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High School Days in Diapers

Summary: This is basically a story about a 17-year-old high school guy named Jeff who ends up in diapers because of an injury. I've proofread it once but there still may be some typos and mixed up tenses but hopefully not too many. Good reading to you..

Part 1

My alarm clock was buzzing like mad when I woke up. Still half asleep, I rolled over slowly and smacked at it blindly until I thankfully hit the snooze button. Moaning and getting up slowly I checked to see if I was wet this morning. I was soaked but thankfully the sheets were just fine. I probably had too much too drink before going to bed again last night but that's all right, I wake up in a wet diaper every morning anyway.

Flipping the alarm switch off, I grabbed a fresh diaper out of the bottom dresser drawer and tossed it on the bed, heading to go take a shower. My school started later than most do so my parents and younger brother were already gone by the time I emerged from my room. I walked into the bathroom, turned the tap and flicked on the fan. Looking at myself in the mirror I could see was indeed completely soaked, nothing new.

I unfastened the tabs and shed my soggy diaper, tossing it skillfully into the trash as I stepped into the shower. It was great to get clean after lying there, probably for hours, in my own urine. Thanks to better diaper designs I don't get a rash as often but I sleep like a rock, so I usually don't wake up even if I'm pissing rivers. After I was done washing up I suddenly realized how horny I was. I woke up with morning wood, as I usually do, and I just didn't want to quit today.

"Hell," I muttered to myself, "it's the only room in the house with a floor drain."

With that I reached down and slowly gripped my shaft. I started slow and then began to speed my hand up until I was fighting back the point of no return. I ran through a slideshow of the hottest chicks I knew, leaning up against the wall tile with my left hand for balance. I had been a while since I'd masturbated like this, or even at all, so I figured I'd go all out. I hadn't seen any of my friends over the March Break, as my family went out west to visit relatives, so none of the girls had offered to 'change' me lately. Although there was at one girl at Drey's party…anyway, allow me to continue.

I finished with a deep breath out and washed my hands thoroughly, turning the water off and grabbing my towel. After drying off I set foot in my room again and hopped up on my bed. Throwing the diaper I had taken out earlier under my backside, I taped it up and spent a minute or so re-taping it. I try to make my diapers as fit as tightly as possible, partly to reduce noise (although they're pretty quiet anyway), but mostly because I find them so much more comfortable that way. I hate them when they get all loose.

I lay there in nothing but a new diaper and gazed up at the ceiling, my mind drifting around. I don't wear diapers because of infantilism feelings or for sexual fetish, although they do help me get some nice hand jobs, but because I have to now. It's true that bladder injury isn't that common, and neither are the medical conditions, but I'm just glad that people are sensible around here; otherwise life would probably suck.

I checked the clock again and got up once more, putting on my wristwatch and grabbing my slacks from the closet. We have uniforms at my school but it's not really that bad, they look decent and do a reasonable job concealing my alternative undergarments. My pants fit so perfectly that the diapers make virtually no noise at all, which is a definite plus. Then again, it's not like it matters too much. Everyone knows about them but it's just nice not to remind everyone any time I move. Our shirts are just the usual dress shirts with the school crest on the left breast pocket and most are short sleeved. Still, I like to wear my old long sleeved ones and roll them up past my elbows. I don't know why, I guess it just looks better.

I was a bit late by now so I just snatched a pop tart from the counter, something I normally wouldn't reach for but my brother had left them out, raced back upstairs and stuffed some diapers in one of the pockets of my bag. I took my key from its hook and jumped out the door, locking it behind me. The air was warm but humid; it must have rained last night, I thought. Trotting down the steps I spotted Greg just down the street and dashed to catch up with him. By now I was used to sprinting in a diaper, so it didn't bother me as much as it once had. As I slipped up beside him on the sidewalk he greeted me.

"Hey DJ, how was the vacation?" he asked casually.

I snickered a bit. I had known Greg Albertson since kindergarten and was one of my oldest and most trusted friends. He got a kick out of calling me 'DJ' ever since I found myself bound by diapers but it was an inside joke, so I'd let him get away with it most of the time. He'd never be so rude as to call me 'Diaper Jeff' in front of anyone and would say it meant 'Dynamo Jeff', as I used to bear the nickname of Dynamo while I was on the volleyball team last year. Yeah...I don't get it either, really…whatever.

"It was fairly entertaining. You, Greg? What have you been up to?"

"Not much, not much," he replied, "Just playing some guitar, a bit of biking on the trails, you know, the usual."

"Sounds relaxing," I eventually said.

"It was, especially after the way this semester started."

I nodded and we continued chatting along our path toward the school. When we arrived at the doors he left for his English class and I for my Biology class. It was pretty sparse when I got there, but it soon filled up, people chatting endlessly about their activities over March Break as we waited for the morning announcements. I noticed a new face though, a guy who must have been a transfer student or something of the sort. He was leaning back in the chair, arms crossed, listening intently as Crystal informed him about the social environment. As his eyes followed her pointing finger around the room, we locked gaze for a second and then turned as our teacher waddled his way into the lab.

As it turns out, that wasn't the first time I saw the new guy that day. He was also in my Math class and then later in my last period Gym class. Since we were between sports in our Gym class, Mr. Green just broke out the dodge balls and the war soon began. I was pretty impressed by the new guy; he had quite the arm and had taken out more than half our team before we landed a single hit. Their team won all four the games we played in the time and afterward there was quite the cheer ringing through the change room.

It was after most of guys had cleared out that I head him mutter something to Jack. I had just changed over in one of the stalls and didn't have any boxers over my diaper just then. I knew the question was probably coming, as he probably hadn't heard the story yet and thought of how I would tell it this time.

"Hey," he whispered to Jack, "what's his deal?"

He was pointing over toward me. I was just changing into my clothes rather discretely but he must have spotted the diapers. I knew where this would go, so I pretended I didn't hear.

"What? You mean Jeff?" he answered equally quietly.

"Yeah...what's with the...you know...?"

I felt a bit better that he was being a little discrete with his comments and such, so much better than when people just yell out 'What the hell!?" without thinking first. A moment later Jack called and waved for me to come over.

"Jeff," he began in a reminiscing tone, "this guy...what's your name again?"


"...Tory wants to know why you're in diapers at this age. Simple question, no?"

"There's a simple answer," I said in the same tone, "Well...I got into a bit of a fight and..."

I pushed aside one of the front tails of my shirt and pulled the waistband of the brief down just a bit, exposing the top of a vertical scar just below my navel.

"Someone...knifed you?" he asked, confused, after several seconds.

"It's a whole story's a bit more complicated than that but yeah. Anyway, there was some permanent damage to my bladder so I'm stuck in these," I continued, snapping the waistband, "probably for the rest of my life."

"That's gotta' suck," He finally replied.

"It takes a bit of getting used to and yeah, it's a bit of a hassle, but it's better than if he had hit me in the liver or kidney or something."

He nodded slightly. I think by now he understood my 'deal' and Jack would probably fill him in on the rest on the way home. He said they lived on the same street, so old Jack would show him around and stuff. I threw on my slacks, waved and left for my locker. With it being the first day back, there wasn't much homework, so I only needed one of my textbooks.

"How's it going, Jeff?" asked Ashley cheerfully as she slid up next to my locker. I was surprised to see her here, my chat with the guys had ran a bit past the bell, so it was about twenty after three. When I looked over I noticed she was wearing a gym uniform and that started the gears going again. I forgot she was on the soccer team.

"Not bad, not bad. Yourself?"

"Same here," he chirped. "So are you busy tonight? I was thinking maybe we could rent a movie and shoot some pool?"

She was another of my old friends and probably the one I talked to the most. We had known each other since before we were even in school and it was great when she and her folks has moved in next door when we were in grade five. We'd always find time to hang out, watching movies, playing video games, going camping, snowboarding and even playing round after round on the pool table in the basement. Good times.

"Sounds good to me," I said, shutting my locker and flashing a smile.

"Great, see you at six then."

"Until then." I replied as I left for the stairwell door and she for the gym hallway. I stepped out into the sunlight and made my way home. I chucked my bag next to the stairs and walked into the kitchen. On the fridge there was a small post-it note from my brother, he was over at Jake's but would be back for dinner. I poured myself a glass of orange juice and sipped it as I headed to my room to change. As I was hinging my uniform up I noticed that I should probably change into a clean diaper, as I had just soaked this one on the walk home.

Taking another diaper from the drawer, I tossed it on my bed and then flopped down and undid the tapes of the one I was wearing. I stripped the wet one off and tied it up, chucking it effortlessly into the large garbage pail across from my bed. I felt around on the carpet next to my bed for the box of wipes and finding it, pulled one free and began to clean up. I swabbed my crotch down thoroughly and tossed it as well before making with the diaper. I slid it under my tailbone, dusted on some baby powder and strapped it on, feeling the comfort of nice dry diaper after a change. After that I washed my hands, got dressed in some casual clothes and went to check my e-mail.

After my parents came home and dinner was done, I made my way next door. I rang the bell and heard a voice from within telling me 'it's open.' Ashley's place was like my second home. I had been here so many times that it was as if I actually lived here. It was the same with her; she probably knew where more of the stuff in my house is than I do myself. It was crazy.

We watched the movie and then went to shoot some pool downstairs. She was pretty good and had already taken the first two games by the time I had accidentally scratched the 8-ball in the third game.

"Ouch," she remarked comically, "hope you didn't wet yourself."

At that moment there was audience laughter on the TV in the empty den to the left of me. Well timed, I though. She was another other of the few that I'd actually let poke fun at my diapers. There weren't too many of them, but hey, I'd let her get away with just about anything.

With her comment I looked down, feeling dampness and pulling the waist of my jeans forward to check the wetness indicator stripe. It was gone and I was wet once more. I looked up to see roller her eyes, laugh and then push me over to the centre of the den. She lay me down on the carpet as usual and undid my shorts. I knew I couldn't argue with her, she would just change me whether I let her or not.

I remember the first time I came over after I got back from the hospital. It was the middle of afternoon just after school and we were watching TV in the family room. I was getting up to go change when she asked if I was wet. After a bit of hesitation I told her yes, I was, and she told me not to get up. Before I could say anything she had raided my backpack in the hall for a fresh diaper and some wipes and had returned. Still trying to think of something to say, she told me to lay back and put my hands behind my head. That was the first time she changed me, and she has ever since then whenever she's around. I resisted her, she just won't take no for an answer, so I just accept it and enjoy the favour. I would usually change myself but I knew that if I came over here, she just plain wouldn't let me.

