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My life in diapers

Here it is the first day of kindergarten and I'm feeling rather nervous, or perhaps excited. I remember going to the school that morning with my mother for orientation. Every thing seemed okay, I got to play with Legos and other kids while my mom did some paperwork. This school day lasted only two hours or so, and my mother and I returned home for the usual routine.

The rest of the day went on as usual and I got ready for bed. I came back out into the family room and my mom gives me a stern look of disapproval; she hadn't put my diaper on for bed. Yes, I was a bed wetter at age five. She immediately marched me into my room and diapered me up. Frankly, I was embarrassed to wear diapers; I was going to my first full day of school tomorrow. What would the other kids think if somehow they found out. None of my friends wore diapers to bed ( at least none that I knew of )

I awoke the next morning to, of course, a wet diaper. A real confidence booster let me tell you. So I go to school for the first time alone. It was pretty interesting. I already had some friends and started to make new ones. Then came our first time at recess, or my first nightmare at school. We were all out playing games and sliding on the slide. Ya know, basic kid stuff. Then it happened I HAD TO PEE! Everything seemed to happen at once. I quit playing and started to hold my crotch. (in my infinite wisdom as a five year old) I didn't think we could go back inside until recess was over. Now it was too late. The deed was done. A full bladder emptied into my pants. I was mortified. Well, the teacher eventually saw and cleaned me up. She also told my mom.

My mom was okay with it and didn't make a big deal. The day went on as usual as did the night. I was diapered and put to bed. I awoke again to a wet diaper. My mom took me to school and everything was fine, until recess. It happened again but this time it came out of nowhere. One minute I was playing the next I was soaked. This time was really embarrassing, because most of the other kids saw. Needless to say, my mom and the teacher had a lengthy talk after school. The teacher had suggested that maybe I should wear a diaper to school to prevent any further accidents or embarressment. So that's exactly what happened.

So the next morning was business as usual, I had wet the bed again. This time my mom comes in after I'm ready for school and tells me to lie on my bed. I didn't know what was going on until she grabbed a diaper from my closet. No way this was going to happen, not at school. At home was bad enough, but she did it anyway. She pulled my pants down and diapered me, but this time it was for school. This day she went into school with me talked briefly with the teacher handed her a bag and left. The teacher pulled me aside to let me know I was wearing a diaper and if I had to go to the bathroom. I was supposed to go in my diaper.

This sucked. Here I am wearing a diaper in school. Eventually the time came for my to go to the bathroom, so, I went in my diaper. I was kind of scared but I realized that nobody knows I just wet myself. Whew, I guess this isn't so bad. It was now time for recess and the teacher had asked me and two other students to stay behind. I had noticed this with the other two students the previous day. We were led to the nurses office where we went in one at a time. What's going on I thought. When it was my turn I noticed the bag my mom gave the teacher was in there. The nurse tells me to lie down and starts to pull my pants down. I was so embarrassed that this lady is seeing me wearing a wet diaper. She took off the dirty diaper and replaced it with a new one and for the first time I enjoyed having a diaper put on me. When I was finished I went out to play and nobody knew I was wearing a diaper. This to me was total freedom. It felt good to pee my pants with a diaper on. I wore diapers all of the way into first
grade;and wore diapers at night well into second grade.

My bed wetting days were over, or so I thought. I didn't wear a diaper for two years. It wasn't until sometime in fourth grade, I started to wet the bed again. My mom dismissed this as a phase; but my bed wetting persisted. So, my mom threatened to put me in diapers. I was totally against it verbally but secretly yearned for that feeling of peeing in a diaper. My mom figured the threat would be enough. I knew it wouldn't. Having secretly wanted to be diapered again, I kept wetting the bed. As I had thought my mom got real tired of cleaning my sheets and threatened me one last time. So there it was if I wet the bed one more time I was going to be diapered for bed. Guess what happened. That's right. I wet the bed. My mom was very mad and true to her word she put me into a diaper that night. I made what appeared to be a fuss about it but really didn't care. In fact I was happy to have the feeling of a diaper between my legs. I went to sleep and overnight had wet the bed again. The only difference, other than
the diaper, was I didn't wake up cold and wet. This time I awoke to a somewhat warm moist diaper. What a feeling. This is the best thing in the world I thought. What's better than going to bed and knowing you can pee yourself, yet still be clean and dry in the morning. I didn't know it then but I was hooked. I couldn't wait to be diapered before bed. My mom mentioned that she thought I liked to wear diapers. I said I didn't but was glad I didn't soak my bed anymore. Deep down I fell in love with the feeling of a diaper between my legs and a wet diaper in the morning Life was good.

