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High School Humiliation

By M.P. Anderson

Reprinted with Liberties In November 1999

By Timmy

Robert (Bob) Thompson was one of the best looking and most intelligent sophomores at Bay Ridge High School. He had always made the top grade point average in his class, was well liked by his peers and teachers. He was involved in many extra-curricular activities like being student government president of his sophomore class and singing in the school choirs. Even though he rarely played in sports, he did like to play soccer with the JV squad. They let him play occasionally against internal matches. From all the appearances he seemed to be leading the perfect life for a boy only 15 years old.

However, Bob didn't really have it as good as his record at school might indicate. His problems did not originate from school as they would for most boys his age, but rather from his own parents and their treatment of him at home. Every day when he arrived home from school, Bob was forced to change out of his school clothes to be replaced with thick cloth diapers. Twelve 21" x 40" Curity baby diapers of which six were triple folded and placed in the front and crotch as a soaker pad and teen-sized plastic pants. Once diapered, he could wear either his blue footed sleeper or special pants made to accommodate thick diapers. They had snaps along the crotch for easy diaper changes. Once in awhile he had to wear an onesie with his special snap pants, which made him look more like a toddler than the 15-year-old old he was. During the warmer months he would just wear his thick cloth diapers, plastic pants and a T-shirt.

This was all rather strange apparel for a boy of 15. It was his punishment for his nightly bedwetting. Yes, since age 11, Bob had awakened every morning with his thick night diapers bunched up, warm and wet in his crotch every morning.

Originally Bob's parents hadn't done anything about his bedwetting until he had wet every night for two weeks straight. His mother had been very concerned by that time and took him to the doctor. The physical exam showed no reason for his nightly bedwetting. The doctor said that about 10% of the boys Bob's age begin wetting the bed again due to the beginning of puberty, their budding youth or feelings inside him that even Bob isn't aware of. The doctor was at a loss for a cure as there was nothing physically wrong, but did say that the only advice he had was to make as little as possible out of his nighttime accidents that Bob had. About a week later his mom took him to an analyst to check any emotional problems that could be causing his regression to bedwetting. He was hypnotized and given a full battery of tests, but again there was no clue found that could either explain or cure his "weakness". This doctor also said it would be but to just cope with the problem in a way that would cause all parties the least inconvenience until Bob could regain control of his bladder at night.

His mom was already tired of the excessive laundry, the wet sheets and pajamas caused and Bob was having a difficult time sleeping in the bed after he had wet in it. The doctor had said that he didn't think that it would worsen the problem if "certain preventative measures" were taken. He then asked Bob to wait in the lobby and the doctor spent about 15 minutes filling his mom in on these "measures". When she came out, Bob had on idea what had been discussed or what would happen to him starting that night.

Bob was returned to school to his sixth grade class to finish out the day. Unknown to him, his mother was out shopping for his new nighttime wear that would allow him to cope with his bedwetting. She was fortunate that the last doctor had seen many types of these cases and knew where she could obtain all of the necessary products and nighttime clothing she needed in one afternoon.

When he arrived home after school, his mom had finished the shopping and was waiting for him with a hug just as usual. Bob had no idea that she had bought him whole new nighttime clothes. Shortly after his dad had gotten home and they finished dinner, Bob went out to play. While he was out, his mom explained to his dad both what the doctor had said and what course of action he had recommended. His dad agreed with his mother that something had to be done to protect the bedding and give Bob a good night's rest he deserved without wet pajamas or sheets. When Bob's bedtime finally rolled around, both of his parents went with him to his room. Bob did not understand why, as he had been dressing himself for bed for at least 5 years or better. Maybe they wanted to talk or read to him, he thought. "As you already know," said his father, "the doctors cannot find any reason for you to be wetting your bed every night. Your mother and I are very concerned about this, as I am sure you are, too. Both of the doctors said that there is nothing that can be done to stop your wetting other than for you to grow out of it. It could be this year. next year, in 10 years, or never. In the meantime, wt are just going to have to do whatever we can to make the situation more bearable for all of us until you quit bedwetting. Thanks to the doctor you went today, we have found means to eliminate most of the problems your wetting causes. Your mom will explain the rest.

"Bob," she said, "I have a feeling that you will not like what we are going to have to do here at first, but after you get used to the idea, I think that you will appreciate our actions tonight. I want you to get undressed completely and then call me and I will get you ready for bed." With that, both of them left the room so he could undress. He took off ah his clothes except his underwear and then hollered at his mom.

Bob couldn't believe his eyes when his mother came back into the room. It looked like she was carrying a bunch of baby diapers and a large pair of plastic pants! "I told you to undress completely," she said. "Your underwear will have to come off, too. You don't have to be embarrassed. Both of us have seen you naked before." Bob reluctantly pulled his underwear off and stood totally naked next to his bed. His "little-boy" body was hairless, and as yet, showed little signs of the pubescent growth that he would begin to experience in a couple of years.

"Lie down on the bed and just relax," Bob's mom told him. "Mom, you aren't going to put me back in diapers like a baby are you?" asked Bob with a very scared and shaky voice. "I am afraid that we don't have much of a choice," she replied. "I cannot continue to wash your bedding and pajamas every day, the mattress will be ruined, and you are not getting the proper sleep you need out a wet and cold bed. You will get used to it after a night or two. We will keep it a secret in the family so that you won't feel ashamed. But until you become dry at night again, when you are ready to go to bed, either your dad or myself will diaper you for the night. Soon, you will be old enough to diaper yourself, but we want to at least check you to be sure that you will not leak. Oh, how he struggled to hold back the tears as his mother diapered him that first night.

Just as his mother had told him, Bob felt strange the first few nights. He had to lie down on his bed, exposing his naked, hairless body to either his mom or dad. He had not been diapered since he was four years old, and even for a four year old, wearing diapers at that age was a little odd. His parents thought that he would have to wear diapers to Kindergarten, but Bob finally was potty trained at the age of 4 l/2- years old. Bob was instructed to lie down on his bed, where the thick cloth diapers were placed underneath him. They sprinkled some baby powder over his privates and then pulled up the diapers, pinning them on each side a large ducky diaper pin. Next, he had to stand up and step into the leg holes of his teen-sized plastic pants. Lastly, they pulled his pajama bottoms up over the diapers and plastic pants. His pajama bottoms were so bulky that when Bob saw himself in the mirror that first night, he felt he resembled a three-year old toddler instead of the 15-year old boy he was.

Every morning his parents would wake him up by sticking a hand into the front of his plastic pants to see if he had wet. They always found thoroughly soaked diapers to be changed. Soon, Bob came to realize that he not only needed his night diapers to control his nightly bedwetting, but he also wanted to wear them for his own enjoyment.

When his parents and Bob would visit relatives during the summer or even during the holidays, Bob would have to wear thick disposable diapers instead of the normal thick cloth diapers and plastic pants he wore every night to bed. He got some kidding from some of his cousins as his disposable diapers crinkled underneath his pajamas or when they saw his diapers stick out from his pants whenever he bent over. His thick disposable diapers were always covered by a pair of plastic pants, just to be sure that he didn't leak on other's people's beds.

After a few nights of being diapered, Bob looked in his closet to examine what his parents had bought for him to control his nightly bedwetting. There were a couple dozen Curity cloth diapers, in different thicknesses. Several dozen plastic pants were in assorted pastel colors and as well as frosty white ones. Most of his plastic pants were of the pull-on style, but several of them were of the snap-on variety. Also in his closet were a case of Attends medium disposable diapers and a case of a disposable diaper doublers. The package said that the diaper doublers were for additional absorbency within disposable diapers or even to help with messy cleanups in cloth diapers. There was even a package of "Peadouce" junior disposable diapers. These diapers were really thick and the plastic covering was of a light blue instead of the normal white diapers he was used to.

After about a year of this routine, Bob was still wetting his diapers full every night. His father felt that he just wasn't trying to be dry and decided that maybe if he was diapered whenever he was home, Bob might be shamed into dryness. Now, at age 12, Bob was forced to wear diapers and plastic pants all the time he was home. He really didn't mind this turn of events, because he had begun to enjoy being diapered by this time. Bob knew that this desire to be diapered all the time was not exactly a normal want for a boy his age, but no matter what he did or thought, he could not purge himself the great feeling he experienced when he wet his pants during the day. He loved the feeling of the warm, wet diapers between his legs, and yet remaining dry on the outside. It was also strange to him that although he could control his bladder during the day when he wasn't diapered, as soon as he donned the thick white padding at home he could no longer control himself and would wet anywhere at any time. Due to the increase in his daytime wetting, he was soon forced to wear toddler-style clothes, cut to allow for diapers and easy diaper changes. Both of his older and younger brothers teased him quite a bit. John, his older brother was 3 years older than Bob and Andrew was 2 years younger than Bob and neither of them wet their beds. Bob learned how to ignore their snide remarks and puns about his bedwetting and diapers. After all, they had no idea how good it felt to be diapered and the pleasures that begun in wearing them for his own enjoyment. Later at age 13, he started to masturbate in his soaked diapers in the morning before his folks came in to change his night diapers. He quickly grew to love wearing his night diapers, as it became a daily ritual.

Wearing diapers as much as he did, however, did cause him some problems and worry at times. Bob was terribly afraid that his friends at school would find out about his diapers and plastic pants and his constant bedwetting. Fortunately, his father allowed him to go without the diapers whenever his friends came over to his house to play or going to school. He had a few close calls when someone came over unannounced, but always managed to run to his room and change out of his diapers and toddler-style clothes before he could seen. On several occasions Bob was forced to wear a disposable diaper underneath his jeans, but no one ever suspected anything different.

Due directly to his bedwetting, Bob could not have any of his friends over to spend the night nor could he spend the night at any of their houses. He also could not go on any overnight trips with his friends for fear that he would have to expose his diapered state. This meant that things like the Boy Scouts and Church youth trips were definitely out for him. His parents did suggest that if he wanted to, he could bring along a disposable diaper to put on right before going to bed, but Bob didn't want any of his friends to find out about his diapers, This is the reason why he participated in so many outside activities at Bay Ridge High School. He felt that nobody would question why he didn't participate in a few things, especially if all of his time was taken up. Also, he gradually grew tired of having to wear diapers all the time he was at home. If he was out doing something for a school activity, he could postpone the time he would have to put on his first diaper of the day. Bob still liked to wear diapers at night for his bedwetting, but since be became a teenager, wearing diapers during the daytime was a bit on the unusual side, and since none of his friends wore diapers he wanted to be like everyone else.

Yesterday, Bob and his father had a big dispute over something. Bob ended up disobeying his dad had asked him by doing what he wanted instead of mowing the yard like his dad had asked him. Bob had figured that the most his father would do to him as punishment would be to cut off his allowance for a month. That is what had always happened in the past. But his dad had a different punishment in mind.

This morning when it was time to get his night diapers removed and get dressed for school, his dad dropped the bomb on him. His dad had come into his room and checked Bob's diaper. Just as always, it was completely soaked. His plastic pants were removed, and then his very wet diapers. But, instead of leaving the room so Bob could dress, his father went into the closet where all his diaper supplies were kept and got more diapers and a clean pair of plastic pants. "For disobeying me yesterday," began his father in a stern voice, "you will wear diapers and plastic pants to school this morning."

Bob was horrified! "Oh, no, please dad, I can't, please," he had begged. His dad continued, "you are not to remove them to go to the bathroom. Your mom will change you when you come home for lunch if you are wet. If you are still dry, I will have assumed you used the boys' restroom instead of your diapers, and you will have to wear them back in the afternoon and all the next day as well. I will drive you to school myself so I can be sure that you don't cheat and remove the diapers before you get to school. Do you understand what I am telling you?" Bob nodded weakly as he struggled not to cry in front of his dad.

