the nurses exam room.

The school bell rings to finish off the very first day of school and Billy waits in the suggested area where him and Britney had discussed in the nurses station. He waited for over twenty minutes before his mom showed up, Billy had no choice but to join his mother for the ride home. Before Billy had his mom place him into the van, he takes one glimpse back in hope that he sees his new found love, he doesn't and disappointingly goes home.

On the way home his mother asks him, "So Billy, how was the first day of school?" Billy quietly sits in his car seat as his eyes glazed over as he looked out the window as the scenery sped passed. "Billy! What happened at school?" Billy abruptly moved in his seat as though he had felt a shock, "Oh, right, um it was ok, I made at least a few new friends." His mom returns, "Well that's nice. Listen, I'm sorry that we lost you in school hallway, but I needed to get to work. Nobody gave you a hard time, did they?" Michelle still insecure about Billy's stature. "So Billy, what happened to the pants that I put you in this morning? Did you mess them really bad?" Billy responded, "Uh, yea, I had a made a nasty and really grossed out the new nurse."

Michelle giggles, "That bad huh?" Billy, in a boisterous way, "Ahuh, Yeaea." Both Billy and his mom can't help but think of the sight, they laughed and joked about the though of what the nurse had supposedly went through, although Billy new what had actually had happened and used the laughter to hide his pain.

They finally reached home, Michelle unbuckles Billy from his car seat and gently lowers him to the ground outside of the van. "Billy, can you help me with a few of the groceries please?" They go to the back of the van and she hands him a couple of plastic bags and Michelle pulls out a few more bags along with an economy bag of size five Pampers for the little highschooler. Billy, looking like one of the smaller of the seven dwarves carrying a couple of bags of loot, waddles to the door and patiently waits for his mom to unlock the door. Once inside they immediately carry the bags into the dining room area and Michelle sets the bags onto the dining room table.

Michelle immediately takes Billy and places him onto the floor and changes his soaking wet diaper, she cleans herself up and starts preparing dinner.

During dinner Michelle and Billy discuss their days adventures and his mom asks Billy, "So Billy, did you meet any girls?" Billy with an excited expression says, "Yup! I met a few, but the one that I can't get out of my mind, her name's Britney Searz, she's really, really sweet to me." "Wow! I'm surprised at you, actually I shouldn't say surprised, a lot of the gals that I had met that knew you in grade school always took a liking to you because you're such a charmer and a gentleman. But not only that, these gals weren't just your classmates but adult women. Remember Heather Lokler your old bus driver? I seen her in town today and she really misses you. I just can't believe that she still looks the same."

Bedtime comes early for Billy since his small size tends to make him tired to the point of collapse, Michelle gets Billy ready for bed.

She checks his diaper to see if he needs changing, amazingly Billy doesn't need to be changed. She places Billy into his crib like bed, covers him up and in a motherly fashion kisses him on the cheek. "Good night Billy. Sweet dreams."

The second day of school arrives, Billy excitedly waddles down the hallway hoping to see his new found love, he spots her sexy legs and the familiar skirt except the skirt looked shorter than yesterday. As Billy waddles up, he reaches up and tugs on the fringe of her skirt. She turns around and looks down at Billy with a surprised look on her face, "Uh, excuse me can I help you?" meanwhile standing next to Britney is a tall young man with her wearing a letterman's jacket. The tall jock places his arm over Britney's shoulders, "So this is the little guy who has to wear diapers? I heard that from everyone else but couldn't believe it." The tall jock places his right size thirteen tennis shoe on top of Billy's head. "Listen little man, unless you want be squished a foot shorter and have your diaper to drag the floor, I don't want you to be laying eyes on my girl, especially up her skirt. And if I catch you looking up her skirt, I'll flatten you into a pancake, paint a bullseye onto your diaper and use you as a dartboard. Understand?" The tall jock takes his shoe off of Billy's head and places his hand onto Britney's sexy slender waistline, as the pair begins to walk off Britney looks down at Billy with an excited look in her gleaming big brown eyes. Billy watches the couple walk down the hallway with Britney still looking back down at him, she gives him a wink and blows a kiss in midair, she quickly turns to look ahead and shakes her head side to side in a successful attempt to fix her long blonde hair to drape down her back. Billy then nervously waddles off to his first class.

