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Author: Sister Autumn

He’s 9 years old. We call him Diaper Butt, Diaper Davey, Baby Davey, Diaper David. His name is David. I’m his 15 year old sister, and my name is Autumn. Some of my sisters and I have submitted a sister’s survey on David, but there’s so much to tell, I’m writing this story. David has never been potty trained and wears both daytime and nighttime diapers. David is the youngest member of our family and the rest are girls. Besides me, David’s sisters are Kelly, Renee, and Amy. We all babysit David regularly. We all have friends who come over and babysit David as well; plus our neighbors help out, since David requires around the clock supervision.

As I stated, David wears diapers around the clock. We almost always use disposable diapers on him, including pampers size 6, and assurances (Wal-Mart brand). The most adorable thing is being able to hear David crinkle as he waddles through the house, although the baby diapers have gone to cloth-like covers lately. David is always in just a diaper, and if it’s warm outside, he’s in just a diaper even out in public. During the winter months, we put David in sweat pants and a shirt, so the bulge from his diapers are obvious anyway. We keep diapers throughout the house: the family room, the dining room, upstairs in the den, and of course in our bedroom (I share the room with David). That way, when David needs changing, we change him on the spot wherever. The most adorable thing about changing David’s diapers is watching his reaction as he almost always gets an erection, especially as I wipe down his diaper area. Even though he’s 9, he frequently turns over and masturbates by rubbing himself on the floor or the crib, or wherever he was changed. David doesn’t understand what he’s doing, it just feels so good to him; and it looks sooooo cute watching his diaper butt go up and down and hearing the crinkle. David always masturbates in his crib as well, usually when he’s first laid down; and also in the mornings in his soaked diaper. When I have friends over, we usually watch David rub himself and we all giggle about it. I know my sisters do the same thing.

Mom has tried potty training David several times in the past. Most recently potty training was attempted when he was 7. There’s nothing physically wrong with him, but David barely has the mental capacity of a 3 year old and really doesn’t understand his surroundings. Mom’s had him tested, but I don’t know what his IQ is. We’ve just learned to accept and love David for who he is, knowing that he’ll probably be a baby for a long time coming. Mom decided long ago that she didn’t want to push him. Being 9, he obviously looks old enough to be out of diapers, but we continue to make our periodic trips to Wal-Mart with David in just a diaper and buy his diapers – sometimes mom has spent as much as $100 on diapers alone to stock up the whole house, cars, babysitters, etc. I know when the cloth like diapers were coming out, we tried to stock up on the plastic diapers (believe it or not, we still have the older style Pampers that crinkle), because the cloth like coverings don’t seem to work as well; and being discreet about David’s diapers is definitely not our priority. As David continues to grow, the pampers size 6 is getting harder to fit on him, so we’ve also been buying the Wal-Mart brand youth diapers, which are still the crinkly kind, but have more tapes. I personally still like watching David in the crinkly Pampers, (and I love the smell of a clean Pamper!) but oh well. We’re well stocked on diapers, and we have many still unopened packages of diapers throughout the house. It’s like Diaper Heaven and no there’s no plans to potty train him anytime soon. David clearly isn’t ready for potty training this winter, and mom doesn’t potty train in the summer because she figures it’s harder since babies tend to play outside more and are easily distracted.