This time she went to the bathroom and returned with what she needed. I just lay there silent, listening to the TV in the background as she unzipped my shorts and pulled them down past my knees. Since I wasn't out anywhere special, I didn't feel the need to have any boxers overtop so she was able to just get right to it. She undid the tapes, tossed the wet diaper and slid a dry one beneath me, giving my groin a good once-over with the wipes, adding a bit of powder and then taping me up, nice and snug. She knew just how I liked it, a blessing indeed.

After she finished up, she went to wash her hands and we continued our game. At about ten I went home and waved to her little sister as I passed the family room on my way to the door. My dad was in his office, my mom on the phone with one of her sisters and my brother on his computer so I decided to crash and watch some TV. I flipped around until I found a channel with Family Guy on it and then stretched out to relax. After that was over I took in a two old episodes of the Simpsons and headed for bed. I brushed my teeth and crawled under the sheets. It was getting to be warmer at night so I slept in nothing but the diaper that Ash had put me in. It was still pretty snug and also dry, but I knew it'd be damp by morning.

On Tuesday Tory and I ran into each other during the fourth period lunch and it seemed that we had four out of five periods in common. We both bought lunch and went to sit outside in the sun to eat. As we sat down on one of bleachers that surrounded the track behind the school heard a bit of a crinkle but ignored it. There were a few others out today scattered about the bleachers and the field and for a while I pointed around, giving him an idea of who's who. After a little more small talk I thought to ask him about where he came from and whatnot.

"Me? I'm from Vancouver," he began.

At that I snickered slightly and made the 'joint smoking' motion, as anyone and everyone who I've ever met from BC has, at one time, been on the BC weed.

He shook his head and replied, "None for me thanks, not a smoker myself."

I can't say I was surprised but it was a bit of an oddity. He turned to watch the field and continued.

"We moved here when my mom was offered a job by the university."

"What does she teach?" I asked as a reflex.

"Biology, and it's mostly first and second year students. She went to the U of BC and ended up staying and becoming a professor. One of her friends out here told her about a position at the U of Ottawa so she applied and now we're here."

"I see. Is that the only reason why you came?"

"Well, my parents used to live here before I was born and most of mom's family lives in the province so we figured it might be a good idea. My dad works for TD Canada Trust so he was able to arrange a transfer and since his only sister lives right here in Ottawa, everything just kinda' clicked."

"Hmm...cool," I responded somewhat absentmindedly.

We got into a discussion about what we do in our spare time and as it turns out, we shared many of the same interests. I'd get into the details but it gets to be a pretty long list. Suffice to say, I was fairly certain by now that I had found a new buddy to hang around with, which is always a plus. After more talk he finally brought around the subject of the diapers.

"So, you showed me the scar and all, but what's the story behind that?" he questioned curiously.

"Oh, Jack didn't tell you yesterday?" I asked, a bit confused. He shook his head.

"No, he said I should ask you. Apparently everyone here knows about it already but that it would be better to ask you directly than just ask around. I'm not trying to pry or anything, but what gives?"

"Well...I've lived here ever since I was born, so I know pretty much everyone in every grade of our school. That helps especially because since I knew so many people before I was stuck in these, I get fewer awkward questions and more acceptance."

He nodded as if to say 'That makes sense' without words.

"Anyway, when my brother was in grade eight he kind of got into a bad crowd. He met up with some punks and started to drink, smoke and all that other shit. I remember he came home drunk a few times, got suspended once and would sometimes be high when he got home from school...but my parents didn't know about that until later."

I paused and waved to Kim who was out on the field with the rest of her Phys Ed class, in the middle of plays of flag football. He gave her a glance and then looked back at me to continue the story.

"Okay so, about a month later I came home from school a bit late one day...I think it was a Thursday. My brother was home but he hadn't heard me come in so I went up to his room to tell him I was going over to Jack's. His door was closed most of the way but in the sliver that was open I could see him lying on his bead, talking got someone on the cordless phone. I eavesdropped on a bit of his conversation and heard a time, place and a price so I slipped back downstairs quietly."

"Buying drugs?" he asked.

"Yep. He left at about four, before my parents we home, on account of the fact that he had been grounded was grounded at the time. I followed him to a corner of the park right over there," I pointed to a secluded spot in between some trees, "and listened in to their conversation. After a minute or two I grabbed the other guy by the back of his shirt and told my brother to leave, that I would deal with him later."

"So this other guy caught you off guard or something?"

"Not exactly. He pulled free of my grip and then just started shouting and swearing all kinds of shit, that my brother was a nark and that I was a dumbass for thinking of fighting him. You know, the stuff morons say when they're so scared they could wet their pants."

He chuckled a bit and I continued.

"Basically, he ran at me and I just clocked him square in the face before he laid a finger on me. He got up after a minute and tried again but he missed me with his right hook and I nailed him in the ribs...and then a few more times, for good measure. By that time he was on his knees and wincing, having had the wind knocked out of him. I told him to bug off and to never come near my brother again or I wouldn't be quite so nice the next time."

"So how...?" Tory cut in.

"Yeah, that's the thing. My brother hadn't left like I told him to and when I looked back it him, I caught glimpse of the sun shining on something just in front of me. The next thing I know, I was hit and on the grass. After that I passed out, the guy ran and my brother called for an ambulance."

"Shit...that's messed up." He responded after some time.

"Yeah, but what can you do. Life's like that sometimes."

He didn't really say anything, he just sat there in silence. I wasn't sure what to say so I just picked up where I left off.

"The guy was charged and sent to juvenile hall where he probably still is now...I can't remember how long they put him out for. My brother was sent to detox and rehab for a few weeks but after a month or two he was back home. I stayed at the hospital after for about a week while they cleaned me up and told me that I was lucky to have only been hit where I was. One of the nurses told me I'd be stuck in diapers pretty much forever but that it wasn't the end of the world. She was red hot little number doing university co-op and she would changed me every time I needed, so that made the stay just a bit more bearable."

Tory smirked at that and then asked me another question.

"So what was it like going home and after and all?"

"It was better than I expected. The first time I went to Ashley's she changed me, which was actually kinda nice, as she's really good at it. A little while after that Greg came to sleepover at my place one night and when I cam back from going to get something upstairs, I found him laying on the couch in a diaper."

He gave me a somewhat strange look for that one and I just laughed and explained.

"I've known Greg forever, and when I came down and stared at him he just said something like, 'What, haven't you ever heard that misery loves company?', and I just laughed and sat down."

Tory pressed on to ask how I managed socially in school afterward and I told that it was all simple. I just kept playing on some of the school teams, hung out with people the same and just tired to be what I'd always been, just a regular teenage guy. Everybody had heard about what happened so few teased me about the diapers or have even really mentioned them since then. A few people new people have said something, but after they got the whole story straight they smartened up and were accepting just like everyone else.

"Of course I know there are still people who think less of me because of it," I said, "they just don't seem to voice their opinions much. The last I kid I heard of taking trash about me behind my back got hurt pretty badly by some of my friends who overheard him."

"Sounds like you've got good friends here," he commented.

"And you will too, just give it a week."

We both smiled and I looked down at my watch. We left for the locker room of our Gym class and squared off in a badminton duel. My mobility was a bit lower than his on account of the resistance from my diaper, but I it didn't make too much of a difference. He was fast though, and a surprisingly good shot as well. He finished me off with double-digit lead when the period ended. I left for home and spent the afternoon doing my homework and then left for the gym in the evening. After one of my tougher workouts I came home, washed up and clothed myself in another fresh diaper.

The rest of the week was pretty quiet, more or less, as I continued to show Tory the ropes and introduce him to people. The only thing of any real note was on Thursday when June Crane brushed up against me just after I had left my English class and told me she'd give me a change if I needed it later. In fourth period she found me again in the cafeteria and led me back to her house, which was just a five-minute walk from the school. I knew she was a bit of a nymphomaniac, the horny type, not the slutty type, but I figured what the hell.

She tossed me down on the bed the in her room and then began to undo my pants. I was kinda' surprised that she'd be this aggressive, but this is how it is with some of the chicks that want to change me. I'm not sure why they'd want to do it, I think it's some kind of control thing but I've never thought to ask. She started by running her hands under my shirt and across my chest, working he way down to my waistline. When she got there, she unzipped my fly and slowly dragged my pants down until the waist was resting just above my ankles.

She said something about me being 'such a cute little boy in my diapers' but I half-angrily told her I despised being treated like a child and began to get up. She placed one hand in the centre of my chest and pushed me back down slowly, apologising and saying she'd avoid doing again. At the same time she reached down inside my diaper and began to fondle me gently.

"Thank God," I though, "that I had changed just before lunch, or this would be getting really awkward right about now."

She began unfastening the tapes and then unfolded the front of the diaper, resting it right between my legs. I was rock hard by this time, my penis pointing straight up into the air like a flagpole and as she reached down, she slowly stroked me up and down. I hadn't had any treatment like this for some time, so I just lay back and put my hands behind my head as she worked. She rubbed me up and down until I purred like a kitten (metaphorically) and then began to speed it up a bit. She was very smooth, gripping with just the right pressure and going just the right speed that is was a war to fight against release.

Finally I let go and just let it all spill out. She just giggled and wiped me off with some tissues and then diapered me back up. Told her I wear them as snug as I can, so she buckled me in as best she could. She had a spare last period, so I grabbed my pants, thanked her for her 'assistance' changing me and crept back to school, taking up my former spot in the caff. When I sat down I heard a chuckle sweep thought the group of guys and smirked. They knew what happened when girls around here wanted to change me and Steve gave me a big slap on the back. I still couldn't figure out why girls would do this, all I know is I wasn't complaining. I overheard plans for a party at Jack's on Saturday and made a mental note to make sure I dragged Tory with me to it. He needed to get to know what this place was like outside of school.

On Friday Ash, Tory and I all got together in the evening and went to dinner at a nearby café. We talked, laughed and the two swapped vital stats before we left for billiards at Ashley's. It was when were in our fourth game that something a bit unexpected happened.

As Ashley tells me, I was lining up a shot, bent over the table when she noticed something. I was too busy trying to aim (as I usually have horrible accuracy) that I didn't see it when Tory yawned and stretched. He raised he arms above his head and his shirt was drawn up enough that she saw his waistband. I saw her walk around the table in the corner of my eye but ignored it as I continued to focus. They were both standing behind me and to my left when she apparently pulled at the belt of his jeans and peaked at what was underneath. He didn't move at all, she says, he just stood there and watched as she peered and then looked up at him. He smirked and nodded and then I heard her ask something.

"Hmm...you look a bit wet, would you like a change?"

I opened my mouth to answer, but I head the words just before I was about to say them spoke.

"Sure, that'd be nice." I heard Tory say. The surprise just shattered my concentration and I scratched badly, knocking two of his stripes into the pocket by mistake. I whipped around and saw Ash standing there, her finger pulling back his belt and the seeing the white of a disposable diaper in the space revealed. I was frozen and speechless.

