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Diapered on a Friday

Author: Daren Bodner

Darren Bodner was just like any other 15-year-old kid. He enjoyed playing video games on his computer and his Sony PlayStation as well as playing hockey and football. He was slightly small for his age but what he lacked in size he made up in pure will and determination. Although usually not the first pick when it came time to choose teams for sports, he was never too far off.

In fact, you could say that Darren was the model of a typical teenager.

That is of course, if you discounted his deepest and darkest secret. It was something so secret that even his best friend of 10 years did not know. No, it wasn’t that he was gay, or even bi-sexual, seemingly the biggest fear of parents of kids his age. Darren’s deep, dark secret was that he enjoyed wearing and using diapers for their intended purposes. It wasn’t that he needed to wear diapers, it was just that somewhere deep inside he had a deep feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment every time he put one on.

As best as he could tell, his longings for diapers had begun back in the fourth grade as a result of a conversation with his best friend at the time. He had been over at his friend Shaun’s house playing when Shaun struck up a casual conversation. For the first while it was just like any other chat until Shaun made the remark that would alter Darren’s life.

“Hey Darren, can you keep a secret?” he began. “And not just any secret, this is one that you have to promise never to tell anyone.”

“Of course,” Darren replied, “after all, what are best friends for?”

“Okay, but I swear, if you tell anyone, I’ll beat the crap out of you”

“Allright, allright, I’ll never tell anyone what you are about to tell me, just spit it out already,” Darren blurted impatiently. After all, if Shaun was making this big of a deal of secrecy it had to be something huge.

“Now I’ve never told anyone this before so I’m not sure quite how to do it,” Shaun began. “See back when I was in Grade 1 my little brother David was still wearing diapers at night because he wet the bed. Well one morning, I was up early and I decided it would be cool to sneak a diaper and put it on just to see what it felt like. So I went to his room and snuck one and then went back to my room. I put it on and wore it for a while but then I had to pee. Since I was already wearing a diaper I decided that I might as well use it.”

By this point Darren’s interest was perked and he was focussed solely on what Sean was saying. Not quite sure what he should say, he responded, “Cool, what happened then?”

“Nothing happened that time, I crawled around on the floor in my wet diaper for a while and then took it off and snuck it into the outside trash before my mom got up.” Seeing that Darren wasn’t overtly grossed out by the story so far, Sean decided that he should go on. “Since I had enjoyed wearing the diaper so much that day I decided that I would try it again another day.”

“And did you?”

“Of course, a whole bunch of times.”

“And your mom never found out or got suspicious about the missing diapers?”

“Well, not exactly, you see one day I had to blow my nose while I was wearing a diaper. So I pulled on my PJ’s and snuck down the hall to the bathroom and blew my nose. When I was done I opened the door and stepped out into the hall and my mom was standing right there. ‘Shaun, are you wearing a baby diaper?’ she yelled.”

“Well, what did you say to her?” Darren asked.

“Since the edges of my diaper were peeking out at the waistband of my PJ’s I had to admit to it. It’s not as though she hadn’t already heard the plastic crinkling, not to mention the obvious bulge in my pants.”

“What did she do, I mean she was obviously mad about the whole thing, with her yelling and all.”

“She practically dragged me to my room and stripped me of my PJ’s. She hollered at me for quite a while, all the time I was just standing there in nothing but a baby diaper. I don’t think I’ll ever forget her words.

“Well, young man, or should I say BABY? That is what you look like, you know, standing there in a wet BABY diaper. Yes you’re my big BABY boy. Since you so obviously enjoy stealing and wearing the diapers that I pay for, I think that I should indulge you. For the next week, you will wear diapers all the time. When you are home you are to wear nothing but your diaper or your diaper and PJ’s. You are not to be in the washroom without my permission. When you go to school you will wear only a diaper under your pants. Now let’s get you changed out of that dirty diaper and into a dry one.’”

“I don’t think that I’d ever been more embarrassed in my life,” Shaun went on. “After she changed me she decided that David’s size 3 diapers were going to be too small for me so she dragged me with her to the store with just sweats and a T-Shirt over my diaper. She even made me pick out my own size five diapers and carry them to the till. The whole time I was sure that everyone in the store could hear my diaper crinkling and that they’d be sure to see the bulge in my pants.”

“Did she really make you wear them the whole week?” Darren asked.

“Actually it ended up being two weeks altogether. The first time I had to take a poo I thought that I’d sneak into the bathroom. Needless to say, I didn’t even have the first tape undone when my mom barged in.”

“What did she do?”

“She took the diaper off and turned me over her knee. I think she must have spanked me at least a hundred times. My butt was so sore and I was bawling my head off. Then she re-diapered me and put another one on over top of it. After that she made me stand in the corner in just a diaper until I pooped. It must have taken me at least an hour before I was able to go.”

“Did you ask your mom to change you?”

“I did, but she said that this was part of my punishment for sneaking into the bathroom and that she would change me when she felt like it. She also decided to extend my punishment for another week at that point.”

“Wow, that’s some story,” said Darren. “Did you ever wear diapers again after those two weeks?”

“Uhhh, no,” blurted Shaun. “I think I’d had enough of diapers at that point, and besides, David stopped wearing diapers at night like a month later. Plus, I’m pretty sure that I grew too big to fit diapers anyways.”

Darren heard the hesitation in Shaun’s voice and wasn’t sure whether to believe him or not, but he didn’t want to sound too interested.

After that day, Shaun never mentioned the incident with the diapers again but Darren wasn’t able to get it out of his head. He even had dreams in which he was wearing diapers. Sometimes he would be wearing a diaper for a reason and other times it was like the giving-a-speech-in-your-underwear dream except that he was wearing a diaper. Then one day he was with his mom doing the grocery shopping and he could barely keep himself from staring at the size 5 Pampers in the cart for his baby brother Trevor. “That’s it,” he thought. “I’ve had enough of all these weird thoughts about diapers.

