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Sentenced to Reformatory


This story is pure fiction. It involves diapers, SM, voyerism, humiliation. All the characters are adults eventhough they may be humiliated by being treated as babies.

I am not an experienced story writer, this is the first story on asfd. The story is mainly finished in my first language - not English, however I will make an attempt to translate it.

1. Arrival

The bus took me closer and closer to the reformatory, following a narrow road along the sea. I was looking at the sceenery which in other circumstances would have been gorgeous. My mind was fixed on the words from the judge: " ....are sentenced to 12 months in a reformatory..". I looked at the other people at the bus. It was mainly old people on their way home from town. Two girls were sitting a couple of seats in front of me, they were giggling and I expected them to have a destination different from mine. We passed the top of a hill, and there it was. In the middle of a green area near the sea was a large white building with high fences around.

Shortly after the bus stopped and it was time to leave. I picked up my bag and rose from my seat. To my surprise the two girls also were about to leave the bus. I presented myself to them and the three of us started to walk towards the gate. The girls, Anne and Monica, were also sent to the reformatory for twelve months for shoplifting. We walked up to the gate and told a female guard who we were. She was obviously waiting for us. She ticked us off on a list and we were commanded to follow her. Her name tag showed that her name was Lisa. She was tall and with a body showing clear signs of being in good shape. Lisa was wearing a light blue skirt and dark blue pants. In her belt she had a lot of keys, handcuffs and a large baton. I told myself to try to keep out of any conflicts with Lisa.

We approached a low building close to the main house and entered into a kind of classroom. The room was already partly full. Seven girls and three boys were already seated. We found three empty places and waited together with the rest. After five minutes a strict woman in her late forties dressed in black skirt and jacket, entered the room. She presented herself as headmistress, Mrs Johnson. She explained the rules of the reformatory. We would be brought back to pre-school kids, and the training would start from there. If we behaved we would rapidly reach new stages, and our privileges would respectively increase. However, if we didn't behave, we would be severely punished - and we would be even further regressed. She explained that it was quite normal that some of the kids in a new class ended up like babies in diapers.

After a 10 minutes speech we were commanded to stand while she left the room. After Mrs Johnson had left, Lisa told us to follow her to the wardrobe. There we would have a shower, we would have to leave all our personal belongings and we would get our new uniforms. The little group followed her quietly through the corridors to the wardrobe. There we were explained that pre-school kids didn't have any problems with modesty. We were therefore told to use the same wardrobe. Both Anne and Monica was still standing beside me. As Lisa gave out some large plastic bags for our clothing and some smaller for other personal belongings like watches and jewellery, it was clear that it was not smart to obey the orders. I looked at Monica. She had started to undress and was soon only wearing bra and panties. She stopped and tried to take long time to pack her clothes, but finally she had to accept the humiliation. She unhooked the bra and pushed down her panties. I admired her body and I started to develop a hard-on very visible through my underwear. Monica had blond hair. She had firm and nicely shaped breasts. She didn't have much pubic hair, but what she had were also blond.

On the other side of me Anne was terribly shy. She had not finished unbuttoning her blouse when Lisa came round to see how we followed her orders. When she saw that Anne was still almost completely dressed she got very angry. She took a good grip in Annes shirt and bra and ripped it violently off with the fabric tearing and the buttons spread over the floor. She took Annes jeans and panties and yanked them off in a similar way. Soon Anne was completely naked. She was blushing and tried to cover herself with her hands. Lisa wanted to add to Annes misery and told her to be the first one to receive a punishment. She took Annes hands and led her out in front of the group with her back showing against us. Then she was ordered to bend over and clasp her ankles. The positions left Anne totally exposed. Lisa had picked up a belt from on of the cloth piles on the floor. With a evil grin she lifted the belt and smacked it across Annes white ass. A red wealth appeared after the belt. Lisa took aim again and this time the belt landed on Annes upper thighs. Anne screamed uncontrolled and was a complete misery when the third stroke landed more or less at the same place as the first.

