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Kathy's Vacation

By BrushFyr

Kathy sat her in comfy recliner, her short robe open slightly revealing her state of undress. She watched a talk show while her right hand unconsciously massaged the crotch of her panties, waiting for the time when her boyfriend would arrive.

Kathy had decided to take some sick time from her job working for a conglomerate's advertising division. The company, Ameridyne, was relatively new, formed only three years earlier. Quickly absorbing other companies, Ameridyne shortly had the enviable position of being at the top of the Fortune 500 list.

She had worked for this company for a little less than a year, entering as soon as she finished college for graphic designs. At 21, Kathy seemed to have carved herself a niche in the company, heading the visual aspects of some of the company's leading accounts, with a monthly salary of $3,000. She was grateful to have come so for this fast, as most of her friends who graduated with her were working in department stores for commission.

After ten months of endless deadlines and constant stress, she decided she could not wait for her vacation to kick in. She called work saying, in her best fake nauseous voice, she wouldn't be in for a week because of the flu. Hanging up, Kathy smiled at her reflection in the mirror, saying "Clever girl."

At 5'1", Kathy's thin frame still looked 15. The only area that had grown up was her ass, which stuck out from her hips. She often got carded at bars, and she still loved to see what mischief she could get away with.

Now, she waited for her beau to come over, for some Quality Time. Of course, those her boyfriend's coy words. She preferred Serious Fucking, as compared to something that sounded like old women enjoying Sunday bridge.

She didn't think dressing was necessary, so wore only yesterday's underwear under here silky robe (she didn't think laundry was priority one, so didn't have a clean pair either way). With some ginger ale and her trusty vibrator within hand's reach, she lazed around, occasionally playing with her underfed puss.

A little past eleven, the doorbell rang. Scott's early!, thought Kathy. She opened the door, leaning against the frame sexily, robe still open. Kathy wasn't expecting the sight that greeted her. Instead of Scott, she saw an attractive brunette woman in her 40's, , hair pulled back in a bun, and towered Kathy at 5'9". She wore conservative business attire and held a large briefcase. Kathy stared open mouthed until her mind registered the fact she was flashing an older woman.

The woman's foot was propped against the door, preventing an attempt to close it. "Miss Prattle? Kathy Prattle?"

Kathy's jaw open and closed for a few seconds until she could manage a reply. "Y-y-yes?"

"I'm Veronica Winsmore, from Ameridyne Employee Resources. I heard you were feeling sick, so thought I'd stop by. May I come in?" Veronica was already inside the apartment by the time she asked.

Kathy was fumbling with the ties to her robe, hoping to regain some dignity. "Uh, uhm, s-sure."

Veronica scanned the books on the bookshelf lining one wall, walking around the living room. "This is a nice place, Kathy. Do you live alone?"


"I said, do you live alone?"

"Uh, yes."

"It must be nice, to be your age and living alone in such a nice apartment like this one, isn't it?"

Kathy was starting to get a little nervous. She realized she hadn't even tried to sound sick for this person. "Uh, yes, it is."

Veronica stopped walking and made eye contact with Kathy. "Than why would you jepordize your position with us, Kathy?"

"Uh, sorry?"

"Uh. Is that all you can say? Uh? I mean, absentee employees costs American companies hundreds of millions of dollars. Did you know that?"

Kathy was feeling scatterbrained as this stern woman made her feel like she was in the principal office. "Uh,no...I mean, no."

Veronica gave a slight smile at Kathy's self correction. "Kathy, we must pay someone to replace absentee workers, or lose productive time. This problem is exasperated by people who make false sick claims, such as yourself. Or are you still going to pretend your sick?"

Kathy lowered her eyes to the her painted toenails, as her stomach started to whirl. "I guess not."

"Good. We employe many youngsters such as yourself. Did you think we wouldn't tell when you were play acting?"