During his first class, a student who's desk resides behinds Billy's raises her hand to grab the teachers attention. "Yes Julie!" Julie responds, "Mr. Frye, I think that Billie needs to go to the nurses station because now I can't see the board." Julie, a smart and talented girl whose stature is also somewhat limited and stands at four ' eleven '. The class begins to giggle as they now know of Billy's condition and some students whisper, "Needs a diaper change." The teacher then tends to the class, "Now class knock it off. Think about if it was you." Mr. Frye's attention turns to Billy, "Billy can you please report to the nurses station?"

Billy gets out of his booster seat, carefully walks down the steps beside his desk and waddles out to the hallway as Mr. Frye assists Billy by holding the door open for him.

Billy reaches the nurses station and knocks on the door, the door opens up and Billy sees the same pair of sexy legs that he seen in the hall this morning, "Billie! Come in I was hoping that it was going to see you!" Billy looks up, it was Britney with a big gorgeous grin on her face, Billy waddles through the door and follows the scantily dressed cheerleader to the exam room. Britney picks Billy up and she places him onto the exam table, she pulls his pants off exposing the soaking wet diaper, she discusses her actions as she retrieves the items for his diaper change, "Billy, I'm so sorry at what had happened this morning" Billy patiently listened, "I also apologize for not meeting up with you after school. But I especially apologize for what Josh said this morning, after that happened I explained things to Josh. He didn't understand, so I broke up with him just as fast as we got together. So can you forgive me?" Billy just lay there as she rubbed the front of his wet diaper, "Why is it that when ever we're out in the hallway, you have to embarrass me in front of every body?" Billy questioned angrily. Britney with a concerned look on her face, "Well Billy, because with me being a cheerleader everybody expects me to keep a certain reputation, if that really bothers you I'm sorry, I'll just have to stop doing that but as far as what it would do to my reputation as a cheerleader. I guess people are just going to accept that I really do like you, and Billy, I do like you, I like you a lot."

Billy can feel his erection get harder as the foxy blonde continues to rub his diaper. "Nurse Griffen is expected to be gone for most of the day, she wants me to stay here so she had the secretary get in touch with all of my teachers about it. So don't worry, ok." Billy looks up excitedly and grins back at the foxy babe looking down at him. "I knew that you would." she exclaimed. They continue the foreplay as they did yesterday, Britney then tells Billy, "I think that you ran out of pants and they need to be washed, come with me." Britney grabs the items needed for his diaper change with all of his spare pants in arms and takes Billy to an adjoining door in the back of the exam room. Through the door he sees a small barely lit hallway and a door to the right at the end of the hallway. The sexually aroused duo enter a room with three washers and three dryers, Britney takes all of the pants and says, "We need this washer, this washer and this washer." She starts the machines and lastly places her panties into the last washer, she dances sexually and begins to strip tease in front of Billy to sexually arouse him even more. Britney then lifts the little man onto the dryers and she quickly jumps atop of the washers and lays on her back, she welcome motions for him to come to her aboard the top of the washers. As Billy begins to waddle (still in his wet diaper), she starts to become sexually enthralled.

Billy starts to touch the inside of her thighs as he gets closer, he places the front of his wet diaper onto her crotch and she starts to gyrate in sexual ecstasy. Billy then decides to make her more enthralled and begins to go down on her, he licks between her legs and works his way to her secret flower. Britney cries out in even more sexual ecstasy and attempts to keep herself as quiet as possible. Billy licks his way up to her perfectly aroused breasts, as Billy continues to suckle on Britney's hardened nipples, Britney begins to undo the tapes on Billy's diaper.