Lisa explained that this was only the first part of Annes punishment - the remaining would be announced and executed during the dinner later the same day. She was told to go back to the rest of us. Now all of us were completely naked and we went to take a shower. We then proceeded with dressing in our uniforms consisting of a two piece cotton dress.

2. Anne's Punishment...

It had been a painful waiting period for Anne. Her back still hearted from the previous whipping, and she knew she had much more to come. Now we where all seated for dinner.

The room was large and we were placed around five long parallell tables. On the end there was a nicely laid table with beautiful cuttlery and wine glasses for the officers. Behind this table, there was a podium with a monstrous bench with a large number of strapping devices. Several whips hung on the walls behind the bench.

We sat without saying much - Anne was pale and was not looking forward to the comming events. Our silence were broken by Lisa who appeared on the podium. She announced that the punishment of a newcomer was sheduled before the meal. She called Anne up to the podium, while she explained that Anne had not followed her orders earlier that day and that she had received a preliminary punishment. Annes punishment was decided to be 15 lashes with the whip and she would also be regressed back to toddler stage.

Lisa ordered Anne to undress. Anne was glued to the floor and glanced at her with horror in her eyes. Lisa was angry by the lack of respons and announced that she had received two extra lashings and it would be even more if she didn't responded very quickly. Anne was shaking but started to pull off her sweather. She tried to cover her breasts and turn away from us while she pulled off her pants, but Lisa showed her no mercy and turned her front towards us. Her hairy triangle made a strong contrast to her white skin.

Lisa pulled her over to the bench and bent her over some leather pads, her back against the audience. Her arms and feets were strapped to the bench. Her legs were spread wide so she were not allowed any modesty. The red stripes from the previous whipping were clearly visible.

Lisa took a whip from the wall. She lashed it in the air a couple of times to get familiar with the feeling. When she was satisfied she turned towards Anne. She raised her hand high and drove the whip towards Annes white buttocks with a lot of power. Anne screamed and asked for mercy but Lisa was already on her way with the next stroke. This time she aimed at the upper thighs. Lisa stopped and said that this was the extra strokes, Mrs. Johnsen would carry out the rest of the whipping.

When Mrs. Johnsen had prepeared herself for the work, she explained to all of us why it was important to punish Anne. Total obedience was required, no matter what the reason must be it was unacceptable not to obey orders. She took aim and drove the whip towards the tormented ass of Anne. She was a total misery and cried or screamed all the time. When three strokes remained, Anne if possible was even more humiliated. We heard the splashing and saw the stream of urine running down her thighs as she wetted herself. Mrs. Johnson reacted with anger and the remaining strokes were if possible even harder than before. Lisa had unstrapped Anne and had produced a bucket of water and ordered Anne to clean the floor before they continued the punishment.

When Anne had cleaned up her mess, she was ordered to sit towards us on the bench and spread her legs. This time she obeyed orders and spread her legs wide open. Lisa returned with scissors, razor and shaving cream and started to remove the dark triangle of hair between Annes legs. Soon all the hair was gone, and the pink openings were visible to eveyone. Mrs. Johnson returned and admired the work of Lisa and said that Anne looked like the two year old she was going to be treated as. She took out a large disposable diaper and slid it under Annes buttocks. Anne was speechless to the treatment bould couldn't do anything to prevent Mrs. Johnsen to pull the diaper up between her legs and fasten the tapes safely. Anne was told that she would not be able to take care of her bodily functions herself until she proved to have developed to a stage higher than were she was now. To ensure that she did not tried to avoid using her diapers Lisa had a large chastity belt that she locked on to Anne. She then pulled on Annes clothes and ordered her to walk back to her table.

At the table a highchair had replaced Annes chair, a baby formula and a tea spoon were placed in fornt of the high chair together with a baby bottle with milk. Anne now was totally defeated and she swallowed her pride, climbed into the highchair and started to eat.

3. Failed attempt to help Anne

Anne had been very quiet after we returned to the dormatory - she laid on her bed without saying a word. She looked funny with that heavy padding between her legs. Once in a while she wimpered as the pain in her punished ass came back.