Then he began to think. He was grateful that he did not have P.E. today. Maybe he could get through the day without someone discovering what he was wearing. His dad put two thick cloth diapers on him for the daytime. Usually he wore four thick diapers to bed every night, but even with two thick diapers, thy were a lot bulkier than his normal boys' underwear. His dad put the clean pair of plastic pants over the bulky mass and Bob had to put his Levi's over his diapers and plastic pants. It was a tight fit and the jeans did show quite a bulge to Bob, but his mother said he didn't look too bulky unless you looked closely. Bob thought she was saying that so he would not worry. Just as he had said, his dad drove him straight to school.

Bob was afraid that everyone that saw him could detect the bulge of the thicker diapers in the crotch of his Levi's. Fortunately, nobody seemed to notice anything wrong. Halfway through this morning's classes, the need to relieve his bladder began tearing at him. He thought about going to the boys' room, getting a private stall, removing his diapers and relieving himself. But when he went home for lunch, his mother would expect him to be wet. if he came come dry, he would have to wear the diapers the following day, which he didn't want to do, especially because he had P.E.

This is where I came into the picture, My name is Mark. Bob and I are best friends. We have known each other all our lives as our parents are very close. We are both sophomores here at Bay Ridge and are in most of the same classes. I have been trying to spend the night with Bob for quite a long time, but he never seems to be able to arrange it. At this point, I had no idea that Bob was wearing diapers and plastic pants, or that he wets his bed every night. I did notice that Bob didn't seem himself today. He was very nervous, or so it seemed.

About mid-morning, during a break between classes, Bob and I were standing by my locker talking. "Bob," I said, "Are you listening to me or what?" I thought that something was wrong with Bob, because he had a strange look, distant but pleasurable, on his face and he was standing very still with his legs slightly spread apart. Then, the strangest thing happened. A small wet spot started growing an the inside leg of his Levi's. "Bob." I said a little louder while putting my hand on his shoulder, "I know this is none of my business, but either you just came in your pants, or you need to go to the boys' room and relieve yourself. You have a wet spot appearing on your jeans that looks a little odd. Put your books in front of you to cover it up and let's hit the restroom."

Bob did as I had told him and we headed to the boys' restroom. I strode over to one of the urinals and relieved myself. Bob just stood there watching me and did not approach the next stall. "I thought you needed to take a piss?" I asked him. Bob looked really frightened and started mumbling something that I couldn't make out. Then I noticed that his pants didn't look quite right. "Something's not right here buddy, " I said. "I just noticed that your jeans are on the bulky side. Why? What caused that wet spot on lour crotch if you don't need to piss? You have been nervous all morning and now you look scared to death. Why are you afraid to open lour pants and take a leak?"

Bob looked around the restroom to make sure that we were the only occupants, then began to speak. "Mark, we have been best friends for as long as I can remember. Best friends are not supposed to keep any secrets from each other, but I have not done so with you. I would imagine that you would have discovered my secret. sooner or later, without me telling you. I was afraid that you would not like me any more if you found out. But you have me in a situation that I cannot lie my way out. You will be the only person outside my family that knows of this."

With that, Bob pulled down his fly zipper, unbuckled his belt, unsnapped the top of his jeans, and then pushed them down his legs to his knees. I couldn't believe it my eyes! there stood Bob wearing very bulky diapers and plastic pants. To top it off, the diapers were so wet they sagged inside his plastic pants. Quickly, he pulled his jeans back up over his wet diapers and plastic pants and closed them back up. "I am a chronic bedwetter and I have to wear diapers and plastic pants to bed every night. I have done this since I was 11 years old, but the doctors have no idea when I might regain control of my bladder at night. My parents also make me wear diapers after school and on weekends, hoping that wearing diapers in the daytime might shame me into dryness. This is why I never invited you over to sleep. I was afraid that you wouldn't like me because I still wore diapers. I disobeyed my father yesterday. To punish me, he made me wear my diapers and plastic, pants to school today and told me that if I tame home to lunch with dry diapers, I would have to wear them the rest of the afternoon and all day tomorrow. I couldn't take a leak in here because I wet myself while I was standing by your locker. Apparently, I didn't have my plastic pants adjusted over my cloth diapers correctly, or I didn't have enough diapers on, so I leaked. causing the wet spot that you noticed."

Right then and there I wanted to tell Bob that I also wet the bed and I, too, wore diapers at night. I wanted to tell him that I also had come to like wearing diapers. Just as I was going to tell him the bell rang and we had to go to our next class. We started walking toward the direction out of the john. I was scared, but I also had to try something. So I put one arm around Bob's shoulder and placed the other hand gently on his diapered bulky mass in front of his jeans and said. "I'm really glad you told me about your secret; it is more than alright with me," I said in a soft but shaky voice. I was afraid of how he might react. To my surprise he just stood there and but his arm around me and said. "I'm glad, too!"

We walked out of the boys' bathroom and headed to our next class. I wondered how it felt like sitting in class with a wet diaper on. Can you imagine if the other kids found out that Bob was wearing diapers! Well, I can assure you that I wouldn't be the one to tell anyone of his diapered state. It was a start to a great friendship, but that's another story. Maybe I can tell it to you some day.

Rewritten on November 19, 1999 TAH 020661

High School Humiliation

Part Two

By Timmy

After the fourth class of the day, lunchtime was here. Bob went home for lunch and to get out of his wet diapers. Bob was greeted by his mother just the same as usual and told him to eat his lunch which consisted of Sloppy Joe's, French Fries and a Coke. Bob's mom asked him if his diapers were wet, in which Bob replied that they were. Bob told his mother about Mark finding out about his diapers and that he is a chronic bedwetter. She told Bob that, "it probably was about time that your best friend finds this out. Now you can have him over to spend the night without worrying about him discovering that you still wear diapers for lour bedwetting. Even though Bob's and Mark's parents were close friends, it was never discussed that both their boys still wet the bed and require night diapers.

After bob had eaten his lunch, his mom told him to lie down on his bed and she would take cart of his wet diapers. He did as instructed and his mom proceeded to pull off his jeans exposing the very soaked cloth diapers inside his teen-sized plastic pants. She carefully removed his plastic pants and un-pinned his wet diapers. Once she cleaned Bob up with some wipes and dried him off, Bob was expecting to put on a pair of regular underwear on as earlier explained to him. But instead of leaving his room Bob's mom retrieved an Attends disposable diaper with one of those diaper liners for added absorbency. "Why are you getting out another diaper?" Bob said nervously. "Well, after your father returned home from dropping you off from school, we both decided that it would be in your best interest if you started to wear diapers ah the time, even to school. We figured that since you can't keep your bed dry and require night diapers and when you do wear daytime diapers, it seems you can't keep them dry either. So from now on, you art going to wear diapers 24/7." As she was saying this to Bob, She placed the disposable diaper underneath his bum and taped them up in place. Bob couldn't believe it; he lay there motionless and had tears in his eyes as he was going to return to school wearing not only diapers but thick disposable diapers at that. He told his mother that he didn't want to return to school wearing diapers in fear that his classmates would find out and tease him about his diapers, especially when he had to undress in gym class. Bob's mother told him that it was too late for excuses and that he was going to wear them all the time until his bedwetting stopped and his night diapers remained dry for an entire month. After his diapers where taped firmly in place he pulled up his jeans over the thick disposable diaper. The bulk of the diaper wasn't quite as noticeable as the thick cloth diapers and plastic pants he had on earlier, but what made it noticeable to Bob was the crinkling affect that the disposable diaper gave. His mom gave him a hug and told Bob that this was for the best. "You might not like wearing diapers to school, but I think that this just might cure your constant bedwetting problem."

Bob returned to school and joined myself for the 5th period class. I looked at Bob and then again at his crotch, noticing that they were less bulky, but on the other hand something still wasn't quite right. We had commons between our 5th and 7th periods, so we sat in the library. I noticed as Bob sat down, you could hear a faint crinkling sound, like a disposable diaper would give, but I didn't think that Bob was returning to school in diapers. Finally Bob told me that his parents are making him wear diapers all the time, even to school. "They figured that if I wear diapers all the time, maybe I would stop wetting the bed."

"I don't know what to do... I really don't mind wearing diapers, but I'm 15 years old and I don't know one single guy my age that still wears diapers. "How can I participate in P.E. tomorrow if I'm wearing a disposable diaper? Everyone will laugh a me." Little did he know that I wore them to bed every night, but I was waiting for the perfect time to tell him! I said to Bob, "Look, if you are going to have to wear diapers all the time you might as well accept it and do your best and not let others get to you. I'll stand up for you and give you the support any way that I can. "Look at it this way, what are diapers anyway... just another form of underwear. Yes, one that is highly absorbent and has a plastic backing to it, but other than that, they still protect you like underwear, they give you support like underwear, so it shouldn't be a big deal in wearing diapers to school. Just tell the other classmates that you developed a condition, which requires you in wearing diapers for a period of time, something you can't help but need the extra protection. I think if you let them know it's not your fault and you really don't want to wear diapers then I would guess they would accept you for who You are and not what you wear."

"I guess you are right, but how would you like to wear diapers to school, Mark?"

"Well since I really can't say what it would be like in wearing them during the daytime, I guess I can't say for sure on how you feel" Mark responded. Excuse me Mark, but why can't you say what it would be like in wearing them during the daytime over wearing them at night? Well you know what I mean..." Mark tried to quickly cover-up his comments. "I do have to admit that it is strange wearing diapers to school after all these years. They are sot of comfortable," Bob replied.

Well, the rest of the afternoon went on and no big upsets, except that when school got out I could tell that Bob has wet. His jeans were sagging a bit, so I knew he had wet his diapers. I asked Bob, "as long as I know that you wear diapers, why don't you spend the night at my house tomorrow night. Being a Friday night, we can stay up late and sleep in late in the morning." Bob said that would be great as he also wanted to spend the night with me, but he had to ask his parents if it would be OK.

Bob returned home, sat his books down and got a glass of milk to drink. His dad was home and asked Bob if he needed a change. Bob of course knew that his diapers were at the breaking point of being over-saturated, told his dad that he did. His dad instructed him to go to his room and lie down. As Bob did this, he noticed that even though his parents were making him wear diapers 24-hours a day, there wasn't a tone of punishment within his dad voice, but an actual caring voice saying like, "it's all going to work out in the end." This made Bob to feel a lot better about himself and kind of liked wearing diapers and the extra attention it brought. his dad pulled off his shoes and then pulled off his jeans, exposing his extremely wet disposable diaper. As he was un-taping his wet diaper, he said to Bob, "Looks like you really needed these diapers. you're really wet and You didn't think about using the bathroom. Instead you wet your diapers on purpose." Bob didn't say a word as a fresh clean thick cloth diaper was pinned on with plastic pants placed over the bulky cloth diapers. As his dad was diapering him, he asked if he could spend the night at Mark's tomorrow night. his dad asked Bob if Mark Knew about his bedwetting and the need for diapers. Bob said that Mark knew that he wore diapers and needed them at night too! Bob's dad said that it would be fine," but remember that you will have to wear diapers ah the time, just not at night and Ill have to ask Mark's mom or dad to change your diapers. Do you still want to spend the night at Mark's house knowing that you'll be diapered day in and day out?" Bob's dad asked him. "Yes, I still would like to go over to Mark's house!"

"Well then I guess it is OK with me" Bob's dad replied.