Tonight I’ll sneak one of Trevor’s diapers into my room and put it on. I’ll see how gross it really is and then I won’t have these thoughts about diapers anymore.” That night he went through with his plan. After supper he went upstairs and into Trevor’s room and hid a diaper under his shirt. Quickly he darted across the hall into his room and hid the diaper under his mattress.

When his bedtime came around that evening he went straight to bed without making any fuss at all. None of the usual stalling tactics like of coming back out for a snack or a glass of water were employed. He crawled under the covers and waited what seemed like an eternity until he was sure that both his parents were in bed and asleep.. He got out of bed and anxiously retrieved the diaper from under his mattress. He lay back down in bed and unfolded the diaper, being ever so careful to not make any noise. He slid the diaper under his butt and ever so gently pulled it up between his legs. It was a bit of a struggle but eventually he got the crotch nice and snug and the tapes in place. “Wow, this isn’t so bad, it‘s actually kind of comfy,” he thought to himself. “Maybe I’ll just wear it to bed and take it off in the morning.”

A few hours later he woke up because he needed to pee. “Dang, I shouldn’t have drank all that pop tonight,” he thought. It was as he started to move and heard crinkling and felt the bulk between his legs that he remembered he was wearing a diaper. Since he was already so comfy and didn’t really feel like getting out of bed, Darren decided that he would just use the diaper instead. “After all, what are diapers for?” he said to himself in a whisper. Slowly he began to let his pee out in a trickle but it soon became an uncontrolled rush. He started to panic, afraid that the diaper might leak, but before he could do anything his pee stopped. Amazingly, the diaper had held.

Again he was surprised by how the diaper felt. It wasn’t wet or sticky, just an all-encompassing warmth. Already tired from a long day and all the excitement Darren drifted off to sleep in his freshly wet diaper. The following morning Darren awoke with a start, again surprised by the bulk between his legs and the crinkling of the plastic. He quickly stripped himself of the wet diaper and hid it in his backpack and went across the hall to take a shower. This, he decided, had been a truly unique experience that he would have to experience again.

As time moved on, Darren continued to take and wear diapers, always being careful to hide the evidence so as not to end up in a predicament such as Shaun’s. Sadly, the day came when Trevor was potty trained and his free supply of diapers ended. Fortunately, by this point the had been working a paper route for about 6 month’s and had some money saved up. If only diapers weren’t so expensive, he’d have already gone and bought some. Then the day came. He was reading the morning paper and in one of the flyers for the local grocery store there was an add. ‘Huggies, Size 1-6, $12.99 each’ it read. He was barely able to hide the excitement in his face.

“I have to buy those diapers” he thought.

The trick of course would be getting them home. By the grace of a benevolent calendar, the following day happened to be a Thursday. Early dismissal for him and both his parent’s worked late. Thankfully his older sister Sally’s school was having early dismissal on Friday’s this year and Trevor would be at the babysitters until his mom was off work.

The following afternoon, Darren could barely contain his rush to get off the school bus. He nearly ran the entire three blocks to the grocery store, finally stopping to calm himself before entering. “

I have to play it cool,” he thought, “if I just act normal, no one will know that they’re for me.”

He walked to the diaper aisle and casually selected a bag of Huggies size 6 and walked back to the front of the store. Here he met his first challenge, there was only one till open and it was manned by an extremely cute girl. He had to go through with it he decided, he hadn’t come all this way for nothing. When it came his turn to pay, his hands were so shaky he was sure she’d know they were for him. In fact, he was so nervous that he actually peed a little in his pants. This was enough to shock him back to reality and he completed the purchase without incident. As he exited the store he hurriedly stuffed the bag into his backpack, hiding the exposed part with his coat as best he could. As soon as he got home, he hid the bag under his bed, keeping one diaper out to wear. After putting it on, he swore that it was the best diaper he’d ever worn.

Darren managed to stretch his first bag of diapers over a few months, mainly by just wearing the diapers and not using them so that he could re-use them again and again. He found hockey sock tape to be most useful as the sticky tabs lost their effectiveness after one or two times. Upon having used all of his first bag of diapers, Darren repeated his Thursday afternoon ordeal and purchased more. By about the time he finished this bag that he was beginning to realize that baby diapers just wouldn’t fit him anymore. Of course this did not pose a real problem as one of Kimberly-Clark’s greatest inventions ever, Pull-Ups, had been introduced to the market in recent years. Darren was able to get away with wearing Pull-Ups until the summer before grade seven.

During the summer of 1995 and for the first few months of grade seven, Darren was without diapers. Then one night, while reading the Readers Digest magazine to which his mother subscribed he saw an ad. All that it featured was a picture of an open suitcase and smack dab in the center of it was what appeared to be an oversized diaper. He could hardly believe his eyes as he read the rest of the ad, a little quip about a boy who could now enjoy sleepovers, and then his eyes fell upon the name. Huggies Goodnites, nighttime protection for older kids with bedwetting problems. Of course he still had the problem of finding them in a store.

His patience was rewarded when one day, about a month later, he saw the purple bag in his local grocery store. In typical fashion, he repeated his Thursday afternoon routine, only this time there was no mistaking who the diapers were for. Fortunately the cashier was an older lady who never said a word except to ask if this was all for him today. As Darren continued to get older and grow he was able to continue buying Goodnites. From the small he progressed to the large size in the green bags, and then, just as it seemed he would outgrow these, Huggies announced the creation of an extra-large size of Goodnites-to be packed in a dark blue bag-for children up to 125 pounds. Even so, he had found in recent months that the extra-large Goodnites were growing small. As luck would have it Huggies had just started shipping a redesigned version of Goodnites with a stretchier waistband that allowed a better fit.