The rest of us were discussing the situation and the punishment that Anne had received. None of us thought that she was going to stay in diapers more than a day or at maximum a couple of days. Monica said that she would obey all orders to avoid a similar humiliation. She thought Anne's attempt to avoid exposure had gained her very little, and she would not like to be treated like a baby herself.

We had talked for nearly an hour when Anne came over to where we were sitting. She told us that she had already wet her diapers - but now she were really facing trouble, because she needed to poop. She feared that her formula food were treated with a laxative to add to her humiliation. The rest of us comforted her and said that we beleived it was not. We decided that Monica and I should go and talk to Lisa and see if she could unlock Anne at least so that she could poop at the toilet.

Monica was walking in front of me down the stairs to Lisas office. As we approached the door we were both quiet and nervous. I took a deep breath and knocked at her door to Lisas office. She opened and looked at the two of us before she ordered us inside. None of us wanted to start to talk so she asked with an irritated voice what we wanted. I started to tell about Anne's situation. I told what Anne had told us that she had wet the diaper and that she needed to poop. Lisa was smiling at us and in moment I thought she understood and wanted to help, and I continued to talk. I was told to be quiet by an angry voice behind me, and first then I saw that also Mrs. Johnsen was in the office, she had been sitting in an easy chair behind the door.

She looked at the two of us with an evil grin, and told us that Anne's situation was planned, she was a baby and it was normal that babies wetted and messed their diapers. Anne had behaved as a baby and was now treated equal. By not understanding that and by questioning the punishments and her rules we had put ourselves in a difficult situatuion. We would maybe help Anne since she would not be the only one in diapers. We would get the same treatment. With that she ordered us to undress and Lisa to get diapers and stuff for us.

Both Monica and myself obeyed the orders and undressed. I was to scared to take pleasure in Monicas beautiful body exposed in front of me. Soon both of us were nude and Lisa returned with two disposable diapers, one large with a violet plastic that I supposed were for me and one smaller with blue plastic that probably was meant for Monica. Mrs. Johnsen told us that our body hair would be removed while we were being changed on the podium before breakfast next morning. She told us that if our diapers were only wet we would keep our hair at the head, but if we had messed our diapers we would be brought back to infancy and all our hair would be removed.

Lisa told Monica to lay down at her back and spread her legs wide. Monica obeyed but I saw that she was struggling with herself before she spread her legs. In that position she was really exposed and humiliated. Lisa was not in a hurry to take her out of the humiliating position - but at last she slipped the diaper beneath her ass. She applied a lot of baby powder before she pulled the diaper up between her legs and fastened it with two tapes on both sides. Monica rised and started to pull on her clothes while I was ordered down. The same procedure was applied to me and soon we both were finished. Lisa said that she would walk us back. It was difficult to walk normally with the thick padding between the legs, and I struggled to keep Lisa's pace. I saw that Monica was also struggling to keep the pace.

When Lisa entered the dormatory all th talking subsided and everyone were sitting quietly in their bed trying to avoid drawing attention. We followed Lisa who walked over to Anne. Anne was sobbing quietly because she had not been able to avoid messing her diaper. Lisa looked very satisfied at her and it was obvious that she enjoyed seeing Anne in that miserable condition. She told all of us to behave if we wanted to avoid more serious punishments. She forced Monica and me to swallow a pill and reminded us of the additional punishment if we messed our diapers. With that she left.

We told the rest about the visit at the office, and how we were to be punished. There was a lot of comforting words and Anne was very grateful for the risk we had taken in an attempt to help her. We asked her how she felt, and she was not happy with the situation because she were very wet and messy and this added a lot of pain to her already well punished backside. She was also afraid that the diaper would leak since she had wetted it several times. She was not looking forward to the morning and the punishment she thought would be hers if the diaper leaked.

We all sound out that we should go to sleep and save our strength for the coming day...