Bob was changed one more time before going to bed. His diapers were thoroughly soaked and his parents didn't say anything about his wet diapers as they pinned on his thick nightly diapers. On Friday morning, as they had done for the past 4 years, his parents woke Bob up and stuck their hand inside Bob's plastic pants only to find very wet diapers. I'm not sure why they continued in checking to see if Bob was wet, when they perfectly knew that his night diapers were going to be completely soaked. Bob's wet cloth diaper was changed into a dry Attends diaper along with the added diaper-doubler so no additional changes were needed. Bob put on a pair of boxer shorts over the diapers to help conceal the fact that he was wearing diapers. With the addition to the boxer shorts, his Levi's jeans appeared a little bulkier than yesterday afternoon. His mother gave him a note to explain to the gym instructor that Bob need not take a shower after P.E. Although at some point Bob would have to start taking showers, which meant that he would have to fully expose his diapered state and change into a clean, dry diaper afterwards. He was a little nervous about changing into his gym shorts without anyone suspecting what he was wearing.

Bob left for school and joined myself before the first period. I could tell that Bob was diapered again, and even I was a little jealous over that he got to wear diapers to school and I didn't! P.E. was during the 3rd period and when it came time to go to gym class. Bob confessed to me that he was really nervous about the others finding out about his diapers. He told me that he put on a pair of boxer shorts to conceal his diapers, but didn't know if that would be enough. As we walked into the boys' locker room, Bob handed the P.E. instructor the note from his mom. All the instructor said was "Looks like we have another one on our hands." Both Bob and I didn't know what he meant by that, but at least Bob didn't have to take off his clothes and shower. I watched Bob get undressed and you really couldn't tell by looking at his boxers that he was wearing diapers underneath. After we had our gym shorts on, we headed for the gym.

Once in the gym I could hear the faint crinkle of Bob's diaper whenever he was close to me. I wondered if any of the other guys had heard it, too. Everything went well during P.E. and no one suspected that Bob was wearing diapers, or at least that's what I thought. We headed back into the locker room after gym class was over and most of the guys started to undress to take showers, with me included. Bob on the other hand just took off his gym shorts and was sitting on the bench with his boxer shorts on, putting on his socks when I heard the boy next to Bob say. "What's that crinkling sound you make when you move about." Before you knew it I heard a loud voice say, "looks like a diaper sticking out from Bob's boxer shorts." Bob tried putting on his jeans quickly to avoid any further embarrassment, but the boy behind Bob pulled down Bob's boxer shorts only to fully expose Bob's disposable diaper, which by this time was a little damp. Everyone broke out laughing and saying to Bob, "look at the diaper boy." Or "Diaper- Bobby" I went over towards Bob and shouted, "Bob has a medical problem and has to wear diapers for protection. How would you like it if any of you had to start wearing diapers again and got teased for wearing them! At least Bob has the guts to participate in P.E. Knowing that he is wearing diapers. Give him a break and stop teasing him, it's hard enough handing wearing diapers again, but he doesn't need your grief." Some of the classmates still snickered, but most of them fell quiet. Bob continued in getting dressed while others took their showers. You could hear in the shower room them discussing the discovery of Bob's diapers. Bob thanked me for standing up for him. I told him, "No Trouble buddy, I can understand what you are going through."

After gym class, a few students Bob and I passed said some snide remarks, but overall it wasn't all that bad. One guy actually asked Bob if he was really wearing diapers. Bob, proudly said that "Yes, I'm wearing diapers." It takes a lot of guts to admit that you still wear diapers. Since Bob was fully diapered and didn't need a change until after school was out. He joined me for lunch in the school cafeteria. Some guys and girls came up to Bob and told him that he was pretty brave in having to wear diapers again and not lose it in gym class. Of course there were those few students, with small brains I guess, who teased him and called him "Diaper Boy" but that was about the extent of the ridicule. During lunch I did ask if he was going to spend the night at my house, which he said yes. Now I could let him on my secret that I wet the bed and wore diapers to bed, just like my buddy Bob.

Once school was out, Bob and I where walking home and discussing what we were going to do tonight and tomorrow. As we approached Bob's house, he told me that he would be over in about an hour. He wanted to pack some stuff he needed (which I knew meant diapers) and he needed a change before coming over, he told me that he wasn't really comfortable in having my parents change his diapers. That's why he wanted to change before coming over to eliminate any unnecessary diaper changes. I told Bob that I completely understand his thought process, but told him that I thought that my parents already knew that he wore diapers to bed and that it shouldn't be a big problem in my house. They kept your secret away from me, hoping that someday, you might tell me yourself.

Bob walked in to his house and I headed towards mine. Once Bob was in his house, he was greeted at the door, just like every day before, with a hug and a big smile. Bob's mom gave him some cookies and milk while Bob told her about the incident in P.E. class and how Mark stood up for me. Bob's mom told him that now you don't have to be concerned about the other kids finding out that you wear diapers. "I think that putting you in diapers even at school will help you out." His mom said, "What do you think, Bob?"

"Yeah, I guess you and dad are right. I kind of like wearing diapers all the time." Bob replied. "I thought that you really wanted to wear diapers deep down inside you. but never came out until we forced diapers on you yesterday!" Bob's mom added.

After his snack, he when into his room to pack a few things he needed to sleep over at Mark's. His mom helped him out. Inside is duffel bag, he packed some pajamas, extra jeans and a T-shirt for tomorrow and 6 Attends disposable diapers with some extra diaper- doublers. She even packed one of his thick cloth night diapers and 3 pairs of plastic pants. She told Bob that you might want to consider wearing some plastic pants over your disposable diaper, just in case you wet yourself quite heavily. You don't want to ruin any of Mark's furniture. The other plastic pants, one was a snap-on variety and the other one was a pull-on type but was a baby blue kind. Just in case you feel like wearing them over your night diapers. You can decide what type Of diaper to wear, but remember, you have to wear diapers all the time and Mark's parents are fully aware that you now need diapers 24-hours a day. I didn't tell them why, so your secret is safe with you, unless you want to tell them. It's up to you.

Bob's wet diaper was changed into one of those junior disposable diapers (the ones that are a baby-blue color) instead of the Attends diapers he had been wearing for the last two days, along with the added diaper-doubler. He asked why the change in diapers and they replied that they wanted to see if these diapers fit and were any good. Bob noticed that they were a bit thicker than the Attends and had more padding on the sides of the diaper. The one thing bob noticed even more, was the fact that these diapers didn't have an elastic waistband, but these baby-blue diapers had the standard waist top. They would stick out from his pants if he weren't careful enough. He closed up his pants and walked over to my house with his duffel bag in tote. I greeted Bob at the front door along with my mother. She said that I could put my bag in Mark's room and then you two guys can play Nintendo or whatever you to decide. She asked both of his if we wanted any thing to drink, which we both of us said "Mountain Dew".

Bob and I decided to play a quick game of Nintendo 64 Star Fleet Academy. As We played, Bob every once in a while bent forward to set some controls on the master controller. That's when I noticed his baby-blue disposable diaper sticking out from the back of his pants. I was surprised to see him wearing a baby-blue diaper. They look just like disposable diapers for toddlers and I also thought he looked so cute wearing diapers. It even looked cuter when his disposable diaper stuck out of his pants. he looked like a toddler boy, with no cares in the world, diapered and happy. I didn't tell him that his diaper was sticking out, I just wanted to enjoy the moment. My mother even at one point noticed Bob's diaper, but never said a word. We played for about an hour when we decided to go skate boarding. I lent him one of my skateboards. We practiced our maneuvers at a local park. While we jumped around with our skateboards, Bob bent forward to balance himself, his diapers stuck out and even other guys noticed that Bob was wearing diapers. They snickered and Bob knew that they saw his diapers as he tucked his shirt in his jeans, but I really think that Bob was so comfortable being in diapers, it didn't matter who knew about his diapered state. One guy came up to Bob and I and said to Bob, "Look, baby-blue plastic underwear Dude". After about an hour or so, I told Bob that we better head back, as dinnertime was about to approach. We walked back to my house and talked about the guy who thought his diapers were "cool". "Do you think that there are other guys who secretly want to wear diapers, but are afraid to?" Bob asked me. "Well, I'm not sure how many guys want to wear diapers, but I think you are not the only one." I replied. Bob then asked me, "Mark, do you think I'm too old to be wearing diapers or do you think of me as a big baby?"

"I don't think anybody is too old for diapers. If they need diapers, then they should wear them no matter what age. And no, I don't think you are a big baby just because you still wear diapers. Look, you wear diapers at night because of your bedwetting, right?" I replied. "Well, yes," Bob answered. "And just because you wear diapers during the daytime, because you like to or by punishment, doesn't make you a big baby. Now if you went around talking like a baby, sleeping in a crib and drinking out of a baby bottle, then I'd say you were a big baby. Do you do any of things Bob?"

"No" Bob shouted back. Then just because you still wear diapers, doesn't make you a big baby, OK."

"OK" Bob answered.

Once we got home dinner was almost ready. We both washed our hands and sat down at the dinner table. We enjoyed our meal and after dinner Bob and I played another game of Star Fleet Academy. I could tell by the way Bob's jeans sagged, he was wet. I still admired the way his diaper stuck out when he bent forward. It was getting pretty late and my mom suggested that wt get ready for bed. We didn't have to go to bed, just get ready. I could tell that Bob was a little uneasy of having my dad change his diaper. I assured him that my dad wouldn't think anything of changing your diapers. Bob asked me why was that and I replied that it doesn't bother him. I didn't want to give any secrets away, so I tried backing out of the answer. My mom and dad entered my room and told that it was time to get ready for bed. My mom suggested that Bob stay in your room with your father and you can come in my room and get ready for bed, my mom told us. I was thinking that Bob was wondering why I just couldn't put my pajamas right in the same room. Unless I felt uncomfortable watching Bob's diaper get changed. Hopefully that is what he was thinking. After I left my room, my dad asked Bob to go ahead and lie down on the bed. Bob did as was instructed in which my dad pulled off Bob's shoes, and unbuckled his belt and pulled down his jeans, exposing his very wet disposable diapers. He then asked Bob to sit up so he could take off his shirt. There Bob was lying almost naked on my bed, just in a very soaked diaper. He asked Bob, what type of diaper he usually wore at night and Bob responded that he wore cloth diapers and plastic pants. My dad looked inside his duffel bag and saw there were disposable diapers, plastic pants and thick cloth diapers. He suggested that maybe he would be more comfortable in a disposable diaper, since you are away from home and it would be easier to clean up than cloth diapers. Bob told him that would be okay. He retrieved a clean dry Attends disposable diaper and 2 diaper-doublers and a pair of plastic pants. He carefully tore the tapes away from the wet diaper and folded it into itself and taped it shut. Bob was amazed on how efficiently Mark's father took care of a wet disposable diaper. He cleaned up his bottom with a baby wipe and carefully placed the thick dry disposable diaper with the 2 diaper-doublers on Bob. After he taped them up snuggly in plate, he then slid a pair of plastic pants over the disposable diaper. He said that it was just in case you are a heavy wetter. He then told me to go ahead and put on my pajamas. Bob was thinking that Mark's dad diapered him so expertly how did he become so quick on changing diapers.

While Bob's diaper was being changed I was in my mom's room having my diapers put on me as well! I wore the same disposable diapers as Bob and the same diaper-doubler, My mom asked me while she was diapering me, if Bob Knew that I wet the bed and wore diapers too. I told her that Bob was unaware of my bedwetting but I was waiting for him to sleep over, so that way he could discover that I was wearing diapers on his own. "Don't you think you should have let him know that he isn't the only boy that needs to wear diapers, especially after what he went through at school, young man!" my mom asked me. Well I guess I should have, but after tonight he'll know of my secret, too. After my diapers were snuggly taped in place, I put on my pajamas as well. As ( walked out from my mom's room, you could hear the tattle tale sounds of my crinkling disposable diapers.