David’s day begins each morning, when he hears me getting up to get ready for school. He wakes up in his crib, with a wet diaper on and he almost always masturbates. Eventually one of us gets around to changing him — when I change him I usually just lower the crib side rails and change him right there in the crib. As I’m changing him, I put a clean diaper under his butt and have it in place, just in case he wets (yep, I’ve changed him enough to know inevitably he pees on me when I’m in the middle of changing him). I usually wipe him down with a baby wipe (which is usually a Huggies baby wipe). I usually apply baby oil throughout his diaper area, then I powder him using Johnson’s baby powder. Finally, I pull the diaper up through his legs, and tape the diaper in place. This usually doesn’t take more than a few minutes, but is a morning ritual with him. David frequently wears a t-shirt to bed, so in the morning, off comes that t-shirt, and David is always in just a diaper during the day. During the day, when we’re gone, a babysitter comes over. The babysitter alternates between my aunt, family friends, and neighbors. David doesn’t go to school, but is considered a home-schooler. Logistics prevent us from taking David to special ed classes, and besides, Mom doesn’t think special classes are right for him given his mental age. I usually get home by 3:00 after school, and sometimes my friend Bobbi will be with me. Bobbi just loves David, and she will frequently change him as well. If my Aunt Chris watched David that day, she usually waits for Mom to come home. Otherwise, I’m usually left in charge until my sisters come home (they’re all older than me). We all dote on David, and yes, I have to admit, we do baby him – he still likes his binky (pacifier), he still sometimes drinks out of a bottle; he still sleeps in a crib but there’s no point in putting him in a big bed since he doesn’t have to get up at night to use the potty. When I see a little boy still in diapers, I feel so maternal to him. I’ll pick him up on my lap and rock him, and he’ll burrow his head right into my breasts. In any given day, I figure that David goes through maybe 6 to 8 diapers per day. We change him frequently, especially since we keep diapers so convenient, and he wears nothing over his diapers – it’s obvious when he’s wet.

A Trip to the Mall

As I stated, we frequently take David with us to the mall, and my friend Bobbi and I sometimes will treat him to a movie. Just to give you insight, David is not still in diapers because he chooses to be. He’s in diapers because he genuinely needs them. In taking care of David, his diapers are really just a small part of the ritual, yet they are so prominent and we do not try to be discreet or hide his diapers. The baby that he is, means that his modesty needs are not our priority. He goes through stages sometimes where he is embarrassed to be in diapers, but those stages come and go quickly. We don’t give in and he always gets over it. He has always worn diapers and we don’t hide them. In public, he still mostly only has a diaper on, and if anything else, sometimes socks and shoes. This is true, even when Bobbi and I take him to the mall. When changing diapers, we usually change him on the nearest bench in the mall, except for consideration of others, when he has stinky pants on, we sometimes take him to the ladies’ room to change him; or at least find a little quiet corner and change him on the floor. It’s just no secret and we tell David that his diapers are nothing to be ashamed of. I admit that I tease him, too, and say things like “baby boys need diapers more than girls.” But being 9, even David is in diapers longer than most boys, so it boils down only David needs diapers (I tease him about that too — and it embarrasses him to the point he cries, but all is quickly forgotten with a “3” year old. There are so many funny stories about the mall trips, I’ll start with the most recent one…this last Saturday, when I was changing David on a bench near the front entrance. It was so hard to overcome his excitement for some reason that day, and I had just taken off his wet diaper and walked to the waste basket to throw it away. I kept the new diaper in place over David’s diaper area to keep him from wetting everything, but I had not taped it in place yet. His head was in Bobbi’s lap and he saw Kelly (our older sister) come in the front door. So, he got up and ran to her, just as naked as a jaybird. It was so cute and he was the center of attention in the whole mall at that point, just completely innocent and unaware of himself along with his little boy erection. Of course, it sort of became a game with him and he tried to run around the mall, still naked, but after a few minutes, Kelly caught him, laid him down, and Bobbi brought her the diaper and she taped it in place. For the rest of that day, we kept David in just a diaper, and let him run around in the mall like that. It had been a chilly October, so we knew that we’d have to put his sweat pants and sweater on before we left, but I just love watching his butt waddle in just a diaper as he ran through the mall. Of course, watching other people do double takes because it’s really not that common in the Midwest, especially in October; and also because he clearly looks old enough to be out of diapers. But what can I say, diapers are a fact of life, and there’s no reason to hide them.

A Day At The Pool

My sisters and I take David to the subdivision pool in a Pamper only, then we change him into a swim diaper where he swims with just that on. After we’re done swimming, we put him back into a Pamper and take him home. Nothing much really to say here, except it illustrates that he has no modesty. When we went to 6 Flags, there’s a water park inside 6 flags, but they don’t let you change diapers in public— we have to take David to the ladies’ room there.


