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Josh Taylor's Story

Author: Chris

Chapter 1

Wow I can’t believe it, summer vacation is over and I’m back in school. I’m in my third period English class and the teacher has just asked us to write a short paper on our summer vacation for our homework assignment.

Let me back up for those of you who don’t know me I’m Josh I live here in Los Angeles, CA. I am 14 years old, but have another birthday coming up in October so actually that makes me 14 ½. I just started in 9th grade. We moved here when I was 6 from Michigan.

Well anyway, I’m really stumped as what to write, for I could never tell anyone what happened to me this summer. It all started about the last month of school in June.

You see, I have been a Bedwetter all of my life, at least since I was 5. My Mom was in the hospital back then and everybody thought she was going to die. Well, she didn’t, but everyone thought that's why I developed my problem. At first everything started out with the normal stuff. I found a plastic sheet on my bed one day and after Mom explained it was to protect my mattress it wasn’t so bad. I do share a room with my brother who is two years older, so just the noise from the sheet was kind of embarrassing, but it wasn’t like he didn’t know about my wetting.

Well, Mom and Dad kind of just put up with my wetting for a couple of years, figuring that the move we also made didn’t help any, and with trying to make new friends, and a new school and all, but after a few years the serious stuff hit me. First thing it was off to the doctor to get checked out, I was about 8 by then. Sitting in that waiting room was the worst. I imagined everybody knew what we were there for but when the nurse came back to the window and asked why we were there to see the doctor from way across the room and my Mom responded to her, I could of just died. You see, my Mom has one of those voices that carries very far, and even though she thought she was being quiet I’m sure everyone heard her.

Of course the doctor didn’t find anything wrong and I had no idea of why this was happening to me. All I knew is I went to bed DRY and woke up WET. I didn’t enjoy waking up in a wet bed with those cold sheets and sometimes I was really dripping, and I know my brother hated the way our room smelled, even though he had his friends over quite often I’m sure to them I was just his Bedwetting brother.

The doctor did suggest my Mom try a wetting alarm, which she went ahead and ordered one from Sears. It took a few days to get to the store and she took me with her to pick it up. Standing at the counter, out walked this lady with a box headed our way and the outside of the box way clearly marked with its contents. She really looked me over as she set it down on the counter. I’m sure she knew who it was for. Mom had me carry it to the car but luckily it wasn’t too far and we didn’t have to go through the whole store. It just seemed like miles.

Well, that night my training began and for the next 2 months the routine stayed pretty much the same: go to bed and late at night the alarm would go off, and by the time I would wake the bed was wet and my brother was mad. I guess after that futile attempt at my dryness my parents were desperate, so I still remember like it was yesterday when Mom called me to her room where I was met by her and my dad just standing there. As they started to explain what the results of my wetting was causing I was getting numb. I was hearing them but not registering what exactly it was that they were telling me. When Mom pulled out the DIAPERS from a bag on the dresser I went into shock!!!!! They proceeded to undress me and lay me down on their bed. Mom slid the diapers under me and pinned them on as I remember very tightly, but as she pulled out the plastic pants from the bag is when it hit me as to what was happening. As I begged and pleaded she and my Dad were pulling the baby pants up my legs and then up over the diapers. I was then sent off to bed and I’m sure they explained to my brother and younger sisters what had happened to their brother.

The next morning when I awoke it seemed that I was DRY. Wow, it worked, but as the sleepiness wore off I realized that the bed was dry but my diapers were drenched. My brother was up early as Mom walked in and checked my diapers, saying it was good I had them on. I have kind of gotten use to them over the years as I still wear them today at night, that is until last June.

Over the years that I’ve been wearing my night diaper, always cloth (cause Mom say they are the best for night), to bed every night, but about a month before school was out Mom and Dad told me that if they didn’t see an improvement soon they were going to keep me in diapers during the day, I guess figuring it would give me the incentive since I guess they have figured its been so many years maybe I had given up trying. They kept reminding me as time got closer and closer, but I just could not improve no matter what I did and really kind of figured that it wasn’t a real threat anyway. What parent would do that to their 14 year old kid?

As exciting as the last day of school can be, mine was really mixed with uncertainty. I had finally made a couple of friends over the years, which was really hard for me as word had gotten around to most kids about my bedwetting, but for a couple I guess they believed my denials of such accusations. We lived in a neighborhood where the houses are pretty far apart so there aren’t too many kids around. Upon arriving home that afternoon I opened the door with what was built-up fear. Mom greeted me as usual and all afternoon and into the evening I kept expecting the ax to fall but nothing happened. About 7:30 as usual Mom pinned on my diapers (as she still didn’t trust me with pins) and I put on my pajamas and watched TV until about 9:00 and then was sent off to bed.

I woke up early Saturday, and as a rule, stayed in my night diapers until Mom or Dad would take them off, and sometimes I would wear them for hours until they woke up or were ready to take them off. Today was no exception. I waited until almost 9:00 and by then they were drenched. Dad called me to my room and removed my diapers and told me to go get cleaned up. I know a lot of kids that do not like to take showers, but being in diapers I always thought it was a relief to get that smell off, even though some always lingers. Bedwetter smell its called. After my shower I went back to my room and started to get dressed when Dad barged in and asked what I thought I was doing?

"What do you mean Dad?"

He then reminded me of my wearing diapers full time if I was still wetting like a baby by the time school was out and that no improvement had been seen. Well, I couldn’t argue as I knew I wasn’t any better, but as I was pleading my case to him Mom walked in carrying a bag of youth Attends.

"Mom, what's that?" I asked her.

She told me they were my new daytime diapers. She then spread one out on my bed and told me to lie down on it. I did as I was told with tears building as I had hoped they had forgotten about the threats of the last couple of months. Mom then powdered me and told me to watch carefully as she taped my diaper on because she was expecting me to diaper myself if the occasion should arise. I tried to watch, but it was hard seeing her pull what looked like a real baby diaper up between my legs. She taped them very tight and then had me stand up to check the fit. "Perfect," she said. Well, maybe to her, but not to me. Dad told me to turn and as I did he snapped a picture with his Polaroid before I knew what was happening. As the film developed I could see myself becoming clear and I looked like a big baby. Dad then told me if they ever catch me taking off my diaper without their permission they would show my picture to my friend Joey. I knew they were serious! Dad then gave me a T shirt and when I asked for my shorts he told me I could just stay as I was for now. I was then told to get to the breakfast table.

As I entered the kitchen my brother and sisters were already there and they just stared at me as I entered. My youngest sister (about 8 years old) said, "Mom, those look just like baby diapers."

"Well, they are your brother's baby diapers, and as we told you all, he will be wearing them all the time and we expect you all to keep an eye on your brother and let us know if he ever tries to take them off. Also, if he every gets too wet or dirty we want you to let us know about that, too."

I was so embarrassed. All I could do is stare at the floor and try not to cry, but that was short-lived as my dad patted me on my diapered butt and told me to take my place at the table.

Later that morning I found out just how serious my parents were about my diaper wearing when I told Mom I had to pee and could I use the bathroom and she refused to let me and told me to use my diaper. Up until that point in my life my diaper wearing was a matter of necessity, for my bedwetting, but everything was changing Mom's attitude especially seemed to. She seemed not to care about my feelings or whether or not I was embarrassed. It seemed like she figured I was a baby and had no rights, which for now were all taken away anyway. Speaking of Changes, it didn’t take me very long and I was in need of one I had wet my pants in the daytime for the first time since I was a toddler. After it happened I went to Mom and told her what happened and she squeezed the seat of my diaper and agreed that I was wet indeed, but the diaper didn’t need to be changed yet. So now I was doomed to wear wet diapers as well.

The first couple weeks of my summer vacation went along pretty much as the first day and so far I was never let out of my diapers. They were serious and I was now wearing them 24 hours a day, cloth at night and my Attends in the daytime. The first time I messed my diaper had to be the worst embarrassing incident up to that time I had ever experienced. It was the second day right after breakfast. It was Sunday and everyone was getting ready for church. The feeling hit me and I went running for the bathroom out of instinct. My dad intercepted me on the way and asked where I was off to in such a hurry. I started to tell him as he had a hold of me when it felt like I exploded. Of course by that time and all the commotion the whole family was there and saw me load my pants. The diaper sagged real far but it was a good thing that I still had my night diapers on with my plastic pants for they contained the smell. Mom didn’t agree that cloth was best this time. In the future, believe me, doing this in disposables the smell is almost instant.

The first month we stayed pretty much at home, other than the occasional shopping trip and such, but Joey and his family returned from a trip they made early in the summer, and he started to call wanting to come over or me go over there I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t let him see me this way. Even though I got to wear clothes over my diapers they made so much noise anyone could tell what I was wearing. I was really afraid I would lose my only real friend I had. When Mom found out that I had been avoiding him she told me to invite him over and if I didn’t she would. I did as I was told and decided that he would come over late morning the next day. I could hardly sleep that night thinking of what might happen. I know Mom told me not to worry but how could I not worry.

Well, just a little before 11:00 I found myself in my room alone and decided to remove my diaper so Joey wouldn’t find out. He arrived and we all talked for awhile Mom asking him about their families vacation and all, then Joey and I went out in the yard to goof around. We were out there for about 10 minutes or so when mom came out the back door she looked kind of mad but had a wild smirk on her face. She was also carrying a bag with her as she headed straight for us.

"Josh, what the HE-- do you think you were doing taking off your diapers!" she yelled as she approached. Again I went deaf, my nightmare was happening right then. She walked up to us and showed Joey a picture which he looked at, and then stared at me and asked me if that was really me. I then realized what picture she had, and without even looking ,started to cry, saying to her, "How could you show him? How could you?"

She reminded me of our agreement and explained to Joey what had happened after school was out and that I was in full-time diapers again. He looked at us in disbelief as mom told me to come over to her. She expertly took her hand and pulled down my shorts to expose my bare butt as she pushed me down on the lawn. She then pulled out one of my diapers out of the bag and opened it in front of me, telling me to raise up sliding the diaper under me. She then sprinkled powder on me and pulled the diaper up through my legs and fastened the tapes. All this while I was in shock again I couldn’t believe that at 14 my Mom had just diapered me in front of my only friend in the world. She helped me to my feet and pulled my shorts back up over them.

Like it did any good, then Joey knew what I had on he just saw me get changed. Mom patted me on the butt and told me to keep my pants on and left us alone. I just stood there not knowing what to say. When I looked at Joey he looked like he was about to cry, which I couldn’t understand.

"Oh man, I can’t believe your parents would do that to you, I kind of figured you pissed the bed at night from what I heard from kids at school, but that's kewl. I know a few Bedwetters."

I asked him if we could still be friends and he told me he needed some time to think as he really liked me, but if anyone found out that he was hanging out with a diaper boy that it could get back at him. I told him I understood, but I hoped he would be my friend still. With that, he left me standing in the yard as he headed off. I was pretty upset as I knew I had just lost my very best friend, and who could blame him. Mom came out awhile later and asked where Joey had gone. I was so mad at her I didn’t even want to talk to her but I also knew she was right that they had warned me not to EVER remove my diapers and I had disobeyed her. What I didn’t know is Mom and Joey's mom had talked and were pretty good friends themselves so what was to come was really unexpected.

The rest of that day Mom seemed to be trying to make thing up to me as she went shopping and didn’t even drag her diapered son along. Even though I got to wear clothes over them I’m sure people could tell I was diapered or just had a very large butt. She did, however, leave my brother home to baby-sit us while she was shopping.

Next morning I had just finished breakfast still in night diapers when the doorbell rang. Mom called to me to come to the front door after she answered it, and to my surprise there stood Joey and his Mom, but Joey was standing in a very wet Attends himself, and from the looks of things he had been crying a lot for his eyes where all red. He asked his Mom to please go inside so he didn’t have to stand outside in his diapers. After entering his Mom looked over at me and said, "Joey has something he would like to tell you, Josh."

"I’m sorry man, for running off yesterday, but one of those bedwetters I said I knew was me and I really didn’t want you to know. I hope your not mad."

Wow, it was overwhelming, but my best friend was a bedwetter also.

"Of course I’m not mad. I just hope we are still friends."

We were asked to go into the family room while our mothers talked.

"Wow, Joey, you of all people."

I would of never guessed all he could say is, "please don’t tell anyone, please."

"No, I won’t tell if you will keep my secret," so we made a deal no to tell anyone.

Throughout the summer we became even better friends and I even got to go over to his house even though Mom sent me with extra diapers on the understanding Joey’s Mom would change me if I needed to be.

The first part of August we were off on our summer vacation in Santa Barbara. My parents had rented a condo about a block from the beach the anticipation was great as we all loved the beach. We headed off Saturday morning and at the first gas stop everyone got out to use the restroom. As the guy was filling our car with gas he looked at me:

“You the only one who's not using the rest room,” he said with a smile. I’m sure he could tell I was in diapers as Mom had me wearing my cloth one with the plastic baby pants over them.

We made it to the condo about noon and it was great as we had imagined the place was huge. It had 4 bedrooms, a loft, and the complex had a way kewl game room. Mom took my sisters to their bedroom and helped them unpack their stuff ( you know how much stuff girls bring) then Dad took my brother and I to our room and we started to unpack. I even ended up with a lot of stuff with all my diaper supplies ( I even was sent to the car several times to bring in the packs of Attends). Mom checked on us to see everything was going OK when my brother said a vacation to him would be not to have to share a room with his baby brother.

"Make him sleep in the baby room next to yours, Dad," he told them.

"What baby room?" they asked.

"You know, the one next to your bedroom."

We all headed off down the hall and when the door was opened. Sure enough ,there was a nursery with a crib, highchair, playpen and everything.

"No, Josh would never fit in those things," Mom told my brother.

"Sure he would!" my brother insisted.

"Well, lets give it a go," Dad said as he put the rail down on the crib.

"Climb in here, Josh."

"No!!! No way am I getting in that thing!"

With that I got a smack on my diapered butt and then was helped in by Dad. I think we were all amazed. It was tight, but I fit. Well, my brother got his vacation as all my stuff was moved into the nursery and then I was made to try out the other baby stuff. I could even squeeze my butt into the highchair, but not with my night diapers on. The playpen was too iffy, so once dad removed the bottom he said the effect would work just fine. So much for my fun week.

We got all settled in to our summer condo that day and that evening we all went out to dinner. Afterwards we stopped at a grocery store where we went shopping for food for next few days. Along the way Mom stopped in the baby aisle and threw in a few jars of baby food, a bib and a bottle. I had not seen them until we all got to the checkout line. My sister said, "look what Mom got for Josh, he’s really going to be a baby this week."

I turned and saw what she was talking about and couldn’t believe what I saw as Mom was buying all that baby stuff. My sister looked at me and said, "I hope you like bananas and peas cause that what were getting for you, Joshey."

The checkout lady gave me a really weird look and I’m sure she figured out that I was wearing diapers. We left the store and headed off to the condo. When we got back we watched TV for awhile after Mom had put me in my night diapers. We were watching a James Bond movie and I was really getting into it when Mom brought me a bottle of warm chocolate milk.

"Aw Mom, not a bottle!" I whined, but I knew I had better drink it as everyone just stared at me.

Of course the next morning I woke up very wet, but Dad came in first thing and changed me into my Attends. I thought this was great as I wouldn’t have to wear those wet cloth diapers most of the morning as usual. After I was changed I went to the dining room and everyone was there already, but there was no extra chair, except the highchair had been moved in. Mom called me over to the highchair and I was told to sit. As I did the tray was slid on the arms of the chair and locked in place. It was a tight fit and I couldn't have gotten out if I had wanted to. Next, Dad came up behind me and placed the bib over my head and tied it on. I’m sure I must of been quite a sight sitting in the highchair just in my diapers, now with a bib with a big yellow duck printed on it. Mom then gave me a bowl of mushy cereal and another bottle of milk. Oh boy, this was going to be along week.

Before noon we all headed down to the beach I had just been changed and had a pair of red shorts over my diapered butt and a striped T shirt. I knew that my shorts were a tight fit, but what I didn’t realize is that my diaper was showing out the leg opening in the back, especially as I walked. My sisters giggled but said nothing about it. We found a spot on the very busy beach and Dad spread a blanket out for the family. The minute we were settled off came my brother's shirt and shorts all the way to his swim trunks and off he sprinted to the water. My sisters weren't far behind.

"Josh, aren't you going swimming?"

Well, I was almost afraid to after all that had happened so far this summer. Dad grabbed my shirt and sent me off to play in the ocean. Yeah, they let me keep my shorts even though now the diaper was sticking out above the waistband as well as around the legs. After swimming with my brother for almost an hour we were called back to the family spot on the beach. This was my first experience with swimming in a diaper, but when I got out it was huge. It absorbed tons of water and my shorts were almost falling off from the weight of my diaper. People were staring as I walked back and when Dad saw me even he had to laugh. Mom just told me to sit down, and as I did the diapers made a loud squishing sound and water came out the legs and up the back. My sisters, of course, did not believe that it was water and told Mom Josh wet his pants and they are leaking. Mom saw how wet they were and came over to me and kind of pushed me onto my back. As she reached for my shorts I thought she was just going to check them, but she had them off in an instant! There I was laying naked on the beach and there were people not too far away. She asked my brother to hand her a diaper and almost as fast had it under my butt and taped up. I asked for my shorts back but Mom said not until they are dry. We then had lunch with just me in my diaper, and Dad did give me my T-shirt to wear.

I was going to go swimming again with my brother, but Mom said to leave my shorts as they were of no use and they would just have to dry out again, so I decided against swimming and just played in the sand. On the way back to the condo later that day dad saw a T shirt in a shop that said "JR. Sandcastle Member" and bought it for me thinking how fitting it was.

We did go to the beach almost everyday that week and quite a few time was sent to swim with my brother, but all I got to wear was my diaper so I never went as my own idea. Also during that week I did get to use all of the stuff from the nursery as well as sleep in the crib every night. The morning we were to leave back home I again was diapered in my thick cloth diapers as Mom didn’t want any accidents in the car. As we got home and all unpacked I realized we only had two weeks to go until Labor day and school was to start right after that. I wondered when they were going to let me get back to my normal self and give me back my big boy underwear? Should I ask them or what?

I waited a few days and then asked Mom when I could get rid of these day diapers as soon I would be back in school and for sure I couldn’t wear them then?

"Why ?" she asked. "Do you think your a big boy now? I’ve seen NO improvement in your bedwetting record. You're still pee-soaked every night! As far as wearing diapers to school, I really don’t see why you can’t, for the only problem for you might be PE Class."

Oh wow, I hadn’t even thought of that. How can I change for PE with a diaper on? Mom just told me that I had better try to stay dry even harder and if I could maybe I wouldn’t have to wear the daytime diapers anymore.

Well, over the Labor Day weekend I was still trying to have a least one dry night but it just wasn’t happening. I have noticed that Dad has been spending an awful lot of time in his shop. He loved woodworking as a hobby and makes real kwel stuff.

We did get to go to Disneyland our last weekend before school started, but again I had to wear my diapers, but Mom did them different, something she said she saw on the Internet. Last weekend when she went shopping she picked up some baby diapers. As usual she brought out my attends and as I lifted my leg she slid them under my butt, but then she produced two of the Pampers size 6 and with a pair of scissors slit the plastic backing.

"What's that for?" I asked.

"Oh, just lie back and you’ll see," she responded. She then had me rise up again and she slid both Pampers inside the Attends. She powdered me and pulled the Attends real tight and taped them up. She then had me stand and took that reinforced packing tape and ran it around my waist. These were the snuggest diapers I had ever worn. She told me the extra tape would hold them up when they got wet, for these diapers would be heavy. I complained that they were too thick but she reminded me that there wouldn’t be many places to change at Disneyland. Of course she again was right. The shorts she gave to me to wear over my diapers were a very tight fit also during the day at Disneyland sitting on rides. I knew several people could see my diapers but it was so much fun there after awhile I didn’t even care anymore. About 7:00 my diapers were starting to leak down my legs. I told Mom and she said it was impossible as my diapers were thick enough to last all day. She then told me to come over to her and like a toddler she put her fingers in the waistband of my diaper and then under the leg band. She agreed that I was quite wet as people next to us were staring at me. She then walked over to the restroom and handed me a diaper from her purse/bag and told me to go change. I had to walk in carrying my diapers, but figured it was better than having to go into the women's restroom with Mom. As hard as I tried once I got into the stall I couldn’t get that extra tape off. It wouldn’t tear or rip or anything. Finally, I walked back out and told her that I couldn’t get my diaper off. Again, people were watching me walking out carrying that diaper under my arm. Dad went in with me and once in the stall he got the tape loose. Then he helped me on with the dry diaper and picked up the really heavy wet one and told me to dispose of it. Boy, it was heavy, too, but carrying it to the trash wasn’t fun, either. We watched the nighttime parade and then left for home. It was really a fun day all in all.