"You...you..." I sputtered in disbelief.

"Wear diapers?" he asked in an amused tone, "Sure, I have since I was born. You couldn't tell?"

"Well.....no!" I laughed in surprise.

We all had a good laugh about it. It turns out he has to wear them for a medical condition he's had since he was born. As the laughter subsided, he took his shot, not hitting anything of his own and was dragged over to the den by Ashley. It seemed we had another thing in common, I thought as she began to change him.

After another game or two the doorbell rang and we all ventured upstairs to see who was calling. Through the windows on the side we could the profile of Greg who was looking out into the street while he waited. He didn't see us but Tory and I ducked out of view anyway.

"I've got an idea..." I said evilly and then whispered my plan to them. The bell rang a second time and Tory and I descended back into the basement, lying in wait on either side of the stairs. We heard Ashley open the door and then invite Greg in. Their voiced moved and we could hear their footsteps move toward the basement door. Giving each other a quick glance, we slid behind either corner on the opposite side of the stairwell and waited. They same down the stairs slowly and Greg mentioned that he was looking for me. Ashley playfully called my name as she stepped past us with Greg just behind her.

That's when we went to work. Lightning fast, Tory and I each grabbed one of his arms and dragged him toward the den. We pushed him down to the carpet as he muttered in surprise and tried to struggle free. Once he felt his pants being undone by Ashley he stared a string of 'No guys...no...come on....don't...', but by that time it was already too late. Ash had splashed some powder on him and strapped him up nice and tight. When she was done we started to release our hold and he rose to his feet, laughing his ass off.

"Funny...." He said sarcastically.

He reached down toward the tabs but we just grabbed his arms again and held him in place. He laughed out loud again.

"So now what?" he asked, still laughing as Ashley disappeared into her dad's shop, an un-finished part of the basement.

She emerged with a fiendish smile painted across her face and pulled out a roll of duct tape from behind her. Greg chuckled nervously and tried to wriggle free but he held him firm. Ash make that creepy 're- re-re-re-re' noise from horror movies as she pulled a strip of tape from the roll and began to advance on Greg. She stuck on the tape and wrapped it around the waist of his diaper several times, trapping him in it completely.

Finished, we released our grasp and Greg looked down at himself, trapped in a diaper with no possible escape. Picking up his discarded jeans and boxer shorts from the floor, Ashley slung them over her shoulder and look at him triumphantly.

"You'll have to win these back if you want 'em." she laughed.

His expressionless face broke slowly into a calm laughter and he nodded with a smile. The two of use snickered until she turned to us and made a 'hand-them-over' motion with her free hand. Shrugging, we both ditched our pants and tossed them her way.

The evening was a series of games of each of us guys against Ashley, who stepped up her play, making all our attempts futile. In the end Greg had won back his pants but was force to leave his shorts behind, walking home awkwardly in a thick bulky diaper that he wouldn't be getting out of anytime soon. Tory came close, but called the wrong pocket on his final shot of a game and was defeated. And last, and certainly least, I was dominated by her play, and had no hope of reclaiming my pride...er...pants.

By now Tory knew that Ashley was serious about this, she would take a joke this far and, not wanting to walk home with his diaper in plain sight he asked if he could crash at my place for the night. My parents were out at a party or something of the sort, so I figured why not, my brother wouldn't give us much trouble.

Waving to Ashley, we darted out the back door, off the patio and hopped the fence. It was too dark out now for us to be seen in any great detail but still I figured this was just easier. I knocked on the glass of the back door and few times and eventually my brother appeared. He stared at us wide-eyed for a moment or two, laughed and then unlocked the door.

"What, did you two diaper boys lose that badly to Ashley?" he haunted as he walked back to the TV, laughing audibly the entire way. Tory looked at me and raised one eyebrow in concern.

"Relax, he won't tell anyone. He's just joking around with us because he knows he can get away with it..." and I added in a voice loud enough for John in the family room to hear, "...this time. Besides," I said as I lowered my voice, "he's lost to her half a dozen times on the same bet."

He smiled and we both headed downstairs to my room. I flicked on the TV and we flipped through the channels and discussed plans for tomorrow's party. Jack threw some of the best parties around here, so I knew it'd be a great time for Tory to meet some more people and have some fun. At about one we both hit the sack, I in my own bed and him in the spare room on the other side of the basement. Drifting between the border of sleep and wakefulness I suddenly realized that I now had an actually diapered friend, someone actually knows what it's like. I was glad and looked forward to tomorrow night as I drifted off to sleep wrapped in the comfort of the of a thick and cozy diaper.

Part 2

It was almost half past nine when I woke up the next day. I stretched a little, got to my feet and went over to the washroom to shower and change. I wasn't quite as wet as usual this morning but I hadn't had much to drink last night and Ashley had changed me at a rather late hour so it wasn't shocking. After washing off I took a few minutes and shaved the mounting stubble on my face with the new four blade razors I had bought last week. Headed back to my room and ditched my towel, jumping on my bed and diapering myself up. I put on some shorts and a shirt and climbed the stairs to get some breakfast.

"Good morning." My mom said happily as I wandered into the kitchen. "Did you sleep well?"

"Yeah, like a baby." I said without thinking as I rubbed at my eyes.

I heard my brother kind of snort, as if holding back a laugh and turned to sneer at him, the realization of what I had just said dawning on me. He was sitting at the table, a bowl of cereal in front of him, wearing his favourite black t-shirt with the letters "STFU" angrily painted in red across the chest. My attention shifted as I noticed Tory sitting to his right slowing shaking his head in mild amusement and looking over at my brother.

"I don't think there's much you can say to make that any more ironic," he said, "might want to let that one slide, hunh?"

My brother nodded with a humorous smile, still fighting back a bit of a giggle and returned to his breakfast. Opening one of the top cupboards I took my usual mug, filled it with coffee from the pot nearby and sat down across from my friend. He was wearing only a dark blue t-shirt with his diaper in plain view. I suppose I wasn't too surprised, as I would appear like that in the mornings myself sometimes, but I didn't expect to see the like from him so soon. That's probably what he did at home, I imagined, and since I have to wear them and my family's used to it, it was no issue.

"So what are you boys up to today?" My mom asked as she cleaned some dishes in the sink my brother had left since last night.

"I'm going over Ray's after I go get dressed," my brother began, "He's invited me to say over, so do mind if I stay there tonight?"

"As long as you finish your homework on Sunday then sure, I suppose you can go." She replied kindly. "What about you two?"

We both looked at each other, having only made plans for later in the evening.

"I don't really know," I said eventually, "But we'll figure something out."

I thought we might do downtown for a while and I'd show him the sights or something. We needed to kill some time before we went to Jack's that night and, just as I thought of my need for a cover story, Tory spoke.

"You can come stay over at my place if you want tonight," he offered, "I just set up my Game Cube and I've been itching to take on an opponent a little more intelligent that a computer."

I looked over and looked to my mother for approval. She nodded casually and we finished our breakfast in silence. Once finished, I found a pair of jean he could burrow and tossed them to him as he got dressed and changed. I took a change of clothes and a few diapers in my bag to make it look like I would be actually sleeping over and we left for his place. We walked past the school and toward Jack's, turning into a nearby cul-de-sac at the last moment. It was a pretty nice house, certainly suitable for the five in his family. He unlocked the door and we stepped inside.

"My parents are up at the cottage for the weekend." He said. "My brothers are with them too. They're only nine so they have to go every time while I get the choice to stick around if I want."

"Cool." I muttered in response.

He told me I could leave my stuff by the stairs when we went out so I do just that. He opened the closet and grabbed a key ring off one of the hooks. He asked me where we were going to go as he opened the door and I mentioned some possibilities of interest. We hopped in his dad's car and drove out to Orleans where we spent some time in the mall and took in a movie at the theatre in the plaza next door. Doing a little bit more freewheeling, we returned to his place and hug around until about six. We both got changed and then headed to Jack's for some fun as we had planned.

Part 3

There were about two dozen people there when we arrived and some noise from the basement hinted that there were likely more. I recognized most of the people around and started naming names to Tory just as Jack called us over. He wanted to minimize the property damage and the mess he'd have to deal with, so there weren't too many more people expected. For now, most were either playing multiplayer Halo downstairs, where I was informed my brother could be found, or lounging around the TV, watching Futurama and playing drinking games. Without a second thought the two of us joined in and after about twenty minutes I noticed things started to get a little fuzzy, in other words, it wasn't too bad of a game.

After that I can recall some details about Ashley appearing, some of the most evil karaoke singing I've ever heard, Tory getting into a drunken conversation about penguin politics that Norton had started, and stumbling out the front door some time later. My brother was also included in these hazy images as he where he said he would be, spending his time at Jack's house with his younger brother, Ray. I don't know how I made that connection when I was drunk…I've been told I'm very dimwitted when inebriated so it still puzzles me.

I remember waking up in a bed much smaller than my own, having no idea how or why wound up there. My head throbbed and my vision was cloudy when I first opened my eyes. I didn't look around for several seconds and instead tried to focus my eyes and replay all the missing scenes in my memories of the night before. Rolling over onto my side, I managed to make out the figure of my brother, John, passed out on an identical bed against the parallel wall. In disbelief I saw him sprawled out on top of the sheets in nothing other than his 'STFU' shirt from the day before and a partially wet diaper that was taped on him.

Being reminded to check the status of my own diaper, I saw that I had been changed into the same unfamiliar brand as John and was somewhere between mostly wet and soaked. noticed that it felt much different in this kind of diaper and that I should ask where to get some if possible. I heard Ashley's voice and footsteps on nearby stairs and lay back on my bed, pretending to still be asleep. She entered the room and I felt a nudge on my shoulder. I wearily opened my eyes and slowly began to get up.

"Hey," I mumbled, "did you have fun last night?"

"Sure," she replied with a yawn, "it was great."

After a bit of a pause I thought to ask the most obvious question on my mind.

"So where are we?" I asked as my brother snored in the background.

"Well, the three of you were all pretty drunk so I figured it would be best if we just crashed nearby and here we are, at Tory's. It was quite a challenge getting him to show me where he lived and then to get his key when he was that…playful, I guess you could say."

I snickered and looked down to my wet diaper as she began to speak again.

"You two diaper boys were both completely soaked by the time I checked you and John wet his pants on the way back so I simply changed all of you when we got here."

I smiled, thanking her for being such a good friend and she said it was no problem and telling me to go lay on the bed in the room across the hall so I could be changed. I did as she said and in a moment she reappeared a moment later in the doorway with a fresh diaper and a small box of wipes to clean me up. My current diaper was rather damp, clinging to me warmly and conforming to the shape of my crotch.