4. The First Morning...

The next morning i was waken by a strong urge to poop. I realized that my diaper were wet, so I must have peed without awakening during the night. The threats from Lisa gave me new strength in fighting the cramps that was riding me. The diaper felt quite wet and uncomfortable so I hoped that I wouldn't have to wait long for a change.

I looked over at Monicas bed and thought I heard some sobs. I walked over to her bed to ask how she felt - but the smell that met me gave me the answer. Monica would definitely be an infant and she would have to watch all her hair go away. I stroke her head in an attempt to comfort her. It was obviously welcomed. She lifted her cover and showed me how her diaper had leaked, the whole bed was a complete mess. Anne came over to us - her diaper had not leaked, but it was sagging and it was obviously that it had reached the capacity for both pee and poop.

As we stood there the door was opened and a new guard told us all to rise and stand beside our beds. As Monica rose from her bed I could see a small trickle of pee and poop seeping out from the leg opening. The new guard Vicky, also saw it and she announced she looked forward to the punishments this morning. Anne, Monica and myself was ordered to wait while the rest of the group was ordered to the shower room. As I stood there I realised that I was unable to fight another cramp that was building up with great strength. I felt the poop force its way out and start to fill the seat of my diaper. I was amazed by the amount of poop that was entering my diaper - and soon it sagging as was the case for Monica and Anne. Vicky had noticed and gave me a smile that was not very comforting.

The three of us were ordered to take of our bedclothes and clean our places. We were then led to a clothing supply where we received a large disposable diaper, a one-piece play suit with mittens. We were also forced to cary our shaving equipment, some rubber bags and some other items that we didn't now the use of.

We were marched up to the podium where Anne had been punished the day before. I let my eyes wander around the room, and registered both fear and anticipation from the crowd. I was scared and nervous and needed to pee again. As the flow was at the maximum I knew that the capacity was reached. A wet spot started to form on the inside of my right tigh. I knew the leakage would please the guards and that it would be announced to everyone to add to my humiliation. But the three of us were in the same situation - the girls were at least not in a better situation. Both of them had dark, wet spots down their tighs. They had also very visible brown stains indicating that also the poop had leaked out.

Then Vicky appeared at the stage and started to give an orientation about our "crimes". She said that since all of us had pooped our diapers we would be brought back to infancy. We would not be able to walk, eat or anything else without help. We would be sleeping in a cribs, and we would be forced to sleep also during daytime. Our punishment consisted of cleaning, removal of any hair, a very sound spanking, some humiliating exposure and rediapering.

Vicky ordered us to take of our clothes. She then unlocked the chastity belts that had locked our diapers in place. She started to ask me what I had done in my diaper. I admitted that I had peed several times and that the cramps finally had overpowered me and leaving me pooping my pants. Vicky asked how I felt about pooping and peeing in my pants and I answered that I didn't liked it. She then asked me who was peeing and pooping their diapers. I answerwd in a low and rusty voice that only babies did that. She then asked me if I thought I was a baby. I answered now - but then she got very angry and asked me why I acted like one then. I tried to defend myself but was cut off. She ordered Monica and Anne to try to clean me up. I was laid on a changing table that was mounted behind us. I saw that there were several videocameras bringing all the humiliating details about my diaper changing to the crowd. It was terrible to have my dirty diaper exposed to everyone. Anne and Monica was not enjoying their work as they tried to clean me up. However at the same time I was very aroused by seeing two good- looking girls in dirty diapers occupied with changing me. Annes tits was bouncing from side to side as she worked. I started to feel a growing hard-on. Of course Vicky observed it too and commented that the babyboy enjoyed beeing changed by two babygirls. The crowd enjoyed here comment and I felt the color in my face was telling what I felt about the situation.

