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Diapers Downstairs

Author: Dank

Summary: Steven is a young boy who leads a boring life in a small apartment complex. When a new boy moves in downstairs they find out they have a lot in common, including a love of diapers. Now they must keep their secret from the others in the complex, including Stevens big sister and his grandma.

Part 1:

My name is Steven. I live with my older sister, Stephanie (she’s 14, I’m 12) and my grandma in Southern California. We live in a small apartment complex of about 12 families. The two-story building stretches around a swimming pool and a small central garden. Our apartment is at the top of the stairs, first door you come to. The only other kid in our complex was annoying little Vinny, who would never stop following me around. Mainly it was just Steph and me left to play together.

I had no strong feeling about diapers either way. In fact, diapers had never crossed my mind. Maybe it was because there were very few kids in the complex, and we were all older and out of diapers, so I never saw them. If I had been surround by them growing up I may have realized my desire for them earlier. It wasn’t until a new family moved in below us that diapers became a point of interest.

I was excited about our new neighbors because of the son. He was 14, which was closer to my age than Vinny, who was just 8. Steph and I went down to meet the new boy as they were unloading boxes. His name was Rich, and we immediately hit it off. He was an only child and his mom was a single parent. They had moved to So Cal from Georgia, because his mom was promoted to a big new job in the area.

We were best friends, and the three of us went swimming everyday for the next couple of weeks. Rich was home alone during the day, so he hung out in our apartment, playing video games and stuff. One night I asked his if he wanted to sleep over, and he accepted. Grandma wouldn’t let Steph join us, so it was just Rich and I in my room.

That night Rich brought up the subject of diapers. He kept asking things like “wouldn’t it be cool if they made Pampers for big kids?” and “It would be fun not to have to worry about using the bathroom.” I thought it was an odd conversation, but at the same time I was intrigued by it. I don’t know why, but I kept thinking about diapers, and talking about them too. Rich was very into this conversation, and it lasted for hours until we finally went to sleep.

This continued for several weeks. We would hang out all day and sleep over at each other’s house. We would always talk about the same thing: diapers. Steph began to fall out of the loop, and when she made friends with a girl across the street we hardly ever saw her. It was for the best though, because I didn’t want her to know about our weird conversations. I was quickly becoming obsessed with diapers, I would search out diaper ads on tv and in magazines. I had to get my hands on some.

Then one morning I was about to knock on Rich’s door. He opened it before my knuckles hit wood and pulled me inside. He was very excited about something.

"Follow me.” He said as he led me into his bedroom. It was dark. All the lights were off and the window was completely shaded. He moved to the center of the room and began to unzip his pants. “Check this out!”

I shielded my eyes as I had no interest in seeing that.

“No, you idiot. Just look. I’m not naked.” I peeked at him and was amazed by what I saw. He was wearing a big, white, disposable diaper.

“Oh my god!” I dropped to my knees in front of him and reached up to feel the plastic. When I touched his crotch I could tell that his cock was rock hard. “This is so cool!”

“You want one?” he asked.

“Oh, hell yeah!” As he walked over to his closest I asked “So where did you get these?”

He turned back and responded “Ebay. I used my mom’s credit card. They got here about half-an-hour ago.” He turned his back to me and bent over to rummage through the boxes in his closet. Looking at his diapered butt made me pop a boner too.

He turned around and tossed me a folded diaper. I had wanted this for what seemed like forever. I unbuckled my belt and dropped my pants. My boner made my briefs look lake a circus tent. Rich got a good laugh out of this. I was reluctant to get completely naked in front of him. I hesitated.

“Oh, god. Just do it!” He walked over and pulled down my underwear. As he waited for me to step out of them he was face to face with my penis, which pointed straight at him.

I unfolded the diaper and held it in place. Now I hesitated not because of apprehension, but because I was lost. I had never done this before and it was harder than I expected. Rich saw my problem and helped me to the ground. I expected him to tape the diaper in place, but next he did something totally unexpected. He began to stroke my cock up and down. At first I was shocked, but it wasn’t long before I was overcome with pleasure. After a minute or so I shot all over my belly. It was my first orgasm, and it was great. He wiped my belly with a Kleenex. Then Rich taped up the diaper and helped me to my feet.

“How’s that?” He asked as he smacked my padded butt.

“This is so cool.” I was still gasping for air.

“I have something else to show you.”