As I walked toward my room, my dad was just leaving my room. I entered my room and Bob was sitting on my bed. You could tell that he was thickly diapered for the night. I asked Bob if he wanted to play another Nintendo game in which he said that he would. As Bob got off the bed you could hear the crinkling of his disposable diapers. I walked and sat down next to the computer, my diaper crinkled underneath my pajamas as well. Bob didn't stem to notice yet. I bent forward to set the controls and I knew that this time my disposable diaper was sticking out from behind my pajamas. I'm sure that Bob saw them, but he didn't say anything. Through the first half of the game, we bumped each other and kidded around. All the time we were doing this, both of our diapers were crinkling. Finally Bob looked at me and asked, "Mark, can I ask you a personal question?"

"Shoot" I replied. "I have been noticing some crinkling going on when you walk or move around and when you bent forward, I could swear that I saw a disposable diaper underneath your pajamas. Do you have to wear diapers, too?"

"Okay, you got me," I replied. "I've been a life long bedwetter and have worn diapers to bed all my life just like you. Having my diapers put on me at night is just like putting on pajamas for most kids, except that I get diapered first. When you told me a couple days ago that you still wet your bed and when you showed me your cloth diapers and plastic pants in the boys' room, I couldn't believe my eyes, that I wasn't the only 15-year-old still wearing diapers. I wanted to tell you right then, but the bell rang and I never really got the chance to tell you. So I thought I'd wait for tonight so that way you could notice that I was wearing diapers. I hope you aren't upset with me for not telling you any sooner, are you, Bob?"

"No, I guess not. I can't believe that we've been friends for so long and both of us have the same problem and wear diapers to bed, or at least you. I now have to wear them all the time now. Oh well, I like wearing diapers, don't you, Mark?" Bob replied and asked. "Yeah, I like wearing diapers at night, I mean I've been wearing them all my life. I wouldn't know what it would be like to sleep in a bed not wearing thick, comfy diapers. Wearing them during the day though, is an interesting idea. I don't think I would cars to do it and I'm sure that my parents have enough on their hand with just the night diapers," I replied. "Have you ever worn cloth diapers and plastic pants to bed, Mark?" Bob asked. "Yes, mostly on cold winter nights, but my mom doesn't like all the extra laundry, so she'd rather keep me in nice thick disposable diapers," I added.

It was so cool to find out that Mark wet the bed and wore diapers too! We decided to take off our pajamas and talk just in our diapers. Bob asked me why his parents haven't made a big deal with the bedwetting. Mark told Bob that he was potty trained at the normal age of 3, but for some reason he continued in wetting the bed. At first his parents didn't have him wear a diaper to bed, but after a solid month of waking up wet, they decided that he wasn't ready to get out of nighttime diapers. So after that I wore diapers to bed every eight. They did take me to a doctor and he said that there wasn't anything physically wrong with me and that my bedwetting will stop when he is ready to stop. The doctor also explained that in some children that the bedwetting never stops and they continue in wetting into their adult life. My parents just let me wear diapers to bed and I've been wearing them now for 15 years. My mom doesn't mind that I still need night diapers and she doesn't mind spending the extra money on diapers, as long as they make me comfortable. In a way I think she likes keeping me in night diapers. It kind of keeps me her baby, even though I'm growing up. Bob was amazed that his parents were so cool with that fact that Mark still needed night diapers. I wish my parents had the same attitude, instead of making me wear diapers all the time, Bob said.

After talking awhile Bob and I decided to go to bed. We had to share a king size bed that was in my room, but hey, I wasn't complaining. We both jumped in bed just in our disposable diapers. We turned out the light and faced each other still whispering about wearing diapers at 15. I stared into Bob's eyes and he into mine. I wanted to touch Bob and his diapers, but I thought I'd better keep things cool for a while. We both drifted off to sleep with a few minutes.


The next morning, Bob woke up to me lying awake looking at him. As he awakened, I asked Bob if his diaper was wet.

"Of course they're wet, otherwise I wouldn't have to wear diapers now wouldn't I. How about you?" he replied.

I told Bob that his diaper was extremely wet as well. Just then, my mom came in and told us to get dressed. I climbed out of bed just in my wet disposable diaper and headed off for the bathroom with a clean pair of Jockey underwear in tow. My mother told Bob that she was going to change his diaper so that he could get dressed.

She went into Bob's duffel bag and pulled out a thick clean disposable diaper, diaper liner and a pair of plastic pants. After she pulled off his wet diaper, she expertly cleaned him up and proceeded to put him in his thick disposable diaper. All the while she was doing this, I re-entered his room wearing nothing but my Jockey underwear. I just looked at Bob while my mom finished diapering him. Once his thick diapers were taped in place she pulled the pair of plastic pants over his thick diapers. After everything was said and done, I pulled my shorts over my underwear and Bob pulled his shorts over his diapers. I couldn't keep my eyes off from Bob's diapers as he finished getting dressed. He didn't say anything about me staring at them; he guessed I was still a little shocked to see his best friend wearing daytime diapers.

Both of us headed to the kitchen for breakfast. Once breakfast was over, both Bob and I went into my room to play another game of Nintendo. We played for about 3 hours, and within that 3 hours he needed a diaper change as he wet himself playing video games. He commented to me that it seems that when he's wearing diapers, he doesn't bother to use the bathroom and instead he uses his diapers. He told me as long as he has to wear them during the daytime, he might as well use them for their intended purpose. Before lunch was served, my mother changed his wet diapers into dry ones. He felt a little uneasy in having my mother change his diapers, but he somehow felt better having someone change his diapers. After lunch was done and over with, Bob had to go home. He thanked my mom for everything and thanked me for his support and that I opened up to him about my bedwetting problem. I thanked Bob for accepting my problem and being honest with me. I asked him if he wanted to do something later that day and he responded that he wasn’t sure what his parents had planned, but did ask if I wanted to spend the night at his house next weekend. You didn't have to ask me twice, and of course I said, "sure, that would be great." Bob left my house and I just couldn't wait until the next time we got together just in our diapers.

High School Humiliation

Part 3

“Weekend in

Pampers Size 9“

By Timmy

Forward: High School Humiliation Part 3is now being told by Bob.


Once I got home from Mark’s that Saturday morning, my mother told me that later in the afternoon, we’d all go to the mall for some clothes shopping and have some lunch in the food court of the Mall. I was a little apprehensive about buying new clothing, as I was fully aware that I would have to try them on diapered. As my dad came home from doing some errands around town, my mom told me to go into my room for a diaper change before we headed to the Mall. At this point I was still a little weirded out about my mom telling me it was time for my diaper change. I thought maybe she’d just say, “time for a change” and not say the phrase “diaper change”. I guess, I mean that I do wear diapers and they do need changing, so it really shouldn’t bother me that I have to have my “diaper” changed. I went into my room and took off my jeans and lay down on my bed in my now wet diaper, T-shirt and socks. My mom went into my closet and pulled out a package of Pampers. I was surprised to see that she had purchased Pampers for me. She told me that when she was grocery shopping, she noticed that Pampers started to make their diapers larger than the current size 6. This package read “Size 9” 90 lbs. – 125 lbs. She pulled out a diaper from the package and it was light blue in color and seemed to have some type of designs on the front. She then pulled off my plastic pants away from me and then un-taped my wet disposable diaper. She pulled the wet diaper out from underneath me and replaced it with one of the Pampers from the package. After she carefully cleaned and dried me up, she taped up the sides of Pamper with the two tape tabs on each side of the diaper. As she was diapering me, I asked her if Mark could join us, but she told me that I just had spent the night over at Mark’s and maybe it would be a good idea if just the family did something together. I really wanted Mark to come along, but I didn’t argue. I pulled my jeans back on over my diaper and threw on a sweatshirt over my T-shirt. I couldn’t help but notice that these diapers were just a bit thinner than my Attends diaper, but I still thought it was noticeable that I was wearing diapers underneath my jeans instead of regular underwear or boxers that most guys would wear. The Pampers even crinkled more than the Attends, but I guess when you’re wearing Pampers, you should expect that. My mom told me that she wanted a thinner diaper for me to wear; yet something highly absorbent to handle my heavy wettings as I continued in wearing daytime diapers. She had hoped that the Pampers would do the trick. Although she was a little uneasy in buying and having her 15-year old son wear Pampers, it was better than having me wear the bulky cloth diapers and plastic pants I’d use to wear during the day after school. After I had finished re-dressing myself, all four of us headed out the door and to the mall. John, my older brother, couldn’t join us as he was working at his job.

We arrived at the mall just before lunchtime and my mom suggested that we go over to the Abercrombie & Fitch to find some new clothes for me. She knew that I had always like clothing from there and owned several articles from them. Andrew wasn’t at that age for him to like Abercrombie & Fitch. He preferred clothing from stores like Pac Sun or Gadzooks. She told me with the style that the kids were wearing today, hiding that I was wearing diapers should be quite easy. We entered the store and I picked out some baggy jeans that I liked. She told me to try them on, as I was a little uneasy about this, as I really did not want any one to notice that I was wearing diapers and Pampers at that. I walked over toward the fitting rooms, which a young sales guy helped me pick out a changing booth. I recognized him from school, but he was one year older than me and was a grade higher as well. I pulled off my jeans and put the new jeans on over my diaper and headed out into the common area of the fitting rooms where they had more mirrors to examine yourself. My mom looked at me and said that they seemed to be on the loose side. The young sales guy told my mom that this was the style to wear them loose, so that boxers would be visible. “All the guys let them show nowadays, but I prefer to wear my shirt tucked in with a cool belt,” he said. He came up to me and placed his hand within my waistline and said that these jeans seemed to be just right for me. As he was saying this to my mom and myself, he ran his hand along the inside waist area of the jeans touching the plastic of the top part of my diaper. He seemed a little set back by his discovery and without a moment’s notice, he lifted up the backside of my sweatshirt and T-shirt exposing my shameful baby-blue disposable diaper to him. He then said to me after seeing my diapers…”Maybe in your case, it might be better for you to tuck in your shirt and wear a belt than letting your underwear show…if you know what I mean!”

I was a little embarrassed by what he said, turned around and went back into the fitting room and put my jeans back on. After I finished dressing myself, I exited the fitting rooms and headed toward my parents. They were shopping within another part of the store with Andrew when the same sales guy came over to me and said, “I hope I didn’t embarrass you…but can I ask you why are you wearing diapers?” Luckily no one was around to hear this, so I told him that I needed to wear diapers because of a bladder problem. He responded to me by asking, “Your name wouldn’t happen to be Bob, would it?”

“Yes it is, how did you know my name was Bob?” I questioned him.

“I heard at school the other day that there was a sophomore wearing diapers and he was found out during P.E.,” he said. I hung my head a little low and told him that sophomore was me. He put his arm around me and said, “I kinda thought it might be you when I discovered that you were wearing disposable diapers. Sorry about that.”

“That’s Ok, I guess. It’s a little embarrassing, though, in having to wear diapers again at my age!” I replied, even though I was grinning on the inside.

My parents came back toward me and wanted to go next door to Pac Sun and Gadzooks to shop for Andrew’s clothes and then to Eddie Bauer for my mom and dad, my mom said to me. I asked if I could stay here for awhile and look around some more. They said it would be ok for me and they would come back in about 20 minutes or so. After they left Abercrombie & Fitch the sales guy introduced himself as Greg. He was 16 years old and a Junior at Bay Ridge High. He told me that he got this job soon after his 16th birthday. He also told me that there might be some really cool pants that I might like. He showed me a pair of pants that the bottom half of the legs zipped off and turned into shorts.