It was these, the most recent rendition of Goodnites that Darren had been wearing of late. On this particular evening, he went to bed without a diaper as he had allowed himself quite uncharacteristically to run out. Sometimes it just seemed as though he couldn’t quite account for how fast he was using them. Before falling asleep, Darren made a mental note that he would need to go and buy more diapers the next day. He was almost afraid to go to sleep without a diaper as he had had several instances lately where he had woken up in a diaper that he did not recall wetting. His greatest fear was of having one of the accidental wettings on a night where he was not wearing a diaper.

The following morning Darren awoke to the familiar and comforting feeling of a wet diaper. His first realization, after rubbing his grubby eyes, was that he must have had another nighttime accident. “Maybe I’ll wet the bed by accident a few times and mom will start buying me diapers,” he thought jokingly. It was then that he had his second realization of the morning. He was sure he remembered that he had been out of diapers the night before and that he needed to buy more. Well maybe it had been a dream. After all, he had slept through another wetting.

As was routine, his mom opened his door and stepped into his room to ensure that he was awake. Today however, she differed from the routine, she crossed the room and started to lift his covers from him.

“Mom, what are you doing!” he practically yelled.

“Don’t worry sweetheart,” she said as she finished pulling the covers back. “Mommy just needs to check and see if her baby’s diaper is dry.”

“Check my diaper?” he thought, “but she couldn’t know, could she?”

Before he could even finish the thought he felt his mother stick two fingers down the waist of his obviously soaked diaper.

“My, you certainly are wet! It’s a wonder you didn’t leak.” she exclaimed. “But don’t fret, mommy will have you changed into a nice dry didy in no time.”

Darren lay there completely stunned and to afraid to move as his mother tore the sides of his diaper apart. She then began to expertly wipe him down with a baby wipe she had grabbed from his headboard, something he had not noticed previously. Before he could object he saw a new diaper in her hand. He noticed that his one was quite different from his Goodnites as she unfolded it. It was made of white plastic, with a blue dashed stripe down the middle and had three tapes on each side. It also made a distinct crackling sound as she smoothed it and slid it under his bum. He remained speechless as she powdered him generously and the pulled the diaper up and taped it securely in place.

“Now you get up and go downstairs while mommy gets dressed and then she’ll make you a nice breakfast.” With that his mother departed the room as swiftly as she had arrived.

Darren lay in bed for another minute or two, absorbing all that had happened and then he rose to see what damage control he could do. The first thing he noticed was a large bag of diapers on his headboard that said ‘Depends Fitted Briefs’. Next to it was the bottle of baby powder and a tub of wipes. He then went to his underwear drawer to grab some boxers to pull over the diaper. Instead he found it to be full of another type of diaper. This one seemed much thicker, had baby blue tapes, and four yellow stripes down the center. In the trashcan beside his dresser, under his recently used Goodnite he found a white bag that said ‘Attends Briefs’. Dejected, he pulled on a pair of flannel bottoms and a t-shirt and headed downstairs.

By the time he arrived downstairs his mother had finished preparing a bowl of what appeared to be oatmeal for him. What Darren could not know was that the oatmeal was actually Pablum baby cereal, the box already safely discarded in the trash. Alongside the Pablum box in the trash were the empty shells from the six Metamucil caplets his mother had broken open and mixed into the cereal.

Much to Darren’s dismay, his 17-year-old sister Sally was already in the kitchen, sitting at the table. Upon hearing the distinct noise made by his diaper Sally looked up in surprise, even more shocked by the more than obvious bulge under Darren‘s flannel bottoms. She quickly recovered from her shock, and in typical older sister fashion began to tease.

“Awww, isn’t that cute, widdle Dawy is wearing a diapy”. Darren’s face immediately went red at having his older sister see him, a 15-year-old boy, wearing an oversized diaper.

His mother quickly interjected by saying “Now Sally, Darren has been having problems controlling his bladder at night. Rather than having to deal with wet sheets every morning, I decided it best to place him back into diapers. Furthermore, since he chose to lie when I questioned him about his wetting he is being punished by being made to wear diapers during the day as well.”

“Lie?” Darren thought, “She’s never even made mention of it before.”

Even as this protest passed through his head his mother continued to speak. “To ensure that your brother fully recovers from his wetting problem I have decided to keep him in diapers until he can go one full year without wetting at night. I haven’t decided how long he will wear diapers during the day for, but he will most obviously be using them while awake so I will need you to help out by changing him on occasion. Is that understood?”

“I guess so,” Sally replied. She was still not quite sure what to make of all this, and was trying her hardest not to burst out in laughter at how comical her brother looked in a diaper.

“But mom, THAT’S GROSS,” Darren cried.

“YOUNG MAN, I’ve had just about enough of your sass. If you ever want me to consider allowing you to wear big boy underwear during the day then I suggest that you behave yourself. Now sit down and eat your breakfast.”

Not wanting to enrage his mother any further, Darren did as he was told. It took all of his will and determination not to make a face as the first awful spoonful of food hit his tongue. Realizing that the cereal was not about to taste any better, he quickly finished it up. Before he could rise to get himself a drink his mother set one in front of him. To his horror, it was one of his little brother’s sippy cups. A red one with a blue lid. Dejected, he began to drink, or rather sip. Again, the contents were vile tasting, his mother having filled it with baby formula. Upon finishing his breakfast his mother wiped his face with a rag and told him to get ready for school.

Darren headed up the stairs and soon realized that he needed to pee. He turned to head into the washroom only to be stopped by his mother’s booming voice.

“Just where do you think you’re going, mister?!” He turned and saw the stern look on his mother’s face.

“I just needed to pee,” he replied.