David plays outside a lot— and always has just a diaper on, sometimes shoes. The sight of him outside in just a diaper is a common sight. Everybody knows he’s 9 and still in diapers, and in fact some of the neighbors babysit him as well. Robyn probably helps out the most because she’s home more; sometimes Carla and Laura help out as well. There’s other neighbors, but I can’t remember their names. I know that Laura affectionately teases him a lot about him being a baby. David frequently gets his diaper changed, by whomever is watching him when he’s out playing— usually right there on the driveway or on the porch.


We always leave David in a nursery for church – he can’t sit still enough for the entire service. We chose the 3 year old nursery because that’s the oldest nursery that’s equipped for diaper changes, although I’m sure some 4 and 5 year olds at that church wear a diaper from time to time, the 3 year old class is most appropriate for David . For church, we usually have David in a shirt, diaper, shoes and socks. The diaper is fully exposed, once again just because it’s easier to change him that way. Even for the 3 year old nursery, David is frequently the only one still in diapers. The babysitter in the nursery just dotes on him and holds him and rocks him like a baby. We always have a diaper bag, full of diapers, powder, lotion, binkies…everything a baby needs; we always leave the diaper bag in the nursery when we drop David off. This past Sunday, was no different – same old ritual. I went with my sister, Amy to take David to the nursery. Rebecca was in charge of the nursery. David is bigger than all the 3 year olds, but he looked sooooo adorable going into the room with the 3 year olds. As he was going in, Amy handed the diaper bag to Rebecca and Rebecca said, “I’ll go ahead and change him, if you want me to. I noticed he looked a little wet.” Amy said, “That’d be great! He was changed before he left the house, so just whenever you get around to it.” Rebecca replied, “I love little kids, especially when they’re still in diapers. I’m pretty sure David is the only one wearing a diaper right now, so I can go ahead and change him, and I might even let some of his classmates help.” After a couple of hours, church was over, and Renee (my other sister), and I went to pick David up. When we got there, Rebecca was in the middle of changing him once again. “I changed him when you first brought him here, but he soaked himself again, so I thought I’d better put a fresh diaper on him before you take him.” Renee said, “Yeah, he’s a heavy wetter. Was he good?” Rebecca said, “Just like an angel. After I changed him this morning, we played ring around the rosey and sang songs. Then I read to them. I knew when David had wet, cause he just sort of stopped what he was doing, and I could see the diaper getting wet. But once he stopped peeing, he went back to playing.” As she was saying this by this time, she was powdering him with his new diaper tucked under his butt. She noticed his erection and said, “I guess he’s not used to me changing his diapers, is he?” I said, “Oh he does that all the time”. Rebecca pulled the diaper through his legs and taped them into place. “Now give me a kiss”, she said so affectionately and he gave her a big hug and kiss. We left and went home, because mom was preparing a dinner for Aunt Chris. Once we got home, I put my jeans back on, and took David’s shirt off. I checked his diaper — still clean, so I let him go back downstairs to play. About that time, the doorbell ran!