It must have been almost midnight by the time we left and we had over a hour drive to get home. All of us kids fell asleep and I was quite wet by the time we got home. Dad carried me in and put me on the bed where mom changed me into my dry cloth diapers. Sometimes they do feel good.

Well, here it is, Tuesday morning, and I hear Mom coming down the hall. The door is opened and she walks over to my bed.

"Well, were you a BIG boy last night Josh?"

"No Mom, I’m wet."

She already knew that though as she could smell my saturated diapers.

"Well, get up and get some breakfast."

I did as I was told and after breakfast she told me to take a shower and get cleaned up. I stayed in the shower longer than usual, almost afraid to get out and find what I knew was probably waiting for me. When I got dried off I went back to my room and Mom was waiting and my brother was getting dressed. I knew it, but there on my bed was an Attends spread out with a baby diaper opened on the inside, Mom told me to lie down so she could put my diaper on. Again I cried and pleaded, "please Mom, not to school, please."

She was just about to tape it up when she must of had a change of heart. She kind of threw a pair of underwear to me and said, "go ahead and put them on, but you better start improving on staying DRY at night, or believe me, I will diaper you for school."

Wow, what a change of luck. I got dressed in a hurry and dashed out of the house before Mom could change her mind. So far I’ve been to home room, Math, and now here I am in English. Now you can see why I’m going to have to make up something about how I spent my summer. This is going to harder than even I could of imagined. What can I write? What? I’m starting to hear laughter from behind me. What’s that noise? Oh no, my pants feel warm. Oh no, I’ve wet my pants... Oh sh--, the girls behind me know as pee is leaking off my seat. How can I get out of here????? Please help me, PLEASE!!!!!

Chapter 2

"Mrs. Alger, Mrs. Alger, Josh WET his pants and its leaking on the floor." I was frozen in my chair all I saw Mrs. Alger walking this way, "Oh my what do we have here, Josh what's going on here, LOOK at me young man you've WET your pants."

"Well ,say something."

"I'm sorry Mrs. Alger."

"Why didn't you ask to use the rest room ? Well ? I'd expect this sort of thing if I were teaching a second grade class but not a High school class. Please go to the office . Now please."

I got out of my seat in front of the other kids who by now were all staring at me to see just how wet I was. I got out the door as fast as I could and got out in the hall. I started down the hall on the way to the office when I chickened out and went into the bathroom. Just my luck, there were two other guys there already and judging from the smell they were having a smoke. One looked at me and I was immediately their subject of ridicule.

"Hey kid, are you sure you're in the right place? Looks like you need a changing table, you really pissed your pants."

Then one of them grabbed me and tried to pants me, they had me down to my underwear when a teacher passing by heard the noise coming from the restroom. As he came in they let me go and ran off right by him.

"What's going on here?"

"They tried to get my pants," I told him.

"Well how did they get sooo wet?"

"I kind of had an accident, I guess."

So he added, "better get you up to the office. We will catch the other two boys later."

It seemed to take forever to get to the office as kids we passed in the halls all seemed to stare at my passing wet pants and some even giggled. Here we are as the teacher and I entered the office. He told me to have a seat as he entered the office of the principal. I'm sure to tell him what happened. Upon leaving the office the teacher looked over to me and said not to worry, that he had explained everything and those other boys would be caught.

"Josh, come in please," the principal said, sticking his head out the door of his office, I walked over to him.

"My. My, what have we here," Mr. Jordan explained what happened. "And those other boys will be in BIG trouble for getting your pants so WET when we catch up with them."

Whew, what relief. He thinks the other two boys did this to me. He continued, "maybe we can get the home economics class to run those pants of yours in the dryer so we can get you back to class?"

"Sure, that sounds good, Principal Williams."

"Why don't you take them off over in the adjoining bathroom and I'll take them to the Home EC. class and bring you back a pair of gym shorts for you to wear, and then you can even return to class."

"OK sir," I responded.

As I was in the bathroom taking off my jeans I heard voices out in his office. I couldn't make out who it was when suddenly the door opened and the principal asked me for my pants. I gave them to him and he asked me to step back in his office.

"Josh, do I have the entire story of what happened, correct?"

"Why, yes sir, that's the way it happened, just like you said. It was the other two boys."

Just then Mrs. Alger stepped in.

"Oh I'm glad to see you made it here OK, Josh. You seemed pretty upset having WET your pants in class.
"WHAT? You WET your pants in class?????? You lied to me??????"

I just stood there in my wet briefs as Principal Williams was yelling at me.

"Answer me, young man, did you WET YOUR PANTS?????"

"Yes sir, I'm real sorry."

"Oh, you will be, Josh. I'm calling your house and your parents can come take care of this mess. This is a high school, not a daycare, and even most of those don't change diapers anymore."

"OH Please, don't call my house!" I pleaded. "Can't you just have my pants dried? Please don't call."

"Oh no, we're past the chance to help you out, Josh. Now your parents can take care of you."

He picked up the phone and asked his secretary to get my mom on the phone. I couldn't hear what Mom was saying ,but by the expression on his face he was enjoying what he was hearing.

"O.K., then you will be here to pick up Josh, very good. We will have him already. Just come to my office."

"Well Josh, your mother tells me you have had this problem all summer long. You know that you can't continue at this school wetting your pants."

I just stood there looking at him with my head down.

"Your mother tells me that you have worn diapers all summer, so when you come back here I do expect to see you wearing them again so you will not be interrupting your studies, and the others in your class, do you understand me Josh?!!!"

"Yes sir."

Mom was there almost before I had my pants back on. Matter of fact, I was just buttoning them up.

"Oh Josh, what are we going to do with you? It's a good thing you've got those pants back on, for they don't do you much good."

"Hi, I'm Principal Williams, and you must be Josh's mother?" He explained what had happened in more depth to my mother and told her what he explained to me and they both agreed that my wearing diapers would be best for all concerned. He then explained to me that for lying to him I would have to report to his office and receive two swats for a week and he assured me they would be extra hard so they get through the diaper.

All the way home Mom kept tell me how ashamed she was have to pickup her high school son for wetting his pants, what was I thinking and after she had given me a break and not diapered me.

Wow, what had I done? It's not like I had done it on purpose or anything. I tried to argue that after them keeping me in diapers all summer it must of messed me up or something. She kind of agreed with my thoughts but added that some precautions would have to be taken to avoid any occurrence of my wetting at school. As soon as my dad came home that night Mom just had to tell him what had happened. Of course he was none too happy. He asked me if I was just a BIG baby or something. Matter of fact, he was still kind of yelling when he diapered me that night for bed. The next morning it was the same as usual, WET. I went down for breakfast and Mom just looked at my wet diapers and said nothing, Mom came up to my room while I was getting ready for school and I was expecting to be diapered.

"Well, I talked to your father, and we decided not to diaper you if you think you can keep your pants DRY, but if you have one more episode of pants wetting you will be in 24 hour diapers again." A choice, or was it?

"Mom, really, I can choose?"

"Well, I told you that you could, so what will it be ?"


"O.K. then, Josh, here are your underpants." She threw me my Batman Underoos. "Put 'em on and lets get you to school."

"Thanks, Mom."

When I got to school the Principal was waiting for me. I kind of tried to avoid him, hoping he wouldn't see me, but he did and called me over.

"Josh, did you forget that we had an appointment?"

"No, Mr. Williams, I knew."

"Then come along with me to my office."

Once in his office he told he went over to a cabinet and opened it to reveal a large wooden paddle.

"Now Josh, please bend over and grasp your ankle with your hands."

I was shaking as I did.

"These swats will be harder than normal so you will feel them through your diapers."

"But Mr. Williams, Mom said I didn't have to wear diapers. Please don't hit me hard."

It was too late.


That one almost knocked me over.


I screamed out in pain.

"And one more, Josh."

WHOP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Now, what were you saying, Josh?"

I was hurting so bad I couldn't even speak, but as he looked at me he saw my pants were wet again. I hadn't even realized I had wet them as I was engulfed in pain.

"Josh what the He-- is this? You really don't have diapers on."

He came over and pulled down my pants and stared in disbelief as he saw me standing in my Underoos. They might of been Batman ones, but today I must of been Baby Robin.

"I'm sorry, Josh. I thought you were just making excuses let me call your Mother so she can bring you some clean clothes to wear."

"Oh please, don't do that, they will make me wear diapers again Please don't call her!!!!!!"

"Josh, I can't send you to class with your pants all wet."

He then sat at his desk and called Mom again. I did hear him tell her that I wet my pants when he gave me the swats.

I sat there waiting for mom to arrive probably for about 20 minutes or so when I heard my Dad voice coming from the outer office. Oh NO, not Dad.

He came walking into the office where I was.

"Josh, I knew we should have dressed you properly for school today, but we thought maybe you could be a big boy. Guess not!"

"But dad," I argued. "If the principal hadn't spanked me so hard this wouldn't have happened."

"Look, young man, you got the swats for lying to Mr. Williams the other day, so if you can't take the punishment of a man then you can wear the pants of a BABY!!!!!!"

"Do you have a place I can change Josh?"

"Yes, use my office."

My dad grabbed me by the wrist and pulled me to the floor. He pulled off my jeans and underpants all at once. He then picked up the Attends he had set down when he entered the room and told me to raise my butt as he slid them under me. He then reached back to the chair and pulled out two baby diapers and slid them under my butt and pulled the sides up tight and taped them in place. Dad then helped me to my feet and patted me on the butt.

"Well Josh, there will be no mistaking you for a big boy now. He gave me my jeans and I put them on, but when I tried to get them over my diapers I found they wouldn't fit.

"Dad, I can't get my pants on!! Oh gee."

"Guess you can just go without any for today, Josh."

He saw me start to panic.

"Relax. Let me go to the car, I brought some for you to wear. Didn't think you could get them over your didees."

He went to the car and returned with the shorts I had worn to Disneyland. I got them on but if I wasn't really careful anyone could see my diaper sticking out from under them. He then handed me my striped shirt and I was sent off to class.

Mr. Williams wrote me a note and sent me off to home room which by now was almost over. I opened the door to the room feeling very self-conscious, knowing if I moved wrong the kids would see my diapers, but for sure just my bulging shorts would give that away. I walked in front of the class and gave the teacher the note and she told me to take my seat which luckily wasn't too far back in the room. As I sat down I heard some snickering from around the room, but as too chicken to see where it was coming from.

I got through home room and math class, and then it was off to English where this had all began yesterday. As I took me seat I heard one of the girls in a seat near mine say to another, "See? I told he would have to be diapered to come back to class," as they started to laugh. I just ignored them and turned bright red.

I made it to lunch without too much problem other than having to pee real bad. I thought about using the restroom, but after what happened yesterday I was afraid to. You can imagine what those guys would do to a diaper boy if I got caught. I met Joey for the first time since the start of school.

"Hey man, where were you yesterday, Josh?"

"Oh, you wouldn't believe me if I told you, Joey."

"Josh, I hate to say it, but your Mom really dresses you funny. Those shorts you are wearing makes it look like your still wearing diapers, dude."

I stood there for a minute, not knowing what to say.

"I know, Joey, she got real weird tastes, you know."

While we ate lunch we compared our class schedules and found we had only one class together this year, and that was last period, gym. So as lunch ended we said good bye till then.

The next two class went by pretty quickly as my diapers got much wetter. Even though I was trying not to drink too much it just seemed to pass right though me. The bell rang and off to last period gym. I was kind of worried about it as I never was to good at sports and the guys also seemed to pick on me, especially after the rumors of my bedwetting hit school (I still think my brother told everyone). I got to the gym, and being only the second day no one had to dress for class yet. I took my seat in the bleachers in the gym, but no matter how I sat you could see my diapers poking out, not a whole lot, but any was too much. The coach introduced himself and gave out a list of a stuff we needed for class by next Monday. He then mentioned that anyone interested in substituting gym for a sport team needed to raise their hand so he could get their names on a list. He first asked for football and about 6 guys raised their hands and he got their names for the team. Then it was basketball, gymnastics, and finally he got down to the swimming team and myself, Joey and one other guy raised our hands for that. One of the guys saw me and told everyone, "Josh should be pretty good as he had heard I swam in bed every night." This started laughter throughout the whole gym. As more and more of them turned around one of them spotted my diaper.

"Look, Josh is wearing diapers. Maybe you can swim in the BABY POOL."

"No, I don't think they allow diapers in any of the pools."

I was so embarrassed I got up to leave when two of them grabbed at me and pulled my shorts down to my knees. Well, this took away any doubt of what I was wearing. I got my shorts back up and ran out of the gym, and then headed for home. I don't know what I will do tomorrow when I have to go back but I'll let you know.

Chapter 3


After running off the school grounds I ended up in a park not too far from my house. I sat under a tree thinking of the past events and just what to do about them. Knowing my parents, once they had made up their minds to keep me in diapers there would be no use arguing with them.

I was deep in thought when I heard my name being called. I turned to see who its was.

"Joey, what are you doing here?"

"I cut out early and figured you might be here. Man, I was just kidding at lunch when I said it looked like you were in diapers with those shorts of yours. You could have told me."

"Joey, I just couldn’t tell you or anyone."

"How did it happen, Josh?"

"Well. I kind of wet my pants this morning when Mr. Williams gave me a swat and he called my dad who brought me diapers to wear."

"Man that's too much, sorry Josh. Knowing your Dad he’ll never let you wear anything else."

"Thanks, Joey. Don’t you think I know that."

"Sorry about those guys in gym class. They're just a bunch of jerks. What’s ya gonna do, Josh?"

"I don’t know, Joey, I just don’t know. I really want to run away and not go home, but where can I go with just these stupid diapers and these shorts on?"

"Man, you don’t want to run away. They would find you and then it would be worse."

"WORSE? Look at me, Joey, how could it be worse?"

"You're right, Josh, but think about it. Josh, I got to get home. Man, hope I see you in school tomorrow. Don’t let those guys make it worse."

I watched Joey leave for home and I stayed just thinking. What could I do? How can I take this stuff? Wearing diapers at home was bad enough last summer, but now to school ? I just wished it was a dream and I could wake up and it would all be gone.

It was getting late and I decided to head off to home. Dad was already home from work. If he even went as pissed as he was this morning. I went in and headed straight to my room, Mom was right behind me.

"Josh, what happened? Your father told me you peed your pants even before school started."

I told her what happened, hoping for some sympathy, but NO way.

"Well Josh, maybe I should of just diapered you this morning and then this would have been avoided. I couldn’t disagree with her about that.

Mom left and a little while later my brother came in.

"Wow Josh, you really got dad pissed off now! He’s been out in the work shop all afternoon (dad used the workshop to get away from us all) I heard what happened at school and gym class. Boy, I’d sure hate to be you. What are you going to do tomorrow? You know they will be waiting for you."

He left the room and left me with even more to think about. If my brother knew about gym class it must be all over school by now.

At dinner that night Dad hardly acknowledged that I was there and it was pretty quiet overall. I went and did my homework afterwards and started to watch some TV about 8:00. My dad looked at me as I came into the room and he said, "I think its time for baby's to be in bed. Josh, you better get going."

Boy, I knew I had better not argue with that. I went upstairs and got undressed and cleaned up. The diaper he had put on weighed a ton and smelled pretty bad. I put on my pajama bottoms and went back down.

"Mom, I’m ready."

"What, Josh?"

"I’m ready, Mom."

"For what, Josh?"

"Mom, you know."

"Ask your mother nicely, Josh," my Dad called out.

"Mom, please come diaper me."

That's better, young man," he said.

Mom got up and followed me to my room. She got out the cloth diapers and laid them out on the bed and told me to lie on them. She powdered me and pinned them on tightly as usual. Then she put my plastic pants on and told me to get to sleep as she patted me on the butt. I heard my parents talking from downstairs about buying my smallest sister a new bed this week to replace her youth bed as she had outgrown it at her age..

A strange thing has started to happen recently and again it did that night as I was put to bed so early I wasn’t really sleepy, so I just laid there and started to rub myself. The feeling of those slippery plastic pants and the plastic sheet under the regular sheet made me feel real strange, but a good, kind of strange. It happened a few times, but sometimes stuff would squirt out. It kind of scared me at first but it felt soooo.... gooood.

Again I awoke the next morning very wet and Mom came in to check on me and told me she would change me after breakfast. After we ate she went back up to my room and undid my diapers and I went to take a shower. I rinsed and dried off not wanting to go back to the room. She was there with my waiting diaper there on the bed.

"You know the routine, Josh. No choices this morning. Get up here."

I didn’t want to be diapered but I also knew that I had no choice. She fastened the waiting diapers snugly to my waist with the three tapes. And this one as like the one from yesterday had the baby diaper insert which made it really thick. Again I had little choice of what to wear as none of my pants would go up over such thick diapers. Mom handed me a pair of sweat pants that I pulled up over the diaper, but looking in the mirror they took away any doubt that I was wearing a diaper ( that's the problem with sweats). My other choice was those shorts I was wearing yesterday. NO way! Mom then helped me find a shirt and thankfully it was kind of long so it helped hide my diaper shame.

So here it was, just my third day back in school and so much has happened so far. I went right to Mr. Williams office where he was waiting for me.

"Josh, I'm glad you came here today and I didn’t have to find you. Looks like your parents liked the diapering option (as he looked over my sweat pants). O.K. You know what I want from yesterday and at least if you piss your pants again no one will know."

With that I grabbed my ankles and again three really hard swats. The noise from the paddle against all that plastic was really loud but he would never know if I wet or not. He did seem quite proud that he was able to make me wet yesterday.

Then it was off to class. Believe me, I wasn’t ready for this experience. Everybody looked at me in home room. As I entered I did hear some whispering but I think it was comments about what happened yesterday. I made it to lunch and met up with Joey. He seemed a bit standoffish, but who could blame him. Seen with me he was hang’n with a diaper boy. He seemed to relax a bit after awhile, but I noticed a lot of kids in the lunch room pointing our way. I could almost bet every kid in school knew what happened yesterday.

Last period bell rang and it was off to the gym. I dreaded this all day. Yesterday was one of my worst nightmares, but since the beginning of summer there has been a lot of them. I went in and went into the gym where ¾ of the guys were in their gym shorts and tee shirts. The coach was asking those of us who weren't dressed in our uniforms what was up? He got to me and I told him my parents hadn’t gotten them yet as I was still hoping to be on the swim team.

Then one of the guys told the couch, “make him work out in his diapers. We’ve all seen him waddle in them already”

Another added, "please don’t let him on the swim team he’ll pee the pool.”

The coach ignored the others and said he had set up an interview with the swimming coach and me, and the other two, including Joey, would talk to him in the next day or so, but he expected us to join in on the regular gym class until then so we better get our gym stuff.

Whew! I escaped much better than even I had hoped for and when I got home Mom changed me first thing, knowing that my diapers would be soaked (they were). As she was changing me she mentioned that I was getting kind of red down there-- looked like diaper rash-- and that we would have to figure out how I could change during the day, but for now she would get some diaper rash ointment.

The rest of the week went fairly well and I was able to put off the coach about dressing for gym class. The swim coach talked to us all on Thursday, and since there wasn’t a large turnout for his team we were all accepted, so he rearranged a few of our class as swimming was just before lunch. I told Mom and Dad about this and Mom said it would be perfect as I could change after swimming. All Dad said was, "won’t they make him swim in diapers like the little pee pants he is?" Guess he was still pretty mad.

Well, I’ve made it through my first week of school. Hope yours was better. But my last period bell has just rung so off to home I go.

"Josh is going to come over tomorrow." Glad after all of this he still will be seen with me. Its quite a long walk to my house, and Mom is right. My diaper rash by the end of the day really hurts. I’ll be glad when swimming practice starts early next week so I can change during the day.

As I turned the corner towards my house I saw my Dad truck in the driveway along with a truck from a furniture company. Looks like they are delivering a bed. Oh, I remember, they were going to get my sister a new one since her is pretty old and she outgrown it anyway. As I get closer, yup, that what it is. Looks like her new one has that sissy canopy and everything. As I entered the garage my dad and the mover guys were in there. MAN, what's my bed doing out here?

I’m sorry, sir, we can’t take this one. It's much too stained. Maybe you can haul it off to the dump," the furniture guys told my Dad.

I saw in the truck that my sister's old bed has already been loaded up. Maybe I’m getting a new bed also? By the look on my dad’s face I for sure wasn’t going to ask him. I went straight into the house. I went up to my room and my brother was there straightening up the room. He even moved his desk where my bed was. I asked, "what’s going on?"