“Just like the pair that I’m wearing” Greg said. As he said this I looked at his pants and admired they way they looked on him…not too tight, yet not really bulky. He led me into the changing room again and told me to try them on. After I tried them on, I came back out to see myself in the mirror. Once again he ran his hand on the inside of my waistline touching the top of my diaper.

“These should do. They hide the bulkiness of diapers,” he said to me. Luckily once again no one was in the fitting room to hear his comments. He was talking to me about how brave I was in wearing diapers to P.E. and letting everyone see them.

“I could never do what you did,” he added.

“What…?” I asked.

“Ok, just a minute,” Greg said. Then he looked around to see if there was anyone else in the fitting room area. With little warning, he un-tucked his shirt exposing just the top of his boxer shorts, then un-zipped half of his fly then gently pulling down the waist band of his boxer shorts just enough to let me see that he had on a Attends disposable diaper underneath his boxer shorts. You could tell that his diaper was an Attends because of the blue tape-tabs on the front of the diaper. It even appeared that his diaper seemed a little wet. Once he knew that I saw his diaper, he quickly pulled up his boxer shorts and zipped up his pants and said to me…”I too like yourself, need to wear diapers all the time because I was born with a underdeveloped bladder,” Greg confessed to me. “When I saw that you were wearing them too, I felt that I needed to tell you. I never meet someone about my age that wore diapers, too,” he added. He kept on telling me that no one at work is aware that he wears diapers and only his closest friends know about his condition. He also told me that even no one at school knows about this, except for the coach. Just then I realized what the coach meant by, “looks like we have another one on our hands” the other day at gym class.

After talking to Greg a bit more and choosing some more clothes for me, my parents and Andrew came back and purchased the rest of my clothing. As we were leaving the store, Greg said to me “See you around, Bob.” I was in total shock and yet somehow pleased to know that I wasn’t the only Diaper-Boy at Bay Ridge High School. I replied, “Yup, see you around Greg.” I walked out of Abercrombie & Fitch with Andrew and my parents knowing that I now knew two others my age that wear diapers. Mark, of course, needs diapers only at night for his bedwetting and now Greg; he wears diapers full-time due to a bladder problem…sort of like me.

We headed to the food court which all four of us decided to eat at the Chinese place. While we were eating, my dad asked me if I was wet and needed a change. Andrew giggled abit when he heard my dad ask me if I needed a diaper change. I told him quietly that I was a little wet, but actually my Pamper was quite absorbent and very comfortable.

“Well, if you need a change before we leave the mall, make sure you tell us. I brought an spare diaper with us just in case you need a change,” my dad told me. “I’m glad those Pampers fit you and you like them” he added. I replied, “Me too!” Of course, Andrew giggled even more so when he learned that I was wearing Pampers.

After we finished eating we continued in shopping for about another hour when I wet myself again and then told my dad that I was really wet and needed a change before went home. We found the restrooms back near the food court and luckily enough the “Family restroom” was unoccupied. I went in with my dad following me. I was concerned if anyone saw me going in with my dad. What would they think if they saw a 15 year-old going in with his dad in tow! My dad told me to lie down on the floor which of course I did and he un-buckled my pants and un-zipped them and pulled them down toward my knees. He took out the clean dry diaper out of the bag he was carrying and pulled the tapes away from my extremely wet disposable diaper. He instructed to lift my butt which he then pulled the wet diaper away from me and placed the dry diaper underneath me just as quickly as the wet diaper was pulled out from underneath me. As I settled back down on the nice clean dry diaper he said to me, ”well, the way it looks, maybe putting you back into daytime diapers maybe wasn’t all that bad of an idea after all. I thought that maybe having you wear diapers during the daytime would make you stop your bedwetting. But that’s not the case and now it looks like your daytime wettings have increased. I think DIAPERS are the right choice for you”.

He pulled the diaper snuggly in place and taped them up on each side. As I got up, he swatted my diapered butt and said, “there you go, cowboy…all nice and dry, comfy in your diapers.”

I was finally relieved to hear that my dad was actually being nice about me wearing diapers. Now I didn’t have to be ashamed about wearing diapers all the time. I loved every minute of being diapered. I exited the family restroom with my dad and I was beaming from ear to ear. My mom noticed my expression and asked my dad what was going on. He told her that, “Bob was glad to get his diaper changed. He needed it and I think he feels comfortable in them.”

After finishing shopping at the mall, My parents, Andrew and myself returned home. I unloaded my packages into my room and started to put away my new clothes. I remembered that my mom just purchased a package of Pampers size 9 and I really didn’t get a look at them. I opened up my closet door and there sitting on a shelf was the package of the Pampers diapers. I picked up the bag and started to examine it. The package was clearly designed for older children and even teenagers. The weight for the diapers stated would fit children between 90 pounds and 125 pounds. Instead of the usual picture of a baby on the front of the package, it had a young boy about the age of 12 wearing jeans and a T-shirt. Even though you couldn’t actually the diaper, his pants budged out enough to indicate that he was wearing a Pamper. Underneath the picture there was the motto: Discreet Protection for Older Children and Teenagers. Other than those differences, the package appeared to be exactly like the Pampers for babies. As I continued looking at the package, I noticed on the back that there was several additional sizes of Pampers from the usual size 6 which fits over 35 lbs; size 7, which was from 45 lbs. to 60 lbs; size 8, which fits between 65 lbs. and 85 lbs; and my diapers, size 9, which fits children and teenagers between 90 lbs. and 125 lbs. It also stated that each size was designed for a particular gender. Instead of the diapers being Unisex, the plastic backing on the diapers where either blue for boys or pink for girls. The only diaper that was unisex was size 10. This disposable diaper was white, with no prints on the front of the diaper, but had a wetness indicator. These diapers would fit persons over 130 lbs. All these extra sizes that Pampers designed after Size 6 had the same design as the Pampers size 6, but made only larger. The manufacturer decided that the market for diapers for older children and teenagers with bedwetting and bladder problems was enough to warrant their manufacture.

I took one of the diapers out of the package to examine it. As before they were light blue in color and a little thinner than my normal diapers. Un-like the Attends, these disposable diapers didn’t have an elastic waistband, but the normal waistband like you’d find on regular baby diapers. These diapers had two refastenable tape tabs unlike Attends 3-tape tabs. I unfolded the diaper and noticed that they had a print on the front of the diaper. The print was of sailboats, anchors and other nautical symbols. It really wasn’t all that babyish, but having a print on the front seemed to be babyish to me. But what the heck, I loved wearing diapers and I was even happy that my mom bought me Pampers.

As I was looking at the diaper, my brother John walked by my room and said to me, “Well it looks like Baby-Bob is starting to wear Pampers just like a real baby.”

“Knock it off,” I said to John. Just as John was kidding around with me, my mom yelled from the kitchen saying to John… “I’m on the phone with your Grandmother and Bob is probably wet, so make sure you change him, John.”

“Yah, Mom, do I have to?” John said.

“Yes, you do, unless you want to start wearing diapers, too,” his mother replied.

“All right, you little diaper butt, let’s get you changed.”

John quickly grabbed the disposable diaper from my hands and told me to take off my pants. John had never changed my diaper before and I wasn’t sure on how to react in having John change my diaper. Even though my diaper was just changed at the mall an hour or so ago, I wet my diaper again without really knowing it. Usually mom or dad changed me into my night diapers since I have been wearing diapers at night for around 4 years now. I knew that John was aware that I needed nighttime diapers, but I didn’t know how he’d react in changing my daytime diapers or that I wasn’t sure until this point that he even knew about my daytime diapers. He couldn’t believe that he was going to change my diaper. John told me to take off my pants and I did as instructed and took off my pants exposing the shamefully wet Pamper.

“Ok, lie down on your bed, Bob!” John said. I walked and crinkled over to my bed and lay down on it. John placed the clean diaper next to me and then started to un-tape my wet diaper.

“Aren’t you embarrassed wearing diapers at your age, Bob, especially to school?” John asked me.

“No, not really. I mean, at first when I started in wearing them at night 4 years ago I was. But having diapers on during the day are kinda comfortable,” I answered.

“You’re weird, Bob,” John replied. John pulled the tape tabs away from my soaked diaper and pulled it away from my body. John then grabbed the clean diaper and slid it underneath my butt and pulled it frontward and taped it in place. As John finished diapering me, he went on saying… “I hope this is the last time I have to change your diapers. I think you’re old enough to change your own diapers.”

“Thanks for changing me, John,” I said.

“Whatever, I can’t believe my 15 year-old brother wears Pampers, what a big baby,” John said. I didn’t care about the remark he said about me. He had no idea on how it felt to be diapered. The bulk of the diaper between my legs, the soft white thick padding encased in soft plastic. The noise of the tape tabs being torn away or placed on my diaper. Even the crinkling noise the diaper makes as I move about…oh there’s nothing to describe it; just being in DIAPERS is the ultimate best. Of course I still loved the feeling of being placed in thick cloth night diapers covered by my teenage size plastic pants for my night wetting, but wearing disposable diapers during the daytime was a total new experience for me that I really never wanted to give up.

As John left my room, I pulled my jeans back on over my diaper and headed back into the kitchen and got a Mountain Dew out of the refrigerator. As I was drinking my soda, my mom said to me that maybe I should limit my liquid intake from now on. I asked her why and she replied that since I’ve been wetting myself more during the daytime, maybe I should think about it to limit the number of diaper changes I might require during the daytime.

“Yah, mom do I have to? I don’t think that I can live without my Mountain Dew,” I replied.

“That’s totally up to you, dear, but remember, the more you drink the more your going to wet yourself and need more diaper changes. Anyway, I don’t think you should have any more caffeine this late in the day,” she replied back. At this point I wasn’t willing to limit my intake of liquids, either soda, water or milk, even if meant more diaper changes. My mom also asked me if John had changed my diaper like she asked him to. I replied, “Yes, he changed my diaper.”

“Good, since it seems that you can’t control yourself now during the daytime and your dad or myself can’t be here every hour of the day, so John might have to change you after school,” she told me. I thought to myself that it would seem that John didn’t get his wish. He was going to have to change my diapers more than what he wanted. Although I wanted to wear diapers during the daytime, I was a bit uneasy in having my brother change my diapers. I didn’t mind my parents changing me, but my older brother— he thought I was a big baby and that I could change myself. Maybe he was right, maybe I could change myself from now on or at least when my parents weren’t around. Well, I’ll have to cross that bridge when the time comes.

My mom was still in the kitchen fixing dinner and I decided to play a game of Nintendo. Just as I was starting the game, Andrew came into my room and asked if he could play with me. Normally Andrew and I never really played together even though he was only 2 years younger. I bent over to reset the game for two people, when I heard Andrew giggling again. I asked him what was so funny. He said to me that my diaper was sticking out of my pants and thought it was funny that his older brother was wearing diapers again. I quickly tucked in my shirt as he was saying this to me. Andrew did know that I needed nighttime diapers for my nightly wetting and also was aware that our parents forced me in wearing cloth diapers and plastic pants after school for a punishment. Then he asked me why I started to wear disposable diapers during the daytime and even to school. I tried to explain to him that I started to have daytime accidents as well and that they bought me these disposable diapers to control my daytime accidents. I really didn’t want to tell him the truth that I had came to love wearing diapers, so I lied to him. Since John thought I was weird in wearing daytime diapers, I could only imagine what Andrew thought of his 15 year-old brother returning to daytime diapers.