Youngster? And who was she to keep asking all these stupid questions? Kathy, however, continued to find her toenails fascinating. "Well, yeah, but I didn't think it'd hurt anything."

Shit, now I'm apologizing to her, thought the downcast Kathy. This woman catches me in unwashed underwear and a robe, minutes after playing with myself, then demands answers from me like I'm her daughter or something. Playing with myself? Oh, God, my vibrator's still next to the chair where I left it!

"Kathy, you seem to be acting very childishly for someone with so many responsibilities at her job."

After a long pause, Kathy assumed she should apologize again. "Mm'm 'rry"

"What? I couldn't make out that muffling."

Kathy's stomach began to whirl faster, the sensation joined by a weight in her chest. She wondered if she be acting this way if she wasn't caught red-handed. "I'm sorry."

Veronica stared at her for a minute. "Come hear. Sit down for a bit." Veronica walked into the dining room and pulled out a chair for the girl.

Kathy, feeling shear embarrassment at being offered a seat in her own home, complied. Veronica began talking about the acting like an adult and taking care of one's responsibilities. Than how someone her age should start to appreciate her position in life, affording to live without roommates. Kathy felt her face grow red.

"We weren't sure if hiring someone so...young...was such a good idea. Now, it seems, our original skepticism was correct. Or can think of a reason we should keep a woman who'd rather stay at home and masturbate with dildos in her recliner?"

Kathy almost choked. She looked up wide eyed, mouth moving uselessly. She had hoped that if the vibrator was seen, decency would leave it unmentioned

Veronica waved one hand at the speechless girl. The other hand moved in the briefcase and withdrew some papers, placing them in front of her "Here. Sign this. Now."

Kathy leaned forward, sure the form was a dismissal or resig- nation. Instead, she saw a manila stock card over some papers, only a slot at the bottom for a signature exposed. "What is it?"

"Never mind that. Do you want to keep your job, or move onto the high class world of McDonald's? Believe me, I can have you fired for trying to take a week off...when you'd have a vacation in two months, had you waited."

Kathy grabbed a pen offered to her, unsure of which choice would be best. Could she really be fired for this? Could she make a complaint, or sue the company for harassment? Deciding her career was better than a lawsuit without evidence, she signed her name in the slot.

Veronica picked up the documents, tearing out a carbon copy, and handed it to Kathy. Kathy read the sheet, stunned. It was some sort of slave contract, promising to give herself entirely to Veronica. The I's, she noted, were all small case, symbolizing submissiveness. "This...can't be legal!"

Veronica looked at her, amused. "Of course it can't, dear. Slavery is illegal. However, that document will prove that what I will do to you is concent."

"What are you talking about?"

"We have put a lot of effort, refining your considerable talents. Why would we want you to take those attributes to a competitor. No, instead, I will punish you. In return you may keep your job with the happy Ameridyne family. The copy's of that paper you're holding is a deterrent, in case you decide you want a lawsuit. It will appear you and I have a... relationship, of a sort. Do you understand?"

Kathy began to cringe away from the older woman. As her nipples hardened from fear and adrenalin, she hoped they wouldn't be misinterpreted. "What do you mean by punishment?"

Veronica smiled richly. This was always her favorite part. "Why, I'm going to spank you. Like a naughty schoolgirl caught playing hooky. Spank you, among other things."

Shaking her head, Kathy moved her hands to her bottom, "No, you must be joking."

"But I'm not. It's either that or unemployment. And if you have any ideas about going to the proper authorities, the document you signed will destroy any credibility you have."

Kathy could only stare for a few a second as her butt clenched itself. Finally, she convinced herself that the spanking must be more symbolic than a 'real' spanking, and wouldn't be that bad. "OK, let's get this over with."

Veronica smiled happily. She quickly opened her seemingly ever present briefcase, withdrawing a nasty looking paddle, than closed it again. She pulled a straight back chair into the middle of the living room. Smoothing her skirt as she sat she said, "I thought you might see it my way. Come here."