"There's some coffee downstairs that I just made if you want some." She said.

My headache had calmed some but I could use something help my hangover.

"Perfect, thanks." I replied as she taped me up, forgetting to ask about the type of diaper I was in.

She smiled and told me she'd be down after she checked on my friend and next-of-kin. I got up from the bed and headed downstairs, disregarding my pants and leaving them behind in the room Ashley entered. She peeked in on John for a second and then walked across the hall to what I assume was Tory's room as I moved toward the kitchen.

I noticed the diaper I was dressed felt much different my usual kind and it crinkled less than I would have imagined when I went to pour myself some coffee. I sipped at it as I headed back up the stairs to look in John, hearing some giggles and quiet conversation from behind the door of Tory's room. I walked in silently, almost tripping over my pants that were piled at the foot of my bed and nudged my brother until he awoke.

"Have fun last night?" I asked as he rubbed his eyes.

"...uh, yeah...it was...great..." he mumbled in a daze.

I had seen my brother hung-over a few times before but never had I seen him so lethargic. He seemed barely conscious and hadn't yet seemed to notice his diapered condition, which was unlike him.

"You feelin' alright?" I asked curiously.

"...yeah..." he replied eventually, "just tired still..."

I gave him a strange comical look and waited for him to notice.

"Are you sure you're okay?" I asked again.

"Yes!" he angrily barked, rubbing the dark rings beneath his eyes again.

"Alright, alright!" I growled back, sipping my coffee. "So when are you going to make some smart-ass comment about being stuck in a diaper?"

He looked down to his loins and finally noticed that he, like I, was in nothing but a shirt and diaper. He was exhausted and speechless so I filled him in.

"Ash says you pissed your pants while you were drunk so she diapered you along with us," I snickered as he sat there confused.

He looked up at me and then back at his diaper. After giving a heavy sigh, he collapsed with his back on the bed once more and closed his eyes. I heard him mumble, "Whatever, I don't care..." as he drifted back to sleep and I left him in the silence. Still drinking my coffee and enjoying the comfort of this new diaper I sat on the foot of the stairs and thought. I knew two things for certain: I had to ask Tory about getting some of these diapers for myself and that something was definitely wrong with my brother.

Walking into Tory's kitchen I placed my mug in the sink and checked the clock on the stove. The time read 11:13 am so I figured I should head home before my parents started to wonder too much. Heading back upstairs to retrieve my pants I passed my still-sleeping brother and threw on my jeans. I didn't want to disturb Ashley and Tory in the next room so I scrawled a note on a sticky note and tacked it on the door as I left.

It was warm and sunny outside as I trotted home through the streets of my neighbourhood. Ashley had done a great job diapering me earlier, I didn't rustle much as I walked but it was so magnificently comfortable. Now I do sometimes get tired of the feel of wearing diapers but his was a whole different experience. I order myself remember to ask Tory about were I could find such amazing diapers.

As I unlocked the front door and stepped inside I was greeted by my dad who told me I had mail waiting form me on my desk. Thanking him, I left for my room, grabbed my pocketknife and slit open the top of the bulky envelope. It turned out to be a letter from a few friends of mine out west with pictures from my most recent visit enclosed. Adrian, Drey, Alex and Cody lived in Edmonton but on the other side of the city as my Aunt and Uncle. I first met them when I was wandering around West Edmonton Mall and got caught up in a conversation about popular games while browsing in Electronics Boutique. There were all good friends and we all just seem to click, right then and there.

When I had gone back this time, now clad in diapers full-time, they barely paid it any attention after I had explained myself with the exception of a few random questions. We just hung out, went to movies and did all our usual stuff, it was great. The pictures they had sent were from the party we had thrown at Drey's house on the last night of my visit. They showed the progress of the evening's strip poker game emphasizing the moments when Adrian lost her top, I was reduced to my diapers and Cody was covered by nothing but a hand of cards. After flipping though the stack I chose the star pictures and stuck them up on the wall beside my computer.

I logged onto my terminal, checked my e-mail and spent a while watching flash movies and playing games online. I heard the sound of the door from upstairs and figured that either my mom or brother must have just arrived home. Concerned over my brother's recent condition I moved upstairs to see if he had indeed returned from Tory's place. Climbing up to his room I found him flopped on his bed and dozing. I poked him awake and asked him if he was feeling any better. Glaring over at me with drowsy eyes he told me he just wanted to sleep and to come back later.

I left him and went to back downstairs to my desk to finish my weekend homework and study for my bio test on Tuesday. The rest of the day was rather uneventful, as was the day after, and I had yet to talk to Tory about what he thought of the party. The time crept by until I saw him again on Monday in class. He seemed rather satisfied with the night and told me to let him tag along again the next time.

When I came home I found John asleep, yet again, crashed on his bed and still in his school uniform. I knew there was something wrong with him before but I figured once he got some rest he'd be feeling better. That didn't seem to help so I poked him awake again.

"What…?" he mumbled after I tapped him a few times.

"John, did you sleep though all your classes today?" I asked, wondering if my guess was correct.

"Not all of them…" he trailed of, seeming reluctant to answer fully.

"Were you asleep all yesterday too?" I continued.

"And what if I was?" he inquired angrily, turning his head to face me as he lay there.

"Do you feel sick?"

What are you, mom?" he blurted sarcastically. At that I rolled my eyes at his resistance and spoke bluntly.

"Look, I'm no doctor, but you could have mono or something."

He sighed heavily and I pressed on.

"You should make a doctor's appointment soon to be sure."

He stared up at the ceiling and finally responded.

"You know, I should be surprised by this, what with Ray and Charlotte being so 'open' but it's still damn annoying…" he reflected as he trailed off.

"What's that supposed to mean?" I questioned after a few moments, confused as hell.

He gazed over at me lazily, as if wondering if he could trust me. Yawning deeply, he continued his though.

"They're the kind of couple that's up for company and go both ways."

Having only a mild idea of what he was referring to I gave him a semi- confused look.

"They're both bisexual, stupid." he simplified as he peered at me from his own bed. "The two of them like to have threesomes and orgies with other people or couples. They don't really care who gets what where, they just like to shag is all."

At this my confused look became a wide eyed expression of surprise.

"So you got it from him?"

"No, you dolt," he muttered back, "I got it from her. I don't make out with Ray ever, I just sometimes take him from behind."

I could see he was getting rather angry and defensive, and why not? This was a side of John I had never seen before. I nodded quietly, urging him to continue.

"Well last night they tricked me a bit, and I wound up in the middle."

It went completely quiet for a moment. I didn't really want to know all intricate details so I finally broke the silence.

"Well I suppose it's good that you're finding out what you like. Your secret's safe with me…but you really should get mom to make a doctor's appointment and get checked out."

"Yeah…" he said after a minute, "I'll do that."

I left for my own room and began to update my live journal, scanning some of the pictures my friends had sent me and adding them to my entry of the day. After reminiscing for some time I felt a sudden dampness in my diaper and decided to get changed sooner rather than later.

The week dragged on slowly and eventually my brother went to the physician and did, indeed have mono. After wetting the bed in his deep sleep once or twice, something he had done before as a child, John came to me and asked for a few diapers, just so he wouldn't have to change the sheets all the time. I was a bit skeptical that he was telling the truth but the look on his tired face told me he was sincere.

"Guess you get a little taste of my world, hunh?" I said with a smirk.

"Yeah…thanks for the diapers…they really aren't so bad after all." He replied in a mumble.

I went downstairs after and ate dinner with my parents who, as usual, seemed to be busy with their work. I collected the dishes and asked my mom to buy some more diapers, enough for my bedridden sibling and myself. She gave me a slightly quirky look and asked my how in the world I had talked my brother into wearing diapers as he had been so resistant to them while bedwetting.

"I dunno' really," I said, "I guess he's just too tired to care anymore.

She laughed, agreeing and told me she would purchase more diapers soon, before she left on her business trip to Washington. My father reminded me that he would also be gone the next week and that I would be the 'man of the house' while he was gone. I smiled at that, leaving for my room to play some Counter Strike online with my friends.

On Friday I had a chat with Tory after I actually beat him in a badminton game during our Gym period that day. Walking back I asked him if he was interested in a little get-together at Clarkson's place on the Saturday night.

"Sound like some fun, when are we going?" he questioned.

"The party's at about six but I won't be coming with this time." I answered.

"Your brother really sick?" he added.

"Yeah, he is, and I figure I should look after him while my folks are out of town. He's got it pretty bad, so he really can't do much on his own. I'd go but I don't want another hangover so soon."

"It's all about moderation, my friend," he said in a teaching tone, "some with me some time and I'll teach you how to drink in moderation."

"In what?" I asked comically, as we both knew no one in our generation did anything of the sort around here.

"But yeah, I understand," he continued, "blood is thicker than alcohol, and I'd do that same for my little brothers any time so…good luck, I suppose."

"Thanks, I'll do my best." I said, leaving for my own street.

I unlocked the door, dropped my bag and went downstairs to change. Moving up into the kitchen I read the note my mother had left next to several bags of diapers that had been left on the kitchen table. It read:

Hope these will do you for a while. You said Depend Overnights, right? Well, just use these for now and we'll order some of those Attends online a bit later. I've left some money you can use to order pizza, rent a movie or whatever you like, just make sure you finish your homework!

I'll be gone until next Thursday but your dad will be back the night before. Take care, and don't forget to change your brother! Just kidding.

Love, Mom

I smiled at her sense of humour and pocketed the fifty dollars she had left for spending. I grabbed one of the bags of diapers and trotted up to my brother's room. Before I entered I knocked lightly and, hearing no answer, pushed the door open gently. Inside I saw a scene that would make for a perfect picture so I crept quietly downstairs to grab my digital camera and returned.

John was asleep with his covers pushed all the way down past his feet and was facing the door. He was wearing a small and fuzzy pale yellow shirt, a real baby-looking one, and reminded me of the desktop background of my computer, a cute picture of Baby Steve. (Here - http://www.gaybabydiaperhangout.com/gallery/steve/pages/snew6.htm) I clicked a picture silently, not using the flash to avoid him waking, and then returned my camera to my room.

Knocking a little louder I strolled into my brother's room and poked him awake…yet again. He twitched a little and then slowly opened his eyes and gazed about, greeting me and asking about my day. I told him it was as usual and then held up the bag of diapers for his viewing.

"I asked mom to get an extra bag of diapers so you could sleep and not have to worry about having to do laundry afterward."

He just vainly glanced at the bag for a second and then thanked me for doing him such a favour. I joked with him, asking if he even knew how to change himself or had the energy to do so. He shrugged and I paused, left and returned with an unopened box of wipes and a bottle of baby powder from the bathroom.