"You had better ask Mom or Dad," he told me.

"MOM!" I called out. When I looked in the open closet door all my clothes were gone! Mom came in.

"Mom, what happened to my bed and all my clothes?"

"Come with me, Josh, and I’ll show you."

We walked passed my sisters' room and her bed was all set up now and the furniture guys were about to leave. My dad signed some papers and off they went. He joined us on or way to my Mom’s sewing room. She opened the door and said, "Josh this will be your new room. Your brother is tired of having the smell of your wet stuff in his room, so I am giving up my sewing room so we can separate you both."

We walked in and I was in shock. This room was used as a nursery when we were all small and it was again, only the stuff was bigger. Dad kind of pushed me in a bit further.

"Josh, I made you a bed which we though would be much more fitting for someone of your age who still bed wets."

"But Dad, it's a CRIB," I said as soon as I could talk again while I was choking back the tears.

"That's right, Josh, a crib for a BIG BABY."

I kind of looked toward Mom and she just had a big smile on her face. I looked around the room and there were shelves with stacks of diapers, mostly cloth and some attends. Then I saw the plastic see-through bin that contained my plastic pants. Man, this is just awful.

Then I noticed that the closet had a small lock on it.

"What’s that for?" I asked.

Mom explained, "Josh, since you seem to have such a hard time with staying dry and your father told us about your not taking your punishment like a boy your age should, we decided to help you and take away some of your stress by making some decisions for you like what you will wear."


"From now on we will pick out what clothes you will wear and we will dress you like we see fit."

"Mom ! Dad ! This isn’t fair!!!!!"

"NO, Josh, what isn’t fair is all the extra work your babyish behavior is causing us. Now I think you should thank your father for all the work he has done in getting your room ready! Now, Josh!!!"

"Thanks, Dad."

Mom told me to get my school clothes off and climb up on the crib. I slowly got my clothes off, which she didn’t seem to mind, but had a hard time getting myself to climb up in the crib. One slap across my bare butt was all the encouragement I needed, especially after a week of swats and only the ones on Monday to look forward to. I got up and lay back as Mom cleaned me up.

"Josh, that rash doesn’t look too good. Maybe those disposables are irritating you (yeah, they were in more ways than she had meant) We better try cloth this weekend and see if we can get it to go away. She went over to the shelves and gathered up what she needed and returned to the crib.

"Lift up, Josh," and she slid the thick cloth under me. She put ointment on the rash and put lots of powder on me, which actually felt good. Then she pulled the diapers very tight and pinned them. She then went over and pulled a pair of plastic pants from the bin and had me raise up as she snapped them over the diapers. She told me to roll over and she patted my padded butt and told me to take a nap until dinner as she raised the rail to my new BED......She closed the door to my room and left.

I rolled back over and looked up at the rails. They were almost up to the ceiling and the release for them was down at floor level after studying the crib for a few moments. Wow, I couldn’t get out of here if I wanted to. It was like baby jail.

I rolled back over and noticed how the mattress felt I pulled back the sheet away and saw it was like a crib mattress made of plastic, not as noisy as my previous plastic sheet which had always embarrassed me by someone maybe sitting on my bed and hearing it and then having to explain why it was there. But of course with my new bed I’m sure they would know (wish I had my old bed back with its plastic sheet).

That feeling returned again and I began to rub myself, plastic pants against that mattress was wonderful and then with those thick cloth diapers I exploded in minutes. I fell asleep in nothing flat in hopes to find that it was all a dream, was it? Is it? What has happened?

Chapter 4


"Josh, Josh, wake up, sleepyhead."


"Yes, Josh, it’s just about time for dinner."

She reached down to let the side of my new crib down. At that moment I felt so secure. I’m not sure what it was, but somehow sleeping in my new crib gave me a real feeling of infantile security. I don’t know why, but for some reason it felt good.

"Let check those diapers of yours, Josh," Mom said as she stuck her finger down the waistband of my plastic pants. "Oh, a little damp. I’m sure you will be O.K. until after dinner."

She helped me down out of the crib and we went downstairs to the dining room. We ate dinner as normal, only all I was wearing was my T-shirt and those thick diapers and baby pants. My Dad even seemed quite content with my babification with his help, of course. At least I knew now what he was doing in his shop for so many days.

After dinner my sister went to help Mom with the dishes and my brother and I went to play some Nintendo games. Dad came in about 7:30 and announced that it was bed time for babies. That left no doubt whom he was talking about.

"But Dad, it's so early, couldn’t I stay up just a little while longer?"

"Josh, get up to the nursery NOW!!!"

Up I went. Even I knew better than to mess with Dad when he was like that.

Up to my room I headed with dad right behind me. Once in my new nursery he told me to hop up in the crib and he pulled down my plastic pants and went about changing me out of those very wet diapers and into my soft dry cloth diapers. He didn’t change me too often, so it took some getting used to when he did. As he was powdering me I started to get hard, which he noticed right away.

"It looks like you might enjoy this, Josh."

"Dad, I can’t help it, no, I really wish I didn’t have to wear diapers."

He finished me off with snap-on plastic pants and then pulled the rails up on the crib with a look of content on his face as he had made this inescapable crib for his big baby boy.

"Night night, Josh, sleep dry."

"Night, Dad."

I noticed that there was a low glow from my old Mickey Mouse night light that I had used when I was in the nursery the first time (till I was about 3 or 4). This crib was at least bigger than that one from the condo last summer it must be like a twin size bed. As I lay there trying to fall asleep all the things that had happened this week just kept going through my mind.

Next thing I knew I was being awakened by Mom again. I could see by the sunshine it was morning.

Morning Josh," she said as she let the sides of the crib down. "Sleep good?" she asked as she once again checked to see how wet I was. "Kind of WET there young’en."

"Sorry, Mom."

"Oh, you don’t have to be sorry, but you will remain in diapers until you can stay dry, and that looks like it could be some time."

She started to remove my diaper after she had slid a waterproof pad under me. After the last pin was removed she told me to go take a shower and use the bathroom if I needed to.

After I got cleaned up I met her back in the nursery and she had my clean diapers all laid out. Again they were cloth, which really felt better than those Attends, and being a weekend, who would know? She pinned them on and used some snap-on plastic pants, which she slipped under me and snapped over my thick diapers.

"I really hope these cloth diapers will get rid of that rash, Josh."

We went down to eat breakfast again just wearing a T-shirt as nothing I had would go over those cloth diapers other than my pajamas. We finished and I went to watch some Saturday morning cartoons with my sisters. Mom came in about an hour latter and told me that we were going to go shopping.

"SHOPPING! But Mom, I don’t have anything to wear and I can’t go out in these diapers."

My sister seemed to enjoy watching there older brother stroke out.

"Why do I have to go, Mom?"

"Well, Josh, we are going to shop for some clothes for you to wear. You know all your big boy clothes won’t fit anymore. Now lets get you ready, young man!"

"O.K. Mom. I headed up to the nursery and mom followed. She unlocked my closet and it was almost empty.

"Mom, where are all my clothes?"

"Josh, we gave them away to charity as we knew that they wouldn’t fit you anymore and figured by the time your out of diapers this time you would of out grown them anyway."

This really bummed me as I really had some kewl stuff, but what could I say? They wouldn’t fit me as long as I wore diapers.

She gave me some shoes and socks and the pair of sweats I had on yesterday. She had to help me pull them up over my diapers and I’m sure they could rip at any second.

"Josh, we will get you some pants at the first stop."

With that we headed for the car. Of course my sister had to comment.

“Nice sweats, Josh,” they said in laughter and I’m sure I was quite a sight.

We got to an outlet mall not too far from our house and Mom knew exactly where she was headed to. We pulled up in front of the OshKosh super store.

"Mom, what are we stopping here for? All they have is baby clothes."

"Let's go take a look. You always liked your overalls when you were a toddler, and now that your just a big toddler maybe we can find something to fit you."

In we went as I could barely walk with those tight sweats, kind of waiting for them to rip at any second. When we entered the store all the sales girls were starring at us we walked around the infant stuff, and Mom picked up little sizes saying how cute they would be if only in my size. One of the girls walked over to us and asked if she could help.

"Yes, do you have any overalls that could fit my son here?"

She did a close-up once-over and seemed to stop when she got to the diaper bulge.

"Well, we have some larger sizes for boys over here, but I’m not sure they will fit. But we do have a dressing room back in the corner. She led us over to the boys section and Mom loved what she saw. They had some regular blue-jean types, but they also had a few in printed corduroy material. They had race cars on them. She picked out one of the larger sizes and told me to go to the dressing room to try them on. I went into the room and tried to get my sweats off. As hard as I tried I couldn't get them over my diapers. I must of been in there for some time as soon I heard Mom calling for me to see if anything was wrong. I heard her ask the sales lady if she could come in a help me.

"Oh, for sure, you can help your son."

Mom opened the door on the dressing room without even knocking and caught me struggling with those sweat pants.

"Here, Josh, let me help you."

And with a couple expert yanks off the sweats came. She then helped me on with the overalls which, once the sides were buttoned, were very roomy. She stood back and asked me how I liked them.

"Well, they fit good, but I can’t wear them. They are too babyish, Mom." Guess I must have said the right word-- “BABY.”

"Now Josh, I think those look just adorable on you ,and they do fit well over your diapers."

"Aw, Mom."

"Josh, why don’t you wear these 'til we find you something else. At least they fit better than those sweat pants do. Let me get a shirt that goes better with them."

She returned a few minutes with a blue T-shirt that had an Oshkosh emblem on them, which was kind of kewl, but once it was on no one could even see it under my bibs. On the way out Mom picked out several more pair of overall and much to my delight even some plain denim ones. We went over to the sales counter and the girls commented how cute my overalls were as one of them was ringing up the sales. The tag for the T-shirt was hanging out the back of my shirt and Mom kind of spun me around so she could bar code it. Then one took me closer to the cashier and she reached down by my waist to bar code the one on the overall. I’m sure she knew then about my diapers. She told me those overalls are real cute and told my Mom that they would be getting more, in the next few weeks.

We left and headed off to our next stop. Oh no, it was Target! All my friends are always talking about shopping there with their moms.

"Please Mom, not here. Someone will see me."

"Oh Josh, don’t be a baby," she said with a smirk. "You have your new overalls on, so no one will see your diapers better than those sweats, or would you like those back?"

We went in, seemed lots of kids were looking as I’m sure everyone knew I was wearing diapers and those overalls looked more for a toddler than a 14 year old, sorry, 14 3/4. We went to the boys department where Mom found some big-sized corduroy cargo pants that were pretty cool, so she sent me in to try them on. Maybe if they fit I could wear them home I thought. She told me to come out after I got them on so she could check them for fit. I got those overalls off pretty quickly and in no time had the cargo pants on. Fit pretty well, I thought. A look in the mirror confirmed they even kind of hid those diapers so the disposables should be no problem.

"Mom," I called out. She came over and looked them over and pulled at the crotch as moms will do to satisfy her that they fit well.

"Josh, it looks like you have some new pants. Please put your overalls back on and I’ll be over there pointing to the far side of the boys department.

"Mom, can’t I wear these pants instead?"

No, Josh, we can’t do that here, I’m sorry. Just put your overalls back on!"

I headed back to change and after I did went to find my mom. I found her with an armload of stuff as she was walking around.

"Hi, Josh, come over here. Your straps are twisted, guess I do have to dress you."

She unbuckled my strap and straightened it out, then patted me on the butt just like a mom would do with a little kid.

"Mom someone will see you, stop it."

"Josh, come over here. I what to check your size."

We walked over to a rack of pajamas, and to my amazement, she picked out a pair of footed sleepers in my size that had dinosaurs on them. OH NO! Why would a store have those for big kids? But there they were, and several colors also. She held a pair up to me.

"Looks like they will fit just fine, Josh. Maybe you should try them on."

"What? In the store? No way, Mom."

"Well, we want to make sure they will fit before we buy them."

She headed me back to the dressing room and handed me the sleeper on my way in. Again she told me to come out after putting them on. I took my time putting these on but had no trouble as they, like small-kids size, had a zipper down one leg and I had no trouble zipping them up past my diapers. I had to admit they were really soft and felt good over my plastic pants, but that's another story. Now I had to go out a show Mom as I knew she was waiting. I walked out trying to hear if someone else was in the dressing room.

"Mom," I kind of whispered once out. I didn’t see her at first as she was sitting on a bench off to the side.

"Josh, come over here and let me see. I went over to her all the time looking around.

"Josh, don’t be so nervous, those are really cute."

As she was examining them I saw a kid from school coming this way with his mom.

"Mom, let me go change, please."

"OK, Josh, they fit fine," she said as I almost sprinted into the dressing room. I heard the other kid enter another room and Mom called to me that she would be over picking out a few other sleepers and to meet her there when I was done.

I was done all right. I got changed quickly and tried to get out before he was done, but it takes time to get overalls on so as I was leaving he was right behind me.

“Nice Overalls, Joshy.” I didn’t even turn around, just left.

I caught up with Mom who had picked up a few other pairs and we next headed over to the baby department. She picked up some powder and some more Pampers, to put inside my disposables, I guess, and then we were off the check out.

We had all the stuff up at the checkout and the kid from school was over at another pointing at me to his mom, and the checker was really looking me over as he was ringing everything up. He asked Mom if she found everything OK and she told he she was delighted at what she had found.

We headed off for the car and Mom asked me if I was very wet. I told her no, but when she had everything loaded in the car she unsnapped the side snaps of my overall and stuck her finger under the plastic pant to find one very wet diaper.

"Josh, you told me you were dry."

"Mom, I thought I was." It even surprised me I had must of wet several times and didn’t even realize it. What was happening? Am I losing all control? Am I turning into a toddler?

"Well, you will just have to wait 'til we get home and then I’ll change your pants, Josh. I can’t believe you wet yourself and didn’t know."

We pulled back into the driveway and I helped Mom unload the car. My sisters were home and both commented on how cute my overalls were.

We had lunch and then Mom took me up to my new room and changed my very wet diapers. It really felt good to have them changed, for the dry ones were like heaven. After she was done she raised the rail of the crib and told me to take a nap and to try to stay dry. She left the room and as I lay there trying to fall asleep. I suddenly remembered Joey. That’s right, he is supposed to be here this afternoon. Maybe Mom won’t leave me here to long. Just as I was drifting off to sleep I heard the door bell ring. A couple of minutes latter I heard Dad and Joey talking.

"Come with me, Joey, I'll take you up to Josh’s new room."

Oh sh--, he’s bringing my best friend up to the nursery and he will see me in my new crib. No, dad wouldn’t do that? Or would he?

Chapter 5

"No Joey, Josh's room is down here now," I heard my Dad telling him as they were coming down the hall. I then heard the door open as I looked through the rails of my new crib to see the shocked look on my best friend's face. I couldn’t imagine what was going through his mind at that time.

Dad left the room and Joey just stared at me.

"Well aren’t you gonna say something, Joey?"

"Josh, what happened?"

I explained what had happened which he knew most of it from school.

"Man, Josh, I guess you were right, your parents aren’t messing around. This stuff looks kind of permanent to me. I’ve never seen such a big crib and it looks like all you got to wear is diapers."

I told him about our shopping trip as I heard my Mom coming down the hall.

“Well, hello Joey,” my mother greeted him. "How do you like Josh’s new room?"

"I guess it's OK," Joey told her.

"Well Joey, it’s Josh’s nap time. Maybe you could come back around 2:00 or so and you two could play."

"Yeah, I can come back then."

Joey turned to leave.

"Bye Josh."

Mom came in a little before 2:00 and got me up, she checked my diapers and found them a little damp so she went to the closet and opened it up and got me a T-shirt out. Putting that on, she told me to stay in the crib while she went to her room and came back with the Oshkosh shortalls she had purchased earlier that day. I started to get out of the crib to put them on and she told me to get back in. She then unsnapped the crotch and slipped them over my head.

"See, Josh, I modified them during your nap so we can dress you easier."

She then had me lie down and lift up as she slid them over my diapers and then reached between my legs and snapped the crotch closed.

"There, all secure."

She then got me a pair of socks and my white high top tennis shoes and helped me on with them.

"There, hop down, little fellow," she told me. She told me to look in the mirror, and to my surprise I really looked like a big toddler.

I heard Joey’s voice downstairs and mom told me to go play. I went downstairs and again Joey just stared.

“Wow Josh, you look like your wearing my little brother's clothes.”

"Thanks, Joey. I know they look like little kids' clothes, but it's all my Mom will let me wear, but its better than just having diapers and a t shirt."

We played computer games most of the afternoon in the den when about 5:00 Mom came in with a clean diaper and some plastic pants.

"Josh, are your pants wet?"

"Well, uh, uh, a little, mom."

"Josh, we can’t get rid of that rash if you don’t let us know when you’ve wet your diapers."

"But Mom, they're not that wet, can’t I change later?"

“Let me check, Josh,” she said as she headed my way with her arm load of stuff. She set them down on the couch in the den and then unsnapped the side of my shortalls. Then she reached her finger in the front of my plastic pants, but not to my surprise found a fairly wet diaper.

"Josh, I think we better get you into some dry pants right away," she said as she told me to sit on the floor. I just looked at Joey standing there.

“Mom, please not in front of Joey.”

"Oh Josh, you two are in swimming together. I’m sure you two have seen each other, this isn’t any different."

Joey looked kind of uncomfortable just standing there. As Mom pushed me on my back and unsnapped the snaps in my crotch she pulled the legs of my shortall over my waist. She then removed my diaper pins and pulled my baby pants and diapers off together and left me there naked. As she cleaned me up with the wipes she slipped another thick cloth diaper under me. Joey handed her the powder which she used a lot of and rubbed it in good on my rash. Then he gave her some pins and before I knew it she had my diaper pinned on tightly again.

"Joey, could you give me Josh’s plastic pants? Thanks, you seem to know all about this," Mom told him. But we knew why he did as he also was a bed wetter and wore diapers at night.

Mom then snapped the crotch back up and with a pat on the butt I was in dry diapers again.

We played for about another hour and then Joey went home. Mom and Dad did keep me in cloth diapers all weekend and the rash seemed to be getting better but the end of the weekend. As I went to bed Sunday night it was hard to sleep wondering what a new school week might bring?

Next thing I remember was the sound of my crib rail being let down.

"Wake up Josh. Come on, sleepyhead, time to get up. Wow, you must have really wet your diapers last night. Why, the front of your sleepers are even wet."

Looking down I was amazed why they were wet I overflowed my diapers.

"Let's get you out of those wet things," Mom said as she helped me to my feet. She then unzipped my sleeper and told me to go take a shower. After I was cleaned up I went back into my room where she was waiting for me with an Attends in her hand. She had me jump up into my crib, and once lying back she looked over my rash.

"Well, Josh, it's almost gone, but still kind of red."

She put ointment on it then slipped the disposable diaper under me and sprinkled lots of powder on me. She then had me sit up and put a striped T-shirt on and then had me step into my denim overalls. They seemed really big. I’m sure cloth diapers would ft just fine and I’m sure that's why she got them that big. She pulled the overalls up and put white high top tennis shoes on my feet.

She then had me jump down and buckled my overalls back up and sent me off to breakfast. The disposables seems to be much louder than the cloth were this weekend but I was glad to be able to wear them.

After breakfast it was off to school and a look in the mirror on the way out, I wasn’t so bad. I walked into homeroom and again everyone looked. I’m sure after the last few weeks just to see what I might be up to. Nobody really bothered me that morning and it was off to swimming practice and then lunch.

I got to the gym and went in to change I got the overalls off OK then slipped the diaper off. It was quite wet but not leaking. I then slipped on my red Speedo and went to take a shower. It really felt good as my rash still hurt a bit. One of the guys saw my rash and it started:

“LOOK Josh has diaper rash!”

“Man he can’t swim with us. He should be wearing little swimmers, not Speedos.”

The coach hearing all the commotion came out to see what was going on.

"Come on, guys, you can’t catch a rash like that," as he looked me over. "Now let's get to the pool for a real workout."

We did our practice laps and had a great time. Soon no one even bothered me as I must have surprised them with my swimming. I must say I am faster than almost all of them.

After practice I got to talking to a few guys but after we showered and I went to get dressed they all kind of stayed away and as I put my clean Attends on. I could once again hear laughter form all over the gym, only Joey would come talk to me.

Well, the rest of the week has been pretty much a routine, but I do get put to bed really early, about 7:00 or 7:30 at the latest. Maybe eventually my parents will ease up, but not much I can do until they do. They still dress me as they want as they keep my closet locked up.

