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Michaels Diaper Story

Author: Claudeb

This fictional story is about Michael, a 14-year-old boy with bedwetting problems

This fictional story is about Michael, a 14-year-old boy with bedwetting problems. His sister (Robin) is 12. She acts very immature. These character’s names (Names only) are based on my cousin and his sister. His mother is fed up with his nightly "accidents", and decides to move to "Plan B".

Part 1

Beep, Beep, Beep, Beep”! Michael awoke to the sound of his alarm, for which he did not remember setting the night before. As he arose out of bed he noticed that he, and his sheets, were completely soaked. His mom heard the alarm, and came in to see if he was awake. When he heard his mom coming up the steps, he said to himself, “Oh crap! How am I gonna explain this to her? She said if I wet the bed again, she would go to ‘Plan B’, whatever the hell that was”.

His mother came in and saw the condition of him and his bed, and she said, “That’s it! I’m fed up with this. Get cleaned up, and then come downstairs to the living room”. He cleaned himself up, and changed the bed sheets, knowing whatever was in store for him downstairs wasn’t good. As he was walking down the stairs, his sister came running down past him yelling, “Michael wet the bed! Michael wet the bed!” “Enough!” said his mom, “Teasing him about it won’t help matters.”

She called Michael over to the couch and told Robin to go fix some cereal for herself this morning. She said to him, “All right. This bedwetting is going to stop here and now. Now I know that the doctors say that you cannot control it and that it is not your fault, but I can control it! Michael, from this moment forward, you will wear diapers all day, every day. You will be forbidden to take them off without my consent, or you will be restricted from using the computer for two weeks each incident.” Michael knew his mother was not kidding and he did not want to make matters worse by arguing with her, besides, he had always wanted to wear diapers again, so this was his chance.

Michael agreed with his mom, and she went to the closet and got a plastic box filled with cloth diapers, plastic pants, and all other sorts of diaper supplies she had picked up on the internet. She said to him, “Take this up to your room, and put it in your closet.” He sheepishly went up to his room, amazed at what had just happened. He felt overjoyed and saddened at the same time.

“What will my friends think when they come over and go into my closet to get a toy?” “Or what if they want to sleepover?” As he pondered all these things, he put the box in the closet and then proceeded to go downstairs when his sister popped up out-of-nowhere, almost giving him a heart attack! “What are you doing up here, aren’t you supposed to be eating?” She said, “I’m finished.” What do you have there in the closet,” she asked. “Oh, nothing. Just some private stuff”

He thought to himself, “Can she be any nosier?” “Let me look” she asked. “I really don’t want you going into my closet!” “I don’t go into yours, and you don’t go into mine, got it?” His mother heard him and said, “What’s going on up there you two?” He said, “Oh nothing mom, Robin’s just trying to see what is in my closet.” “Leave your brother alone dear, I will tell you what is in the closet later.” said his mom, who was just cleaning up Robin’s mess at the table. Robin rolled her eyes and said to her brother, “I will find out.” And with that, she left for her room to make her bed.

After he locked his closet, he went downstairs and handed the key to his mom, and said to her, “Please don’t let Robin see any of it.” She said ok and he sat down and ate breakfast.

Later on that night, as he was playing on the computer downstairs, his mother called him up to his room. He got there and she said, “Diaper time!” He said, “It’s not even eight o’clock, I’m not going to walk around the house in those!” She said to him, “Come here NOW!” “Fine, you win,” said Michael, knowing he was wrong to argue with her, as he would never win this argument.

She began the diapering by powdering his private areas generously and then by sliding five diapers underneath him. She pinned them up, and pulled the plastic pants up over top of them. He said, “Robin is going to tell everyone at school that I wear diapers”! “I will talk to her about your problem in a minute,” Said his mother. “Sure, that’s really going to help allot mom.” “Well, when she finds out she is banned from the computer and from the phone, she will think twice about telling anybody at school, or anywhere,” said his mom.

Finally at ten o’clock, he was ready to go to bed. He had not stepped but two feet outside of his room since his mom diapered him, because of the embarrassment he would face from his sister. He told his mom good night, and she said she would be right up. She entered his room, checked his diaper and said, “I think that this will last until in the morning.” She pulled up the cover and kissed him goodnight. She turned out the light, and told him to go to sleep, you have a big day ahead of you tomorrow. “What are we doing tomorrow?” said Michael. “You will see!” said his mother.