"Here," I said frankly, "you look like you're pretty wet. Why don't I give you a change and give you a few tips."

Earlier I would have though he might be rather resistant to my offer but since he had become sick and told me of his threesome last week, I figured he'd trust me a little more now.

"Sure, that wouldn't be too bad I guess." He answered in a kind voice.

"Alright," I said, "you're going to want to roll over onto your back, put your hands behind your head and relax."

He did as I told him and I proceeded to change him. I ripped open the bag of diapers and passed him one to hold onto as I began to work.

"Here, hold this; I'll need it in a minute." I said, undoing the tabs of his wet diaper.

"This doesn't seem very complicated process." he remarked.

"It isn't really, but you'd be surprised how many people out there in cyberspace can't seem to figure it out on their first try." I laughed. "Anyway, first you just un-tape yourself," I said, removing the last tape, "and then clean yourself off with these wipes."

I unfolded his drenched diaper off of him as I spoke. I hadn't seen my brother naked since he was young enough to still be in diapers (for the first time) but wasn't too surprised.

"So," I muttered as wiped over his crotch, "you got the titan trouser snake too?"

"The big nine and a half," he joked back, "hell yeah, and damn happy about it too."

"I know what you mean." I laughed, removing the wet diaper from under him.

He handed me the fresh one and I unfolded it, sliding it under him and then pausing to offer some advice.

"Now, you don't have to, but you might want to think about shaving your nether regions, or at least using some of that hair-removing gel. It makes the whole cleaning up process a lot easier and faster."

He looked at me with a little quirk in his eye.

"You don't have to or anything, it's just convenient and yes, it does grow back so don't worry about that."

"I'll think about it," he said, "but that's something I'd do on my own."

"Yeah," I agreed, "I'm only helping you with this because I'm a pro at it by now."

I dusted some powder one him and then taped him up, re-taping him to make it a bit tighter as he also seemed to like them better that way.

He thanked me for my help and I told him it was no problem. I disposed of the trash and left him with the bag of diapers, powder and wipes by his bed, in case he needed to change again. Leaving, I went downstairs to change myself and then grabbed my backpack, stepping out to get some things.

I walked by Ashley's one the way to the plaza and saw Tory walking slowly away. I ran to catch up with him and called for his attention. He turned, looking rather red-faced and waited for me to catch him.

"Hey, what are you doing around this area?" I asked.

"Not much, just burrowing Ash's notes. Where are you off to?"

"Just a few errands and, while I think of it, where did you happen to get that awesome type of diaper?"

"Oh, you mean the ones Ash changed the three of us into after Jack's?"

"Yeah, they felt incredible and held so much. I wore one all day and didn't have to change once."

"Those are a nameless brand from this medical supply company my aunt works for. I don't know exactly what company makes them but my aunt has been ordering for me. She gave me a bag as a birthday present and I've been getting them since."

"Great present," I chuckled.

"Oh yeah, but hey, if you want a few to try, just follow me back and I'll be happy to share. If you decide you want more after that I can just have my aunt order more and you can pay me the difference."

"Works for me." I said as we rounded the turn onto his street.

He stepped inside and scurried up to his room, returning a moment later with a stack of diapers for my use. I slipped them in my bag and zipped it up as he commented on them.

"They make usual disposables as well as some slip-on underwear-style ones. They're not bad but not as good as the traditional ones. Anyway, enjoy, and I'll see you later."

"Yep, thanks for the diapers and have fun at the party." I said, leaving for my errands.

I went to the grocery store and bought some food to take home, simple things mostly as I'm not the greatest cook. While wondering around thought the massive store I came across something funny for John in the childcare section, a pacifier, and decided to buy it.

I rented the last part of the Matrix saga as I had yet to see it, despite warnings that it wasn't great. I stepped inside and found John playing Halo in the living room as I dropped the stuff off in the kitchen. He was still in the same T-shirt and diaper as before, blasting away at the Flood with a shotgun as the Master Chief on the big screen. I informed him that I was going to watch the movie I had rented in a little bit but he declined to join me, telling me that he was tired and had already seen the picture in question.

"Alright then, whatever you like." I said as I snuck away to get my camera once more.

I'm rather happy that my particular camera makes no noise when it shoots because I was able to take yet another awesome picture of John in diapers as her was gunning away at Halo. He wasn't the wiser and I figured I'd snap a few more over the next while and add them to my gallery on the Diaper Boys site.

John went back to bed shortly after and I threw the disk into the DVD player. It really wasn't as bad as I had heard but I'm not a really harsh critic of most movies anyway. Half way through I pulled at my waistline and saw I was wet again. I stopped the movie and made off to get changed.

I lay back on my bed and, just as I was about to remove the tapes, I remembered my bag and the diapers Tory had given me. Racing back upstairs I snatched my bag and grabbed one of the traditional style of diaper from the pouch. I cleaned myself off and taped it on, feeling an incredible surge of comfort as I finished. These truly must have been the diapers of the Gods.

I just left my pants in my room, and returned to my movie, sinking back into the couch and wearing nothing but a T-shirt and a miracle diaper. As it ended I switched to the satellite stations and checked the program list to see what was on what was on. I watched an episode of Family Guy followed by the usual Futurama and went to check on John. He was asleep, as usual, so I pulled up the side of his covers delicately to check his diaper.

He was completely soaked and obviously having no trouble using the diapers that had been bought for him. After a second I tapped him, asking him if he needed a change. He rolled over and then rummaged around under the covers to check his diaper, answering me with a simple 'yes'. I turned and disappeared downstairs, telling him I'd let him try one of the awesome diapers Tory had given me.

With a bit of a sigh I took the diaper from my drawer and went back upstairs to John's room. I wasn't sure about giving him one of them, as I'm not sure he'd notice and enjoy the difference the same way I would but I figured he deserved a try as long as he was still in diapers. I stepped back into his room and stopped, finding him on his back with the covers pushed down, his diaper untapped and sound asleep.

I took another picture of him and then tried to wake him once more. He just didn't seem to wake up this time so I figured I'd just change him again. I cleaned him off, tossed the lead-weight wet diaper and taped the new one on. Getting a rather amusing idea I grabbed a black permanent marker form my room and returned.

Now, some of you are probably thinking 'Oh damn, he's gonna' draw a moustache on him or something' right about now, but I assure you, I'm not quite that cruel. Instead I left him a small message scrawled on his diaper that he could read from his angle. It said: 'Sooner or later you'll have to change yourself.' I thought he might get a kick out of it so I left to go play Super Smash Brothers Melee downstairs on the Gamecube in my room. After winning all of my matches as Samus I retired to bed in my still-dry and comfy super diaper.

When I woke up I was wet like every day but I felt as if my diaper had some room left still. Rather than letting it go to waste I slipped on a pair of watertight plastic pants, which I usually used to keep my diapers dry while swimming, and hit the shower. I washed off and went upstairs to get some breakfast. I found John sitting at the kitchen table, eating a bowl of cereal and watching the TV in the lounge from a distance. Silently I crept back to grab my camera and snapped yet another picture.

Thankful he hadn't noticed my photography I joined him and asked him about how he was feeling. He had a bit more energy and was amused by my message. It seemed he had become accustomed to existing in just a T- shirt and diaper by now which was great as he'd likely stop bugging me about my own diapered situation.

"These things really are great," he commented between bites, "I pissed in it last night sometime but I can't even feel it being wet at all. I think it's still got some room left so I'm going to wait and change later."

"Yeah, I got them from Tory," I replied, "I'll have to get him to order me…err…us some eventually."

"Make it soon." he smirked happily.

We sat and ate, mutually enjoying our amazing diapers until at last I decided to call Tory and ask him to order me some. I had some money in my account so I figured I'd pay for them myself and have mom reimburse me later. I dialled him up and got his father on the end of the line. After a moment he connected my to my friend and I asked him if he could order me three bags of the ultra diapers and he told me to expect them at the end of the month.

Satisfied at my luck I went and finished the small amount of homework I had for the weekend. I moved to my computer and started a download on the latest episode of Full Metal Alchemist that had been fansubbed. Seeing that it would be about an hour an a half on Bit Torrent I went off to play on games for a while. While exploring the Chozo Ruins I finally felt that my diaper was wet and heavy. Unsure of exactly when I had wet myself, I got changed quickly into the last of Tory's marvellous diapers and continued my game.

I blasted away the Incinerator Drone and then watched my downloaded file. Going to check on John I found him, yet again, in a picture- perfect pose. On his back in the den, he was sucking his thumb and sleeping there in a completely drenched diaper. I snapped it and then woke him up, handing him a fresh diaper and telling him to do it himself this time. He nodded and headed off to his room to get changed and sleep and I figured I'd best do that same. I left for my room and stopped to check my e-mail, as I had seen the notice on my monitor as I went to turn it off. I was a message from Rosa saying that she wanted to talk with me soon about a topic of some importance.

She had been giving me curious little looks for the past little while, peering at me when she thought I wasn't looking and then whispering away to her friends. A bit curious myself I sent her a reply telling her to meet me at the coffee shop in the plaza near my house around noon the next day. I finished up my typing and flopped into bed, bound by the comforts of my sheets and my comfortable new diaper.

Part 2

The Sleepover at Torys

Saturday morning came and as usual, I checked to see if I was wet. The sheets were completely dry, but my disposable diaper was another story. I’m not sure why I always checked to see if I was wet, because ever since the accident, I woke up wet. I guess I was hoping that maybe someday I would wake up to a dry diaper and that maybe I’d be able to shed my babyish underwear, but that’s just a pipe dream. I crawled out of bed and decided to check on Tory in the spare room across the basement. I walked across the family room toward the spare bedroom just in my piss-soaked diaper. I normally would just walk around in my diaper to either take a shower or grab a quick glass of orange juice in the kitchen, but normally no one was home to see me just in my diapers so it didn’t matter that much. Since Tory had to wear diapers just like myself, it didn’t bother me to wake Tory up in just my diaper.

I walked toward the spare bedroom where the Tory left the door open where I walked in finding Tory awake staring at the ceiling. He glanced at me and said good morning. When I sat down on the edge of his bed…Tory just made a comment that I was pretty wet, as it was pretty obvious that my diaper was completely soaked. “Yeah, I’m pretty much of a heavy wetter and my diaper is normally quite wet in the morning, just like now”, I replied. I then asked Tory how he faired overnight. I could tell that he was slightly embarrassed and knew something was wrong. As he threw off his covers exposing him just in his piss-soaked disposable diaper, he told me that he was sorry, but for some reason, his diaper had leaked and the bed had gotten wet. I looked down at the sheets and saw how wet they were. I told him not to worry about it, as there is as mattress pad to protect the bed. When Tory got out of bed, I saw how wet he was. His diaper was a lot more wet than my diaper was. I told him that maybe it would probably a good idea if he showered and changed into a nice clean dry diaper. We walked back to my room, just in our wet diapers were I grabbed a clean dry diaper from the bottom drawer and handled it to Tory then took another dry diaper out and threw it on my bed. I told him to take a shower and I would take care of the wet sheets.