“Well, you certainly don’t need to go in there to pee. Babies use their diapers when they need to go. Since this situation has come up, I think that it’s time we discussed the rules of you new status. I’m sure that you know by now that I am aware of your little diaper fantasies. I have decided to indulge your desire. If and when I decide your punishment is over I am sure that you will no longer enjoy diapers. While you are being punished you will obey this rules list.”

With that she handed him a sheet that read as follows:

Darren’s Diaper Rules


1.     You are not to use the toilet at any time.

2.     You will use your diapers for bathrooming purposes, just as a baby would.

3.     You are not to change your own diaper. You will ask myself or your sister when you require a diaper change. While at school you will ask the nurse for a diaper change. Both the nurse and your teachers have been alerted to your current condition.

4.     If you need to use the other bathroom facilities (tub, sink, etc.) you will do so with the bathroom door open. If you need your diaper removed to take a bath you will ask myself or your sister to do so.

5.     You will wear diapers at night until you can go one full year without wetting them while asleep.

6.     I may change or add to these rules as I see fit. Any objection on your part will result in your punishment being extended.

“Now I suggest that you hurry up and take care of whatever business you need to so that I can change you before you go to school.” Again Darren realized that he was not about to have a say in the matter and began to brush his teeth for school. Before long, the urge to pee became too great and he release a torrent of urine into his diaper. He quickly squeezed his legs together trying to stem the flow. He knew that his Goodnites could not withstand such an onslaught and he was not sure how his new Depends would do. Despite his efforts he was unsuccessful and stopping the flow. Fortunately these diapers were designed with a much larger urine capacity than Goodnites were. “Well,” he decided, “I’d best get used to asking mom to change my diaper.”

Dreading this moment Darren approached his mom and spoke up. “Mom, I need a change.”

“A change in what, your life, Why? Are you bored with it now?”

“Mo-om, you know what I mean, don’t drag it out”

“Drag what out, I’m not sure what you want. Perhaps if you tried asking properly I might be able to help you.”

“Mom, please don’t make me say it. This is already way too embarrassing as it is. I mean, I’ve never had to do this before.”

“Well now, that’s not my fault, is it? You got yourself into this predicament and you’re going to have to deal with it.”

“Fine, mom, will you please change my diaper for me?”

“Yes sweety, go lie down on your bed and mommy will come change you into a nice clean diaper. He quickly did as he was told, already anxious to be out of the wet diaper. His mom quickly and efficiently changed, wiped and repowdered him, with the skills earned through years of diaper changes.

“There my baby goes, now hurry and get dressed or you’ll be late for school. In fact I think that I’d better drive you in this morning, we don’t want you to miss anything.”

After his mom had left the room Darren attempted to find some clothes for the day. Unfortunately the diaper made finding a good pair of pants next to impossible. He knew that khakis and sweats were out of the question as they wouldn’t cover the noise of the diaper. He tried several pairs of windpants but none would fit without leaving his diaper exposed. Finally, he found his largest pair of jeans and was able to squeeze into them without too obvious of a bulge in his butt. He next selected a long t-shirt and a heavy sweatshirt to help prevent the diaper from showing at the waist. He could already tell that dressing with diapers would be a challenge. He just hoped that none of his friends would notice his change in attire, especially his new ‘underwear’.

Darren started to climb into the front seat of the car only to be told, “Babies aren’t allowed in the front” by his mother. With a sigh he climbed into the backseat, dismayed at the all to familiar crinkle made by his diaper. How would he ever make it through the day without someone noticing? When he arrived at school he was in for another surprise. His mother got out of the car, walked to the trunk and opened it.

“When I spoke to the school nurse she advised me that they do not keep diapers on hand,” she began. “So I told her that I’d have you bring her some to keep in her office when you got to school. I also figured that she wouldn’t have any wipes, baby powder, or diaper rash cream so I brought them as well,” she concluded. Darren’s face turned beet red with shame as she proceeded to remove two bags of Depends from the trunk as well as a drugstore bag with the other supplies. Taped to both bags of diapers were pieces of paper with the words Diapers for Darren Bodner written in large black letters. Both bags of diapers seemed incredibly large, with their distinctive blue and red packaging.

“I know there aren’t enough diapers here for you sweetie, but they should last for a few days, now give mommy a kiss and then be a good boy and take your diapers into the nurses office.”

“Jeez, could she be any louder?” he thought. “It’s a good thing we’re here so early or else the whole school would know about my diapers.” With that he took his bags and headed towards the school. He was hoping that the halls would still be empty this early in the morning. The nurses office was in the center of the high school and it seemed like miles from the front door.

He was almost home free when he heard the voice of his current best friend Chris yell, “Hey Darren!” He quickly darted the last few steps into the nurse’s office, pretending not to know whom the voice was directed at. Upon finding no one in the front part of the office he knocked on the door to the exam room. A few seconds later the nurse came out. She was a short woman with greying hair in her late forties and was reputed not to like the children of the school.

“Can I help you?” she boomed.

“Ummm, I need to drop these things off here,” he replied. He quickly thrust the bags towards her. Upon seeing the bags and the labels her face lit up in recognition.

“Oh yes, you’re the little boy whose mother called, the one who can’t keep from wetting himself, aren’t you?”

“Yes ma’am,” he replied, staring deeply at the tiles on the floor.

“You know, you should be ashamed of yourself. Fifteen years old and beginning to wet yourself again like a two year old. Yes, your mother told me all about your recent problems in her call. It’s a good thing that you haven’t had any of these accidents at school yet. She also told me that you are to use your diapers for all of your bathrooming needs. She said that if need be I can provide medical assistance to help your number two’s.” By this point Darren’s face was nearly turning purple, fortunately she didn’t push any more.

“Now run along young man or else you’ll be late for class. I expect that I’ll be seeing you again before too long.” Darren jumped at the opportunity to escape and bolted for the door.

