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Still In Diapers At 16

Story by Timmy

While vacationing in Santa Barbara, California, I was spending the day at the beach off from Carpinteria when a family of five staked out their site just next to mine. During the course of the next half hour I got acquainted with the family. Both parents work in the Silicon Valley as computer technicians. Their children (all boys), the youngest was Ben who was 5, Mark was 12 and the eldest boy, Matthew, was 16. As the boys started to take off their shirts to go swimming, I noticed that Ben had on "Swimpers" underneath his swim trunks. I really didn't think too much about it, I mean, he was old enough that he shouldn't still be wearing them, but after all he was only 5. Mark quickly tore off his shirt and ran down to the water's edge. Matthew didn't run down to the water's edge like his brothers, but seemed content in staying right where he was playing in the sand and lying around. Finally Matthew took off his shirt, which I noticed that Matthew was well built for someone of his age, but there was something about the appearance of his swim trunks that wasn't apparent to me at this point. Matthew was like any boy his age, was growing into a man, yet still having boyish qualities. Matthew started to build a sandcastle then asked me if I wanted to help him. I told him that I would. When I went toward him and he bent over building his sandcastle, I clearly noticed that young Matthew was wearing cloth diapers and plastic pants underneath his swim trunks. You could see his plastic pants stick out with bits of stray cloth diapers sticking out as well. As we talked I didn't notice any type of disability, either physical or mental that would explain a 16-year old still in diapers. Matthew seemed perfectly content with the fact that he was wearing diapers and it didn't matter if they were sticking out for everyone to see. Matthew's mother sensed that I had noticed her son's diapers told me in front of Matthew that he has never gained control of his bladder and remains in diapers 24/7. Matthew didn't say anything about his mother's comments.

After awhile the parents went down to the ocean and took a swim. Matthew and I continued in building his sandcastle. He said to me "I bet you're surprised to see a boy of my age still in diapers, aren't you?" I replied, "Well yes it is a little different seeing someone of your age still in them, I can understand why your youngest brother wears those swim diapers at his age. But at 16, they do you wear diapers" I asked Matthew. He answered in saying that he has never had control over his bladder and wets constantly and needs protection 24/7. He said that he prefers wearing diapers than risking and wetting his pants all the time. Everybody that he knows is aware that he still wears diapers. He continued in saying that he does get teased every once in awhile, especially at school. Hiding diapers during P.E. isn't that easy, so he doesn't hide them.

After about 2 hours, the boys' mother called in Ben and pulled out a clean dry "Swimpers" and quickly changed him right on the beach. After Ben was changed, she told Matthew to lie down on the blanket and got out some clean dry cloth diapers and proceeded to change Matthew's very soaked diaper. I couldn't help but look into Matthew's diaper bag and it was full of cloth diapers, plastic pants and even disposable diapers, all clearly sized to fit a teenager. After she gently pulled his plastic pants over his dry diapers, she told him that he could go without swim trunks for the rest of the afternoon. I couldn't believe my eyes that a cute 16-year-old was having his diapers changed out in public and even by his mother. What really was neat that Matthew was content in just wearing cloth diapers and plastic pants out on the beach.

His mother explained to me later on that Ben has some accidents and needs protection while swimming, but Matthew continues to this day of needing diapers 24/7 and as long as Matthew doesn't mind wearing diapers, then we don't have any trouble with it too.

It is nice to see a family as happy as they seemed and not having any hang-ups with any of their children having problems. Sure Matthew got some looks on the beach, but would I give to be Matthew right now still wearing diapers and being totally content with them.

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