Veronica left hand reached out to Kathy. Kathy breathed deeply, than walked over. A few swats and this is over. Kathy carefully lowered herself over Veronica's lap. Veronica gripped Kathy's childlike body around the waist with her left arm, and gently massaged Kathy's vulnerable cheeks with her right. Kathy squirmed, humiliated at being fondled by another woman. After a full minute, Veronica raised her hand and began swatting open palmed.

Swat Swat Swat Swat

These first few weren't that hard to take. In fact, this is what Kathy thought the whole spanking would be. To embarrassed to think, she didn't wonder why the paddle wasn't being used. Soon, Veronica quickened the pace, spanking much faster and with more force.

Swat Swat Swat Swat Swat Swat Swat


Veronica stopped suddenly, her hand resting on the robe covered ass. Kathy waited, teary eyed, for permission to get up. Instead, she felt Veronica lift the back of her robe past her waist. Too stunned to react, she felt Veronica reach for the paddle, giving a few playful taps against the panty encased bottom. Kathy was surprised by the strength of the tightened embrace around her waist.

"Wait! I thought that was the spanking!"

Kathy hated the way her voice whined out her protest. She hated the reply even more. "No, dear, that was only the warm up."

Raising her arm once again, Veronica let her hand hover over the girl. She smiled as she felt Kathy shudder. After enjoying the girl's whimpering, she brought the paddle down with full force.


"Ow! Ow! Ahhh... Ouch!"

Veronica spaced the spanks by three seconds, allowing the pain to sink in. Kathy tried to squirm away, but he older woman's grasp was unbreakable.


"Shit! Ow! Ow! Stop! Stoooop!"

Veronica stopped, her breathing ragged from juggling poor Kathy on her lap like a slippery fish. "Kathy... if we stop now, you will find employment elsewhere. And I assure you, that will not be easy for you. Now, do you want to end this?"

*sniff* "N...no. It's OK"

"What's OK?"

*sniff* "To continue... m-my... my spanking."

Again the paddle was raised.


Kathy squeezed her eyes tightly while trying not to cry out too loudly. Her ass burned and reddened under the swats. Kathy felt her venus mound throb lightly, excited from the earlier bouncing on Veronica's strong thighs. She felt her face grow a deeper shade of crimson. She hoped her state of mild arousal wasn't noticeable.

Veronica, however, had noticed. There was a lingering familiar odor hanging in the air. She also felt a certain heat from Kathy's V area. This was the part Veronica liked second best; when the spankee was becoming aroused, unsure if it was from the spanking or from the rubbing of their genitals over someone's knees. Veronica's own vagina was starting to moisten from Kathy's subdued whimpers.


"Mmmm...ow...mmm!... mmm-mmm.... ow...not so hard..."


Finally, this latest barraged was ended. Veronica began to once again massage the stinging bum, until she noticed the panties felt dingy. Digging her fingers under the waistband of the modest pair of peach underpants, she yanked them to Kathy's mid-thigh. After pulling them down, a aroma of Kathy's trapped crotch sweat filled the air. Veronica's nose wrinkled, and Kathy let out a sob. Inside the underwear, at the crotch, there was a slight yellow discoloring, a mixture of juices, perspiration, and perhaps a little unwiped urine.

Kathy again shut her eyes, remembering she had not changed her underwear in two days. There was a long silence as Veronica stared at the discoloration. Kathy felt as if she could feel Veronica's disgusted stare penetrant her body. She lay impassive, hoping the earth would open up and swallow her up. Her mound continued to throb lightly, oblivious to it's owner's plight. Finally, Veronica lifted the girl off her lap.

Kathy'y underwear hung uselessly around her knees, feeling cold and worthless against the skin. Kathy was unable to look Veronica in the eyes. The tears which came slowly during the spanking now streamed down her cheeks freely, yet Kathy no longer sobbed. Again, she felt as if a large weight was pressing against her chest. Her stomach knots had turned to butterflies.