Wow, I can’t believe it's October already. My birthday is next week the 9th. I wonder what I might get or maybe I shouldn’t. Never thought I would be wearing diapers on my 15th birthday, much less sleeping in a crib.

Well dudes I’ll let you know what happens for my birthday and maybe some of you can send me E mail birthday.

Chapter 6

Hi again guys, here it is another whole week has passed and tomorrow is my birthday. It kind of sucks that it’s on a Monday but if that's the worst I can deal with it. I know I have to go to school and all, but my real friends still hang with me and the ones who don’t, I guess they were not my friends after all.

It’s Sunday morning and I got some computer time so I have been searching the web because my friend Joey told me if I did a search for Bedwetting it might surprise me what might come up. Wow, he sure was right. I even have found a few that have about teens like myself who wet the bed still and some even still wear diapers like myself. Then during my search I found a site where the guy actually liked to wear diapers? I wonder if he started like me having to and now, I kind of like to at least at night? Well, I’ll have to read his history next time I can get some Internet time when mom and dad aren’t around.

Mom told me this morning since my birthday is on Monday this year she was having the relatives over today for a bar-be-cue this afternoon to celebrate, I really hate to think about my cousins and grandparents coming over. I know ma has told them all about my wetting for I have heard her on the phone but to see them with me back in diapers, Man I just don’t want to think about it.

The morning has just zipped by and here it is lunch time. All morning all I’ve been allowed to wear is my diapers and a “T” shirt and tennis shoes. Mom told me when I asked for some shorts or pants to wear that wearing diapers is to keep me aware of my bedwetting so I would stop.

I fell asleep in the family room and was awakened by the door bell about 2:00.

"Oh man they're here already, Mom. Mom where are my clothes?" I yelled in panic.

"Oh Josh, just calm down. Everybody except your cousin Billy has seen you in diapers before so don’t worry."

Don’t worry? I didn’t have much time to act as she swung open the front door as I was still standing there only feet away. My grandparents entered first and Grandma just smiled.

"Josh, you look sooo cute," as she pinched my cheek ( I hate that). Grandpa just stared and just said Hi. By now my sisters had joined us and my brother was on his way. I started to sneak away but Mom grabbed a hold of my hand and held me firmly. Next my aunt and her two oldest daughters (both older than I) entered. My aunt looked at me and said, "Josh, it's been years since I’ve seen you in diapers." My two cousins looked over and snickered at my sight. Then my uncle and my two younger cousins came in (both boys). As they looked my way they seemed to try to go the other way but my uncle prodded them towards me.

"Josh, what happening?" Billy said.

I looked and said, "not much."

"Oh really," Mom said, staring at me.

"Josh, take Billy and Bobby up and show them your new room."

"Mom !!!!!"

"You better do it now or we will all come up right now."

I turned hesitantly to go upstairs and my cousins followed.

"Wow Josh, mom told us you would be in diapers, but they're so big. What kind are they?"

I didn’t feel like talking about them but I did.

"They're cloth diapers and plastic pants."

"Really, I’ve never seen those before but I heard mom saying its what our oldest sister wore when she was a baby."

I opened the door to my room and both their mouths dropped open. They just stood there for a few minutes and then came in.

"Wow, Josh, it’s a babies room, you really sleep in the crib? Are those all your diapers ? Are those plastic pants?"

They just fired one question after another.

"Yea guys, this is my bedroom and I do have to sleep in the crib 'cause Mom and Dad got rid of my other bed."

We played with some of my toys stuffed animals and blocks and stuff for awhile and then went back down stairs.

Mom looked at my cousins. “Well boys, how do you like Josh’s room?"

"Man, I’ve never seen such a big crib before. It’s a big nursery."

By now she had the attention of my two older cousins.

"Josh, you even have a crib?" they asked. Mom just looked at me as I answered them. Now they, too, wanted to see my NEW room again I opened the door and they to just stared kind of in disbelief. They called out to my aunt.

"Look, Josh really does have a nursery."

They took their time looking at everything and commenting about almost everything and when mom opened the closet they went nuts over the babyish styled cloths that hung there.

By now all the Men (uncle, Dad, Gramps and even my brother) were out starting the bar-be-cue. I wanted to go out but Mom told me little boys shouldn’t be outside with the men. I really just wanted to get away form all those girls before they noticed that my diapers were in need of a change.

"Josh come over here." (Oh, too late)

I went over to where my Mom was sitting as se pulled the front of my plastic pants down to check my diaper.

"I thought I told you to let me know when your pants were wet, young man ! You don’t want to get that nasty rash back, do you? Well, do you?

"No, mom."

She then caught me off guard when she turned to my aunt and asked if she would like to change my diapers. Mom, please not her.

"Oh Josh, don’t be a brat. Why, I changed you plenty of times when you were a baby. I don’t think one time now should hurt anything."

She then grabbed my hand and we headed for the stairs.

"Mom, Mom, can we help?" my older cousins asked.

"Oh sure, I’m sure I will need some help."

I looked at Mom for help but she just gave me that smile.

We all got up to my room and my aunt helped me into the crib. There was already a changing pad on top so she slid my plastic pants off and then unpinned my diaper. I almost started to cry as she was changing me as my two cousins just stood and watched. She asked one of them to get the powder and a new set of diapers and she was using baby wipes to clean me up. Handing the new diapers to my aunt she had me lift up as she slid the new stack under me. She then had the girls come closer as she showed them how to sprinkle the powder and rub it in. Even as embarrassed and mad as I was that my Mom would let her change me when she rubbed in the powder I sprang to attention. My cousins seemed surprised.

"Don’t worry, girls, boys do this kind of thing when they get their diapers changed, especially when their as old as Josh."

She then pulled the diaper snug and pinned it in place. She then had me raise up again and placed my snap-on pants under me. I really hated these kind as they seemed real babyish. She snapped them in place and then had me sit-up in the crib. My cousin handed her a T-shirt and a pair of shorts and they helped me on with both and then had me stand up as they thought they were so cute as the shorts barely covered my diapers and even stuck out around the waist and leg openings.

We went back down stairs and everyone was heading for the dining room. Dad stopped me and said they had a birthday present for me. I looked over at the stack of presents and wondered which one.

He then told me I had to cover my eyes as he tied a blindfold over my head and then lead me by the hand. Everything was so quiet, I wasn’t sure where he was taking me. He then had me sit down at what seemed to be one of the bar stools but he then placed something in front of me and I heard a loud click sound.

"Dad, can I take the blindfold off?"

"Go ahead, Josh, you can remove it."

As I did I realized that I was in an oversized highchair and with the tray in place and the strap between my legs I was trapped.

"How you like your dad’s handy work, Josh?" my Mom asked I just sat there in front of all my relatives stunned. My grandma brought an arm load of presents and placed one on the tray.

"Open it, Josh, I think you will be needing it soon."

It was from my grandparents and it was wrapped in little kids' wrapping paper as were all my presents. As I ripped it open I realized it was a bib and it had little farm animals all over it. She came over and shook it open and tied it around my neck.

"There you go, Josh," she said. "Now you don’t even have to worry about spilling anything on yourself."

"Let me down! Let me down, I don’t wana be up here. Please Mom let me outta here."

"JOSH, stop it. All the whining in the world will not help. Your father has spent an awful lot of time make you this highchair. NOW stop acting like a BABY, Joshua."

Oops maybe I’d went too far, for Mom never calls me that unless I’m in real trouble. She then put a plate of food on the tray and gave me just a spoon to eat with.

Everyone just stared to see what I would do but I figured Mom was mad enough so I just sat there and ate my dinner (like I had a choice I really could not get out of that chair.)

After I was done with dinner I got to sit there and open the rest of my presents, I got a couple pairs on nursery print plastic pants from my aunt and uncle, a onesie from my grandparents, and a T shirt from my brother that said “I’M the little brother.”

Then Mom brought a BIG cake, chocolate, my favorite. She lit the three candles and set it on the tray of the highchair and I blew out the candles then se served everyone and gave me a piece on a plate without a fork. I asked her for one but she told me to use my fingers and then she gave me a glass of milk in one of those toddler cups, I was quite a mess when I was through but she wiped me clean expertly.

A few hours later everyone left for home and on their way out my two older cousins offered my mother baby-sitting service if she ever needed any. I had always thought I would enjoy my teen birthdays, but I could of never predicted this one. I’m sure I will never forget it though. I guess now my baby treatment is complete. My parents have me in full time diapers, I sleep in a crib and I’m sure I’ll be eating in my highchair from now on. What else?

Well Monday finally got here and I ran into Joey on my way to school. He wanted to know how my birthday was and I told him. He couldn’t believe that I now have a highchair, why would any parent do this?

Last week has past fairly quickly, the only thing unusually was I saw Joey’s mom over at our house a few times but she was always on her way home when I got there. Mom didn’t say anything so I really haven’t thought to much about it. Dad is going out of town this weekend hunting with his friends and my brother.

Well Friday is finally come as I got home Dad and my brother were on their way out for the weekend hunting trip.

"Bye Josh, be a good little boy for your mother and do as she tells you."

"Bye Dad."

Mom was just finishing up changing my diapers as the front door bell rang, it was Joey’s mom and Joey was with her. She asked my mom if Joey could stay with us for a little while as Joey’s dad was hurt in a construction accident and she was on the way to the hospital to see him and Joey was to young too go see him also.

"Oh, of course he can stay, and don’t worry about a thing. Good I’ll be back in a few hours."

Here I was running around just in by now weekend routine of cloth diapers and plastic pants and these were the nursery print ones I got for my birthday last weekend.

"Hi Joey."

"Hi Josh."

"Don’t worry, I’m sure your dad will be OK."

"Yea, I hope so."

I got Joey involved in my flight simulator game and before we knew it dinner was about to be served.

"OK Josh, hop up into your highchair."

It was then that I had realized that Joey had not seen my new chair but I had told him about it. Mom fastened the tray in place and tied a bib around my neck she then fastened the strap between my legs and I was ready for dinner. Joey took a chair at the other end of the table he kept staring as we ate but said nothing. On the other hand my sister kept taking turns with their comments on what a big baby I was.

Dinner was over and Mom finally let me down and me and Joey went to play with the computer. We went online and he showed me more teen baby web pages some were real kewl.

We finally went to watch some TV as it was getting kind of late, well not really that late, but since my parents started babying me bedtime was about 8:00, sometimes earlier. Mom finally stuck her head in and told me it was time to get change for bed. Joey stayed watching TV as mom took me and put me in dry diapers and my new dinosaur footed jammies. I looked in the mirror on my way back down stairs and with those cloth diapers my butt was about three times normal size. Yup, looked just like a toddler.

"Nite Joey."

"Nite Josh."

Then Mom took me back to my room and pulled the rails up on the crib.

As I fell asleep that night I couldn’t help but feel sorry for Joey as I knew he was worried about his dad.

Chapter 7


"Josh, wake up, wake up Josh."

Wow it was morning already? I must have fallen asleep really quick, doesn’t even seem like I slept very long. Wow, my diapers are dry, I did it. I thought to myself. As my eyes opened there was my mom and Joey.

"Josh honey, Joey’s mother called and Joey is going to spend the night with us. As you know, Joey also wets the bed, so we need to use some of your diapers on him."

She then let down the crib rail and had me get out so she could use it to diaper my best friend. This was a switch as usually it was I being diapered. Mom removed Joey's T shirts and then had him lie back and unbuttoned his jeans. She quickly slipped them down and off his well tanned legs, leaving him in just his boxer shorts, but I noticed right away they were Rugrats boxers. Seemed a bit strange for such a big boy other than the fact he was now being put in diaper while lying in my crib. Mom started to pull off his boxers when Joey yelled "stop, not those!"

"Joey, don’t be silly, you don’t need your shorts on when your going to wear a diaper. I know your mom doesn’t leave them on does she?"

"No, she don’t."

"Well, I diaper Josh all the time and he’s your age, so you sure I’ve seen just about everything."

He reluctantly let mom pull down his shorts. Man, he still looked like a little boy. Mom then had him raise up and put three cloth diapers under him.

"Joey, I know your mom uses disposable diapers on you at night, but here we just use cloth. I hope your OK with it."

She then powered him up and I could see by his expression he loved the smell of the powder just as I do. She then pinned the diapers on real tight and reached for a pair of plastic pants. These were regular white ones like the Gerber ones in the store. She pulled them up his legs and had him raise up so she could pull them over his diapers. Once up and over his diapers mom told him to get down and she checked to make sure all of the diaper was tucked in. She then opened my closet and got another pair of sleepers. These had picture of little tools all over them and also had feet. Stepping in to them mom pulled the zipper up and he too looked like a overgrown toddler who was definitely in diapers.

"O.K. Josh, back in," as she was pointing to the crib.

"Now Joey, you will have to sleep with Josh tonight since its the only bed in this house that's waterproof, so in you go," as mom helped him in. It was good that the crib was twin sized so we both fit. Mom then pulled the rail in place and turned off the lights.

:Nite, nite, boys." As the door closed I turned to Joey.

"Sorry man, that you have to sleep in here with me." I could hear his sobs as he kind of choked on his words.

"Its OK Josh, I know you didn’t have anything to do with this. Matter of fact, mom has been threatening to get me a crib since my bedwetting has been getting worse, she even said then I would be just like you."

Joey seemed to be calming down and I know we were both sleepy. I heard him checking out the feel of his plastic pants through the flannel pajamas.

"Josh are you asleep yet?"

"No Joey. You know these diapers feel kind of neat and they are so thick compared to the disposable ones I usually wear. I don’t know why but they make me feel kind of excited, if you know what I mean."

I did know as I have been rubbing myself almost every night.

"I know, Joey, once you get used to them I guess they are all right."

He then reached over and patted my diapered bottom and we slowly drifted off to sleep.

The next morning Joey woke up first and judging by his jump which woke me up he was quite startled.

"Sorry Josh, I forgot I was sleeping with you in your crib."

"It’s OK, Joey. I guess its about time to get up anyway."

We lay there for a few minutes.

"Come on, Josh, aren't you going to get us outta here?"

"Well, Joey, there is one problem. Where the latch is to let down the side of the crib is too far to reach, and climbing over the top is impossible as the rail is less than a foot from the ceiling."

"Sorry man, but we have to wait 'til Mom comes to get us out of here."

A few minutes later I heard someone walking around and then the door opened it was Mom.

"Morning boys, do we have a couple of wet ones this morning?"

"Yea Mom I am."

"Me too, Mrs. Taylor."

"Well, why don’t you two stay there while I take my shower and then I’ll let you out."

She handed us baby bottles full of hot chocolate and left. I started to drink from the bottle and Joey looked like he didn’t know how.

"Just like this, Joey."

He then tried and he looked amazed at something babies do naturally. Of course I had been using a bottle off and on since last summer and the condo at the beach.

Mom finally turned off the shower and both of the bottles were empty by now when she finally came in to get us up. Down came the side of the crib and we both got out.

"Looks a little bit crowded in there, boys?"

"It wasn’t too bad, Mom. We slept good."

"Gosh, Josh, you would sleep through anything, that’s probably why you still wet your bed."

She then came over and checked my diaper by pulling the front of my plastic pants open and sticking a finger in.

"Well Josh, you're wet, but I don’t think you need to be changed right away."

She then went over and checked Joey the same way.

"Young man, you have just about overflowed your pants. Better get you into some dry ones."

"What do you mean, Mrs. Taylor? I don’t wear diapers during the day."

"Joey I'm not sure when your mother will be here to pick you up, and around here, little boys who wet themselves wear diapers."

"NO please Mrs. Taylor."

'Enough said, Joey, we can either put you in some dry diapers or you can stay in the stinky wet ones of yours? What will it be?"


"OK, what Joey?"

"OK, I want dry ones."

With that she had Joey up in the crib and began to change his nighttime diapers and again used cloth diapers on him but this time used some snap on plastic pants. She gave him a t shirt and told us to go downstairs and get some breakfast."

We entered the dining room and there were my sisters.

"Good morning baby brother, see you have a baby friend."

Joey looked really embarrassed but there wasn’t much I could do as I found myself being placed once again in my highchair. Mom gave us both a bowl of oatmeal and glasses of milk. Mine was in a spill-proof toddler cup again. Again I had no spoon to eat with so I assumed I was to use my hands like dinner the other night. As I reached in the bowl I heard and felt a loud smack as Mom hit my hand.

"Stop that, Josh just, wait a second. She got a spoon and again sat next to me. She then began to spoon feed me. The spoon was quite large and I could barely keep up with her and cereal began to escape out of the corners of my mouth. I then noticed that she had a diaper over her shoulder as she reached for it and wiped my face clean. A few more minutes and the cereal was gone. I was then told to drink the rest of the milk and I was let down.

Me and Joey went and watch cartoon for the rest of the morning till mom walked in with an arm load of diapers. Well lets get you changed Josh I’m sure your quite wet by now, so she proceeded to change my diapers right there on the floor in the family room, Joey watched by tried not to let me see. There those should keep my little boy dry mom said as she snapped the waistband of my plastic pants. Just then we heard the doorbell ring.

"Hello Dorothy, glad you could come over to watch the boys. I’ve got a million errands to run and can’t have them tagging along."

Oh no, it was my oldest cousin, you know the one who was here last week for my birthday and offered to baby sit if every my Mom needed someone. They walked into the room and Mom introduced Joey to her. He didn’t stand and looked extremely frightened.

"Gosh you have two toddler boys. This should be fun. I just knew that boys were just a bunch of big babies."

Mom left and told us and my sisters to behave and to listen to Dorothy. Mom left.

"How about we play some games? That should be more fun than just sitting and watching TV. I’ve got a kewl air simulator game."

"Na, Josh, we need something we all can play."

"Can we go to the park, Dorothy?" my sister asked. She looked my way with an evil grin and then told her "maybe later."

Looking through the game closet she pulled out Twister.

"How about this one?" as she opened it up. She spread out a mat with colored dots on it.

"This should be fun."

Then she explained how to play.

"Man, we can’t play this."

"Why not, Josh, your didies too wet?"

"NO, you know mom just changed me. It's just."

"Just what? Let's try it. I’ll bet it will be fun."

Dorothy started spinning. My sister went first and placed her foot on red then on to other spin and I was on blue. Soon we had a pile on kids all twisted up and the way. Me and Joey would end up with our diapered butts up in the air. I’m almost sure Dorothy was cheating, but it did end up kind of fun.

"Please, can we go to the park now, please?"

"No girls. It's lunch time and it’s time to get ready for lunch. Come on, Josh, lets get your bib on," as she tied one around my neck. She then led me to my highchair and had me get in. The tray was in place and the strap was then snapped.

"Now Joey, let's get you ready," and a bib was tied around his neck and he was sat down right next to me.

"There are two babies are ready. Lets go, girls, and you can help bring the lunches."

They came back a few minutes later with a tray full of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and two bottles full of Coke. Lunch was kind of fun and soon ended.

"Now can we go Dorothy Now?"

"Why YES girls we can go now, but I think first we should get the boys into some dry diapers, don’t you think?"

"Why Dorothy, they’ll just wet again," and they giggled.

"Come on boys, lets get you into some dry diapers."

We were both taken up to the nursery and Joey was first as he certainly was the wettest.

"Off we go with these wet and smelly diapers."

As I watched he just lay there with his eyes closed, probably to ease the embarrassment. With the baby wipes he was cleaned up and was then placed into three more cloth diapers and again she used some snap-on plastic pants. He was then given a t shirt that came down just to the tops of his plastic pants and nothing else, tears were in his eyes.

"Please, don’t I get anything else to wear to the park?"

"Like what, Joey?"

"You know, pants or something." She reached for the jeans he had on yesterday and gave them to him.

"Here ya are, put these on."

Joey pulled them up him legs and right up to his butt and soon found out that with such a large diapers on his jeans would not fit. He dropped to the floor in frustration and started to cry again.

"Sorry, Joey but that's the only pants we have here. Josh’s closet is locked up so I can’t even give you a pair of his."

My helpful sister took the pants from Joey.

"Guess these won’t help you, baby."

Then it was my turn and Dorothy took her time unpinning my diapers. She commented on how she used to change me when I was a baby.

"Remember Josh, remember?"

"No, I was too small."

"Well you're old enough to remember this time, won’t you, little boy?"

She then pulled the wet diaper from under me and left me lying on the soft plastic sheet. She wiped me clean and got a bottle of baby lotion and had me roll over and rubbed it well all over my butt. I must admit it did feel good. She then had me roll back over and began the same there, it took only a few times and I was there.