g, but it was one of the mothers from Market Day bringing over our order of cookies that we’d ordered a while back. David ran right up in just his diaper. The mother smiled and winked at him while Mom and her talked. As they continued talking, David got real quiet, and started to bend slightly at the knees and grunted while he was looking down at his diaper – it was so obvious that he was loading his diaper. I went into the room and told Mom I’d change him, and Mom said, “Just go ahead and change him here”. So I laid him down, untaped his diaper and used wet wipes to wipe him down. David leaned his head back and was so mesmerized by our visitor, while Mom was talking to her. She just smiled and watched and made playful gestures to him. I pulled a pamper out of the package (it was the crinkly kind), and the lady said to mom, “oh, Dawn, I didn’t know they still made those kind of Pampers”. Mom said, “no, it was getting hard to find them, so every time I found them at Wal-Mart, I bought a whole bunch. That’s just one of the older packages. I don’t think the new kind of Pampers work as well. Anyways, David is almost getting too big, even for size 6, I’ve started buying youth size diapers, and those diapers, thankfully are still the noisy kind. I don’t think the noisy kinds leak as much; and David being as old as he is, wets pretty heavily”. The conversation at that point turned to potty training. I don’t remember exactly what the lady asked, but it was along the lines of whether or not David was ready for potty training. Mom replied, “I don’t want to push David. I mean, he’s not ready yet. I don’t mind keep buying diapers, and I’m sure he’ll need them for quite some time”. By that time, I taped the Pamper in place, patted David on the butt, and he was crinkling on his way. Sometimes, I get sexually aroused knowing David wears diapers and hearing the crinkle, and watching his butt waddle so innocently. Aunt Chris came over by that time, and used her affectionate term for him, “How’s my Baby Davey?” Since she was over, we put David in a high chair for dinner. Aunt Chris had brought some pictures over of the family and some videos. She even videotaped David wearing just a diaper, laying in his crib, and MASTURBATING! Now, we’re all old enough to take delight in that, but it is a video that I’ll cherish forever because it exemplifies David’s total innocence and lack of modesty. You could see his dazed expression as he rubbed himself into the crib mattress and his butt going up and down, and the crinkling noise it made. You could see the drool dripping from his mouth as he “pumped” faster and faster; and then the big moment came. I wonder if Best of Home Videos would take that tape! Anyway, as quick as he climaxed (very obvious on the video), he turned over on his back and fell right asleep. David was with us in the room when we watched the video, and he would say excitedly, “that’s me!”. He’d get so excited, and run around and jump up and down. David isn’t really aware of his bodily functions. There were other adorable videos, too, like watching him waddle up the steps in just a diaper. I videotaped mom changing David in the crib after a nap and that was on there too. There was a videotape of David getting in the middle of cheerleading practice at West High (I took that one too when mom let me borrow the video camera to school. When she came to pick me up, David, of course, was with her and he ran right up to me, in his diaper of course). Anyway, all the girls in the cheerleading squad just adore him so he was the center of attention that day, as he is everyday, but this was caught on tape. Anyway, after a while, mom asked Kelly to put David to bed. Kelly pulled a diaper out of a package of pampers in the family room. She undid his diaper, wiped him down with a wet wipe, and put baby lotion throughout his diaper area (I just love the smell of baby lotion). Then she powdered him and diapered him. We all just watched him so adoringly walk up the stairs, with Kelly behind him. She took him to our room and I had followed after a few minutes, so I could get my books ready for school the next morning. Kelly had put a t-shirt on him and laid him in the crib and was coming back downstairs as I passed her going the other way. As I stated before, David always masturbates soon after he’s laid down, and this was no exception. I walked into the bedroom, and David was “at it”. It’s become so commonplace that it really doesn’t phase us anymore, and we don’t try to stop it, unless he’s doing it in public – and he does. But now, we have it on videotape. After Aunt Chris left, about 9 p.m. that evening, I went up to the room – mom said, “Autumn, check on David before you go to sleep.” I agreed, and went into our bedroom. David was sound asleep, but he was soaking wet, so I decided to go ahead and change him. I felt so lucky to have him in my bedroom, I treated him to a prolonged diaper change. I slowly wiped his diaper area with a wet wipe; and I slowly rubbed baby lotion over his area. I prolonged it as long as reasonable, but I felt so good and so maternal to him, I could feel my tits harden. I could tell David enjoyed it too— he was so quiet and still and he got his usual erection. I could see his little penis twitching. After a while, I knew that each passing second was a gamble without his diaper, so I powdered him and diapered him. Then I let him cuddle with me in my own bed for the night. The next morning, same old ritual, different day. I changed his soaked diaper and a new day began.