Fortunately Chris was no longer in the hallway by the time he came out, although it seemed that a hundred others were. He just hoped that none of them had heard the nurse. Looking at the clock he rushed to his locker. Upon opening his backpack two of the Attends diapers nearly fell onto the floor. Taped to the top one was a note that read “Spares, keep them in your locker just in case, Mom.” He quickly stashed the diapers and then ran to class, barely making it before the final bell.

The remainder of the morning was uneventful until third period, about a half hour before lunch. The pressure in his bladder had been building since mid morning and he was left with no choice but to go in his diaper. Fortunately the diaper had more than enough capacity for his pee. Not wanting to risk getting noticed with a wet diaper he decided to wait until lunch to go see the nurse. Finally, after what seemed an eternity the lunch bell rang. Just before he reached the nurses office his bladder let loose with another torrent. Now he could feel the weight of the soggy, swollen diaper between his legs. To make matters worse, he had to wait almost five minutes while the nurse finished eating her lunch at her desk.

“Allright, come in here and we’ll get you’re diaper changed,” she said when she finished. He was about to get up on the exam table when she stopped him. “We can’t have you making a mess on the table now can we?”. With that she pulled a large soaker pad from the cupboard under the table and laid it down and then patted on it as she said “Hop up.”

Darren did as he was told, desperately wanting out of the diaper as it was getting hot and itchy. With surprising speed and efficiency the nurse undid his pants and had them around his ankles. Next she proceeded to peel back all six tapes.

“Oh my, are you ever wet!” she exclaimed. “It’s a wonder your pants are still dry. I’ll have to speak to your mother about getting you thicker diapers, in the mean time I think that we may have to double up.” With that she proceeded to wipe his bottom. “I think we’ll use some cream to make sure you don’t get a rash,” she said as she slid a fresh diaper under him.

She generously applied both the Penaten diaper rash cream and Johnson’s baby powder to his behind before she pulled the diaper up and taped in place. She then pulled a second diaper from the bag, both of which he had noticed were sitting in plain view on the counter, the notes still attached.

“Is that really necessary?” he inquired as she began to unfold it.

“Young man, I am the nurse here and I will decide what is necessary when it comes to your diapering. It is most obvious that you cannot be trusted to come see me when your diaper requires changing. Now lift your hips from the table.”

With that she slid the second diaper, now his third of the day, under his butt. Next she took a razor blade and proceeded to make numerous vertical slits in the inner diapers plastic cover. She finished by taping the outer diaper in place. She then assisted him in pulling his jeans over the diapers. There was now a very distinctive bulge and his legs felt like they were being held apart by an invisible force.

As Darren left the nurse’s office he noticed that he was actually being forced to waddle a bit by the bulk of his diapers. He also noticed that he could feel, as well as hear the familiar crinkling noise, or at least he thought he could. With that he headed to the cafeteria for lunch. He made it through the line quickly and bought Poutine, his favorite meal. He then crossed the room to join his friends at their regular table.

“Why are you walking funny, and getting here so late?” Chris piped up before he could even sit down.

“I fell and hurt my leg so I went and saw the nurse. It’s a little stiff so I’m trying not to put too much weight on it.”

His friends seemed satisfied with his stopgap answer and did not bug him on it any more. Once they had all finished eating they began their usual routine of playing poker. Of course it had been more fun when they were playing for money but the teachers had caught them and put an end to that.

As the game progressed, Darren felt minor rumblings in his stomach but did not pay any attention to them as he was too caught up in playing a good bluff. As usual, it seemed that the lunch hour ended way too quickly. As he stood up Darren felt the thickness of his diapers once again. He had actually almost forgotten that he was wearing them while he was playing poker. The rest of the afternoon seemed to drag into eternity. Barely half an hour into math class Darren felt a wet warmth spreading in his crotch. He started to panic, thinking that he was wetting his pants, again having forgotten about his diapers. As he looked in despair to his crotch and saw that it was dry he was reminded once again of their presence.

“I can’t believe that I just wet my self unintentionally!” he thought, his mind still racing from the event. “I guess it’s a good thing that I was wearing a diaper.”

Again Darren decided not to go for a diaper change as the double thickness of diapers had seemed to cope well with the accident. In fact he could barely even feel the wetness anymore, just a nice, comforting warmth.

Finally it was the fifth and final period of the day. Barely 10 minutes into class what had been minor rumblings in the pit of his abdomen became more forceful sensations.

“There’s no way I’m going to crap myself at school!” Darren thought. “I’ll just have to try and hold it till I go home.”

Darren tried his best to put the thought out of his mind and get on with his schoolwork. But his efforts were to no avail, less than fifteen minutes later he realized that he was going to have to crap his diaper at school. The combination of Metamucil laced breakfast cereal and the Poutine at lunch had caught up to him. He quickly raised his hand and asked to be excused to use the washroom. As he left his seat and headed to the door his bowels cut loose. Thankfully the rather large fart that accompanied the event was muffled by the extra thickness of diapers.

He escaped through the door without notice and was forced to nearly squat as his bowels completed their evacuation. He could feel the warm, sticky mess spreading even further with every step he took. At the same time as all this was happening his bladder also let loose with another flood of urine. At this point, despite his discomfort, he knew somewhere in the back of his mind that he should be thankful that the nurse had double-diapered him. With a now full and ripe diaper he began to slowly make his way to the nurses office. He was already beginning to smell the crap and hoped that nobody else would. He turned the corner to the nurse’s office and nearly ran into a stunningly beautiful girl who was just exiting. He made a cursory apology to her and stepped into the office before she could catch the smell.

“Well, I can tell what you’re her for Mr. Stinkypants!” the nurse announced as he closed the door.