Finally I was clean, and Vicky asked me to turn around. As soon as I did she lashed her whip down and let very powerful strokes rain over my buttocks. I was amazed by the power she used and was soon crying and outlining the picture of a little boy rather than an adult man. Finally the blows ended and Vicky gave me a scissor. She told me to start to cut of my own hair. I was shocked but understood that I wouldn't gain anything by protesting. So I spread my legs and started to cut off the pubic hair. I felt very naked and exposed as it was removed. When I had removed as mucch as I could with the scissor I was ordered to do my head. I had hoped to escape but understood that there would be no mercy so I obeyed. After most of my hair was removed Anne and Monica was ordered to shave the rest off. Soon after I was completely naked and as exposed as a newborn baby.

The next on to be changed was Monica. Her diaper were extremely disgusting - the poop had spread everywhere in her diaper and covered her cunt, it was a lot around her stomack and far up her back. She was quite sore and had started to develop a diaper rash. Vicky ordered me to do the cleaning of her cunt - she was holding a videocamera in her hand to get undisturbed close ups displayed on the TV monitors. I spread Monicas cunt lips and tried to clean her in a gentle way. Vicky told me to force the washing cloth in and clean her properly. I did as I was ordered but I stopped when I saw how painful the treatment were to Monica. I obtained a couple of stinging blows with a paddle for not obeying. Finally Monica was clean and she was given the scissor. She forced herself to spread her legs and start to cut away what she had of pubic hair. It was soon done but when she was ordered to cut away the hair on her head she protested. Vicky was not showing any mercy, she took a leather belt and placed a heavy stroke in her newly shaved crotch. Monica was not prepared for the pain and screamed in shock and pain. Vicky told her to start to work with the scissor if she would avoid more blows to follow. Monica started sobbingly to cut away her long blonde hair. Soon also Monica was completely hairless. She was also ordered to lay on her stomach for receiving the whip on her buttocks.

Soon only Anne remained. Her buttocks was extremely sore after the pee and poop irritating the wealths from the day before. But soon she was cleaned, clean shaven, whipped and ready for new actions.

Vicky and another guard was putting three stocks in position - and Vicky explained that we would be in the stocks during the meal. We were locked in place and our newly shaven private parts were exposed to everyone. Vicky had now filled the rubber bags that we had collected earlier with water. Soon after I felt a combined nozzle and butt plug being inserted into my butt. The same was obviously happening to the girls. Soon after I felt the water rush into my bowels. The stream of water never seemed to stop and I felt some very heavy cramps forming. Finally Vicky was satisfied - I had never thought I could hold that amount of water. Vicky unsnapped the filling hose. The free end she fastened to the stocks. We were told to hold the enema during the meal. If we failed to hold it the discharge would flow out the hose and be released above our head.

We stood without saying anything and fought our cramps in silence. My hope were increasing as I saw that the eating was almost finished. Then I heard Anne moaning ot my left. I tried to look her way and after a short time a stream of brown water was seeping out of the hose and over her head. The brown water was mixed with Annes tears.

Both Monica and I were able to keep the enema during the meal and we was allowed to release it into some buckets. Anne was washed and dried to remove the mix of shit and water covering her head. She was still sobbing quietly. Now all of us were commanded to the changing table. Vicky applied a lot of lotion in the diaper area. She was stimulating the girls - and after awhile the sobbing was replaced by moaning. Then she stopped and pulled the diaper between the legs and fastened it properly. She was making me getting a beginning hard-on. It was very uncomfortable to have it forced into the diaper. After all of us were in diapers, she came with the play suits. We soon found out why she didn't use the chastity belts. The play suits had a zipper in the back - and it had a locking device, so we wouldn't be able to get out of the suits without the keys. The mittens made us quite helpless. Three adult size baby carriages were rolled in front of us and we were placed in them.

We were rolled to a room close to the main dormatory. Inside there were three adult size baby cribs. We were told that we would now follow the recommended routine for a baby - with daytime naps. We were given a large baby bottle. None of us had eaten so we started to suck on the nipple. I looked at Monica - she seemed peaceful as she lay sucking on the bottle. I realized that the formula probably was drugged because I started to get sleepy again. I also realized that I peed once more before I fell asleep, and it felt almost naturally. I was not aware of the need to pee before I felt the wetness in my diaper.

...to be continued...

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