Part 2:

Rich had an awesome bedroom. In one corner he had a TV with all the game systems and a huge stereo. In the opposite corner he had a brand new computer. This room was much cooler than mine, which made me wonder why we didn’t hang out over here more often. I had a small TV and a PS2 in my bedroom, but my family didn’t even own a computer.

Rich walked over to his computer. As he walked away from me I couldn’t help but stare at his diapered butt, and when he sat down it made a crinkling noise that made my heart skip a beat. I followed him over to the computer and sat down on my knees, so my heels were grinding into my diaper. He clicked on the internet icon and started logging on.

“I found all these great websites last night.” He turned to me. “You know we aren’t the only ones out there that like diapers? There are others, a bunch of us!” He sounded very excited. He looked very excited too, by the look of the bulge in the front of his diaper.

He started with Deeker.com. I was amazed to see all of the people who loved diapers so much they would take the time and effort to write a story about it. I wanted to read some but Rich said we had tons of other stuff to look at. Next he showed me a website where people like us could talk to each other. Once again, Rich decided we had no time to chat, so we went to a website with hundreds of pictures of girls in diapers. They were all extremely hot. Rich was about to type a new address in the box, but I had to see more. I wrestled the mouse away from him and clicked the word Videos. A new box appeared on-screen and in it was a gorgeous girl in diapers. She started dancing.

“Damn, she is F-I-N-E!”

“Yeah. Well, on to the next site.” Rich seemed very unimpressed by the whole thing. But then something happened on the screen that got his attention. The girl stopped dancing, bent over, and peed in her diaper. He mumbled something and his hands left the keyboard. He pushed his chair out from under the desk and began rubbing the front of his diaper.

Despite what happened just a few minutes earlier, this still came a quite a shock to me. Both hands were working the diaper up and down. With each movement came that great crinkling sound. His head fell against the chair and his eyes rolled back. As his hands worked faster he started moaning and thrusting hips. All this time I was watching, without a single blink, with great concentration. I didn’t even realize my right hand had worked it’s way into my diaper. His body rocked with a massive orgasm, than he fell back into the chair, exhausted. I was still working my hard-on. I sat on my knees below him, looking up as he searched for breath. My left hand reached up and grabbed the front of his diaper as my right continued to run up and down my shaft. I shot my load inside my diaper and fell back. We laid there for what seemed like hours.

We both came back to reality with a knock on the front door.

“Oh shit!” I ran into the corner trying to put my pants on over the diaper. As per usual in a situation like this, it was impossible to get both legs in the right holes the first try. I stood there with two legs jetting out of the right side of my shorts.

“Calm down man.” Rich was laughing as he walked over to his window. He peeked out to se who it was. “It’s just Kathy. Stay here.”

Kathy was Vinny’s mother. She kept an eye on Rich when his mom was at work. She was fairly attractive for a middle-aged housewife. 5-9, 150, Blond, and a real nice rack. She was a little white trash, walking around in short shorts and halter-tops most of the time. Of course she could be quite bitch. The politics of the building set me Kathy against each other. She had been battling with my grandma over this-and-that for as long as I could remember, but nothing serious, only shouting matches.

Rich pulled on a pair of sweat pants that completely covered his diaper. And walked through the living room and to the door. I stood in the corner of the bedroom so I could see them, but they couldn’t see me. They were just chatting, but I couldn’t hear their conversation. After a minute or so Kathy left and the door shut behind her. Rich came back into the room.

“What’d she want?”

“Vinny’s coming over in about thirty minutes. She’s going shopping and needs me to watch him.”

“Man I hate that kid! I guess we better take these off.” I began to undo the tapes on my diaper.

“No don’t!” Rich slapped my hand away. “I paid for these. Don’t waste ‘em.”

“What do you mean don’t waste ‘em.” I had a pretty good idea what he meant.

“Use it first dummy. That’s why they make them.” There was a bigger problem than wasting diapers. Everyone knew Vinny was a tattle-tell. If he found out, he would tell his blabbermouth of a mom and everyone would know. I shared my fears with Rich.

“Here, put these on.” He tossed me a pair of sweat pants. This was a good solution for him, but I was quite a bit smaller than he was. His pants drooped off my hips, and I had to hold them up to hide my white diaper. I really didn’t feel right about this. It was too big a risk.

“Dude, I’m taking this thing off and going home.”