David’s ninth birthday party

David doesn’t really have any friends his true age. Anyway, his birthday is June 10. Amy came in that morning to our bedroom. David was masturbating into his wet diaper. Amy stood there and watched him as he rubbed himself to climax. After he was done, he looked up and noticed Amy, with a diaper in her hand, so he turned over and automatically drew his legs up. Amy untapped the wet diaper and put a clean diaper under his butt. She wiped his diaper area down, and was about to rub baby oil on him, when he started peeing. Amy let out a squeal and held the new diaper in place, while David peed. Her attitude was oh well, and she asked me to get her a new diaper, which I did. She wiped him down again, rubbed baby oil throughout his butt, and powdered him. About that time, Kelly came in, and said, “how’s my baby birthday boy?” Amy replied, “he did the little boy thing again”, referring to David peeing in the middle of a diaper change. Kelly looked down at David, as Amy finished diapering him. Being June, of course, David’s diaper is also his outerwear, so it is so easy to dress him. Amy noticed that he had leaked a little, so she asked me to take the crib sheets off after she was done changing him. Kelly put David in her lap and rocked him, while Mom cooked breakfast. Around lunchtime, Robyn, one of our neighbors showed up. She said “Dawn, do you want me to pick up the cake while I’m out?” Mom agreed, since it was ordered and paid for at the Baskin Robbins. As Robyn was leaving, David followed her outside. Mom said, “David come back here!” David looks up to Robyn and I know she is one of his favorite babysitters. Robyn said, “that’s ok. David can come”. David is past the car seat stage, so she buckled him in the front seat. Mom said “Autumn, go see if you can help Robyn out with David!”. I did, and Robyn let me come along. During the trip, we told David how big he was getting and he just soaked up our attention. At Baskin Robbins, we took David inside to pick up the cake. Robyn told the female clerk, “we’re here to pick up his cake”, motioning toward David. The clerk smiled at David and asked for the last name, to which Robyn replied. After a few minutes, the clerk came back with a puzzled look, “how old is he?” Robyn explained that the cake was correct as it said “Happy 9th Birthday, David”. The clerk’s name was Jennifer, and she looked at David, “looks like you got your birthday suit on today, huh, sweetie?” Robyn interjected, “yeah, he’s 9, but he’s a little slow. He still needs diapers and we’re not pushing him.”. Jennifer smiled knowingly at David as he waddled around in the shop with just his diaper on. Just as we were looking at him, he paused and wet himself. You could see the diaper getting wet and you could watch little wheels turning in David’s head. Eventually we went back to the car, and I buckled David in the backseat. As we were leaving, Robyn said, “You think we should have changed the baby before we left?”. I replied, “I think he’ll be OK. Anyway I forgot his diaper bag”. Robyn said, “Well, I do need to stop at Wal-Mart and get some wrapping paper for his toy”. Robyn said she can always buy more diapers anyway while we’re there. I looked back at David, and he was kind of stretching his legs out. He likes the feel of his pee running in his area, and I could tell he was wetting himself again. I turned back to Robyn, “Uh-oh. Maybe we should get diapers. Mom’s been getting Pampers for him.” Robyn replied, “I’ll go ahead and pick up a couple packages. Never hurts to have too many diapers for David. “ When we got into Wal-Mart we put David in the cart – with a very wet diaper. We went back to infants and Robyn said, “I presume he’s in size 6, right?” I said yes, and Robyn noticed that the mega packs were on sale, so she put 4 in the cart. Robyn then went over and picked up baby wipes and a large thing of baby powder. I told her she didn’t need to, but she replied, “that way, I’ve got them on hand”. We went to where the wrapping paper was, and Robyn picked out some with teddy bears. We then proceeded to the check out lanes. The cashiers at Wal-Mart already knew David well, and knew he was much older than he looked wearing a Pamper. Robyn unloaded the 4 packages of Pampers and the teddy bear wrapping paper, and Abby the cashier smiled at David. “How’s your day going, little buddy?” David looked at her and grinned, and I said, “It’s his birthday today”. “Oh?”, Abby replied. “You’re getting so big. How old are you?” Of course, David just looked at her so inquisitively. I replied, “tell her your nine”, trying to prod David into talking. “Oh, such cute wrapping paper. You gonna get lots of toys?” At that time, David started climbing out of the cart, and I lifted him out. I said, “We had to get his necessities as well”, motioning to the diapers. Abby replied, “Yep, babies need their diapers!”. Robyn handed her the check, and Abby said to David, “Happy birthday, sweetheart!”. When we got to the car, Robyn opened a pack of diapers, and took one out. She pulled out the baby powder and a single wet wipe; then laid David down crossways in the back. Growing up with a diaper boy, you get quite accustomed to car diaper changes. As Robyn was changing David, she was talking to him and he just stared back at her – you could tell he was enjoying it as she wiped his diaper area down with a wet wipe. She slipped the new diaper under his butt and then poured powder over his area, and finally fastened the diaper tapes in place.