"Well Joshey, looks like you enjoy this," as again my sister were giggling. I too closed my eyes hope they would all just disappear. Then I could feel the powder being sprinkled all over and she told me to raise my butt up and slid the thick diapers under me. She fastened them and put more nursery print pant over them. She had me sit up and also gave me a t shirt.

It was then I realized that if my closet was locked I also had nothing to wear.

"Come on, Dorothy, let's go to the park now, the boys are ready."

"Well, I guess they are ready. I know at least they will be dry boys for a while."

"Dorothy NO, Please don’t take us to the park like this. I know kids that go there, please, you can’t," I pleaded.

"Oh Josh, look at you, you're in no position to give out orders you will do as I tell you, Joshey."

"Actually, you two boys need to take a nap, so hop back in the crib you two."

Boy, I never thought I would like to hear those words but what a relief. She closed the rails and left the room closing the door behind her.

"Wow, Josh, that was too close. I would have just died if she took us over there."

"Yea me, too, Joey me, too."

We couldn't have slept very long when Dorothy came into the room.

"Joey, you got to wake up, your mother is here."

She put down the rail and I got out and so did Joey, who appeared to be really sleepy. Dorothy was about to take off Joey’s diapers when she realized it was wet again.

"You little pants piddler, Joey, you’ve wet your pants again. I just changed you."

Suddenly Joey’s mother walked in.

"Joey what’s this?"

"Ma, Josh’s mom made me wear these so I wouldn’t wet the bed last night and then she wouldn’t take them off this morning."

"Well, Joey, it looks like a good idea, seeing that they are wet again. Let's get you home, young man," as she grabbed his hand.

"MOM, don’t I get my clothes?"

"NO," she said as he was being led down the hallway in just his diapers and plastic pants. "You can wear just what you have on 'til I get you home."

"Mom, please."

She just gave him a smack on his diapered bottom as she went down the stairs toward the front door. As the door opened I saw her car was parked at the curb and she still had a hold of him as they were crossing the lawn. She stopped and turned around.

"I’m sorry, Joey, say good-bye to Josh."

"Bye Josh, thanks."

I could only know what he meant by that last statement as he was placed in the car and they drove off.

Mom came back from shopping and Dorothy headed for home, but I did hear them talking and I heard mom tell her, "sure, you can take the kids to the park anytime you wish."

Later that evening as I was taking my bath. My brother was asking mom if he could have a Halloween party next weekend as it would be on a weekday and the weekend would be better.

"Sure, I’m sure you kids would have some fun, just not too many kids, please."

"Oh, no, mom, just about 6 of us, OK ?"

Then they went about talking about costume ideas for my brother.

"What about Josh, what can he be, Mom?"

"Oh, I have a few ideas, do you have any?"

Chapter 8


Here I am at the start of another week, guess you heard I had quite a weekend, not to mention Joey. I wonder what happened after his mother got him home ? Wish he would have called or something.

I’ll tell you, after wearing cloth diapers all weekend it almost feels like I got nothing on with just my attends. I do believe they make more noise, though. Well, with my dry diaper on its time to get off to school. Today Mom is even letting me wear my snap-side nylon pants so they actually make more noise than my diapers do. The kids that know I’m still in diapers like to tease me about these pants. They say that I wear them so my diapers changes are easier. Sometimes they even run by and grab at them to see if they can get them to unsnap.

After 3rd period I finally saw Joey. He saw me but turned and went around another building. I was running late for class so I didn’t have time to catch-up to him. Man, have I lost my best friend? Who could blame him after what happened last weekend? As I sat in my next class I really kept wondering what was going on. The bell rang before I knew it and then it was off again, and soon it was off to my swim team.

I finally caught up to Joey in the locker room. I had changed already when Joey came in he looked at me with a look I had never seen from him before.

"What’s happening Joey?"

"Nothing, Josh."

"Why’d you go the other way after 3rd?"

"'Cause. Why don’t you go out to class, Josh, I’ll be right out, man."

"OK, Joey."

I headed off to class when I realized I had left my towel in my locker. As I entered the locker room there was Joey. My eyes almost fell out when I saw him standing in a disposable diaper. He looked up and saw me. He had tears in his eyes.

"Josh, get outta here."

"Joey man, what's going on?"

"You know, my mom talked to yours and now mom wants me to be just like you, a damn diaper boy. It’s all your fault, Josh. I don’t want to wear diapers and when the other guys find out my life will be ruined."

"Joey, I didn’t know, and man, I don’t want to wear diapers, either, but my parents aren’t giving me any choice. You have been over to my house. You think I can do much about it? Well, do ya?"

"Naw, I guess no, Josh, sorry, but what am I going to do?"

"I don’t know Joey, but you better get ready for class and we can talk at lunch, OK."

"Ok, Josh."

I think we both swam better that day than ever before. The daily workouts were starting to pay off.

After swim practice Joey headed for the bathroom. I kind of waited around 'til he came out. Everyone had already left and I could tell by the sound he made he again had his disposable diaper back on.

"Sorry to keep you waiting, Josh, but Mom only sent me with one diaper and I had to put it back on."

"Wow, Joey, let me tell you, that's not a good thing. Remember the rash I got? That’s where I got it from. Wearing a wet diaper for too long, it will get you."

"But I can’t change like you, Josh, the guys still tease you every time you change after swim practice."

"Yea, I know, it hurts when they do Joey, but the rash hurts worse in other ways. Besides, Mom said if it came back she would make me wear my cloth diapers to school and that would be worse."

We headed off to lunch and had a long talk about everything that was going on. His dad was getting better, but he was going to be off work for a month or so and his parents too were tired of his bedwetting.

You know, Joey and I have been friends for a long time, but it was hard to believe that suddenly we were both going down the same road it like both our parents had read the same book or something.

The week went on and with me covering for my friend. I don’t think anyone found out about Joey’s secret, at least I hadn’t heard about anyone. The weekend was getting close and mom and dad and my brother were all busy planning his Halloween party for Saturday. He had his list of friends ready and a couple of them were real mean guys they had always teased me from the time I had ever met them and they had been even worse since they had seen me in my diapers when over at the house. At school when they would see me they would call me baby brother or diaper boy. It was my great relief that I didn’t see them at school too often.

It was finally Friday night and tomorrow was the day of the party. My dad and brother were out getting the last-minute stuff after dinner as mom was giving me my bath and then getting me ready for bed. Well gee, it was almost 7:30. Just before putting me in my crib Mom showed me a Rugrats T-shirt with a picture of Tommy on it. She then told me this was to be my costume for tomorrow's party. She said I could wear it and my diapers.

"Mom, why can’t I wear something that doesn’t show my diapers? I don’t want all of his friends to see me just in my diapers." Then she showed me the back of the t shirt and it said:


"You see why we can’t cover up your diapers, Josh?"

"Mom, I don’t want to wear that stupid shirt. I just won’t go to his party."

"Well, Josh, if you don’t you will be put to bed real early and you will be in diapers anyway. You decide and let me know tomorrow what your answer is. Now in to bed with you."

Choice? What choice? They will see me either way. This really isn’t fair, but nothing has been for a long time.

Saturday started early with my mom coming in to wake me up. Seeing I was quite wet she changed my diapers before breakfast. After breakfast the family went to the family room to decorate it. This was loads of fun, we had everything. We had been at it for a couple of hours when I heard my brother laughing as I turned I saw he had put a pair of my snap-on plastic pants on the skeleton. It did look kind of funny and if he really left them there at least I would not be the only one with baby pants on at the party.

Later, as Mom was putting me in the crib for my nap she asked me, "Josh have you decided?"

"Yea Mom, I’ll wear the T-shirt, but please let me wear pants over my diapers."

"We’ll see, Josh," as she slid the rails closed.

After my nap it was bath time again and then time to get ready for the party. I got dried off and then found Mom downstairs talking on the phone.

"Mom, would you diaper me?"

"What, Josh?"

"Mom, would you diaper me?"

"OK, Josh, I’ll be there in a few minutes as soon as I’m off the phone."

She came up about 5 minutes later and put me in some cloth diapers with nursery print pants over them. Then she put my Rugrats T-shirt on and she told me I was ready. Well, I guess the suggestion of shorts didn’t go over. I kind of watched TV for awhile and soon my brother came down. He was a baseball player. My sister was an Indian. And my youngest sister was a ballerina or something like that.

It was about 5:00 when kids started to arrive. I kind of stayed out of the way and for awhile seemed not to be noticed. Soon someone dressed as a nurse came in. Geez, it was Dorothy.

"Come on, Josh, you're missing a fun party," as she grabbed for my hand.

"Dorothy, I don’t want to go out there."

"There is your BABY Brother!" one of the guys hollered. Everyone stopped and just stared as I stood frozen with Dorothy holding me by the hand.

"Wow, what a costume, it looks so real."

Dorothy just looked at them and told them this isn’t any costume, this is the real thing.

"Wow, I can’t believe it. I heard your brother was in diapers again but he is so big I just didn’t believe that baby stuff his size was made."

It seemed through the next hour everyone of my brothers friends came by to check out the baby. It was almost 9:00 when Dorothy told me to go upstairs so she could get me ready for bed. I headed up without any encouragement as it would be good to get out of there and the amusement of my brother's friends.

After I was changed and rediapered Dorothy put my sleepers on and told me to climb into the crib just as Mom walked in.

"Josh, you better go back downstairs and say goodnight to everyone."

"Aw, Mom, I don’t want them all to see me in my jammies."

"Don’t be silly Josh, get a move on, young man."

I again knew this would be a no-win situation, so I headed back downstairs.

"Wow, look, Dinosaur pajamas." (man, this is the stuff that could get a kid beat up at school) .

They once again turned my way to check me out. I knew if this got out at school I would be ruined. Mom stood by the stairs.

"Say goodnight, Josh."

"Goodnight, everyone."

"Goodnight, BABY!" one of guys shouted. "Keep your diapers dry and your bed."

"BED! My brother don’t have a bed. He sleeps in a crib."

Off I went to bed and Dorothy slid the rail in place.

"Nite, Josh."

"Nite, Dorothy."

As I drifted off to sleep I realized that Dorothy wasn’t so bad and she even seemed to be somewhat protective of me.

The next morning I awoke to the sound of my door being opened by my brother and his friends. They had all stayed the night and slept down in the family room.

"Hi Josh, mom wanted me to get you up so you could come down and have breakfast, and the guys wanted to see your room."

All of them came in and looked my room over as my brother put down the rail.

"Look at all of these diapers. It looks like my brother's room, but he’s only 3. Josh, can you get out of your crib by yourself?"

I just looked but didn’t say a word. As soon as I got down I headed for the stairs and down to have breakfast.

Once down I really don’t know why I wanted to get there so fast as Dad was waiting for me by my highchair. He had me sit in the chair and was placing the tray in position. Just as my brother and his friends entered the room I heard a few giggles but no one said anything to me. Everyone had pancakes but mom gave me a bowl of oatmeal and a baby bottle full of milk. I choked down every bite just knowing my brother and his friends were probably not through with me yet. I tried not to look at them but the chair is much higher than the other ones in the room so it was hard not to make eye contact. I did notice my brother's friend Tim seemed to stare more than the other guys, maybe like a stare of sympathy? I didn’t have much time as breakfast was soon done and it was off to take a bath for me.

My brother and his friends were gone to the park by the time I got back and again all Mom would give me to wear was a T-shirt and my diapers and tennis shoes.

Around lunch time they all showed up from the park. They were all making plans for Halloween night, which is Tuesday. Mom reminded my brother that he promised to take his sisters around first before going with his friends, which he seemed a bit pissed off about.

"I suppose I have to take the baby out also?" My brother asked.

"No, he can stay home. Then one of his friends said it might be fun to take me around.

"It's supposed to be warm, so he's already got a great costume?"

"It’s OK," I told my brother. "I really don’t want to go anyway."

Mom looked at me and then told my brother, "Yea, that might be a good idea. Why don’t you take Josh. He can wear his nursery print pants. He would be adorable."

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

"It’s OK, I don’t want to go."

"Josh, you will do as you are told and that’s final."

This comment from Dad was final.

You know, I think I am finally figuring out what Mom is up to. Every time she sees something is really embarrassing to me she forces me to do it. It seems she doesn’t care who knows about my diapers or the baby treatment.

Later that afternoon when it was just her and I in the house she came in the family room where I was watching TV and I asked her why she and dad were forcing me to go out on Halloween. She just told me it was for my own good. With tears in my eyes I told her that it seemed she didn’t care who knew about my wearing diapers.

"You're right, Josh. As long as you wet the bed you will be treated like a baby and part of that treatment is to wear diapers like a baby ALL the time, so they are impossible to hide so you might just as well get use to people knowing. Maybe this will give you the incentive to quit the bed wetting?"

"Remember the picture we took of you in your diaper, Josh?"


"Well, if you don’t listen and do as we say we will show it to ALL of your friends."

I didn’t need to hear this as I was hoping that maybe there were a few of my friends that didn’t know.

Well It looks like I’ll be going out Halloween night so if you see a kid about 15 in nursery print pants its me.


Chapter 9


Man, I made it through Halloween but it wasn’t easy. Tuesday after school I headed home as usual. I was really hoping for that rain the weather guy said was coming, but once again he was wrong and the sky was clear. I know what the plan was for our trick or treating tonight but couldn’t figure out a way to avoid it. Well, maybe they will decide not to make me go with them as my brother didn’t seem to want me to go along anyway.

As I entered the house Mom called me to the family room. As I entered I saw Joey and his mother.

"Josh, I’ve been talking to Joey’s mom and we decided that the both of you will go out tonight." Kewl, I thought to myself. Mom headed me up to my room with Joey and his mom right behind us. As we entered I saw my outfit— well, my nursery print pants laid out on the crib and the same T-shirt I had worn the other day. Mom snatched them up and told me she had rethought my costume and realized it might be too cold in the evening to wear what we had decided on. Oh, this might turn out better than I had hoped.

Mom then went about changing my very wet diapers. After I was cleaned up and out of those Attends she grabbed my usual night diapers and pinned them on, then she had me raise up and placed an extra one under me and then slid my plastic pants up over them.

"Mom, why so thick? I can barely move."

"Well Josh, it will be some time before you can be changed again and these will make your costume look really authentic."

Then she went to my closet and pulled out my sleeper, the dinosaur ones with the feet.

"Josh, step into these, please." I did as I was told and once on she zipped them up from my ankle to my neck. She and Joey’s Mom stepped back.

"Oh Josh, you're adorable, you will look great tonight."

'What? You want me to wear these to go out tonight? Mom, you can’t do this. The kids will see me and make fun of me."

"Oh Josh, don’t be silly. Come with me and look in the mirror." as she took me to her room and looked in the full length mirror. There I was, and I couldn’t believe it was me. As I turned I saw that the diaper made my butt huge. It left NO doubt that I was wearing a diapers under my pajamas and those dinosaurs.

Next it was Joey’s turn. He had tears in his eyes as Mom offered the use of the crib to his mother. She gladly accepted as she began to change her son and he got put in the same amount of diapers as I had on. When he got his sleeper zipped up he was none to happy either. He had a Batman sleeper on. They also had feet in them and he, being a little bit smaller than I, even looked more like a toddler than I did. My brother had got into his costume and came into the nursery to see how we were coming along. He told mom that a couple of his friends were on their way over to help take us out and to be sure we wouldn’t be any trouble.

"Trouble, I’m sure they won’t be any."

"Yea, your right Mom, with those padded butts at least I’m sure they will stay close."

We went downstairs to get a quick dinner before it got dark and we could head out. Joey’s mom loved my highchair when she saw my mom place me into it.

"Oh, that’s great the perfect thing for such a big baby."

Joey just looked down. I’m sure hoping it did not give his mother any extra ideas. Joey’s mom thought it was great that there was no way once the tray and strap were in place that I could get out on my own. After we were all seated my brother's friends arrived. They were expecting me, but the sight of Joey in his footed jammies was about all they could take.

"Oh dude, this will be great, taking two baby boys out for the night. I’ll bet they will be the hit of the neighborhood."

Dinner was soon done and with the front door opened off we went. Joey and I couldn’t even walk good with that much diaper on, we definitely waddled. My sisters laughed at us, but not much we could do. Gads! There were a lot of kids out already and, thanks to the city the street lights, lit the place up pretty good. At the request of my brother's friend we went a few block away and worked our way back. We got through the first bunch of houses OK all the grown-ups thought we were sooooo cute (yuk). Then I heard it.

"Josh is that you?" I heard from just ahead. Oh great, it was some guys from the swim team. They slowed up, and with my brothers prodding us along, we soon caught up to them.

"Hey look guys, it is Josh and Joey, too."

Well, poor Joey, his secret was out now.

"Man, it's our two baby swimmers the youngest on the team."

All we could do is laugh along with them. A couple of them even patted our butts.

"Man, they got a ton of diapers on."

My brother told them it was to keep us dry until we got back home, but he assured them I would be changed before being put to bed in my crib.

"CRIB, you really sleep in a crib, Josh?"

I didn’t say a word, but my silence said it all. Thankfully they finally got tired of teasing us so they took off down the street. It took us about an hour and a half to get back and we got quite a hall of candy. When we got home we had to empty it all out so mom and dad could go through it. While they were doing that Joey’s mom got us both a bottle of juice and had us lie down in the family room and watch TV. About a hour later, almost 9:00 PM, Joey’s dad came for them. It seemed so late. Usually I had to be in bed by 8:00. I guess the sight of us made him snicker a bit. Joey’s mom told him about my room and they went up to check it out. The look on Joey’s face was something else.

"Man, Josh, he better not get one of those for me."

"I hope for your sake they don’t, Joey."

On their way down they overheard us talking and his dad told him.

"Joey, if you don’t quit pissing your bed maybe we will have to get you a big baby bed like Josh. How would you like that, boy?"

"Please, dad I’m trying to stop, please."

"Well, you don’t try very hard, if you ask me."

With that he took Joey by the hand and they left for home.

"Josh, you better get to your room so we can get you in some dry diapers and get you to bed. Tomorrow is a school day, you know."

"OK, Mom."

After I was changed and the rail was up in place I fell asleep fair quickly, as this for sure was a Halloween I would never forget.

Well, it was back to school the next day. When I caught up to Joey he was surrounded by 4 other guys from the swim team. It wasn’t until I was just about to them it was the same ones who we ran into last night. One turned around.

"Look, guys it’s the other DIAPER BOY!"

They said it loudly enough that everyone around us heard them. Oh well, I was already committed, might as well join them as they already knew that I wore diapers anyway. Maybe I could protect my friend.

"Josh, we were asking your little friend here what kind of diapers you both were wearing last night?"

"Well, we wore cloth diapers. Our Mom thought it would be cute if Joey wore what I did for a costume."

"Ya mean he doesn’t wear them, too?" Joey looked real scared.

"Na, he did it so I wouldn’t have to go by myself. He doesn’t wear them like I do."

The next period class was about to start so the group broke up.

"See ya, guys," one yelled back.

"Hope you slept well in your crib, Josh."

Man, I knew they wouldn’t forget what my brother told them last night.

"Joey, I’ll see ya at swim class."

"OK Josh, thanks."

Another class and it was off to the swim team. Joey and I walked in just about the same time and a few of the guys were still in the locker room. I started to undress and put on my Speedos as they were laughing at me taking off my diaper. It's been months. You would think after awhile they would get over it. Joey was kind of standing there when they went after him. They grabbed him, saying, "I’ll bet this one is in a diaper, also," as Joey frantically wrestled to get away. I jumped in and told them to leave Joey alone, but it was too late as they had his Levi's unbuttoned and pulled down to his ankles.

"Sorry, Joey, you ain’t no diaper baby. Why, you don’t even have shorts on."

They turned to leave as Joey stood there sobbing. I knew what he had done, fooled them but not me.

"Josh, I knew those guys would pull something like that, so I took my diaper off just before I got here."

"I know, Joey, good thing."

After lunch we agreed to meet after school and walk home together. Joey was a bit concerned being seen with me, figuring him being seen with a known diaper boy would bring suspicion to other who saw us.

The school bell rang and it was over for another day. I caught up to Joey and immediately knew he had his diaper back on just from the sound and the way he walked.

"See, you're all back together, Joey."

"Yea, if Mom caught me without my diaper on she would beat my butt something bad."

"Yea, Joey, mine would just send me in my cloth ones. I don’t think I could handle that."

"Oh DIAPER BOYS!" we heard called out from behind us. I turned and it was the guys from the swim team.

"What’s happening?" I asked them.

"Oh, you two need to come here," as they were walking toward us. I turned back around to see a couple of others in front of us coming our way. We stopped, seeing no way out.