“No way! You’re not ditching me with Vinny. Besides, he to dumb to suspect anything and it’s just for an hour.”

He talked me into staying and we sat down to play a video game. After a few minutes there was another knock on the door.

“I’ll get it!” Rich said as he jumped out of his seat. As if I was going to get up and risk being caught. I planned to sit there the whole time and not even shift in my seat.

He and Vinny walked in the room and sat down on either side of me. Vinny immediately pointed at my waist and asked “What’s that!”

More to come…

Part 3:

Vinny’s arm stretched toward my waist, almost as if it was in slow-mo. I thought for sure that I was caught. Vinny would tell his mom, who would tell everyone in the complex- I was screwed. As his hand reached my lap I flinched and dropped my controller on the ground. That made Vinny jump and pull his arm back.

“Geez, I was trying to get the Game Boy.”

I looked to my side and saw Rich’s game boy between the cushions. “Oh, you just startled me that’s all.” I handed his the Game Boy and let out a sigh of relief. Rich knew exactly what had startled me and let out a little laugh.

I bent over to pick up my controller that was still lying on the ground at my feet. Unfortunately the sweat pants Rich had given me drooped a little and exposed a little bit of the top of my diaper. Vinny didn’t seem to notice as I quickly pulled up my pants. We went back to playing our game, Vinny played with the Game Boy. I was having so much fun and was so into my game that I almost forgot that I had a disposable diaper on. Almost, that is, until I had the urge to pee.

I just let it go and absolutely flooded the diaper. I could have sworn that the sound of the pee hitting the diaper was loud enough for everyone to hear, but no one noticed. After I was done I realized that this was the greatest felling I had ever felt. I loved sitting in my soaked diaper, and had a massive hard-on. If Vinny hadn’t been around I would have jerked-off right then and there.

Vinny announced that he had to go to the bathroom, got up, and left the room. Rich stepped up to me and put his hands down my pants. This once again shocked me.

“Calm down, I just want to see if your wet.” He said his hand found its way into the front of my diaper. “Oh, yeah. You soaked it!”

“You know, you could have just asked.”

“But what’s the fun in that?” His hand surrounded my hard cock and gave it a couple of strokes. My hand reached up and began rubbing the front of his diaper, and we were both in heaven.

We were pulled back to reality by the sound of the bathroom door opening. Rich rushed back to his seat as if nothing had happened, waiting for Vinny’s arrival. But Vinny didn’t come back to the room, instead we heard the sound of the front door opening.

“Hey guys!” Vinny yelled on his way out of the door. “I gotta’ go home real quick!”

Before we could respond the door was closed. We looked at each other and than went back to the game. After about ten minutes we were done with our game and wondering what happened to Vinny. We agreed to check it out. I got up and started pulling off my pants.

“Come on, no time for that. Besides, it’s right next door, no one going to see us.”

That seemed reasonable enough and I pulled my pants back up over my soaked diaper. We took a peek out off the door and saw that the coast was clear. Like spies, we crept into Vinny’s apartment. There was no sign of him in the front room or the bathroom. We made our way through the hallway towards Vinny’s room.

“Where the hell did he go?” Rich was getting a little mad.

Just then I heard a rustling coming from the closet. I shushed rich and move over to it. Slowly I placed my hands on the sliding door. Then, in one swift movement, I threw them open to reveal Vinny standing completely naked. He screamed and covered up his privates with something from behind his back. It was a diaper!

Part 4:

It took Vinny a few seconds to get his bearings and realize that the two of us were in his room. Once he had a full understanding of the situation he started to cry. I was still shocked speechless, but Rich leapt into action.

“Hey, calm down Vinny.” He said as he put his arm around him. “It’s ok if you need diapers, we’ll still be your friends.”

Vinny was still crying and trying to keep the diaper between his legs to hide his privates and butt. Rich led him over to the bed and he sat down. Rich shot me a smile, and I finally awoke from my daze.

“In fact I think it’s really cool!” I turned toward them.

“You do?” Sniffled Vinny. It looked like the floodgates were beginning to close.

“Oh yeah. Check this out.” I reached for the elastic on my pants, ready to reveal my secret. I pulled the pants down to my knees and let them drop, exposing my clearly soaked diaper.

Vinny was amazed by my revelation, and that amazement was doubled when Rich taped him on the shoulder and showed him his diaper as well. He rubbed the last ears from his eyes and took a deep breath.