“I tried to hold it but I couldn’t stop it,” he stammered, nearly in tears from the embarrassment of the whole situation.

“Oh now don’t be upset dearie, I was quite expecting this. In fact, had you not showed up like this I might have needed to use medication to help you along. Now why don’t you hop up on the table and we’ll get that messy diaper off of you.”

Darren quickly did as he was told, not wanting to spend one more second in the filthy diaper. As he did so he noticed two items of interest. The first was a used diaper rolled up in the trashcan. It was most definitely not one of his as it had blue tapes like the Attends in his underwear drawer. The second was just a glimpse of a nearly full bag of Attends through the partially open cupboard door under the exam table.

“Maybe I’m not the only one in this school who has to wear diapers,” he thought as the nurse began to undo the tapes.

The entire process ended up taking a considerable amount of time. First the nurse had to undo twelve diaper tapes. Next she spent nearly five minutes cleaning the mess from his behind. By the time she was finished wiping Darren’s face was red with shame.

“Now I know that the day is nearly over,” the nurse began. “But I think that I’ll double-diaper you again just to make sure you don’t have any leaks on the way home.”

Darren grimaced at the thought but knew that he didn’t have any choice in the matter in any case. Just as efficiently as before, the nurse double-diapered him and helped him get his pants on over the bulk.

Darren returned to class and managed to make it through the remainder of the day without making any more use of his diapers. The final bell rang and he was never more thankful to be free from school. He quickly grabbed his things from his locker and started making his way to the bus. As he was about to leave the school he passed the same girl he had nearly run over at the nurse’s office earlier.

She gave him a cute smile and while passing said “Hi Darren.” Before he could reply, she was already headed down the hall.

“How could she know my name?” he thought. “We’ve never met before yet somehow she knows who I am.” It was then that the image of the clearly labeled bags of diapers still sitting on the counter in the nurses office. Oh no! She couldn’t have missed those diaper bags in the nurse’s office and she couldn’t have missed the labels with his name.

“She probably noticed my diaper somehow when we almost bumped into each other and put two and two together,” he thought. “Just great, the cutest girl in the school knows my name but she also knows that I’m wearing diapers. I’ll bet she even knows that I crapped them!”

Darren made it to the bus stop without further incident and began the usual 20-minute wait for his bus. Strangely none of his friends were there to meet him. Perhaps they had caught the early bus he thought. Usually he tried for that bus on Friday’s as well but it was tough to make as it left 5 minutes after class ended. Of course his encounter with the girl today had put him a bit behind schedule. Finally his bus arrived and he climbed aboard. Unfortunately for Darren the bus ride home took nearly an hour as his bus had numerous stops to make before his. The bus ride was made even more boring by the fact that he had no friends to chat with on the way home. Finally his stop arrived and he got off. As he started to walk the half-block to his house he began to wet himself again.

“Shit!” he thought. “I know I’m wearing diapers but I should at least be able to control when I use them. He walked in the front door of the house to see Sally sitting on the living room couch watching TV.

“Hey baby brother.” she goaded.

“Don’t call me that!” he shouted back.

“Well it’s not like it isn’t true.” She said. “After all, you are the one who’s wearing diapers. By the way, do you need your diaper changed?”

“No, and even if I did I’d rather wait till mom got home than let you change me.” There, that ought to shut her up.

“Well mom’s going to be late tonight so she said that I’m in charge. I think that I’d better check your diaper just in case, now strip.”

“Fuck you!” he shouted at her.

Before he could react Sally smacked him in the face, grabbed him by the shirt collar, and pulled down his pants.

“Well, I see that you lied to me, the wetness indicator on your diaper is testament to that.” All Darren could do was look down at the obviously smeared and faded blue stripe on the front of his diaper.

“Now I suggest that you go up stairs and wait to be changed or else you’ll get another smack.” Dejectedly Darren did as he was told, not wanting another smack.

A few minutes later Sally entered his room with a wooden spoon in hand. Darren already knew what it was for but knew that if he resisted he’d be in even more pain once his mother got home. Sally proceeded to undo his diapers and then gave him a thorough wipe down to ensure he was clean. Next she spread a plastic backed changing pad on her lap and picked up the spoon.

“Since mom left me in charge I’ve decided to punish you for lying.” She began. “If you co-operate it will be a lot easier on you, now bend over.” Already cringing from the impending pain Darren did as he was told. Sally raised the spoon and began to smack him with it. By the third stinging blow Darren was in tears and begging for her to stop. Sally paid no attention to his cries and continued to redden his butt. By the fifteenth smack the pain was so great that Darren actually peed.

“Well, I’m glad that I used this pad” she said over his cries of pain. For good measure she gave him another five smacks and told him to lay down. Darren did as he was told, still sobbing from the pain and embarrassment of having been spanked by his older sister. The fact that he had peed like a baby did nothing to ameliorate the situation. “Now I can see that your nurse had you double diapered but I don’t feel like changing you again so I think I’ll use three she said. Fearing another spanking Darren did not make any objections.

After she had finished powdering and triple-diapering him Darren stood awkwardly and started to reach for his pants. Sally quickly snatched them out of his reach.

“I don’t think that I’m going to let you wear these.” She said. “This way you can’t lie about needing a change because I’ll be able to see your diapers at all times. Now go downstairs and watch TV while I get supper ready.” Hindered by the massive bulk of his diapers Darren waddled out of the room and down the stairs to watch TV. He turned on the TV and switched to his favourite channel only to be prompted to enter an unlock code. He tried another but found the same thing. In fact, every channel except for the children’s channels was blocked.

“Sally, what’s wrong with the TV!” He hollered. “I can’t get any of my channels.”

“Little babies aren’t allowed to watch grown up channels!” she hollered back. “Now be quiet and watch your cartoons or I’ll make you regret it.”