A small part of her brain momentarily rebelled, asking who was this woman to come into her home, talking to her as one would a child, than bare and spank her. Than, to top it off, to see her panties, old and used, stinky from sweat and diddling . This was a situation no on, adult or child, should have to endure; having the dirty underwear they're wearing exposed. She guessed her mother's advice about wearing clean underwear wasn't so stupid after all.

But this mental protest did not last long, nor was it verbalized.

Instead, Kathy stood there, underwear down, robe still bunched up around her waist, bush visible (with her clitnub peeking out from it's hood), and bottom scarlet. Veronica stood about two feet away from her, but her presence seemed to fill the room. Kathy felt the woman's shadow enshroud her. She remembered her nervousness at her first gyno exam, still a child, about to expose her womanhood to a complete and total stranger. But this dread was far worse. She thought about those times, to keep from thinking about her present situation, thinking perhaps if she it would all just go away. Twenty minutes ago, she could have told this woman to fuck off, but she was beyond that era now. And she knew it.

"Your undrwear... is dirty."

Kathy only looked at the ground, a fresh gush of tears silently making their route down her soft cheeks. "Do you realize how... unsanitary this is? Sitting around, playing with yourself in hideous underwear? I had assumed up until this point you could be treated like an adult, but I see otherwise now...

"Why are their stains in your underpants? Were you not properly potty trained as a child? Didn't your parents teach you the importance of clean underpants, or thoroughly wiping?

A small sob escaped her lips as she shrugged her shoulders.

"You don't know? Are you telling me you don't know if your parents potty trained you? Were you in diapers until college, or did you use a tree in your backyard like a dog? Hmm? That must it than. You messed your pamper like a little baby, or pottied like a doggie. Was that it?"

Kathy shrugged her shoulder again, now sobbing openly, body heaving with racks.

Veronica stepped closer to Kathy, her breath drifting down Kathy's red tear-stained face. She grabbed Kathy by the chin and forced her head up.

'Don't talk to me this way! Don't mention my parents like that. Leave me alone!', Kathy begged in her head, but couldn't find a way to get the word to her mouth.

"Well, do you have anything to say for yourself? Anything?"

Kathy hesitated. She tried to say something on her own behalf but wasn't able to muster any sound other than a kitten's mewl.

"What, nothing to say? I have to stand here smelling your nasty little vagina because you can't be proper, and all you can do is whimper?"

Veronica's hard stare searched Kathy's eyes for an answer, but found none forthcoming. "Young lady, I thought a simple spanking would work, but I see more extreme measures must be takes. You're a dirty girl. A very nasty, dirty, smelly little girl, and that's how I'll treat you until you act differently."

Veronica walked to her briefcase, withdrawing a thick calendar book. From her suit jacket she produced a pen, writing in the book. "Kathy, I think you and I must work better on you behavioral problems. You will be off for the next week, as you intended. However, you will be spending it with me instead of fornicating with yourself. Doesn't that sound lovely, dear?"

Veronica looked over the brim of her book, waiting for a response. "I... i... *cough*...d-don't..."

Kathy now began to sob in earnest, knocking the robe off her left shoulder exposing her small bra-encased breast.

"Kathy, honey, it seems to me you can't control your own life properly. How can you maintain your job if you can't wash your underwear?"

Veronica continued to write as Kathy launched a very feeble defense. "I-i-i didn't... i didn't know you were c-coming o-over...", she said in a tiny voice.

Still writing, Veronica replied, "So that makes it all right to sit and masturbate in stinky underpants? Hmm?"

After finishing her writing, Veronica grabbed her suitcase and took Kathy by an earlobe. Kathy stumbled clumsily as Veronica marched them both to Kathy's bedroom. Kathy wasn't able to wonder how her tormenter knew the way so well.