“Y-You guys need diapers too?”

“We don’t need anything.” I responded.

“So why wear them?”

“We just like to, you know?” I explained. I don’t think he got why we wore them, but he seemed happy enough that we did.

Vinny explained that he had been having numerous messing accidents, and that his mom, Kathy, had finally had enough. He was supposed to wear the diapers all the time, but his mom let him off the hook while he was visiting Rich’s house. After a few minutes of conversation, Vinny laid back to put his diaper on. He paused with a puzzled look on his face, then turned to Rich.

“Mommy always does this.” Rich mounted the bed, leaning over Vinny’s naked body. Rich began to pull the diaper around his waist when he stopped him. “Mommy uses the lotion.” He pointed to the nightstand, on which sat a bottle of lotion and wipes.

I passed the bottle over and Rich went back to work. He poured a big blob of lotion on his hand and then with the other hand he bundled the boy’s feet together, lifting to expose his bottom. He then proceeded to cover Vinny’s bottom with the pink baby lotion. Dropping his legs, Rich set to work on his tiny penis and balls. Vinny didn’t seem to get any satisfaction out of it, but I sure was. After he was done with the lotion he taped up the diaper and helped Vinny up.

I scanned the freshly diapered boy head to toe, and one thing caught my eye. On the top of his diaper was a small strip of color. Upon closer inspection the strip also had pictures of Barney and Friends on it. I was so jealous! My diapers were all white with the exception of blue tapes.

“Looks like Steven needs a fresh diaper, too!” Teased Rich. “Let’s go back and get you one.”

“I want to try one of his.” Rich seemed intrigued by the idea, but wasn’t sure I could squeeze into one.

Despite his worries he motioned me toward the bed where I laid down waiting for a few seconds of bliss. Vinny ran into the closet and came out with another one of his diapers and sat it next to Rich, who was busy removing my soaked diaper. Next, he cleaned me up with one of the wipes- paying extra close attention to my stiff rod. He then coated his hands with the pink lotion, and with both hands he squeezed and stroked my hard-on. The scent of the baby lotion just added to the already intense sexual explosion that I was about to experience. When I shot it was like a dam bursting under the pressure of a million gallons of sexual energy. Afterwards both of us were gasping for air, and Vinny had no clue what had just happened. The diaper actually fit with very little struggle, but it was still a tight fit. It was clear that if I were to wet this one it wouldn’t hold up very well.

I got my pants back on and Vinny found a clean pair of shorts to wear. Before we headed back down the hall we put Vinny’s soiled underwear in a hamper in the bathroom. It was clear that the messing accidents were very common, because this thing was filled up to the top. Once again we creeped our way back into Rich’s apartment where we hung out waiting for the arrival of Kathy. It was agreed that Vinny would keep our diapers secret if we did the same for him.

Part 5:

It was about twenty minutes before the knock on the door came. Once again I took up position the corner of the room so I could see without being seen. Rich answered the door with Vinny a step behind him. Kathy had apparently been grocery shopping for the last hour or so.

“Hi Kathy. Come on in.” I was amazed by how fearless Rich was. Here he was in a diaper inviting someone in to take a closer look.

“Thanks for watching him.” Kathy seemed none the wiser.

“Really, it was no prob-” He was cut off by Kathy who had just realize that Vinny’s red shorts had turned blue.

“Vinny! Did you have another accident!” The boy just nodded, ashamed. “What am I going to do with you?” She took him by the hand and began to pull him out of the door.

“Sorry Mommy, I couldn’t help it.”

“I’m so sorry about this. Thanks so much for dealing with this.” Kathy turned back toward Rich.

“I have a lot of experience changing diapers.” He replied with a smirk.

With that Kathy and Vinny headed back for their apartment. Rich walked into his bedroom and pulled off his pants. We had a few hours to kill before his mom came home and I had to go up for dinner. Usually in this situation we’d go swimming, but in our current state that was obviously impossible, and the video games we normally play seemed boring. We needed a new game.

“Have you ever played truth or dare?” He asked.

“No, never. But I know how to!” I was very excited about this, and he took my excitement as a sign that that I did want to play.

“Awesome! You go first.”

Now, as everyone knows, when playing truth or dare you always want to take a dare. But of course you always have to hide how anxious you are for a dare by taking a truth with your first turn. It’s not a rule of the game- but it might as well be.