"I thought you told us, Josh, that your little friend wasn’t a diaper boy?"

"He’s not."

'Well, we will just see about that."

With that, two of them held me while the others grabbed Joey, and once again pulled his jeans to the ground and then all the way off, shoes and all.

"Well, if he ain’t a diaper boy I’ve never seen plastic underwear. Man, those are Pampers."

Joey tried his best to fight them off as well as I did, but we were just overpowered. Then two of them took off with Joey’s pants as he screamed to bring them back. The other two that were holding me let me go and told Joey he would get his pants back tomorrow, and that taking his pants was the price to pay for lying to them about his wearing diapers.

They ran off leaving me and my best friend in tears and just a diaper and his T-shirt, and we were only about half way home.

What am I going to do, Josh? Everybody knows now it will be all over school tomorrow. I’m not like you. You seem to be able to take the teasing all the time, I can’t."

"I'm sorry Joey, I’m really sorry those kids did this to you. I tried to stop them."

"I know, Josh, thanks."

"Here Joey, use this," as I handed him my t shirt to wrap around his waist. It kind of covered him up, but you could certainly see his now yellowed diapers sticking out here and there.

"Joey, I’ll walk home with you," I told him as we headed for his house.

I have to admit he was really cute walking in his diapers with that tanned California surfer boy look complete with the blonde hair, but I’m sure he just wanted to get home and out of the public view. Only a couple of cars yelled at our passing. One was full of high school girls, which really embarrassed Joey.

We finally made it to Joey’s house, his dad was outside working on their house as he was still out of work from his accident. Finally Joey could get back to normal, what ever that is to a diaper boy.

"JOEY! Where the hell are your pants?!" His dad yelled.

"Dad, some boys from the swim team caught us after school and they pantsed me and ran off with my jeans."

"Well, why did you let them do that, Joey? I see Josh still has his on. Maybe you like going around in just your diapers."

"NO, dad, I tried to fight them off, but there were too many of them."

"Yea, we couldn’t stop them," I told Joey’s dad.

'Man, my big baby son can’t even defend himself. Get in the house and wait for me Joey, I’ll be right in."

I went inside with Joey, who looked very nervous.

"Josh, maybe you better leave now. I’ll be OK."

"OK Joey, I’m off then."

But as I started to turn around there blocking the door was Joey’s dad. He called for Joey’s mom.

"We got one hell of a problem here, honey. Our 15 year old son came home with no pants on and a very wet diaper."

He told her to get Joey’s paddle from his room.

"No, please dad, not now, not in front of Josh!"

"You know our deal, come home with WET diapers and its the paddle, same as your bed in the morning, right?"

"Yea, but dad, when the guys jumped us is when I wet them. They were dry before then."

"Were they, Josh?"

"Yes sir, he wet them when they took his pants."

"Damn it, Joey, that’s worse now they know your still a pants like a damn baby."

His mother entered the room with a large wooden paddle.

"Get ready, Joey, you now the routine."

Chapter 10


Well I couldn’t believe what I was seeing as Joey’s father pulled the now crying boy over his lap.

"Joey, maybe I can still teach your butt what your mind doesn’t seem to understand. I will not have my 15 year old son pissing his pants and his bed, is that understood ?"

He then began to pull down Joey's wet attends and began to paddle his now bare butt. Man, it looked painful, and for the first time in my bedwetting life felt lucky. At least I didn’t get beat for my wettings. By the time Joey’s dad was finished he just sank to the floor when his dad turned him loose. Crying and exhausted, he looked at me with those reddened blue eyes and didn’t say a word. His mom then continued as she had him lie down and put a dry diaper under him then proceeded to powder him and fasten the diapers back in place. Then his Mom and dad left the room and I told him I was sorry and I had better leave. I headed for the back door and he looked up again.

"Josh, please don’t say anything to anyone about this, cause I gotten a spanking for almost every wet bed that I’ve ever had."

"Don’t worry Joey I won’t tell anyone."

I thought about it all the way home, and when mom met me at the door and checked my pants telling me to get cleaned up so she could get me into my dry pants as she said, it wasn’t so bad. I’m sure everyone wondered why I was so quiet that night but I couldn’t help worry about my friend.

Joey met me on the way to school the next day. He still looked like he had be crying. I told him not to worry as I was here and would do what I could to help him out. As it turned out, the only problem we had was with the other guys on the swim team as the teasing got quite intense when we entered the locker room. As we got to our lockers there was a Pampers taped to the front of my locker and Joey had a little swimmer pants on his. As we got to our lockers everyone busted up in laughter. The coach came out to see what was happening.

"Hey guys, knock it off!"

Wow, coach really sounded mad. The guys scampered off to the pool area as me and Joey got into our speedo’s. It was good to get out of those diapers as mine were always quite wet by this class, and today I noticed Joey was really wet, also. We entered the pool area and the coach had all the guys in a group talking to them.

"Glad you two could join us, boys."

Man, he still sounded mad. I hope he wasn’t going to throw us off the team. This is the only sport I was good at.

"Now team, we seem to have a problem with a couple of our team," he started. "Well, let me assure you all this is a TEAM and every member is important. I’ve let you guy get away with a lot of harassment lately, hoping you would all come together as a team, but that doesn’t seem to be working. Soooo, we have to make some changes." (a couple of guys laughed.)

"Coach, there are only two of the team who need to be changed."

"Yea, you two, this is what I’m talking about."

He then went to a cabinet where the towels were stored and grabbed a package that I recognized right away. Attends. No he wouldn’t. The coach then ripped open the package as I felt myself go kind of numb.

"OK, you two, down here now!" the coach yelled as I looked up in amazement he was pointing to the two other kids who were laughing.

They came down with a really scared look on their faces as the coach handed them each one of the diapers.

"Hold these, guys. Look we are all a TEAM here, and as such you all should be looking out for one another. Fighting and teasing each other is a bad thing for a team. Josh and now Joey seem to have a bit of a problem and I give them a lot of credit for their bravery in taking control of there problem. How many of you wet the bed? I know which of you do as I have called all of your parents and asked."

As I looked around I saw many of our team with very guilty looks on their faces.

"Maybe I should pass out a few more of these diapers to those of you who do? I know one of the two that are holding diapers right now still wet their bed."

They both looked at each other as saying NOT ME.

"Anyway, this has gone on too long. Both Josh and Joey are part of our team, and very good swimmers, I might add, so from now on I do not want to hear any more from any of you, is that understood?"

"Yea, coach," most answered.

"Well, for those of you who don’t understand, the next one who thinks it would be fun to tease these two WILL be wearing one of these diapers for the entire class. Now lets get on with practice."

After practice for the first time in months I didn’t hear any comments as I was changing into my dry diaper. I Still heard a little laughter but who could really blame them.

The Holidays

Well here it is, Wednesday, and tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I didn’t think it would ever get here. I got a whole 4 days off and me and Joey are getting together, probably Saturday. Mom said we could go see "102 Dalmatians", should be fun. I think Cruella is kind of kewl. Well that's the last bell, so its off to home and no more school.

"Hi mom."

"Hi Josh."

As I got to my room there was my Mom.

"Josh, why don’t you give me a hand here."

"What are you doing, mom?"

"I’ve got to change your plastic sheet. You’ve leaked on it so many times already it’s starting to stink. It’s bad enough with that diaper pail but this is a bit too much, now grab this."

She then gave me an edge of the new plastic sheet as we stretched it over the crib mattress, then zipping it shut, the mattress was again sealed in plastic.

"Mom, this one is really loud," as she was putting the sheets back on.

Yes it is Josh, but it is also supposed to be the best they make, so just get used to it."

"OK, hop on up and let's get those pants changed."

I slid down my corduroy pants and hopped up on the crib. She then untaped my attends and cleaned me up with a few baby wipes. She seemed to spend more time than normal cleaning me and she just seemed to stare.

"Mom, what’s the matter?"

"Josh, why didn’t you tell me you were getting diaper rash again?"

She then went to get some of that rash ointment, and even though it smelled really bad, it sure felt good as she rubbed it in.

"It’s a good thing you have a few days off, Josh. It looks like you will be spending your time back in cloth diapers again at least for this weekend."

She then placed a couple under me as I lifted up and pinned them on really tight. This time as she pulled them through my legs she also twisted them before they were pinned. Then the plastic pants were slid over them and she told me to sit up.

"Mom, why did you put them on this way? I don’t like them." as I looked down at the huge bulge the twist had made.

"Josh, boys like yourself need more material up front, and with the twist you’ll have more."

"But mom, it hurts kind of when I sit with the diaper that way."

"Josh, stop whining and be a good boy."

After mom had left the room I walked around a bit but found it a little bit hard with that much diaper between my legs. I remember just when I didn’t think things could get worse here again it had, and every time I looked down my crotch looked huge. When I got changed for bed that night Mom used the same diapering method as earlier, saying maybe it would also cut down on those night time leaks. I finally got to sleep and found that I didn’t leak that night and the diaper was soaked in the morning. Mom came in and got me out of the crib and down to breakfast as we all discussed our plans for the day. We were going over to Grandma's house for Thanksgiving and most of our relatives would also be there. After breakfast mom took me up and I was given a bath she made sure I washed really well and after I thought I was done she came in with a razor.

"Mom, I don’t shave."

"I know, Josh, but I noticed you're starting to grow hair down in your diaper area and we have to remove it. Maybe that is why your getting diaper rash so often."

"Mom, no, please, I’ll wash harder or whatever it takes. Please don’t shave it off."

She just ignored me and went straight to the job at hand as I was trying not to cry.

"Josh, control yourself. It’s not like I’m hurting you."

But I just couldn’t control myself as it was like being taken back from the little manhood I had achieved back to babyhood.

After my bath mom took me in and put me again in thick diapers, again twisting them before pinning then on. Man, they were uncomfortable that way, but again I hadn’t learned. If I hadn’t complained she probably wouldn’t have done it that way, but seeing that I hated it she was going to use this diapering method probably for along time.

I went downstairs and watched TV for a few hours and then everyone was getting ready to go to Grandma’s for the afternoon and dinner. Mom came and got me. She checked my diaper and said it would be OK for awhile so she wasn’t going to change me. She then went to my closet and got my race car overalls and with a long sleeved T-shirt she dressed me. Again, she put on my white high topped tennis shoes and I looked like a big toddler and with the way she had diapered me no one could miss the diaper bulge this time.

We headed off to Grandma’s house and we arrived before all the uncles aunts and cousins did. Our grandparents met us at the car and as usual I got a big hug and a pat on my diapered bottom from grandma.

"Well, Josh, I see you're still in diapers and at your age."

Grandpa hugged me, but seemed he really didn’t want anything to do with a big baby. About a half hour later everyone started to arrive one after another. The other kids just stared at me as they saw me. One even whispered, “mom, is Josh wearing diapers?” Please, everyone could tell. We all went to the game room and after we started to play everyone seemed fine with the way I was and no one even mentioned my diapers again.

"Dinner's ready," someone called. We all scampered off to the dining room. The table was huge, and as always at these things there was ton of food. All us kids were shown our seats and sat there waiting for everyone to come to the table. There wasn’t enough room for everyone, so the younger kids ate at a couple of card tables in the kitchen just through the door. I hadn’t eaten there in years but this year that's where my seat was as mom took me over there. After I was seated mom returned and tied my bib around my neck. A couple of my cousins busted up in laughter, another was pointing.

"Look, Josh really looks like a baby now."

This wouldn’t have been so bad, except these kids were at least 6 years younger than I was. Well, I guess this is one Thanksgiving I’ll never forget. I made it through dinner and when I was all through Mom came over and wiped my face and untied my bib and let me go.

All us kids went back to the game room and again all seemed to pass as we got busy playing while the mom cleaned up the dinner mess. About an hour later Mom came in where we were playing and called me over to her. She proceeded to unbutton the side buttons of my overalls to check my diaper.

"Josh, why didn’t you tell me you were sooooo wet?"

"I don’t know. You were busy."

"That's no excuse Josh, your rash is never going to go away if you don’t let me know when your in need of a diaper change. Just stay here, young man, and I’ll be back!"

The next thing I remember is seeing mom coming in to the room with my diaper bag, spreading out the changing pad on the floor and calling me over. I was in such shock I could barely move. All the kids had stopped their activities to watch. Man, this couldn’t be happening. Mom then unsnapped the leg openings on the overalls and had me lie down and went about changing my diaper like I was a two year old all the while I was begging her not to at least not in front of all these kids.

"Josh, stop making such a fuss. Now you're acting like a two year old, behave yourself."

I couldn’t help it. I was so embarrassed and couldn’t control my crying.

"Josh, you're acting like a baby. Maybe I should leave you as one. I’ve told you a million times as long as you're in diapers you will be treated like a child in diapers no differently than when you were a baby."

She then removed my overalls and left me just in the long sleeved t shirt and my diapers. After she left I just sat on the couch and tried to disappear into my own world, none of the other kids said anything but they all took their turns looking at the big baby.

Before we headed for home mom came in and had me put on my sleeper as in was about 10 PM and we left for our dive home which took about an hour. As I went to sleep in the safety of my crib I knew my place in society had changed. None of my cousins viewed me as a teenager anymore. I was to all of them just a BABY.

Chapter 11


Hi everyone I’m finally able to get back to writing all of you, since the last time quite a lot has happened in my life.

I’m still being treated like a baby at home and being sent to school in my diapers, mostly disposable Attends to school and still cloth at home. Since this treatment began last summer I have to admit I’ve kind have gotten used to it-- well as used to the idea of being 15 and still being diapered by your parents as one can get.

About the second week in December my diaper rash came back with a vengeance. It was awfully painful, more so than anything I’ve ever experienced. It started after a weekend where mom and dad didn’t change me to often. Yea, they still won’t let me do that for myself. I know I could. Anyway, I didn’t get much sleep Sunday night and after the first time I had wet that night I woke up in really bad pain. My squirming around woke up mom and she came in and changed my diaper and put some of that rash cream on. The next morning after I had breakfast and my diaper was taken off I took a shower and went back to my room (nursery) as it was now called by everyone. Mom told me to climb up into the crib so she could get me into my diapers for school.

"Josh, this is bad," she said as she was rubbing on more diaper rash cream. She then grabbed a cloth diaper.

"Josh, I think you had better wear this today until this rash goes down."

"Please, Mom ,I can’t wear cloth. Please, Mom they're too thick and everyone will know."

"Josh, don’t be such a baby. We have got to take care of this rash and you know your disposable diapers will only make things worse."

I knew she was right from my past experiences but I couldn’t give up that easily. This would be abut the worst thing yet. A moment later I found myself raising up so she could slide the cloth diaper under my butt and then she brought out the bottle of baby oil and rubbed it in really well. She then sprinkled me with baby powder and I really enjoyed the smell of it, but I was sure that with as much as she used ,everyone I would be around would be able to smell it, too.

She grabbed the side of the cloth diaper and pinned it, then reached to the other side and pulled it really tight and pinned it in place. Next came the plastic pants. This time she used pull on Gerber style pants in which she slid up my legs and again had me raise up and pulled them up over my diapers.

"There, that should do it, Josh."

I got down off the crib and looked in the mirror on the door. Man, these are huge. I knew what I looked like in my sleepers and I knew these were not going to be any better. Well again I was right, these diapers were huge. My mom went to the closet and got a T-shirt for me to wear and grabbed my overalls. I tried on the corduroy ones first and there was just no way these would fit. I really wanted them to fit and pulled really hard, but my butt was too big. Seeing this she had me step out of them and try on a pair of denim ones. These actually went over my diapers a bit snugly, but they fit, whew. I knew the next ones were the printed ones with the race cars. I would of been laughed right out of school.

"O.K. Josh, here are your shoes," Mom said as she gave me my white high tops and, putting them on, I was ready to face the day. I don’t know why I looked in the mirror on the way to the front door, but with the rather tight-fitting overalls my diaper really filled them out. What a sight.

On the way to school I caught up with Joey who couldn’t help but comment on how heavily diapered I was.

"Thanks man, you don’t think I know that, Joey."

"What’s ya going to do, Josh? Everyone is going to know for sure now."

"I don’t know, Joey, but I’ll come up with something."

We were almost to school when I took off my jacket and tied it around my waist.

"What do you think?"

"Josh, it might just work."

We split up and I headed off to my homeroom. I sat down and got a few stares, but no one really seemed to pay much attention to my attire. Now if I could just get through the day.

Well, I made it all the way to my swim team just before lunch. I walked in and went to the coach’s office, and to my surprise our regular coach wasn’t there.

"What can I do for you, young man?" the substitute asked.

"Well, I have a note for the coach.

"Lets see it."

I handed it off to him and he looked it over. He looked up at me in kind of a blank stare.

"DIAPER RASH! You mean to tell me a boy your age has a bad case of diaper rash?"

He had to say it twice and so loudly I was sure everyone heard it. He then told me to untie my jacket and his mouth almost hit the ground as he got the full picture.

"Well, Josh, we here are all a team and I’m sure all the guys know about you anyway, don’t they?"

"Yes, coach, they do."

"Well then, what’s the problem? I know you shouldn’t swim with a rash, so go put on your gym shorts and you can work out in the weight room while the other are practicing, now lets get a move on. You know you can’t let your workouts slide."

I was just speechless as I backed out of his office forgetting to get my jacket, and once out in the main locker room I heard a bit of laughter as I came in to the last few guys going to the pool.

I went to my locker and slowly opened it up, trying to make sure everyone had left. They had as I then removed my overalls and pulled off my T-shirt. I was left standing in just my diapers and plastic pants. I put on my gym shirt that had the school logo and the words SWIM TEAM across the front of it, and then grabbed my shorts and went to put them on. I got them up my legs but as I reached to pull them over my diapers, NO WAY. I just sat there for a minute thinking of what to do. If I removed my diapers then I would have to re-pin them on in the locker room full of the other guys. NOT GOOD. I guess I sat there thinking a bit too long as the coach came in to get me.

"You all right?" he asked.

"NO, I can’t get these over m.m.my diapers."

"Your what?"

"My diapers."

"Well, son, take them off and get to the weight room and get with the program."

He just stood and watched me as I removed the pins holding them up. Luckily they were at least still dry. I got my shorts on and went with him to the weight room. He showed me what routine to do and left me there saying he would be back.

I really worked hard for about 45 minutes and felt like I was about to die when the new coach came in to get me.

"Josh, looks like you doing real good," as he looked me over. "The workout is over, though, so you can hit the showers, and you had better shower so your rash doesn’t get any worse."

Any other time I’ve had a rash I would just skip the shower as the embarrassment was worse than the pain, but this one was soooo bad I figured he might be right. I slowly headed toward the shower hoping everyone would be gone and there were just a few guys left when I entered. I got my clothes off and headed for the shower. Wow, it felt so good and the water hit me. The rash was just as bad as the day before it was all over my butt and around to the front. Just as I was about to get out I heard a bunch of guys coming from the pool. They got there before I could get to my towel.

"Look at the diaper boy, guys. Poor baby's got a rash."

Someone asked, "what kind of rash?"


The guys were really enjoying this as they could get away with it since our regular coach wasn’t there. I dried off and headed for my locker. As I opened it my cloth diapers fell out along with the plastic pants.

"Look he’s got real baby diapers today, not the Pampers."

How do I always get stuck in positions like this. I really wanted to just shove them into the locker, but I knew if I showed up at home with out them I would be in real big trouble. By now most of the guys were in the shower so I spread them out on the bench and quickly pinned them on with only a few guys staring at me from a distance. Then I slipped on the plastic pants. Whew, got this much done without too much problem, but the guys were starting to make their way back this way. I quickly grabbed my overalls and pulled them on over my diapers and then got my T-shirt on. I did it, not too bad, but very lucky. I got my shoes on and then fastened my overalls. The guys took one look at me and burst in laughter.

"Josh, you might as well not wear anything over them diapers. You look just like my little brother but he’s only two."

I tried to ignore them as I walked over to the coaches' office to get my jacket, and much to my surprise it was locked. I asked one of the coach’s helper student teachers, I guess.

"Where's the coach ?"

He said he went to substitute at another school for the rest of the day.

Oh man what am I going to do? No jacket, and with these overalls everyone will find out, so I did the only logical thing. I headed for the school gate. It was lunch time, who will miss me? That's right, I cut school and went to a park and sat around in a secluded spot until it was time to head for home. Wow, that was kind of easy.

Well, the next week before school was out for Christmas. I was diapered the same way and I never showed up in school, either. I found spots in the park where I could be all day and not see anyone, and being that we’ve had a very warm winter here in California it was quite nice to be outside.