Once there, Veronica saw clothing laying haphazardly on the floor. Last night's dinner stood guard beside the unmade bed, playing host to early stage fungus. A towel was thrown on the TV, partially blocking the screen. A poster was hung against the wall, lopsided. The VCR seemed to be vomiting a movie reel. Another plate with jam on it was on the dresser. At least, it looked like jam.

Kathy didn't look at the disciplinarian, but felt the heated waves of disapproval emanate from her. Veronica released Kathy's sore ear and turned towards the dresser that stood beside the door. She began opening drawers, inspecting the clothes inside. Yesterday, Kathy shoved some of the piles from the floor into the drawers to make room. She now deeply regretted this childish attempt at housecleaning as Veronica twitched her nose at the assorted worn clothes.

When she reached the top drawer, the underwear drawer, Kathy felt an immediate urge to pee. Veronica berated the frightened girl as she inspected each and every pair of panties. She turned the worst offenders inside out inches from Kathy's now puffy face. Some were ripped, others had the elastic coming off, but a few had skid marks. Veronica made notice of each fault.

Veronica became making a trek towards what appeared to be the bed, kicking piles of worn jeans and tops out of their way. She laid her briefcase on the mattress, opening it in view of Kathy for the first time.

The inside looked much bigger than possible, holding a variety of equipment not intended for any office. The paddle from before was there, as were two cousins, one smaller, the other bigger. a strap was doubled over on the bottom. What look to be a three sections of a cane were strapped in. Also she saw some pill containers, a few disposable enema kits, a rectal thermometer, a few oddly shaped dildos, tape, handcuffs, leather binds, an unopened package with large sized plastic pants, and two adult size pampers. It was the last two items that made Kathy's breath come in rapid puffs.

Veronica removed Kathy's robe, unclasping the bra afterwards. She than pulled her underwear off and held them under Kathy's nose. "Here. Smell this. Smell your nastiness."

Kathy dutifully inhaled deeply. Her own smell used to please her, in another lifetime , millions of years ago. Now, the aroma brought shame. Veronica held Kathy's eyes, giving her a long chance to suck up the musky odor. When the panties were finally removed, Kathy still smelled herself, the scent now buried deep in her nose, and figured she would for a long while.

Veronica than moved into the adjoining bathroom, turning on the water and adding a few drops of bubble bath. Veronica than returned to Kathy, taking her hand and leading her into the bathroom.

"You'll have a bath now, then we'll tackle the mess in your pigsty of a bedroom a little later. Right after your bath, you'll have the rest of your spanking. Maybe afterwards I can scrounge thru your kitchen and cook something edible to eat."

Kathy stared in horror. "Ah-ah-nother spanking?", her voice cracking on the last word.

Veronica shook her head, correcting the girl. "Not a different spanking, the continuation of the first. You had a bare bottom one coming, but I wasn't going to dirty my paddle on your unwashed behind. Now, off in the tub with you."

Kathy looked at Veronica's outstretched hand. "I-i-i gotta go-o-o first," she half whined, now not even noticing her small voice, as she bounced on her knees.

"Go? Do you mean you have to do number one or number two?"

A fresh wave of humiliation pulse thru Kathy at the childish terms used for her bodily functions. "Number one," she said, embarrassed at using the same terms reserved for children.

"OK, but hurry, or the water will get cold."

Veronica than turned away from the still open bathroom door, and began to gentle swirl her hand in the bathtub, better mixing the bubble bath and water. Kathy felt faint as it dawned on her this woman wasn't giving her any privacy. Her whole body flushed as she unwilling sat on the toilet to relieve her aching bladder, wondering when this day will ever end.

She concentrated hard, but found it difficult to pee with Veronica in the room, although the woman payed her no mind. When she was able to start peeing, she was grateful she only had to urine, pondering if whether she would leave even if it was more than peeing. When she finished, she feared Veronica was going to wipe her, but she was allowed to clean herself.