“God, you are such a wuss!” Apparently Rich didn’t know the unwritten laws of the game. “Ok… um… Have you ever kissed a girl?”

Sadly the answer was no. It wasn’t for lack of trying. I had been close a couple of times with the girl that lived in the apartment down the hall from mine. Unfortunately she moved out about a year before Rich arrived. He snickered when I answered his question. Now it was his turn.

“Dare.” He said it with this cool, Dirty Harry voice.

It took me a few seconds to think of one, but it seemed like such a natural choice.

“I dare you to… take a dump in your diaper!” We both fell over laughing, but I’m sure we both knew it was going to come to this.

It took a minute or two for Rich to get his bearings back and start to prepare himself for the dare. First he stood up and began to strain. From the look on his face I could tell he was having problems. Next he got on his knees and pushed some more. He was grunting and pushing his diapered butt further and further into the air with each push. Still nothing.

I moved behind him to get a better look at his thickly padded ass. Now he was on all fours and in the middle of one long grunt. Suddenly the grunt quieted, and was replaced by quick and extremely loud fart. Usually a fart would have been the height of comedy, but neither of us laughed at this one. We were both far to focused on what was happening in the back of his diaper. He pushed again, and now his face was on the ground with his butt a good three feet in the air. Finally he seemed to relax a little, and the back of his diaper started to expand slightly.

That’s when the smell hit me. It was an awful smell, but that didn’t stop me from moving closer. I placed my hand on his warming diaper. It expanded like a balloon under my touch. The bulge was growing so large that I thought to myself that it had to burst at any moment. But it didn’t- it just kept growing and growing. As the size of his diaper increased so did the heat and smell that came from it.

Finally Rich’s grunting stopped, and he relaxed. The room was silent except for the sound of rustling diapers as we moved. He stayed in that same position- on his knees, cheek on the ground, with his butt high in the air. He turned his face to me and he had a very satisfied look on his face. We both started laughing.

“Oh, man. Does that stink or what!?” He said as he was wiping tears from his eyes.

“I know! What did you eat?” I came to my feet.

He slowly lowered his butt, taking care not to let his now sagging diaper touch the ground. Then he came to his feet, but he kept his legs bent to keep the contents of his diaper from shifting. As he waddled to the door he turned back to me.

“Help me out of this, I need to take a shower before mom gets home.” I had completely lost track of time. It was now 4:30, and his mom would be back by 6:00. It seemed like plenty of time, but that smell had descended on the whole house now.

“What do you want me to do?”

“Grab a trash bag from the kitchen and follow me to the bathroom.”

I followed his instructions and arrived at the bathroom. Rich had already undone one set of tapes, and was supporting the heavy diaper with both hands. He undid the last three tapes and pulled the diaper from between his legs. He folded it up and dropped it in the bag.

“Toss that in the dumpster on your way out.” That’s when it hit me. I had to go home eventually, which meant I had to take the diaper off. But then I realized that this new diaper was thinner and more discreet than the one Rich had given me. I could put my pant’s on over it and, if I was careful, no one would know!

The bathroom door shut and I carried the trash bag back to Rich’s room where I put my pants back on. As I suspected there was almost no sign of the diaper under my pants. As I walked toward the front door I could hear the sound of running water coming from the shower. I opened the door and walked into the light of day.

Part 6:

The dumpster was located out in the parking lot passed several doors. I walked slowly toward the front gate trying to hide the dirty diaper under my shirt. I reached up and undid the bolt that secured the gate, and pushed it open. The parking lot was black pavement, and seeing as it was the middle of summer, walking across it was like walking over hot coals.

I ran over to the dumpster and tossed the bag in. As I turned back toward the building I caught a glimpse of someone walking up the driveway. It was Steph and her new friend. Suddenly I wasn’t so confident that my diaper was hidden.

You took out the garbage?” Steph had every reason to be suspicious. I never did my chores, almost always resulting in a spanking.

“Yeah right! It’s from Rich’s house- I did him a favor.”

“So this is your brother?” Steph’s new friend looked to be about the same age as Steph, with long black hair and dark eyes. She looked as though she had a little bit of Asian heritage, but it was hard to tell. “He’s a cutie!” That made me turn fire-engine red- I had always been bad around cute girls.

“S-so what’s your name?” I stuttered.


“Nice to meet you, Marisa.” I couldn’t even make eye contact. What a loser.