He flipped through the remaining channels only to find that his choices were Barney, Sesame Street, Pokemon, and Care Bears. For lack of a better choice he went to Sesame Street.

“At least Cookie Monster is still kind of funny,” he thought, trying to console himself.

Meanwhile Sally was busy with dinner in the kitchen. Per her mother’s instructions she was busy making a separate meal for Darren in addition to the regular meal. Again, as with this morning Darren’s meal was to include a generous dose of laxatives. As she was doing so her mother arrived home to oversee things. Seeing that Sally had a firm grasp on dinner she brought large box in through the back door and began to assemble the contents. Darren was still oblivious to the goings on as his mother had entered through the back door.

Still in the midst of Sesame Street Darren felt the urge to pee. He knew that it would be pointless to ask Sally to use the washroom so he gave in. As he sat on the couch he relaxed his muscles and felt the warmth spread through his crotch. Thinking he could get changed right away he stood up to go to the kitchen. As he stood he looked down at the blue wetness indicator and realized that it had not even begun to blur. Knowing she would never change him with a dry outer diaper Darren sat back down and resumed watching TV.

A few minutes later his mother walked into the living room. “How’s my baby tonight?” She asked. “My, my, it looks like your diaper is still dry. I didn’t know my baby could go that long without wetting himself.”

“Hi mom” was all he could manage to say.

“Now hurry into the kitchen for dinner sweetie,” she replied. Darren got up and began to waddle into the kitchen for dinner. As he entered the kitchen he stopped dead in his tracks. In the place of his usual seat was what looked like, and in fact was, an oversized wooden highchair.

“I had a friend at work make a special chair so that it will be easier to feed my baby” she said. Now why don’t we try it out? With that Darren climbed up into the chair, not really having any choice in the matter. His mother grabbed the tray and slid it into place. It stopped within about an inch of his belly and he could hear it click firmly into position. Next she pulled the wooden bar hanging between his legs up into position and then proceeded to secure it with a lock. “I have to make sure that my baby doesn’t slip out of his new chair when I’m not looking.” She said. “I wouldn’t want him to get hurt.

As if matters weren’t bad enough Darren turned his head and watched her extract several items from a bag on the counter. The first was an oversized bib with a picture of a train on the front. As she moved to put it on him he put his hands up in the way. She simply turned back to her bag.

As she did so she said, “Sally will you please hold your brother’s arms down on the chair?”

“With pleasure” Sally replied. She then proceeded to grab his arms and pin them down.

“I thought you might cause trouble so I bought these as well.” His mother said as she turned around. In her hands were Velcro cuffs with straps to attach them to the chair as well as small locks to ensure that they could not be removed from the wrists or the chair. She quickly cuffed both of his wrists and then secured them to the chair with locks in place. At this point Sally released his arms and grabbed the bib. With no resistance from Darren she secured it around his neck.

“This isn’t fair,” he cried. “I’m not a baby.”

“Well you sure wet yourself like one,” his mother chimed back. “Since this is my punishment I will decide what is and isn’t fair. Next she pulled a large bottle from the bag and started to fill it with formula. It was actually a bottle for farm animals but it would do the job just fine she decided. She screwed the nipple on and set it on the tray in front of Darren.

After setting the bottle in front of Darren she began to help Sally put dinner on the table. Darren’s food was set onto a plate with babyish Mickey Mouse designs and little dividers for all the food. His meal was actually baby food from jars and consisted of pureed vegetables and meat. The veggies were beans, potatoes, and beets; the meat was beef. To top it all off was a blue plastic spoon with a Mickey Mouse handle. Sally and his mother both sat down to eat dinner. After a few minutes of them eating with him staring on in silence his mom spoke up.

“Would the baby like some din din?”

“Yes,” he replied.

“Pardon me?”

“Yes please,” he tried.

“I’m still not sure what you want, now ask mommy properly.”

“Mommy can baby please have some din din?” He could hardly believe his own words. How had so much changed in just one day? His mom just gave him a nasty smirk and picked up a spoonful of beans. The whole meal was disgusting but she kept shoving more in his mouth until the whole plate was gone. By the time he was finished he had managed to spill a considerable amount of food onto his bib, just as a real baby would have. His mother went to the sink and grabbed a cloth and proceeded to wipe the food from his face and bib. Next she grabbed the bottle and proceeded to hold it up for him until the whole thing was gone.

“By the way,” his mother added as she took the bottle away, “I’ve decided that from here on in you will only be acknowledged when you speak in baby talk.”

With that she started to help Sally clean up the dishes. Meanwhile Darren was left locked in his new highchair. It seemed as though it was taking forever for them to finish with the dishes, and eventually Darren realized that he needed to pee. Of course by now he was becoming accustomed to using his diaper and let it all flood out. There was only one problem, once he started doing it just seemed as if he couldn’t stop. When he finally did finish all three of his diapers were soaked from front to back.

“Umm guys, I think I need a change.” He said.

“Sally, did you hear something, I’m not sure.” His mother quipped.

“Uh no, I think you must have just been imagining it.”

“Oh, okay then, I must be hearing things.” Realizing that his mother had meant every word of her previous comment about using baby talk Darren finally succumbed.

“Mommy, baby went pee pee in his didi.”

“Does baby need a diaper change?”

“Yes pwease mommy.”

“Allright then, let me unlock your chair and we’ll take you upstairs and get you changed.” With that she released his restraints and removed the tray from the highchair. She then helped him hop down.

With every step he took Darren could feel the wet squishing of his soaked diapers. When he got upstairs he was in for another surprise. As he laid down on his bed there was the distinct rustle of rubber sheets.

“Don’t worry sweety,” his mom said. “This bed is just temporary, we have to keep your mattress safe after all.” Darren took the comment about the temporary status of the bed as being in reference to the rubber sheets and said nothing more of it. With that his mother undid the diapers and began to wipe him off.