Tory took the diaper from me and walked into my bathroom and proceeded to take a shower. While he took his shower, I stripped the wet sheets and the mattress pad from the bed and covered up the bed with the dry comforter that was on the bed. I threw the wet bedding into washer in the laundry room. Tory walked out from the bathroom with a towel wrapped around him and walked back to the spare bedroom to get dressed. I myself walked into the bathroom, un-taped my piss-soaked diaper from me, rolled it up and threw it away in the garbage were Tory’s wet diaper lied. Like every morning, I hoped back on my bed, throwing the diaper I had thrown just a few minutes earlier under my backside, I taped it up and spent a minute of so re-taping it. I just had finished putting and readjusting my clean dry diaper when Tory came into my bedroom fully clothed. As I pulled my jeans over the disposable diaper I was sporting, Tory asked me if it ever bothered me in wearing diapers. As I finished getting dressed I told him that…

“Oh course it bothers me that I have to wear diapers instead of regular underwear like most of the guys wear, but since I don’t have a choice anymore, I’d rather wear a diaper than wet myself without warning.” I further explained that when I got out of the hospital, I explored every conceivable option in controlling my bladder. I tried external catheters, which by the way are totally uncomfortable. I even had an internal catheter inserted, but after a severe infection that almost took my life, I decided that maybe wearing diapers wasn’t all that bad. At first I didn’t go back to school, because I felt so embarrassed that here I was 17, a senior in high school and having to wearing diapers. Finally…like I explained alittle earlier that I kept playing on some of the school teams, hanging out with the same people, just like I had always done, but the only thing that changed for me, was that I had to wear a diaper instead of the regular underwear all the other guys wore. I also added that after about a month of wearing diapers, Jack asked me why I wore diapers since I obviously didn’t have any bowel control problems and wondered why I didn’t wear something that would simply collect my urine instead of the disposable diaper I was wearing. I explained to him, just like I did with you that I tried several options but I found that plain old disposable diapers seemed to work the best. First, they never or seldom leaked and secondly, I didn’t mind wearing diapers, they gave me the comfort and security I needed. Jack, Greg and Ashley accepted my answer to their questions, never questioned me again with wearing diapers and accepted me as who I was and that I just had to wear a diaper. “What about you?” I asked Tory. He responded to me that since he’s never known what is like to wear regular underwear because he’s never been out of diapers, that he is comfortable in wearing them. He’s never known anything else. We talked alittle more before Tory left for his house.

Tory and I became great friends. He wasn’t my best friend, as Greg and Jack had that title. But because Tory wore diapers like me, he knew exactly what I was going through, whereas Greg and Jack couldn’t even imagine. Don’t get me wrong, Greg, Ashley and Jack are great and very supportive about my condition and the fact that I have to wear a diaper instead of the normal briefs or boxer shorts like all the other guys wear at my high school. It’s been just a few months since I found myself bound by diapers and even though I accepted the fact that I would probably have to wear a diaper for the rest of my life, it still bothered me to some degree or another that I have to wear them. I’m just glad that none of my friends or classmates treated me like a baby, just because of the highly absorbent plastic underwear I wear. This was even more evident that I despised any type of baby talk whenever one of the girls would change me from time to time.

It never crossed my mind that someone else besides myself could be wearing diapers at my age. I mean, who would think that a 17 year-old could still be in diapers so that’s why it never crossed my mind that Tory was wearing a diaper when I first met him. I thought I was the only one in diapers, especially in my high school. I remember hearing the crinkling sound that one Tuesday afternoon on the bleachers when Tory sat down. I don’t know why I never suspected anything, normally guys don’t crinkle when they sit down, so looking back on it, I wonder why I didn’t think if he was wearing a disposable diaper. I guess it really isn’t all that common to have 17 year-old guys still in diapers.

After a late night at the Café, Greg, Jack, Tory and I walked Ashley home. Once Ashley was home, Jack and Greg walked toward their homes. Tory and I lived in the same direction, so we both walked and chatted while going home. I was kinda of complaining about my brother having some of his friends over for the night and even though my brother’s friends were aware that I wore diapers, they somewhat teased me because of my babyish underwear. Tory just then suggested that I come over to his house and spend the night. I was alittle apprehensive about staying over at Tory’s house, because I knew that we would have to share a room, unlike the time when Tory spent the night at my house, Tory got his own room. Since it was Friday night and I really didn’t have anything better to do I said… “Sure, why not”. Once we reached Tory’s house, I realized that I didn’t have any extra spare diapers with me for the night or even for the next day. I voiced my concern with Tory that maybe I should spend the night another time, since I didn’t have any clean clothes with me. Tory looked at me and said… “Dude, you’ve got to be kidding. Helloooo…I wear diapers too and we wear the same type of disposable diaper, so you can just have some of mine.” I thought to myself and said to myself…well duh, that will work. I told Tory thanks and we proceed toward his house.

It was still warm and humid outside and when we walked into his kitchen, there too was rather warm. “You don’t mind if I take off my shirt, do you?” Tory asked me. “Nah, go ahead, it’s probably a good idea.” I responded. Tory took off his shirt and then offered me something to drink, which I both of us had root beer. Tory and I leaned against the counter drinking our root beers and talked about the events of the day and school. As we chatted, I looked at Tory with his shirt off and noticed that the top of his disposable diaper was sticking out from underneath his jeans. I decided for that very reason to leave my shirt on but Tory seemed totally comfortable with his shirt off and with his diaper exposed. He noticed that I was looking at him and that his diaper was visible said to me… “When you spend your entire life in diapers like myself, you get pretty use to not worry about them or even if they are visible. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t go out of my way to advertise that I’m diapered, but I’m not embarrassed that I have to wear them. After chatting for about a half an hour, Tory decided that it was probably a good idea to hit the sack. I was a little apprehensive about sleeping in the same room with another guy let alone sleeping in the same bed, but Tory had a king size bed, which made it alittle easier to deal with. As we walked toward his room, Tory was in front of me and like in the kitchen; his diaper was really sticking out from the backside of his jeans. I’ve seen Tory with his shirt off before, but for some reason, tonight was a different story. I couldn’t explain what it was about Tory…was it that he had a great chest or was it the disposable diaper sticking out from his pants. Whatever it was, I knew that Tory was different from the other guys and friends I knew. He went over to his closet and pulled out a disposable diaper and handed it to me. I took the diaper from him it looked liked the disposable diapers I wore but then realized that this disposable diaper was a lot more thicker than the one I was currently wearing. Tory explained that the Attends Company decided to make their “Attends Briefs 10” in an overnight disposable diaper. The new overnight diaper would hold up to several wettings throughout the night without leaking. I liked this idea, although I really never had a problem with my diaper leaking at night. Tory then handed me some lounge pants and a t-shirt to change into then told me that I could change in the bathroom next to his room. He also told me that I would find everything I needed to help me with my diaper change underneath the bathroom sink. I took the diaper, lounge pants and the t-shirt and walked out of his room and entered the bathroom.

Once in the bathroom, I took off my shirt and then pulled my pants down exposing my shameful white and extremely wet disposable diaper. I opened the bottom of the sink drawer and was amazed to find several types of baby wipes, baby powder and even some diaper rash ointment. I took the baby wipes from the sink and preceded the un-tape my wet diaper. I took the wipe and completely cleansed my entire diaper area. One thing with wearing diapers, especially at 17, the one thing you don’t need is a bad case of diaper rash. Ever since finding myself bound in diapers, I always made sure that I kept myself clean. I taped up the clean dry diaper on myself and looked myself in the mirror and saw myself standing there in an extremely thick white disposable diaper. It looked pretty good for a diaper if I do say so myself. I made sure that the leg gathers were all on the outside of the plastic outer covering to ensure that this new diaper wouldn’t leak before I pulled the loaned pair of lounge pants on over the thick disposable diaper I was now wearing. I walked out of the bathroom only to hear myself crinkle even more than usual. Even though I taped the diaper up tight, like I always do to prevent my diaper from crinkling in public, these new overnight diapers crinkled with every step I made.

I walked into Tory’s room and crinkled as I sat down on his bed. I guess the additional crinkling sound from these new overnight disposable diapers really didn’t matter that much. I mean I was wearing an overnight diaper and I was going to bed, so who cares if my diaper crinkles more at night…no one other than myself or Tory would really notice the crinkling sound, like it matters anyway, since both of us would be wearing the same type of night wear. Just within a few minutes, Tory exited his bathroom wearing lounge pants and a t-shirt too. I then noticed that his lounge pants seemed a lot more bulky looking than what I was wearing but I didn’t really question what he was wearing. I just thought he was wearing the same exact disposable diaper I was, but I didn’t really hear the crinkling sound my diaper made.

Tory asked me I wanted something to drink before bedtime as he told me that he always had a glass of milk before bedtime, but I responded that I was ok. I never really drank too much before bedtime and now that I found myself bound in diapers, it was even more of a reason not to drink before bedtime, even though I now had to wear diapers, I really didn’t want to leak one bit. Tory left his room to get himself a glass of milk. While he was out of the room, I noticed that his closet door was slightly ajar, so I for some reason decided to open and peer inside. With the door open, I looked in amazement of what was in the closet. Here the closet was full of diapers of all kinds. It seemed that Tory had every conceivable disposable diaper in that closet and there even seemed to be some type of cloth things with diaper pins and even some pairs of vinyl baby pants that looked awfully large. I shut the door and returned to the bed in which I sat back down when Tory walked back in.

When Tory walked in, I once again noticed the extra bulkiness of his lounge pants but I didn’t want to say anything to prevent any embarrassment from him or myself. Tory was taking off some extra bed pillows when one of them dropped on the floor in front of his dresser. He stepped over to the pillow and bent over to pick it up. While he was doing this, I looked at him and at his diapered butt and that’s when I noticed plastic pants sticking out from his lounge pants. I couldn’t resist asking him why he was wearing plastic pants over his disposable diaper. After I confronted him about the plastic pants, he told me that he wasn’t wearing a disposable diaper. He then pulled his lounge pants down exposing the plastic pants he was wearing and then tugged the plastic pants down revealing thick, soft white cloth diapers pinned on with diaper pins. I now realized what I had saw in his closet was some cloth diapers… “I thought only babies wore cloth diapers? I asked him. “Well I thought so too, but since I’ve always worn diapers, wearing disposable diapers all the time was becoming increasingly expensive, so my parents introduced me to cloth diapers and plastic pants at night when I was about 6. You never known that I wore cloth diapers because I still wear disposables during the daytime and when I spend the night at others… so like those nights when I spent the night at your house, I wear my overnight disposable diapers, like the one you have on right now.