The next morning he awoke to a dry bed, but also awoke to a wet diaper. He went downstairs to the kitchen, where he fixed himself some breakfast. He looked out the window, amazed to find his mom’s car gone. He went to see if his sister was still here, and she was fast asleep in her bed.

At nine o’clock that morning, his mom called to see if he was up yet, and to her surprise, he was (She had mixed in a sleeping pill with his dinner)! “What are you doing up? You usually sleep in on weekends.” “9:00 is sleeping in, mother” said Michael. “Anyway, I am on my way home from the grocery store, and from the post office picking up a package. I told your sister about your diapers, and she promised me that she would keep this just between us. So you can go wake her up for a change.” “Why did you tell her about all of this?” “You didn’t expect to hide this from her forever, taking into account her never-failing nosiness, did you?” “I guess not mom, it’s just that I don’t want to be embarrassed by her, that’s all.” “Go wake her up and ask her to change you, I will be home in about thirty minutes, considering all this holiday traffic.” “See you later mom!” “Bye” And with that, he hung up the phone. His sister walked up behind him and said BOO! He was so scared, he peed even more into his diaper!

“Do you need a change?” said his sister. “Yes, but can’t I do this myself?” said Michael. “No, mom specifically told me that either me or her were to change your diapers. Got it?” “Yes. Let’s get this over with.” They both went up to his room and got the diaper supplies out of the closet. She took out five more diapers and slid them up under his butt. She then applied baby oil, and then baby powder to his genitals, then pinned up the diapers. She got a pair of plastic pants from the box, and pulled those up over his diapers.

“There! All done. That should last you for a couple of hours. We will see.” They both went downstairs, and got on the computer to play some games. Around 15 minutes later, he heard his mom’s car door shut, so he closed out his game and went out to get some of the groceries from the car. “Thank you dear, for helping me with those groceries.” “You are welcome, mom.” They both went into the house and put the groceries away. “Mom, is it ok if I just wear underwear to school? School lets out in four weeks, I don’t want to be embarrassed at school in front of all my friends.” “It’s ok to wear regular underwear to school. Only under one circumstance. The first time you have an accident at school, diapers ALL the time, even at school.” Michael hadn’t had an accident in school for as long as he could remember, he thought to himself, “This should be a piece of cake!”

The next morning, he got on the school bus wearing “regular underwear”. He got off of the school bus and went to his first block, English II. That particular class had the strictest teacher on the campus. She didn’t allow anyone to leave the room except in an emergency or a call from the principal over the intercom, which wasn’t often; as this was a well-behaved school. He entered class as the bell rung.

He could already sense that his bladder was full, and screaming to be relieved. He asked the teacher if he could use the restroom, but she (as expected) said no, you should have used it during the seven-minute break. Thirty minutes into class, he was desperate to go to the bathroom, and was squirming in his seat. There was one hour left in class, and he knew he would not make it until then. Just then, Marie (his girlfriend, who sat to the right of him) noticed his situation, and trying not to be rude, asked what’s wrong. “I really have to go to the bathroom.” “Can’t you wait?” “Not with an hour of class left,” said Michael. “I have a jacket you can use to hide your pants if you don’t make it,” said Marie. “Thanks, but that still won’t save me from what my mom will do if she finds out this happened.”

She gave him the jacket, and said “Good luck!” “Thanks” said Michael. Another fifteen minutes passed, and his situation hadn’t gotten any better. He said, “To hell with it, and let his very stressed bladder go, knowing what would happen when his mom found out.” He used the jacket to go to the office after class, where he called his mom to pick him up from school. She asked him why and he said I had an accident. The teacher wouldn’t let me go to the bathroom. Nobody except the office knows about it. Please don't put me into diapers. I’m sorry!” “Well, I will come take you home, and we will talk there.” “OK, I will be waiting in the office for you with my stuff”

Ten minutes later, she drove up in the school parking lot with a pair of underwear and jeans under her coat, she didn’t want to embarrass the boy today, which would wait until later. He took the things and went to the office bathroom, where he changed. He put his girlfriend’s jacket in her locker because she was in the middle of class at that time. “Let’s go home now. I ‘m hungry” His mom signed him out, and took him home. When they got there, his mom diapered him and fixed lunch. “I understand you couldn’t help that the teacher would not let you go to the bathroom. What I do not understand is why you drank so much before class! Especially if you know that the teacher won’t let you go out of the room!” said his mom. “I said I was sorry! Can’t we leave it at that?” “I guess so, just don’t drink so much before her class again, alright?” “Alright mom”.