“Oh my, she said, “I think that someone needs a bath. Hurry along to the bathroom and once your clean I’ll give you a nice fresh diaper.” Darren headed to the bathroom and was followed in by his mom. It was then that he realized that she had every intention of bathing him.

“Mommy, I want to baff myseff,” he said in his most babyish voice.

“Baby can’t bath himself, he might get hurt.” She replied. With that she began to run the bathwater, sticking her hand in to make sure it wasn’t too warm. She helped him remove his shirt and then helped him into the tub. With a gentle touch that Darren hadn’t known she had she began to bathe him with soap and washcloth. When she reached his private parts his embarrassment went to new levels. Previous to this he had been too disgusted to be aroused by her handling his private parts but now he was stiff as a log.

“Oh my, baby seems to have a problem with his pee pee,” she remarked. “Well don’t worry, mommy knows how to fix that.” With that she released the tub water. Next she made him stand up, and then she turned the shower on, freezing cold. When the cold water hit it took about thirty seconds for his erection to go down and his penis to shrink incredibly.

“There, all better,” she said. “Now lets get you warmed up.” She reached across and slowly increased the water temperature until he was no longer shivering.

Her mission accomplished she shut the water off and began to towel him dry. Next she led him back to his bedroom and had him lay on the bed. “Now your nurse called me and told me that you needed thicker diapers,” she began. “We only have a limited supply of these Attends so we’ll use them at night but during the day we’ll double up on the Depends for now.” With that she reached into his dresser drawer and extracted one of the much thicker Attends diapers. She liberally powdered his diaper area and then fastened the diaper in place. Darren realized that this one diaper by itself felt as thick as all three depends had. The baby blue fastening tapes and yellow wetness indicator also gave the diaper a much more babyish feel. He also noted that these were a much softer and more comfortable diaper to wear.

Again, his mother had more surprises in store for him. After she had finished diapering him she reached under his bed and pulled out a railing like those used to keep toddlers from falling out of bed. She slid it into place and then spoke.

“Mommy doesn’t want her baby to fall out of bed at night. She also doesn’t want him to wander away so she bought this.” With that she pulled out a Velcro ankle cuff with about a three foot tether. She first secured the tether to the foot of his bed and then locked the cuff to his right ankle. “There, now mommy knows her baby will be safe at night.” Her next surprise was even more shocking. It was an oversized Nuk 5 pacifier with what looked like a rubber band attached. Before he could object she stuck it in his mouth and used the elastic to hold it in place behind his head. “Sleep tight sweety,” she said. With that she walked out of the room, shutting the light and closing the door.

For almost two hours Darren tossed and turned, unable to get accustomed to the new arrangements. The cuff although soft, restricted his leg movements to his annoyance. The diaper was far thicker than what he was accustomed to sleeping with. And the pacifier Completely changed the way he breathed. Eventually Darren drifted off into a sleep filled with strange dreams. At about three in the morning he awoke with the overwhelming urge to empty his bowels. He started to crawl out of bed only to be stopped by the tether on his ankle and the railing on the bed. He stopped dead, confused for a few seconds before remembering the events of the previous day. He tried to call out for his mother only to be muffled by the pacifier.

By this point Darren was debating what to do. “If I take the pacifier out and call mom I’ll get in trouble.” He thought. “There’s no way I’m going to lay in a shitty diaper for 5 hours, I’ll just have to hold it.” For almost a half an hour he was successful in resisting the urge to crap. He even wet his diaper in the hopes of relieving some of the strain. Alas his struggle was pointless and the pressure in his abdomen overcame his willpower. With alarming speed his sphincter let go and the mess rushed into his diaper. Again it was warm and sticky, aided by the laxatives added to his diet. As he finished filling his diaper, Darren lay quietly sobbing, the majority of the noise muffled by his pacifier. The pacifier however did nothing for the tears streaming down his face. Still sobbing, Darren drifted back to sleep.

“Good morning baby Darry,” said Sally. “Mom said to wake you up, you’re going shopp…., oh my, you sure are a stinky baby. Well, we’d better change you’re diaper before you get a rash.” Sally came over to the bed, pulled back the sheets and removed the pacifier from his mouth. Her next considered actions were to remove the railing from his bed and grab the diapering supplies from his dresser. When she returned she had two of the Attends diapers in her hand.

“Mom said we should use two of these, it’s going to be a long trip today.” Having said that she proceeded to undo is messy diaper and clean his bottom.

“Can it get any more humiliating than this?” Darren thought. “I’m having my shitty diaper changed by my older sister while I lay tethered to my bed”. With surprising speed Sally finished cleaning his butt and slid a new diaper under. As with the nurse the day before she applied a liberal amount of diaper rash cream to prevent irritation. She pulled the first diaper into place and then made the necessary slits before applying the second.

“There, mom will be along in a few minutes to let you out of bed.” She said as she replaced the railing.

A few minutes later his mom came into his room. In her hand was the large diaper bag that had once belonged to his little brother. Already visible in the one outside pocket were four bottles of formula. “Mommy just needs to pack a few things for the day and then she’ll let you out,” she said by way of greeting. She then proceeded to put the entire remaining bag of Depends into the inner compartment. In the outside mesh covered pockets she placed his powder, wipes, rash cream, and three of the Attends diapers. Next she came over to his bed, removed the railing and undid the ankle cuff. She told him to get dressed and come down for breakfast. Darren stood up and nearly fell over. The double thickness of Attend diapers made it nearly impossible to stand normally. He waddled over to his dresser to put on a pair of jeans but found that they would not fit. The diapers had added at least an extra three inches to his butt. The only pants he could get on were his sweatpants, but at least it was better than no pants.

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