We sat on the edge of his bed as we talked about wearing diapers at night and I couldn’t believe that Tory wore thick cloth diapers and plastic pants to bed each night. I asked him if they protected him like the disposable did. He told me that they did and actually they were actually a lot more absorbent, so if you drink a lot at night, you don’t have the worry about your diaper leaking. He then asked me if I wanted to try them. I told him that I really didn’t care to wear them, as since I was already set for the night. Tory simply asked me what made up a disposable diaper that you wear at night. I didn’t quite understand the question in which he asked what was the disposable diaper made of. I responded that disposables had an outer layer made of waterproof plastic then highly absorbent pulp sandwiched between that waterproof layer and the soft liner that was next to the skin and of course the tape tabs that adhered the diaper to itself. Tory just responded that the cloth diapers were basically the same, but his waterproof outer cover was the plastic pants, soft cotton highly absorbent cloth diapers did the same job as the pulp found in disposable diapers but the only difference was that the diaper I had on was strictly disposable were as the diaper he was wearing was completely reusable. The tape tabs found on the disposable diaper was replaced by the diaper pins that securely held them in place. After Tory explained that the diaper he was wearing was really no different over the disposable that I was wearing other than the fact that his cloth diaper and the use of plastic pants were reusable. I told him that he was probably right, and then Tory asked me once again if I wanted to try them. I told him that I already had on a disposable and he didn’t want to ruin the diaper I had already had on. He just told me that I could just take it off and wear it in the morning. I thought about it for a minute and decided that I would give them a try…just for Tory and just for tonight.

Tory went over to his closet, opened it up and took out several cloth diapers, some diaper pins and a large pair of plastic pants. He asked me if I could put the diaper on myself. I told him that I never had worn cloth before, so I wasn’t even sure on how they went on. Tory instructed me to lie on the bed and he would take care of the change. I took off the lounge pants and t-shirt that I was wearing and lied down on his bed. I was slightly embarrassed that I was lying there just in my diaper and just then, I got totally embarrassed when I and even Tory saw that I was wetting myself. The warm yellow liquid spread down the front of my diaper and before I knew it, I was completely soaked. Tory knew that I was embarrassed that I had wet myself in front of him and Tory just said to me… “Well, I guess we don’t have to worry about reusing this diaper in the morning…you took care of that yourself.” Both Tory and I laughed and I realized how much I needed to wear diapers. Tory then carefully and expertly took off the piss soaked disposable diaper I was wearing and wiped down my crotch with a warm baby wipe. I closed my eyes as he cleaned me up and thought to myself how good it felt. I knew that when Ashley changed me, it felt pretty good but I never thought another guy changing me would have the same effect. I was slightly embarrassed that I was lying there naked in front of Tory, but like it wasn’t the first time…we showered together in gym class, but during those times, there were a few dozen guys besides Tory. It just seemed alittle weird having to be cleaned up and diapered by another guy. When Ashley changed me, I didn’t feel embarrassed, but with Tory it was a different story. While he finished cleaning and drying me off, I was getting alittle hard. I opened up my eyes and looked at Tory when he quietly said to me… “Close your eyes, I help you out.” I did as he told me and within just a few seconds, I was finding myself being stroked by Tory. I was in heaven and slightly moaned when he had me come to a climax. I never, ever thought that something like this would happen to me by another guy and for some odd reason, it wasn’t all that bad, in fact it was quite pleasurable. After the relief, Tory once again, took a baby wipe, cleaned and dried me back up.

After he I was cleaned and dried, Tory put the cloth diapers together then placed them underneath me. He carefully pulled the thick mass between my legs and pinned them up on each side with the diaper pins. Like the times before when Ashley changed me, I sometimes would get hard, but now I got hard again when Tory was pinning on the diaper on me. His hand was touching my skin and the diaper itself, so I was somewhat embarrassed that this had happened. Tory noticed that I was getting hard again just said… “I think someone likes having his diaper changed.” After successfully pinning the diaper on me, he had me stand up in which he pulled the plastic pants up over the shameful cloth diaper I was now wearing. He ensured that all the cloth was totally encased inside my plastic pants.

I instantly knew that these diapers were a lot thicker than what I was use to. I felt the plastic pants that covered the thick mass and for the first time in a long time I felt alittle embarrassed that I had to wear diapers and for some reason I felt like a little baby in thick diapers. Tory knew what I was feeling and ensured me that just because I was wearing thick cloth diapers and plastic pants, that it didn’t change me as a young man that I was, it was just a different type of protection that I would normally wear. I wasn’t sure about wearing these cloth diapers and plastic pants, but I would give them a try.

I climbed into Tory’s bed with Tory getting into the other side after taking off his lounge pants and shirt. I looked at Tory and at the thick cloth diaper and plastic pants he was wearing and just admired how good he looked in his diaper. I was glad that Tory had a king-size bed; because I think things would get weird especially what I was thinking and what went on just a few minutes earlier plus with both of us sleeping in the same bed. We talked for a bit about being 17 and still wearing diapers, but he or I never mentioned about him changing me or having him satisfy me before falling asleep.

The next morning, I woke up to a completely soaked diaper, just like I do every morning, but this time I was lying in Tory’s bed and I was wearing thick cloth diapers and plastic pants. I felt around the sheets just to ensure that I hadn’t leaked, which I didn’t. I then reached down inside my plastic pants, feeling how wet I actually was. I was amazed that the cloth diaper I had on didn’t leak. I pulled my hand away from the inside of my plastic pants and then quietly caressed myself from the outside of my plastic pants with feeling the confines of the wet fabric that was underneath the soft plastic that covered it. I also felt the diaper pins that held the diaper together and wondered if Tory ever felt like this in his diaper. I then realized that Tory, like me he was doing the same exact same thing. He looked at me and told me on lots of mornings, he would jack off in his diaper to satisfy himself and by doing within the confines of the diaper; there is a lot less mess to clean up. I agreed with him and within a few minutes, both Tory and I were satisfying ourselves.

Once we finished with our little project, Tory sat up in bed and asked how I like wearing cloth diapers. I sat up too and told him that I was indifferent about wearing this type of diaper. I told him I was use to wearing disposable diapers at night that it was alittle different having something really thick on. I also told him, while just sitting there in my soaked cloth diaper and plastic pants that even though the diaper did its job, I could feel that I was wet, unlike disposables, you really couldn’t feel that they were wet. Tory did somewhat agree with me, but just added that it just takes time to adjust to wearing cloth diapers and plastic pants. We talked alittle more about the pro’s and con’s of wearing cloth diapers and plastic pants and even disposable diapers when I asked Tory about how he felt about wearing diapers all his life and how he managed socially.

Tory began to explain that it never bothered him that he was wearing diapers before he reached the first grade, but once he started the first grade and realized that kids past the age of four didn’t wear diapers, he got teased because Little Tory was still in diapers. He also told me that he got use in having to wear them and even made some friends, but most of the guys in his school wouldn’t have anything to do with a kid still in diapers. What made Tory even more embarrassed was when his younger brother was potty trained and no longer had to wear diapers whereas Tory was still wearing them. His parents never made him feel like a baby, but sometimes when his diaper was changed by his dad, he kinda felt like a baby. He continued in saying that when he entered his freshman year in high school at his old school Vancouver that’s when the teasing got worse. Since he didn’t really have a physical disability to exempt him from taking P.E. Tory had to take gym class with the rest of the freshmen class. At this point very few people were aware that he had to wear diapers but during the first day in P.E. everyone would know that he wore diapers. Here Tory was a fifteen year old trying to undress in the boys locker room and trying to hide his babyish underwear when some of the guys saw that he had a disposable diaper on. Before long, everyone in the locker room was looking at the fifteen year old in diapers. What was more embarrassing for Tory was that his disposable diaper was wet.

He tried to explain to his fellow classmates why he had to wear diapers, but it always seemed that someone teased him about his diapers. Some of his classmates accepted Tory and for the condition he had to endear. We talked further with both of us just sitting on his bed in our piss soaked cloth diapers and plastic pants. Tory told me that since he was introduced to cloth diapers and plastic pants at night when he was six, sometimes he had to wear a daytime cloth diaper and plastic pants underneath his pants. This only happened when his disposable diaper supply was out or when he was punished for something he had done. He got even more teasing from his classmates when it was obvious that Tory was wearing cloth diapers and plastic pants. He did admit that he sort of enjoyed wearing cloth diapers, because it made him feel secure and that they were quite comfortable. I was alittle surprised that Tory admitted in liking to wearing diapers, but after finding myself bound by diapers, I too sort of enjoyed the security and comfort diapers gave me.

After talking for just a few more minutes, Tory told me that I could take a shower first before eating breakfast. He walked toward his closet and retrieved a clean dry disposable and handed it to me. I took the diaper and gather up my clothes from the night before and walked out of his room and headed for the bathroom. I didn’t think that I was walking out of his room just in a soaking cloth diaper and plastic pants…that’s when I also realized that Tory’s younger brother saw me walking into the bathroom just in my diaper. Like last night, I got totally embarrassed and wet the diaper even more. I wondered what he thought of seeing another 17 year-old wearing diapers. I knew that he was probably aware of his brother’s diapered condition, but to see another guy in diapers, I bet it was a totally shock. I locked the door behind me and pulled off the plastic pants away from the piss soaked diaper, then unpinned the diaper and placed both the diaper and the plastic pants inside the diaper pail that was inside the linen closet in the bathroom. I stepped inside the shower and washed the baby smell that accompanied me each and every morning. I decided not to take a long shower as I normally would do at my house, so I turned off the water, dried myself off and then proceeded to put on the disposable diaper that Tory gave me. After readjusting the tape tabs on my diaper to ensure that the diaper was on the way I liked it and ensuring that the leg gathers were on the outside, I put on my jeans and shirt on.

As I walked out of the bathroom and re-entered Tory’s bedroom. I glanced around and didn’t see him in his room. I walked out and headed into the kitchen to find Tory, his younger brother (the younger brother who saw me just in my cloth diaper and plastic pants earlier) and his mother. Tory’s mother greeted me and told me to sit down on at the breakfast table. As I sat down, I noticed that Tory was wearing the lounge pants he had last night, plus his pants were quite bulky, so I realized that he was still wearing his night diapers and plastic pants. He knew what my question was and he just replied that he never changes until he’s ready to shower. Since I took a shower first, I realized that he didn’t have time to shower. I kinda wondered what it felt like to sit around in a wet cloth diaper during breakfast. Of course I didn’t have the nerve to ask him.