Britney undoes the tapes of his soaking wet diaper leaving it draped over his butt and she pushes Billy's crotch down to hers, Billy begins to shift and gyrate in an attempt to place his penis into her vagina. Britney takes her right hand and quickly places his penis into her juicy hole, she immediately becomes sexually aroused of the sounds and movements of the washing machines and Billy's continuation through the movements of their sexual intercourse. She also gets aroused of the feel of the thick wet diaper still draped over his chubby butt. Billy orgasms and continues with the sexual deed as though this may be the only time and like a moment like this will never happen again. Britney's sweating and sexual pants begin to make Billy more sexual aroused as he braces his stubbly hands on her shapely hips to control his lower abdominal movements. She gasps for air as she starts to feel an orgasm about to happen and attempts to hold on to the feeling, she can't help it, her orgasm explodes into a female primal passion, as she can't help but to feel the combination of his dimply little chubby legs and the plastic of his soaking wet diaper as it strikes her butt cheeks at every pump from Billy.

The washers drain and prepare themselves for the rinse cycle and the couple continue on with less momentum as in a sensual rest period. The washers fill back up again and begin their gyrating motion and so does our sexual entangled couple's movements begin to increase.

Billy wildly acts as if his penis is devouring Britney's sensuous pussy, her hormones begin to increase even more and the look in her eyes glazes over. Britney's breathing begins to increase again as another orgasm takes advantage of her sensuality for another turn. Billy's breathing also begins to increase as the pair starts to orgasm together, they exhale ecstatically as both of their orgasms takes the stage for what feels like an eternity but the couple still continues on with their sexual prowlings.

Britney calls down to Billy, "Oh Billy, it's even better than what I could have ever thought, keep doing me. I love the way your diaper feels as it hits my ass, oh Billy, fuck me Billy, fuck me!" Our hero continues on as he starts to change gyrating movements, Britney soon orgasms again and then Billy soon follows.

The washers finish their rinse cycles and start to dry spin, this is when their intercourse gets even more exciting, Britney orgasms several more times as well as Billy orgasms three more times during this cycle. All three washers slow to a halt, Britney asks Billy, "Come on Billy, I need to get up and load the dryers now." Billy pulls out reluctantly, Britney sits up and quickly jumps to the floor. She then picks up Billy and sets him on the floor beside her as he looks at her perfect, smooth, sexy body and attains another hard erection.

Billy curiously asks Britney "What now, do we do it on the dryers?" Britney looks down at him and smiles "No I don't want to do it on the dryers, but if you lye on your back on the floor, I have a surprise for you." Billy quickly lays down onto the floor and patiently waits, Britney looks at him and says, "Boy Billy your really in a hurry, I'm trying to hurry up." She finally gets the last dryer loaded, she quickly straddles herself over Billy and squats down to his crotch.

Britney then places Billy's erection back into her warm welcoming hole, she starts to bounce on Billy's pelvis and quickly becomes sexually excited. Billy can't help but feel how soft Britney's skin is against his as the luscious brown-eyed blonde leans over to greet his chest, she whispers "Oh Billy, I just want to keep doing this with you, I don't want this to stop, you're so sexy to me. You make me so hot when I see you in your diapers." As soon as she finished talking she orgasms and Billy can do almost nothing but to feel her warm juice seep in between his legs and into the wet diaper. Brintey collapses on top of Billy and he to succumbs to a massive orgasm, the pair soon find themselves lying in sexual exhaustion.

Britney soon gets up and tiredly prepares to place Billy into a dry diaper. Billy almost can't believe as to what had happened during the past hour and a half. Britney places Billy's diaper and diaper doubler under him and tapes the diaper securely. She stands Billy up and gives him his shirt, "Can you try to get your shirt on, I need to get dressed." Billy attempts to put his shirt on, he has somewhat of a difficult time doing so because of his short stubbly little arms and can't continue to get his shirt all the way on. Britney, who's still in her sexy birthday suit, starts pulling up her clean tight panties, looks down at Billy's predicament and can't help but laugh as Billy's tugging on his shirt to get the collar over his head.

She quickly comes to Billy's aid, "Oh Billy, you're just so cute." She tugs the collar of his shirt over his head and squeezes him against her perfect bare breasts, Billy can't help but to start suckling on the nearest nipple as she straddles him in her arms like as if he were her newborn child.

"Oh baby, mommy will take care of you, really good care of you. I love you baby." and lovingly kisses him on his forehead.

The End

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