By the time she was done relieving her needs, the slow rush of the faucet had filled the tub nicely. Veronica had removed her jacket and blouse, dressed only in her full size brassiere from the waist up, ample cleavage on display.

Veronica took Kathy by the hand to steady her until she way safely sitting on the bottom. Veronica kneeled beside the porcelain, soaping a sponge and gently washed the girl. She scrubbed every part of the girl, leaving vagina and anus for last, all the time cooing matronly to Kathy. Despite this forced dependence on Veronica, Kathy was starting to regress to an unremembered time when her mother had washed her, also whispering pleasing things to soothe the girl.

Kathy squirmed at first, unused to anyone seeing her naked like this, let alone washing her like an infant. She thought of asking Veronica to leave. When she did open her mouth, nothing came out. She didn't know way her mouth ignored her brain's commands. She *did* find the bathing nice, but this seemed so... strange.

Kathy never had another woman touch her in so intimate a manner. There were the usual college experiments, french kissing the other girls, feeling each other up, but this... was unlike any of those.

Kathy relaxed, even as Veronica washed her vagina, inside and out. Once done, she scrubbed the bottom hole, wiping up and down the crack and stuffing a bit of the sponge in the rectum to clean the opening. When the bubbles had dissipated, Kathy was allowed to exit the tub.

Veronica took three of the few clean towels she could find and wrapped one around Kathy's head, rubbing hard in an unharsh way, leaving it still moist. Veronica lowered the lid to the commode and sat on top, laying the second towel over her broad lap.

Veronica held Kathy close. She lowered her hand to Kathy's clit and pinched it lightly between thumb and forefinger. The nub swelled, sticking out from the folds of flesh. Kathy gasped at the sensation.

Kathy was made to lay over the towel, still dripping, trying not to think how she had just used this toilet for it's intended purposes. Raising her paddle, Veronica began to spank slowly, again warming Kathy up for the REAL spanking. The swats still stung against the wet bottom.

Kathy's head whipped back with each spank, wet hair flying in all directions. She didn't bother asking for leniency, but howled her pain, echoing off the walls of the confined hollow.

Swat Swat Swat Swat Swat


Swat Swat Swat Swat Swat

"Ahhhh! Owww-www! Ohhh, God, ohhhh Go-o-od."

Another fresh stream of tears ran down Kathy's pretty cheeks, threatening to dehydrate her childish body. The tears never seemed to end.

Once Veronica thought Kathy was ready, she increased the spankings greatly. The spanks drowned out the sounds of Kathy's crying. They rained down, shaking Kathy buttfat's with each shot. Her sounds became unintelligible as she bucked over the towel. Her clit now scraped over the thick towel, lewdly exciting the hungry puss.

A small part of her brain was glad she had already peed, sure she would have released now, endangering her with a far worse fate.


"No-o-oh I'll won't do it again I'm sorry!"



The towel was now wet from more than just bath water. A trickle of juice steadily leaked from Kathy's pulsating mound. The friction of the towel only intensified the angry clit, as it burned with an unspeakable desire for an unknown craving... that of another woman to please it. The slick lips slipped and beat with lustful contractions.



Veronica sensed Kathy's was nearing a limit, quickening pace to a blurring rate before ending the chastisement.



Veronica stopped, dropping the paddle to the floor. She quickly pulled some cream from her skirt pocket and massaged a dab onto Kathy's anger crimson ass.

Kathy's mind didn't feel the last swat, or the ending of the spanks. Her body slowly reacted to the erotic feeling of Veronica's silky skilled hand and soothing cream. Her puss throb, demanding attention like a spoiled brat. Unaware of what she was saying, Kathy begged for sexual deliverance. "That feels good. Cum now, please?"

Veronica smiled with impure delight. As her right hand worked cream into the buttocks, the other slid under Kathy, seeking her opening. Slipping her hand deep inside, her thumb flicked the clit while her fingers spread the velvet walls. Kathy's vagina obscenely sucked the welcome intruder like a starving mouth.