I was alittle embarrassed about his younger brother seeing me just in my diaper and plastic pants and even though his brother wore diapers all the time, I bet he’d never seen another 17 year old in diapers, other than his brother. While we ate, his brother never once looked at me strangely or questioned why I was diapered. The breakfast was great and after we ate, Tory got up and walked into the bathroom to take his shower. I got up to help clear the morning’s dishes with Tory’s younger brother. His mother thanked me for being so helpful. I just couldn’t sit on the couch and watch TV while I waited for Tory to finish with his shower and dressing, so like any respectable teenager, I helped with the dishes. While Tory’s youngest brother and I cleared the dishes and placed them into the dishwasher, Tory’s youngest brother (Jared) told me that he was glad that Tory had met someone else with the same problem. It seems that Tory was kinda of a loner in his last high school because that he still wore diapers. Jared explained to me that even though he had friends, it wasn’t quite the same when none of them had the same problem. Jared finally asked me the question I was kinda dreading all morning. “So, I noticed that you had on nighttime diapers, just like my brother wears, but do you have to wear them all the time too, just like my brother?” I paused a bit then instead of saying anything, I just lifted up my shirt and pulled my waist of the jeans I was wearing slightly exposing the disposable diaper I had on. “Does this answer your question?” I replied. “Sure does!” “Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me, just like Tory’s secret isn’t discussed outside this family. “Thanks, man.” I replied. After talking with Jared, I myself felt alittle more at ease being around him and his family.

Tory finally exited the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist. I decided to wait a few minutes before going into his room. What seemed to be forever, but in real time was only about five minutes; I walked back into Tory’s room thinking that he would be mostly dressed by now. Boy, was I wrong…Tory was just finishing taping up his disposable diaper. I quickly turned around to leave, when Tory just said to me… “You can stay, it’s not like you haven’t seen me just in my diaper, and anyway I’m about done”. I turned around and sat down on one of the bed. After he finished taping up the diaper he had on, he readjusted that tape tabs to make them a lot more comfortable, just like I do each and every morning. Once his diaper was securely on, Tory pulled on a pair of jeans and finished dressing. I looked at him and just admire on how it was virtually impossible to tell that Tory had a diaper on underneath those jeans of his. Tory looked at me, while I was looking at him and all he said to me… “I can’t tell either that you got a diaper on…” I just looked at him in amazement that Tory could actually tell what I was thinking of….weird huh? Maybe this friendship we were building was going to be beyond that of what Greg or Jack meant to me.

I finally decided that wearing cloth diapers and plastic pants to bed at night just wasn’t something that I really cared for. Don’t get me wrong, they were comfortable and highly absorbent, but I just didn’t like the thickness that cloth diapers gave. I never really had a problem with leaking from my disposable diapers, especially the Attends with the waistband. Tory understood my concerns over cloth vs. disposables but seemed alittle disappointed when I decided against traditional cloth diapers. It didn’t bother me one bit that Tory wore thick cloth diapers and plastic pants at night whereas I wore a disposable. Sometimes when Tory, Greg and Jack spent the night out of town, Tory resorted in wearing regular disposable diapers like me. Otherwise when all four of us spent the night at either one of our houses Jack and Greg thought it was alittle different that Tory wore his thick cloth diapers and plastic pants at night. I think they saw it more babyish, but no matter how you look at it, both Tory and myself were still wearing diapers.

One afternoon I was spending some time putting away my laundry and re-stocking my disposable diaper supply into my dresser drawers and my closet, when I came across a pair of boxers briefs that I use to wear prior to the accident. I never realized that they were there and they must have been underneath one of my diapers and I didn’t even notice it. Since the accident that left me bound in diapers, most of my regular underwear was packed up, except some of my boxers that I had kept to wear over the disposable diaper I now have to wear. I’ve always restocked my supply prior to using the last one, so this is probably why I never noticed them. I picked them up and reminisced about the days when I wore them and where I never even thought about diapers. I hadn’t worn regular underwear in almost two years since that fateful day with my brother. I felt the pair and then pulled my jeans off and un-taped the disposable diaper I was wearing. It was just alittle damp, so I was going to have to change it anyway. I cleaned myself up, like I always do to prevent diaper rash then pulled the pair of boxer briefs up on myself. It really felt weird, not in a bad way, but something I wasn’t use to. I pulled my jeans back on and went back putting away my laundry. During the few minutes including going into the kitchen to retrieve a cold drink, having these boxer briefs on, I felt like I wasn’t wearing anything underneath my jeans. I never would have thought that wearing diapers would have such an effect on me, but it has. I spent another half hour or so having these boxer briefs on. I didn’t like the feeling of having not much on for two reasons. The first was comfort, even though the diapers I wore where a lot thicker than regular underwear, my diapers seemed a lot more comfortable, at least to me. The second was security. Not just giving me the security of leakage but the security of protecting my manhood, if you get what I mean.

Speaking of the security of leaking, I was alittle concerned that I might have an accident while having no protection on, but my diaper was alittle damp so I figured that I could get away with spending just a half hour or so with out the worry of wetting myself. Boy was I wrong. I was standing in the kitchen talking to my brother and mom when I wet my pants. My brother looked at me strange and my mother just said…”What’s just happened, why did you just wet your pants?” The wetting wasn’t just a small spot, but a full fledge wetting. I explained to my mom and my brother who was curious about my pants wetting that I had found an old pair of my boxer briefs and wanted to wear them again, just to see what they felt like. “I think you proven that you shouldn’t be wearing regular cotton underwear anymore!” my mom told me. She was right…I couldn’t wear regular underwear, but I was doomed in wearing diapers for the rest of my life.

Tory and I spent the rest of our senior year of high school wearing a disposable diaper underneath our jeans. The entire school was aware of the knifing accident, my condition and my need to wear a diaper because of the condition. Most classmates on the other hand didn’t have a clue about Tory’s need for diapers. I’m not sure how he kept it a secret, sometimes the obvious crinkling sound or even when Tory had to change in gym class. We no longer had to take showers during our senior year, but most guys took showers especially after strenuous exercise. I took showers and had to change into a clean dry diaper afterwards whereas Tory must have avoided in having anyone notice that he was diapered as well. But that was all to change, it wasn’t long before some of the other guys discovered that Tory was wearing a diaper and before Christmas, the entire school knew about Tory’s diapers. Unlike myself, our classmates understood why I had to wear them, but with Tory it was a whole different story. He was teased mercifully from the other guys, especially when gym class came around, the guys made sure that Tory changed in front of everyone out of his street clothes into his gym shorts, making it impossible to hide that he had a diaper on. No one said one word about my diaper when I changed in the locker room but with Tory…well when they saw his disposable diaper and like mine, they were sometimes wet, the laughter was a loud roar. Apparently they couldn’t understand why someone his age would have to wear diapers for something that wasn’t visible or known. They just thought he was just lazy and didn’t care to make it to the restroom. Finally one afternoon, I just blew up. I told the rest of the guys and whoever else was within earshot that Tory had a bladder problem that he was born with and had to wear diapers…Neither Tory or I don’t have the luxury of having in wearing regular underwear, but we do wear diapers, not by choice but out of necessity.

During the Christmas break, my mom had gone online to purchase my usual diaper supply, as she did every other month. She saw a special on a type of disposable diaper that was called Dry-Comfort. These diapers had two tape tabs, unlike the Attends I wore that had three. One difference between my Attends and the Dry-Comfort was the waistband. Unlike the Attends, the Dry-Comfort didn’t have the elastic waistband, but had the traditional flat-style waistband. She decided to buy a couple of cases for me without having a sample pack delivered first. When the cases arrived, I put one on and pulled my jeans on. I seemed to like the Dry-Comfort; they were quite comfortable and had the absorbency I needed. I did notice the one thing that was different was the noise factor. These new disposable diaper crinkled a lot more than my Attends. Since I was on Christmas break, it really didn’t bother me that my pants crinkled a lot more than usual, after all I was wearing a diaper. Jack, Greg, Tory and even Ashley noticed the difference of my newfound underwear. I was becoming self-aware of the audible crinkling sound of the disposable diaper I wore during the daytime. At night, I continued in wearing the Attends, because of the elastic waistband, great for lying on one’s side without any leaks. Because my mom purchased two cases, a total of 376 diapers, I knew that I nor my parents wouldn’t allow me just to forget these diapers and purchase different ones. I was stuck in wearing the Dry-Comfort disposable diapers underneath my pants during the daytime for the next four to five months. I grew accustomed to the additional crinkling sound of my underwear. Tory traded with me for several dozen Dry-Comfort diapers for an equal amount of Attends diapers. He was doing this simply to help me out of an embarrassing crinkling problem. Although I got rid of some of the Dry-Comforts, I still had quite a bit to wear.

After the Christmas break, the attitude toward Tory diapers quieted down and most the people at our high school now understood that it wasn’t something Tory could help. I was glad of this development, which made Tory quite happy. He didn’t have to worry about hiding his diapers or sometimes from the bulk of the diaper or the crinkling sound our disposable diapers made. Even though I made sure that my diaper didn’t make that much noise, like I explained before, it was still there if you cared to listen.

I went to school wearing the Dry-Comfort disposable diapers. Although my school uniforms or my pants still fit perfectly over my disposable diapers without any additional bulk, but one trade off was the noise. Unlike the Attends that made virtually no noise at all, which was a definite plus in wearing diapers at my age and even though all my classmates knows about them, it was nice not to remind everyone any time I move about. I now have the difficult task in trying to mask the obvious crinkling noise of my disposable diaper. No matter what I did, wearing compression shorts over them, nothing seemed to work. I finally gave up when one of my classmates told me... “Look, we all know that you wear diapers, so why are you so adamant about hiding the crinkling noise that your diapers make. We heard them before, but not as much as now, so who cares anyway…you’re wearing a diaper…crinkling kinda goes with wearing diapers.” He was right, why was I trying so hard to make the diapers I wore unnoticeable or un-audible. I wore diapers and that was that. I gave up masking the noise of my disposable diaper and continued going to school with a somewhat noisy diaper.

In Late May…Ashley, Jack, Greg, Tory and I graduated from high school. I think that it was the first time in the history of our high school or at least that I knew of… that two 17 year-old seniors were graduating wearing diapers. All of us were excited that this part of our lives was now behind us, but what lies ahead, excited, yet scared us to death. At least with the rest of the group, they didn’t have to deal with wearing diapers, like Tory and I had to in high school. Instead of being “High School Days in Diapers” will no doubt become “College Days in Diapers”.


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