Once we got home a few more family friends had come over. So, it was me, Mom, all my sisters (Kelly, Amy, and Renee). My friend Bobbi was also coming over. Debbie and Jane arrived. Jane picked David up into her lap and sat down in a rocking chair to rock him, while the rest of us talked. Debbie had never seen David close-up, so she was in there teasing him and baby-talking him as Jane was rocking David. Jane stopped, momentarily. “Uh-oh. Are you pooping in your diaper?”, she said out loud. Jane watched David as he was doing his business right there while he was in her lap, kind of sitting on his knees. After a few moments, Jane said, “are you through?” David nodded, and Jane said, “I guess you made me a present, huh?” “Let’s go ahead and change your diaper”. Jane laid David down and changed his diaper, telling him what a big day this was. Once, Jane was done changing, and cleaning David, Debbie wanted to hold him, so she rocked him for a while. We brought his presents in to him, and let him open them right there in Debbie’s lap. All of David’s toys are simple toys, nothing older than you’d give a 3 year old, but David is so happy in his little world. After presents, we put David in a highchair and had cake (9 candles plus 1 to grow on). Being a messy eater, Renee gave David a bath afterwards, and put a diaper on him.


I had intended on updating my story with each holiday, but time and memories got away. As always, there is always something noteworthy about David, especially with the holidays. I wish I had captured them at the moment, because it's always harder to try to remember specific occasions. I can say that Kelly came in and got changed David and got him out of the crib. We let him waddle downstairs to the Cheistmas tree where he opened his presents from Santa Claus. It snowed, so it was a White Christmas both outside and on David's butt.

School Carnival

We took David to the school carnival. It had been cold all winter, so we had him in his sweat pants and sweat shirt. One of the first things David wanted to do was to go into the inflatable jumping thing. Mom thought it would be better if we went ahead and changed him before we put him in there. So we laid him down on the gymnasium floor and Mom changed him. He wasn't too wet, but as usual he got his erection, along with a fresh diaper, and some powder in his area. Since we were going to be inside for a while, mom decided to just let him go in a diaper. We had to take his shoes off so he could go into the jumping thing, so we just left his pants and his sweats off. We gave the attendant the tickets, and let David go in there with just a diaper and socks. He looked soooo cute in there jumping up and down with just his diaper on. They only allowed a few minutes in the jumping station and David was the only one in there wearing just a diaper. We got it on our movie camera. After this was done, we took David down the big slide. I couldn't tell if the disposable diaper David had on made the slide slicker...I think his bare skin of his legs slowed him down.

After the slide, we took David to some of the other games. His favorite was the bean bag toss. Being 9, he probably would have had to toss the bean bag from the farther line, but the attendants, seeing him in diapers, always let him almost walk up to the target and toss the bag in.

As I had previously stated, David knows no modesty, and we don't give him that choice. He's still a baby in diapers because he needs them. Anyway, his innocence showed at the carnival as he had so much fun with all the games and he won so many toys. After the day was over, we put his shoes and sweat shirt on; left his pants off and went home with his diaper still showing. We took David up to his crib, changed his wet diaper, then laid him down for a nap. As is often the case, David rubbed himself in the crib, his diaper crinkling with each rise and fall of his butt until his big moment came, and then he drifted off to sleep. After about a 2 hour nap, he awoke and I changed him. His diaper was REALLY SOAKED from the soda he drank at the carnival.

Over the last few months, David has almost exclusively been wearing Assurances from Wal-Mart. He's starting to get too tall for pampers size 6, and I think all the baby diapers have gone to the cloth-like covering, which depending on the brand, seems to either leak or get those fiber balls. Once in a while, we'll buy Pampers if they're on sale, but lately we've been stocking up on Assurances. I like them because they're much noisier and I can track David with every crinkle when I'm babysitting him.

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