Soon, Kathy's howls echoed against the bathroom's walls, but now in gratitude of orgasm rather the protests of pain. Her body shivered, almost falling to the floor.

Kathy's body slowly began to stop shuddering, and her breath slowed to a normal pace. When she realized that she had called this woman mommy during the spanking, she began to cry a fresh wave of shame.

Veronica lovingly stroked Kathy's butt. "Kathy, that's all right. What's wrong?"

"I-i-i c-called *sob* y-y-you m-m-m..."

Veronica stood the Kathy up, and resat the girl on her knee, brushing the sweaty hair from her face. "Yes, I know you did. Did you mean to?"

*sniff* "N-no-o-o!"

Veronica gave the whimpering girl a feirce hug. "Honey, you just made a mistake. You didn't do anything wrong. Do you understand that?"

*sniff sniff* "B-b-but I..."

"Kathy, you got caught up in the moment. I'm not mad at you for making a little mistake like that. Its OK to lose onesself every now and than. There's no reason to cry, OK?"

Kathy shyly looked Veronica in the eyes, searching for truth. "There's... not?"

"No, honey. Come on, lets get something to eat."

After putting her bra and blouse back on, Veronica lead the way to the kitchen, Kathy tagging along. Veronica scrounged the cupboards and found a dinted can of soup. It was a little dusty, and may have been meant for a bomb shelter, but would still be edible.

They ate in Kathy's bedroom while Veronica cleaned the clutter, throwing away the unsalvagables in a large garbage bag and cleaning stains from the furnature. Kathy stood eating, her bum still too sore to sit even on the soft mattress, answering Veronica's inquiries of her life.

The most offending underwear was thrown out, replaced with a promise for a shopping trip to buy Kathy fresh pairs before the week was up. At around two o'clock in the afternoon Veronica had given the room some resemblance to a human's lair. Kathy's bum was a mild red now, no longer the bright scarlet it a few hours ago. Veronica than grabbed her suitcase and layed it on the bed.

"Kathy, I know its early, but I think you should take a nap now."

Kathy looked at Veronica, unsure if she was joking. She had flet that she had paid her penatly for faking her illness. "But its early! Its still light outside!"

"Yes, I know. But you have had a busy afternoon, and I don't want you cranky later tonight. Lie down, honey," she said, patting the bed, "I want to put some more lotion on you first. On your back."

Kathy pouted, but layed down over the covers. Kathy watched as Veronica produced a different lotion bottle and squirted some into her palms. She rubbed her hands together before asking Kathy to lift and spread her legs. Kathy wondered why she wasn't on her stomach if she was going to have more lotion put on her.

Veronica massaged the familiar smelling lotion evenly into the well displayed butt cheeks. Kathy watched Veronica work between her legs trying to remember where she smelled that scent before. When Veronica withdrew one of the diapers and baby powder from the suitcase, she remembered: baby lotion. Veronica rubbed baby lotion on her because she meant to diaper her.

"No! Vero-o-onica! No-o-o, don't."

"This is just a reminder of what happens to girls who can't wear clean underwear.

Kathy allowed the spanking for her punishment. She allowed the bath because she was dirty and couldn't find it in herself to argue. But for some reason the diaper was to much. It wasn't necessary.

She gently pushed Veronica's hands away with her feet while voicing her protest. Veronica quickly wrapped one of the leather bindings from her case around Kathy's ankles. Holding her legs up by the bind, Veronica grabbed the the smaller paddle and swatted Kathy smartly on her rear. She began a rapid rhythm, showing the young girl she wasn't going to stand for any disobedience.


"Ow, no, Veronica, no! Ow!"

Dispite the two recent spankings, Veronica thought it would be a mistake to go easy on Kathy. Instead, she spanked hard. Kathy must be taught to obey. Kathy twisted and protested, but was unable to get away.