Friday, the last day of school, finally came and I again headed off to home. When I got there mom greeted me and asked how school was, but had kind of a weird look on her face, but seemed like nothing was wrong. She told me how good I had been for wearing the cloth diapers to school and how it seemed to be clearing up the rash, almost gone now. I went to my room where she changed me into some dry cloth diapers and put me into some nursery printed pants. She then got a pair of jeans from my closet that I had never seen before and handed them to me along with a striped t shirt and told me to put them on.

"MOM these jeans have snaps in the legs!"

"I know, Josh, I just finished them today, do you like them?"

"No, they look like they belong to a baby."

"Well, just put them on and get downstairs for dinner."

I got them up over my diapers, and again they fit pretty good, but with these cloth diapers it was impossible to hide the fact I was DIAPERED. Dad was home by the time I got downstairs and we all had dinner. He asked all of us how school was and we finished dinner. We were just about done when mom mentioned that Joey’s mother had called.

"Josh? She wanted to know how you were doing, as Joey hadn’t seen you in school for the last 4 days."

I just froze I couldn’t move. The stares from my mom and dad were awful. They knew. They knew.

"Well, Josh, what do you have to say. Josh? How are you, Josh?"

"Where did you go, young man, and why the he-- weren't you in school?" my dad yelled.

"Dad, I just couldn’t, it was too awful, with those cloth diapers, everyone could tell I was diapered and even the guys on the swim team were making fun of me. I just couldn’t take it anymore."

"Josh, if you just quit wetting like a big baby this would all end and there would be no more diapers. Teasing is no excuse for leaving school. I'm afraid there are consequences for your actions, young man, and I want you now to go to your room and think about what you have done.

Think about what I’ve done.

Chapter 12


Well, so here I am still sitting on my bed. I wonder what my parents will do to me now that they have found out that I cut classes at school for the last 4 days. Man, I should have told Joey but I guess there are a few thinks that I should of done.

Yea, this is the worst part of a upcoming punishment, the waiting. My parents seemed pretty mad but what are they planning? I’ve been up here for almost an hour now waiting but I guess my wait is over as I heard the approaching foot steps approaching.

"Josh we are really disappointed in you, you have always been a good student, so we really don’t understand why you skipped school. You know the only way to get rid of that rash was to have you wear your cloth diapers and it worked; your rash is healed up. Maybe it was too embarrassing but you could have come to us before going off on your own, and you also know if you just stop wetting the bed at night and keep your diapers dry in the day time you won’t have to worry about wearing diapers ever again.

"But, young man, your cutting classes cannot go unpunished. You get a good night's sleep and tomorrow you and your mother have some shopping to do. Goodnight, Josh."

The side of my crib was raised and they left my room I had plenty of time to think as it was only 7:00 PM and I probably didn’t fall to sleep until about 9:00. What would they do?

Well morning came much too fast as almost immediately after waking up Mom walked in.

"Is Josh our big boy this morning or our baby boy?"

I lay there wondering just what she was asking.

"Mom, I want to be your big boy," hoping by just asking that maybe the diapers would go away.

"Fine Josh," as she lead me off downstairs to the breakfast table and we all ate. She let me down from the highchair and took me back to the nursery and removed my diapers and made me take a bath, telling me not to get out until she came to get me. After about a half hour or so she did come back. She had me get out and dried me off and took me back to the nursery. I was lying back in the crib waiting for the upcoming diapers when she returned and handed me what looked like shorts. Man are they thick and they have nursery print on the outside of them. Why they are training pants.

"Well, what are you waiting for, Josh? If you want to be a big boy then put them on."

"Really Mom, I don’t have to wear diapers?"

"Not if you don’t want to, Josh."

I put them on and then my corduroy pants and she handed me my striped T-shirt. Wow, this was great, no diapers, it's been so long. Let's see, it was about May or June of last year the diapers started.

She helped me with my high top shoes and off we headed I did pause to look myself over in the mirror, and if you didn’t know it you couldn’t tell I had on training pants.

Man, this was absolutely wonderful to be out without those thick or noisy diapers on. Even though the training pants were kind of thick they were no way near what diapers are. We climbed into the car and off we headed.

"Where to, Mom?"

"Well, our first stop is near the mall. We have to pick up some supplies. We drove around for about 30 minutes or so and during that time I had realized that I had quite a bit to drink at breakfast and I was beginning to feel it. She stopped the car near a drug store and told me to wait and she would be right back.

"Mom, I think I have to use a restroom."

"Oh, Josh, we just left the house and we will be to the mall in just about 10 minutes; a big boy could wait."

Well, no more needed to be said. I am a Big Boy and I too, can wait. I sat there trying not to think about it but it was hard not to as the pressure was increasing. Mom seemed to be gone forever but it probably wasn’t really that long before she returned. She saw me squirming around and told me to be still and not go through at antics of a 3 year old. Man it was tough, but I calmed down and before long we got to the mall, but then trying to find a parking spot, we drove around and around and finally found one.

"There Josh, we’re here."

I opened the door and got out, and that's what must of done it. Sitting put pressure on me and as soon as I stood up I wet my pants.

"Mom!" I called to her as she was already out of the car heading toward the store.


She looked back as other people were arriving also.

"What is it, Josh? I thought you were in a hurry to use the rest room?"

"Well, Mom, I kinda had an accident."

"What, Josh? I can barely hear you," she said as she was heading back to the car.

""I had and accident."

Just then she rounded the corner of the car and people were staring at us as they were walking by.

Oh, I see my big boy peed in his pants. Josh your nothing but a BIG BABY."

She grabbed my hand and off we headed toward the mall.

"Mom, please!" I pleaded but she was determined to drag me with her. We got to the entrance of the mall and went inside I could see my reflection in the glass doors as we entered and the wet stain was really noticeable on those light tan pants. There was no doubt as to what happened to my pants and everyone we passed looked my way. I even saw some kids with their parents pointing my way.

"Mom, why are you doing this?"

"Josh, you told me you wanted to be a big boy, but from the looks of your pants I think not. But being a big boy you have to face your actions. If you were still wearing your diapers, which I figured you should be wearing, no one would even know you had wet yourself. Seeing you, they might of thought you were in diapers, but they wouldn’t be sure, right, Josh?"

"Yea, I guess so, Mom. "

"But seeing you in your peed pants, everyone knows what happened and they have no doubt. Right, Josh?"

"Yea, Mom."

"Wel,l then next time you think that wearing the diapers we put on you is too embarrassing, I want you to think of this day. By the way, we have several more stops to make after the mall and you will not be changed until we get home, so you better get used to the stares."

With that little speech we headed off to Sears and Mom picked up some Christmas presents she had on layaway. Of course the line were long and just standing in them gave everyone a good chance to see the 15 year old with wet pants. I heard several comments mostly from smaller kids about that boy with the wet pants. As we headed back into the mall we were in front of the rest rooms when Mom asked if I had to use them or if I had done it all in my pants. I just shook my head that I didn’t need them and we continued on. We made a couple more stops and then headed for the car we had been in the mall at least a couple of hours. I’m sure everyone there had seen me ,and now I was wondering if my pants would ever dry.

Mom opened the car door, but before getting in she told me to wait. She got one of the bags and spread it on the seat and then told me it was OK to get in. She just didn’t want the car seat to get wet.

We drove a couple of blocks and pulled into the parking lot of Babies R Us.

"Mom, what are we stopping here for?"

"Well Josh, your plastic sheet is starting to crack, so we have to get you a new one. Come on, let's go."

"Mom, not with my wet pants, please."

"Oh Josh, how much worse than the mall could this place be?"

Well, she had a point so I reluctantly headed off with her. We entered the store and it was huge. I saw a large selection of cribs off to the left and there was one almost exactly like mine only somewhat smaller, we entered one aisle and there were all kinds of sheets. As Mom was looking a sales girl came up to us.

"Can I help you?"

"No, we are just looking."

Just then she saw my wet pants and offered Mom, “the children's diapers are on aisle 12 over there," as she was pointing.

"Oh no, we don’t need any diapers. He’s got plenty at home; matter of fact he should of had one on today as you can see. What we are looking for is plastic mattress covers."

"Oh, follow me and I’ll show you them." (Oh great now she knew I wet my bed also of course standing there as I was guess it didn’t matter.)

As we followed she led us past some diaper pails. Mom stopped and of course the sales girl did, also.

"Josh, get that one. Look how big it is. It will hold a lot more diapers than your little one."

I picked up the one she pointed out and carried it with us. Finally, getting to the correct aisle Mom picked out a sheet and it even had kind of a nursery print on it.

"This will be just perfect," she said as she was holding it up.

"Josh, do you like it?"

We headed for the checkout stand and proceeded to pay for my new stuff. Again, lots of stares, and that diaper pail was huge.

We made one more stop at the grocery store. Again I had to accompany Mom, but finally my pants were beginning to dry, but now they were getting quite the odor. Now out of the store, we headed for home. Man, it was almost 5:00. As soon as we got in Mom told me to put my stuff away and she had to start dinner.

"Mom, can I change out of these pants?"

"Josh, I can’t do it for awhile, go ask your father."

"Dad, can you please give me some clothes to change into?"

"Sure Josh, but what’s wrong with what you’ve got on?"

"Well, I kinda, well I…"

Mom entered the room and told my dad, "Josh peed in his pants at the mall and they are very smelly. He really needs to be changed."

Dad seemed kind of mad as he went with me upstairs.

"Josh, what’s the meaning? Why are you still wetting your pants? A boy your age should have no trouble keeping his pants dry for such a short time."

He really didn’t want an answer or at least he gave me no time to answer. We entered my room and he told me to take off my clothes. As he opened my closet he gave me a T-shirt and told me to put it on and then he told me to get up in the crib. As I was climbing up he grabbed a few diapers and brought them with him. Dad let me try the underwear I had before.

"Well, your mother did buy a few pairs of them, but from what I just heard you're not quite ready for them yet, are you, Josh?"

Again, not waiting for an answer, he wiped me off with a baby wipe and pulled the thick cloth diapers under me. He powdered me and pinned them on very tightly. He then pulled up my legs a pair of my nursery printed pants and once up over my diapers he had me sit on the edge of the crib. He gave me my shoes and once on told me to get down.

"Dad, don’t I get any pants?"

"Well, when you show me that you're a big boy then you can have the pants of a big boy. By the way, Josh I think the punishment for cutting your school classes will be, yeah, you will have to wear nothing but BABY clothes over your Christmas vacation and while home you will wear nothing over you diapers."

Chapter 13


The next morning after awaking I found out that dad was serious about what he had threatened the night before. He came in to get me out of my crib and even though I was very wet he would not change me, he just took my hand and lead me off to breakfast. He helped me into my highchair, which was not unusual by now as this occurred just about every morning, but after breakfast was done he took me to my room and changed my diaper. He put me back into another cloth one and pulled up my plastic pants. As the house was kept fairly warm he didn’t even give me a t shirt to wear and as he turned to leave I asked him for one.

"Josh, I told you since you don’t seem to understand. Your punishment for your skipping all those days at school, during Christmas break when you are at home you will get no other clothes to wear other than your diapers." He then turned around and left. Wow, I knew I heard what he said but he really was going to follow through with it as I was left standing there.

Later that morning after I had finally left my room I went down to watch some TV when a couple of my brother's friend's came in and caught me there. Talk about vulnerable the way I was dressed, or the lack thereof. I just sat there turning red.

"Josh my man, what’s up?"

Again I just sat there while they both stared at me. My brother came down and met his friends.

"What’s going on with Josh?"

"The dumb baby skipped school last week and he is being punished, he can’t wear any clothes other than his diapers for the next two weeks."

"Bummer Josh, but you know you look just fine in those baby pants," one of his friends said as they headed for the door.

"Josh, we are going to wash our cars out in the driveway, why don’t you come out and help us? It’s pretty warm already."

Again I was silent as they headed out the door. They never invited me to hang with them ever. But now when I couldn’t they tease me.

I didn’t know but dad had overheard everything and before I knew it he was standing in the TV room.

"Josh come over here," he demanded. I got up and went over to him.

"You know, Josh, my car is filthy, and since the other boys are out washing theirs I was thinking of backing ours out and you could take care of cleaning it up. Besides, it’s such a nice day out you should get out and enjoy it."

"DAD, you can’t be serious?"

"Why not, Josh? It will be good for you."

I can’t go out in the front in just my diapers. The neighbors and everyone will see."

"Oh, I’m sorry, that’s right, you don’t want people to know even when we give you clothes to wear over them like to school, Right. Then you just skip school and go off on your own. Well Josh, I don’t really want everyone to know that I have a 15 year old son who still needs diapers so put these on," as he tossed me those same red shorts and a t shirt. I gladly pulled them up over my diapers and they were a pretty tight fit, but better than just diapers. I noticed right away that when I bent over my diapers stuck out the legs of the shorts by a lot.

Dad went to back out the car and told me to get a bucket. I got a bucket from the laundry room but took my time as even with my shorts on I really didn’t want to go outside,.

"JOSH!" my dad yelled. I walked over to the garage door where he was standing. "Let's get a move-on, young man."

"Nice shorts, Josh," my brother pointed out to everyone.

"Yea, you can hardly see his diapers," his friend added.

Dad left to go back in the house but told me I had better clean the car really good. I had to share the hose with my brother and his friends. It didn’t take them very long before "Spraying the Baby With the Hose" became a popular game and they all took their turns. I had the outside of dad's car almost done when my brother grabbed me and his friend just soaked me down with the hose. Dad heard the noise and came out to see what was happening.

"Josh you're really soaked."

"Not like it's the first time, Dad," my brother added. "He’s soaked every night."

My brother and his friends went back to their cars and as I opened the car door to start on the inside Dad noticed.

"Josh, I don’t think soooo."

I looked up at him with a puzzled look.

"You're not getting in that car with those soaking wet clothes on. Wait a minute, Josh."

He left and went back inside. Again my brother and his friends caught me from behind and ripped off my T-shirt. Then just like in gym class almost a year ago they pantsed me and ran off with my shorts, leaving me standing there in just my diapers and plastic pants. Dad opened the door and came out.

"Josh, here is a T-shirt." he knew what happened. As I was putting it on he told me he couldn’t find any shorts for me so to just hurry up and clean the inside if the car and then I could come in.

I cleaned as fast as I could as I could hear the guys making fun of me still. Boy, this was going to be a long Christmas break as this was only the second day.

The weather started to get a bit colder and even in the house it was a bit cool to run around in nothing but a diaper so my dad finally let me wear a t shirt. A few of my mom’s friends had stopped in during the day and I’m sure I was quite a sight wearing only the diaper and T-shirt, and mom always made sure I had on some really juvenile plastic pants.

We are now days from Christmas and this morning we are going to the mall, OH BOY. Usually I loved to go, but with what I’ve been through I just knew it would be a adventure. We headed off except for my brother who was off with some of his friends. We got there and headed to some stores for some last-minute shopping mom had to do. She asked my oldest sister if she had to had all her gifts and she did.

"Mom, I think I need something for Josh," and she whispered something to my Mom.

"OK, go get it, that would be fun."

I watched her head off and turn into the baby store which just awhile ago I picked up my diaper pail. We headed off to a nearby store and mom made her purchases. As we were leaving she mentioned that my sister had been gone for a bit longer than she thought she should, of so we headed off in the direction of the baby store. I really didn’t want to go there after my pants-wetting experience I had just been through, but my mom had a hold of my hand and I had no choice. As we entered the store with me in tow and my little sister not far behind we started looking around when all of a sudden a familiar voice from the past sounded. Why yes it was that same “helpful” sales girl. "Can I help you?"

As we turned she had the look of recognition on her face she looked me over and said to my mom, "I see you’ve taken care of his pants-wetting problem."

Mom and my sister just grinned. Mom continued, "I’m looking for my oldest daughter she came in just about 15 minutes ago. She has blond hair and is about 12."

"Oh yes, she is getting a gift wrapped in the back. She said it was for her brother and that must be you," as she looked at me. "You will love it."

She told my mom that my overalls were just darling and that I looked very cute in them all the word a 15 year old boy doesn’t what to hear. My sister finally came out and met us and then off we went again mom held my hand as if I was just a toddler.

"Mom, Mom, there is Santa," my little sister said. "Wouldn’t it be good to have Josh get his picture with Santa?"

Mom looked at me and I just said NO. My older sister agreed with the youngest and started to pressure mom.

"Mom, Josh really needs his picture with Santa."

"OK girls, the line isn’t too long so I guess we can."

Mom led me to the back of the line and told me to get in there.

"Please, Mom."

"Just get in there or I will stand there with you."

Man what's worse, getting your picture with Santa, or having your mom stand there with you? So I got in line. Mom just stood there as I really wanted nothing more than to just leave. I know I stood out as all the other kids were probably all under the age of 6. There were a few parents in line with some of them. Others were just watching and waiting to get pictures when their kid got on Santa’s lap. I stood there for about 15 minutes and soon I was next. This little elf girl came up and asked if I wanted to talk to Santa. I looked back and saw mom still watching and answered yes.

"Well, what’s your name?"

"Josh," I told her. Soon she took my hand and walked me over to Santa.

"Santa, this is little Josh," she told him. He patted his lap and had me sit on his knee I sat down on his knee he asked if I had been a good boy and what I wanted for Christmas.

Just then from across the way I heard “Hey JOSH!” and looked up to see a couple of kids from my swim team. I knew right then I wet my diapers just like a little kid and Santa knew it as he jumped a bit even though he could tell I was diapered. As I got up to leave he thanked me quietly for not wetting on him and told me to be a good boy and maybe my Christmas wish would come true. I got up off his lap and walked back over to where mom and my sisters were. Again I heard the voices of my class mates: “Hey Diaper Boy, ya' ask Santa for more diapers?”

Man, was this embarrassing and my sisters were laughing as I got back to them. Mom just smiled as we went over to pickup my pictures with Santa. She bought several and gave me one. We left the mall and headed back home I was really wet by the time we got back home and Mom changed me for the night and even put me to bed. She came back in a few minutes later and gave me a bottle and kissed me goodnight. As I drifted off to sleep that night I had a lot to think about and I knew with Christmas just a few days away this would be one I would not forget.

Chapter 14


Well, here it is, Christmas morning, as I lay here in my crib. I know it’s pretty early but as normal I’m not allowed to get up until someone comes to get me out of my crib. All I can do is lie here and think, you know the more I wear these diapers and mom and dad keep me as a little kid. I, I think that I’m starting to enjoy it well at least part of it. You know they don’t feel all that bad kind of good as a matter of fact, but they are still really embarrassing to wear places probably made worst since it seems the only clothes that mom has for me are styled more for little kids than a boy of 15.

I think I hear someone coming to my room.

"Good morning, Josh."

"Morning, dad," I tell him as he lets the side rail down on my crib.

"Hope you’ve been a good boy as I’m sure Santa brought you something," he said half-laughing as I’m sure he was referring about me talking to Santa at the mall. It’s been the topic of conversation for the past few days. He unsnapped the waist band of my pajamas from the tops and pulled back the waistband for my plastic pants to reveal some soggy diapers. Dad just patted my diapered butt and said, "well, why should I expect you to be dry on Christmas? It would be a wonderful present you could give your mother and me."

I’m sure I have been a big disappointment for both of my parents but it's not like I can do much about my bedwetting, and now being back in daytime diapers for so long I’m even beginning to wonder if I can stay dry during the day?

He took my pajama top off and told me to give him the pants also. I did so, thinking he would change my diapers and give me some clothes to wear. Boy was I wrong.

"Josh, it’s pretty warm in the house so you can just wear your diapers this morning."

"But Dad."

"No buts, Josh. I’ve let you slide the last few day because it’s been kind of cold, but now that its warm again you know the routine."

Not that I liked this but we headed off to get some breakfast. I climbed into my highchair and mom tied my bib in place and gave me a bowl of hot cereal “Oh Yum”.

All the kids wanted to open presents after breakfast. All we heard was, “come on you guys. It’s time”.

"All right, we are coming, just as soon as I change your brother. Mom, he’s been wet before, what's the big rush today? He’s just a big baby anyway."

Mom grabbed a pair of terry-lined pants and had me step into them.

"There Josh, these should hold you for awhile."

Man, these were printed pants with little bears on them and were kind of a yellow background. Wonderful.

We all got busy opening presents and as always, only one of us could open a present at a time so everyone could see what each other got. I didn’t realize it at the time but as I opened each gift Mom or Dad would snap a picture of me and they were doing the same for each of the other kids. My brother got a cool digital camera and before long was snapping pictures along with them. There was so much going on that I didn’t realize that so many pictures were being taken.