Andrew replied to my answer by saying, “that’s cool.” I said to him, “thanks for understanding.” He then asked me what it felt like wearing Pampers during the daytime. I replied that they were actually soft and felt kind of nice, even though they were a lot thicker than regular underwear, they were very comfortable.

Andrew replied by saying, “wow, I had no idea that diapers could be that comfortable”. I had no idea that my brother would be so cool with that I was wearing diapers and that he even might be remotely interested in them. At this point though, I wasn’t willing to go any further with this conversation, so I started the game with Andrew and I played a few games.

About an hour my mom yelled at Andrew and I that dinner was ready. As I got up, you could hear the crinkling of my diaper, which Andrew noticed and gave me a weird look. I also knew that my diaper felt wet. I hadn’t realized that I had wet myself while playing Nintendo. Was I really starting in having daytime accidents or was I subconsciously wetting myself to defend that I needed or wanted daytime diapers. All five of us sat down for a nice, quiet Saturday night dinner. It was unusual that all five of us were home for a Saturday night. John usually had a date on Saturday night and Andrew sometimes stayed over at a friend’s house. We talked about the day’s events, but the only subject that wasn’t brought up was about my diapers. I’m kinda glad that my parents didn’t say anything about them or even ask if I needed a change.

My parents did give us a surprise, they decided to take a vacation once school got out in a month and a half. This vacation would be something for the entire family. They decided to take the entire family to Hawaii. Since school got out in late May, this was Hawaii’s off-season, if Hawaii actually had an off-season. More people tended to visit Hawaii during the winter months, than the early summer. It was also mentioned that we could bring a friend along if we wanted to I was really excited about the trip and I wanted to bring Mark along. The rest of the conversation was surrounded by the talk of the upcoming trip. I was even excited that I was going to go on my first plane trip.

After dinner was finished, my brothers and I cleared the dinner dishes and cleaned up the kitchen. Once this was accomplished and while I was walking out of the kitchen, my dad came up to me and asked me if I needed a change. I replied that I was wet and feeling a little uncomfortable. I followed him into my room where he took out one of the Pampers from its package and told me to lie down. He quickly pulled down my jeans and un-taped my wet diaper. Like always he gently pulled the wet diaper away from me and placed the clean dry diaper underneath me and taped it up in place. Not a word was said while my dad changed my diaper. Once my diaper was changed, I pulled up my jeans and came back into the living room and watched a movie with my parents and brothers. The movie lasted about 2 ½ hours, which during that time frame I had wet myself again. Although my diaper wasn’t as wet as it was earlier, it still was wet. I enjoyed the feeling of having a wet diaper on. The diaper was wet but my skin was still dry. I guess the “BabyDry” lining of the my Pamper really lived up to it’s name. I just had wished that the Pamper people would change the name of “BabyDry” to maybe something more appealing to older kids like myself. Having the name “BabyDry” on it’s packages, even though my disposable diapers was a size 9, reminded me that I still wore Pampers like a baby. Maybe they could change the name to “KidDry” or even “TeenDry”, then for teens like myself that wears Pampers; it wouldn’t be so embarrassing. Yah right, who am I kidding. Wearing diapers at my age means that I’m just a big baby.

After the movie was over, my parents told Andrew and myself to get ready for bed. Though it was only 10:30, I wanted to stay up and watch either “Mad TV” or “Saturday Night Live”. Andrew said goodnight to mom and dad and headed off to his bedroom. Unlike myself, Andrew didn’t need any assistance getting ready for bed. I walked into my bedroom with my dad following me. I took off my socks then my jeans and finally my shirt. I was just standing there in my wet diaper as my dad instructed my to lie down on my bed. As I crinkled over to my bed, my dad got out my regular cloth diapers and a pair of plastic pants. Normally I would wear this type of diaper, but the last couple of nights; I was diapered with a disposable. He un-taped my very wet Pamper and proceeded to wipe off my diaper area with a baby wipe. After I was expertly cleaned up then he slid the thick cloth diapers underneath me he sprinkled some baby powder around me and the diaper was quickly pinned up on each side. My plastic pants were carefully pulled up over my thick cloth diapers. After I was diapered for the night, my dad told me that if I wanted to, I could watch TV in my room, but I would have to set the sleep mode on, so if I fell asleep, the TV would turn off instead of blaring throughout the night. He kissed me goodnight and shut the door. As I lay in bed wearing only my thick overnight cloth diapers and plastic pants, I watched “Mad-TV” and felt how good it felt to be wearing my regular thick cloth diapers and Teen-size plastic pants. I don’t think I even watched a half-hour of the show when I peacefully fell asleep snug in my bed wearing only my nice comfy thick cloth diapers and plastic pants.

I awoke in the morning nice and snug, yet very wet. I felt around my bed noticing how dry my bedding was then I felt the outside of my plastic pants. Though it felt dry, I could tell that I was wet on the inside. I moved my hand inside my plastic pants and discovered just how wet I really was. My thick overnight cloth diapers were extremely soaked, but snug inside my teen-size plastic pants. I thought to myself that even though I was a bedwetter since the age of eleven, I was beginning to wonder if I would ever stop wetting and wearing night diapers. Mind you that I enjoyed wearing diapers at night and have just begun enjoying wearing them during the daytime as well, but somehow I wondered if it was normal of a 15-year old to wear or even like diapers. I slowly told myself that I didn’t care that I wore diapers and who really knew about them, all I cared is that I wanted to wear diapers. Within a few minutes my dad walked in and sat down next to me. My blankets were half covering me, exposing part of my plastic pants. As my dad was asking me what I had planned for the day, he gently pulled my plastic pants away from my diaper and placed his hand inside my plastic pants feeling the extremely wet diaper and said… “I don’t know why I even bother to check to see if you’re dry. I don’t think you’ve ever had a dry night in four years!” As he repositioned my plastic pants over the wet diaper he told me to go and take a shower before breakfast. I pulled the rest of my blankets away from me and stood up dressed only in my wet overnight cloth diapers and plastic pants and headed toward the bathroom. I was a little surprised that my dad didn’t take off my night diapers like he normally would in the morning, but I really didn’t question it.

After shutting the bathroom door, I pulled my plastic pants down and took them off. I could smell the strong urine odor as I un-pinned one sides of my wet diaper letting it drop to the floor. I picked up the wet diaper from the floor and un-pinned the other side and placed the wet diapers and plastic pants in the diaper pail behind the closet door in the bathroom. I turned on the shower and proceed to wash off the baby smell off from me.

After my shower I walked into my room wearing nothing but a towel wrapped around me. My dad followed me and took out another Pamper from my closet and told me to lie down. As he as always done, he powered and diapered me like an expert and quickly. I guess he was getting this down pat, diapering his 15-year old son. He again asked me what I was planning on doing for the day. I told him that I probably would go over to Mark’s house and fool around. I finished dressing myself by putting on a pair of shorts and a T-shirt. The weather today was supposed to be in the upper 70’s and even though is was early April, 70’s seemed like summer to me. My dad just responded to make sure that I was back for dinnertime. After breakfast, I grabbed by backpack, which contained a couple of extra diapers and hopped on my bike and rode toward Mark’s house. I arrived at Mark’s house and rang the doorbell. Mark answered the door and came outside to talk to me. I asked him if he wanted to go for a bike ride or something and spend the day together.

“Gosh, I’m sorry Bob, I should have called you. My grandmother is coming for the day and my parents are making me spend the day at home with the family. I didn’t know about it until this morning,” Mark told me.

“That’s ok, I should have called,” I replied. I was disappointed that I wouldn’t get the time to spend with Mark, but I didn’t let it show to Mark that I was disappointed. I got back on my bike and said to Mark, “See you at school tomorrow!” Mark replied, “Yep, see you tomorrow.”

Well, I didn’t feel like going home and lying around the house all day, so I decided to take a bike ride myself. As I rode around town, even going through the alley ways, when I came across Greg washing on his car in the alley behind his house, or what I assumed was his house since I didn’t know where he exactly lived. Greg, if you recall is the cute guy that worked at Abercrombie & Fitch. Since the day was rather warm, Greg was wearing shorts and a T-shirt. I stopped my bike and said, “Hi Greg, how’s it going?” Greg looked up at me and said, “Hiya Bob, good to see you. What are you doing around this neighborhood?”

I hopped off my bike and told him that I was just biking around town and saw you washing your car. I really liked the car that Greg had. It was a 1974 Mustang hardtop, kind of green in color. Since he was only 16, I asked him how he got such a nice car for being so young. He explained to me that it was his Grandmother’s car and she left it to me when she died. I told him I was sorry that his grandmother had passed away.

“Thanks, she passed away about 3 years ago and this car has been in storage since then and it just came out right after I got my license earlier this year,” Greg told me. The car needed some work, but overall it was in really good shape. I just hoped that when I get my driver’s license that I could get a really cool car like Greg’s.

“Hope you don’t mind me finish detailing my chrome wheels, I don’t want to have any water spots on them,” Greg asked me.

“No, go ahead, I don’t mind,” I replied. I talked to Greg while he continued working on his chrome wheels. As he was wiping off the water spots on his tire rims he was bending over to reach his tires when I noticed his shirt had ridden up exposing his backside. As I looked more closely I noticed plastic pants and what appeared to be cloth diapers sticking out from his shorts. I knew that Greg wore disposable diapers, but I was intrigued that he was actually wearing cloth diapers and plastic pants. I just stood there watching Greg and looking at his diapers and plastic pants stick out. I wanted to say something to him but I was afraid that I would embarrass him. I also admired that I wasn’t the only guy in Bay Ridge High School that wore diapers. I kind of wondered how many kids actually knew that Greg wore diapers.

As Greg finished detailing his wheels, his father came over toward his car and introduced himself to me. After the introductions were in order, Greg’s dad walked over to Greg and bent down toward him and whispered something to Greg, which immediately Greg stood up and tucked in his shirt. I could tell that Greg was embarrassed that his plastic pants were sticking out, but I’m sure that he knew that I saw them. Greg finished with his wheels and asked me if I wanted to go for a ride in his car. I said “Sure, but I should let my parents know where I am.” Greg handed me his cell phone and told me to go ahead and call my parents, while he had to go into the house for something. Greg returned a few minutes later wearing a different pair of shorts and a A&F T-shirt and sandals. He looked particularly cute wearing A&F clothing. Greg told me to put my bike inside the garage, which I leaned my bike up along side of the garage wall along with my pack. Greg clicked the garage door opener and the garage closed. I was a little hesitant about leaving my pack behind just in case I would need a change, but after all I was just changed only an hour ago.

Greg told me to hop in the passenger seat, which I did. As Greg got in on the driver’s seat, I could hear that the familiar crinkling sound, as I knew Greg changed into a disposable diaper. I didn’t let on that I heard his diaper but I couldn’t help but admire that Greg was a cool and cute looking guy and that he wore diapers just like me. We drove around for about only a half-hour, which Greg drove into a park near the river’s edge. I’ve been in this park before, but never in the park where he was driving. He told me that it was a secluded part, which people seldom visit or know about. He liked coming here to just chill out and think and once in awhile camp out. We got out of his car and leaned against it and started to talk. At first we didn’t talk about anything in particular, school & sports, the usual, but I sensed that something was on his mind.