Around eight forty-five, his mom came in to do his nightly diapering routine. When she was done, she ordered him to bed. He asked her “Why am I going to bed now?” and she said “Because I am your mother and you are going to do what I say!” So he went to bed, replaying in his mind the events of the past couple of days. He said to him, “This is a dream come true! I am finally getting diapered.” Soon he went to sleep, not knowing what his mother had planned, and what she had lied to him about...

Part 2

“Time to wake up sweety,” said his mom. Michael was still groggy from the sleeping medicine his mom gave him last night. He said, “What time is it?” “It is six fourty-five. Time to get ready for school,” said his mother. He told her he was going to get ready, and that he would be down for breakfast in a minute. So he went and took a shower, and did everything else to get ready for school. When he entered his room to get his clothes, his mom was standng there with a diaper in her hand and said, “Because of what happened yesterday, I am going to diaper you to the fullest extent possible. There will be NO escape!” said his mother. “Butyou told me you would forgive me! Now I know you are a liar.” And without hesitation, his mother smacked his face as hard as she could, leaving a bright red hand print across his cheek. “Maybe that will teach you some respect. Now, lay down on the bed.”

His mom then proceeded to diaper him, using a disposable diaper. After she was done, she told him to get the rest of his clothes on and come downstairs to eat. “I hate you! I swear to God I hate you!,” said Michael. “It only hurts you to say that, so keep hating me, you will only dig a deeper hole for yourself,” said his mother, knowing her emotions were hit harder than when she hit him on the face. Her own son hated her, and was starting to rebel.

When Michael finally walked downstairs, his mom told him to eat his breakfast, because she was taking him to school this morning. “Why?,” asked Michael. “Because you are wearing a diaper, and you definitely cannot change yourself, you would not make the diaper tight enough and it would leak,” said his mother. “And then your friends will know you are either a pantwetter, or a diaper wearer.” Then Michael said, “Well, I would rather change my own diaper anyways. Let me have one chance”.

So his mother let him take the school bus to school, after she put a couple of diapers in his bookbag, along with some diapering supplies. When Michael got to school, he noticed that something smelled funny. He looked at his diaper and saw it was wet! He said, “How the hell did this happen?” Little did he know, his mother had put a diuretic agent in his cereal before he ate. So he went into one of the bathrooms and changed his diaper.

Later on that day, Michael fell asleep in class, and when his teacher woke him up, he felt that his pants were wet. Surely enough, the diaper had leaked into his pants, where there was a small wet spot that (for the moment) Only he knew about. He sat during the rest of class, think about what his mother had told him that morning. He reluctantly made a decision in his mind to let the school nurse change him. He proceeded down the hallway to the nurses office after class and went to her desk. “May I help you Michael?,” said the nurse. “Uhhh, yeah. I have ,uhh, this uhh, problem with, uhhh, my bladder,”said Michael, with total embarrassment. “You need your diaper changed?,” asked the nurse. “Well, yeah. How did you know?,” asked Michael. “Your mom called and said you might decide to change your mind about this.,” said the nurse.

“Do you do this to any other students?,” asked Michael. “Yes I do, to a couple of other students. One has special needs, one has a urinary tract infection, and the other is just like you.” “Who is that?,” asked Michael. “Jeremy Allgood, he is in eighth grade. Do you know him?” “Yeah, I do. I never would have guessed.,” said Michael. Well let’s get this diaper changed. She then changed his diaper faster than anyone else had ever done! He thought she had broke the world record for a diaper change.

After she had finished, He went off to class thinking about what the nurse had said about Jeremy. Jeremy lived down the street from him, and whenever he wanted to have sleepover with him when they were younger, he would always make up an excuse for me not to come. “I always wondered why,” thought Michael.

He went throughout the rest of the day without any leaks, and when he got home he was greeted by his sister, which was very unusual because she usually got home after him. “What are you doing home early?,” asked Michael. “Mom picked me up so I could take care of you when you got home” “Oh. Well, let’s get it over with.,” said Michael. His sister then put him in cloth diapers and plastic pants.

Afterwards, Michael called Jeremy on the phone and asked him a couple of questions. After he hung up, He told his sister that he was going over to Jeremy’s house tomorrow night. But his mom didn’t come home that night, and they were both afraid because they had no living relatives that they knew of. “I hope nothing bad happened,” said Michael. “Me either,” said Robin. That night was the first night they went to bed without their mother.

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