By the end of fourth grade I was done wetting the bed and unfortunately done wearing diapers. Since I knew how I felt about them, I had stashed a few diapers in my room. My supply ran out quick and there I was without any diapers. I was also starting to hit puberty and the yearn for the feeling between my legs grew. I couldn't stand it. It wasn't until I was at my next door neighbors house that I found a source for a diaper or two, here or there. They had a young daughter about four years old. She still wet the bed and wore diapers at night. I accidentally stumbled across their supply and without hesitation stuffed one down my pants. I went straight to my house and into my bedroom to check out the find. This diaper was awesome. It turned out to be a large Huggies from the early eighties. Ya know, the kind with elastic around the legs and thick. That night I tried it on but it didn't fit. I had grown. So I improvised and taped it to myself that night. Wow, what a feeling. Once again I was in diapers. This
was also the time I started masturbating. For some odd reason my penis grew inside the diaper. It also felt good to rub it. Then suddenly I felt a feeling I had never felt before. My penis tingled and I was breathing heavy. I felt moisture in my diaper but it wasn't pee. Not knowing what was going one I went to sleep. The diaper stealing lasted for almost a year. Then once again I had no diapers.

By this time I was in middle school playing sports and meeting girls. I was also starting to masturbate on a regular basis. I figured the diaper phase was completely over. I was wrong. Maybe a year went by that I didn't wear, think, or want diapers. Until, my first wet dream. I didn't know what this was but it reminded me of my fist orgasm; it reminded me of wearing diapers; it reminded me that I like diapers. Soon enough I was at the local drug store to buy my first package of diapers. They were even smaller now but I managed to get by.

My freshman year in high school. I had already had sex a couple of times and it was a wonderful feeling inside a female. I wanted it more and more, so I masturbated more and more. I really tried to suppress my diaper feelings then and did a pretty good job that year. It wasn't until my sophomore year that the urge became too real. I was tired of buying baby diapers. They didn't fit and they would leak. Then I found out about adult sized diapers. It was during homecoming. The seniors theme was the rock song from Van Halen, "And the cradle Will Rock." So here it is, dress up day for homecoming and the seniors were dressed like babies, complete with diapers( outside their clothes of course ). I saw this and was overjoyed that they made diapers in my size. I went to one of the seniors who was a friend of mine and asked where in the hell he got those diapers. I was saying things in a joking manner but was seriously inquisitive on the facts. We laughed about it all and that was that.
Needless to say, it didn't take me long to locate and buy some of these diapers. When I put them on for the first time it was like heaven. I was in love with these. I started to wear them to bed but could not pee during the night. This disappointed me. I wore diapers on a semi-regular basis throughout high school. Then came college.

During college I seriously curtailed my diaper wearing. I had sex quite a bit and didn't seem the need to wear them. I was getting laid and that's all that mattered. Then two years into college my mom died. I was devastated. Soon enough I was wearing diapers again more than ever. I had moved back into my mom's house and had all the privacy in the world to wear diapers. This was almost three years ago. Between then and now I was on again, off again with diapers.

I am now in a - relationship with a woman. She doesn't know and I should probably tell her before I get caught. I don't know if it would ruin our relationship or enhance it. The way I feel right now, I think it would kill it. So I gone on wearing diapers when I can. I have also come to the conclusion that I probably always will.

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