Finally after just a few minutes, but what seemed like an eternity, Greg asked me if I had noticed something about him earlier. I told him that I did and then Greg asked me if he needed to explain. I told him “No, I wear them, too!” Greg started to get a little nervous and said to me… “I don’t think you understand. I was wearing cloth diapers and plastic pants. Not like the disposable ones you wear.” I replied to him that I knew what he meant and that I too wear thick overnight cloth diapers and plastic pants. I also told him that my parents have me wear them at night to save on the expense of disposables. Greg was relieved to hear that he wasn’t the only teenager still in cloth diapers and plastic pants at night. He also added that he normally doesn’t wear them during the daytime, but he wanted to wash and detailing his wheels before it got hot outside. He decided to get up from bed not changing himself and threw on some shorts but never though anyone would stop over. I apologized to Greg that if I embarrassed him, but he told me that it was ok. He also told me that he wore them only at night and only when he’s at home.

As we were standing there talking I started wet my diaper. I knew that my diaper would absorb the wetness, but I really wet myself and my diaper started to leak. I was hoping that Greg didn’t notice but a small wet spot started to appear on the inside leg of my shorts. I was a little embarrassed that I was wetting myself like a baby in front of the coolest guy I know, but then remembered that Greg was wore diapers, too! Greg looked down at my shorts and noticing the wet spot, said to me…”Looks like someone wet himself quite heavily and could use a change.” I just replied, “Yeah, but I forgot my pack back at your house in the garage, I don’t have any spares. I think I’ll be ok once my shorts dry out.”

Then Greg added, “I’m sure you’re pretty uncomfortable. Remember, I know what it feels like to be wet. I always have spares in my trunk, for just this type of emergency, though they are usually for me.” Greg went around to the back of the car and opened the trunk and pulled out a backpack then pulled out an Attends disposable diaper and handed it to me. I took the diaper from Greg, looked at it and then I said, ”Greg, I’ve never changed my own diaper before. I’m not sure I could do it properly.”

“You mean that your parents still diaper you?” Greg asked of me.

“Yeah, I know that I should be changing my own diapers, but I really don’t mind them changing me. It kind of gives me the extra attention and feels nice having them change your diaper,” I said. I asked Greg when did his parents stop changing him. He replied that his parents stopped diapering him around 12 or so, about the same time he started going through puberty.

“So, do you want me to help you with a dry diaper or can you do it by yourself?” Greg asked me.

“Could you help me, I think I’d like that,” I replied.

“Sure, like I haven’t seen you in a diaper before, but I’ve never changed someone else’s diaper before other than my own,” Greg said to me. Greg then went back to his trunk and pull out a blanket and laid it on the ground. He told me to go ahead and lie down on the blanket.

“What if anybody see us?” I asked of Greg. He replied that he’s never really seen too many people here, anyway the blanket is on the opposite side of the car and road.

I lay down on the blanket and Greg kneeled beside me, un-buckled my belt away from my shorts and then slid them down. There I was, lying there only in my wet pamper in front of Greg. He looked at me and noticed how extremely wet my diaper was and that it was actually a pamper, baby blue in color and with designs on the front.

“Wow…you are actually wearing Pampers. I can’t believe that they fit you,” Greg said to me.

“Well, you know that they started in making their Pampers in larger sizes beyond that of size 6 to accommodate larger children and even teenagers like us. I’m wearing size 9,” I told Greg. All Greg said was, “Cool”.

Greg then gently pulled away the tapes from my wet diaper and took it away. He then placed the thick Attends disposable diaper and placed it underneath me and started to pull the diaper frontward and in position to tape it up. As he was taping up my diaper, one of his hands was between my skin and the diaper itself and the other hand was taping it up securely. I felt very easy with Greg changing my diaper and I was even a little excited that Greg was touching my smooth skin as he taped up my diaper. I didn’t let him know that I really enjoyed him changing me, because I thought he’d think it was weird. Once my diaper was completely changed, Greg lent me a hand and helped me off from the blanket. There I was, standing on the blanket only in my diaper, which I started to pull my shorts back over my diaper, but Greg noticed that they were still wet.

“Hey buddy, you shouldn’t put your shorts back on. Leave them hang over the side of the car until they dry out. We’ll sit and talk in the car while they dry,” Greg told me.

I pulled my shorts off and placed them on the car and got back in the passenger side and sat down. I felt a little uneasy sitting there only in my diaper and T-shirt, but then on the other hand it felt kinda cool sitting next to Greg only in my diaper. Greg asked me some question’s regarding how I felt about wearing diapers at my age and about having my parents still changing my diapers. I told him how I felt about wearing diapers, then asked him about his life wearing diapers. Greg told me that he’s really never known life outside diapers. Since he was born with an underdeveloped bladder, wearing diapers was just a fact of life for him. He also told me that sometimes he has some dry days, but has never had a dry night, so he’s always worn thick overnight diapers. He continued in saying that it’s been a little tough hiding his diapers, especially at school, but has managed to keep it a secret from most of his classmates. He also went on saying that there are some classmates who discovered that he wore diapers, but never said anything to anyone else. He kinda wondered though if his classmates actually knew about his condition, especially sometimes when his diaper crinkles too much. He tries to wear disposable diapers that don’t crinkle too much, but it is really hard sometimes to find that perfect diaper. He also told me that he prefers diapers over pull-ups as the pull-ups tend to be on the loose side and they leak, as diapers tend to fit snug and don’t leak. Of course he did say that he has two really close friends from childhood, and they both are aware that he still needs diapers. Greg told me that sometimes wearing diapers has its advantages and it’s downside. First he told me that if you are at a baseball or football game you don’t have to worry about leaving the game and missing a spectacular play to go to the bathroom. Same way with watching a movie at the theatre, Like in Titanic, it was a three-hour movie. Some of my friends had to go up and go to the bathroom, but I didn’t because I was wearing a diaper. Sometimes his friends get a little jealous of him because he normally doesn’t have to miss anything. The downside of wearing diapers, he told me, was that a lot of times in the summer, you really have to watch taking off your shirt in fear that your diaper will be noticed.

Even swimming can be a challenge. It’s hard to change out of and back into your diaper at a Waterpark’s changing room. He told me that once a group of other guys saw that Greg had on a diaper and made fun of him during the entire day when they saw him calling him names like “DiaperBoy”, “Babypants” or even “PamperBoy”. He told me that he just wanted to die, but his friends almost started a fight with the other guys if they didn’t stop teasing him. Then there’s the part in having to get to know someone personally, but because of his diapers, he’s never had a relationship before. I told him that even though I’m only 16, I haven’t had a relationship with someone else either because I was afraid that the person would reject me because I still wore diapers. All during our conversation, I couldn’t take my eyes off from Greg. It seemed like we just somehow known each other from birth and poured our hearts out to each other. Greg looked at me while talking and I seemed to sense that he was really comfortable talking to me and about his problems and the fact that he wore diapers. There even was one point where Greg touch my hand, though he acted like he was looking for something near the shift column. We talked for about an hour or so and then Greg handed me my shorts and told me that they were dry and maybe I should put them back on, as we should get back. He did say that if I just wanted to keep my shorts off and just be in my diaper that would be fine by him. I told him that maybe it was for the best if I slip my shorts back over my diaper as I really didn’t care to advertise that I was wearing diapers.

Greg started the car back up and started to drive out from the park when I said…”I’m sorry, but I forgot to ask you if you needed to change your diaper. We got involved in talking that I forgot that you didn’t change.” Greg just replied “No, I’m ok, just a little wet, but not bad. I can wait until I get home, maybe next time, huh Bob!”

I was a little surprised to hear that and wondered to myself that maybe next time I can change Greg’s diaper. One could only dream can’t they? After Greg pulled into his driveway, I thanked him for being open and a good friend to me. Greg simply replied with putting is arm around my shoulder and said to me, “I’m glad I meet you at A&F the other day. It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one at Bay Ridge High in diapers.” After he finished saying this to me, he ran his hand along the side of my neck and caressed my hairline and said, “Thanks buddy”. Greg opened up the garage, took my bike out, handed me my pack and gave me my bike and told me that he’d see me in school tomorrow. I got on my bike and rode away from Greg’s house looking back half way in his alley and saw Greg standing there watching me pedal away. He just smiled and waved good-bye. I returned the wave and turned the corner and headed for home.

My dad was in the garage when I came home, which he said that dinner would be ready in about an hour. He told me that I should go to my room, as I probably needed a change since I’ve been away for several hours. I parked my bike and headed up to my room waiting for my dad. He entered my room and pulled my shorts away from my diaper, which by now I remembered that I was now wearing an Attends diaper and not the Pampers I had on when earlier when I left. My dad did question how I got an Attends on and I just replied that I had one in my pack and changed an hour or so ago. He just replied, “Oh, but it is still wise to change your diaper, this one is just a little wet.” After my diaper change and dinner I just couldn’t wait until I went to school tomorrow, but then on the other hand I had to face all the other guys at school about my diapers or even that I was going to wear diapers to school tomorrow. I was glad that I knew Greg would be there and wearing diapers too, even though no one really knew that Greg wore them.

Around 9pm, I decided to go to bed and my dad came up to me room and change my wet disposable diaper into my thick, snug overnight cloth diapers and plastic pants. I just lied there thinking about how Mark and Greg were both probably getting ready for bed and putting their thick overnight cloth diapers and plastic pants. I wanted to talk to Mark about what happened and my feelings about diapers and everything else. But for now I was content in having a best friend that accepted me for who I was and didn’t care that I wore diapers and now a new friend, who wore diapers during the daytime. Life couldn’t get any better, or could it?

High School Humiliation

Part 4

“Back to School”

By Timmy

The next morning I woke up to a very wet diaper, but this is wasn’t unusual for me. My dad came into my room as he has always done and checked to see if I had a dry night. “Another wet night…I’m just glad that we have you in diapers. Why don’t you go to the kitchen and have some breakfast and then take your shower,” my dad told me. I put on my lounge pants over my shamefully thick wet cloth diapers and plastic pants and headed to the kitchen, where my mom had breakfast already set on the kitchen table. After breakfast was finished, I went into the bathroom and proceeded to undress and take off my extremely wet cloth diapers and plastic pants and places them into my diaper pail in the closet door in the bathroom as I had done before. After taking my shower, I headed to my room to get ready for school.

My dad entered my room and told me to lie down on my bed so a diaper could be put on me for the school day. I knew that I was going to wear diapers again to school, considering that my overnight diapers were wet. He confirmed what I already knew by telling me that I would have to wear diapers during the daytime until I stop wetting my night diapers for a month, so since I woke up this morning wet, I’ll be in daytime diapers for at least another 30 days. I really didn’t care if I ever stopped bedwetting, I got to wear diapers and I just loved it. Oh, sure, wearing diapers at 15 isn’t all that normal, and what would you call being normal anyway? Normal in the dictionary states: Conforming to a usual or typical standard: Ok, wearing diapers is normal for me, so that makes me normal. “So cowboy…your mother tells me that the disposable diapers you wore last week to school worked pretty well. What about having you wear your cloth diapers and plastic pants to school this week?” Bob’s dad asked. “Please dad, not cloth diapers and plastic pants. It’s bad enough that I have to wear disposable diapers to school, I can’t imagine wearing cloth diapers to school. What will the other guys say if they notice that I’m wearing regular baby diapers and plastic pants?” Bob answered. “I’m pretty sure most of your classmates are aware that you are wearing diapers, especially after P.E. class last Friday. Anyway, what difference what type of diapers you wear, as long as you’re diapered?” Bob’s dad asked in return. “What if I need a change, wouldn’t changing cloth diapers and plastic pants be harder to take care of?” Bob answered. “Well, you got a point there…I guess we can reserve your cloth diapers and plastic pants for nighttime, but if you keep up this wetting, I might not have a choice in sending you to school in very bulky cloth diapers and plastic pants. Buying your disposable diapers are becoming quite costly.” Bob’s dad told him. After the lecture, Bob’s dad went over to his diaper closet and retrieved one of those “Poudouceä junior disposable diapers, the kind that was baby-blue in color. He also grabbed one of the extra-long diaper doublers for extra protection. Once the thick disposable diaper was placed underneath Bob’s behind and taped securely in place, Bob looked at the way his diaper was and realized that his diaper was really thick and really looked like a disposable baby diaper. He looked like a toddler boy than the 15 year-old he actually was! How could he undress in gym class without everyone noticing his bulky diapers, especially when his disposable diapers were that of a baby-blue color. But it really didn’t matter anyway, his gym class already saw that he wore diapers. His father told Bob that he’d better hurry up and finish dressing so Bob then put his jeans on over the shameful disposable diaper he now was wearing. His jeans fit over the diaper, but barely. When Bob tucked his shirt into his jeans, it was obvious that Bob was diapered. Bob finally decided to un-tuck his shirt and leave it hangs out over his jeans. Bob was alittle worried that if he bent over or somebody would lift his shirt up, the top of his baby-blue disposable diaper would be clearly visible for everyone to see.