“We were just about to go watch some TV, so...” Steph saw how uncomfortable I was and tried to herd Marisa toward the building.

I didn’t want them staring at my diapered butt as we went up the stairs, so I motioned them to go ahead of me. They did, and I followed them back through the gate and up the stairs. When we stepped into the apartment Grandma was in the kitchen preparing dinner. Her special beef stew- my favorite.

“Grammy- we’re home!”

“Who’s we?” Grandma called from the kitchen. She peeked around the corner and saw the two girls. “Oh, hi Marisa.”

“Grammy, can she stay for dinner?” Steph had this incredibly annoying voice she used whenever she wanted something from grandma. It always worked like a charm.

“Why of course she can. As long as her parents are ok with it.”

“They are.” Marisa responded.

“Oh, Steven I didn’t see you there.” I guess the two girls blocked me from her view. “What are you doing home so early?” It was odd for me to be home before dinner. Usually she had to send Steph out to find me.

All eyes turned to me, awaiting my response. I suddenly had the feeling that I was surrounded. I had three people around me who could potentially see that I was diapered, and now there was nowhere to run. It was time to get this diaper off, before any damage could be done. I completely ignored grandma and moved toward my bedroom with my eyes focused on the floor.

It must have looked odd- even I could tell I was acting strangely. I let out a sigh of relief when I shut my bedroom door behind me. I couldn’t believe that I had gotten myself into this situation. I wasn’t any less nervous, because my door did not have a lock on it. Anyone could walk in at anytime, and they often did, without knocking. It wasn’t exactly safe in my room.

I put my head to the door to see if I could hear what was going on in the front room. I could just make out the faint sounds of their conversation. I just wanted to make sure all three of them were still in the front room. The coast appeared to be clear.

I quickly dropped my pants to reveal my diaper. The thought of wasting it broke my heart in a way, but it had to be done. The designs on the front were just so cute! I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I knew it was the wise thing to do, but I just couldn’t. I bent over and pulled my shorts back up over the diaper.

I decided that going out into the front room wasn’t a good idea, so I sat down and started up a video game. I had to kill some time before dinner, and then I would take the diaper off. Well, that’s what I told myself I was going to do. I ended up playing with myself more then the video game.

“Steven, time for dinner!” My grandma called. Time had just flown by and all of a sudden it was time for dinner.

Now I had to take it off. It was far too dangerous to face them all while wearing a diaper. I was sure to get caught. But once again my brain and my heart disagreed. I kept pulling my pants up and down as I wrestled with the decision. It only seemed like a few seconds, but apparently it had been several minutes and my absence from the dinner table was growing conspicuous. Little did I know that Marisa had offered to see what the hold-up was.

There was a knock on the door, and it had me frozen like a deer in headlights. I was bent over with my pants around my knees and my diaper sticking up in the air. I should have said something to the effect of “I’m coming” but I just couldn’t get my voice to work.

The doorknob began to turn. It seemed to be moving in slow-motion. I dropped my pants and lunged at the door to try to stop it from opening. Of course I didn’t get far, a as I tripped over the pants that had just fallen around my ankles and hit the ground face-first. The door began to creek open, and behind it was Marisa.

“Oh my God!” She jumped at the sight of the diapered boy in front of her. A completely understandable reaction considering the circumstances.

“Close the door!” I shouted. She stepped inside and shut the door behind her. I would have preferred for her to have been on the other side of the door, but a win is a win.

“What the hell are you doing?” She was barely holding back laughter.

“Please don’t tell anyone. Please!” You would think I would be close to tears at this point, but I wasn’t. I guess the shock was pushing back my fear.

“Hmmmm…” She thought long and hard about the situation. “OK, your secrets safe with me.”

“Oh, thank god.” It felt as though the weight of the world had been lifted from my shoulders. I pulled myself back to my feet and lifted my pants back over the diaper. “You swear you won’t tell a soul?”

“Promise.” She just stood there, staring at my waist. Neither of us moved for what seemed like an eternity.

“OK, I have to change now.” I motioned her toward the door.

“Change into what?” An evil smile came across her face.

“I have to take this thing off.”

“No… I think you’re going to keep it on.”

I knew exactly what she was implying. She was going to make me wear this diaper out to the dinner table. I was being blackmailed. What choice did I have? She had my balls in a vise. I was defeated, and I started out the door with my head down.

“This is going to be fun!” She said as she smacked me on my padded ass.

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