Several minutes later, Kathy's butt was a fresh hue of red. Kathy was crying again, and Veronica was starting to sweat slightly. "Kathy, do you think you can behave better now while I finish diapering you?"

*choke!* "Yes! Stop spanking me!"

Veronica removed the leather bindings. Kathy spread her legs again as Veronica sprinkled baby powder over her crotch and hips. She than poured some inside the diaper and slid it under Kathy's hips. She stared up to the ceiling, still crying, now from the shame instead of the pain. When Veronica was done taping the diaper, she worked the plastic pants over her legs and snapped them snuggly against Kathy's waist.

When Kathy was allowed to stand she found the diapers weren't that bad to wear, and had wished she had been more compliant earlier. The baby powder cooled her throbbing bottom and gently tickled her mound.

"Do I... do I...?"

"Have to use them? I don't think the will be essential in your correcing your behavior problems unless you start acting up. If you start to act like a baby, you will use those pampers for their intended use. If you don't act up, you will only wear them.

But you will be in them until I tell you other wise, is that clear?"


Veronica pulled back the sheets on the bed and fluffed the pillows. Kathy watched, while getting used to the feeling of diapers. She felt her hips. They now looked womanly, instead of their usual thinness, because of the padding. She didn't know how to feel about the thick, warm bulk between her legs. She was still embareassed at wearing them, but since no one else was going to know, she pushed back that part of her mind.

When Veronica had the bed made, she motioned for Kathy to lie down. When Kathy climbed in, Veronica pulled the sheets up to her chin. She layed down beside Kathy, over the sheets. Kathy was confused, since the woman wasn't trying to 'make out' with her. Instead, she brushed Kathy's hair from her face and closed her own eyes.

Kathy had never felt a woman's breath on her face like this before, except when her mother would sleep with her when she had nightmares. But that was so different from now. Kathy layed, closing her eyes, enjoying the fresh breeze from Veronica's exhaling.

Before sleep would take either of them, the doorbell rang. Kathy's blurry mind wondered who would be at the door. She wasn't expecting anyone taday. Anyone but...


"Who, dear?"

Kathy's wide eyes grew wet. Her shaky voice uttered her reply. "M-my-m-my boyfriend."

"Oh, is that all? I'll see to him."

Kathy pulled the covers tightly around her body. Her lips quivered, and tears formed on the brink of her eyes. "She'll bring him in," she thought. "She'll bring Scott in here and he'll see me in diapers and she'll tell him I.. I... came."

Her mind raced at the prospects. Would he still want to date a woman who would allow herself to orgasm from a spanking? Not even to mention the diapers that now constricted her body. Her mound itched in it's hot confines.

Kathy waited for the sound of two pairs of footsteps coming her way. Shortly, she heard only one. Veronica reentered the room and saw Kathy's dissheveled state. "Kathy, dear, what's wrong?"

Kathy sat up, looking past Veronica. She listened hard for any indication of Scott sneaking around in the living room. When she was sure he wasn't there, she said, "I.. I.. thought you were going to bring Scott in here."

Veronica grabbed some tissue and began to wipe Kathy's face. "Now why would you think that?"

"Because y-you s-s-spanked... and I-I th-thought..."

Kathy burst into tears. Veronica wiped her wet faced and cooed motherly. When Kathy's crying subsided to sniffs and hiccups, Veronica layedher back down and recovered her. Looking down into Kathy's red face, Veronica said. "Kathy, the reason I spanked you is because you had tried to hurt the company. There was no reason to bring your Scott into this. I told him I was sent to make sure you were all right and that you would call him when you were able. Did you really think I was going to involve him?"

Kathy nodded up.

"I don't think that wil be needed, Kathy. Go to sleep, baby. We'll finish when you wake up."

Kathy closed her eyes. She had several emotions towards Veronica - lust, hate, annoyence, fear. But now she felt something new. A loving gratefulness at not exposing her diapered, red butt to Scott. She drifted peacefully as Veronica hummed softly to her.

The - End

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