Once dressed and ready for school, Bob’s dad drove him to the entrance of his high school. Mark was sitting on one of the benches in from of the high school, just waiting to talk Bob. Mark really didn’t get a chance to talk to Bob yesterday on the account that Mark’s grandmother was in town and had to spend the day with the family. “So, are you wearing them again this morning?” Mark asked Bob. “What are you talking about?” Bob replied, like not knowing what Mark was talking about. “You know…Diapers” as Mark said quietly towards Bob. Bob just lifted up his shirt exposing just the top of the baby-blue disposable diaper he was wearing. “Does that answer your question, Mark?” “Yup, so are you ready for gym class today, knowing that everyone will wonder if you are still wearing them?” Mark asked Bob. “You know, there’s something inside me that wants to hide that I’m wearing diapers, but on the other hand, I don’t really care if everyone will see or know that I have to wear diapers. It feels rather nice being diapered!” Bob told Mark.

The first two periods of school went rather smoothly considering that he was wearing a thick disposable diaper and by the end of the second period, his diaper became a little damp. No one really came up to Bob that morning before Gym class or remarked to him about wearing diapers last week, but Bob knew that within the next period, everything was about to change, including his diaper. Bob and Mark met each other outside in the hall leading toward the boy’s locker room, but Mark didn’t say anything to Bob about changing into his gym clothes or that if Bob was going to try to hide that he was wearing diapers. Bob was carrying his gym bag when they both entered the boy’s locker room at the beginning of the 3rd period gym class. When Bob sat down on the locker bench, everyone was rather quiet and looking toward Bob. Mark, on the other hand just quietly started to undress and tried not to look toward him. Bob knew what was on everyone’s mind. They were curious to find out if he was wearing disposable diapers again this morning.

Bob just decided to make things easier for everyone by undressing and show what he was wearing for underwear even if it meant embarrassment. He took off his shoes and then his shirt. You could barely see the top of his baby-blue disposable diaper sticking out from the top of his jeans. Everyone within eyesight of Bob was quietly laughing as Bob then took off his jeans, exposing his damp baby-blue disposable diaper. He then just took out his gym shorts and shirt and was about to finish dressing, when the coach came into the locker room and saw Bob just standing there in his disposable diaper. “Well, it looks like someone finally decided to own up to his problem and not let wearing diapers get into your way. It takes a lot of guts, Bob, to undress in front of all your classmates wearing diapers. I got to commend you Bob for being so brave and open about your problem,” the Coach addressed Bob. All Bob could do is say “Thanks, Coach”. Bob then pulled his gym shorts over his shamefully thick disposable diaper and pulled his shirt on and put his athletic shoes back on. Bob looked around to see what everyone’s reaction or their facial expressions and surprising enough, only a few of his classmates were snickering and pointing, but overall not as many as he thought there would be. One guy in the locker room did yell out…”Diaper-Boy Bobby”, but as soon as he yelled it out the coach yelled at the other guy. As all the guys were finishing dressing, one of his classmates came up to Bob and said…”too bad that you have to wear diapers. It’s gotta suck being 15 and having to wear diapers again!” “ Yah it does, Thanks” Bob replied back to the boy. Bob just thought to himself about how cool it was being diapered and having most of his classmates being somewhat understanding.

During gym class, it seemed like everyone kinda wanted to be around Bob. Partly I guess that they were surprised and curious about Bob’s diapers. Bob’s diapers crinkled loudly as he was doing his warming up exercises and even the top of his disposable diaper was sticking out from his gym shorts from time to time, mainly when he bent over. Mark just quietly enjoyed Bob’s little diaper experiment and even had alittle resentment toward Bob’s diaper wearing. Mark of course secretly want to be in Bob’s shoes, wearing diapers during the daytime, but would have to settle for just wearing diapers at night.

Once gym class was over, Bob now had to undress on more time, but this time, he had to take off his now soaked disposable diaper and take a shower. Bob made his way to his locker and sat down on the bench and took off his shoes and socks. Everyone else was doing the same, but occasionally looking toward Bob. He then took off his gym shirt, which exposed just the top part of his disposable diaper and then slid his gym shorts down, exposing the now soaked disposable diaper Bob had on. You could hear some snickering going on around Bob and someone even said, ”My God… his diaper is soaked” and then you could hear someone say, “What’s why he was to wear diapers, so he doesn’t wet his pants.” Bob then proceeded to un-tape his soaked disposable diaper and then pulled the wet diaper away from his body. He wrapped himself up in a towel and then rolled up his wet diaper in the plastic back sheet of the diaper and carefully threw the wet diaper away in the trash as he headed toward the showers. No one said a word to Bob while he was showering, although there was a lot of snickering going around. After Bob took his shower and dried himself off at his locker, some of the other guys were starting to get dressed, when Bob knew what he had to do next. Bob grabbed his gym bag out from his locker and took out another thick “Poudouceä” disposable diaper from within the bag and placed it on the bench where everyone could see the fresh clean disposable diaper. Everyone that saw the diaper sitting on the bench, just kinda gasped when they saw that Bob was going to diaper himself right there in the boy’s locker room. Bob though on the other hand knew that this was going to be one of the very first times that he was actually going to diaper himself without having his mom or dad diaper him. Mark was wondering what the other guys were thinking about Bob being in diapers, Mark knew that it wasn’t that normal for a 15 year-old to still be wearing diapers, especially in the daytime.

After Bob thoroughly dried himself off, he was just about to pick up the clean dry disposable diaper from the bench, when one of his classmates snatched up the diaper and said to Bob…”What’s the matter, Bobby…baby needs a clean diaper…does Bobby wear pampers like a baby”. Bob shouted…”Give me that back!” “Whatcha going to do…cry if I don’t give back your diaper or will you wet yourself right here on the floor…you big diaper-boy” the other kid shouted back. Mark came to Bob’s rescue and said to the other student…”Why don’t you stop picking on him and pick on someone your own size.” “Shut up Mark, why are you friends with this big diaper-boy anyway…unless you wear diapers yourself?” the kid shouted back to Mark.” “Oh, very grown-up of you…that’s right, go ahead and make fun of things you don’t understand…how would you like it if you had to start wearing diapers again for something you can’t control and for your information, Yes, I wear diapers too, but just at night!” Mark shouted back. Everyone heard what Mark said and even Bob couldn’t believe what he said. Just then the coach came into the locker room and told the classmate that was holding on to the diaper to give it back to Bob unless he wanted to wear one, too. The guy just tossed the diaper at Bob and went on his business of getting dressed. Bob picked up the diaper and proceeded to tape up the fresh clean dry disposable diaper on himself. Once the diaper was taped up, Bob smoothed out the plastic backing of his diaper and ensured that the leg gathers of his disposable diaper were correctly adjusted and the tapes were properly adhered to the front of his diaper. Once his diaper was on just right Bob finally finished dressing by putting on his jeans over his shameful thick disposable diaper and putting his shirt back on. The last thing Bob did in the locker room was to put his socks and shoes on. Bob started toward the exit of the locker room and met up with Mark. All Bob could do is say…”Thanks a lot for sticking up for me, but you didn’t have to out yourself!” “I really don’t think that they took me too seriously, after all they don’t even have a clue that I wet the bed” Mark told Bob.

After gym class, word spread quickly around school about Bob’s need for diapers. It seemed like everyone wanted to know if he actually was wearing diapers. Some of the other students and even some juniors and seniors came up to Bob, pushed his books to the floor, so when Bob bent over to pick them up, his baby-blue disposable diaper was quite visible to the other guys. Bob knew he was going to get a little harassment from some of the other kids, but not quite like this. Mostly older guys would call him “Diaper-Boy”, “Pamper-Butt” or “Baby-Bobby”. Even though they were calling him names, he actually didn’t mind it so much… he knew what it felt like to be diapered and it felt good. At one point of the school day, Greg came up to Bob and had asked Bob if it was true that he re-diapered himself during gym class. Bob affirmed the question by a big “YES”. Greg of course just told Bob that he wishes he could be more open and free about his problem and his need for diapers, but was really afraid what others would think. During the rest of day, Bob needed to get his diaper change once more and headed toward the nurse’s station to get a quick diaper change. It wasn’t before too long before most of the guys noticed this and teased Bob for going to the nurse’s station for a diaper change. Now only if he could get Greg and even Mark to be open about their diapers and even wear them to school, but since Mark only wore them at night for his nightly bedwetting, it was going to pretty hard into moving him into daytime diapers. Greg on the other hand wore daytime diapers, but no one at school knew about his problem and that he wore diapers. Greg wasn’t as open about his diapers as Bob and even went out of his way to hide the fact the he wore them. Greg was also afraid that he would lose a lot of friends, if they found out that a 16 year-old wore diapers, even though Bob wore them to school.

As the weeks went on, Bob’s teasing became a little less with each passing day, but never the less, someone would always call him “Diaper-Boy” or just plain “Pampers”. Bob continued wetting the bed or should we say his diapers, so his daytime diaper punishment never ceased. Bob always wore diapers, either it be the daytime or at nighttime. His parents even started in having Bob wear daytime cloth diapers and plastic pants. This made going to school that much more interesting, especially when Bob had to undress during gym class. Bob was a true “Diaper-Boy”. He developed a bonding with Greg, and continued the best friendship with Mark. There were many of nights that Bob and Mark were fully diapered for the night while spending the night at each other houses. Their budding friendship grew from the mutual interest in wearing diapers to one that got rather close. Though they hid their relationship from their parents, Mark and Bob grew closer and closer as the weeks went by. Mark continued wetting the bed and his parents continued in having him wear diapers at night. Mark always wondered why Bob developed a friendship with Greg, since Mark was totally unaware in the beginning that Greg wore diapers all the time. Since Bob and Greg became friends, it was just a matter of time before Mark became friends with Greg. Mark discovered Greg's diapers one evening when all three of them were spending a quiet evening in Bob’s back yard, when Greg bent over his lawn chair, revealing the disposable diaper he was wearing underneath his pants. Mark was surprised to see someone alittle older than Bob and himself wear diapers, but then realized why the friendship between Bob and Greg grew. Eventually all three guys would spend the night at Bob’s or Mark’s houses and of course all three of them where completely diapered for the night. What a sight it would be to see two 15 year-olds and one 16 year-old sleeping in the same room wearing thick cloth diapers and plastic pants and/or thick disposable diapers. When you talk to any of the guys at Bay Ridge High School and ask them what is the most memorable thing about your classmates, all of them would say the very same thing…Diapers. They would say that one of their classmates, still has to wear diapers at 15…can you imagine, being 15 and still wearing diapers. Of course Bob would have it no other way.

 The End 

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