All of us got so really kewl stuff except me. I got mostly baby stuff— some new plastic pants and shortall’s, and even a couple of pairs of new overalls. One of these pairs even had teddy bears on them. After everything had been opened mom and dad took us to the garage and, upon opening it there were 4 new bikes. I really got the new mountain bike I had hoped for. It is really great, and for the moment I forgot about all those other things I had received. We all thought these bikes were the best and could hardly wait to get out and try them out and this Christmas was pretty warm outside so we really could.

My sisters went upstairs to change into some play clothes so they could get out and try those new bikes out as did my brother, I wanted to join them but mom said she would change me as soon as the dust settled. Soon, though, I was up in the crib getting my very wet diapers changed. This time she put me in a youth sized Attends and sent me off to go try out the new bike.

It was great. The gears are so low on my bike I could probably climb anything, and it even has a shock mount front end. What more could a kid ask for?

Dad called us all in as we had to get ready to go over to my parents' friends' house for Christmas dinner. These people were always fun to go see and had kids of their own all about the same age as my brother and me and my oldest sister, but they had all boys. We went upstairs to get ready and mom came in to change me she took off my by now wet attends and cleaned me up she then grabbed more cloth diapers and had me lift up as she slid them under my butt and pulled them tight between my legs and pinned them on very tight. She then slid a pair of plastic pants down my legs and again had me raise up so she could get them over my diapers these were brand new pants and the smell was really good. I don’t know why but the smell of baby powder and that of new plastic pants get me really excited and I think mom is beginning to notice. She should, as she does most of my diaper changes. She opened my closet and got my new overalls and had me step into them and then fastened the straps tightly enough so they wouldn’t come off too easily. Well, at least they weren't the ones with the bears, but they did have snaps down the legs. I wasn’t too keen on seeing these kids this way as I hadn’t seen them since I had been put back into diapers and wasn’t sure how they might react.

Off we headed as the car trip would take about and hour or more as they lived way down in Pasadena. Once we got there it was the moment of truth as all of them were outside waiting. We all got out of the car and everyone was greeting everyone, but no mention of my diapered state was mentioned. All of us kids were playing in the yard and having a great time. They had everything there: basketball court, pool (a little too cold for that),tennis court and the boy even had built a tree house some years before, that was really kewl. A couple of hours had passed and mom and theirs brought us out stuff to drink and everyone enjoyed something, they also informed us that dinner would be in about an hour or so.

The middle boy, who, 14, almost my age, came over and asked me to come up to the tree house with him, which I followed him up. It was neat and had a view forever, at least over a couple of the neighbors' yards.


"What Jimmy?"

"What you wearin'? Mom said your mom put you back in diapers, and it sure looks like you are. Are ya?"

I turned twenty shades of red, no matter how many times someone asks you it just doesn’t get any easier.

"Well Jimmy, no. Why would your mom tell you something like that?"

"Sorry Josh, I just wasn’t sure, but I had to find out."

Man how did I get off that easy, he must be really stupid.

We all sat down to eat and since the table wasn’t big enough for everyone the kids sat at a table in the kitchen, just me Jimmy and my sisters. Everyone else sat in the dining room. Mom took really good care of us and waited on us constantly. It seemed really weird not sitting in a highchair. Mom had served us just about everything when my youngest sister asked, “Mom shouldn’t Josh be wearing his bib? What if he get stuff all over himself?"

Mom really tried to shut her up but it came out too quick.

"Josh is a big boy and doesn’t need a bib."

All the while Jimmy was just staring my way. After mom left, Jimmy, kidding, asked, "Josh, do you normally use a bib?"

Of course my sisters jumped right in with, “well duh baby Josh eats in a highchair dad made for him.”

"Shut up you two. What ya going to do, wet your baby pants Joshey?"

Man, there was no use with two little sisters. Mom walked in and heard my sisters in action and told them to stop teasing, which they finally did. The rest of the meal was rather quiet I certainly didn’t want to start any new conversation, being afraid where it might lead to.

After dinner we all gathered in the living room and watched some TV and the adults started to play some kind of card game. I know Jimmy told his brothers what he had found out to be true as they were all watching me awfully close, and my brother, who also loved to try to tease me after returning form the bathroom, asked if I needed to use it, commenting that he hadn’t seen me use it all day.

It was around 9:00 when mom and dad walked in, and instead of telling us to get ready to go home they had decided to play what ever game it was they were playing and that we would all be put to bed until they were ready to go except for my brother and there oldest son, who could stay up. I looked at mom and she looked back and came over and told me not to worry.

"OK, kids," their mom told them, "go get your pajamas on an get ready for bed."

The two youngest ran off toward their rooms as Mom took me and my sisters off to their parents' room. As we entered their room Mom told us that we would sleep in here and she and dad would wake us when it was time to leave. Mom then called me over and undid my pants which I tried to grab but they slid to the floor. She then pulled back the waistband of my plastic pants and checked my diaper to see how wet I was.

"Whew, Josh you're soaked! I’d better change you, wouldn’t want you wetting their bed."

She left to get the diaper bag from our van and upon returning she changed me, Man it felt good to get those wet diapers off. I hadn’t asked earlier for I felt to self-conscious. She put me back in really thick night diapers and patted my butt as she tucked us in,. She turned out the lights as she left the room and headed back to their card game. It couldn’t have been more than 5 minutes before the two youngest boys came in the room.

"Josh, we just gotta know if it’s true."

"If what’s true?" I asked innocently.

"You wearin' diapers?"

"NO, go away."

Just then they pulled the blankets off me as I struggled to hold them in place. They just stood there as if they were in shock and They stared at my thickly padded butt and those shiny white plastic pants.

"Josh, you are a big baby," one finally said. Just then they heard someone coming and ran off back to their room, and that was the last I saw of them that night.

The next thing I remember of that trip was waking up in my crib at home the next morning. The next week passed about the same as the one before Christmas, and for New Year's cousin Dorothy came over to baby-sit for me and my sisters. They all took turns telling me I should be Baby New Year as I was the only one still in diapers, but I got put to bed way too early too even think of staying up to celebrate the New Year.

Soon it was back to school and my punishment had ended I got my clothes back and it was a good thing as it’s been really cold here, especially for southern California. Nothing new at school, just the usual teasing from the other kids, but until I can convince mom and dad that I don’t need them anymore that will still go on. I guess I’ll be the baby of the family as long as MOM and DAD sees fit.

It’s now coming up on April and a lot of my friends are getting learner's permits for their driving license’s. Man, April 9th, I could too. I wonder what Mom and Dad would say? My brother got his when he was 15 ½ . Well, I think I will ask them soon, I’ll let you know what happens.

Chapter 15

Hey guys sorry it’s been so long to update you but with school coming to an end and all it’s been really busy. Thanks to all of you who E mailed me it for you guys I’m writing this for, only heard from a couple of you who wear diapers to high school but most of you want to, not because you have to like me though, oh well I know there are others besides me and Joey.

Our swim team has been very good this year and I hold the record for the 100 and 200 meter freestyle for our school and am 2nd in the district. I have gotten teased quite a bit, even from my own teammates for wearing these stupid diapers, but I guess maybe I can’t blame them. I have found Little Swimmers diaper/pants hanging on my locker or just Pampers, and at one meet some yelled out just as was about to dive in “don’t pee in the pool.” Yea real funny. Then at one meet one of the guys pushed me into the other team's locker room just after I had taken off my pants and all I had on was my Attends diaper. The other team had a field day with that, "look he got plastic Speedo’s on. Naw, those are baby diapers. Pretty young team were up against, maybe we should have this meet at the park in the kiddy pool?" Well, this meet I came in first in three events and the guys couldn’t say to much more for the diaper kid who made them all look bad.

I think I told you that most everyone I knew except Joey had got their permits to drive. Well, you should of seen my mom and dad when I asked them if I could get mine. I waited 'til a weekend on Saturday morning after breakfast my brother and sisters were all out of the house and mom and dad were sitting have a cup of coffee.

"Mom, Dad, could I ask you guy something?"

"Sure, Josh, what is it?"

"Well, I was kinda sorta of wondering if I could..... Could....."

"Well, for heaven's sake Josh, what is it, do you need to be changed already or what?" Mom responded.

"No Mom, I just was wondering if maybe I could get my driver's permit, you know, I’m signed up for drivers education next fall."

They just sat there and stared at me like they didn’t hear a thing that I had said.

"Well, can I?"

Looking back I’m sure the stare was because I looked soooo goofy standing there in a t shirt and my night cloth diapers and plastic pants but that all I was allowed to wear on weekends.

"Josh, let me get this straight, son," my dad started. "You our 15 years old."

"15 ½, Dad," I reminded him.

"Oh yeah, 15 ½ year-old son who is still in diapers for being such a baby at night wants to get a drivers license? Is that right, Josh?"

"Not a license, dad, a permit, and then you guys can take me out driving."

"Oh yes, we did that with your brother, didn’t we?"

"Yea Dad."

"Josh, you must be kidding, you can’t even keep you bed dry. I’m sure we are going to let you drive."

But Dad that's not fair everyone I know are getting their permits, please."

"Well, we will think about it and let you know later on. Now go out and play in the yard."

I really didn’t expect that kind of reception from Mom and Dad and really didn’t know just what to think. A little while later Joey showed up and Mom sent him to the yard where I was.

"Hey, Joey, what’s up?"

He seemed awfully quiet today and looked as he was about to cry. We played catch for awhile and he seemed to calm down. He had shorts on over his diapers and as hot as it was that day I’m sure he wished he could of taken them off and just been in diapers like me. We stopped for awhile and he finally started to talk to me he told me last night was his deadline to stop wetting the bed and he pulled down his short a little to show me he was still in his very wet night diapers.

"So Joey, what kind of deadline is it?"

"You know now I have to wear them all summer. Dad says he’s going to treat me just like a baby and I will be in these diapers all the time. Man, I don’t know if I can do it. At night and the times I had to wear them to school was bad enough, now he said I have to use them and him and Ma will toilet train me before school starts next fall."

"Wow I'm sorry, Joey, but as you can see I’m pretty much already there." Then I told him what I talked to my parents about this morning.

"What, they are going to let you get your permit? That’s so kewl."

"Yea, I think they will after they remembered that my brother got his about this same time."

Joey left right after lunch and his diapers were dragging. I was back outside when Mom called.

"Josh, come inside, please." I hurried off to see what they wanted.

"Yea Mom?" I asked as I entered the kitchen.

"Josh, let's get you changed. You are pretty wet, young man, and I don’t want to see you as wet as your friend Joey."

"Thanks mom, he was really wet."

She again put me in some thick cloth diapers but it’s pretty much normal for weekends. Dad entered the room.

"Well, is he ready, or have you told him?"

"No dear, I haven’t told him a thing. I thought we could get him ready and then take him for his surprise. She then produced a real short pair of shortalls and a t shirt which she dressed me in. I don’t know where she got these as they still keep my closet locked so I can’t choose any of my own clothes. She then gave me a pair of white high top shoes and socks and had me put them on as I sat on the floor every time I lifted my leg the diapers would show.

"Come along, Josh, it’s surprise time."

Dad and mom and myself got in the car and off we went. They definitely would not say where to, though. We drove for quite some time before dad pulled into the DMV. I hadn’t even thought that they were open on weekends, but for licenses and registration they were.

"Josh, here we are, you want to get your permit, let's go get it."

"D...Dad you can’t be serious? I can’t go in dressed like this."

"Well, son, if you want it you will have to go in like you are, or maybe we should just forget the whole thing?"

I sat there stunned, I really want to get in but, man, I looked like a big toddler what would people say.

"Well Josh, what is it? Josh?" I almost started to cry I was so close but yet so far.

"Josh, what will it be, son?"

"OK Dad, you win, I go."

This, I guess stunned both of them, but I just couldn’t let them win again. Mom accompanied me in as I guess Dad was too embarrassed to be seen with his diapered son. She kind of kept her distance but stayed with me. We went up to the information desk and the guy there asked if he could help.

"Where do I go to get my driving permit?"

"Well, right over there. Just follow the red line."

As I backed away from his counter he said, "you know, you have to be 15 ½ and have a birth certificate."

"I know," I told him and mom said she had the certificate. Mom stayed with me in line and I over heard a few comments from people on how young the future drivers are getting. One woman said as she passed, "they are just babies," and I heard a lot of snickering and heads turning to see. It seemed like forever, but we made it to the window. He looked at me and asked to see the birth certificate. Mom gave it to him and he asked me if I had any physical handicaps but I told him no. I’m sure he was wondering about the diapers as they showed every time I moved. Mom paid him the fee and he gave me a booklet and we turned around and left. About half way out I dropped the booklet and some papers out of shear nervousness and bent over to get them. I heard a few smaller kids say, "look mom, the big kid is still wearing diapers." I picked the stuff up and we quickly left, and none too soon. We got back to the car and Dad seemed really surprised that I had went through with it.

"Wow Josh, you really did it. I’m proud of you, son," he told me. I didn’t tell him how wet my pants were from the fright of this whole event, and after we got home he told the whole family of my accomplishments. The rest of the day I was just really jazzed at getting what I wanted and not letting them torment with yet another goal.

After my bath and Mom putting me into my night diapers Dad came in the tell me goodnight as he raised the rail on my crib.

"Oh by the way, Josh, where is your permit?"

"Over there on the table."

He kind of looked but didn’t see it.

"Dad, next to the plastic pants."

This seemed to hit him, "Josh, you left your permit on your changing table?"

"Yea dad, where else can I?"

He picked it up and with my mom in the room told me I could have it back when I stopped wetting my bed!

"But dad, you said…"

"I know what I said and I don’t know what I was thinking Nobody in diapers should be driving and that's final. If you really want it back then just stop wetting your bed, young man."

He then closed the door and left me in my crib. I lay there in shock after the hype of the day. To be let down like that was unbelievable. I know I cried myself to sleep that night and in the morning awoke to a very wet diaper. It seemed to be late morning already as I waited for some to come and let me out of my baby prison. I knew from the past that there was no way I could get out on my own. I waited for what seem to be hours but with no clock in my room who knows how long it really was. All I knew is that I needed to more than wet the need to poop was getting very strong. After awhile I called for mom or dad but no one came and then it happened I couldn’t hold it any longer.

I sat up in the crib and couldn’t believe at what just happened this hadn’t happened in a long time as they will usually let me use the bathroom when I have to go. Every time I move the mess just squished around in my pants and the smell even though it was mixed with the fragrance of baby powder it was still a lot to take.

I sat for what seemed hours before I heard foot step approaching my door, and opening it was none other than my Dad.

"Phew! Someone filled their pants I take it?" I just sat there.

"Dad, I called you and mom, but nobody came to get me. I just couldn’t help it."

"Yea son, I know you just couldn’t help it," he commented as he let the side on my crib down.

"Put these on and let get some breakfast. Your mother has it ready."

"Dad.... Aren’t you gonna change me? Please?"

"Later, son, that extra pair of baby pants should cut down on the smell. Your mother has breakfast all ready for everyone, we don’t want to keep her waiting."

We walked in and dad put me back into my highchair and pushed the tray on locking me in. It really felt weird having the mess slid around and it really made me feel like a baby.

My brother started off, "So Josh, I heard you want to learn how to drive a car? Let me just suggest when you take driver education don’t poop your pants or nobody will want to ride with you." They all got a laugh out of my real funny brother.......

After breakfast Mom left me in my highchair and she and dad took seats next to me. "Josh, we were thinking last night and are really serious about having you stop your bedwetting. We had figured that the embarrassment of what you have been through would of given you the encouragement that you needed BUT we were wrong. You are still wetting just as much as before if not even more. We talked to Joey’s parents and they told us what they had planned for him and we kind of agree maybe that’s what you need."

"What do I need?" I asked through a stream of tears.

"We have to start all over with you, from the beginning, so as soon as you are out of school you will be treated as a baby and then later this summer we will try to potty train you again, just as if you were a toddler again."

"Mom, Dad, this isn’t fair."

"I know, son, but all this extra work your bedwetting has put upon us is not fair, either."

Mom let me down from my chair and went about changing my diapers she unpinned them and had me take a bath after rinsing off real good. As I lay there and got a new diaper pinned all I could think about is my new summer vacation. I was sure it would be a summer that I would remember."

Chapter 16


Well, one more short week of school and it’s out for summer. Well, normally I would really be looking forward to this event, but with the threat made by mom and dad a few weeks ago about the full baby treatment? I’m really not sure what to make of it. I’ve been trying to keep a low profile around them. Nothing more has been mentioned about it, fortunately.

Joey, on the other hand, has been going through a lot of problems with his parents. His dad is back to spanking him every time he wet the bed, and, like me it’s almost every night, but like he said at least they backed off of the full-time diapers for him. Now all he has to figure out is how to make those spankings less painful.

I guess my driving this summer is a goner. Though. Dad ripped up my permit and said when I can stay dry then he will let me get another permit, quite an incentive. I just don’t know how to achieve it..... I’m really trying.... I am.....

You know, I have been thinking about this punishment since they sounded so serious about it, I mean, I’m already in full-time diapers— what more could they


Well, maybe if I just don’t mention anything about it they will forget about it?

Sorry this is so short but I’ll let you know what happens when school get out.


Chapter 16



Hi guys, it’s Thursday and school is out tomorrow, so far so good. Mom and dad haven’t said a word and it seems like they have forgotten about the threat. Whew.

We just had our team pictures taken and the camera guy had to take it twice since one of the swimming comedians held up a “Little Swimmers” package over my head for the first shot. The coach caught him in time and they had to re shoot. All and all things went pretty good this year, guess it could of been worse. Poor Joey is really hurting, getting paddled every day. I know my dad tried it years ago with me and just gave up after seeing it was doing no good at all.

Well, I better be turning off this computer before I get called up to bed. It’s almost 8:00. Hey, don’t laugh; for awhile it was 7:30. I’ll take what I can get. There’s mom calling now.

“Josh, what you doing on the computer so much?”

“Nothing, mom, just playing games.”

“OK, let me check your pants, Josh, before you get up in the crib.”

“Mom, you just changed me after my bath.” She then stuck her hand down the front of my diaper just like you would a toddler, man, I hate that.

“OK, up you go, Josh.” She pulled the sheet up over me and patted my butt and then pulled the crib rail up into position. “Night, night Josh, sleep good.”

“Night, mom.” She closed my door. It’s really hard to get to sleep when your not really tired. I’ve found sometimes I start rubbing myself through my baby pants and it feels real good, I guess, Well, I know I made stickies in them and once I do that I fall asleep really quick, night all.

Well, I only had a half day of school and that’s it. It passed very quickly and I got home about lunch time. Mom checked my pants and decided I wasn’t wet enough to change yet, so we ate lunch, and as usual I was put in my highchair. I took my usual nap in the afternoon and had dinner. I then headed off to use the computer.

“Josh,” I heard mom call.

“What, mom?”

“Come here, please.”

“OK, coming, Mom.” I entered the family room and Mom and Dad were both there.

“Sit down, Josh, we need to talk to you. Son, (my dad started) you did very well in school this year and we are very proud of you for that, BUT we still have the problem of your pissing the bed every night. We thought when we diapered you that it would have the effect of embarrassing you enough to stop, but that hasn’t happened. Well, we told you a couple of weeks ago that if you hadn’t stopped by summer vacation you would get the full baby treatment. You might of thought we had forgotten, but we just didn’t say anything so you could put all of your concentration of keeping dry. Your mom has kept track of your wetting for the last 2 weeks and you have only achieved 2 dry nights. Not very good for a 15-, well, almost 16-year-old, wouldn’t you say?”

“Yea, I guess not, dad. But what do you mean by ‘the baby treatment’?”

“Well, Josh this is what we expect:

(1) 24 hour diapers / NO toilet use

(2) Playpen play only / no playing big boy games

(3) NO TV except if someone else is with you and they turn it on

(4) NO computer use

“You, know, Josh, your mother has said you have been spending a lot of time on the computer and I found a link to Deeker, and when I looked it up it looked like some kind of diaper site, what is this all about?”

Well, I found it accidentally when I was on one time, dad.”

“Do you like wearing diapers, Josh?”

“NO, dad, you guys did this to me. Sometimes I don’t even know when I wet myself anymore.”

“Well, Josh, this full baby treatment is what this will fix you, and in a month or two we can potty train you all over again. You will be treated exactly like a 2 year old until we say so, do you understand Josh?”

“Man, this isn’t fair, dad. You mean I can’t even play with Joey this summer?”

“Well, only if we say so.”

So it started. Dad went with me to the computer room and erased the link to Deeker’s. Thankfully he didn’t find the letters I have been writing.

“Say good-bye to the computer, Josh,” he said while laughing.


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